Empire (2015) s05e16 Episode Script

Never Doubt I Love

1 Previously on Empire CONWAY: Let your adoring fans know that the Trust Tour is over.
After this next treatment, you could be cancer-free.
- Oh, my God! - Thank God! I'm out $250K, and I want it right now.
I can sell it in a couple days and get you your money.
Kinda like it.
You were there for me when I needed, but this is over.
I would like to properly introduce Kingsley.
Look, all y'all know that we're getting married.
But we want to get married as soon as possible.
Let's toast to Jamal and Kai! It's all right, now we'll never look back STACEY: What's the secret to the success of your marriage? COOKIE: I thought The New York Times was profiling Jamal's wedding.
And what does that have to do with our marriage? Jamal said that your marriage is the epitome of everlasting love.
Well, Jamal's right.
I mean, our marriage is the emotional bedrock of this family.
STACEY: What does love mean to you? See, love is about respect.
Actually, love is what unites my family.
Love for my music, for my brothers.
Love for my children.
Love never dies.
Even when a loved one passes on, their memory, their presence, we carry it with us.
Whether we're aware of it or not.
Uh, we are the sum of all the love in our lives.
Oh, man.
What do I love most about Jamal Lyon? Well, I don't know if you can print this, but - Okay, see, no, stop.
Come on.
- (CHUCKLES) - But you know exactly what - Stop.
(BOTH LAUGH) We have a very real opportunity to inspire the next generation, - so don't be messy.
- Okay.
What would you like to say to the next generation? Specifically, the eight-year-old black boy living in rural Missouri whose father beats him for wearing a dress.
(LAUGHTER) - Walking in here looking like a little bitch.
- JAMAL: Okay! Please don't make me STACEY: What would you like to say to him? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) That he's loved.
And he should be patient with himself.
And his father.
My father's issues with my sexuality is no secret.
But, uh, the way I see it is (CHUCKLES) if the King of Hip-Hop can change, then there's hope for all fathers, for every son.
One last thing.
I received an anonymous e-mail claiming that the wedding's off.
That's ridiculous.
Like, why the hell would the wedding be off? The e-mail accuses Kai of hiding his HIV-positive status from you and that you've been trying to find a way to cancel the wedding because of it.
Well, that's ridiculous.
That's absolutely not true.
I've-I've always been totally honest with Jamal.
Do you have an official statement for the record? Hell are we supposed to do now? Whoever sent that e-mail to Stacey could've sent it anywhere.
I mean, what if someone else is already running the story? All right, well, then maybe we need to get ahead of it, make our own statement.
But then the whole conversation becomes about me and my status, - which is nobody's business.
- Right, but if someone does put it out there, then that's all everybody's gonna be talking about anyway.
Everybody, like, uh, your parents? Are you worried about what they'll think this'll be for your career and for-for Empire? Babe, you know I don't care about stuff like that.
I-I'm simply saying that we should control the narrative.
You mean control my narrative.
(SIGHS) Baby, I just don't want this to derail our wedding.
That's it.
All right, look, we can't argue about this right now.
All right? We're late for dinner.
Come on.
God, Mom, everything just looks amazing.
- Thank you.
(CHUCKLES) - Mm, you think so? - You don't think I overdid it? - Nah.
I mean, you are my first that I will get to see get married, so everything has to be perfect.
- It is perfect.
- (CHUCKLES) You ever think you'd even see this day? I thought you'd be down on marriage, because of all of the things me and your daddy been through.
I mean, I wasn't always rooting for y'all.
- (LAUGHING) - But (CHUCKLES) But, I don't know, I mean, it's like God, now, y'all just right, you know? Like nothing in the world could tear you apart.
- Mm.
- And that's what I want for me and Kai.
- You better get your ass out here, man.
- (LAUGHING) Caterers tearing up my damn house.
- I don't even know half of them people.
- (CHUCKLES) Thanks for everything, Dad.
I know it's a pain in the ass having all these reporters in your face.
- You're welcome.
- (CHUCKLES) (GRUNTS) These look good.
- Mm-hmm.
That's all.
Just-just a couple.
- Um I know that we rehearsed, you know, the aisle walk with me and Mom.
But I was thinking it'd be cool if all three of us walked together, you know, united.
LUCIOUS: Wait, wait.
Is this something that that reporter suggested? No.
I want this.
It's important to me.
Yeah, but the Walking down the aisle is what the father does with the bride.
