Endgame s01e02 Episode Script

Turkish Hold'em

[] I'm folding like a cheap umbrella.
Who uses umbrellas? I do.
Gotta stop the pain some time.
$2,000? 2,000 too many.
I'm out.
I'm in.
Okay, Lilly, let's see what you're hiding.
You mean my beautiful pair? [Laughs] I love you guys.
I really thought you were bluffing.
I am an actor.
Lilly, we've seen your movies.
And I'd read your novels, but you're illiterate? I'm taking a break.
All right, all right, Blinds in.
Hello! Pippa Hey.
Champagne? Uh, it's 8:00 in the morning.
I've been up all night.
I'm in the middle of some games here, for money.
Okay, so, what's your news? I watched the tape of Rosemary's murder.
It's about time.
What do you think? Watch.
I've seen it.
No, look.
That's him.
That's the witness.
He dies two days later in a fire.
[Stammers] Someone was trying to shut him up? What did he see? No, Pippa, look again.
Look, he lights a cigarette, then gets in the car to drive off.
He never smoked it.
So he's not a witness, he's a spotter.
It's classic KGB.
The spotter knows the target, the killer doesn't.
They meet on the battlefield for the first time.
So he's signaling? Yes, the spotter, he waits in the car till I come out.
He lights a cigarette, that's the signal he thought I was in the car.
They were trying to kill you, not my sister? The Russians thought that Rosemary's friend was me.
I was the target.
Russians? Putin.
[Doubtfully]: Vladimir Putin trying to kill you? Really? Well, presumably not personally, but with him, you never know.
I gave a fortune to the pro-democracy movement.
It's payback.
You! Up against the wall! Okay, okay okay, just relax just relax against the wall! Hands in the air! Stay against the wall! Keep your hands in the air! [Gun fires] [Gasping in pain] Next one's yours.
[Cocks gun] No one leaves! You're security! Where were you? [All murmuring in shock] [Gunshot blasts, ricocheting] What the hell was that? What are you doing? I'm protecting you from Putin.
Pippa My game was robbed.
Gurjit, check the elevator cams.
Boss Someone reported gunshots.
Yeah, I know.
I'm looking for a male, skinny, black bag, bleeding.
What do you see? Buddhist monks, couple making out.
Got him.
He's in elevator three, pulling off a mask.
He's wearing a ball cap.
Um shut it down.
Alert the front desk.
He's got an override key.
Should I call the cops? No, no, uh, just have greenspoon waiting for him in case he gets out the main floor.
Uh, we have a situation.
Go back inside.
We heard shots.
Kids with firecrackers.
That explains your gun.
Where are you going? I'm a journalist a blogger.
A documentary filmmaker, and I'm curious.
Boss, he went out through storage.
Tell Wyman to go outside and cut him off at the west doors.
Look, Hugo, blood! Why are you here? I thought you were a paranoid schizo-nut or something.
Your intruder is long gone.
So, this guy has a key to every door? He works here, Hugo, or did would you shut up? [Distant voices of security team] [Sound of traffic outside, echoes and fades] Oh, now you show up! Where the hell were you [Heartbeat pounding, ears ringing] [Echo of spraying bullets] [Screaming] [Breathing hard, heartbeat thudding] [] [Crowd cheering] [] Um, so, what happened? What did this guy do? Nothing.
He robbed the poker game.
The hotel doesn't want another shooting, and if it gets out, Hugo's game will be ruined.
I make more in one night running that game than I do working a week in this dump.
And if the police recover the money, it is forfeited because it is part of an illegal activity.
So you have to find it yourself, right? I can help.
Hey, you got lucky on one case, chessboy.
I don't need your help.
Right, you're a former homicide detective, why would you need help? But if I find the money, I get 10%.
Oh, I'm gonna pay you 10%? No, I'll keep 10%.
But what do you care? You'll find the money.
[Elevator dings] You'd better believe it.
It's just insurance in case you don't find it which you will but if you had fire insurance and you only had to pay if you had a fire, you'd agree.
I don't even know what you're yapping about.
My 20%.
20? I thought you said it was 10.
It was, but you were too slow.
Fine, whatever.
How much was stolen? A hundred grand.
You overpaid.
[Elevator dings] I'd have taken half.
