Engrenages (2005) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Let me out, please! Aziz! A barbecue.
- He was alive? - That's what makes it fun.
- We'll search your workshop.
- Get out of it.
- The truncheon was illegal.
- The shit will hit the fan.
This case isn't ready to be judged.
This is a veritable beating.
Joséphine Karlsson is accusing me of assault.
- Why? - Cop-bashing is lucrative.
- I don't need anyone.
- Try me.
Ideal a bit, but Rachid supplies.
- Arrest Rachid.
- How? Set him up? What would 50 grams cost? Can you afford 50 grams? Let's go.
You left your mobile on? - Give it to me! - Are you nuts? We've lost contact! We lost him at Porte de Bagnolet.
Meet on the slip road.
Head to Bagnolet.
Drive around the town hall.
You stay in Paris.
You take the ring road.
Put out an APB on the car.
We'll head for Croix de Chavaux.
Move it, guys! Here's 50 grams.
Give us the cash.
I want to try it first.
What the hell are you doing? Hurry up Okay.
Calm down Come on - Wait - Get off me.
My mobile! What the fuck are you doing? Fuckwit Shit What the hell Let go of me.
- Fucker - Shut your face! - Don't move.
- I'm not.
- Don't move.
- I'm not moving! - I'm a cop, guys.
- Yeah, sure I'm one of you.
- Son of a bitch.
- You're screwed, Rachid.
Enough - You had me worried.
- How nice.
- Can I give you a kiss? - Where? On your little cheeks.
I'm getting all horny.
Rachid might want a drink too.
What did you think of me, Rachid? Where do you get your dope? Ask the son of a bitch who tipped you off.
How can you push heroin to kids? I don't, for fuck's sake.
It's that boy.
You stumbled on the dope, did you? You won't believe this Too fucking right.
We don't.
Where do you live, Rachid? My mum's.
- Stop bullshitting! - My mum's! I live there now.
l've learnt my lesson.
- Cut the crap.
- Take him to a cell.
Come on, my friend.
You'll have a good night's sleep just like at Mum's.
Thanks tor letting us catch you in the act.
Szabo! He's a client.
A very inconsiderate one.
How are you? She's cute.
- Do you screw her? - Read Who and you'll find out.
- What do you do for a living? - Manicurist.
It's good stuff.
- I only play my music.
- Come on - Who are you? Play this! - Piss off.
Here we go.
He's pushing his own music again.
Let's get out of here.
Don't hurt me just because your record's a flop.
What did you say, bitch? They like my stuff.
But this joint is full of upper-class fuckwits.
Why exactly did you bring me here? I don't mind rude, uneducated people.
Having clients like Aziz is fine by me.
- Are you ready, Pierre? - I am.
Seen the paper? “Law Enforcement: The New Prosecutors.
” Is that you? Karine Fontane's a fine journalist.
Friend of yours? No.
She wanted an unknown.
You're not unknown any more.
It's a big photo “Justice and police apathy are our daily lot.
” A front page photo should get you lots of friends.
Jealousy is this fine institution's main attribute.
Coming? In a nutshell, You met three years ago on line, liked each other, got married and bought a photo shop in Rue de Crimée.
With my money.
Your accusations of imprisonment and rape with aggravated assault could cost your husband So spare us any petty squabbling and tell me about your three-year marriage which appears to have started off well.
It did, but after a year he started taking me to clubs.
What kind of clubs? Partner-swapping clubs.
Which ones? Paradis? Twenty-Two? Mainly the Twenty-Two.
So you engaged in partner-swapping.
You obviously didn't mind.
I did it to please him.
I didn't like sleeping with old men.
I'm stunned, Your Honour.
What other couples do in secret we did openly and honestly.
Seeing her with another man made me want her.
- She liked to come and make me come.
- I faked it! Mrs Soltes we can't charge a man with failing to detect a faked orgasm or half the planet would be in jail.
Your Honour, these accusations hardly pertain to a mere lack of judgment.
Listen to me.
Watch what you say to the press.
I'll send that bitch to jail.
Look, Kevin let's keep you out of jail first, right? The son of a bitch fucked up my car.
I'm sorry, Aziz.
I'm too busy right now.
Look This one's due tonight.
I don't have the time.
It won't be ready tonight now.
You can see to mine.
Yes? After the mediation meeting for our divorce, he wanted to talk.
He suggested going to see some friends.
I didn't see the point.
