Empire (2015) s05e15 Episode Script

A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child

1 Previously on Empire I'm here for you if ever you need to talk.
MAYA: I can tell you like her, and she's into you, too.
- Are you drinking alone? - I hope not.
When Cookie met Lucious, I lost everything.
You are my son.
I took the thing that you value most, and I made it better than you ever could.
I need you to believe me right now.
The only thing I have energy for is for caring for Andre.
We need to immediately start you on chemo.
We treat it aggressively.
TERI: Andre has been battling lymphoma for the past six weeks.
And in a couple of days, the doctors are gonna let us know if he's winning that battle.
But I believe in something mightier than medicine.
(CONGREGATION AGREEING) I believe in the power of God.
So, let's lift my Andre and the entire Lyon family up in prayer and welcome Pastor Brown.
(APPLAUSE) God is good.
Thank you, Sister Teri.
As we pray for Andre, let us all remember that the Lord is ever-gracious.
And He asks you to make peace with foe and friend alike to make room for His healing.
Put your house in order, and let God work in your life.
And now, Tina Jenkins Crawley will lead us in song.
("LIGHTHOUSE" PLAYING) I know you've been praying Praying for a miracle You need something to put faith in And I'll be a hand to hold You put on many faces Every one except your own I'm losing all my patience Don't know what-a we did wrong, oh, God - I know I said I don't believe - (CHOIR VOCALIZING) But let me get on my knees I'm begging, and I'm gon' plead And He told me to tell you That every time it rains When it's cold and it's dark out Ooh I'll be your light, light, lighthouse Shine I'm-a be there Shine I'll be right here Shine Like a lighthouse Ooh Yeah, hold on 'Cause the battle isn't over Let hope be a shoulder And through the darkness keep your sanity We're in this thing together, we're a family Right now my heart is heavy And I don't even know if you can hear me I'll be your sun through the clouds Your light, lighthouse Every time it rains When it's cold When it's dark out Ooh I'll be your lighthouse, lighthouse Shine - That's what he told me - Shine - Gonna light up the sky - Shine - Like a lighthouse - Shine In the middle of the ocean - Yeah - Shine I'm-a be there - Shine - I'll be right here Shine - Just like a lighthouse - Shine Lighthouse.
You look good, baby.
I've been dealing with cancer for six weeks, Ma.
You you don't have to lie to me.
You still have your hair.
That should that should be a good sign, right? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) TERI: I was just telling Andre the entire church is praying for him.
LUCIOUS: Oh, and Andre, you would've been so proud of Teri today.
- You were absolutely amazing.
- Oh.
Baby, you want me to make you a plate? I'm-I'm not hungry, Ma.
I got him, Cookie.
Well, we'll be just upstairs.
All right, baby? If you need anything I love you.
I love you, too, Ma.
LUCIOUS: I'm starting to think that maybe that preacher was right.
"Preacher" and "right.
" Two words I never thought you'd use in the same sentence.
No, I'm serious, honey.
Maybe we need to get our house in order.
You know, maybe if I made peace with Kingsley, - (SIGHS) - maybe the karma would turn around and things could work out well for Andre.
Okay, if you think that will save Andre or unburden your soul, then do it, Lucious.
Look, baby, I know that that it's been really hard lately, but it's getting better, I promise you.
- We might lose Andre.
- Don't-don't you say that.
You got to stop saying stuff like that! (VOICE BREAKING): I don't know what to do.
Lucious, I feel helpless.
No, you've got to be positive.
You cannot have all these negative thoughts about our son.
So I got to sit here and listen to you go on and on about Kingsley.
But you can't hear how I feel? No, what I'm saying is all your fears about Andre, that ain't helping you or me.
- I mean, we got to be positive.
- (SIGHS) I got to go.
- I-I don't have time for this.
- Now where you going? I, uh, got to meet with Carol.
We got to talk about phase two of the Trust Tour.
(SNIFFLES) Look, this is me being positive, okay? I'm going back to work.
Wow, dang.
- All right.