Have a nice day! Okay, so, how did you know there was a card game? It's been going on for 40 years.
Danni told me.
The bartender.
This place is worse than a Ukrainian quilting bee.
[] Separated, laundered, cold water excuse me.
Hung, not dried, pressed, and no scents.
Balagan, there are plastic laundry bags in your suite.
I'm trying to save the environment.
About your overdue account I am working on something, and will soon have more than enough to settle my account.
Does this something have to do with Hugo? His chances are next to nothing, and mine are next to his, so Well, I've managed to keep it from the media, but those poker players have big mouths, and this could get out.
If you can get them their money, I'll wipe out your debt.
And the next two months free? Two weeks.
Agreed, if Hugo helps me.
Better the monkey in your pocket than the one underfoot, right? And free meals for two weeks.
But the bar tab's yours.
Balagan! I got your text.
I'm dying for a game.
Aren't there showers where you live? No, a sink.
But you said come right away.
I was at ultimate practice yes, I have a problem.
I think you can help.
Chess? Unfortunately not.
Let's see what Hugo's up to.
Standing around, I guess the crime is solved, yeah? I guess not.
What did the police say? We got lucky.
The cops are busy with a triple shooting in Gastown.
So, for now, this one goes under the radar.
What have you ascertained? Think I'm going to share my intel? No, your boss, Barbara, does.
Call her if you like.
Okay, well two heads are better than one, right? We're tracking the intruder's path.
So show me.
Show him.
Main floor hallway, elevator three Going up.
And Four minutes later, descending.
Okay, freeze right there.
That's the best we have.
And what about going out the door in the basement? Nice shot of the back of his hat.
So, he knows where all the cameras are.
He had keys, but he is not an employee? Nope.
Well, he was, or he has an insider.
Do you have any tape of him entering the hotel? Yeah, we have cameras at each entrance.
Lobby, staff, and parking.
Went through six hours before the robbery, this guy is not on any of the tapes.
Show me the best five minutes.
The crazier the better.
Hours and hours of people coming and going and you want to see five minutes of fun? Yes, and get me your old employee files.
[Horn honks twice] See you tomorrow! Hi, papa.
[Pleading in turkish] [Continues, threateningly, cocks gun] Here you go.
B [Kicks chair] Wake up.
Good morning.
Not so far.
Okay, the highlight reel.
Buddhist monks What else? Homeless dude There, right there.
The robber.
No way.
It's him.
I don't see it.
Sam? Doesn't look like the same guy.
Sometimes a pawn becomes a queen.
Where is he? Who said anything about a he? Good morning.
Lovely day.
Mm, nice perfume.
I really had to go.
Evidence for Hugo.
[] Where's Hugo? On his way.
Gurjit The KGB spotter who was outside the hotel the night my fiancee was murdered, what can "KGB spotter"? You were on duty that night at the door.
Can you explain to me why you let him sit there for hours? You mean the musician? He wanted to give his cd to a Hollywood music producer who was staying here.
Who? DJ A.
Can you maybe check the hotel records and find a contact? Because I need to talk to this Mr.
I can't do that.
You can't do that? You sure? It's okay, Hugo can.
Okay, there's no DJ.
The guy was driving for a hooker.
He slipped me a 50, so I let him park.
I give the doorman half.
And this hooker, does she have a name? Don't know it.
Believe me, I tried.
Vietnamese, gorgeous.
She won't talk to me.
Kinda stuck up.
Okay, Gurjit, showtime.
Let's go, move it.
You all know our illustrious guest, Mr.
Balagan, the man who wouldn't depart.
Now, do we recognize this guy? No, sorry.
All right.
It's not a crime to put a criminal in jail.
Do you want to tell Alcina? How you know I know? You're not breathing.
I think he was with security, maybe Three years before.
Joe? Joe Gazlan.
Hugo? Before my time.
He was aggressive with the girls.
Not nice.
He had beard.
Handsome Yeah, here he is.
He quit.
He was being investigated for theft.
Thank you, Zofia.
And you, you're my good luck charm.
I need your help on this.
I have a job, Mr.
Then come by after your shift, and catch up.
No time.
I have six children and no husband.
Alcina, you don't need a chat.
You need vodka.
Ah, Sam! Hey Finally.
