Endgame s01e01 Episode Script

Opening Moves

Really? Don't worry, you're doing fine, relax.
You have a solid Sveshnikov, it's developing well.
You're only one pawn behind.
Don't worry.
Very good.
It's not bad.
Ah, just the man I want to see.
Where are the lunches? Compliments of the management, Mr.
You have 48 hours to settle your bill.
Well, put it on the credit card and bring our lunches.
Afraid your last card was declined this morning, which leaves you with two options cash, cheque, or check out.
Chess Ok pal, put your book away we're here.
Keaton, let's go.
One sec, I'm at the best part.
I have to deliver my payroll.
10 minutes.
I want to wait here.
I won't open the door for anyone.
I promise.
Okay, someone bothers you lean on the horn and honk like hell.
- Dad, you worry too much.
- Okay, you win.
Hey, Keaton, you remember me, right? Open the door.
Dude, I just want to talk.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Come on.
Uh, Mr.
Balagan, sir, please Just one sec.
Balagan, how can I help you? I need comrade Stalin.
Comrade Stilwell.
The manager.
Your boss? One moment.
Balagan, sir, please.
I would love a real game, one-on-one.
How about Hide and go seek? You start.
My Fide rating is 2225.
Book a game on my website.
I can't afford the fee, I can barely make my rent.
Seems we have much in common.
Hello! Would you like to step into my office? No, what I'd like to be is free of harassment from your director of hotel insecurity over there! I've spent $200,000 in this tower of termites our problem isn't with your spending, it's your paying, but let's talk in private I put this hotel on the map, and all I'm asking is for nine overpriced lunches.
For the past month, we've been chasing payments with increasing frustration.
You owe us $33,000, and it's increasing by 1,900 a day.
It's not my fault you charge too much.
We have less expensive rooms.
I have money in Paris, but it's tied up.
So are my hands.
Head office is clear and they've run out of patience.
We are sympathetic to your terrible tragedy, and we've tried to be understanding, but there are limits to what our hotel can Mr.
Balagan? I will have the money for you in one week.
48 hours, or eviction.
You know my issues.
The Huxley is a hotel, not a psychiatric hospital.
Wow, what are you going to do now? This.
I still don't get the Russian pickle thing.
The whole country's pickled.
Hey, Jake, how's your job hunt going? Sucks.
- Penny you know everybody.
- Maybe the Equinox? Hey, why don't you stay for lunch, on me, and we'll talk about it.
I've been informed that your account has been cut off until further notice, so It's on the house.
I'm going to miss you, Arkady.
Reports of my departure are greatly exaggerated, so Good, 'cause I didn't know what I was going to do with the 30 cases of vodka I just ordered.
Somebody's taken Keaton.
Taken? What do you mean, "taken"? Gareth left him in the car reading for a couple minutes.
He's gone.
He's my son, too, and he waited two hours before calling me! Okay, where is he? Back at the restaurant.
Nobody saw anything.
What was he reading? What? I don't know what does it matter? If the book was left behind, some stranger snatched him.
But if he took it with him, probably it was somebody he knew.
Who is that guy? Good luck.
You really have never been in a front seat before? I'm not even allowed to have pop.
That's retarded.
You drink as much as you want.
Okay? Drink it.
Have you ever trunk-surfed? What? You know, when you ride in the trunk of the car.
You've never done that before? You wanna? It's cool! I can ride in the trunk? Yes! Awesome! Yeah, let's do it! Pippa! Oh, look who it is.
So, when were you going to return my texts? Busy.
Vodka? No.
So, look, I, um, I-I talked to the police about Rosemary.
Arkady Do you have any money I can borrow? Yeah, uh, maybe, I don't know.
How much? 33,000? Your parents? They hate you.
I hate them.
Arkady The-there's still no arrest, no suspects, and they cut the detectives on the case to one and a half.
Which half? Arkady Four months is beyond their attention span.
