Endlings (2020) s01e05 Episode Script


1 Previously on Endlings Please give her back.
She's the last of her kind.
I'm coming.
- Tabby! - I lost a tooth.
So what do you think it wants? I think it collects things, the last of things, like Tuku and the creature from last night.
We're gonna need you to step away from the evidence.
It's not evidence.
It's my company's property.
Oh my.
JULIA: Put these around it.
Are you saying you wanna help it? We don't even know what it really wants.
JULIA: It's not TABBY: She killed it.
Just when I was starting to not hate it.
- Okay.
Hold on.
Maybe not.
She's a murderer.
Who is she? She looks like that woman from the Tuku video.
JULIA: Looks like you're right.
But what is she doing here? You're safe now.
She came for her.
Quick, Julia.
Help me get her somewhere we can lie her down.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Wait, but but what about our, um, alien friend? You'll figure something out, Johnny.
Is someone gonna speak? What does Mr.
Leopold do when we're not feeling well? I think this is a bit worse than the flu.
It's not going in my bed.
And fluids.
Help us get it inside, Tabby.
TABBY: Why is it so sweaty? [GROWLING.]
LEOPOLD: Nice and easy.
Right there.
JULIA: Is she gonna be all right? Yeah.
I think so.
Just a little overwhelmed.
What is Tuku doing? MR.
LEOPOLD: Uh, I think she's happy.
Remember, Abiona spent most of her life trying to save elephants.
Well it doesn't seem like she did that great a job.
There's only one left.
Please don't say that to her.
- MR.
LEOPOLD: You're all right.
Tuku's here.
Did I kill it? TABBY: Now what, Dr.
Alien? Finn, get some water.
Yeah, I'm sure that will cure getting hit by a car.
It's better than doing nothing, right? Right? Hey! That's my cup! Fine.
Go ahead.
JOHNNY: Uh, try some more.
Uh, now the rest.
- TABBY: Great! - JOHNNY: Tabby, relax.
I'll get it.
I have to or it will choke.
If it has a throat.
Or it can choke.
It's really down there deep.
I think I've got it.
It's okay, Finn.
I've almost got it.
What? TABBY: Finn, go get help! [SCANNER BEEPING.]
TECH: The file's pretty degraded.
HEWES: Well, can you clean it up? I think so, but it will take some time.
Time is the one thing I don't have.
Yes, officer? Wanted to let you know that we'll be heading out now.
- Thanks.
- Just out of curiosity.
What are you planning on doing with that harvester? I keep a facility outside the city.
We'll be moving it there.
You keep a facility.
I keep goldfish.
Thanks again, officer.
What do you think she's really here for? Maybe this.
What is that? [LOW GROWLING.]
Why would you want to kill it? It stole Tuku.
She's the last of her kind.
That's what it does.
It collects things that are the last of their kind to protect them.
I think.
I protect Tuku.
Finn? What's going on? What is it? Oh.
I I might need your help.
I am not leaving her.
All right, let's go.
Come on.
This way.
What is she doing? Mourning.
There are only four animals that exhibit this behavior of covering their dead: elephants, chimpanzees, magpies, and Humans? I am so sorry.
I promised to protect the herd, but I failed.
I failed you.
I will not fail you again.
What's going on? What does it look like? It's eating him! [GRUNTS.]
LEOPOLD: Everybody! Grab a hold! On three.
One two three! [ALL PANTING.]
Ew! I won't be drinking out of this any time soon.
- Ever seen anything like that? - No.
And you're right.
It seems like the kind of thing our new friend would want to find.
We'll drop it off at the lab after we do that check at Leopold's.
What is that sound? - We tried to give it water.
- Does it even drink water? I don't know.
What would you have given it? [BELCHES.]
- Ugh! - [COUGHING.]
I think it just farted out of its mouth.
It didn't fart did it? Why do you think I'm the expert? The only animal expert here is in the barn.
She just tried to run it over.
Yeah, you're right, Finn.
The gas is making the room colder.
Somebody light a match! Ugh! Where are you going? To go and get Abiona.
She doesn't want to help us.
Neither did you when you first got here.
TABBY: Ouch.
I'm not staying in this fart room.
Well Looks like you and I are on guard duty, buddy.
I know you like that one.
Thirsty, Tuku? [TRUMPETING.]
How do we get her to help us? I don't know.
She's pretty angry.
So are you! What are you talking about? You're the angry one.
Angry? I'm the funny one.
Johnny's the nice one.
Finn's the cute one.
- Or I'm the brave one.