I mean, that's the tradition.
Y'all don't care about tradition, or at least you said - you don't care about the tradition.
- I-I don't.
So this shouldn't matter, then.
JAMAL: But it does matter.
It matters to me.
I want you by my side.
Look, I-I just don't want to be paraded around like I'm part of somebody's agenda or nothing.
- That's all.
- Uh Lucious.
That's what you think this is? LUCIOUS: I don't know.
I done did more interviews and photo shoots that people I don't even care to do.
No, seriously, Mal, can't that be enough? Yeah, that's enough, Dad.
You did a lot.
Thank you.
You're a jackass.
(LAUGHING, MUTTERING) So, your always-reporting son tells me you're not a fan of my music.
Oh, well, I wouldn't say that.
One of my students cited "What the DJ Spins" in his dissertation.
You know how to put the listener right there in the Philly streets.
I'm just messing with you.
- I like you, man.
- (LAUGHTER) - That's where he gets that strength.
- Cheers.
JAMAL: How you think they're doing? Our parents know how to behave themselves.
- Yeah.
- (CHUCKLES) Did, uh, Lucious say he'd walk you down the aisle? This whole, like, wedding stuff is just so much for him.
Don't make excuses for him.
Let's get champagne.
Excuse me.
Oh, Keem, we're about to head out.
I want the kids to get some rest and be fresh for tomorrow.
What time should I be at your crib tomorrow? Oh.
We're gonna ride with Devon, so I'll just meet you at the church.
What you mean, Devon? Y'all together? We're getting to know each other.
Is that a problem? (CHUCKLES) No.
Have you seen Bella? She in the room with Dre.
Devon, huh? (SCOFFS SOFTLY) Game on.
- TERI: And who's this? - Her name is Piggy.
She thinks you're pretty, Auntie Teri.
- Aw.
Thank you, Piggy.
- Aw.
That is very sweet.
Andre, baby, you need to eat.
I already ate, Ma.
I know, but I didn't see you, okay? - So go ahead on and eat this.
- No, no, no.
- All right? Go ahead.
- Don't force-feed him.
- Go ahead.
You need to eat.
- Look, baby, you ain't got - to stuff food down that boy's throat.
- (SIGHS) I mean, he's fine.
Is Bella okay? Is she giving y'all any trouble? - Oh, no.
No, no.
- No, no, no.
She-she reminds me of my Quincy when he was her age.
You know, it's never too late to start some new memories.
No, it's all good.
Um Andre and I are taking things one step at a time.
Well, you can feel free to step right on over to the altar - anytime soon.
(GIGGLES) - LUCIOUS: Okay, you are - officially cut off.
- What? - Andre, eat your food.
- Yes, ma'am.
Give me my drink back.
- I am so sorry.
- Oh.
- It's fine.
- It's embarrassing.
No, no, just get it done.
- Yeah.
I'll call you back.
Look, I hate to talk business, but the blogs are smelling blood in the water.
We can't keep using this wedding to cover up for the fact that our tour is stalled.
We need to make a statement.
Yeah, well, I'm already on top of that.
Jamal, before I, uh before I forget, I didn't have time to get a gift.
But, um here's a little something.
LUCIOUS: Wait a minute.
That's my father's cuff links, Jamal.
You never let those out of your sight, Dre.
COOKIE: Well, that's something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
- That's everything.
- (JAMAL CHUCKLES) Dre, I don't know what to say.
Cherish them as much as I did.
- (DOORBELL RINGS) - Thank you.
- COOKIE: That's sweet.
- (CHUCKLING) Mm, you all right over there? - Nah, you need some water though.
- (LAUGHS) Excuse me.
A Mr.
Damon Cross to see you.
Apologies for the intrusion, but I have something that belongs to you.
My art broker found this.
(DOOR CLOSES) LUCIOUS: My broker said it was nowhere to be found.
I just wanted to return it to its rightful home.
Lucious and Cookie, they deserve this symbol of their enduring love.
JAMAL: That's crazy.
Huh, Mom? Dad, that's-that's amazing.
- Yeah.
It's something.
- And speaking of love, Jamal, I-I think it's great that, you know, you're putting your wedding out there in front of the whole world for them to see it, and that's what it's all about.
When you find that special person, you know, you shouldn't be all shy about it.
I appreciate that, man.
Thank you.
This is late notice, but what you doing tomorrow? You should just come to the wedding.
