Emily in Paris (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

French Ending

A little retail therapy before work? Unlike you, Emily, I don't have much time for shopping.
And I'll be away next week.
Ooh! Is it a work trip? Or a girls' trip? Femme voyage? No, actually, it's a none-of-your-business trip.
Oh, we have those in America, too.
Well, you deserve a vacation.
And you can count on me to make sure everything runs smoothly while you're gone.
Oh, I could help with the Fourtier flagship party this week.
Oh no, no, no, no.
I don't need another problem right now.
Well, given that there's an American actress hosting the event, I just think that you should be utilizing the American in your office.
You really think you're up for the task? Absolutely.
Très bien, then you babysit the actress, but don't come to me with any stupid questions.
If you're doing it, you should be saving me time and energy.
On it.
I have Brooklyn Clark's travel itinerary and her talking points for the party.
Sylvie says this is your problem now.
"Problem"? I love her.
I've seen all of her movies.
I can't believe Sylvie's letting me do this.
She's in a good mood because she's going on vacation.
Yes, to St.
Barts with Antoine.
- But you didn't hear it from me.
- I'm gonna pretend like I never heard it.
Heard what? Just that I'm running point for Brooklyn Clark at the Fourtier launch.
- Pfft.
- You're not a fan? She's a big movie star.
Yeah, in America.
In France, she is so-so.
Her genre of movies are seen as a little bit foolish.
Really? Why? American romantic comedies, they are so dishonest.
Here, we like more of a French ending.
- Which is what? - Tragic.
More like life.
He dies or loses a limb.
Or she prefers to be a lesbian, which happens.
Yeah, happy endings are very American.
But they give you hope, and the hero wins in the end.
Don't you want to see the hero win? No, I want to see life, the hero tortured for his love, and the actress naked.
But don't you want to go to the movies to escape life? Thinking you can escape life is your problem.
You can never escape life.
Welcome to the French ending.
- Bonjour.
I'm here to see Brooklyn Clark.
- We don't have anyone here by that name.
- Really? I was told that she was here.
- No.
Uh, it's fine, Ratatouille.
She's with me.
Are you coming? You have to use the alias.
I'm under Marie Curie.
Or Marie Callender.
Which one's pie? I'm Emily Cooper from Savoir.
I'm such a huge fan of yours.
I wanted to tell you that now in case I blurt it out middle of a conversation.
You're so sweet.
Do you have any weed? Um, not on me.
Actually, marijuana is highly illegal in France.
I'm just kidding.
Oh, my God.
Okay, so I thought that we could go over the agenda for the Fourtier party.
Thank God.
First off, I have nothing to wear.
Uh, yeah.
  I can see that.
I mean, usually, I just, like, unzip whatever they send to the hotel, which is how I ended up in that atrocious romper at the VMAs.
What? No, no, you… you… you looked great.
I looked like a camel-toed toddler.
Well, um, I have a connection, um, at Pierre Cadault.
Isn't he dead? No, no.
He's definitely alive.
I love that for him.
- Feels a little dusty for me, though.
- Uh, no, he's not dusty.
He's sophisticated, he's classic and certainly never designed a romper.
I mean, I see your point.
Give me your phone, Bucket Hat.
Just text me the details tomorrow.
I'm free from three to five.
Oh, and don't tell my fat publicist.
I hate her.
Uh, great.
Okay, sounds like a plan.
Um, but, really, about this Fourtier agenda… I'm so sorry.
Can you give me, like, 15? I have to masturbate after a long flight.
Kidding? Okay, well, I'll… I'll just, like, put this on the table, then, for you.
You're the best.
Oh, my God, I can't believe you saw Maid of Dishonor's boobs.
- Wait, who? - One of Brooklyn's most popular movies.
You know, the one about the widowed wedding cake baker who all the grooms fall in love with, and then we find out - that they're actually ghosts? - Oh, yeah.
That was stupid.
Uh, I cried.
It was so sad.
They were ghosts.
Hey, guys.
Hey! - Mm! - Tu travailles trop, chéri.
I know.
I'm exhausted.
What are you guys talking about? - Oh, Emily saw a movie star naked today.
- Almost naked.
- Cool.
Who? - Brooklyn Clark.
She's hosting this party for Fourtier.
They're our client.
Actually, you guys should come.
It's gonna be super fancy, and I control the guest list.
Damn, I can't.
Nanny duties in Provence all weekend.
Yeah, me too.
I mean, I have to go to Brussels and meet a collector.
But Gabriel is in town.
