Emily in Paris (2020) s02e09 Episode Script

Scents & Sensibility

Allez! - Allez, Gabriel! - Whoo! - Whoo! - Bravo! They're so cute.
You know, Gabriel doesn't invite just anyone to play with the guys.
They seem to be getting along.
Yeah, I know, it's like we're one big, happy family.
I'm I'm really happy for you, Emily.
From what you've told me, Alfie seems perfect for you.
He's pretty great, but, you know, we're just having fun.
- It's nothing serious.
- Yet.
- Why not go for it? - We're both just passing through.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I didn't know you were coming.
Well, I was in the neighborhood and I love watching you play.
You're all sweaty.
You're like a pack of WAGs.
Wives and girlfriends of professional athletes.
Like Victoria Beckham.
Hmm? Come on, Cooper, I'm just kidding.
Um, I'm not Gabriel's girlfriend.
- We used to date but - We're all just friends now.
- Mmm.
- Cool.
That's the earliest I've put my foot in my mouth upon meeting someone.
I'm Alfie.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
You were quite good out there.
Yeah, well, just trying to keep up with this guy here.
Suddenly, I understand why you love Paris so much.
- Your friends are good people.
- They are.
They were really welcoming when I first got to Paris.
Is there still something going on between them? I thought I sensed it.
Yeah, maybe.
I I don't know.
Never mind.
More likely they're just French, you know? Right.
Hey, um, what are you up to tomorrow night? Um, do you want to get dinner? Somewhere other than Gabriel's restaurant or a dirty pub.
- Are you asking me out, Cooper? - Maybe.
- Oh! - Oh, shit! Em? Hi, hey, hi, what's up? Um I forgot my phone charger.
I thought you were rehearsing.
- We're just about to start.
- Promise.
Yeah, no, whatever.
Au revoir.
Bye, Emily.
- What if we switch those chords? - Like this? Yeah.
I love that.
Yeah, it's cool.
We're about to take off.
You caught me just in time.
- Are you coming to Paris? - Yes, my friend.
Oh, my God! - Why didn't you tell me? - I just did, honey.
God knows when I'll leave the house again once this little monster pops out.
And it's time for an executive check-in from the Gilbert Group.
Um, does Sylvie know? - Oh, we're taking off now.
Got to go.
- I'll see you on the other side.
Bon voyage.
Emily! Emily! - Bonjour, Sylvie.
- Bonjour.
I received a very sudden travel memo from one of your people.
- Did you know about this? - Right.
Yeah, I just found out myself last night.
Last night? Many hours have passed since last night without a word from you.
You told me to stop texting you on weekends! Ugh! Everyone works here in an open space? Yes, except for Sylvie, who has her own office.
Mmm! Bonjour, Emily! Get in here, girl.
Look at you.
Look at you.
You're so chic now.
Your purse is so small.
What do you keep in there? - And you must be Sylvie.
- Oui.
Finally, we meet in person.
So to what do we owe the pleasure of your very sudden arrival in Paris? Well, the Gilbert Group likes a senior executive to come visit its subsidiaries every once in a while.
Just process.
And thanks to what's cooking in here, it was now or never.
Well, it's a shame you didn't let us know sooner.
We could have prepared.
Oh, no, I prefer to see you all, you know, business as usual.
Madeline, this is Luc.
Luc, this is Madeline from the Gilbert Group.
Ah! Delighted.
- Oh, congratulations! - Oh, merci.
- May I? - Uh Oh! I think it's a boy.
I like this one.
Oh, Mads, we have an important meeting this morning with Maison Lavaux.
Oh! I'd love to sit in on that.
Just to observe.
I won't say a word.
Fly on a wall.
- Go get my fly swatter.
- I'm on it, right away.
Our main objective is to make sure the consumer understands that Laboratoire Lavaux, while a hands-on interactive experience, still retains the classic nature of the flagship brand.
Yes, classic but custom and creative.
Yes, but all the while emphasizing how scent reveals each person's personal nature, right? Exactly.
Do you consider yourself a sunny, cheerful person? Citrus makes the perfect top note.
Looking for something more flirtatious? Look for rose, jasmine, vanilla.
Or perhaps you transcend the limits of masculine and feminine.
Then a sandalwood base note is your match.