Yeah, that's why we need to push I prefer the police in Russia.
They're dishonest, but at least they're honest about it.
We're going to have to solve this on our own you're the grieving fiance.
What are you going to do? Play chess.
I got him.
Now send me the rest of the money.
So is trunk-surfing cool or what? Keaton? Keaton, hey! Hey! Hey boo! You got me Yeah.
How about a tour of Eastern Europe? Well, what about games by video? If we want to make real money, Arkady, you will have to leave the hotel, yeah? Go away! They want to shake hands with a world champion, get an autograph, take a photo, hmm? One minute, Matthias, I must kill someone.
What! You were right about the book.
- Sorry to bother you.
Can we talk for a minute? - Keaton took it with him.
The cops agree.
It's not a stranger, but now they think it's me.
- Was it? - No! No, Arkady, there's no way.
So, who is this Gareth who left him in the car? My ex-husband.
Well, good luck to you and your ex-husband No! No, help us find Keaton! Please.
Someone took my son.
For me? Please? Matthias! Ja, ja.
It's been 19 hours since the Amber alert, and the only person the cops are looking at is me.
- Police are a waste of time.
- Exactly, which is why we need you.
Even bigger waste of time.
No, no, you were right about the book.
Jake didn't do this.
The cops won't believe him.
Wikipedia said you're a genius.
Yeah, I know.
Please? Are you going to make me beg? Wait, do you seriously think I can help you with this? Yes! Being good at chess means you're good at chess.
I'm not even good at poker.
I'm willing to pay you for your help, Mr.
He's the sweetest little kid.
They're chasing the wrong guy.
Who would take my son? Why? Just help me figure that out.
This is me and Gareth.
He owns Hart's Bistro.
It's kind of famous.
We found a pregnant woman on the island there she is, Louise.
And her other kids, her mother She already had three kids with three different men She said, "I don't care if gays raise my child" I'm fed up with straight guys.
I just want you to love my baby.
Of course.
And that he has a good life.
You know, opportunities, what-have-you.
You got the check? For the nutrition.
- You know, vitamins and supplements.
- And no alcohol, or No alcohol, nope.
Just beer.
And no smoking.
Mm, not too much beer.
Just one.
No beer.
I'll stop, cold Turkey.
- It was an open adoption? - That's what we all wanted.
- I saw Keaton a bunch of times here.
- More like once.
I called on birthdays, Christmas.
- When she was sober.
- What about the - biological father? - Apparently, that's a multiple-choice question.
I can be bad.
Very, very bad.
Why did you and Gareth break up? Mid-life crisis.
He fell head over heels for a slut, and then things really turned to crap around three weeks ago when poor Louise died aortic aneurysm.
We fought over whether or not Keaton should go to the funeral.
When I was eight years old, I went to a funeral, and it scared the crap out of me.
He's not going.
This is his biological mother, Jake! - He already has too much on his plate - Are you trying to mess them up? Me? He keeps asking me about you and Naveed.
Aw, like hell.
Ask him.
Go! Think using him as emotional blackmail is going to keep us together? What makes you think I want to be together? Then do us both a favour and leave! Enough! Thank God That was the final straw? Yeah, Gareth agreed not to take Keaton to the funeral, and that was the last time I ever got my way.
So, could Gareth have hired someone to abduct Keaton to Punish you? I doubt it, but Have Gareth and his new boyfriend come talk to me, and you write me a cheque for $15,000.
I don't-I don't have $15,000.
Then it will bounce, but it will give me a few days peace.
If I find him, you pay me what you can afford.
Here you go! Helps if it's at least signed over to the hotel.
What do you know about the sex offender registry? That you're probably on it.
Hugo, a joke.
Well, almost Yeah, okay, why do you want to know? An acquaintance.
His son went missing.
The Amber alert? Mm-hmm.
The feds maintain the national SOR.
No, the real list, the police list.
