Engelbert with the Young Generation (21972) s01e05 Episode Script


The Goodies "We do anything anytime.
" You're falling sleeping very deep No, I'm not.
- Come on, cooperate.
- I don't want to sleep.
So, did it work? I'll collapse if I don't get some sleep.
I'm completely exhausted.
- That explains the sunglasses.
That's real, and unfortunately not from the glass.
Don't worry, soon you will be able to sleep while you sing.
I've come a long way with my experiments on Bill.
But I do not want to sleep at all.
I am afraid I could sleepwalk.
Come on, you work out.
I invented something, then you're off likethat! The super king size sleeping pill.
Here you go.
- I can't swallow that.
Of course not.
I know.
Turn your back.
So what do we do next? There, it works.
He's sleeping.
Continue the test.
Fresh undulated.
What else do you have? I think we can help you.
This record is guaranteed to put you to sleep.
- What's this? Dimi? - Something similar, I guess.
Look at that, it worked! We should patent this! What do you say to that? Graham, wake up! I'm sorry, Bill, that I Bill? Where did he go? Oh! He's sleepwalking! Bill, Bill, stay there!