Emily in Paris (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

Champagne Problems

1 Camille, I want to tell you how grateful I am to be back on the Champère account.
Emily, Champère was your idea.
We wouldn't be here without you.
I appreciate you saying that.
Well, now that awareness has been established, I'd like to pitch you an idea for a new campaign.
A Champère challenge that we hope can go viral.
How do you pop your top? It should feel lo-fi, grassroots, to make Champère fun and accessible.
An everyday luxury.
We would love to launch it on Champère's Instagram account next week.
It is really fun, but before we continue, I need to show you something.
Take a look.
Life is about the pursuit of pleasure.
Won't you join me for a glass? Je suis Champère.
Oh, my God, he's gone rogue.
He knows he's supposed to spray it, right? We really need to get him on message.
Emily, you have given my father an identity, and now he wants to be the face of the brand.
He has found himself in a second-rate champagne.
You can never predict the course of a man's life.
You know what? Come to the chateau with me this weekend and let's make a media with him we approve.
Well, Dom Perignon has Lady Gaga.
We are Champère.
So who better to promote the brand than the Champère himself? Yeah, and with the right twist, he could become a gay icon.
What? Everybody's looking for a French daddy.
So when do you think you'll be back? Just going down for one night.
Get in and get out.
I think it's great that you and Camille have buried the hatchet.
So, you should stay longer.
Mindy, you and Benoît can have the apartment any time.
Okay? I'll just go for a long, long walk.
God! I feel like I'm 15 years old and back at boarding school.
I mean 17.
The point is, I'm actually nervous.
We're playing at Place des Vosges if you want to come see us? Alfie and I are having dinner.
But maybe we'll swing by after.
Oh, my God, yay, I can't wait to meet him.
You'll meet him soon.
He's on his way to pick me up in a few minutes.
Alfie's at Gabriel's restaurant! - Again? - Again! Oh, mate, see, that's exactly it.
You had tickets to the final and you didn't go? Hey, cheers to you, anyway.
Hey, what are you doing here? Well, I was early and thirsty, so I popped over here for a quick beer.
- You drink beer? - It's Kronenbourg.
It's from Alsace.
Yeah, it's not bad.
Oh, finally we agree on something.
You know this guy's been working in a kitchen since he was 13? I mean, peeling potatoes.
I didn't know that.
Um, isn't that against child labor laws or something? It was my uncle's kitchen.
We should put it in the marketing materials for the restaurant.
Ready? Actually, I was thinking we could maybe eat here tonight? I mean, the food looks amazing.
I'm sure they're fully booked.
Chef, do you think you could spare us a table? It would be my pleasure.
Damn, this man can cook.
He sure is talented.
I've never really been into French food.
Bit too fussy.
But this This is outstanding.
Now I understand why you love your work.
I really do.
In fact, tomorrow I'm going to a chateau in Champagne for a night, to work on a social media campaign for a brand we represent.
See, I spend my days pushing around numbers.
My perk's having dinner with you.
How's the meal? There's the man.
Truly extraordinary.
Man, you've got skills.
Where did you guys meet? You're such a cute couple.
French class.
I thought she was a little annoying at first.
But she grew on me.
How sweet.
Um, and, I never asked, what brought you to Paris? I work for a British bank, working on this merger deal with a French company.
Boring stuff.
I mean, she's got the cushy job.
Get this, she's going to Champagne for work tomorrow.
Really? Oh.
That's work right now.
I've just got to take this for a second.
I really hope you're enjoying yourself here.
So you're spending the weekend in Champagne with Camille? Hoping for a do-over.
Story of my life, I guess.
Please send her my best.
And, I think I understand your type a little better now.
English, less complicated.
Yeah, way less complicated.
He doesn't have a girlfriend I'm also friends with.
Pièce de boeuf, black truffle.
And this is fourth course? The final one of our tasting menu.
And not including the cheese course.
And you have to try all of our desserts.
Everything is on the house, of course.
- That's very generous.
- Oh, pfft.
Emily doesn't pay here.
I think I do.
I don't think I've ever felt so full in my whole, entire life.
Come here, you.
I am so, so sorry.
No, it's fine.
Look, after all that food, I don't think I'm good for anything else but sleep tonight.
Yeah, no, and I have an early morning tomorrow.
So it's probably for the best.
But I'll see you when you're back.