All right.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
(CHUCKLES): Damn, babe.
What's the I missed you, too.
What's the rush? Well, I'm only in town for two days, and you have a tour to get back to.
I know.
You forgot, didn't you? Come on, babe.
Check your calendar.
We haven't been together in weeks.
Sex date.
- Boom.
Sex date.
- Mm-hmm.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
I just got a lot going on right now.
Give me a second, all right? The tour, you know, it's really good, it's just I don't know, I just feel like I want to shake it up or something, you know? How'd the tux fittings go? Y-You're on tux duty, babe.
No, I'm not, Kai.
Did you even look at the spreadsheet I spent hours on? I just heard myself, and I sound - like freakin' groomzilla.
I'm sorry.
- Mm-hmm.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) - Did I kill the mood? - Absolutely not.
Besides, I have been dreaming - of kissing your neck all day.
- There it is.
- Mmm.
- Ow.
(BOTH LAUGH) You know, the sex date is off the chain.
You know what I want, I won't say it You know what I want, I won't say it, baby Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm glad you called.
It's good to see you.
It's good to see you, too.
Come in.
I'm just about finished making dinner.
I have given you weeks to think about it.
We need an answer.
Lucious and I don't exactly play catch in the park on Sundays.
If I turn up all of a sudden out of nowhere, he's gonna know something's up.
Lyon is a street hustler.
He will always think something's up.
And you're smarter.
Aren't you? I mean, at least that's what you've been telling me.
Convince him otherwise.
This is a recording device.
You're gonna put it on, and then you're gonna have a conversation with your dad about how he recently got a large sum of money out of Panama with the help of Damon Cross.
You expect me to wear a wire, just like that? No.
You're under no obligation.
But if you want to have the satisfaction of knowing that you're the one who took down Lucious Lyon for everything he did to you and your mother, then you'll help us.
Show me how this thing works.
And now he wants to bring Kingsley back into our lives.
Now? Not the best timing.
He asking a lot of you.
Well, that and what Andre is going through.
I'm trying to keep it together, but sometimes You can't.
And that's okay.
You know, what you're feeling is normal.
(CHUCKLES) Terrified, guilty, useless all of that is normal? Yes.
When your child's facing a situation like this, absolutely.
That's what I felt when my daughter was sick.
Lucious say we got to be strong, got to stay tough.
That's not enough for a person like you.
You know how I got through it? I had to stop being a tough guy.
I didn't stuff down my fear.
I let myself feel it.
I had to I had to feel it for my baby girl.
I needed to.
Lucious won't let me say it, but I can't bury my son, Damon.
Cookie, just feel it.
You know, you can't run away from it.
(EXHALES) Thank you.
You know how we do.
I'm always gonna be here for you.
I wish that you were at my counseling session with Pastor Brown.
Did you talk about me? We did.
(ANDRE SIGHS) So you want to have the God talk now, huh? If you're up for it.
I'm glad you have the church to lean on, Teri.
I don't feel the same way about God that you do.
You don't believe? I believe in God.
In fact, many lifetimes ago, me and God were boys.
So what changed? I loved Him.
TERI: Mm-hmm.
He repaid that love with punishment, time and time again.
Andre, God doesn't punish.
- God can test us.
- No, God didn't just test me, this was more than a test, Teri.
This was personal.
I'm sure that wasn't the case.
(GRUNTS) (BREATHES HEAVILY) God took my wife.
God took my son.
There's nothing that God can do for me, because I don't want nothing to do with God, Teri.
You're gonna have to accept that.
I can't.
But I can drop it for now.
Thank you.
Hey, little lady.
I didn't know we had a-a "drop by unannounced" type relationship.
- Excuse me.
- What do you want, Lucious? Last time you dropped by you spent the time - denying your own son.
- No.
I stopped by to ask you about the son that you never told me I had.
So what? Now, all of a sudden, you feel like being his dad after all? (SCOFFS) Look, Tracy, I didn't come here to argue with you about something that happened 35 years ago.
Why not? I'm still paying for what you did to me 35 years ago.
