Endlings (2020) s01e06 Episode Script


1 JULIA: Previously on Endlings Tabs, we just now took down a three-headed worm.
Imagine what else we could do.
TABBY: Watch out! She looks like that woman from the Tuku video, Abiona.
JOHNNY: But what is she doing here? She came for her.
OFFICER LOPEZ: What do you think she's really here for? Maybe this.
What do we have here? If it's shivering, shouldn't we be adding more coats and blankets? ABIONA: If it needs to get cold to heal, we're going to try to help it.
- Is that a, uh - A saber-tooth cat! Who knows how many extinct animals aren't actually extinct.
We can't let it get away! [OFFICER MITRA SCREAMING.]
JOHNNY: She's coming your way! JULIA: Nice job.
I know.
I mean, yeah, teamwork! Good call, Finn.
Let's save our new friend.
Trap pieces.
That's four creatures in two weeks.
- Not bad.
- We could do better.
We're still missing one prehistoric cat.
LOPEZ: It's a bobcat.
When's the last time you saw a bobcat that color? Okay.
What do you think it is? I don't know.
DISPATCHER: We got a 10-91 on Rural Road 7.
10-4, we'll check it out.
Aah! Maybe it's your tiger, or is it your lion? Very funny.
Let's go.
You're just upset that a little bobcat scared you.
So, um how's our friend doing? Looks about the same.
Slacker gets to sleep all day while we do all its work.
It's, uh, going to be okay.
TABBY: I think our kitty cat just set off a fence alert.
Come on.
Abiona, do we have any more of those flathead nails down there? [TUKU TRUMPETS.]
Tuku, please.
Thank you, Tuku.
And where are you off to? I think the saber-toothed cat just ripped up one of our fences.
We're going to go check it out.
Okay, well, remember to Look out for each other.
- And? - Be safe.
- I always am.
- Be careful.
Remember, big cats like to surprise their prey, sometimes from above.
Don't worry.
I got a pretty big surprise right here.
- Do you want to come with us? - I should stay with Tuku.
But good luck.
Thank you.
They're so hopeful.
They weren't always.
All right, that's one down, two to go.
Which way do you want to go? This way.
You want that one? Prettiest one yet.
Hey, Tabs.
How much further? We're almost there.
I think.
You think? It's a big farm.
I've never been to this part before.
- Did you hear that? - Who didn't hear that? Blasters up.
Still think we're looking for a bobcat? A little less sure.
JULIA: Check out those scratch marks.
Yeah, I'd say she was here.
But where'd she go? Tabby, Julia.
Do you see her? [CREATURE SNARLING.]
What do we do? Blast her.
No, Tabby.
We got to get closer.
Or she'll run away.
Now, follow me.
And try to be quiet.
Can we blast her now? JULIA: Remember what Abiona said.
Some big cats like to surprise their prey.
Maybe we should try that.
Good idea.
Let's try and surround her.
Something tore through here.
Who's scared now? Check out these claw marks.
Doesn't look like anyone's been here in a while.
I wouldn't be so sure.
Can we replicate it? Its molecular structure is unlike anything we've ever encountered before.
That wasn't my question.
- We can try.
- Better.
We've made some progress in cleaning up your drone footage.
- It's about time.
- I think you'll be pleased.
- TABBY: Surprise! - [CREATURE ROARS.]
I like surprises too.
Well, that's definitely not a bobcat.
LEOPOLD: How's our friend holding up? Unchanged.
How do you know we're not hurting it? Any other animal or human would die in there, but his vital signs are stable but not improving.
Sounds like you're worried.
Uh here's what I came for.
How can you be so sure that it's a friend? Well, uh for a long time in my life, I used to see only the bad in everyone.
And if you do that long enough, eventually you start to feel pretty bad too.
Then someone reminded me to look for the good in people.
Even if it's hard to spot or they're afraid to show it to you.
Anyway, you lean into that long enough and eventually You start to feel good? Eventually.
I haven't met many good people.
I used to think that too, but, uh maybe you just haven't looked hard enough yet.
Tumaini? How? [GASPS.]
You brought him back? [CREATURE CHITTERING, WARBLING.]
You can bring them all back? [CHIRRUPING.]
JOHNNY: It's too strong! TABBY: Let's get closer.
I panicked.
Who made this? TABBY: If you're done panicking, a little help, please? Come on.
TABBY: We're too far! [JOHNNY GROANS.]
Scaredy cat! How did we not know there was a tree fort on this farm? JOHNNY: H? TABBY: Who's H? The police.
Quick, get up here.
TABBY: They can't find Johnny.
Tabby, Finn.
Get down.
Pull the tarp.
Get down, get down! [SIGHS.]
Anything? Nothing.
Guys, don't move.
- TABBY: I'm trying not to.
- TABBY: Why won't they go? JULIA: It looks like they're leaving.
J- ULIA: Tabby! - TABBY: It's not my fault! The tarp is disgusting! [GIRLS SIGHING.]
What are they doing here? They must have heard the cat was in the area.
We have to get to her before they do.
Um, Johnny? Finn? Pretty sure we don't want the cops finding us with these.
Maybe instead of trying to get to the cat, we should get her to come to us.
How? I don't know, but I think I might know someone who does.
- TABBY: Abiona! Abiona! - JOHNNY: Abiona! [ALL SHOUTING AT ONCE.]
- What is all the commotion out here? - JULIA: The police were there and we had to hide in the old tree fort.
An old tree fort? Do you know who built it? No.
Uh, no.
So, you found the saber-toothed cat? Yes, but so did the police.
Now we have to figure out a way for her to come to us and away from them.
No, you need to stay out of this one, Johnny.
What are you talking about? If they find her, they'll kill her.
And if they find you? You're staying here where you're safe.
It's not your choice.
- What's that? - I said it's not your choice.
As long as you live under my roof, yes, it is.
Now, I will meet you in the barn.
We still have some holes to patch.
So, you need to lure the saber-toothed cat to you? - Yes.
- One way would be to make her believe her prey was nearby.
What did they eat? - Woolly mammoths.
- TABBY: Hmm.
Less perfect.
We don't have a woolly mammoth.
No, but we do have one of its relatives.
Looks like you're our prey, Tuku.
We don't have to use Tuku.
We just need to use her smell.
How are we going to get her smell? I don't like that look.
LOPEZ: What was that? LOPEZ: More scratches.
We're closing in.
- ABIONA: Let me help you with that.
- I've got it.
Come on.
Where are you hiding? Ugh.
I'm gonna be sick.
Come on.
Abiona said to spread the elephant poo around.
If we don't find the saber-toothed cat, someone else will.
People are afraid of things they don't understand.
They'll kill her and she could be gone forever.
This better work.
It will.
It has to.
Uh go ahead.
He used to be way angrier, you know.
Leopold? Yeah.
When I first met him, he, uh What changed? I don't know.
I think I do.
On three.
One two Three.
Uh, I've got the rest of these.
What does Mr.
Leopold say to do when you're angry? Wait till you calm down, then think about why you're feeling the way you are.
Good advice.
What happened? An overload.
The system can't handle the information.
So, you're saying we can't replicate it? We might not have to.
We found two more pieces inside the harvester.
Well, that didn't work.
I said on three! Yeah, one, two, blast! No.
One, two, three, blast.
You should have been more specific.
I knew we should have brought Tuku.
What else did Abiona say? That they attack from above.
Good one, Finn.
How are we going to get above her? Johnny? [SNARLING.]
Now what? Throw me your trap pieces.
Don't worry.
You're going to be all right.
What are you doing here? You're going to be in so much trouble.
Does this belong to one of you? We're going to be in so much trouble.

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