Endlings (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

The End is the Beginning (Part 1)

ABIONA: I know, I know.
I miss him too.
This is Lufutuko.
- Tuko for short.
Her name is Chitogna for "the one who survives.
" Which is exactly what she does.
We found her 30 years ago, standing by her family who had been illegally poached for the ivory in their tusks.
Since then, she's lived here at our conservation facility.
With one other elephant.
We've tracked their whereabouts with these monitoring collars.
Sadly, yesterday, one of the collars stopped reporting.
Losing Tumaini means that Tuko is now the last African elephant in existence.
She's the last survivor of her species.
We said this day would come 20 years ago.
But the world did not listen.
I tried it, I couldn't fight it Now I just want to get back to me Aw, baby - Over to you, Betty.
- Hoo hoo [DEVICE BEEPS.]
Johnny What did I tell you about playing music in the barn? Um Play it loud enough so you can hear it in the house? - Exactly.
Now, come on, hurry along with your chores.
We've only got Sorry.
Old habit.
We've only got a few hours until our new guest arrives, huh? So, uh, get at it.
What's she like, Mr.
Leopold? Well, she's had She's had a rough go of it.
She should fit in here just fine.
- What's that, Betty? Second verse? Okay, but this time I need a bit more heifer swagger.
Back into the man I used to be I tried it, I couldn't fight it Now I just want to get back to me Aw, baby, hoo hoo hoo Back into the man I used to be Things that I said I wouldn't do [MOTHER SHIP CRACKLING.]
You know, Julia, you should really be thankful.
Should I? Mr.
Leopold's the last home that's willing to take you.
Lucky me.
Running away from six foster homes in two years.
That's gotta be some kind of record.
I told you I was remarkable.
Well, let's hope this one keeps or your next home might be juvie.
OFFICER LOPEZ: How many kids is Leopold up to now? OFFICER MITRA: She'll make four.
Dad! Dad, I got one! Hoo! That's my girl! Whoa, whoa, big breath, Jules, big breath.
- Here, let your line out.
- Dad, I've got it.
And why would I want to let my line out? Don't I want to bring the fish in? That's a big fish, honey.
You're gonna want to tire it out first.
Otherwise it might snap your line and escape.
This fish is not going to escape from me.
Sometimes it's okay to take advice from other people, sweetheart.
You know what? We're gonna try it again.
This time you can use my lucky lure.
- That's lucky? - My dad thought so.
And his dad before him.
And now you.
You know what? Maybe we should just pack up.
It's getting late.
Are you sure you were giving me advice? Or were you trying to make sure I didn't catch a bigger fish than you? [LAUGHING.]
Bigger fish.
Let's go home.
- Dad? Dad?! Dad?! Help me! Somebody help me, please! OFFICER LOPEZ: You want anything? No, I'm fine.
You sure? Yes, I've got everything I need right here.
Thank you, officer.
OFFICER LOPEZ: Julia! Sorry.
OFFICER LOPEZ: Come on, Julia! You know this doesn't end well! [CRAFT WARBLING.]
There you are! I was wondering where you'd gotten to.
Come on.
Now! How far did you think you could get? JULIA: Just thought you two could use a bit of a workout.
With an attitude like that, no wonder no one wants her.
Come on, let's go.
Increased heart rate? What's wrong, Tuko? [BELLOWS, TRUMPETS.]
Tuko! Tuko, are you all right? [ALIEN CHITTERING.]
Who are you? What are you? - [TRUMPETING.]
- What are you doing to her? Tuko! Wait! Please, give her back! She's the last of her kind.
I said give her back! - [FORCE FIELD WARBLING.]
What's happening? [CRAFT CRACKLING.]
TABBY: Pilot to ground control, we're go for landing.
Ground control to pilot We love you.
Thank you, ground control.
Over and outie.
JOHNNY: Tabby, you've got to get changed.
And put the drone away in the barn.
His name is Mr.
And I am changed.
This just sprayed 40 acres in less than an hour.
Do you know what that means? That I just set a brand spanking new all-time record! Hip hip, hur-me! Just try to be nice to her, okay? I'm always Mostly trying to be nice - ish.
- For me? Fine.
I'll try.
Where's Finn? Sorry, was I supposed to break a record and baby-sit, too? - Nice? - I think he's getting a shower.
Still? Oh, and, uh, congrats on the new record.
Thanks, big brother man.
All right, ground control.
Time for Mr.
Spittles to go night-night.
Copy, pilot.
You're amazing.
HEWES: What is it? TECH: Satellites have picked up a radar anomaly.
HEWES: An anomaly? When? TECH: Our first ping was at 15:30, Eastern Standard.
HEWES: And you're just letting me know about this right now? Where? TECH: Triangulated at 33 degrees north, 104 degrees west.
It's like nothing we've ever seen before.
Are you seriously suggesting we've got ourselves a UFO? We'll take it from here.
Finn! Finn, how long have you been in here? We don't have time, buddy.
Fine, but just for a minute.
Do you like the way it looks or sounds? Sounds? Me too.
Ah! Finn! [CHUCKLES.]
But nice move.
Listen, buddy, our new friend is gonna be here soon.
Do you think you can get ready? [CHUCKLES.]
Nice job, Finny.
Do you want to help me? [JOHNNY GRUNTS.]
Teeth and eyes, people! She's here! How do I, uh how do I look? - HEWES: How do we look? - Still tracking at 33.
93 by 104.
Show me.
We need visual confirmation.
Find out what assets we have out there.
Come on.
Stay this time.
- We've lost the signal.
- I can see that.
Get it back! [GAS HISSING.]
How long do we have to keep this up for? My face is hurting.
Just until she gets out of the car.
Leopold, kids Johnny - Meet Julia.
- LEOPOLD: Hello, Julia.
I'm Mr.
Or Tabby for short.
Uh, that's Finn.
He doesn't say much.
Can I change my answer? Just Tabby.
I don't like Tabitha.
Um, do you wanna go see your new room? It used to be my room.
But now I get to share.
It's gone.
Triangulate its last known position and send it to me.
TECH: Where are you going? There.
So, this is my our boudoir.
As you can see, I've cleared this corner of my desk for your office supplies.
You're welcome.
Oh, and I kindly ask that you not touch anything of mine.
Thought the limited edition Astronaut bedspread would have been a dead giveaway.
You're over there.
Do you mind if I just unpack for a bit? Yeah, sure.
- Alone? - Yeah, of course.
- Come on, get out.
- But it's my room! Get out! I can see you.
I can still see you.
That you? Nice drawing.
That me? To keep? Thanks.