How was your class? Actually, it was really I need you to find this man, Joe gazlan.
I've got a poker player to meet, and then we'll play some chess.
I've been playing poker in this hotel since '64.
In those days, we had real stars.
Don Rickles, Michael Landon, Shari Lewis Not like this, uh, Lilly what's-her-mouth.
You must be Jewish, Mr.
It's bala gan.
One quarter.
My mother's mother.
Ah, but that's the right quarter let's get back to the poker game.
What did you see? You have to remind me I just had 20 grand stolen? I'll tell you what I saw that schmuck burst into the room when Hugo was in the can with his pants down.
How was that coordinated, eh? That actress, Lilly, she put her hand in her purse the moment Hugo ran into the can.
She sent a signal.
One of them, uh, texts.
She's rich.
Why would she steal? [Sniffs] [] So that actress in 702, Lilly Palmara, she is doing coke, and She's getting it from the Argentinean waiter.
Nicco? Yeah, but he thinks that he is going to L.
To party with her, so he's giving it to her for free.
You were at the poker game that night.
Did you see anything? Anyone signal when Hugo stepped out? Some kind of inside man? Mm.
Not that I saw.
Okay, thanks.
Oh, um I'm wondering, is there any way that you can magically make my bar tab turn into, uh, food? Here's your salad.
Thank you.
Oh, there's one more thing, Danni.
I need a call girl.
[Quietly]: No, you don't.
[Chuckles coyly] Well, unfortunately, I do.
She was working here the day my fiancee was murdered.
Vietnamese I know her.
You think you could hire her to talk to me? She'll do it for free.
We're colleagues in the "hospitality and tourism industry.
" Are you looking for ah, here's my date! Danni, can we have another vodka? Mr.
Balagan Hello, Danni.
I will get in trouble for drinking with a guest.
No, Danni here is very discreet.
Have a seat.
So first we drink it all, and then you have a pickle, but first a toast, to my Alcina.
[Sniffing dubiously] Alcina! I don't know what smells worse, the vodka or the pickles.
Balagan, it's no good you living like this, drinking too much, afraid to go outside.
You need to return to life instead of distracting yourself with solving cases.
Puzzles is what I do, it's all I can do.
My husband was murdered, too.
How? It was Guatemala.
So how did you return to life? My children.
Well, that's my problem.
I have no one to take care of, so you have yourself, and believe me, you are a child.
So, this is amazing.
The only Joe Gazlan in the area is 92.
He used to be a cabbie, but, um He's been letting this guy use his ID and pretend to be him so you are looking for an illegal immigrant.
You know about this? Have you ever been outside of university? Yeah, high school.
So anyhow, this guy was supposed to pay the real Joe Gazlan $100 a month for life, but then two years ago, he stopped.
It disappeared.
So, what was his real name? Gazlan forgot, he's ancient.
Oh, surprise! So, you come here with nothing, and you expect a game? See, this is why we need you, Alcina oh, Mr.
Balagan Sam and I cannot do this alone.
I need you to talk to the Polish maid, and tell her, this time, I want the whole story.
I'll do that, but nothing else.
Ah, my next poker player.
Virtually all my novels have a crime at the core, so I have quite some mastery of the subject.
Someone was in on it.
We were set up.
Who? When the secitity bloke went to the bathroom, the old guy touched his hearing aid.
Thus sending a signal? So, you're on a book tour? From rainy coast to rainy coast.
You kn m my friend, Salman Rushdie ah, yes, we play chess.
I'll try to get a word in [Laughs] I beat him all the time.
I played chess competitively at Oxford.
But it began to feel as if I was hiding away from human affairs.
Well, some people boldly go into the world to create art, to play sports, to do science, even warfare.
But if you want to do all four, you [together]: Play chess.
[] Morning, Mr.
Wall street journal? New York times? Globe and Mail? So you don't like North America, Mr.
Balagan, how about South America? Just these.
Charge them to my suite.
Looks like you got a stalker.
Ah, you spoke to Alcina.
Co pani ma mnie do powiedzenia? [Chuckles] You speak Polish like a Russian.
I was friends with Joe.
You went to his place? Never, but once I went to his cousin's.
His cousin? I don't remember his name, but he lives in that public housing on grandview.
Any other details? He was married.
He had children.