Once again, you were unwilling but you did it.
My client is obviously unassertive and you're accusing her I'm not accusing anyone.
I'm trying to understand.
Please go on.
The house was quite isolated, in a forest.
A couple, of my husband's age, saw us in.
- The Leroux.
- I didn't know them.
We had a drink.
The man then told me that I was a bitch for leaving my husband and that he knew how to handle bitches.
I tried to leave.
That's when they hit me.
They took me to a room upstairs.
And then Then they stripped me.
They hung me up.
They hung you up? How? From a hook I don't know.
I was crying so much.
Then they They Out of consideration for my client, could we not go over the abuse again as it's all in her statement? Let's be considerate, then.
- What was Mrs Leroux doing? - She was filming.
This is nonsense, Your Honour.
Afterwards How did you get away? Naked in the forest? I was too scared.
My husband produced a gun and said he'd kill me if I ran away.
As if you'd need a gun, three against one.
I don't know why they did this to me.
I can't answer your questions.
Pull yourself together, please.
How did it end? I left the house with my husband.
After maybe maybe two days he dumped me at a service area on the motorway.
I had to hitchhike to get home.
You say in your statement that you threw away your bloodstained clothes, locked yourself up for two weeks and didn't answer the phone till a friend found you.
Six months later, you decide to lay charges.
Why only now? I still want him to pay for this.
It's too easy otherwise.
Very well.
Do you have any questions, gentlemen? - None.
- None either.
- The confrontation is over.
- Thank you.
This will have cleared my client of wrongful accusations.
That's a bit premature.
I haven't decided yet.
I'm happy for you to ring the Leroux if you like.
I'll do better than just ring them, Mr Soltes.
Rachid Abderamane works for my client but no connection must be made between them.
Why has he been arrested? Drug dealing, caught red-handed.
Make yourself his appointed lawyer.
Make it look like you were there by chance.
If you've called me for another 300 euro case, you needn't have bothered.
The court appointment is a front.
Your fees will match those normally awarded in this practice.
You'll see.
You won't regret choosing me.
It takes three hours and 2500 degrees to reduce a human body to ashes.
This isn't ash.
The neck has detached itself.
, the facial features have gone but the foetal position is consistent with a slow combustion.
Look at this.
There's still a fair amount of soft tissue on the bones.
Meaning? He baked, as if he'd been in an oven.
The muscles retracted as the heat caused them to dehydrate.
The ignition of the fuel tank produced a large amount of flames around the head.
It looks like his hand burnt faster.
Because he's missing a few fingers? No.
The wound's well calcified.
lt's old.
Maybe from childhood.
This plus his DNA will tell us who he is.
There's more.
Look at his face.
- There isn't one.
- Of course there is.
Take a look around the mouth.
There are pieces of metal set in particular spots.
They look like piercings.
They are piercings.
- Maybe that one - Let's have a look.
He's got too many.
Jacky Meloni, Rue des Envierges.
It's a squat.
Apprehended repeatedly outside Lycée Voltaire.
Rachid will love it.
Do you like that? Do you know that guy? What's that filth? Jacky Meloni before After.
You supply him, he crosses you, you roast him.
Why would I do that? I don't know him.
He was selling dope at Lycée Voltaire and at this school.
Look! The inspector is showing you something.
We know you supplied Adrien.
Well? It looks like you supplied them both.
- What are you talking about? - Your dealing! You sold heroin to rich kids.
- You burnt that guy too.
- You'll get done for that.
I won't.
You have no proof.
You slack bastards are trying to pin that on me.
Fucking hell! Cut the crap! You clumsy boy I don't know what's wrong with him.
He gets hypoglycemic fits.
We have to give him sugar.
- More sugar? - Are you better? Sit down.
Make sure he doesn't fall too often.
Did you hear that? Can I have a word, Inspector? Special Investigation.
I'll be back.
Inspector Why didn't you seek medical attention to record the violent acts against you? I was fine.
So was Morales, despite what he says.
I wish I'd left my homicide inquiry and got myself a day off sick.
It's more important than a guy burnt alive in a car.
There are inconsistencies between your report and the plaintiff's statement.
Regarding a telescopic truncheon which you allegedly took out of your pocket.
I don't have a telescopic truncheon.
Mr Morales' father confirms his son's statement.
He's lying.
What would I need a truncheon for? I never act alone.
- Do you wear shoes like that? - No, I just look at them.
