Engelbert with the Young Generation (21972) s01e04 Episode Script

Post office

The Goodies "We do anything anytime.
" There you have it, poor pig.
Yes? Come on in.
Good morning - Oh, his omnipotence.
- Oh, dear Engelbert.
A great pleasure, sir.
If we can't pull the wool over his eyes, let's at least shave it.
- Go ahead May I have the lovely little cap? It must be thirsty.
Yes, it was so thirsty, cute little thing.
May I have your Give me your briefcase.
Can we help you with anything else? - Yes.
I wanted to ask you to deliver some letters for me.
Thanks a lot No, think it over.
You can all earn a lot of money.
Money? Money! Money! The thing is: I want to start my own postal service.
What is wrong with the postal service that we have now? It's too slow for me.
- A telegram.
- Many thanks.
"Coming over in a minute - have a great idea - Engelbert.
" What I said.
I sent that off when I had the idea.
- When was that? - Three years ago.
So long? Oh wait! By chance we already have a new plan for a postal service.
Take a look.
- P, for postal service? - No, under N.
- N? N, for new postal service.
- Ah, of course.
- Yes, yes.
Order is everything.
Here is our plan: The letters are put in our own mailbox.
Then for sorting they are brought in a boat to a point outside the five mile zone.
Then with a boat brought back to land, and delivered as quickly as possible.
Very incomprehensible.
Explain to me: Why do we work outside the five mile zone? Because it's a pirate post office.