He was Turkish, and he was nice.
Thank you, Zofia.
[Dialing cell phone] Sam! Yes, it is morning.
I need you to go on a little field trip.
[Shutter clicks] [Shutter clicking] [Knocks timidly] Hi.
Is, uh, is your father home? No.
Your mother? Yeah.
Mom! [Shutter clicking] [Alarmed] Who are you? What you doing here? I'm sorry.
He let me in.
I-I knocked.
Um I'm looking for this man.
I don't know him.
He's your husband's cousin? No.
[Kids giggling] Okay, well I think you should look again because I think you do know who he is.
He's your husband's cousin.
He used to work at the hotel, the Huxley? Oh, Yashar.
I-I see, yes.
Yes, Yashar.
Where is Yashar? It's very urgent.
My husband, Suleyman, is at work.
Ask him.
He will be home later.
Um, uh Yashar's last name? Suleyman, he knows.
Do you have any idea what hospital Yashar's at you must go! Does your husband have a cell go! Go! O-okay, I'll go, just, um, please, if you can get Suleyman call Sam? It's urgent.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Go! Thank you.
[Elevator dings] Chi Tang? Yeah.
Oh, you must be Mr.
Are you playing poker right now? I'm testing a beta app.
I play online 70 hours a week.
Strictly by game theory.
I play chess online.
Do you mind me asking How much? About 300 k last year.
It's tax-free.
You know, it was my first time playing in a room with real people.
Too distracting.
That Lilly, she's so hot.
Did you see her in Extreme Death III? No.
Did you notice anything else? Yeah, yeah.
When I got to the hotel, a car passed with two guys.
I realized later that the driver was that lawyer.
Who was the other man? Is this him? After the game, Jeff took a cab home.
I know 'cause I copped a ride with him.
So who drove his car home? - Are you spying? - Me? No.
She's here, looking for you.
The Vietnamese chick, I'll show you.
See if you can get me her number, huh? Hello.
Arkady Balagan.
Thank you for coming.
Thank Danni.
I need to know what you remember about the day my fiancee died.
Of course.
My driver was injured.
I heard the gunshots.
Tell me about him, your driver.
He didn't say much, he didn't bother me for tips.
He only drove me a week, and then he died in that fire.
Before you, he drove other women? No, he was new.
Was he Russian? He didn't sound Russian.
Did he drink? Did you-did you ever see him do drugs? Did he smell of cigarettes? No, he didn't smoke.
He smoked the day Rosemary was murdered.
It was a signal.
Who was your client? They just give first names, and they're usually fake, so You did not have a client.
You sat in the hotel.
No one came.
My friends who work here say that you splurge on room service.
It's your way to pay back the hotel, but that day, the only thing you ordered was "eat, pray, love.
" Now, what man in your company would My date didn't show up.
What did your bosses tell you? Never to talk to anyone about it.
But you're talking to me.
They're cruel men.
I want to get out of my situation.
Help me and I'll help you.
What are we talking about? 25,000.
Then I can disappear.
I can tell you very interesting things about the driver, my bosses, but money first.
I'll have the money tomorrow, but I expect the information to be worth it, please Okay, that novelist, he sat so he could face the door.
The old guy was tense.
Chi, our supposed math genius, mind elsewhere.
Lilly was flirting, distracting everyone so, what are you saying, everyone was in on it? Everyone but you? Mr.
Balagan, I do criminal law.
I'm helping you to frame the question.
By framing everyone but yourself.
Why would a chess player investigate a robbery? The finder's fee.
Or do you miss the thrill of victory? Is that clouding your judgment at all? [Knock on door] Emotions never enter into my play.
Yes! Mr.
I spoke to Sam Besht.
My name is Suleyman Sevda.
Sevda, please, come in.
Harlington is just departing.
You drove to the hotel for the poker game, but you came home in a cab.
Why? After the robbery, my nerves were frayed.
I had a little too much to drink, so I left my car.
Why? Well, was there anyone else in the car with you when you arrived? My son.
I gave him a ride downtown.
I was assured that we'd be getting all of our money back.
If this is your approach, I'll be suing the hotel.
Well, make it a class action, and I'll join.
You order room service, you have to wait an hour, sometimes for the wrong food.
Please, come in.
I wasn't expecting you.
