Endlings (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

The Elephant in the Room

JOURNALIST: Look, look! There they are! Up ahead.
ABIONA: And good morning to you too, Tuko.
Yes, hello, Tumaini.
Yes, I know.
You're the loudest.
And thank you all for joining us today.
My name is Dr.
Abiona Maina, and I'm the executive director here at the Tembo Sanctuary, which is home to the last two African elephants on Earth.
ABIONA: Beautiful, aren't they? My family founded the Tembo Sanctuary in 2020 to provide a safe refuge for Africa's shrinking elephant population.
At the time, elephant numbers had dropped below 400,000 individual members.
Twenty years later [TRUMPETING.]
Just two of these majestic creatures are left.
Fortunately, we have a male, Tumaini, and a female, Tuko, so we're hopeful that [ROARING.]
Oh, they don't like it when I talk about our breeding program.
Shall we see where they're going? [ENGINE STARTING.]
What's she doing? She's feeling the truck's engine vibrate.
Elephants can hear through their feet.
They can sense and communicate through sound waves that travel through the ground rather than the air.
Sound waves that are undetectable to us.
Right now, Tuko is using her trunk to show Tumaini affection and acceptance, but they also use their trunk to sooth and comfort one another, particularly when they're angry.
- Anything? - MR.
LEOPOLD: Uh, her name is Tuko.
She can feel vibrations through her feet, and, uh, elephants comfort each other with their trunks apparently.
That's not the only thing they use their trunks for.
Julia, why don't you go check on our other, uh, guest.
See if you can find something that Tuko could eat? Johnny, come on.
We gotta get her in the barn.
: Elephants help each other in distress, grieve for their dead, and they're empathetic, meaning they share each other's feelings.
Just like us.
I'm coming, Tuko.
I'm coming.
I was wondering if you could help me with some information.
Hey, how's it going up there? Tabby? TABBY: [OVER RADIO.]
We agreed to use the walkie-talkies.
How's it going up there? Over.
Copy, Julio.
T-Dog and Finnalin continue to have eyes on the situation.
Prisoner remains unchanged.
We've gone through this before.
It's not our prisoner.
It's our guest.
Not a prisoner.
Let's just stick to the plan from last night: get the elephant in the barn and figure out what to do with the alien.
Walkie me if it wakes up.
TABBY: 10-4.
Over and outie.
Ready to continue prisoner surveillance? Why did they get the fun job? ANNOUNCER: [OVER P.
Attention, passengers.
Flight number 1867 is now ready to board.
Please approach the front desk for a facial scan.
JULIA: Any luck? JOHNNY: Not really.
You? - Peanuts? - Yeah.
Elephants love peanuts.
- Don't they? - Try it.
You said they comfort each other, right? Yeah.
Tuko? - Careful, Johnny.
- I got this, Mr.
I-I know you're scared.
I would be, too.
New place, new people.
But we want to help you.
Let us help you.
Why won't she listen? It's not always easy to trust new people.
Looks like all she wants to do is destroy the wheelbarrow.
Now what? [RUMBLING.]
JULIA: I have an idea.
What happened here? Malik to Desmond.
You're not gonna believe this DESMOND: [OVER RADIO.]
Malik? Hello, Malik? Come in, are you there? [PANTING.]
What the? DESMOND: Hey, Malik, where'd you go? What made this? DESMOND: Malik? Come on, quit messing around, Malik.
Malik? Hello? Are you there? Malik? Malik? DESMOND: Malik? Malik? MR.
LEOPOLD: I'll get the gate.
It's working.
Sometimes you just need to let your anger out.
- I guess.
- Almost there.
Good crushing, Tuko.
Don't worry, Betty.
She's your new roommate.
LEOPOLD: There we go.
Home sweet home.
What? What spooked her? [PULSATING.]
TABBY: Again.
Why are you so good at this? [SOFT CLATTERING.]
Did you hear that? It's gone! Uh.
Where'd it go? [LIQUID GURGLING.]