Sex offenders who haven't been convicted yet.
Good luck.
That intel's locked down tight.
You'd need someone with stripes pulling strings.
Like a former homicide detective? Oh, you think I'm going to tap my buddies for you? Hey, it's not even half.
It's early.
Hello, Pippa! The guy who was injured when they murdered Rosemary, the witness Oh, Pippa, you buried Rosemary.
Leave her in the ground, go live your young life, and make your little movies, and forget about death.
Those little documentaries get me 60,000 hits a week.
Really? Really.
Two days after the witness gets out of the hospital, - he dies in a fire.
- Oh! Well perhaps he was unlucky maybe he saw nothing.
- Then why did someone kill him? - I don't know Pippa Just take it, all right, read it.
It was arson.
No, Pippa, you are obsessed.
Yeah! Someone might have killed a witness to my sister's murder.
What do you want me to do? Something.
Pippa, you are a north American.
You see a problem, you want to solve it.
I am Russian, I prefer wallowing in self-pity to being crushed by a corrupt and criminal justice system.
Or maybe you're just a self-absorbed asshole.
Never friends with the other dad? Gareth? Um I've never liked bosses.
What do you know about the breakup? Gareth It was his house, so when they split, he seemed to think the kid went with the house.
So maybe Jake did the kidnapping.
God, no.
Jake loves Keaton, and he still loves Gareth.
Do you know Gareth's new boyfriend? Everybody knows Naveed.
Meaning He gets around.
Ooh! Do you think Naveed could be behind this? I think he was out of town.
What do you think, Arkady? Little kid missing, this long, downtown Sure.
Balagan, you remember, uh, Sam Becht? Uh, me? I would love a game.
Really? Of 1,000 Euros.
Dollars? Ok-okay, uh, uh 100 bucks.
I'll give it to you as soon as I, um I-I don't know.
I'm a grad student, man.
Okay, man.
Get me the unofficial list of sex crime suspects from the police and then I'll play you.
How am I supposed to do that? Well, if I knew, I'd get it.
Wait, wait, Mr.
Balagan, someone gave me this for you.
A babe, actually, totally hot 'Kay Hi, Keaton! How you doing? I bought some candy.
They gave me too much.
Would you like some? Open the door.
Keaton, do you know me from across the street? My puppy! It's so little! He's lost! Did you see him? Vanya! Will you help me find him? I need the car.
Open the door.
I won't hurt you.
Grab your book.
Move! Now! Turn it off! Oh my God Excuse me, hi.
Do you have children? Me? How many? Six.
One granddaughter.
Oh! An expert.
Wait! Wait! Wait! One mo One moment.
What do you think would prompt a child to open a car door when he was told not to? Ah, the boy on the news? Children listen.
If you say "don't open door," they are good, they're responsible.
Maybe your kids No no, all kids.
In a parking lot downtown, it's scary.
They listen.
They lock the doors themselves.
Well, someone opened that door He had the key.
Who? I don't know who, but he had a key.
I'm starving.
Yeah, me too.
Look what I got.
That's our dinner? Yeah! Told you! Best dinner you ever saw? Haven't you ever heard of vegetables? Potato chips? What about fruit? Fruit I got fruit juice.
That's not fruit, that's beer! Never heard of Fruit beer? That's root beer! You know what else I got? Do you like disguises? Like Halloween? More like More like spies.
- It stinks.
- I know.
Don't move, I don't wanna get it in your eyes.
It burns.
It's gross.
We're gonna rinse it out in a second, and what are you gonna say if people ask who I am? My dad.
Ow! Ow Hey, bud, no need for tears.
You got some in my eyes! When am I gonna see my real dads? I told you, Keaton.
I explained the whole thing.
Hey, listen, when we're finished here, we are gonna do something so fun, you are not going to believe it.
What? This is crazy! It is.
Hey, spa-boy, what do you know about being a detective? - Nothing.