Can I get you anything? Make some tea? No.
No, thank you some food? Would you like no? [Chuckling] No, no, no.
Please have a seat.
Oh, sorry for my clothes, I it's fine, fine I just come from work.
So, Sam tells me you have many children.
Oh, yes.
Five children.
Ages seven to 12.
Three boys and two girls.
[Chuckling fondly] In school, they learn English and the French.
Turkish at home.
You are a lucky man.
So, what can you tell me about Yashar? [Stammering] Distant cousin.
He calls when he wants a favour, but otherwise, nothing.
So, when was the last time he called? I call him maybe half a year ago.
But his phone is disconnected.
Then I hear he got a girl pregnant and then leave, to Turkey.
Who might still be in touch with him? Friends? Girlfriends? His name? What's his like mine.
Sevda And you're sure he wasn't in your apartment the other day? [Laughs awkwardly] No.
I see.
Well, I appreciate your help.
I am curious why you came.
I-I call- called Sam.
He-he said it was very important.
So? And I wanted to meet famous Chess player, and maybe get autograph? You play! Amateur.
There you are.
Please call me if you have anything.
Thank you.
Balagan, what did my cousin Yashar do? Is he in trouble? No, you didn't ask me that, Suleyman.
Balagan, Sam says Yashar is in the hospital.
Why? You didn't ask that either.
You came to find out what I know [Pounding on door echoes] Suleyman, help me.
How? You need to go to hospital.
I know a doctor who will fix me.
Drive me, please.
I told you, I don't want any trouble, okay? The doctor will fix me up.
For 10,000, he won't report it to the cops.
I'll keep the rest and you'll never find me.
[Pounding on door] Suleyman, help me.
How? You need to go to hospital.
[Groaning] [Gasps and moans] Why get rid of the body? I could just call police and say, "my cousin was shot by jealous husband.
Before I could persuade him to go to hospital, he died.
" But they would ask you about the money.
What money? [Pounding on door] Suleyman, help me.
How? You need to go to the hospital.
No! Find a doctor who will fix me.
I don't know any doctor.
For the sake of your children.
[Knife stabs, Yashar groans] [Telephone rings] Hello? Ah, Ms.
Lilly Palmara, finally returning my call.
When that security idiot jumped the robber, I tried to get up, but that little perv held me back.
Which little perv? There are so many.
Chi? Yeah.
What were you going to do? Muay thai.
That thief would've left that room on a gurney or in a box.
Well, maybe Chi just didn't want you to get hurt.
I was up 40,000.
That hurt.
Do you have to pay the hotel extra for the elliptical? No, it's mine.
I travel with it.
The hotel comped me the spa, though, 'cause of the robbery.
Do they also comp you your cocaine? I want that poker money back.
I need it.
I'm saving for when my tits sag.
[] Okay, so Y-Yashar went to see him the kid had his mask, Yashar might have died, but Suleyman killing him? I don't see it.
I don't He didn't sound like a murderer on the phone.
So Suleyman waited until he died, or maybe he didn't have to.
Either way, it works.
It just doesn't sound right to me.
Alcina? I agree with Sammy.
[Scolding in spanish] [Tsking] Yashar came to Suleyman, not the other way around, but why wouldn't Suleyman call an ambulance? Yeah, Suleyman is a family guy.
I saw the 55 pictures of the children on the turkish carpet.
He made a big deal of showing them, and why? Because he's proving that he is a family guy and not someone who would let his cousin bleed to death because that is what he did.
What? What carpet? In the apartment.
The children were on a Milas carpet.
Red and yellow.
No carpet in the apartment.
He killed Yashar, he wrapped him in the carpet, he drove to the dump, he dumped the body, he ditched Yashar's car.
The dump is too obvious.
Suleyman is a garbage man.
Yes, but no one's going to wonder what he's doing at the dump, and where else is he going to go and dump a body? And where else are we going to go look for one? As they used to say in the Kremlin, "a bad plan is better than no plan at all.
" So How do you look for a body in a dump? [Gulls and crows shrieking] Oh, God, the smell Yeah, believe me, this dog smells worse.
Come on, Rudy, we been here for an hour, and we ain't getting paid by the hour.
Find me something! Come on.