You should go, honey.
No pressure.
Oh, sure.
Sounds fun.
And also, you need to celebrate.
- Can I tell them the news? - Oh, there's nothing to tell.
Okay, Gabriel's boss has finally agreed to sell him the restaurant.
- What? Congratulations! - Oh, my God! That's huge! Yay! So he will be able to do everything he wants to do with the place.
Except that's not what's happening, Camille.
Uh, I can't afford it.
The down payment alone is completely out of my reach.
Yeah, but my parents are happy to loan him the money, so it can work, actually.
I have to get back to the kitchen.
Is everything okay? Yes, it's fine.
It's just, um, Gabriel really wants to buy this place, and, um, getting help is the only realistic way it's going to happen.
I hear you, but mixing family and money is tricky.
I know firsthand.
Oh, I'm super rich.
No, really.
Oh, my God.
Am I being that annoying girlfriend just right now? - No, no.
Come on, no.
- No, you're being supportive.
Okay, you know what? Maybe it's good for Gabriel and I to have some time apart this weekend.
Just make sure he has a fun time at the party, okay? I'll do my best.
 Helen Mirren.
Yeast infection.
Studio 54.
Oh… This bitch is coming with me.
Follow me.
Oh, I don't need underwear to try these on, right? Brooklyn Clark? Mathieu Cadault.
Well, you are every bit as beautiful in person as in your movies.
Really? Which one's your favorite? Uh, uh, The, uh, Beauty Beaut Love… Love? Busted.
You're not Brooklyn Clark? Emily Cooper.
I work at Savoir, the marketing agency Pierre hired.
My uncle may have jumped the gun.
He doesn't make those kinds of decisions.
His name is on the door.
If he doesn't, then who does? Me.
I'm his head of business affairs.
Okay, my uncle, like many brilliant artists, can be a victim of his own whims.
I'm not sure we actually have a deal here.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought that he wanted to be relevant and sexy and appeal to a young consumer.
My bad.
Emily, get in here! I need a normal's opinion.
Be right there! CELINE's been begging for Brooklyn, but I steered her here.
Obviously a big mistake.
I'm so sorry to have wasted everyone's time.
All right.
We'll give your company a one-month trial to create a social media presence for us.
But, please, please, nothing cliché.
- My uncle is very particular.
- Oh, I know.
He chose me personally.
Hello? One month.
And I want a memorable post of Brooklyn in Pierre's dress.
You'll be getting all that and more.
Excuse me.
Brooklyn! Brooklyn! Hmm.
Very elegant.
She's wearing Pierre Cadault? She is.
And I made it happen.
We're going to cross-promote on both brands' social accounts.
- Synergy! - Put your hand down.
I have Michel from Fourtier with the waiver.
Will you please sign this? Oh, it's all in French, Julien.
What am I signing? Yeah, they just need someone from Savoir to sign the insurance waiver for the two million euro watch.
- Mm-hmm.
- And this one.
- Yep.
- Thank you.
And this one.
Hmm, wow.
I know.
And the last one.
And okay.
- Have a good evening.
- Merci beaucoup.
- Oh, no.
Look! - Antoine! - Antoine! - Antoine! Antoine and his wife.
I saw them.
Good evening and good luck.
Do you think Sylvie knows? I don't plan to be around to find out.
Um… can I talk to you? What is it? Antoine's here.
With his wife.
Yes, they were on the guest list.
Do you have a problem with that? Oh! Then everything's okay? Didn't I tell you not to come to me with stupid questions? Just do your job, Emily, please, mm-hmm? Yay! Whoo! You good with the speech? Be cool.
The hottest guy at this party's walking over here.
- How's my tit game? - What? Uh… strong.
You made it.
Yes, of course.
- Gabriel, this is Brooklyn Clark.
- Enchanté.
Mm! Down, boy.
Does he party? Uh, how about you do the speech, and we'll worry about the partying? - You sound just like Cankles.
- Who's Cankles? My fat publicist.
Keep up.
So, this is America's sweetheart, huh? Maybe she has jet lag? - Hi, nice to meet you.
- Hi.
It's two million dollars.
Can you believe it? Your work is very glamorous.
This event is.
I was really on edge about it, but so far, everything's going really well.
Quick, put your arm around me.
- What? - Please.
You look stunning.
Oh, thank you.
- You remember Gabriel? - Of course.
The chef from the restaurant.
Memorable night.
It was for me too.
- Oh, I'm in trouble here.
- Oh? My wife has her eye on a very expensive watch.