- Oh, man - LUCIOUS: No, I'm sure Mr.
Cross - got other plans.
- Yeah, and the seating chart is cut off.
- It's too many people.
- I can We ain't bringing nobody.
Just - It's too many people.
- DAMON: I'd be honored.
Thank you.
I'll see you all tomorrow.
All right.
DAMON: We're good to go.
There is trouble in paradise today, girl - A little secret - (CROWD CHEERING) Is all over the town I know I promised to see you tonight, girl There's something strange Wait, look, look, look.
Look at the brother.
- Look at the brother.
- (LAUGHTER) I think she knows The hell is Mark Zuckerblack doing here? I invited him.
Life's too short to fight with family, and that's what Kingsley is.
Oh, he is? Congratulations, Jamal.
You bring your microphone? I know how you love to ruin Lyon family events.
No big announcements tonight.
All right, well, sit your black ass over there.
'Cause we got surprises.
We got surprises, baby! - JAMAL: Chill out! - We got surprises! Someone like you BECKY: Here she comes.
Yes! Said I've always wanted - Here she come.
Here they come.
- Baby And I always needed Baby We got surprises for you.
- Look out, now.
- Someone like you - Oh, hell no! - (LAUGHS) She gonna end up with syphilis.
(BECKY LAUGHS) - ANDRE: You're up, Mal.
(LAUGHS) - JAMAL: What the hell is this? - Man, come on.
- Get him up.
(LAUGHS) - Come on.
- What is this? Come on, man.
Y'all better all get rid of your phones.
I'm dead-ass serious.
BECKY: What happens in Laviticus - will stay in Laviticus.
He better get his ass off my palm! - Uh-uh.
- BECKY: Let it happen! Like I'm-a let it happen.
- MAN: All right.
All right.
- Becky! (MAN WHOOPING) - Enjoy it.
- No.
Stop! - BECKY: He likes you, Mal! - Stop it! I'm serious.
(LAUGHTER) - BECKY: Get it, Jamal! - ANDRE: Don't fight it.
What if my husband sees this, huh?! I do not want this! So what? Me grinding up on you like this? Someone like you I know that voice.
BECKY: Got you, bitch! - That is your husband! - (LAUGHTER) Someone like you.
We need better security in here.
What you have there is an injunction ordering you to call off your little minions and allow the Empire Trust Tour to continue.
- And how did you get that? - Remember my girlfriend, Vera? She used to work for the D.
's office.
And she told me about a certain district judge that likes to take pictures of his junk and send it to young girls.
So you blackmailed him? Oh, I no, I prefer white-maled him.
Anyhoo, since you never found any evidence to Empire's drug trafficking, the judge is ordering you to return all property seized from Empire within 48 hours.
You have a nice day.
And, look, about the decor sucks.
- Diamonds on me dancing look like water - (JAMAL AND KAI LAUGHING) JAMAL: Wasn't nobody thinking about no damn wedding stress.
You took my mind off all the stupid stuff with your chocolate dynamite.
- Mm, mm, mm.
Bow! Bow! Bow! (LAUGHS) - Damn.
Get it.
Get it.
- Anyway - What's up? But y-you're good with ignoring the e-mail, right? Keeping my story out of the Times? Yeah, man, ain't nobody's business.
- You know what I'm saying? - Mm.
And if somebody does put it out there, then we'll deal with it then.
Ain't nobody gonna mess with me - or my baby's fairy-tale wedding.
- Aw.
Oh, so that's what my status does? Mess with your fairy tale? Stop.
- You know how perfect you are to me.
- Okay.
- Even when you a pain in the ass.
- I'm not that bad.
- You are.
- (LAUGHS) Well, I got to go, 'cause my folks have got me on a curfew, and I Okay, who would have thought that your parents would be the extra ones? Oh, so now you criticizing my folks? Okay, you know what, I'm gonna shut my mouth - so that you don't actually cancel this wedding.
- (KAI MUTTERING) - That's it.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Go.
- (CHUCKLES) Diamonds on me dancing look like water I can't show up to Jamal's wedding alone with Tiana showing up with Devon.
You know what? I'm-a hit up Haven.
She fine as hell.
If you're really over Tiana, why you always checking on her? Hey, man, what you know about my life? JAMAL: What's up, y'all? - What'd I miss? - HAKEEM: You missed me about to kick this half-Lyon's ass.
- (CHUCKLES) - You know, we're all half-Lyons.
That's how genetics works.