- So, you're just bleeding Danni's friend dry? So far, yes.
I'm guessing you have some intel.
Oh, yeah, you're gonna love this.
My pals at the pd tell me that the dads have been fighting over custody.
I know that.
Well, did you know that Jake Vascer threatened if he didn't get the kid 50-50, he'd take him for good.
Now, the other dad taped the threats and got a restraining order, but Jake kept breaking it.
When it comes to children, some people go crazy.
Exactly, and Jake Vascer has no way of substantiating where he was when the boy was abducted, so, basically, you're trying to help a kidnapper build an alibi.
I am relieved the police solved it so expeditiously.
Now perhaps they could focus on my fiancee's murder.
And perhaps you can focus on packing.
Ooh, "boing-boing-boing!" What's that sound? That's the sound of your last cheque bouncing all up and down pender street.
Your luggage has been brought up to your suite, as per Ms.
Stilwell's instructions.
Have a nice ride up.
Really? "Checkmate"? Jake, with extra food in your fish bowl You'll be arrested sooner than later.
Balagan I'm selling the caravaggio to Andrea Bocelli to pay your preposterous bill.
Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.
Sam, you are most useful Jacob Jake.
Sucker! Okay, just remember, all right Whoa! Right, I'm the gas and brake guy, you're the wheel guy, all right, buddy? Uh-huh.
Just keep it straight.
There you go.
Straight-straighter whoa! This is hard.
Yeah, but it's fun, right? Huh? Huh? What if I tickle ya! What if I tickle whoa-ho! Too right! There you go.
I want to stop.
Balagan, I'm - Gareth.
- Gareth.
Who has copies of your carkeys? If they send someone to the market and my car's there, they use it.
Anyone of them could have made a copy.
I know who took Keaton Jake.
- The cops are all over him.
- Then he must be innocent.
Look, the reason I came here is to beg you to talk some sense into him.
Do you really think Jake could have kidnapped Keaton? Yeah, when I handled things he quit his job in the restaurant.
He lost his lover, his home His child.
He's become unhinged ever since, and that is the truth.
How do you think Jake killed Keaton? You don't have children, do you? Look, I am praying that my son is fine, and this is just Jake trying to hurt me, so Please tell him he's succeeded.
Why do the police have Jake on a list of suspected sex offenders? Youth records are supposed to be sealed even from adoption agencies.
So, what happened? When he was 17, he was arrested for having sex with a younger boy who lied about his age, and the boy's family dropped the charges.
So he's not a sex offender, but that's why the police are wasting their time pursuing him.
There are no other suspects.
What about, uh.
Uh Your boyfriend Naive? - Naveed.
- Naveed Yeah, he was in Palm Springs when Keaton went missing.
He spoke to the police three times.
But not to me, and I asked for both of you to come here today.
Well, it's comming after work.
Balagan, you ever wonder why Jake didn't hire a real private eye? Someone who could actually leave the hotel? Save on travel expenses? I read about you.
I know you haven't been able to walk out the front door in four months.
Maybe he's trying to hide something, or someone, and if you really want to help find Keaton, maybe you'll stop playing games and set your sights on Jake.
I can walk out if I want.
Yeah, sure you can.
Ever wonder why Jake didn't get a real private eye? Please, my kid is out there.
Every minute that goes by Do you have anything, Arkady? Nothing? How can one guy think he's smarter than the entire police force? The hubris! What the hell does "hubris" mean? Why are you working on this and not Rosemary's murder? Such a hypocrite Hey, drunk guy, answer it! Go away! Naveed, please You play? The word "checkmate" is persian.
So am I, but I play different games.
Probably not solitaire.
Gareth just drives around all night looking for Keat.
I finally put him to bed with a fistful of Ativan.
Why don't you go out looking? He's not wandering the streets.
- Someone has him.
- Maybe Jake.
That's what Gareth thinks.