- Oh.
- She's discussing a discount with Sylvie.
Antoine, what do you think of the rose gold? Oh, it really compliments her skin.
So kind, but I'm really not sure I need it.
Oh, It's so beautiful.
No, she must have it.
Catherine, you remember Emily from Savoir? Yes, of course I do.
Nice to see you again.
Antoine speaks so highly of you.
Oh, that's so nice to hear.
Oh! Chef Gabriel! Oh! Mm! Unforgettable.
Oh, you all had dinner.
We were just entertaining a client.
His tartare de veau helped close the deal.
We should come and have dinner at your restaurant sometime.
Maybe after we get back.
Back from where, chérie? Antoine thinks he's so good at keeping secrets, but his assistant accidentally copied me on an e-mail for the hotel booking.
You can stop pretending, chéri.
He's surprising me with a trip to St.
Barts next week.
Mm! Merci beaucoup.
I hear it's very beautiful.
What a shame.
Now the surprise is spoiled.
One can never spoil St.
Have you ever been there, Sylvie? Me? No, never.
Never, but I'm sure you two will have a wonderful time.
Ex Excuse me.
Uh, sorry.
Sylvie, are you okay? I'm fine, Emily.
The event was a success, and now the party's over.
Of course, but I know that you were excited about that trip.
I… I'm sorry.
You know nothing, Emily.
Bonsoir, Bucket Hat.
Brooklyn, wait.
Stop! Where are you going? Text me! Is everything okay? No.
I just lost that crazy movie star that I'm in charge of and a two million euro watch! And I'm gonna lose my job.
And I wish that I was wearing a bucket hat that I could just throw up in.
Why don't you call her driver? Genius.
Ha! Okay.
Hi, hi.
Uh, bonsoir.
Um, it's Emily Cooper from Savoir.
Où are you going avec Brooklyn Clark? Pardon? Non.
A-attendez une minute là.
- Bonsoir.
Non, elle m'a dit… - I don't He's speaking French to me.
- …la boîte la plus cool que je connais.
- Allô? Oui.
I know where they're going.
Oh, my God, you're here! And you brought a snack.
Uh, do you have cash? Brooklyn, you can't just leave without telling me.
I said bonsoir.
That party was over.
Come on, girl, let me buy you a drink.
- You just said you didn't have any money.
- Oh, right.
He's buying.
Just one fun drink, and then we have to get out of here.
Just one? Honey, look around.
We didn't come here to be who we are back home.
We came here to lose ourselves and find adventure.
This isn't just a drink.
We're not just at a bar.
"We're on the precipice… …of the rest of our lives.
" - I can't believe you quoted your movie.
- You quoted it too, babe.
Skol! Skol! God, I just live for trap music, you know? Totally.
Are you okay? Oh, yeah.
I just took something to help me relax.
You see? I'm relaxed and horny! Whoo! I… I think she took Molly.
What? I think she took Molly! Oh, she did! And now she gotta pee.
- She's fun.
- She's not supposed to be that fun.
She's voicing Mother Goose in a Pixar movie! Well, it's a good thing no one's paying attention here.
At home, she's the good girl, but here… She can get away with everything.
It's just Paris.
It's not some alternate universe where rules don't apply.
Well, you don't come to Paris to be good.
Uh… - Um… - Uh… I'm… uh, I'm sorry.
I should I'm gonna Um, I'm gonna ca I'm gonna text Brooklyn, and we should get out… get out of here.
Oh, my… Oh, my God! Um… Ah! Hello? Hello? Miss Cooper? It's Michel from Fourtier, remember? Oh! Hi! Hi, is everything okay? I think there was a miscommunication.
We needed the watch back as soon as the party was over, which was over two hours ago.
Oh, you did? Um, uh… Well, don't worry.
The watch is with… is with Brooklyn, and she's here with me.
And… And where is that? In a club.
Uh, it's more like a bar.
Uh, it's a restaurant.
Honestly, it's just a little loud.
- Well then, put her on the phone! - Uh… She's in the bathroom right now, but, um, I will have her call you back ASAP.
- I beg your pardon? What? - Bye! Bye-bye! Hello? Bitch! We have to find Brooklyn and get out of here, now! Brooklyn? Brooklyn? Oh! Um, sorry.
You're not Brooklyn.
She's not in the bathroom.
The bartender hasn't seen her, and the bouncer has no idea who she is.
She's gone.
I'm so screwed.
The only thing to do is go back to the hotel and pray.