Yo, Dre, I know your heart was in the right place, but you actually should've asked me - before you invited him.
- I'm right here.
I can hear you.
I'm looking right at you.
I know you here.
I'm only being cordial to you out of respect for our father.
But I ain't about to wave some magic wand, act like every shady thing you did didn't happen.
I'm not gonna wave a magic wand and forget all the dime bags that Lucious sold to my mother.
You know what? He did shady stuff to all of us growing up.
ANDRE: All right.
Let's not do this now.
We're family.
That's why we should do this.
JAMAL: Kingsley, how do we know you're not gonna try to take our family down again? You don't.
But isn't that how you know I'm a real Lyon? - JAMAL: You see that? - Okay, let's He's literally telling us that there's a possibility - he could do this again.
- Come on, now, Kingsley.
I invited you here to make peace.
You're the oldest now.
That means you got to take up the mantle for this family and have our backs.
Now, can you do that? I'm asking you, can you do that? Yeah.
Let's have a good time.
- Cheers, Dre.
- (ANDRE CHUCKLES) (JAMAL CHUCKLES) (LUCIOUS SIGHS) What are you still doing up? Something about this painting and it being in Damon Cross's possession don't add up to me.
He didn't say nothing about this when y'all was in Panama? Lucious, just be happy we got the painting back, okay? I don't trust him.
This is not about that painting.
Or Damon.
This is about what Jamal asked you to do earlier.
Nah, we worked that out.
Oh, you did? You worked it out, huh? (CHUCKLES) Well, did you see the look in your son's eyes when you told him no? Look, me going to the damn wedding is more than enough, Cookie.
It's not enough, Lucious.
Your son has found the love of his life.
Remember that feeling? And I know what it's like to be shunned by your father - because of who you love.
- This ain't the same thing.
- It's not the same.
Hey, hey.
- This is a moral thing right now.
Hey, Lucious, let me just put it to you like this.
You let my son down way too many times.
You do it this time, we gon' have a problem.
How the hell did he get that damn painting? And I pledge to you, my beloved, that we will stand together as living proof that love can transform the world.
- It's cute.
- (SIGHS) "Transform our world"? Okay, honestly, it's giving me Britney Spears when it should be giving me India.
I know.
I know.
I'm, like, trying to make it all fluffy.
The New York Times is gonna print it, all I got to get it right.
Of course you'll get it right.
Honestly, I think you are stressing about it too much.
All you got to do is get up there and talk to Kai like you're the only two people in the entire world.
It's that easy.
- Oh.
- Is that a damn hickey on your chest? Okay, I'm a grown-up.
I don't get hickeys, okay? Is that from the stripper you were thirsting at? Clearly he was thirsting at me.
You see this hickey! And on top of that, I'm a grown woman, okay? I can do whatever I want.
Okay, King B.
Do you, boo.
I will.
I'll do some of him, too.
- I'm sure you will.
You're nasty.
- (LAUGHS) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Yeah, no, no, I'm headed out of the getting to the garage right now.
Just have security meet me down there.
- I got my suit - Hey, hey, hey.
Lucious, hey.
Do you, uh, consider yourself an ally to the LGBTQ community? REPORTER: And do you regret the use of gay slurs in your lyrics? I'm just trying to support my son even though I don't necessarily agree with all his choices.
Lucious Lyon.
In living color.
Hope you're not in a rush.
We have a lot to discuss.
Come with us.
Janice or Harriet? Hakeem.
(CHUCKLES): You cannot take a porn star to your brother's wedding.
I mean, unless you want Tiana to think you have chlamydia.
Look, I get it.
If you don't want to go to the wedding alone, I mean, I'll go with you.
What? I'm just being a friend.
Besides I make damn good arm candy.
I'll see you here at 3:00.
Don't be late.
Look, lady, how long is this gonna take? CONWAY: Are you anxious to get to the boy-on-boy nuptials? 'Cause I can give you a lift.
All the Lyons will be there, right? I can round them all up and then ask them all some questions.
God, that would be convenient for me.
The bride wouldn't mind, right? Oh.
I'm sorry.
Which one is the bride? Your son? What do you want? Look, call Maya and find out where the hell she is with my orchids.
And let her little ass know I'm not playing with her.
- Oh, okay, thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
(CLEARS THROAT) The hell are you doing here? Man, I don't get a "Good afternoon, Damon.
You look so Ni" Hey.
That's not funny.