What I did to you? What did I do to you? Tell me.
You know.
All I know is some story Jeff told me about you bringing him to my house.
I mean, back at a time I couldn't even remember.
I wanted you to know your son.
You wanted me to know my son that you never told me I had.
And now you blaming me for that.
Or you blaming me for all of this? - All of it.
It's all your fault.
- My fault? You were the one that got cracked out.
You turned my son into my enemy.
You made me the bad guy 'cause you couldn't deal with your own crap.
And you told him those lies.
(EXHALES) Ah, look Tracy, I didn't come here to try and rewrite or fix our past.
I just want to make a better future for our son.
Okay? I just want to have a relationship with my son.
(SIGHS) We were so fly back then.
Hmm? You always dressed so fresh, and I was that cute white girl who could dance.
You know, I used to dream that we'd get married and have a baby and move into a big house.
One out of three ain't bad, right? Tracy.
I'm asking you to help build a bridge between me and my son.
I'm saying please.
It's gonna be his decision.
But I'll talk to him.
Thank you.
(GRUNTS) Thank you.
Put some diamonds in my watch Diamonds in my watch Ballin' like a big shot Ballin' like a big shot Hey, Keem.
Um There we go.
So, I need a favor.
Talk to me.
All right.
So Devon has finally finished his album, and, honestly, it's incredible, and even more honestly, I had a lot to do with that, so you know, thank you, but I was thinking what better way to introduce Devon to the fans than through you.
Hi! I'm still here.
Uh, why not? - Because I brought Blake out.
- So? And that "solid" brought us a lot of drama.
So nah.
(EXHALES) All right, first of all Devon is not Blake, and secondly, that drama was all you and you know it.
See, here you go again.
I need to focus on myself these days.
How is that different than any other day? Ballin' like a big shot Ballin' like a big shot Oh, we're done here.
All right, well, thanks a lot.
Good morning, Cook.
So I'm guessing you got my check ready, right? What the hell check are you talking about? Is Lucious around? No, Lucious ain't here, he left already.
Why? Honey, you know he had the nerve to call me looking for you? Apparently, you and I are doing phase two of the tour.
No, just relax.
Relax, though, I didn't say nothing.
Thank God.
Honey, don't thank God, thank me.
Is this about the guy that you were with? - Sis, I thought he was one and done.
- (SIGHS) We're not sleeping together, okay, so relax.
So then why you got me covering for your non-cheating ass? Because because I've had a a friendship for six weeks, and that Lucious wouldn't understand.
Oh, well, you have my full attention.
Damon Cross has been helping me get through since Andre got sick, okay? Well, what about me or your husband? - We can't help you get through? - Look, Damon understands because his daughter battled cancer, so he knows what I'm going through.
And Lucious he won't hear me.
Damon is different.
Sis, I think the only difference is is that you're not sleeping with him yet.
I mean, you're really not, right? Everybody ain't a ho like you, Carol, okay? No, I'm not.
I love Lucious.
He's just not giving me what I need right now.
All right, sis, do you.
But I'm telling you, if you're lying to your husband, and leaning on another man, that right there is a threat to your marriage.
Everything looks clean, you know? How you holding up? What's the word on Andre? I don't know.
Man, they've been talking about, well, maybe they were gonna get some good news in a couple days.
He'll be all right.
He's strong.
KINGSLEY: Hey, Lucious.
Glad to see you.
THIRSTY: Look who's back.
The runt of the litter.
Lucious, could I talk to you for a second in private? Oh, absolutely.
- Make some room.
- Are you serious? - You're damn right I'm serious.
- Oh, all right.
You might need your lawyer.
I still think you need to take a DNA test for the forgotten son here.
I'm so glad you came, man.
It's really good to see you, son.
You want a drink? Oh, yeah.
- Dark or light? - Dark, please.
- Thank you for seeing me.
- Oh.
Man, I figured you weren't here to try and erase my music again.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
I was being vindictive and emotional.
But you're here now, right? We're good.
(LAUGHS) Congratulations on the Trust Tour.
Brilliant move.
