Emily in Paris (2020) s02e10 Episode Script

French Revolution

1 Before going to the office, I had a quick look at those Savoir financials that you swiped for me.
Madeline, the Gilbert Group owns Savoir.
I didn't swipe anything.
Don't be so modest.
You're my little mole in Moschino.
Anyway, it comes as zero surprise that it is a bookkeeper's nightmare.
It's like they've invented their own rules or something.
Maybe even their own math.
I'm sure there are cultural differences that aren't quantifiable.
Right? Plus, Savoir has an incredible client roster and a sterling reputation.
Not the kind of sterling you can melt down into actual money, unfortunately.
I had a quick Zoom with Corporate this morning.
They may need to make personnel changes.
What? No.
No, I really don't think that's necessary.
We just need to communicate the company's ethos to them, okay? - Look, I can do a deck.
- We are way past PowerPoint.
Unless they stop playing favorites and run a tighter ship, Chicago's gonna want a head on a pike.
Cute shoes.
The launch of Laboratoire Lavaux was so successful that the company is already considering opening another DIY experience in the south.
How soon do we think can we get another Labo-Lavaux pop-up up and running? Oh, oh! We should launch in conjunction with the Festival de Cannes.
Actually, it's pronounced "Cannes.
" Well, you say potato, I say potato.
I don't say either of those things.
Building a luxury experience takes time, Madeline.
It's not a hot dog stand.
I How about we table that for a minute? And pivot to the event's Twitter impressions.
Stop what you're doing.
You have to see this.
Grégory Elliot Duprée is launching his own line of shapewear with a show at Versailles.
And it's a disaster.
Don't tell me to pay attention! I've put together thousands of these shows! How many fashion shows have you produced? This is not good enough! Nineteen times? Nineteen times! The video was posted an hour ago right after his marketing company fired him.
- No! - Oui.
And the show's in two days.
He'll be ruined.
Oh, well, karma's a bitch.
We have to make sure Pierre sees this.
Nothing tastes more delicious than schadenfreude.
Okay, hello! Hello? Are you all missing the point here? A major designer is desperate for a new marketing team, and you all are just laughing? Well, he and Pierre Cadault have been in a feud for years.
Conflict of interest.
C'est la vie.
Okay, I'm sorry.
LVMH snatches up every Pokémon at Fashion Week, but we can't represent two different designers because somebody's feelings might get hurt? I mean, have you never heard of client relations? That would be an affront to one of our most important clients, Madeline.
This is not how we run our company.
Excusez-moi, Sylvie, but your company is a subsidiary of an American conglomerate who would like to be in business with two major designers.
That's how we run our company.
You're right, Madeline.
I stand corrected.
Emily, could you reach out to Grégory and see if he'd be available to meet? - He had you on his yacht, no? - He he did.
But how do we handle Pierre? Well, perhaps we ask Grégory to invite him? Can somebody get him a paper bag to breathe into? They can bury the hatchet at the show.
If we're lucky enough to land the account, that is.
Thank you, Sylvie.
Merci, for seeing things my way.
I know how much the French love to say no.
We're not really like that.
It's all in the way you ask.
Darling, it's me.
I really need to see you.
How soon can you get to Paris? Please don't stop playing.
It's a beautiful song.
Étienne sent it to me.
I know.
You weren't supposed to hear it.
I'm sorry about everything.
I came to Paris to get away from that mess.
- It's none of my business.
- Let me explain.
It's fine.
You're a talented singer, the band is doing well, so What about us? Let's just stick to what works.
Mindy! Thank God you're back.
The tips have been shit without you.
Did you two kiss and make up? Oh.
Well, did he tell you about the gig? This cool club in Belleville wants us to play.
- We booked a gig.
How'd that happen? - Who cares? Well, it's a Chinese supper club, and the owner's daughter is obsessed with Chinese Popstar.
I promised her a photo before the show.