I was in Palm Springs when Keat went missing, but, you know, me and Keat, we're buds.
It's called a book.
It's a different cover.
This is the British edition? Ah You know, if you use your eyes, you don't have to touch everything.
Aren't you What's that called? Afraid to go outside? You're just stuck in here for months, going psycho? So, did you just come over here to remind me of your alibi and how close you are to "Keat"? Or did you just come here to get out my nerves? Answer the question.
Oh, I thought it was rhetorical.
This is about your girlfriend Put that down.
Put Hey, hey, hey Get out of my suite! I'm leaving, but I don't see how a pathetic washed-up Russian will solve anything.
You didn't answer my question.
Oh, right, right.
Okay, so, um, maybe it was a-a stranger? Someone walking by? The police have resources, let them investigate Stochasticity.
Okay, so, uh, probability, right, um Relatives, friends, colleagues.
Someone who hates one of the dads.
One of the dads? You're not thinking strategically.
- My knight? - No, the puzzle The puzzle about the little boy.
Okay, you mean like motivation? Yes! You kidnap a child for Money.
There's no ransom demand.
Okay, so that leaves revenge, murder sex or maybe he wasn't kidnapped, maybe he wandered off.
He lives downtown.
He's not going to wander off and get lost, and I doubt he's out hitchhiking to Mexico.
Someone took him.
I see you studied how I lost to Lowy.
I've been over every game you've lost since 2004.
Lucky for you there's not that many.
Maybe one more.
You know all my weaknesses.
I wish I knew more.
I love my weaknesses, too.
Know why? Distracts my opponents from my strengths.
It's done.
You have imagination, but you must always attack, and if you defend, defend by counterattacking.
You're going to help me find this boy.
Really? Uh sweet.
How? By finding out about Gareth's boyfriend, Naveed, and why he's so anxious to advertise his alibi.
All right Danni Hi.
Danni, this is my colleague, S St Sam, uh Samuel.
Um, Sam.
Hey, Sam.
Samuel Danni used to work at Gareth's restaurant.
She will find people for you to talk to, they'll do anything for Jake.
They were out all last night putting up posters for Keaton.
Sit down.
And on your way back, could you please, find me a Magnum of aspirin? - Right away.
- Thank you.
So, um, if I help, you'll play me another game? If you help.
Jake's a dream, but he was a waiter, so he knows how to be a human being.
Okay, so yeah, got it.
Can you tell me about Naveed? When he eats or drinks here, he's comped, but he doesn't tip.
What does that tell you? I've known him since he was with Frank Devine.
What a mess that was.
So you're a detective, Sam.
What's that like? Cool, yeah.
It-it's awesome.
Been doing it long? Yeah, so Did Naveed ever talk about Keaton? Naveed talks about Naveed.
Look, I get off at 2:00 A.
What are you doing at 2:00 A.
, Sam? Homework.
Wh-who's Frank Devine? Naveed's ex-sugar daddy.
My break's over.
Where can I find Frank? Boo! Gotcha! Hey You keep reading, you're gonna need glasses.
Is that true? Yeah, sure.
See? I got stuff to teach you.
Did you talk to my dads? When am I gonna see them again? Soon.
I got you some gear, some really cool stuff.
Can I call them? I don't got a cell.
I know their e-mail.
Dude, do you think I got a computer? You should get a smart phone.
Hey, listen, tonight, we can go camping.
What do you say? You ever sleep in a tent? I miss my bedroom.
Buddy, you've got to cheer up, okay? You and me, we're gonna have some crazy times, okay? What do you say? I want to see my dads.
Yeah, I know! We're going campin'! Just put this book away! And did Naveed live with him? Uh-huh.
Sam, one moment.
It's the hotel prick.
Hotel "dick.
" That's better? Could you refill my latte, please? Your friend, Jake Vascer, the innocent guy just got collared.
Yeah, an eyewitness saw him leading Keaton down an alley 'round the time he vanished.