Come on.
Come on! - Okay, why are you even here? - I was invited.
- I was supposed to say no? - Yes.
Yes, you were.
You were supposed to make something up.
I don't know.
And-and why the hell did you come to my house with that painting? Did you have it all this time? What does it matter? You broke it off, so Okay.
I'm-a need you to stop saying that.
Okay, there was nothing to break off, all right? Then what was with the whole speech? You told me that you didn't think it was right.
Well, I don't think there's anything more right.
- I miss you.
- Okay.
You can't be here.
- Cookie.
- You need to leave.
(SIGHS) Jamal.
Jamal! - Jamal, wait.
- Ma, what was that? - Nothing.
- Well, it looked like something.
(SIGHS) Okay, when Andre got sick, I needed some support, and Damon just got the wires crossed, that's all.
- So, did you tell Dad? - No.
He wouldn't understand, and you know that.
So you've been sitting here, lying to Dad all this time? - Mm.
(SIGHS) - Mom, now, I-I know that y'all have had your ups and downs, but you of all people I expect to be better than that.
I'm not going to sit here and pretend like my marriage is perfect.
Okay? - You are about to - Ma.
Don't do that.
Don't-don't-don't tell me that I'll see.
Don't wish that on me.
Not today.
(SIGHS) CONWAY: Turn state's evidence against Damon Cross, and you're free to go.
It's as simple as that.
Who? His dirty Panama money is all over Empire's books.
Did you not think I'd know that? I run a multinational company.
I have no idea who half the investors are.
If you're protecting him out of some stupid, misguided thug code, don't.
Because when I make the same offer to Cross, you're gonna wish you'd played ball.
I'm only coming to you first out of courtesy because I hate to admit it but I am a fan.
(CHUCKLES) Really? You're a fan? "Snitch Bitch" is my jam.
You know, if you knew a tenth of what you're asking me about, we wouldn't be having this conversation, would we? You played a lot of games with us when the White House had a little bit more melanin in it, but today is a new day.
And me shutting down your tour for a week? Well, that's just my warm-up act.
The whole time you've been talking to me, I've been sitting here thinking about my son, and how this is the most important day for his life.
And I'll be damned if I'm-a allow you or anybody else to ruin that.
So, if you got plans on coming to my son's wedding, and you like "Snitch Bitch," you should give a listen to "I Shot a Fed.
" A couple of times.
(QUIET CHATTER) JAMAL: I can't believe this.
- He's a half hour late.
- I'm sure he's on his way, baby.
Mom, you don't know that.
You know, I shouldn't have even asked him to walk me down the aisle.
I should've known that that's something that would trigger him.
Look, I know that you are in your feelings right now, baby, but those are just nerves, okay? Mommy, I'm not nervous, okay? I'm angry.
And I'm not some little boy that he threw in the trash.
I'm a grown man, and I'm pissed off.
I'm mad, and I'm disappointed at the fact that he's not the man I thought he was.
Just give him a chance, all right? Let me call him again.
There he is.
Where the hell have you been? Feds picked me up.
- What?! - Wouldn't even let me make a call.
None of that matters.
What matters is I almost missed the chance to walk my son down the aisle.
I thought, um I thought I-I made a mistake asking you.
(JAMAL CHUCKLES) I don't know what I thought.
You thought I was ashamed of you.
I'm ashamed of me.
Look, I still can't make heads or tails of none of this stuff, but none of that matters.
What matters is that you are my son.
And there's been so much hurt between us, I'm I don't want to cause no more, so let's get you married, okay? - Yeah.
- He has to hurry up.
Let's go.
Come on.
(PIANO PLAYING GENTLE INTRO TO "LOVE ME STILL") Here is my hand for you to hold Here's the part of me they have not sold I've wandered far, I've had my fill I loved you then Do you love me still? Ooh, ooh, ooh Mm, mm, mm Only you have seen Other side of me Call me naive I think you will I love you now Do you love me still? Here are the eyes that only see you Here is the mouth that only calls your name Here is the song they cannot kill I love you now Do you love me still? Mm-hmm-mm - Ooh.
- (APPLAUSE) - Chaka Khan.
- Chaka Khan? - Chaka Khan.
Chaka Khan.
Chaka Khan.
Chaka Khan.
- (LAUGHTER) At our wedding, y'all.
- Come on, now.
- Thank you.
- CHAKA: Oh, God bless you.
- God bless you.
- I love you both.