Great, so everybody there knows I face-planted on national television.
- Hey, we don't have to do it.
- No.
I mean, a gig's a gig, right? And we could use the money.
Speaking of which, I need that for the metro.
We should start playing.
Uh, Emily Cooper.
From Savoir.
I know Grégory.
Um, yeah, I was on his boat in St Tropez.
Hello? Bonjour? - Any luck? - None.
I tried his atelier and his business manager.
I even DMed one of those twinks from St Tropez who added me on Instagram.
Which twink? The tiny one with the tiny eight-pack? Well, he hasn't replied to me either, so I guess you'll never know.
Fine, I might know where to find Grégory.
But you won't get in without me.
Where exactly is that? Oh, my God, it's, like, literally raining men.
Your bachelorette party energy isn't welcome here.
Are you sure Grégory's here? Oui, he is right there, like always.
- How did you - None of your concern.
- Bonne chance.
- Where are you going? You take care of your business, I take care of mine.
I don't need you.
The show is premiering at Versailles, and it's gonna be major.
Right now, no one is talking about your collection.
They're too busy lip-syncing to your meltdown on TikTok.
Which would be fine if you were a Bravo villain, but you're a legitimate artist.
And you're going to fix that? I don't see anybody else here to bail you out of what could be a fashion Fyre Festival.
What do you propose? Give them something new to write about.
For a start, it would be helpful if you gave your collection a theme.
I mean, how are you going to serve this much ass at Marie Antoinette's house and not call it Let Them Eat Cake? Fine.
You're hired.
Tip your muse.
Merci, monsieur.
- You're up early.
- Yep.
Come back to bed.
I would, but I have a long day ahead.
- You're so busy.
- I know.
- Okay.
I'm going to stay for breakfast.
- You're cooking breakfast? No, I'm going downstairs for croissants while you get ready.
Get in the shower before I change my mind, huh? Sylvie? Is Sylvie here? - Um Who are you? - I'm her husband.
Now, who are you? - I'm sorry, did you say "husband"? - I did.
- You mean ex-husband, right? - No.
Oh! Laurent.
What are you doing here? You're four hours early.
I took the first flight from Marseille.
I thought we'd get breakfast.
But I guess you've already had yours.
Sylvie, what's going on? You're married? No.
I mean, yes, only on a technicality.
We've been apart for years.
He's just here on business.
What kind of business? Not the kind of business I have with you.
Ew, paisley? Where did this even come from? I should just call the guys and tell them it's off.
Stop saying that.
You're singing in a club in Paris.
This is your dream.
It's a supper club.
Then no pressure, right? But it will still be full of people who have come to see me fail.
Which is why I asked for reinforcements.
Gabriel is in, and so is Alfie.
Camille's working, but she sends her love.
Oh, well, it's okay, she can see me flop like everyone else when it goes viral.
It's going to be great.
Benoît could barely look at me yesterday.
He doesn't even want to play the song he wrote for us.
He couldn't have written that song unless he cared about you.
Okay, that doesn't just disappear.
He'll get over it.
You're right.
God, how are you so positive all the time? Thank you.
Et voilà.
Grégory signed a contract for a month retainer for the show.
- And he also agreed to invite Pierre.
- Très bien.
And if the show's a success, which it will be, there's also an option for him to sign with Savoir and pay full freight.
Pretty great teamwork, huh? I love it.
All hands on deck.
Why do Americans insist on referring to the workplace as a boat? Sylvie, it's almost 11:30.
While you were out brunching, Emily here just locked down a new client.
I was with Pierre Cadault, client relations per your request.
- You went without me? - Yes.
Oh, my God, thank you.
What did he say? He agreed it was time to end this petty feud.
He'll be there.
Fantastique! Do you see what happens when we're all on the same page? I'm going to go tell the publicist that Pierre's in.
This is huge.
Well done, Emily.
Whatever Madeline wants, you run and fetch it for her.