And they just showed up now? In Russia, we say, "he lies like an eyewitness.
" - Well, this ain't Russia.
- What's the colour of my eyes? Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick Enh! So much for eyewitnesses.
Okay, so listen, we're planning your goodbye party for Saturday, oh, but sadly you'll be gone by then So, talk to the sugar daddy.
Find out what he knows about Naveed And then call me back.
So, what can you tell me about Naveed? Aw, Naveed was a nightmare, except for the sex.
Okay, um I didn't mind him using my money, snort my coca.
I didn't even mind him screwing my friends.
- So, what was the problem? - Jealousy, constantly.
Who was he jealous of? Anyone.
He was even jealous of Betty.
Who's Betty? And he was always leaving the window open, and the door to the balcony, and the fan on.
And one day, I came home, and she Had passed.
Sorry about That's He poisoned her.
I know he did.
Naveed is a killer.
It's him.
It has to be.
Parrots, kids, he gets the competition outta the way.
Maybe, or maybe we're missing something.
Like, what? I don't know, that's why it's missing.
W-why don't you think it's Naveed? He was in California.
So he got someone else to do it.
I thought you thought it was him.
You know how I got to be world champion? By having second thoughts, Sam.
Third thoughts, fourth thoughts Yeah, but the proof is the pattern, Mr.
It's elementary chaos theory.
Think about it, think about this Naveed hires someone to kill a kid because he's jealous? Go away.
You asked for me, Mr.
Balagan? Come in, come in.
You need something cleaned? Caviar in the carpet again? No.
Have a seat.
This is Sam Becht.
Alcina What is your last name? The boy who is missing.
Uh, Sam thinks his dad's boyfriend is behind it.
What do you think? I think it was the father, Jake Vascer.
Why? He was arrested, it was on the news.
I watch while I dust.
Well, if he was arrested, then why are we doing this? They hired me to find the kid.
-Have they found the kid? - Not yet.
It was Naveed.
It has to be.
No one likes the guy.
So? No one likes me.
Think about this, what are we missing? Who had the key? Maybe you were right this morning.
Maybe he ran away.
His dads were fighting, he wanted them to stop.
There's no sign of a struggle.
Uh he took his book with him.
He ran away.
He's eight years old.
Where would he go? What do we know about the birth family? Not much.
Mother's dead.
Father's unknown.
When you want to know about something in a family, ask the grandmother.
Go online, find the birth mother's obituary.
Yes, I'm calling about your grandson, Keaton.
Well, I'm not exactly with the police.
I'm What accent? Could you come into the city? Your car was stolen? When? Hello? Sam, Alcina, I need you to go for a little ride.
Balagan, I have a job.
A child is missing.
You, um, you like music? Of course.
I like the jazz.
Maybe there are cds? So why does Mr.
Balagan keep a rental car if he won't leave the hotel? His fiancee rented it before she was You're helping the dad they arrested? We're trying to find Keaton.
Please What have you got to lose? The police think that maybe Keaton is gone.
The police is sometimes wrong, very wrong.
Until they find Keaton, do not give up I haven't given up, they have! They wanted to talk to me, and then they arrested that dad, and They never came.
Balagan is one of the smartest men in the world.
Talk to him.
Louise's three other kids, they live with my other daughter now.
I just saw them Everyone it's so upset I mean, the poor little kid.
He loses his mom when he's born, and then he loses her again when she dies, and Well, now he's lost? I mean, I said to him after the funeral, I said Jake told me Keaton wasn't at the funeral.
Sure he was.
Everybody came back here after, and I gave him some ice cream, and I So, who brought him there? His other dad.
Um, What's his name, Gareth? And, uh, his new friend.
I thought he was a girl.
And who else was there? Oh, um, uh, Louise's other kids, my other daughter, her kids Who else? Um, uh, reverend Cathy.
- Meg, Floyd.
- And who are they? The neighbours.