Well, I had to handle a few repairs with the fans, especially after all the mess we all made around here, you know what I mean? Again, that's my fault.
And for whatever it's worth, I'm sorry.
Hey, I thought you would come here expecting me to do a whole lot of apologizing.
Apologize for what? For for abandoning me? No.
- Doing crack with my mom? - No, no, no, no, I can't apologize for something I never did, son.
I was a hustler.
But I never used any of that stuff.
I wasn't that foolish.
- Really? - Really.
Never touched the stuff.
Well, I just wanted to congratulate you - on pulling off the impossible.
- Mm-hmm.
Empire's back from near death.
Yeah, it's hard to kill a Lyon.
King of the jungle, - master of the universe, right? - (CHUCKLING) Lucious I could learn a lot from you.
I mean, this-this last deal that you did was a master class.
My last deal? No, I mean, you obviously, uh, raised a lot of money to fund the tour.
Oh, oh, the tour.
No offense, but nobody's giving Empire any loans right now, though, so cash infusion or overseas money? No, maybe a personal contact, a f-a friend, so no stock changes hands.
(CHUCKLES) I'm in awe of you, Lucious.
I meant what I said.
I'm sorry for what I did.
You've said that a few times.
Y Your mama didn't tell you to come here? My mom? (SCOFFS) No, this is all me.
Oh, damn.
- Oh.
- (PATS TABLE TWICE) Oh, excuse me.
You know what, we're gonna have to cut this a little short.
I just realized I got a fire I need to put out.
Right now? Yeah.
Um Hey, get Thirst back in here! You and me, um, why don't we get together, like, later on, you know, have a bite to eat or something? Sounds great.
It's good seeing you, son.
What did the hellspawn want? You all right? I don't know.
I mean, he started off asking all these questions about our financing the tour.
I think he's working with the Feds, man.
He in here trying to set me up.
SWAIN: So although the lymphoma is not in remission you've been responding really well to the treatments, Andre.
At six weeks, I'd hope so.
COOKIE: So, does that mean that the cancer has dropped from stage IV? That's not quite how it works.
The goal isn't to lessen it, so to speak.
The goal is to remove it.
Doc, why can't you just give us the bottom line on this thing? I don't like to make predictions.
But given the way you've been fighting, Andre, I believe that after this next treatment, you could be cancer-free.
(BOTH EXCLAIM) - Oh, my God! - Thank God! Oh, thank God.
- Thank you, God! - Thank God.
And thank you, Dr.
- Of course.
- Thank you, God! Thank you.
Let's not forget Western medicine and-and the good doctor's skills.
Yes, yes.
I am so happy for you, son.
- Yeah, thanks, Ma.
- Ooh! He's gonna get better.
He's gonna I knew it.
He's gonna be okay.
Hey, Ma.
Hey, baby.
(EXHALES) Lucious came to see me today.
He tried to sweet-talk me.
His ego is so freakin' big.
He actually thinks he can get me back.
What did he say? He's the Devil.
He's brought us nothing but pain since the day I met him.
I hate him.
You must have liked him enough to sleep with him.
You watch your mouth, boy.
No, I was so young and stupid.
I was just trying so hard to fit in, and he he just He just what? He just what, Mom? - (EXHALES) - Tell me.
Did he did he force you? He was too slick for that.
But I-I didn't even know about crack until I started hanging around him.
I mean, he was doing it, so I partied with him.
- You both did it together? - Yes.
But he said that he was only ever a dealer, - that he wasn't a user.
- He's a liar.
He destroyed me.
Destroyed us.
You know, when I told him I was pregnant with you, he said he was gonna beat you out of me.
Hmm? He said he didn't want you.
He said that? I saved you.
And if you love me the way you are supposed to, you'll stop asking me - all these damn questions.
- I'm-I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm in a lot of pain.
What can I do? (TRACY SIGHS) Well, you can give me a kiss like a good boy.
Oh, that's so nice.
Now, will you go tell that damn lazy nurse that she needs to give me something so I can sleep? Go.
