Engelbert with the Young Generation (21972) s01e03 Episode Script

Keep fit

The Goodies "We do anything anytime.
" - Who is this? - No idea.
One moment, boys, I have it.
You are on TV, right? Clear! The Young Generation, I tell you.
Did Mommy wrap you so nicely? Come out of there! - I'm Engelbert, don't you know me? - Oh, don't joke, he is slimmer than me and top fit.
- Exactly, prove it to us.
- Do you believe me now? - Well, I don't know - More proof.
- Okay.
on this unworthy chair here.
Sit down on me.
I want to be the stool.
Adored one, what can we do for you? No, no, do not talk, don't.
You have to save your beautiful voice.
Yes, yes, your wonderful voice.
You want to lose some weight, right? - Right.
- Oh, you will like it! Gentle heavy weight lifting, forest run, and Terrible, so what a terrible thing to say to a man who is so friendly, such an important person.
We will do it for you.
- Yes, we'll do it.
- We'll do it? - Yes.
Yes, we will do it, you just stay here and make yourself comfortable.
- A nice, round thing.
- Careful, don't break it.
You only need to look out the window.
We do all the work for you.
And in a jiffy you will loose your pounds.