JOHNNY: Tabby, wait! Don't worry, I'm gonna Now you're trying to kill me? No! I'm trying to scare off that! - [TRUMPETING.]
- Is that a, uh? - A sabertooth cat.
But it's impossible! They've been extinct for 10,000 years! Which means the alien has been coming here for thousands of years.
Who knows how many extinct animals aren't actually extinct.
Do you think it has a T-Rex? - [GRUNTING.]
- What did you find? - Nothing.
- Scan it again.
- I've scanned it twice.
Either there's nothing in there or it's Or it's completely undetectable to these scanners.
I'll try a different scan.
Cut it open.
I wanna see what's inside.
These should keep us warmer, huh? There you go, buddy.
Give you a hand with that? Oh.
There we go.
Don't worry, Finn.
It's going to be okay.
Let me go grab some more coats and maybe a blanket or two.
JOHNNY: Stand back.
Got it! How'd you learn to use that? The alien showed me how.
JOHNNY: Heads up.
ABIONA: She's beautiful! And strong.
Now what? I don't know.
We don't have any of those shrinker trap things.
I can't hold it much longer.
We can't let it get away! If people find it, they will kill it! I know someone who could help us.
She means the alien if that wasn't clear.
LEOPOLD: I think he's excited that you're here to help the alien.
I I'm not going to help it.
I'm helping the sabertooth cat.
I'll explain later.
The alien's starting to shiver.
Remove the blankets and coats.
This will go a lot faster if you let go.
Here, buddy.
There you are.
If it's shivering, shouldn't we be adding more coats and blankets? Not necessarily.
JULIA: Look.
Its skin is turning to ice.
Kazi, increase the heat in the dining ro Wait! Wait! We don't know what we're dealing with.
Heat doesn't always help.
Sometimes cold does.
How do we figure out which one? Gotcha! Just a squirrel.
You want to help me muck out Tuku's stall? Not really.
You can't just stay out there and protect us from squirrels.
I'm gonna go try to find one of those shrinker traps.
I don't think that's a good idea.
We don't know how the ship works.
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.
What happened when our drone couldn't fly as far as we needed it to? You upgraded it.
And what happened when you lost all your music tracks? You found them.
And what happened when your hoverboard stopped working? You fixed it, but you're also the one who broke it.
That wasn't the original question.
I fix things.
I'll find a shrinker.
Oh, and here.
Keep an eye out for our kitty friend.
The alien is frozen.
Do something! I I need more information.
Tuku's heart rate is rising.
The sabertooth cat must be back.
I knew I shouldn't have left her.
What about the alien? Oh, baby Hoo-hoo I didn't know elephants liked music.
- Into the man I used to be - [TRUMPETING.]
- Kazi, music off.
Why'd you turn the music off? She's trying to find a shrinker trap.
See? Tuku's fine.
We gotta get back and help the alien.
I can't without more information.
Well, if that collar can tell you about the elephant, could it tell you about the alien? [LOW RUMBLING.]
TECH: That's not possible.
That's a diamond-tipped drill! Cut around it.
I want to find out what it hit.
Better keep it in there.
It's the kind of thing that kid Johnny might want to take.
Almost there.
If I was a little ugly alien, where would I keep my traps? What's that? My tooth! How'd you get up there? I was hoping I'd find you, but I still have to find one of those shrinkers.
Its cardiac system is slowing.
What does that mean? Its heart, or whatever it has for a heart, is stopping.
- Do something! - Its body temperature is dropping, too.
Okay, I'm putting the blankets back on.
ABIONA: Wait, wait, don't! When bears hibernate, their hearts slow and their body temperature drops.
I don't need a lesson on bears.
They also heal while they hibernate.
So, you think it's healing itself? Maybe.
Why should we trust you? Because I trusted you.
So, is there nothing we can do? [GRUNTS.]
Are you sure this is gonna work? ABIONA: No.
It definitely wouldn't work with something from our planet.
These freezing temperatures would kill anything from Earth, but we're not dealing with something from here.
So, if it needs to get cold to heal, we're going to try to help it.
Just in case the alien needs to breathe.
ABIONA: Its heart rate is stabilizing.
I guess cold works for this alien.
Thank you.
TABBY: Here, kitty kitty.
What do we have here? [AIR HISSES.]
I'm gonna need you to pull over.
All right.
OFFICER LOPEZ: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
OFFICER MITRA: I told you not to drink so much coffee! [GROWLING.]
Oooh! - [ROARING.]
- OFFICER MITRA: Ahhhhhhh! Rita!
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