That's very impressive.
This is ready for Grégory to approve.
Oh! It's perfect.
Thanks, Luc.
Makes me a little hungry.
Too bad there's not gonna be any actual cakes.
Then it would be a true feast for the senses, hmm? That's actually not a bad idea.
Ah, yes, yes, yes, but I'm afraid I dream too big.
How could you find so many cakes at the last minute? Tsk.
So you want 80 cakes in Versailles for tomorrow? Just like small ones.
Look, I know this is an insane ask, okay? I'm sorry, but the cake you made me for my birthday was literally the best thing I've ever tasted, and I'm just really scared that if this show isn't a huge success, people are gonna get fired.
I'll call my pastry chef.
We'll have to pull an all-nighter to make this happen.
My God! Oh, you're the best.
Of course.
You've helped me plenty of times.
We make a great team.
We do.
Evening, all.
- Any room for me? - Yeah.
Yeah, squeeze in.
I have to go make a quick call to the venue coordinator about a cake delivery.
You're a lifesaver.
What's that about? I'm helping Emily out with an event she's doing tomorrow.
Well, look, this is probably nothing, but I have to ask.
Is there anything I should know about you and Emily? What? Her coworker told me that you two had something going on.
And then he got real cagey when I asked him about it.
I don't want to get in the middle of anything, mate.
- Did you ask Emily this? - I'm asking you.
And I need you to be honest with me.
Honestly, uh, Emily's amazing.
There was a time when we might have gotten together, but I was with someone and I wasn't up-front with her about it.
- If you had been honest? - It doesn't matter.
It's over.
We're just friends.
And as her friend, I'm glad she's with a good guy.
Hey, guys.
What did I miss? Oh, nothing, love.
Nothing at all.
Bonsoir, Belleville.
Is anyone even paying attention? At least they won't notice if you choke.
You know that some things Are just always meant to be Don't ask the other girls Don't ask the other guys Sometimes I wonder If you're ever gonna see I'm not like the other girls You're not like the other guys I tell you I want you But you don't listen to me I guess all I can do Is whisper in your ear Ooh, your kisses taste so sweet Can't resist it, stay with me And promise not to wake me If it's all part of a dream 'Cause, baby, it feels like heaven Mon chéri Bonsoir, enchantée Your hands on my face Embrasse-moi, mon soleil Say you'd die for me, baby Read my messages if you want I don't mind I'm not like the other girls You're not like the other guys Hold me close 'Cause it's too soon to say goodbye You're some kind of beautiful And you've got me in the sky I tell you I want you But you don't listen to me I guess all I can do Is whisper in your ear Ooh, your kisses taste so sweet Can't resist it, stay with me And promise not to wake me If it's all part of a dream 'Cause, baby, if feels like heaven Mon chéri Bonsoir, enchantée Your hands on my face Embrasse-moi, mon soleil Say you'd die for me baby - So good.
- I know.
So long, la vie en rose Even with the mighty stars The things we love Don't always turn to gold But if we never try we'll never know What we could be Bonsoir, enchantée Okay, okay.
Whoo! Embrasse-moi, mon soleil Say you'd die for me, baby I love the song.
Get it, my man! Et voilà.
The bank said the wire transfer will be complete in the morning.
To your new adventure.
And to Laurent G.
It's all yours now.
We started it together.
You will always be part of it.
In spirit.
And now it really belongs to you.
As it should.
Thank you for coming so quickly to settle this.
Of course.
I'm proud of you, Sylvie.
And you know I always love an excuse to come to Paris.
You hate the city.
Not all of it.
I was thinking of staying a few more days.
Maybe we could go dancing.
I forgot how much I enjoy dancing with you.
I think you have plenty of partners in St Tropez.
Next thing you know, you'll be asking me for a divorce.
I think this is enough paperwork for one visit, don't you? Exactly.
To you.
And to us.
Always being there for each other.
No matter who.