Our tagline would be: Lavaux c'est vous.
I love it! Laboratoire Lavaux is the culmination of something that started when Maison Lavaux was a family business.
Well, you've come a long way since then.
A perfumery, candle distributor, relationships with global brands like the Zimmer Group and the Laboratoire.
And even a restaurant in Paris.
Is that right? Oui.
Chez Lavaux.
Yes, the chef of Chez Lavaux will be designing the menu for the launch event.
It's quite a business you've built, Antoine.
And Savoir has been with you every step of the way.
Oh, I couldn't have done it without them.
That's beautiful.
Just beautiful.
I There's nothing I love more than growth.
Well, then, it's a good thing.
You're pregnant.
Shit, shit, shit.
- Étienne, what the hell did you do? - Me? Yes, you.
Look at this.
"We met in a drag club here in Paris.
" "I couldn't believe a socialite wanted to join, but it's a step up from a bathroom attendant.
" What the fuck, Étienne? I trusted you.
This is humiliating.
Everyone at home has probably seen this.
My friends, my family God, my family.
Mindy, are you okay? I didn't know our band was supposed to be a secret.
All I did was talk to my friend in China about you.
- She was a fan, okay? - Your friend? She's a journalist, but I didn't Are you kidding me? - Someone tell me what the hell's going on! - Your friend is a snake, that's what.
And your girlfriend is a billionaire.
What are you talking about? Go on.
Tell him.
Fine, then I will.
Mindy's not some average dame pipi we saved from obscurity, Benoît.
She comes from one of the richest families in China.
- You're rich? - No, I'm not.
My father is.
- Why didn't you tell me? - How could I? I mean, you built up this story of us.
That we are on some kind of star-crossed, starving artist journey together, so I All the stuff we were writing about then is bullshit? No.
Two penniless street musicians? Poor in Paris? Finding each other.
Telling our shared story.
You're slumming it with us.
How do you think this feels for me? I'm trying to escape my past and now it's all over the Internet.
Oh, poor little rich girl! Fuck this.
- Where are you going? - Disappearing.
- You're not even going to talk to me? - You wouldn't understand.
Is this the real you? Huh? Some princess playing a game because you're what? Bored? Benoît, leave me alone.
I knew she'd break up the band.
No, no, no, man, you broke up the band.
Well, I think Sylvie smoked an entire pack before lunch.
She is a piece of work, isn't she? There's a learning curve with Sylvie.
She's definitely different from other bosses I've had.
Boss? Um, excuse me, I may be barefoot, pregnant and across the pond, but rest assured, sweetie, she is not your boss.
I am.
And thank God for that.
Well, you have to admit she's really good at her job though.
All that growth with Maison Lavaux.
She's been head of that account for years.
- She's kind of brilliant.
- I don't know about that, Em.
I've been looking at the books and they don't add up.
Maison Lavaux, for example, massively increased their business, but they're still charging Savoir the same rate.
They should have at least doubled them by now.
- Really? - Mmm.
Oh, well, this is the place I was telling you about where my roommate plays with her band.
Oh! Which one's your roommate? Uh She's not there.
- Um, I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Hi, guys.
Where is Mindy? She zipped off.
She went home.
You should talk to her yourself.
Tell me, Emily, do you know who she really is? What? The secret's out.
We know who the real Mindy is.
I guess she's too good to be seen with us anymore.
Look, I don't know what happened, but I do know that Mindy really cares about you.
And if she didn't tell you her story, maybe it's because she didn't want to be judged by you.
But it seems like you did anyway.
It's not that simple.
Excuse us.
We have another song to play.
Everything okay? Sorry, Mads, um, I've got to run.
Of course.
Pas de problème.
My hotel's near here, anyway.
Bonne nuit.
Okay, stop now.
Okay, arrêtez! All right, go away now.
Okay, bye.
Seriously, I will cut you.
Mindy! Min.
What's the matter? Okay, well, this is all in Chinese.
Oh, okay, this one's in English.
Uh "The former aspiring pop star is now experiencing homelessness and busking on the mean streets of Paris.
" Don't read it out loud.
Come on, get out of there.
Come on.
Are you okay? No, I'm not okay.
I'm actually pretty far from okay.
I've gone viral and not even for anything cool.
I'm a disgrace.
A disappointment.
