Emily in Paris (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Sexy or Sexist

Bonjour, Paris! Hi, Chicago.
What time is it there? It's 1:00 a.
With the nausea, the sore boobs, and enough gas to launch a parade float, I can't sleep! Well, this'll give you something to dream about.
Where are you? Jogging on the Seine.
It's gorgeous.
You are living my life.
Except for the jogging part.
And how's Doug like it? Uh Doug isn't actually coming.
We're, um We're not together anymore.
What? So you're single? In Paris? - So single.
- Okay, now I'm even more jealous.
I mean, your life is croissants and sex.
- So far, croissants.
- Mm.
So, how's the Paris office treating you? Oh, yeah, they're a fun bunch.
- Uh, I'm fitting right in.
- Wonderful.
I'll send the corporate commandments from the Chicago office so you can give them an idea of our best practices.
I'm sure they'll love to hear those, especially from me.
Excusez-moi, mademoiselle.
Oh, yeah, no problem.
Emily, there's a man next to you who's exposing himself.
- Em Emily? - Oh, my God! Uh, pardon.
Um, no.
Sorry, that's my bad, I You're peeing, and that's a urinal, um - Au revoir to you, monsieur.
- Bonne journée.
What? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No! Ah, madame.
The shower in my apartment just stopped working.
Poof! Just like that there's no more water.
Why are you out dressed like that? Do you think you're at a carnival? The shower.
Can you come see? I don't understand.
And I've got no mail for you.
Is there something you can do? Oh, hi.
Hi, good morning.
Um, can you please just tell her that the water cut off in my shower? The water cut out in her shower.
Yeah and last week, it was a fuse.
Why does she break everything? Can she tell me why she breaks everything? She wants to know what you did.
Nothing! Nothing.
I was minding my own shower business! You know, the water is very unreliable in this building.
The plumbing is 500 years old.
She's getting on my nerves.
Nothing but problems since she got here.
- What did she just say? - She'll call a plumber.
And in the meantime? - And in the meantime? - Le bidet.
Yeah, that one I got.
Big future Le verbe "aimer.
" I like coffee.
I like tea.
I like sport.
I like boots.
I like dancing.
And I like Paris.
Bye, everyone.
Good job.
- Jacqueline? - Yeah? Um, any advice on how to get an office full of French people to "aimer" me? You work in an office full of French people? - Oui.
- Wow.
- That must be interesting.
- Mm.
- I'll tell you all about it.
- Yeah.
Maybe we can go out and have a drink or something? Oui, bien sûr.
My rate outside class is 50 euros an hour.
Oh Bon.
Or maybe not.
As you want.
Have a good week.
Bonjour, Sylvie.
- J'aime those bottines.
- Merci.
Why are you smiling like that? I'm just saying bonjour.
It's a beautiful day in Paris.
There's not so much to be happy about.
We have a big day.
Very important commercial shoot for De L'Heure.
And if you keep smiling like that, people will think you're stupid.
I'll try to stop smiling.
Unless you're really happy.
Are you really happy? Well, I just split up with my boyfriend, and the water in my shower this morning cut off due to some ancient plumbing issue, so I had to wash my hair in the bidet.
But c'est la vie.
Well, perhaps you can post that on your little Instagram? #BadHairDay.
Excuse me, what is this I just received from you? Oh, it's just something I sent from the Chicago office, our corporate commandments.
Oh, and you're commanding us to do what? "Thou shalt always maintain a positive attitude.
Thou shalt be on time.
Thou shalt praise in public and criticize in private.
" "Thou shalt avoid workplace romances"? And "Thou shalt remember that we are all a team.
" And there is no i in team.
Well, the French word for team is équipe.
- And there's an i in équipe.
- Well, let's not get caught up on vowels.
It's about all of us sharing a global vision.
You would like to destroy our French soul! Well done, Emily.
Look, I wanna be part of the solution, not create problems.
Well, then, you should listen more and talk less.
- This is a very important shoot.
- I'm just gonna be getting some behind-the-scenes for social in the States.
I wanna make sure that De L'Heure gets "de more" followers.
Well, you're stating the obvious.
That's what you're here for.
Antoine! - l'appareil.
- Mm.
Nice to see you again.
I am très excitée to be here.
Excitée? Really? Um "excitée" does not mean excited.
It means horny.
Oh, well, not that, then.
Well, you'll have to excuse her.
She washed her hair in the bidet this morning.
Has Sylvie told you about the shoot? No, she hasn't.
So, we follow this elegant young woman walking to work, and as she crosses the bridge, she becomes every man's fantasy and desire.
- Our tagline is "Dream of Beauty.
" - Well, I feel like I'm dreaming right now.
This view is magical.
It's so nice to see Paris through fresh eyes.
Let's just make sure we don't see any tourists in cargo pants.
Um, I'm just gonna grab some content for social.
Uh, bonjour.
- Je suis Emily from Savoir.
- I don't speak French.
Me either.
Um, okay, good.