Yeah? Absolutely.
You! Wow.
Take care, yeah? - Have a good time.
- Bye.
Oh, hello, Emily! So nice to see you back in Champagne.
The Champère is ready for his close-up.
Hello! Actually, Dad, Emily had an amazing idea.
She wants you to kick off The Champère Challenge.
It's a viral campaign where we're asking our customers to show us the most creative ways of opening a bottle of Champère.
It's like an online competition.
How Do You Pop Your Top? Ooh.
I love it! And I have the most amazing way of opening the bottle.
I can't wait to show you.
That's her.
Let's get these to your room.
- Hi, Emily.
- Oh.
I was hoping I'd see you again.
Friends from school.
You see, I just cut my hair.
Yeah, it looks really nice.
Thank you.
Oui? I am from the newspaper Liberation Champagne here to cover the Champagne Challenge.
Oh! Oui, oui.
Uh, La Liberation Champagne.
Merci for coming.
Oh! Ici! Le Champère.
- Monsieur.
- Ooh! The light is perfect! - Let's get started! - Oh, là là.
I'm out of here.
Let's go.
- What flavor would you like? - Uh, raspberry.
She'd like the raspberry.
Uh, and I'll have the lemon.
So you speak Italian as well as English, French and Dutch? And German and a little Japanese.
If you're from the Netherlands, you'd better learn to speak a lot of languages because nobody speaks Dutch.
Here you are.
And this is for the beautiful lady.
- Grazie.
- Grazie.
And you? I speak English, French, Italian and a little Spanish.
But I'm a much nicer person in Italian.
Warmer, friendlier.
I love how our personalities change when we speak different languages.
You're Italian is beautiful.
Thank you.
I lived in Rome for a while.
Which, next to Paris, is the most beautiful city in the world.
Rome may be my favorite city, period.
A perfect combination of art, architecture, food.
And the light is just incredible.
Si, la dolce vita.
We should spend the weekend there together.
Yes, I could dance in the Fontana di Trevi like Anita Ekberg.
And I'll come join you like Marcello Mastroianni.
I'm going to hold you to that.
What are you doing tomorrow? What do you have in mind? A good friend of mine is having a small engagement party.
A lunch at La Société in Saint-Germain.
I'd love you to join me.
What will your friends think of this very interesting woman you're seeing right now? They're going to be jealous.
Sylvie? Oh! What a surprise! Nice to see you both.
You look beautiful, Catherine.
As do you, Sylvie.
Are you going to introduce us to your friend? - Erik DeGroot.
- Catherine Lambert.
Erik is a very talented photographer who has done some wonderful work for us.
Antoine is the owner of Maison Lavaux and a longtime client of Savoir.
I know it.
The perfume.
Hopefully we will all be working together someday.
It would be my honor.
Well, have a nice lunch.
Have a good day.
I'm very sorry if that was awkward, but I just like to keep my personal life private around clients.
I understand.
And I'm sure your friends are very lovely, but I don't think I can make lunch tomorrow.
Why? I love it just you and me.
Let's not get the world involved.
So you want me as your secret lover? Well, that sounds hot.
Not to me.
Why don't you enjoy your friend's party and come over after? We could spend the night together.
Yeah, I'm not sure that's going to work for me.
I have a lot of work to catch up on tomorrow.
Oh, okay.
That looks great.
Yes, right there.
That looks great.
I just need a moment to set up.
- Of course.
- Okay.
I have a very special way of opening the bottle.
Great, I can't wait to see.
What are you smiling about? Oh, it's just this British guy that I'm kind of dating from my French class.
Emily, why didn't you tell me? Let me see him.
Oh, my God, he's so hot! And he's pretty sweet and funny too.
I'm happy for you.
- I'm ready.
- Okay.
All right, Gérard, let's see it! Timothée, my sword.
My dad, he could do this all day, loves it.
Wow! I love it! Okay, so can we now do one where you say, "Je suis le Champère, and this is how I pop my top"? - Then do the thing with the sword.
- Okay.
Timothée, another bottle.
Okay, and action! Je suis le Champère, and this is how I pop my top.
Ah, okay.
Oh, damn.
Uh, I'm sorry, it wasn't recording.
Timothée Don't worry about it.
He can do this all day long.
Okay, I am definitely recording now.
Je suis le Champère, and this is how I pop my top.