Okay, so the Uber was two minutes away, but now it's seven minutes away.
I mean, how is that even possible? Oh God! Now he's 12 minutes away! Why is he driving backwards? Cancel it.
I have a better idea.
We need to be let up to Marie Curie's suite.
We have no such person.
Marie Callender? - No.
- Marie Antoinette? - No.
- Marie Osmond? I'm sorry, there's no one under any of those names.
She must have changed her alias.
Come on, you know who we're talking about! Please lower your voice, or I'll have to ask you to leave.
- Est-ce qu'on peut attendre au bar? - Oui.
- What did you ask him? - Come on, before they kick us out.
You have to stop beating yourself up.
She ran away, and you're here, and you're going to fix it.
But I'm not this person.
I'm the girl who shows up, not the girl who makes bad decisions.
You're not the only one making decisions here.
Well, I'm the only one who's getting fired tomorrow.
Maybe losing your job wouldn't be so bad.
Take a year to travel.
Eat good food.
Fall in love.
Gonna have to let me eat for free at your restaurant.
I'm not gonna have a restaurant.
What about the loan from Camille's family? If I take money from them, they own me.
I don't wanna be owned by anyone.
I… Even if it means putting my dreams on hold for a while.
It's better than seeing them go out the window.
Emily, why are the Fourtier people calling me at 2:00 a.
asking me about Brooklyn Clark and a two million euro watch? Sylvie, I am handling it.
I see what you're handling.
Merde! She ditched me at the club.
She was definitely on something, and she changed her alias, so I can't get to her room.
Bonsoir, mesdames.
We need to get into a room, and I think you know which one.
It would be my pleasure to help you, but as I've told your associate, the privacy of our guests A girl could be dead in that room, and not just any girl, an American girl.
A very famous American girl with over 14 million Instagram followers.
So how do you think that would make you look? That is quite a leap.
Yeah, but if it's correct, you'll have a PR nightmare on your hands.
Not just the hotel's hands, your hands.
Is this job really that important to you? Are you willing to be destroyed over this? Follow me.
I think I hear music.
Or voices.
That's a good sign.
Should we knock? Oh.
Or not.
Like you just don't care In the air - Brooklyn! - Brooklyn? - In the air - Like you just don't care Oj, jävla skit! - Where is the watch? - Excuse me.
You can't just barge in here.
I'm calling my lawyer.
This is beyond.
- Hallå, vad fan är detta som händer? - Just stop talking.
Your voice is crazy.
- Oh, it's on the nightstand.
- Oh, let me do it.
I was gonna bring it back.
I wasn't gonna wait all night for you to come.
Unlike him.
- Hey, don't post my tits! - I'm not.
- Bucket Hat, wait! - Stop calling me Bucket Hat! I'm sorry.
I can't remember your name.
Still friends? Can I say how amazing that was? You were a total badass, not taking anybody's bullshit.
I'm… truly in awe.
Guess I just needed to vent.
Are you happy? With him? Do you really believe most people are happy all the time? Course you do.
I don't know, I just think that… you could have more.
You could have 100% of somebody instead of I… I don't want 100% of anyone, and I don't want anyone to have 100% of me.
Even if you're committed or married, that never happens anyway.
It's a… It's a fairy tale.
Bad movie.
Do you really believe that? You believe in happy endings, don't you? The knight on the white horse is gonna come and save you from everything.
Oh, I see why you think the way you do.
- He's not my knight.
- Mm-hmm.
But he's here.
Good night, princess.
I just wanted to make sure you got home.
Or, if you're hungry, to a little crepe stand in Montmartre.
It's the best place in the city to watch the sun come up.
If you want.
If I want? Of course I want.
But I also want more than that.
I'm not somebody who can share a crepe.
I need the whole crepe.
- Emily - I don't think we should see each other.
It's not good for any of us.
I was just offering you a ride home.
A sunrise.
I will never Thank you again for your help.
- I will never - I can get myself home.
Good night, Gabriel.
I will never And I will never Let you go I will never Oh! Let you go Almost 200,000 likes.
Not bad.
Do you think it's too risqué for Pierre Cadault? Not according to Mathieu.
He just DM'ed you.
Turns out I was justrisqué enough.
Okay, I'm not gonna apologize again for last night.
Even though I'm very sorry.
You know you're doing it now? I'm stopping.
Anyway, I was just thinking that since you're free now… what about a girls' trip this weekend? St.
Barts is a little outside my budget, but maybe Disneyland Paris? - Get out of my office.
- Okay.
Didn't think so.

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