They're as old as the hills.
They wouldn't hurt a fly.
So who else was there? Uh Louise's friends.
Such as? Oh, what's his name, um Merritt Singer? Just got out of jail.
How long was he in jail? Six, seven years? Eight? Arrested for smuggling weed over the border In a rowboat? Mensa! Could be the father.
Look at the eyes.
You were right, Mr.
It wasn't Naveed.
It was Merritt.
I guess we should call the cops.
Or maybe you were right.
It sucks, huh? Louise Yeah, she was an amazing piece of ass.
No, they'd bond over drugs.
I'm looking for some weed.
Can you help me out? Hey, I'm not a cop.
Someone told me you could hook me up.
I'm trying to get back in the game, but they impounded my rowboat, and I'm broke, and I don't even have a car.
He must've called to the boy.
Hey, Keaton! Come here.
I'm Merritt.
Your mom's friend.
Good friend.
Really good friend, or at least I was.
Take a good look at me, 'cause one day you're gonna be as handsome as this.
Keaton! Where are you, honey? I've got your ice cream! Over here, grandma! Coming! "I didn't even know I had a kid" Till a couple of weeks ago when Louise just sprung it on me.
No one asked me if I wanted to give him up.
Well, count your blessings, the kid's a spoiled brat.
His dads just compete over who can buy him more crap, and it's like every time that Gareth and I are going at it, he just walks in on us.
He does it on purpose.
The kid's jealous.
Isn't that weird? Of me.
Jealous of me, a kid.
I mean How twisted is that? Very.
Very Ah, so you do work.
Night and day.
Playoff picks? What do you want? I need you to call - some of your pals in the PD.
- Shouldn't you be packing? Tell them to find a man named Merritt Singer.
He may have kidnapped Keaton, who may be his biological son.
Now, Merritt may be driving Keaton's grandmother's car, possibly near Duncan.
There's the plates.
- That's an awful lot of maybes.
- These are uncertain times, Hugo.
Where we going? I don't wanna go.
I know an old cabin a couple of days in.
It's off the grid.
We can fish, we can hunt.
I wanna go home.
This is what dads and their sons do.
Yeah, you're not my dads.
Yes, I am.
Okay? I told you that.
Yes, I am! No! Yes! Run! I'm okay.
Wow Cool! I'll take that as a compliment.
Hey, that game? I earned it.
And dinner, tonight.
Good pour.
This is from Gareth, a little thank you.
It's a big thank you.
He won't be spending his money on Naveed anymore.
He was arrested.
I'll drink to that.
You found Keaton, Ark.
Thank you so much.
Now you won't get kicked out.
Buy me a few more weeks anyway, yes? Arkady! You-you got out of your jammies.
Pippa! Danni, this is Pippa.
Pippa, Danni.
This is, uh, Rosemary's sister.
Oh I've heard good things.
What, from him? Can I get you a drink? Uh no.
Have a drink.
No? No.
You've come back to get some more abuse? Yeah, but it's the last time, I promise, I just, uh, I stumbled upon something I think that even you will want to see.
Pippa, I'd really enjoy your visits if we could focus on food or drink, or ping-pong, or something like that.
Rosemary once told me, she, um She said to me that you like chess because it's so cerebral, you don't So, what nonsense do you have here today for me? Surveillance footage from a taxi parked across from the hotel.
How'd you get it? I have connections.
Well, I got you the list of sex suspects, didn't I? No, that was Sam? No! I got it from a friend who I got my sources, all right? Who's Sam? Doesn't matter.
You don't see Rosemary.
Oh! It's Jake and Keaton.
That's the kid who went missing.
The police found him, thank God.
Especially Arkady Balagan.
And all the volunteers who came out to help look for Keaton there was hundreds of you, thank you You have something to do with this? Of course he did.
I got lucky.
So, you'll You'll look at this? But later.
You're going to have a drink.
Danni, another glass.