Timothée! My finger.
Emily, help me find the finger.
Ah! Oh, oh, it's there, I see it.
Take this.
And come with us.
We need to get him to the hospital.
Let's go! Hurry up! Make it fast! Watch your head.
He's very lucky.
Just the tip.
- Good.
- To the hospital.
I'll show you where.
- I'm driving? - Yes, please.
It's a stick! Um I've only driven one.
In high school.
My boyfriend's car.
I never got the hang of it.
Yeah, okay, please, go, Emily.
- Turn the key! Go, go! - Okay, okay! Chef? I want to show this to you.
A strange story popped up on my Instagram.
Isn't this your friend's family? Thank God, Timothée.
I'll tell Mama right away.
Mom! That was Timothée.
Papa is fine.
I knew he would be.
Ah, I warned him this would happen someday.
But he doesn't listen.
I'm just happy he's okay.
Hello? Louise, it's Gabriel.
I just heard the news about Gérard.
How is he? He's in the hospital, Gabriel.
It was a little irresponsible of Emily to ask him to do such a dangerous stunt.
Please tell him I'm thinking about him.
Do you know what would make him really happy? If you could come down here and tell him yourself.
I'll see what I can do.
See you at dinner.
Raphaël, the kitchen's all yours for the night.
Je suis le Champère, and this is how I pop my top.
Emily, you're up.
I'm sorry, I guess I slept through dinner.
No, it's okay.
I didn't want to wake you.
But look who's here! I saw the post about the accident.
It's nothing.
Just the tip of my finger.
It happens to chefs all the time.
Louise said It doesn't matter.
It's just nice that you're here.
Emily, please have a seat.
I'll get you some dinner if these men haven't finished it all.
- No, it's fine.
I'll get it.
- Emily! Next time, let's put the neck of the bottle in a guillotine.
No, no.
You can be the executioner.
- Yes? - It's Camille.
What a day.
It's so nice that Gabriel came down.
- He was so worried.
- I'm sure he was.
So, tell me about your gorgeous new man.
When do I get to meet him? Soon.
It just happened so quickly and unexpectedly.
Well, it's always the best way.
Who is it? Here you both are.
Here we are.
It's Emily's room, so were you looking for both of us? Yeah.
To say goodnight.
Join us.
I seriously cannot believe your dad cut his thumb off.
I can.
You know how long he's been doing that trick? Of course it was going to catch up with him.
Yeah, and under my watch.
Lucky me.
There was so much blood it hit me in the face.
- No.
- Yes, and Camille fainted.
- You know me.
- Yeah.
I can't stand the sight of blood, anyway.
Thank you for coming.
It means a lot to all of us.
Well, I was worried.
You know how much I care about your family.
And they care about you, Gabriel.
I hope you know that.
I do.
It's also nice to be back in this house.
I always sleep so well here.
Well, maybe it has something to do with who you were sleeping with.
Let's see how you do alone.
- Yeah.
- Um, I think I'm going to get some sleep.
Me too.
Goodnight, you two.
Yeah, this is actually my room.
- Goodnight.
- Bye.
Catherine would like to invite you to dinner.
You and your boyfriend.
I thought it was clear when I introduced him.
He's not my boyfriend.
I'm glad to hear that because it looks a little silly on you.
Excuse me? I mean, what are you trying to prove here? Why do you care? Because I still care about you, Sylvie.
You know what? Start caring a little less.
And for the record, I could give a flying fuck how silly I look to you.
Sorry I'm late.
You're just in time.
- Everyone, this is Sylvie.
- Hello.
Mystery solved! I'm Julianna.
I'm so happy you could make it.
Oh, thank you.
Congratulations on your engagement.
Please, sit here.
I'll find another chair.
Thank you.
The traffic was terrible.
- May I take your order? - I'll have the salmon.
And what will your son be having for lunch? My son will be having me.
Are you sure you want to go now? We can give you a ride later with Gabriel, if you want.
That's okay.
I'd rather take the train and get home as soon as possible.
To, you know, think of a new Champère campaign.
All right.
Oh, let me get that.
Please tell your father I hope he feels better.
Yeah, I will.
Bye-bye, Emily! Bye-bye! - You're leaving? - Yeah.
It was so nice to see you again.
But I've been thinking It's maybe time for us to move on.
I think that's probably for the best.

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