- Love you.
Oh, I am blessed.
We all are, because we're here.
And we're here because of love.
Now, before we get into this, if anyone here can show just cause as to why these two should not get married, you better sit down and eat your rice, okay? (LAUGHTER) 'Cause we are making history in this bitch - Uh, oh-oh-oh.
Church, Becky.
- What? - BECKY: In this piece.
- Oh.
(LAUGHS) Sorry.
Um Kai? (CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) (SIGHS) Jamal, first you were the gorgeous man who I saved from a creeper at a bar in London.
Then you were the conceited man who was bragging in a studio on our first date.
- Uh, and obviously it worked.
- Okay.
(LAUGHTER) But you are so much more than that.
(CRYING SOFTLY): You're the compassionate man who loves me for who I am.
The considerate man who still finds time to call me, even when there are ten time zones between us.
And the patient man who will stand beside me no matter what the world throws at us.
You are my everything.
And I love you so much.
(WHISPERS): I love you.
I can't do this.
- Mal? (CROWD MURMURING) - Jamal.
- Everybody, calm down.
(CHUCKLES) I can't recite some cookie-cutter vows about love and marriage because 'cause I know in my heart that love and marriage are messy.
More messy than I wanted to admit before.
But that's what makes it real.
Kai, I don't want a fairy tale with you.
I want something real, something that endures.
Like what our parents have.
I don't know about the Givens, but maybe a little bit less drama - than the Lyons have had.
- (LAUGHTER) Oh, man.
But here's what I can promise.
I promise that I'm-a be 30% messy (EXHALES SOFTLY) if you will, too.
(CRYING): I will.
JAMAL: I promise that I'll forgive you as much as I ask for forgiveness, if you will, too.
KAI: I will.
And most importantly, Kai, I'm-a hold you every day.
And I'm-a be with you.
And I will love you forever, if you will, too.
I will.
Seems like we're married.
Hold on.
I will tell you when you are married.
(LAUGHING) - Exchange rings.
- Oh.
Uh (SIGHS) Well, by the power vested in me by the Universal Life Church, I now pronounce you husband and husband.
(APPLAUSE) - (CROWD CHEERING) - Jamal! (LAUGHING) (BOTH LAUGHING) Now you may jump the broom.
(CROWD CHEERING) At last My love has come along My lonely days are over And life is like a song Oh, yeah, yeah, mm Found a dream That I could speak to A dream that I can call my own I found a thrill To press my cheek to A thrill that I never, ever known Oh, oh Oh, and you smiled You smiled Oh, and then the spell was cast On me And here we are in heaven I love you.
For you are mine I love you, too.
At At last.
(CROWD CHEERING) ("LET'S GROOVE" BY EARTH, WIND & FIRE PLAYING) Now, everyone! On the dance floor! Let's groove tonight Share the spice of life Baby, slice it right Thank you.
We're gonna groove tonight Congratulations.
- It was so beautiful.
- Thank you.
Um, we've both decided to let you print everything.
How I'm HIV-positive and how I'm loved.
Our whole story.
I thought that was no one's business.
That's still true, but I just watched Lucious walk you down the aisle.
(LAUGHS) I know.
I know.
(LAUGHS) See, that happened because you showed him who you are, and and he grew from it.
You're looking good, you're out of sight I'm not ashamed about my status.
It's a part of who I am, and I won't let anyone use it against me.
No one should.
And glide like a 747 Excuse me.
Do you mind if I have a word with Mal? - Yeah, of course.
- Hi.
(COOKIE CHUCKLES) What you said at that altar was beautiful.
I meant every word.
Mal, look, um, what you saw between me and Damon, it was j it was, uh, it was just a moment or two that shouldn't have never happened, but I promise you, baby, they were just moments.
- I love your father.
- Mom.
You don't owe me an explanation, and I don't deserve to judge you, all right? I love you so much.
(LAUGHS) I love you, too.
- Can we dance? (CHUCKLES) - Yes.
Come on.
(WHOOPS) Couldn't tell you can clean up this good.
Oh, well, this isn't for you, it's for Vanity Fair.
(TIANA LAUGHING) HAKEEM: You know what? I'll be right back.
(COUGHS) Hakeem, what up? We got a problem.
Look, Tiana told me you might feel some type of way about me being here.
It's not even that.
It's the fact that I haven't even danced with my baby girl all night.
You want to dance with Daddy? All right, all right Yeah - (WHISPERS): Have fun.
