Engrenages (2005) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

You're screwed, Rachid! Rachid works for my client.
- It it's another 300 euro case - 3000 when proceedings start.
You won't regret choosing me.
- Who's this bitch? - Your lawyer.
Did you hear on the radio about a guy who got toasted? What goes on outside here doesn't concern me.
Look at the face.
- Looks like piercings.
- They are.
Wait - What's this? - Jacky Meloni.
Before After.
I don't know this guy.
Here's money.
You'll keep us informed on this case.
It I talk, they won't just go tor me, but also Kathy and the kid.
It's just us here.
No one will know.
You have my word.
Go see Alicia.
She's Mr Aziz's chick.
She'll help you.
Run! Your Honour, I'd never sell drugs to kids.
Your Honour, my client was set up.
The witnesses are dealers manipulated by the police.
That may work with some of my colleagues, but your diatribes against the police won't work on me.
Given the gravity of the charge of selling drugs to minors and the fact that you've already been sentenced for similar crimes, You are liable to a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail.
Of course, if you named your suppliers, your sentence would be halved.
Your Honour, this is a preliminary hearing.
My client is yet to decide his line of defence.
It's as she says.
Very well.
Mr Abderamane, we shall meet again to discuss more serious matters as you are also implicated in Jacky Meloni's murder.
I didn't know Jacky was dead! I told that to the cops.
Tell him.
Your Honour, I must protest.
Nothing in my tile links my client to this murder.
Mr Abderamane's name cropped up during the investigation.
I'm not answering this.
No one is forcing you to do anything.
I shall request that you be detained and we shall meet again - On 14 May.
- What? That's in four months.
I remind you that my client has a wife and baby who depend on him.
Sorry, it's the best I can do.
But if Mr Abderamane has urgent things to tell me about Jacky Meloni's death, I'll find time to see him.
You're fired.
I want Szabo and nobody else.
Mr Abderamane, there's something you must get into your head.
Mr Szabo doesn't give a shit about you.
Tell him I must talk to him.
Find a way.
A pal of Kevin's claims he saw me hit him.
It's bullshit, but Wagner believes that Karlsson bitch.
The bigger the lie It's here.
I always thought being a cop was great.
But Wagner looks at me as if I'm the problem, like I'm crap on his windscreen.
What do you care about that jerk? Fuck, l'm 34.
No man, no kids.
Why am I doing this? What's the point? We work our arses off and it's never good enough.
On the other hand, I don't want some steady guy.
The thought of it puts me to sleep.
- Good morning.
- Hello.
What do you want? - We would like to talk to Alicia.
- Leave my daughter alone.
We just want to talk to her about Aziz Amrouche.
It's all right, Mum.
Thank you.
Your Honour, how did you go with Rachid? He clammed up in front of his lawyer.
She didn't know he'd been talking to us.
Well, he hasn't said much apart from naming that Alicia Perez.
For a man like him, that's huge.
He's as wary as I am of a possible indiscretion by his lawyer.
Joséphine Karlsson has many flaws, but she'd never betray a client.
- Playing at the Chancellery club? - Yes.
You know it? Like swingers' clubs.
I know they exist, but I'm never invited.
Have a nice day.
What are you afraid of? Did Aziz threaten you? You don't know him.
He's nuts.
Were you lovers? At first, things were different.
He gave me presents, made me read his lyrics.
Then what happened? Did you stay together long? Where did you meet him? Alicia If you want us to bust Aziz, you must help me.
Where did you meet him? He came for a haircut in my salon.
It was love at first sight.
How long did it last? Six months.
It was one long party, we were always out of it.
He'd hit me, but I didn't care.
I don't think I even noticed.
- Do you have his address? - We always met at my place.
Don't look at me like that.
It's true.
I know nothing.
And Rachid? Did he and Aziz meet? Did you see them together? Rachid wanted me to get away.
He told me I was on the blog.
What blog? The blog of Mr Aziz, the big rap star.
Want to see it? Sure.
Yes, don't stop.
You like it, don't you, you little slut? You're a dirty little whore.
I have his number.
I'll give it to you.
Where's the money? You motherfucker! Where's the money? - The blacks took it.
- I can't hear you! They had baseball bats! What the fuck do I care? You got the money or not? Keep out of it.
Your son's fine.
Shall I hit her too? - l'll pay you back.
- When? In two weeks.
What's this? Did you steal it? It's mine.
Take it.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not angry with you.
I'm giving you one week, not two.
Salam alaykum.
Alaykum Salam.
That's tough Drug dealing, homicide.
I understand why you're worried.
I really do, brother.
The brothers told us to look after you.
I'm Krimo.
They've put you with a white guy? It's okay, he's cool, he won't bug you.
The bastards didn't give me time to get cash.
