Engelbert with the Young Generation (21972) s01e06 Episode Script

Factory farm

The Goodies "We do anything anytime" I'm bored! Put a record on.
- No! Not that! - Sorry! They should have that in the charts! - What Engelbert? - No, a hammer.
- Morning.
- Good morning, almighty great master.
That is a trendy outfit.
- I'm dressed for work.
- See, didn't I tell you? He's cracked, totally off his rocker! - No No.
Not at all.
I urgently need a few weeks in the healthy country air.
So I bought myself a farm.
The problem is, I can't go there for the next 47 years.
- Why not? - I'm working too hard.
Ah, and you want us to look after the farm for you? Getting up at 4 every morning, wading through pig's No, that's all in the past.
A modern farm is completely automatic.
The sounds of the modern farm: The low humming of the generators - Soft beeping of thermostats And the snip-snap of granny trimming the hedge.
That's the life!