I haven't had time to destroy it.
The paperwork's on Gilou's desk.
I don't suppose you have an authorisation tor this.
The earth won't stop spinning because you thought aloud.
You totally distorted what I said.
Did I now? You have a short memory.
“Apathy, red tape” Those were your words.
I never talked about a blurring of values.
“Rising police violence shows a blurring of values between cops and crooks.
” I didn't quite put it that way.
You were softer, safer.
More verbose.
Look Pierre You have charisma, personality.
It's a change from the usual mediocrity.
I like to speak my mind but Bad-mouthing the police again? Excuse me.
Laure I did talk about cleaning up the police, but not like that.
I don't care about your article.
I'm under investigation.
Look l'll see what I can do.
You said that yesterday.
Do it this time.
- What's going on? - It's Pierre Clément.
There's a whole article on him.
I don't know about you, but I find him very handsome.
Come in.
Well then, Clément flirting with the media, are we? I'm sorry.
It refers to me as a prosecutor.
I made it clear I was an assistant prosecutor.
- It will be corrected tomorrow.
- No one reads corrections.
Have you come here to check I've seen the paper? It's about the police brutality inquiry.
We could give it to Judge Roban.
He knows the officer well.
Wouldn't that unduly favour her? Isn't it at odds with the passionate stand you take in the paper? I don't think so.
What about Judge Wagner? He's highly principled, a bit like you.
He's very young.
He has no idea about police work.
I had a call from the ministry.
You'll love this.
They credit me for your stand on the police.
I said I'd make an example.
The case is unsubstantiated.
Let Mr Wagner be the judge of that.
- Where is she? - Laure? Sorry to interfere.
I'd like to see my client.
Why are you out to get me? Money? Why not? I'm not a civil servant.
I don't have a regular wage or someone to catch me when I fall.
- I haven't fallen yet.
- It's a matter of time.
They're protecting you tor the time being.
You're nothing.
I represent people who fight alone, without truncheons.
Rachid's alone, is he? - Who's this bitch? - Your lawyer.
I already have one.
I don't want a chick.
You failed to pay your lawyer's fees.
He won't represent you.
- Your case was assigned to me.
- I didn't pay? - What the fuck is going on? - It's procedure.
- Just spend five minutes with her.
- Off you go.
Bitch l'll inform Mr Szabo that you don't want me as a lawyer but I doubt he'll change his mind.
If you have nothing to do, see my wife and tell her I'm here.
I'm not your maid.
Then piss off.
I don't want a chick as a lawyer.
We have a problem, Rachid.
Your address Your mother hasn't seen you for six months.
I must say Rachid is a bit disappointed.
Rachid has no say in this.
Your fees are paid by my client.
We need to make sure his arrest doesn't lead to further arrests.
Do you see what I mean? What's your involvement in this? Your role is to inform us of everything you know about this case.
And to represent Rachid.
In that order.
You want to know what's in the investigation file? I'm bound to professional secrecy.
You don't have to accept.
I'd understand.
You're young.
You can still opt for an honourable life, take up legal assistance referrals and improve your reputation over the years.
What do you mean "improve"? Is it bad? It is what it is.
What do you want me to do? - Fiachid asked me to see his wife.
- His de facto wife.
Tell her to clean up the house and get rid of anything compromising.
You stay here.
You check the back.
Go and have a look.
Police Take it easy.
It's only a search.
- Show your hands.
- Wakey-wakey Can I see some ID? Show your hands, please.
- We're looking for information.
- Hello, sir, madam It stinks here That's better.
Do you know this guy? - Sure? - Yes.
How about you? Do you know this guy? Do you know this man? Take a good look.
You? Look again.
Okay, sit down, everyone This is our Jacky.
Well done.
Come here, please.
Come on, quick! - That's Jacky, isn't it? - Yes, it's him.
- And that's you.
- Yes.
I know him, but I haven't seen him for a week.
I believe that.
You know why? He's been turned into fried sausage.
- Fucking hell - Come over here.
All I know is that Jacky did a bit of business.
- Doesn't everyone here? - Yes, sort of.
His supplier was called Rachid.
He was here every week.
But Jacky wouldn't introduce us.
He said it was his turf.
Did Rachid drive? No, he was always on foot.
He got dropped off by a car once.
Black, tinted windows.
Like in the movies.
Not his.
When did you last see Jacky? A week ago.
Rachid picked him up.