Do you mind if I ask you a couple questions? Okay.
Where are you from? Serbia.
And what is your dream of beauty? Private jet.
- Okay.
Wh - Excuse me.
We are ready to shoot.
- Okay? - Okay.
No pictures.
Oh, merci beaucoup.
Cut! What do you think? - J'adore.
- Emily? Uh, well, I didn't, uh, expect her to be naked.
She's not naked.
She's wearing the perfume.
It's very sexy, no? Sexy or or or sexist? I I don't understand.
How is this sexist? Well, whose dream is it anyway? The The The men or the woman? It's her dream, of course.
To be admired and desired by men.
But it's the male gaze.
- Oh mon Dieu.
- Yes.
The male gaze.
I I don't think American women will respond to this.
What is the problem? Explain this to me.
I'm interested.
Stop everything, please! Merci.
Tell me.
What is wrong with the male gaze? The men are objectifying her.
They have the power.
No, she has the power.
Because she's beautiful and she's naked, which gives her more power.
Maybe in her dream, she's wearing clothes.
It's surrealism.
It's a long tradition in France.
Man Ray, Cocteau No, she has no references.
I'm worried it won't translate in the States.
In today's climate, it it could come off as politically incorrect.
"Politically incorrect"? Is this the Me Too? "Balance ton porc.
" Excuse me? That's what they call it here: "out your pig.
" So you know what I mean, right? Chérie, I'm a woman.
I'm not a feminist.
But regardless, it's her dream to walk naked across the Pont Alexandre III and have men want her.
Maybe it's not your dream, Emily, but that's her dream.
We just need to be sensitive to the way women are thinking now.
I I wanna protect your brand.
And we need to protect ourselves from the morality police.
Desire does not mean lack of respect.
In fact, quite the opposite.
It is a sign of respect.
There is no bigger compliment.
I'm sure you've experienced this look of a desire from a man? - On occasion, yes.
- So, you agree.
For her, it is a sexy dream.
It's open to interpretation.
Is this what you mean when you say you want to be part of the solution? - Non.
- What do you mean, "Non"? - Impossible.
- But why "impossible"? Pas possible parce que parce que j'ai pas les bonnes pièces.
- Je dois acheter un écrou - No, wait! Vous Wait! Vous S'il vous plaît.
Can you come talk to my plumber? It's an emergency.
Good morning, Gabriel.
How are you today? - Good morning, Gabriel.
How are you today? - Asleep.
Thank you for asking.
I was having a very nice dream, and this American girl banged on my door and woke me up.
- Or maybe I'm still dreaming? - You're not dreaming.
You're wide awake.
Don't let him leave until he fixes my shower.
Où est-ce que ça bloque? Je comprends pas.
Pour t'expliquer vite fait, ce qui bloque c'est que ça, c'est ancien, ça, c'est nouveau.
La pièce en fait qui fait le lien entre l'ancien et le nouveau, c'est un écrou de fixation.
Écrou de fixation ça veut dire qu'il faut que j'appelle un pote, ça peut mettre quatre heures à venir.
Je ne sais même pas s'il va trouver la pièce.
Donc là, ça peut prendre quatre heures.
Donc ça, on a le temps de prendre un petit-déjeuner, café, croissant, tout ce que tu veux.
Ensuite, si la pièce arrive, "si" la pièce arrive, je peux peut-être réparer le truc.
What did he say? He would like some coffee.
Uh and a croissant.
Ce qui s'est passé, c'est que j'ai commencé dans le sud.
Je suis parti à droite à gauche, je ne sais même plus dans quel quartier j'étais.
Je connaissais rien en fait.
C'était fou.
What did he say? Oh, um, uh, we were just talking about where we both were when France won the World Cup.
Honestly, you couldn't walk down the street that day.
Okay, what about the shower? He needs a part.
But it's not ordinary, so it could take a few days.
Or a few weeks.
Au revoir, mademoiselle.
Uh, okay, what do I do until then? Use mine.
Merci for the shower.
- La douche.
- What? The shower is "la douche.
" Oh.
Well, I had a wonderful, uh douche.
So, how to invite somebody to a party.
You start.
Would you like to go to Jean-Jacques' party with me? I would love to.
Would you like to go to Jean-Jacques' party with me? I wasn't invited.
Do not be sad.
He is only inviting his closest friends.
Voilà! And it went like Mm-mm Mm-mm Mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm Mm-mm-mm You cost us time and money on the shoot yesterday - with your questions.
- Bonjour, Sylvie.
Antoine's coming in this afternoon to show us the film.
- I suggest you stay quiet.
- Did you really not agree with me? Just a little? I don't take such a simplistic view of men and women.
That's very American.
That's literally why I'm here: to bring an American point of view.
You're more like the prude police.
I'm just trying to imagine a social campaign that doesn't seem tone-deaf to the cultural moment.
Honestly, I'm only worried about Antoine.
Why don't you leave Antoine to me? Hmm? Hmm.