Hey, I can't, I can't I can't, I can't Hey! Hey! Which one? Gucci, Louis, which one? Two bad Can't pick none 'Rari, Lambo, switched 'em Then I skrr Pull up on the curb They like, "What the word?" New Jersey! I wake up like, "Which one?" - (CHEERING) - How y'all doing?! TIANA: Okay, so before I do my thing out here, I want to introduce the newest member of the family.
- (CHEERING) - This is his first time on tour, y'all, so make him feel at home.
He is amazing.
WOMAN: We love you, Tiana! Yes.
Please welcome Devon.
(CHEERING, APPLAUSE) Hoo Hoo Hoo I don't like feeling like this My heart's saying no, but my body's saying yes Oh Every time you invite me in I get more involved in it May not be obvious But I got some demons in me So it's dangerous if I stay with you I'll stay all day if I lay with you But I know it's inevitable If I break you off, I'll end up - Breaking you - I'll say it again If I stay with you I'll stay all day if I lay with you I know I should let you go, oh, yeah You're more valuable You're more valuable Than what I'm ready for Than what I'm ready for - (WHOOPS) Yay! - DAMON: There we go.
- That's good, that's good.
- Okay, okay.
(LAUGHS) To miracles.
- Miracles.
- (LAUGHS) Mmm.
This is delicious.
- Mm-hmm.
- And it tastes expensive.
As it should we're celebrating your son's life.
And this was amazing.
So you a chef chef.
Well, something told me it was a rosemary chicken kind of day.
(LAUGHS) Shall we? Thank you so much.
Of course.
You know, making you happy make me happy, Cookie, I mean that.
(COOKIE CHUCKLES) Yeah, I couldn't wait to tell you the news about Andre.
I couldn't have gotten through this without you.
Yeah, these last few weeks, man, been no joke.
Oh, tell me about it, man.
But here we are on the other side.
Mm-hmm, amen, baby.
You're lying to your husband and leaning on another man, that right there is a threat to your marriage.
Put your house in order.
You're my everything, Cookie.
(CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY) I shouldn't be here.
What, you trying to take it somewhere else? No, no, no, no.
I can't be here in-in your apartment, doing this with you - What? Yeah, yeah, this - whatever this is it's over.
- Why? It's perfectly fine.
- No, it's not, and I'm sorry, I probably sent you mixed signals.
Nah, we went through the fire already.
We're coming out the other side, it's okay.
Yeah, so did Lucious.
Come on, we both know - I give you something Lucious can't.
- (SIGHS) You were there for me and I am grateful for that, but this-this this is over.
(COOKIE SIGHS) Oh I'm-a fall for you more than I'm ready for Oh I'll be calling you more than I'm ready for Oh If you give me your body, I can't give you my heart Oh That's a little bit more than I'm ready for You know, those puppy dog eyes don't look too good on you.
(SMACKS LIPS) Who? Tiana? It ain't like that.
(CHUCKLES) Really? 'Cause from where I'm standing, it looks exactly like it.
It's not like that.
- If you give me your body - Girl, I still - Want your body - I can't give you my heart Well, good.
That's a little bit more than I'm ready for.
(PLAYING SLOW, GENTLE TUNE) Lucious? I need to know the real story about how Tracy met Lucious.
Is it true that you got my mom hooked on crack? When your mother first met me and saw I was hustling, she asked if she could try my stuff.
Against every warning I gave her, she tried it and she liked it.
(BREATHING LOUDLY) How can I believe you? Because I admit what I do wrong.
I admit I sold it to her.
And in my warped thinking, I felt that, you know, maybe I was protecting her because the stuff I was selling was clean compared to the crap those other cats were selling - on the street - Oh, so big of you.
It wasn't.
Your mama was a good girl.
She deserved better than what I did for her.
Is it true that you threatened to kill her if she didn't abort me? That's absolutely not true.
She didn't even tell me she was pregnant with you, and then all the cats that she Just say it.
- I can take it.
- (SIGHS) Look, man, Tracy went from being Cute Tracy to Crackhead Tracy to Strawberry Tracy.