Okay Was he happy to go or was he forced? No.
He took his dog with him as usual.
All right Come with us so we can get all this down.
Goodbye, gentlemen.
Have a good day.
Get yourself a jumper.
Karine Fontane's article in Le Monde is a hit.
How did you do it? I'm impressed.
Pure chance.
Did you have to bed her? I hope not.
She's nuts.
Rest assured, sir.
- Tennis tomorrow? - See you then.
I'm sorry.
It was Bréan.
Knowing him, he must think we sleep together.
I have no idea It's no concern of his.
How well do you know him? We play tennis.
Why don't you like him? I do.
I think he's very nice.
But I'd hate to be promoted just because we play tennis.
But you wouldn't turn it down.
No, I guess I wouldn't.
So you play tennis with Bréan and lunch with nutty journalists.
- Are you sure he can't see me? - Sure.
- Then I can split? - You can split.
That's him.
Number four.
That's fine, guys.
You can go.
If Rachid sees you, he'll get ideas.
Do you know where he lives? Any idea at all? How about a meeting place? Anything.
I think he lives in Montreuil.
Where in Montreuil? I met Jacky there once.
next to the town hall.
Rachid lives in a flat there.
His girlfriend is a hairdresser in the salon below.
He has a girlfriend? That's new.
Do come in.
We were expecting you.
I'm Judge Roban.
This is Prosecutor Clément.
This really came as a shock.
We only met Marina once.
And now this We thought it was absurd to come here to patch things up.
So you're an executive in a medical equipment company My wife is a theatre nurse.
No kids, no dog.
Do you attend the same clubs as Mr Soltes? Partner-swapping is a hobby like any other.
We have nothing to hide.
Maybe that's what she couldn't stand.
Swapping? The tact that sex gets reinvented with each partner, without cheating.
Maybe she was jealous of the other women.
You might think we're immoral.
We're not.
Our moral standard is freedom.
For us, unwanted sex is sacrilege.
Do you engage in partner-swapping here? Never.
Only in clubs.
- You had never met Marina? - We go to different clubs.
We never go to the Twenty-Two.
Too Parisian, I guess.
- Your Honour - Excuse me.
We didn't find anything that fits the statement.
No whips, no dildos, no latex, No porn mags, no raunchy movies Nothing.
We brought everyone here for nothing.
Could you fetch Mrs Soltes and her lawyer from the car, please? May I? Please do.
- Did you make those? - No.
Very original.
Mrs Soltes, do you recognise this room? - Not really.
- Not really, or not at all? All I remember is the beams.
All right.
Let's continue.
They have nothing to hide.
Partner-swapping isn't against the law.
And there was I thinking you were a bit uptight Look at this photo.
- Notice anything? - No, nothing special.
Apart from the beams What about them? It could be here It wasn't at all like this.
I couldn't say.
What about the layout of the room? The windows The walls were covered with sheets, the windows too.
The light was filtering through the cloth.
There was no furniture no books None of this.
I'm sorry.
I feel I'm going mad.
Your Honour, my client's distressed.
She needs a break.
I'm lost for words.
We haven't changed this room for years.
Mr Leroux, could you have a look at this? You've bought many books since this photo.
Yes, we read a lot.
Look Behind Mrs Leroux's shoulder there's an object which should be just here.
It's not here any more.
It's a wooden phallus, isn't it? A nice piece.
Let's have a look.
Yes, I see.
I had a collection but I sold it to an antique dealer.
Did you? This was taken in September, three weeks before the alleged assault.
I'll need the dealer's contact details.
Mrs Soltes, have you seen this object before? - That's what he raped me with.
- Liar.
How dare you? Mrs Leroux, could I borrow a stepladder? - Catherine Grandin? - Yes.
Rachid sent me.
Come in.
Rachid got busted.
He did.
I'm his lawyer.
I'm not supposed to be here.
I won't tell anyone.
How is he? Is he hurt? No, he's fine.
You'll have to to be careful with certain things.
I'd better stash this.
I didn't see that.
I don't care what you do with it.
The cops could turn up anytime.
Rachid will never say where we are.
He put everything in my name to keep us safe.
Be careful anyway.
Remember You don't know me.
All right? Nothing here either.
- We've been here three hours.
- What's five more minutes? Could you bring the stepladder over here, please? Yes.
Penknife, please.
Thank you.
That's it.
Come and have a look, Mr Clément.
A hook could have been attached here.