[Machinery roaring] [Birds calling noisily] Come on, Rudy, we need a carpet, not a trunk.
No It may not be your body, but it's somebody! It's locked.
We should go find the carpet somewhere else.
Here, here.
I'll show you a trick my grandma taught me.
Okay, let's see what we got.
[Flies buzzing, dog whimpers] We are close to solving the robbery.
Terrific Are you cold? No, hot.
[Wheels clattering] I don't have all day.
Are you crazy? Bringing a body through the hotel? Tampering with evidence? We're stopping a crime.
Someone hid a body, and we found it, and he shot himself accidentally unless you shot him.
If his cousin finished him off, we're in deep for moving a murder victim! It's no murder.
I thought you said it was murder either way, this is disrespecting a dead soul.
[Hisses impatiently] We are using the body as leverage on Suleyman to get the stolen money, right, Hugo? And we'll make things respectable later.
Alcina, please.
Sam [Sam sighs heavily] [Insistently]: Sam.
Okay Just the wound from his own gun.
He killed himself.
[Tape peeling] Wait He did see a doctor.
His cousin was very nice.
Then I hear he got a girl pregnant and ran away to Turkey.
He helped you, didn't he? She had an abortion.
Who? The maid, Zofia.
Three years ago, Yashar got her pregnant and took her to a doctor.
Zofia volunteered it, so did the doctor.
What doctor? Suleyman, help me.
I will take you to a hospital.
Remove the bullet.
I'm not a doctor in this country.
I have no equipment.
If you can do an abortion, you can do this.
Operate! I have nothing for sedation.
Do it! Sam, Suleyman's number.
Suleyman It's Arkady Balagan.
I'd love for you to come to the Huxley to play some chess.
I I have to go to work.
We found Yashar, in a trunk.
The trunk was in the dump, where you work Doctor.
Now, what have you got to say for your little selves? She reached into her purse the moment he went into the can.
He was touching his hearing aid.
He was nervous.
She was flirting with everybody, and he insisted he face the door.
He held me down, otherwise that robber would be meat.
He was driving with the thief! Shh! People crave a conspiracy for the same reason they crave a God.
[Knock on door] They want big answers to their little problems, but the truth is, it took just one man to take all your money.
[Persistent knocking on door] Grandmaster the door? It might be Suleyman.
You want to talk to him.
Sir, should I get the door? Stay there.
Stay there Who is it? Suleyman Sevda.
Ah Mr.
Sevda, please.
My wife is at work.
The children will play in the hall.
No! Come in, come in.
Children, there's my bedroom.
Uh, there are chessboards.
Or my bed do whatever it is that you do.
Children Behave yourselves.
Sen patronsun, hmm? Zofia You are Saint.
[Sniffling] Thank you.
[Fondly] The Polish So it is true that you helped Zofia? I met her when she first came to this country.
No health care yet.
I was three-minute blitz champion in medical school.
Then have a seat.
I know you operated on Yashar.
He wouldn't let me use anything for sedation.
He was afraid I would call police if he was unconscious.
What did he tell you? He was shot by jealous boyfriend, he didn't want to go to hospital, boyfriend was still chasing him.
Did you want to know the truth? The truth is, the bullet severed his hepatic artery.
He needed blood.
After finishing his epidural stitches, he had an acute myocardial infarction.
Did he fear sedation because he thought you would steal the money? What money? The money he stole that you will return, or I call the police.
In Turkey, I was like this bishop, helping people.
Here, I am like pawn.
Someone who takes out your garbage.
A pawn cost me the world championship.
I respect pawns.
If I had money, I could go to school here and become doctor.
Who would be harmed? Those that yashar stole from.
They are rich, the money was for entertainment.
So they lost it in an interesting way? All the more entertaining.
They didn't find it entertaining Mr.
Balagan, do you play games of cards? Dice? No, of course not.
Only chess has level playing field.
That's all I ask for.
That and $100,000.
I need the money, too, to solve my fiancee's murder.
So your dead fiancee is more important than my living children? Hmm? You saw.
A catholic called a Muslim a Saint because doctors can perform miracles.
Return the money, today, or I give Yashar's body to the police.
You win.
Children, come on! Go.
What happened to the Milas carpet in those photos? We sold it so Savas could begin violin lessons.
You'll have your money tonight.