No matter what.
To us.
- Bonjour, bienvenue.
- Thank you all for coming.
This show is full of pieces we've been told to keep hidden.
We're impressed upon to enhance our bodies, but we're not supposed to talk about it.
Well, this collection was designed to be seen.
This collection was designed to be loud! I would love to welcome a very dear friend and mentor who taught me everything I needed to unlearn to create this collection today.
I believe that he's here with us now.
Pierre Cadault.
Pierre? Where are you? What the hell's going on? This isn't in the timeline.
You magnificent bitch.
Long live the King! Well, now that that's over, mesdames et messieurs, Let Them Eat Cake.
Bravo! Well, this is the last time you get a plus-one to one of my shows.
If that's a thank you for saving your ass, you're welcome.
And by the way, it was genius.
Grégory, Madeline Wheeler, Gilbert Group.
I loved the show, I loved the maternity wear, I'm ordering everything.
Mmm! Who is this pop-up ad and how do I block it? Uh, Madeline, Grégory needs to get to the press line so they can gush over him some more.
Of course.
Oh, Pierre, that was an incredible entrance.
Cadault, what an honor.
- Je suis Madeline Wheeler, Gilbert Group.
- I'm sure you are.
I suppose I should congratulate you as well.
This is quite a spectacle.
- Thank you.
- Mmm.
It's much grander than anything you've ever done for me, or ever will.
What do you mean? - I'm firing Savoir.
- What? I I thought everything was okay.
You you came to the show.
Cadault is a French fashion house.
It needs a French sensibility to operate at its highest level.
And judging by the look of things, that is no longer Savoir.
No, no, no.
Cadault, why don't you let me take you to dinner? Um I'm sure we can reach an understanding.
Darling, you can speak all the badly-accented French you like, but I will never understand you and you will never understand me.
Pierre Cadault just fired Savoir.
I thought you said you were handling him.
I convinced him to come to the event at your request.
Now if you want to blame someone, Madeline, just blame yourself.
That's it.
I've been holding off because Emily assured me you were worth the trouble, but this constant insubordination and and disrespectful tone, well, it's just enough.
I'm scheduling you for a 360 review in Chicago.
Let me save you the calendar space.
I'm resigning.
What? - What? - That's terrific.
No, truly.
Merci beaucoup.
You're making my job easier, and the office will operate smoother without you.
The office is coming with me.
What's this? - We quit.
- All of us.
Consider it a French revolution.
Wait, Sylvie, wait.
Why Why are you doing this? Why didn't any of you tell me? This isn't personal, Emily.
It's business.
They all just abandoned me without saying a word.
That's mad.
Are you going to have to hire a whole new staff, or are they gonna close the French office altogether? I don't know.
Everything's up in the air right now.
I hate that.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
I'm not sorry for that, it's just God, this is such shit timing.
What is it? I was going to tell you the other night, but you seemed stressed about your event.
Alfie, what's going on? The project that brought me here ended.
I was supposed to be back in London a week ago.
I've been dragging my feet for as long as I could.
But you hate it here.
Believe me, I know.
But I stayed because I wanted to Well, I was trying to figure Fuck it.
I stayed for you.
You did? Because I want to see if this, we, could be something.
And I think we could do it.
I mean, I'll just be a train ride away.
I mean, come on.
You can plan all the logistics you want.
Alternating weekends, color-coded schedules.
It would be nice to be able to plan something in my life right now.
There you go, babes.
Now lean in.
Em, is that you? Hey, Mads.
Yeah, it's me.
Can you come into my office, please? Bonjour, bonjour.
Wow, you're here so early.
Only by French standards, which we are here to burn and bury.
Honestly, they did us a favor by quitting, Em.
We don't have to pay them severance and we can hire a whole new staff.
Younger, greener, much cheaper.
Don't we need to replace the experience that we lost? We've got a stacked client roster.