What do you need? 500? 800? 1000? Just say and I'll get it.
For as long as you're here, you're my brother.
I'll call you back.
Miss Karlsson? Your little drug dealer is a nasty piece of work.
- Did you know about the barbecue? - What's Rachid got to do with it? I'd like to know.
He's accused of murder and I'm not told.
- What do they have? - A witness.
- He saw him with the murdered man.
- They're bluffing.
They're hoping he'll crack under pressure but they can't charge him.
- Check, but I'm sceptical.
- Meanwhile he insists on seeing you.
If you can't handle him, l'll find someone else.
I handle Rachid just fine.
We get on.
That's not the problem.
- Then what is the problem? - There isn't one.
Are you free tonight? I know I shouldn't, but I really need this.
The more harmful it is, the better it tastes.
Criminal Affairs needs a new director.
Fancy working at the ministry? Me? I'm not even a prosecutor.
You have political backing from me, the media like you.
An award would be nice.
but that can be fixed.
Yes, Minister.
Yes, madam, everything is ready.
I'm on my way.
She can't wipe her arse without me.
So? What do you say? Your serve is impressive.
I'll arrange doubles with the Chief Prosecutor and the President of the Court of Appeal.
We'll play hard but let them win.
I guarantee you'll soon be a prosecutor.
Thanks to my serve? What do you think? That your cases will get you promoted? Drugs and other crimes no one cares about? Trust me, they'll get you nowhere.
Robert We barely know each other.
Why me? The ministry is a pitiless world.
Life will be much easier for me if the new recruits owe me their jobs.
Start by straightening your posture.
Good And face the public.
Look straight into their eyes.
- There will be people? - Of course.
The public, the judges, the lawyers, the clerk, the prosecutor Win them all over.
- I can't, I'm too shy.
- Of course you can.
You're going to fix your hair Wear some decent, clean clothes.
And everything will be tine.
Okay? Let's rehearse.
I'll ask the prosecutor's questions and you'll answer them.
Imagine you're at the witness stand.
Straighten up.
Miss Gérard, when your father called you to say he'd hit your mother with a hammer, what was your reaction? I don't know, I was surprised.
You were not surprised because you knew he was going to kill her.
It's my fault.
I understand nothing.
Mum is in a coma, he'll get away with it as usual.
It's not fair.
Okay, there's no justice, that's how it is.
Let's not cry over it.
A court case is a rigged battle where the referee is bought, and not by you.
There's only one way of winning.
Go for the jugular and too bad if blood is spilt.
Wash your hair and leave the rest to me.
Got anything from Alicia Perez? The mobile number of her ex, Aziz Amrouche, aka Mr Aziz.
Rachids mobile shows he dialled his number at least 63 times last month.
The number was under a false name.
Now we know they spoke at least twice a day.
And who's Mr Aziz? A rapper we suspect of laundering drug money.
He lives like a big shot, behaves like one, so we treat him like one.
- Anyone above him? - Most likely.
He must get his stuff from somewhere.
I'm concerned you're not telling me anything about Jacky Meloni's murder.
- So far, my only suspect is Rachid.
- He's not up to it.
He has a family, he wants out.
He wouldn't risk it.
If Aziz is linked to Rachid and Rachid to Jacky, we have a lead.
He has a thick file.
Robbery, assault, drugs, even gang rape.
That's perfect! Excellent.
We'll have his phone tapped.
Hey, can't you wait for me? - I was told about your hearing.
- Who by? A female cop accused of assault is a big thrill.
Wagner thinks it's Guantanamo.
He's expecting to see photos of you with a naked prisoner on a leash.
Find a way to put pressure on Joséphine Karlsson.
Stop her.
Joséphine isn't the problem.
She produced a lying witness.
Isn't that enough? There was no one in the garage apart from the Morales.
I risk being discharged and you say she's not the problem? - You asked for it.
- What? You had a truncheon.
I know it.
- So a lying witness is fair? - Karlsson thinks so.
You lied, so she decided you were fair game.
That's why law enforcers must set an example.
Okay, I must be off.
Good evening, Mr Szabo.
Your guest is here.
- You said we'd be alone.
- And you believed me? What's this shit? Rachid did a barbecue? No way! What's going on? The judge will keep him locked up until he spills the beans.
Do you understand? Why do we pay you? So you can show off your woman? I'm not paid to perform miracles.
Not by you, in any case.
Rachid knows many things about many people.
An accusation of accessory to murder could make him talk.
We can't let that happen.
Flachid is steady, he's coping.
But as I said, he needs support.
I've seen to it.
He'll have money.
And he'll have good company.
Solitude is a bad advisor.
Make sure his wife and kid are well looked after too.
Especially his wife.
One week without her man, she must be on heat.
What do you want? It's all right, don't be afraid.