[Clicks timer button] [Pieces clatter] [Sighs heavily] [Dialing cell phone] This is Suleyman Sevda residence.
Please leave a message.
[Beep] Suleyman It was unfair of you to appeal to my higher nature.
I don't accept your forfeit.
You win.
You can keep the money.
Be a damn doctor.
[Incoming call beeps] What? Hi.
I'll be there at midnight.
Do you have the cash from the doctor yet? We have to tell this escort We may have to tell her I have no money.
What? You said that you were going to get the money.
I gave it away.
Arkady It's just money.
I'll make other money.
I'll get more puzzles.
Pippa, it's okay.
[Brusque knocking at door] Go away! Hugo Lum.
He's not here! Open the door or I'll use my key card.
Pippa I'll see you tonight.
Maybe this call girl will still tell us what she knows even without the money.
What's going on? I heard the Turk was here.
Where's the money? Suleyman isn't a doctor.
Yashar found a doctor who came and operated in exchange for the money.
The The doctor took it all.
The-there's no money, Hugo.
There's no money.
It's gone.
You liar! You double-crossed me.
[Laughing] I'll call the police.
Good! I'll tell 'em you stole $100,000.
Well, technically, my share was 15,000, so I only stole 85.
[Roars angrily] Gurjit, get the car! This is Suleyman Sevda residence.
Please leave a message.
The head of security, he's coming after you.
[Sighing in relief] [Breathing hard] No way I'm giving you 15%.
I found it.
And gave it away.
You have that money because of me.
Actually, genius, I have that money in spite of you.
Okay, compromise I take no cut, but I give them back their money.
Or do you prefer I compose a letter to head office about your gun, which is illegal to have on hotel property.
[Sighs testily] Okay.
What is it you want to do? [Door opens] [] Ah, welcome! Come in, come in.
It's wonderful to see you all.
As a souvenir for your little adventure, I've put autographed copies of my photograph on the table, made out to each of you personally.
It's no trouble at all.
What a narcissist It's great.
I needed a bookmark.
This one's for you, Jeff.
Yours is here, Ralph.
The thief died of his wound, and I recovered all the money.
Now, the rules of poker say that a disrupted game is reset, so we're going to divide the money equally.
Sounds fair to me.
You are kidding.
You're giving the rat back his money? Ridiculous.
There were two thieves.
You know who the accomplice was.
I told you.
So did I.
So you want to withhold the collaborator's money? Yeah.
The putz should be punished.
All right.
Well, um, I have a solution, but you can't keep the rat's share.
I will I will give it to medical charity.
Yeah, as long as the thief doesn't get it.
Then we'll flush this rat out, yes? [All murmuring in agreement] So we'll do it Russian style! Everyone please have a seat where you are.
Hugo, please place two piles of 10,000 in front of each player? Now, for this to work, we have to blindfold you.
Danni? Sam? Whoa what? It's okay.
Justice is blind, right? [Lilly chuckles] Mr.
Harlington, you trusted me with your insights, now trust me with mine.
Well, this is absurd.
I like being blindfolded.
I'm game.
Sounds cool.
So do I.
Okay So it's simple.
You pass 10,000 to your neighbour on the right, but if that person is the rat, you slide it to the centre.
You all blindfolded? Good.
So, on three, you slide to the centre, or to the right.
Thank you, Hugo.
One, two Three.
Now we'll do the same thing with the person on the left.
If that person is the rat, to the centre, otherwise, pass the money.
One, two, three.
Can we take off the blindfolds? Please.
You're the thief.
I know it! You have meted out justice! [All arguing with each other] You sold me out? That is my money! On behalf of the medical charity [all arguing] [] Thank you.
Thank you [Slap] It's you I have to thank.
Danni! Call down, order a feast.
The best caviar, courtesy of the Huxley.
[Cork pops] There we go.
Whoo! She's two hours late.
She said she'd be here.
Still no answer.
None of the bellboys have seen that call girl all night.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I don't know, maybe she changed her mind.
Or maybe someone changed it for her.
Pippa, what am I doing here? These people are killers.
So, what, you can, uh, you can solve other people's problems, but not your own? How can I solve anybody's problems when I can't even Go out the door? We can do this together.
I lost Rosemary, Pippa.
I can't lose you.