It's turning on.
What are they doing? Charging? [GROWLING CONTINUES.]
Finn! Oh no, my walkie! Call for help! Finn! Finn, speak! Finn! Finn, please just try! FINN: One, two, three.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Got you.
Bye, Xander.
Bye, Kira.
TABBY: Finn, speak! Finn! [TABBY GRUNTING.]
Julia to Tabby.
Everything okay over there? Over.
- Tabby? - [MUFFLED SHOUTS.]
Tabby? Tabby? - Tabby! - [ELEPHANT ROARS.]
You guys go.
I'll keep an eye on our new elephant friend, all right? Well now, Tuko.
What else can you destroy? [MUFFLED SHOUTS.]
Help! Somebody help! Help! Help! - Tabby! - TABBY: Help! [EXPLOSION.]
ALARM: Multiple breaches detected.
Contacting authorities.
Everybody out.
Come on.
I don't want to be in there with that alien thing anyway.
- It body slammed me from the ceiling.
- What did you do? What did I do? Well, your guest just tried to kill me.
It's not like you even tried to help, Finn.
Yeah, yeah, that'll hold it.
Connecting you to the authorities.
Police services.
Please state the nature of your emergency.
- Send all available units.
- What are you doing? - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING ON PHONE.]
- Hello? - Hello? - Uh, hi, hi.
Is everything okay over there? Uh, every-everything's okay, officer.
I just accidentally broke a window.
With a, um With a-with a baseball.
We're showing multiple breaks.
I have a strong arm? Okay.
I'm going to send someone over there just to make sure everything's okay.
- That won't be necessary.
- They're already on their way.
Call ended.
Johnny, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean Why are you sorry? You got what you wanted.
Now the police are going to find the alien and take it away.
JOHNNY: She's not worried about the alien being taken away.
She's worried about me.
DISPATCHER: Officers, we've got an 1183 at 7717 Country Road.
We're en route.
- Leopold's farm? - That didn't take long.
Sorry, who did you say you worked for again? I didn't.
And I work for myself.
I run the Infin-Item Corporation.
Maybe I could ride with you.
Give us a chance to talk.
Why should Tabby be worried about the police taking you away? TABBY: Johnny, I'm sorry! Before Mr.
Leopold took me in, I used to get into trouble.
A lot.
The cops said if I mess up again They take you away.
Johnny, please.
I wasn't thinking.
It's not your fault, okay? I would have done the same thing.
No, you wouldn't have.
If an alien was holding me up on the ceiling, of course I would, okay? It's-that's disgusting.
Well, maybe when the police see it, they'll want to take it and not you.
- No way.
We can't let them take it.
- Nobody's talking to you.
It probably just attacked you 'cause it was scared just like Tuko is.
New place, new people.
TABBY: You know who really needs to go? You.
Everything was fine until you got here! Looks like I'm getting my room back.
What? I'm gonna go take this stuff off.
OFFICER LOPEZ: No, nothing unusual.
Well, except for cow tipping, of course.
And what about you? Your company? Finds things.
What do you think you found here? Hopefully something very special.
OFFICER LOPEZ: You must do very well.
We've gained a reputation for retrieving things that others have found difficult.
Well, if you want difficult, wait until you meet these kids.
They're here.
OFFICER MITRA: Stay in the car.
Of course, officers.
LEOPOLD: Can I help you? I thought we talked about you keeping a better watch on those kids.
OFFICER LOPEZ: We got a call about a disturbance.
Well, does anything look disturbed? Besides me? Well, I guess you wouldn't mind us taking a look around, would you? Of course not.
Officers, we've got an 1181.
Please report to 13707 Country Road.
I repeat an 1181.
- An accident? - Are you still leasing to Malik? I never stopped.
Is he all right? We're gonna find out.
We'll be back later.
We didn't do it.
- What happened? - Ask the new kid.
Oh no! Julia? Julia! TABBY: She took it! She's gone.
Where's Finn?