I'm sorry.
But there was no way I would let somebody like that raise one of my children.
But she always said you didn't want me.
That's the furthest thing from the truth, son.
(KINGSLEY SNIFFLES) (LUCIOUS SIGHS HEAVILY) LUCIOUS: You know, there's a a lot of things I've done in my life that I'm not proud of, but not being there for my family not taking care of my children that's that's a sin I have never committed.
Your mother robbed me of the opportunity to raise you.
But she ain't gonna rob us of this moment, though, you know? I could still be your father.
Let me be your father.
Let me.
(SNIFFLING) Come on, man.
(CHUCKLES) I'm done.
You're done when I say you're done.
I heard your little bonding moment.
Lucious played you.
I don't care.
I'm through being your snitch.
Did he threaten you? Because, you know, we can get a warrant.
We can protect you.
You don't get it.
Are you a Lyon all of a sudden? I don't know about being a Lyon, Ms.
Conway, but I've decided I am not a rat.
All right, well, have at it, Kingsley.
Just know this.
Lyon or not, I'm coming after every single one of you.
- (SIGHS) Where's Dad? - Who knows, child? But there's no sense in letting this food get cold.
Let's eat.
- Wait.
What about grace? - (DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) Hey, I'm sorry, everybody.
We're a little late.
Come on in, man.
(SIGHS) Wait, wait, wait.
What is this clown doing here? This is your brother, son.
I would like to properly introduce Kingsley.
He is a Lyon, and he is my son.
I know that I've caused a lot of pain and done real damage, and that it will take time to make things right with you all, but I hope that we can start.
Here, come on.
Sit down, man.
Now listen, everybody at this table I've had to make amends with at some time.
Me and my son need time to heal, and I'm asking that you give us that chance.
Here, take my plate.
- Thank you, dear.
- Mm-hmm.
- And let me take this.
- LUCIOUS: Thank you.
JUANITA: And I'll get you something to drink.
LUCIOUS: Thank you, Juanita.
Juanita, I'm gonna need me some more wine.
- JUANITA: Right away.
- Yes.
Right away.
Uh Mm-mmm.
I like to be consulted about who's sitting at my dinner table.
But I'm feeling a little charitable because my baby's gonna be okay.
(CHUCKLES) Welcome, Kingsley.
(CLEARS THROAT) This can't be fixed tonight, but, uh, we can certainly start here.
Thank you, baby.
Eat up, son.
All right, well, since everybody's being all awkward and quiet I guess I'd like to say something.
Big brother, I love you so much.
And I'm so grateful that you're well again.
Thank you, brother.
Watching you literally fight for your life has has reminded me and Kai just how precious life is.
And that it should be lived.
- JAMAL: Not just planned.
- No.
-(COOKIE CHUCKLES) Look, all y'all know that we're getting married.
(CHUCKLES) But we want to get married as soon as possible.
What? Are you-are you sure? Yeah, Ma, just-just want to get hitched and start life, you know.
KAI: We just got tired of worrying about tuxedos and place settings - and Dada-Dada-da.
- JAMAL: It's horrible.
We hate it.
- (LAUGHING) - TERI: That's wonderful.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You know, that's a big move, Mal.
COOKIE: There it is.
Let's toast to Jamal and Kai.
We're having a Lyon wedding, y'all.
- ALL: Yes.
Get that one open, yeah.
BECKY: Hey! Hey, what the hell do y'all think y'all doing?! Hey, I need to see a warrant! We have that, Ms.
Now kindly step aside and let my men do their job.
Bitch, you don't think I know that this is harassment? You're not our target, Ms.
Are you volunteering? Is that what you're doing? No? Then you're one of the smart ones.
Your boss, not so much.
For some reason, he can't let go of the past.
He wants to relive his glory days using this tour to move narcotics across the country.
Check the buses, the venue, everything.
And if I were you, I would let your adoring fans out there know that the Trust Tour is over.
MAN: Somebody get bus number two open now.
MAN 2: Yeah, yeah.