You like money, don't you? I know you do.
Listen, pal.
It's not my arse I'm selling, it's my brain.
You don't talk to me like that, okay? What do you think? Think you can say no to me? Think I can't cut you up and make you come at the same time? My mother had a hotplate and fridge in her room Speak up, please.
My mother had a hotplate and fridge in her room to avoid meeting him in the corridor.
But she had to go to the toilet.
He was waiting for her in the bathroom.
The sink wasn't blocked, I checked.
Your father says he was fixing the sink when he was attacked.
He always has a good excuse.
He cheats on her, he kills her, yet he always wins.
He's a pervert.
A bastard.
When I was little he'd stub out cigarettes on my hand and laugh.
If we accept the apocalyptic version described by Miss Gérard, we may wonder why there was no lock or key on the victim's door.
Or why Miss Gérard didn't take in her mother, since she was so tormented.
Look at this.
Neck brace on the desk, beer with the lying witness.
Look The Blues Brothers - Will you show them to Wagner? - You bet.
Forced entry, intimidating a witness He'll massacre you.
What do I do? Wait to be taken to the slaughterhouse? Let your lawyer handle it.
If you had balls, you'd have smashed their faces and shut the fuckers up.
Instead, when you need friends they're sadly missing.
We perjured ourselves for you.
That's something.
If it weren't for your dumb idea, I wouldn't be in this mess.
Sorry, I'm going nuts.
We're getting a call.
Switch on the speaker, please.
- What happened? - What do you mean, what happened? - You have problems with the blacks.
- What problems? Cut it out.
Did you get screwed? I swear on the Koran l'll kill the motherfuckers.
They're dead.
Shut up.
How much did you lose? Nothing at all.
Don't worry, l'll fix it.
l'll kill the fuckers.
No, game over.
You hear me? l'll handle the blacks.
Wait, I When do I get my money back? At the end of the week, I swear.
How are you going to do it? I'll rob the convenience store.
If you fuck up, I'll kill you.
Your Honour, I thank the heavens that my wife is still alive.
I swear I didn't mean to harm her.
Maybe, but you've sent her into a coma from which she may never recover.
She's the one who attacked me, Your Honour.
I was fixing the blocked sink in the bathroom when she jumped on me with a knife.
To defend myself, I used the first tool I could grab.
It happened to be the hammer, so I hit her, at random, blindly.
Why did your wife attack you? She was depressed, Your Honour.
She was on medication.
Anti-depressants were found in the victim's room.
She was addicted to prescription drugs.
Thank you.
Miss Karlsson, do you have any questions? Mr Gérard, there were no fingerprints on the knife your wife attacked you with.
Why? I I wiped it without thinking.
I told the police that.
And they believed you? Why shouldn't they? I didn't hide anything.
I always said I was guilty.
Your Honour, aside from Mr Gérard's claims, I see no evidence of self-defence.
Did you see Aziz? Did he give you the money? What's up? Did you see him or not? I was told he came to see you.
Did he? What's the fucking problem? I'm sorry, darling.
I didn't mean to yell.
Tell me what's going on.
Don't be afraid.
Aziz Did he come or not? Did he hurt you? What did he do? You don't want to tell me? That's okay.
It's okay, I don't blame you.
He forced you, I know him.
Look at me, Kathy.
Look at me, my love.
Everything's fine, don't worry.
I'll make the bastard pay.
Do you hear me? Time's up, my boy.
Shedding tears won't help your mother.
That's easy for you to say.
Think you're the only one who hates her father? Thousands like you can't wait to avenge their lousy childhoods.
Excuse me.
Where are you, Rachid? Where are you calling from? You know where I am, bitch.
Get over here, we need to talk.
Your Honour, I'd like to present a new piece of evidence.
It is not my intention to re-investigate the case.
Go ahead.
As usual, Miss Karlsson is trying to confuse the proceedings.
Thank you.
This photo was taken by my client a few days before the murder.
Your Honour, the victim isn't dead.
The defence is just trying for greater compensation.
Please come here.
You too, Mr Prosecutor.
See the door? lt's locked.
So Mrs Gérard was indeed locked in her room.
Why wasn't this mentioned in the report? The case was investigated by Mr Machard.
I've never seen this photo Don't point the finger.
It was your duty to check the evidence.
Thank you, you've made your point.
Add this piece of evidence to the file.
All right, this court will resume tomorrow.
We haven't lost, then? No, we haven't lost.
You must trust me.
And remember to change clothes.
So One nil? Why are you so hostile? I'm not like you.
I don't do theatre.
I have scores to settle.
Indeed Will you excuse me? Are you settling scores with Laure too? Laure? You mean Inspector Berthaud? You know she's my friend.
And a very good cop.
Even good cops make mistakes.