- Come on.
Set in your shoes, so stand up All right, all right - Okay.
- You good? - Where's the bar? - This way.
All right.
(CHUCKLES) Come and see, you and me.
When a man loves a woman - (COOKIE CHUCKLES) - Oh, my God, we have come a long way from our reception with the paper plates and the little plastic cups.
Mm, yes, we have.
And you've come a long way, too, Lucious.
I mean, you really came through for Jamal in ways that I never thought was possible.
And I love you for that.
(GIGGLES) - That's our boy.
- Mm-hmm.
That's what we made together.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, speaking of son.
(CHUCKLES): Hey, there you are.
Just wanted to thank you for inviting me.
- Especially you, Cookie.
- Yeah, well, you know, anybody who's important to Lucious is important to me.
But let's be clear.
You come for me and mine again, that's your ass.
Now, I didn't bring you into this world, young man, but I will take you out.
Yes, ma'am.
Enjoy the cake.
It has gold dust in the frosting.
That's her way of saying she's starting to like you.
- Oh, I hope so.
- (LAUGHS) I'll take whatever I can get.
LUCIOUS: So I hear that you and your brothers - went out last night.
- Oh, you heard about that.
It was tough.
I'm not gonna lie.
But Andre had my back.
He told me how important it was to him that I take on the mantle now that I'm the oldest.
Meant a lot to me.
- Congratulations.
- Great to see you.
When a man loves a woman Teri? (CHUCKLES) - Are you okay? - Me? Yeah, I, um Cookie, this has been such a beautiful wedding.
- And congratulations.
- Yeah, well, you know, Lyon family functions are usually ratchet, - so count your blessings.
- (CHUCKLES) Um, Teri, I hope you will let me have a mama bear moment about Andre.
(SCOFFS) Do I really have a choice? - Mm, not really.
- (BOTH LAUGH) Look, I noticed yesterday, um, when I brought up the future, you kind of hesitated.
Now, I know I shouldn't have put you on the spot, but I feel like there's something you're not saying.
Look, Andre has a new lease on life, and you helped him with that.
But if you are having second thoughts about being with him don't stay out of obligation, okay? 'Cause he can handle the truth.
Cookie, it's not that.
I I love Andre.
I love him more than I've ever thought I-I could love any man.
I I'm, um (QUIETLY): pregnant.
(GASPS) What? Are you sure? I didn't think it could happen, but it has happened.
- Well, does Andre know? - No.
No, and, Cookie, please, don't tell him.
He can't know.
Damn, man, there you go.
Why you hiding out up here? Um, just, uh had a headache, Pop, that's all.
You know, I needed some quiet.
Probably from all that damn drinking y'all did last night.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I know, Pop, I know.
It's a special occasion.
Yeah, that thing you did last night with Jamal and my daddy's cuff links.
You used to guard them things with your life.
I wanted him to have something special.
Well, um I was talking to Kingsley.
And he told me about y'all conversation last night about you passing on the mantle to him when you've always been the rock of our family.
And it's like you're trying to pass the baton on.
Is there something that you're not telling me? No.
(SIGHS) I wasn't gonna say anything, Pop.
I swear, I wasn't gonna say anything.
You know, it's not my day.
I I wasn't Look, man, you are really starting to worry me right now.
I'm still dying.
No, you're not.
I heard the doctor say that the cancer was now under control.
It is under control.
The chemo drugs I took to fight the cancer destroyed my heart muscle.
The doctors just confirmed it.
They're saying it's irreversible.
There's nothing that's irreversible.
They said that the cancer could not be beat.
We beat that.
I'm not gonna beat it, Pop.
Not this time.
I need a new heart.
And there's no way I'm gonna get one after all the toxic medication I took to kill the lymphoma.
(GRUNTS SOFTLY) (LUCIOUS EXHALES) All right, man, damn.
(SIGHS) Okay, so how much (SIGHS) How much time they giving you? A couple weeks.
Months, maybe.
I don't know.
Um I don't know.
I don't know.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I can't go out like this, Pop, you know? I, um I can't, I can't just (EXHALES) I can't wither away.
You know what I mean? I I don't know what you're saying right now, man.
I'm saying I'm gonna end my life, Pop.
No, you are not.
We are Lyons.
That's not how we go out.
We we don't give up, man.
I'm not giving up.
Pop, I've decided.
I want to die the way I should have lived.
On my terms.