Endlings (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

The End is the Beginning (Part 2)

1 LEOPOLD: Guess that makes us lucky number seven.
Short but it was sweet.
Thanks for the good times, Leo.
When I was your age, you know what my problem was? No, but I'm sure you're gonna tell me.
My problem was I thought I shouldn't have any.
Problems are what make us grow, Julia.
They make us become more.
Problems don't happen to ya, they-they happen for ya.
You sound like a bad therapist.
I supposed I do, don't I? Well, all right.
Just one more line, then.
One day you're gonna get tired of running away from your problems.
And all I all I really want you to know is that when you do, we'll be here waiting for you.
Yeah, well, thanks, but I'm not the best at taking people's advice.
Ah, you're smart.
You'll figure out that sometimes it's okay to take advice from other people.
She's coming back! Oh, all right, let's not look like we expect it, okay? Everybody just act normally.
Especially you.
Who needs some bread? There we are.
- TABBY: Thanks, Johnny.
- JOHNNY: Mm-hmm.
Julia, would you mind grabbing some juice from the fridge, please? [WHISPERING.]
I can't believe she came back.
She's not sitting in my chair.
Thank you.
I'm not sure that I'm staying.
I just got a bit hungry, so LEOPOLD: Oh.
I understand.
Let me see if I can help you with that.
Here we are.
So, what kind of farm is this, anyway? You don't have any strange animals here, do you? Strange? Oh! That thing in the barn with four legs.
- Yeah, that's a cow.
- LEOPOLD: Tabby! It's a crop farm, Julia.
Mostly corn, some timber.
But 2,000 acres, a bit of that lent out to neighbouring farms.
Which basically means we're out in the middle of nowhere.
Well, sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere.
And sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.
Does he always sound like this? - TABBY AND JOHNNY: Yeah.
All right, maybe I have read too many self-help books.
Do you wanna help us close up the barn tonight? I don't do farm work.
Everyone who lives here helps each other out.
Even if it's just for a little while.
I understand.
- You are going to love Betty.
- That's the cow.
Look, it's getting late.
Let's dig in, everybody, come on.
Who needs juice? - TABBY: Oh, me.
- JULIA: Me, please.
You ever rode a hoverboard before? JULIA: No.
- JOHNNY: I could teach you.
- Yeah, maybe.
TABBY: Can't we go any faster? You usually run.
And make horse sounds.
Does Finn ever talk? I've never heard him.
His parents weren't the greatest, so [CHUCKLES.]
They couldn't handle that he was different.
But I guess we've all got our stuff, right? JULIA: Right.
What's your stuff? There's some things that have happened to me that I don't really like to talk about.
But, I mean, they still happened.
It's not like I forgot about them.
I basically try to forget about them, and they only come up once in a while.
- Sorry for bringing it up.
- It's okay.
Can I tell you a secret? I'm not good at keeping secrets.
Finn's worse, though.
I saw No, it'll sound stupid.
You can trust us.
You can trust me.
- I saw an elephant.
- TABBY: What? That's impossible! There's only, like, one left, and it's in Africa.
I'm telling you, I saw one.
- Did you hear that? Oh! Maybe it's Julia's magical teleporting elephant! Ooh! [HISSING, CHITTERING.]
That doesn't sound like an elephant.
Johnny? Let's get out of here.
- It's getting closer.
- TABBY: Johnny! - Tabby! Finn! Julia! [CHITTERING.]
LEOPOLD: Kazi, a little music, please? KAZI: [COMPUTER VOICE.]
Music on.
- I tried it I couldn't fight it - [ALIEN SNARLING.]
- JOHNNY: Leave them alone! Come on! Get behind me! [HOVERBOARD WHIRRING.]
Head to the barn! Go! TABBY: Go! Go! - [JULIA PANTING.]
- JOHNNY: Wait for us! KAZI: Motion detected.
Activating barn lights.
JOHNNY: Close the doors.
TABBY: It's trying to get in! Could've used your help back there.
I'm sorry, I panicked! Yeah.