This is so embarrassing.
You're not a disappointment.
These headlines are just hyperbolic lies.
- You are killing it out there busking.
- It doesn't matter.
I'm a national embarrassment.
God, if my father didn't hate me before, this'll do it.
Why did this have to come back and bite me in the ass now? Like, I've been really happy.
And now Benoît just thinks I was playing him.
He'll get over it.
How can you know that? Because you're the best.
Am I wrong? No.
It's true.
I really am.
- Bonjour, Madeline.
- Bonjour, Sylvie.
Uh, I think you haven't been told, but this is my office.
What was that? Oh, pardon me, I thought you wanted to practice your French.
No, I do.
I do, just not so fast.
I'm glad that you're finally here though.
I've been here a while.
Why? The early bird catches the worm, of course.
And who's the worm today? Please, have a seat.
Excuse me? There's some business I'd like to discuss with you.
- Okay.
- Concerning Maison Lavaux.
I'm so impressed with how much they've grown since they signed with Savoir, but I've got to tell you, the numbers on our end simply don't add up.
Sylvie, Antoine Lambert has been paying Savoir the same meagre fee since the day he signed with us.
I I'm just I'm afraid he's taking advantage.
Well, we've had that deal with him for years.
So you're aware? Yes.
He had an arrangement with the previous owner, you know Okay.
The key word I'm hearing there is "previous.
" He no longer owns Savoir, but we're still being underpaid.
I don't know, what do you suggest we do? I mean, Maison Lavaux is among our most prestigious clientele and our longest partnerships.
That kind of history matters to us.
It's not only about the money.
Okay, I'm sensing that you're not exactly willing to find a solution here? A solution? Well, frankly, I don't know, I don't see the problem.
Well, it's just that Emily attributes the success of Maison Lavaux largely to you and I want to make sure that you, and therefore us, are taking your winnings.
I'm happy to look into this further.
Well, if you insist.
Oh, but I have to warn you that Antoine can be quite prickly.
One wrong move and he's out the door.
I am not afraid of Antoine Lambert and you shouldn't be either.
He negotiated his deal with a man and this place is now run by two strong women.
We shouldn't sell ourselves short, Sylvie.
Oh, yeah, trust me, I never do.
Good, because I do.
- Trust you.
- Good.
Am I interrupting? No, Sylvie and I were just catching up.
So glad to see everyone getting along.
Sylvie, Julien and I wanted to review the guest list for the Laboratoire Lavaux opening.
Oh, sure.
Okay, well, I am going to get out of your hair and to the Louvre.
Before my feet get too swollen.
I'm, um I'm so glad we had this talk.
Yes, likewise.
It was enlightening.
- See you at the party, Mads.
- Can't wait.
Please just get out.
- Out! - Oh.
Ooh, lavender.
Reminds me of my grandma, Mabel.
Oh, that's sweet.
I don't know if you'd say that if you met her.
Et voilà.
I like it.
It's woodsy, down to earth.
Just like you.
Smell mine.
- Ugh! - Stop it! No, it smells good, of course.
It's, uh, sweet and warm.
That's amber.
It's you.
Ah, did I miss the DIY class? - Hey.
- Hi.
- You all right? - What do you think? - Mmm.
Is this Emily Cooper you're wearing? - Mmm.
That's pretty intoxicating.
Let me smell.
I think I love it.
It seems obvious at first, but then there's something unexpected under the surface.
Beautiful event, Sylvie.
Oh, I hope we're getting plenty of content.
I want to share this success with Chicago.
Yes, Madeline.
We have a very talented photographer working the event.
- Everything's under control.
- Très bien.
Good evening, ladies.
Lavaux c'est nous.
Bonsoir, Sylvie.
Have you been well? Very well, thank you.
Quite busy these days.
Yeah, I'm sure work is keeping you very busy.
Madeline, may I introduce my wife? Catherine Lambert.
Oh, enchantée.
Madeline Wheeler.
From the Gilbert Group.
The Gilbert Group? Yeah, we own Savoir.
Well, if you'll excuse me.
A pleasure, as always.
You know, um, you're the reason I discovered I was pregnant.
I got a strong whiff of d'Allure and threw up my açai bowl.
And the rest is history.
I'm honored to be a small part of your journey.
- The beauty of life growing inside you.