You need a deep hole for a hook to support a body, even a light one.
Could you remove the rug, please? You were hanging when you lost blood? Yes.
It never ceases to amaze me.
Which one, Rachid? Which one? Shall we ask the neighbours? - Can you take these off? - Negative.
All right, that's enough.
Come on! There's nothing here.
Rachid never brought anything home.
- My mates don't even come in.
- Sit! Mobile Why? I didn't do anything.
I work, I look after my daughter.
- Are you mad? - Calm down! - Hands off her, fuckwit! - Cool it! - You know Mr Szabo? - So what? She's my wife.
- She has my lawyer's number.
- Your ex-lawyer.
I was worried about Rachid so I called him.
What's wrong with that? Give us a tour of your house.
- Where are you taking him? - Shut up.
- My baby's crying.
- Let her cry.
Know where we got this? Your girlfriend's panties.
She's been clean since we met.
Stop your bullshit.
Pity she's back at it again.
The judge won't be so lenient now.
One year inside You fuckers planted the dope in her bag.
Your call.
She stays home or she gets a year.
We could also enquire about your plasma TV.
He's got nice stuff for a guy on income support.
We're not after your supplier's life story.
We just want a lead.
I'll ask the detention magistrate to remand you and your accomplices in custody.
Excuse me, Your Honour but the total lack of evidence We found the wooden phallus used to rape Mrs Soltes and traces of her blood.
Your Honour, don't take this at face value.
We got a bit carried away.
We tried to scare her a little.
With aggravated gang rape? Rape? It's my wife we're talking about! We might have slapped her around a bit but we untied her as soon as she passed out.
She knew Leroux.
She'd slept with him at a club.
She didn't seem to mind.
I think she did, Mr Soltes.
She minded a lot.
What lead? I'm dead if I help you.
Do what you want.
Don't force us to be mean.
You'll love this.
Why is she here? You'll be out in no time.
- Arsehole.
- Sit down.
Do you know what I just signed? An order to place your kid in foster care.
She's with your neighbour for now.
She'll go into care if we keep Kathy in custody.
It I talk, they won't just go for me but also Kathy and the kid.
Who's they? Who's they? Look, Rachid It's just us here.
No one will know.
There'll be no recording, no statement nothing.
You have my word.
She works with Kathy.
Alicia what? Perez.
- She's Mr Aziz's chick.
- Who? He's a rapper.
He's treated her like shit.
She'll help you.
The Detention Judge is leaving Mrs Leroux out of it.
Did you want all three? When asked why she didn't help Mrs Soltes, she said she wished she'd left the room.
- Too confronting? - No.
Too compromising.
She feels no guilt whatsoever.
She doesn't see the problem.
I'm convinced the films exist.
We failed, Pierre.
We failed abysmally.
I didn't realise it meant so much to you.
I thought What? That I hung out at Twenty-Two? Your Honour - Rachid's fessing up.
- Did he give any names? Alicia Perez.
It's good stuff.
But it's off the record for now.
That's out of the question.
- Leave his statement unsigned.
- Anyone will figure out it's Rachid's.
I'd be more wary of procedure if I were you.
Meaning? I won't always be able to help you.
You helped me, did you? I thought you'd left me in the lurch.
I hate to butt into a private matter but you're at work.
Name Alicia Perez and Rachid's dead.
I can see Inspector Berthaud's point.
We can't guarantee confidentiality.
We don't know who accesses the files.
That's the thin end of the wedge.
We have to be role models.
Who will follow the rules if we don't? Where's the journalist? There's a way.
We'll write up a statement and hold on to it until we get the killer.
Then we put the statement in the tile as per procedure.
With Alicia's help, it could be quick.
It's appalling.
Enough posturing.
Let's get results, please.
Sorry l'm late.
I was held up with Judge Roban.
I've got the Special Investigation report.
As you will have guessed, it doesn't look good, mainly because of this unauthorised telescopic truncheon which was found in your desk.
I never use a telescopic truncheon.
I forgot I even had one.
So now you admit owning one.
You didn't have one yesterday.
Today you do, but you don't use it.
I find it hard to believe.
Besides, two witnesses saw you using it when you searched Morales' garage.
Kevin's father didn't see anything.
He was downstairs.
The second witness isn't Kevin's father.
I don't understand.
You're under judicial examination for acts of violence leading to an inability to work.
Let me tell you one thing -DIFUNDE LA PALABRA-