The inspector made one and must pay the price.
Whatever her mistakes, this is getting out of hand.
I don't think so.
But I do wonder why so many people rally around the inspector.
How does she manage to have these men at her feet? Sure, she sleeps with them, but there must be more to it.
Maybe she's just nice.
You should give it a go.
It may do you good.
I want to see the judge.
Tell him I want to talk to him.
What's up? Will you tell him you killed Jacky? Listen, I must get out of here.
So let me talk to the judge tomorrow.
Very well, l'll tell Mr Szabo.
Tell this to Szabo.
I fuck him and I piss on him.
Mr Szabo? We have a problem with Rachid.
Not me, we.
He's decided to spill the beans on everyone.
I'll be waiting for you.
Adrien Marsac, Jacky Meloni, Saraoui, Gabriel Reston, probably a young recruit, all work for Rachid.
There's another branch, led by a certain Foufou, Fouad something.
He has three mobiles under false names, but we recognise his voice.
Rachid, Foufou and probably others, are supplied by Aziz Amrouche, aka Mr Aziz.
Have you identified Aziz's “nanny”? It could be any neighbourhood mum who hides the dope for 3000 euros a month.
Tempting if you're on a pension.
There-'s someone above Aziz.
We have recorded conversations but the phone is in a false name so we can't nail him.
- Put him under surveillance.
- Great.
There are vacant flats, one overlooking Aziz's.
In the ghetto? You'll be spotted within an hour.
We'll have help on the ground.
If we're quick, it could work.
Be careful.
Don't worry about me.
Laure Excuse me for calling you Laure I know what you're going through.
You have all my sympathy.
Thank you, Your Honour.
That means a lot to me.
It can only be those two windows.
Check it first.
It's the third-floor flat.
Now if he'll just open the curtains Do you copy us? Yes, loud and clear.
You have eight hours of recording.
Can we return to base? No, let the kid go.
Hook up Aziz's mobile to mine and get over here.
So, motherfucker, it's grass day today? Fucking informer.
We'll teach you.
We'll give you a lesson to remember.
Yes? It's Foufou.
Did I wake you up? I've got Aziz's mobile.
I've been recording all night.
My voice is fucked.
Is this Foufou calling? Here's our star! In the flesh.
Hold the curtain.
I need ten pairs of pants and one shirt.
Can you get that for me? - When do you want to come? - At 12? That's fine.
Barely out of bed and already on the phone.
You'll cook your brain.
You're supposed to say “Good morning, Mum.
” Good morning, Mum.
- Have some cookies.
- I don't like cookies.
As you wish.
Your Honour, the police report takes up exactly one small page.
One page for a criminal investigation is not much.
A police report is not judged by its weight.
So you say.
I note that this tribunal has deemed it unnecessary to turn to the criminal or investigating police.
No, they let the local police investigate the crime.
- That's their job.
- Of course.
As a result, during his only two interviews, Mr Gérard was never pressed to explain his contradictions.
He wipes his fingerprints off the knife It's not deceit, it's clumsiness.
He has a mistress? It's not a motive, it's endearing.
Your Honour, I would like to ask Mr Gérard a question.
Go ahead.
Mr Gérard How did you hit your wife? Like that? From above? During the investigation that Miss Karlsson is criticising, the evidence was examined.
My client hit the top of her skull as Mrs Gérard bent forward to strike with the knife.
Your Honour, I would like to see Exhibit 1, the hammer.
Bring Exhibit 1.
Mr Gérard, you will re-enact your gesture for the judge.
Please do it exactly as it happened.
All right? Hold it.
Don't be shy.
I am Mrs Gérard.
Go ahead.
Your Honour, Mr Gérard has just given us the explanation for the strange position of the wound he inflicted upon his wife.
He didn't attack her from the front, as he claims, but from behind.
Wait! That's not how it was My client was set up.
Your Honour, if Mrs Gérard had her back to her husband, how could she possibly attack him with a knife? What exactly are you getting at? Your Honour, if my clients were 40 or 50 years old, this would be a murder trial.
The tact that this trial is for assault shows the prosecution didn't act with the rigour such a serious case merits.
Behind this laxity, There is the condescending, contemptuous attitude of the prosecutor towards this elderly couple.
Not high-profile enough, no doubt.
Thus, Your Honour, to avoid double standards, I ask that this tribunal declare itself incompetent and refer the case to a proper criminal court so that a real crime receives a real judgment.
The court is adjourned.
Foufou, it's you! How are you? I'm fine.
- And your mum? - She's fine too.
- You've come to see your pal? - Yes, is he here? How's things? Everything okay? Make us a coffee? I'm out of coffee.
What's wrong? She wants me to take her to the seaside.
I'm flat out, I don't have time.
- Trouble! - l'll be right back.
- