Engelbert with the Young Generation (21972) s01e09 Episode Script

The country code

This week, The Goodies have been making an official government film, about what to do in the countryside.
And they're going to let us have a little sneak preview: The Country Code A Goodies Production Meet Mr.
White, who is spending a day in the country with granny and little Billy White.
No no, it's not ants in the pants.
White is only testing if this nice little spot is suitable for a picknick, and the soil solid and dry.
Little Billy found a better spot.
But before they all get down, it needs to be cleared up.
Now granny will get a nice seat.
She doesn't like it when the blanket isn't straight.
Meanwhile, little Billy is patiently trying to make fire, the way he learned with the boy scouts.
And please remember not to scare the animals that you may meet on your way through the field.
White has to remind granny, that noisy transistor radios will loudly drown out the soft susurrus of the trees and birds.
Ready for a cosy tea time.
Today the precious liquid is served in Mr.
White's practical paper cup.
White finds the soil a bit moist, so he gets his folding chair.
Granny has brought a copious meal, and there would have been something to drink, if little Billy hadn't forgotten to bring the corkscrew.
But Mr.
White is resourceful.
Somehow he will open his bottle.
Finally the moment has arrived to enjoy nature and picknick.
But here come the annoying flies, that can ruin your day in the country.
Luckily Mr.
White has thought of everything, including pesticide! Unfortunately, flies aren't the only pests around here: There are ants as well, as it turns out.
Nature will always provide something to eat.
It doesn't have to be on a skewer.
Mushrooms for example are delicious.
But you must be able to distinguish the good ones from the unhealthy.
There's nothing like a good test subject.
If you look well enough, there's always something to eat.
Beware of the bull.
And don't forget the golden rule: Never leave a gate open.
Enclosed animals could get out.
Und wenn es Zeit wird Heim zu gehen, machen sie es wie die Familie Weiss: Leave a little something for the birds.
If you want to spend a pleasant day in the country, do like Mr.
Mind all this, and be as careful and wise as Mr.