- Aw.
Savoir is lucky to have such a woman.
Oh, no, I am so lucky to be here, working with such legends.
You know, I would love Antoine to get something on the books for us at Savoir, while I'm here.
Oh, perhaps no one's told you, but we don't talk business at parties in France.
But this party is business.
Ma chérie, if our guest wants to talk, let her talk.
How can we be of service? I'll cut to the chase.
As senior manager at the Gilbert Group, which owns Savoir, I mean, you have to know that you are severely underpaying us.
I mean, Antoine, look around.
Maison Lavaux is expanding and our fees need to mirror that growth.
And we just can't afford to keep going this way.
Well, we have our reasons.
I have a long-standing arrangement with Savoir.
So I've been told.
Perhaps my wife is right.
Maybe we should table this conversation for a more appropriate time and place.
Why don't you contact my assistant and we'll discuss everything.
I promise.
If you'll excuse me, la boutique By all means.
You know what the arrangement is, don't you? Uh, just that he had a personal relationship with the previous owner.
No, if only.
Antoine was having an affair with Sylvie for over three years.
That's why she never charged us the full rate.
And you knew? About the affair? Well, knew, pretended not to know.
As you say, "Don't ask, don't tell.
" Right? But now that the affair is over, you're raising your rates.
It all sounds a little too coincidental.
And I'm not sure any court of law in this country would take kindly to that.
And before you come after us, you should check to see with your company how much they're paying that photographer she's sleeping with.
Have a great evening.
- We need to talk.
Not here.
- I'll be right back.
I think you're a good match for Emily.
After all of that drama.
I'm so glad to see things are settled now.
You know? Sure, uh No.
What do you mean? Just that whole fiasco with the chef and the chef's girlfriend.
I mean, that birthday party, I thought someone was going to get killed.
Everybody comes to Paris and wants a ménage à trois.
It's not as simple as it seems.
Poor Emily, she couldn't have known that chef would bring her all that drama and heartache.
She's a good girl.
She deserves to be happy.
- Are you talking about Gabriel? - Yeah.
Are you saying something's going on between them? Non.
Non, non, non.
But sorry, you know, my English is not so good.
It sounds pretty good to me, mate.
- Non, non, non.
- My English is terrible.
I have no idea what I'm saying.
Attention Whoa I What am I saying? I have to go to the bathroom.
Toilets, you know? Fuck! Forget, uh I didn't know what to say.
She used some sort of weird French sexual logic on me to shut down my case.
Emily, I'm I'm just very freaked out.
I'm concerned.
If this is real, I'm not even sure that Sylvie should be working at the firm.
I don't think we should jump to any conclusions.
I won't jump the gun.
We need intel.
This could be the tip of the iceberg! Shouldn't you try and talk to Sylvie first? - What? - Maybe give her the benefit of the doubt.
No, she's just gonna try to cover it up.
I'm gonna need your help.
Me? What do you want me to do? You're friends with the tall one, right? Luc? Is that his name? Try to get some account billing information out of him.
Oh, my God.
Gilbert Group may have bought a company that's cooked the books.
I'm gonna have to stick around here until I figure out what's going on.
- Oh.
Are you - No.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't feel well.
I've got to get out of here.
I think it was the ambergris.
Maybe we should take things slow on this one.
Oh, I know that look.
Em, don't worry.
You're gonna be okay, no matter what.
I got you, girl.
Mindy, sorry for being so messy.
If it means anything, Benoît finished your song.
You still inspire him.
- Hey.
- Been looking for you.
Work crisis.
Can I ask you something? And you'll be honest? Of course.
Was there something going on between you and Gabriel? You told me you guys were just friends.
Then I got an earful from that mad scientist guy you work with.
I'd rather just hear it from you.
We had a moment.
But it was nothing.
Okay? It was over before it even began.
You sure about that? 'Cause I'm not interested in playing second fiddle to some other guy.
If that's the case, just tell me now.
Didn't know you were the jealous type.
Seriously, Gabriel is in the past.
We're just friends.
Because I hope that we're not just playing games with each other because we're both in this foreign city and sometimes things can seem a little unreal.
Because the way I'm starting to feel about you, for me, it is real.
So however you feel, whatever you do, just tell me the truth.
You were lost out in the woods But you were already home But you were already home
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