Do you have any idea who put this on my desk? It wasn't me.
Mine doesn't bend like that.
I am going out to lunch! A long lunch with wine! It's 11:00 a.
Well, c'est la vie.
"Thou shalt always maintain a positive attitude.
Thou shalt avoid workplace romances.
" You told French people this? No wonder they hate you.
Oh, not just this.
They disagree with everything I say.
That's the French way.
They're very disagreeable.
But I'm an agreeable person.
People like me.
That's my strength.
- And here, they just wanna slap you.
- Exactly.
I know.
I can't believe I'm drinking before noon.
It's okay.
This is Sancerre.
It's a breakfast wine.
Even in French class this morning, I didn't get invited to Jean-Jacques' party.
- Uh, what an asshole! - No, I mean, don't worry.
- He's not real.
But, you know.
- You know what? The Duponts are going to their country house this weekend.
I'm gonna throw you a dinner party at their apartment.
Will they mind? Not if they don't know.
Oh, and you can invite Sylvie.
- I can cook.
- Don't worry.
I'll take care of everything.
- Okay, that doesn't make sense.
- It's a perfume commercial.
It's not supposed to make sense.
De L'Heure.
A dream of beauty.
So, what do we think? Sexy or sexist? Definitely sexy.
I'm asking Emily.
Uh, it it doesn't matter what I think.
It matters what your customer thinks.
So why not let them make up their own minds? Put the commercial on Twitter with a poll: "Sexy or sexist?" Get a conversation going.
Let the world decide, and make it part of your campaign.
"Sexy or sexist?" Or maybe both.
It's a little controversial.
I like it.
Well, finally, Emily, a reason to smile.
Oui? Another suggestion? No, an invitation.
A friend is having a dinner for me, - and - Sorry, I'm busy.
I didn't tell you when it is.
Oh, whoops.
Look, I know you haven't warmed up to me yet, but I promise you will if you get to know me.
I don't want to get to know you.
Okay, fine.
Can I just ask why? Look you come to Paris, you walk into my office, you don't even bother to learn the language.
You treat the city like it's your amusement park, and after a year of food, sex, wine, and maybe some culture, you'll go back from where you came.
So perhaps we'll work together.
But no, we won't be friends.
It's tonight at eight.
I'll email you the address.
The guest of honor! Mwah, mwah! Oh, you look amazing! Everyone, everyone, everyone, this is Emily.
I thought you said it was just a few people.
It snowballed.
Emily has just moved here from Chicago to work for a marketing firm.
Louise! Oh.
You know what? Just get a drink.
I'll be right back.
- So - Ah.
- Hi.
How do you like Paris? - Hi.
- J'aime beaucoup.
- That's good French.
Margaux? Oh mon Dieu! Je suis tellement contente de te voir! C'est génial! - Mais t'es pas avec Lucas? - Non, c'est bon, je crois plus à l'amour, - c'est fini.
- Non Oui, mais par contre je suis à fond sur mon boulot.
- C'est génial, ça.
- Oui, c'est génial.
Et I never get tired of this view.
Sorry, I'm the American girl.
- Oh.
- Emily.
Very beautiful, non? Oui j'aime beaucoup.
- And you're coming from? - Chicago.
Visiting Paris? Working.
A job.
Work, work And And And you travail? Yes, um I am a painter.
Uh, no for the buildings.
Um I'm sorry for my English.
No, I'm sorry for my French.
I like your smile.
J'aime votre tatouage.
J'aime the moon.
La lune.
I like les pavés.
I like I les huîtres.
And I like tes lèvres.
My lips.
J'aime your eyes.
Tes yeux.
Tes yeux.
I like ton cou.
My neck.
And I like American pussy.
Excuse me? I like American pussy.
And I'd really like to go home now.
Are you looking for my douche? What I'm really looking for is a drink.
- Ah.
- And a friendly face to talk to.
So, how do you like Paris so far? Why does everyone keep asking me that question? It's natural.
Here's my answer.
I like Paris, but I'm not really sure Paris likes me.
And maybe that's okay.
I've spent my entire life wanting to be liked.
That's a pretty miserable goal.
So I'm gonna give up trying.
Well, there's just one problem.
What's that? I like you.
- Hi, Madeline.
Don't you ever sleep? - No, I don't.
I just wanna let you know that your social impressions are up 200 percent since that Twitter poll went live.
BuzzFeed and Jezebel linked to it in the States.
But a lot of people don't like it.
Did you send me over here to increase brand visibility or be liked? Honey, I think you can do both.
Look, now that you're single, why don't you go find some of that French D? Actually, I'm on the hunt for one right now.
Donc, là.
C'est pas que c'est mauvais, c'est juste qu'on voit pas, - si tu veux, donc - Ben, je vois pas.
I believe you have an expression: "Let them eat cake.
" Merci! Ah.
Oh! Mm! We have a meeting for the Renault account.
Exactly five minutes ago.
I'll be right there.
Who's that from? Nobody.
Just a friend.

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