Good thing Johnny didn't panic when that thing tried to gnaw off Finn's face.
- It's okay, Betty.
What is that thing? How am I supposed to know?! JOHNNY: We can't keep it out forever! What is it, Finn? Did that thing come in that? - Tabby, where are you going?! - In there! Unless you have a better idea.
- How do we get in? - There's a hole.
TABBY: Whoa! - [GRUNTS.]
- Tabby! JOHNNY: Tabby, you okay? Ow! She's okay.
I lost a tooth! Is it bad? Uh no.
Barely noticeable.
- What are you doing? - Pushing the button.
- Why?! - 'Cause that's what buttons are for! We don't know what will happen! Maybe there's another insect thing in there! TABBY: Well, whatever happens, I'm sure you won't panic and leave us all here to die.
It's in.
- TABBY: Ahh! It's eating me! Get it off! Get it off! JOHNNY: How many of these things are there? TABBY: Too many.
Is it dead? - Tabby, poke it.
- You poke it! - You're closest! - She's oldest! - Why doesn't she poke it? - I'm not poking anything! Okay, fine.
We'll all poke it at the same time.
You too, Finn.
Ready? On three.
One two three.
It's definitely dead.
- Is it still dead? - Oh, no! Shhhhh! - Don't speak.
- Don't worry.
- Betty! - Where are you going?! - To help Betty.
- The cow? But it's just a cow! Doesn't it make more sense Okay, she's not just a cow, okay? She's my friend.
Like Mr.
Leopold said, "Everyone who lives here helps each other out.
" And right now one of us is in trouble, and I'm gonna help her out! He really loves that cow.
That's not the song I was hoping it would play.
- Where are you going?! - To help Johnny! Obviously.
I'm sorry, Finn.
I can't.
Annoying when something buzzes around your head, huh? - [DRONE BEEPING.]
Are you in pain? [CHITTERING.]
You got one! That's my girl! Dad?! Oh, careful, sweetheart.
If you don't hold on tight, you might lose 'em.
I didn't think you'd like fishing this much! - Now, let the line out, so - We tire 'em out? Someone's been listening.
Okay, start to reel it in.
Wow! That's a big one! [CHUCKLES.]
Quick, help me put it back.
What do you mean? Aren't we keeping it? It's important to know when to let things go.
There's not a lot of this kind of fish left in the wild.
And when they're gone, well, they're gone for good.
You gonna help me let him go? No.
Come on, Jules.
We'll do it together.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too, sweetheart.
Did you do that? [SQUEAKING, CHITTERING.]
- Mr.
Spittles! You monster! TABBY: Johnny! Help me! - [ALIEN SNARLING.]
- JOHNNY: Get away from her! JULIA: "Everyone who lives here helps each other out.
- I've got to help them.
I don't understand.
One? It's the one? The last one.
Just one left.
- What do I do? - [CRAFT RUMBLING.]
JOHNNY: Get behind me, Finn.
TABBY: Johnny, I'm scared! Leave us alone! You know what this is, right? - [ALIEN WHIMPERS.]
- TABBY: We don't! - [LASER BLASTS.]
Let me try that again.
All right, all right.
Put one of these blasters on.
- How do you know all this? - JULIA: I'll tell you later! We need to put these around it! Quick question: when do I get to use this beauty? Right now.
JOHNNY: It's working! - TABBY: Now what? - JULIA: Surround it! And do what I do! Now! [ALIEN CHITTERING, WHIMPERING.]
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
That was incredible! - [JOHNNY CHUCKLING.]
- Did you see that move I did? - [LASER BLASTING.]
- JOHNNY: Careful! - [COW MOOING.]
- What just happened? I don't know.
But I think I might know someone who does.
How long till we reach the coordinates? We'll be there by morning.
All right, let's go! [DEVICE BEEPING.]
- JULIA: It's gonna be okay.
- What is taking you all so long? What's going on? What happened? - What aren't you telling me? - [ELEPHANT TRUMPETING.]
Okay, who wants to explain what's going on? Oh, my.