I don't need willful execs with ten years of bad habits they need to unlearn.
I need little mounds of clay that I can mold into the exact team that I want.
It's so much easier when you get them young, you know? - Like, uh Like me? - Exactly.
You're my little Terminator.
I need more of you, but not too many.
Actually, I think we can combine roles.
We should do an org chart.
Um, write this down.
Uh Oh.
Um Okay.
I know.
I know.
Way below your pay grade.
It's just, I need some administrative help until we get things back up and running.
Then we're back to Chicago and your promotion before you know it.
Um, let me just go get a pen and pad from my desk.
Okay, but don't be too long.
Oh, and can you make me a cup of tea, s'il vous plaît? Sure.
Emily, you came! I did.
But what did I come to? An unemployment party? Whoa, who's unemployed? Nobody's unemployed.
Sit down.
Okay, so my husband bought my shares of his club, and I'm using the money to start a new firm.
I don't understand.
Don't you need clients and an office space? And clients? Pour her a glass before her head explodes.
We're still figuring out the office, but as for clients, we spoke to several of them and they've all agreed to come with us when we launch.
There's Pierre Cadault, and Grégory Elliot Duprée is on board conditionally.
What condition? - May I tell her, please? - S'il te plaît, Luc.
He wants you.
We want you.
You couldn't have mentioned this before? We knew if we did, you'd try everything you could to fix it.
Considering the miracle you pulled off yesterday, you may have succeeded.
You're very, very good at your job.
No, she's the best.
She's all right.
Calm down.
So you'd have to stay in Paris for longer than you'd planned.
I know you have a life back in Chicago, but we're offering you one here.
So take your time.
I can't believe that you want me on your team.
I mean, I I didn't even think that you liked me.
Well, as I said, Emily, it's not personal.
It's business.
- What are you gonna do, Em? - I know what I should do.
Just stay the course and be Madeline's good corporate soldier and go back to Chicago to the promotion that I've been working towards my entire adult life.
- Seems like an easy decision.
- Then why can't I just make it? Okay, I used to be so decisive.
I used to want the things that I should want.
And ever since I moved to Paris, my life has just been chaotic and dramatic and complicated.
And it's also been just so incredible and beautiful too.
I know I should want to go back, but But you have a life here.
- It's a giant mess.
- Ugh.
I just, I never used to be this person.
In Chicago, I had a career path and a life plan, and I didn't fall in love with my friend's boyfriend.
- Did you say love? - I didn't mean it.
But you said it.
Oh, girl, are you still in love with Gabriel? He's not an option, okay? I made a promise.
No, you are not making a major life decision based on a manipulative pinky swear.
What about Alfie? I know that long-distance is hard, but it's just so easy with him.
Why am I even thinking about someone else? Because someone told you not to.
And until you tell him the truth about how you feel, I think you're always gonna wonder.
- And that's not fair to anybody.
- I shouldn't.
Stop saying "should.
" Okay, you need to decide what you want and not what's gonna make everyone else happy.
This isn't just a fun year abroad anymore.
This is your life.
Emily, hey.
Is something wrong? I think I'm staying in Paris for longer than a year.
For how long? I don't know.
Indefinitely maybe.
When I came here, Paris was this fun little detour that I thought would be a good story, but now this detour is where I'm supposed to be because my life is here now, you know? My friends, my career and you.
Emily, I should tell you And I just need to say this, okay, before I lose the nerve.
I just need to tell you that the reason I said I couldn't be with you, okay, it wasn't Alfie.
Gabriel, I'm I made some room, but I think we're gonna need another dresser.
Emily, hi.
I did not realize you were here.
Um, did he tell you? Gabriel asked me to move in.
Oh, wow! You guys are back together.
Yeah, we wanted to tell you, but it just happened, so That's great.
That's great.
Yay! Neighbors.
Um, well, this is just a "see you around" then.
Hi, Sylvie, it's me.
I've made my decision.

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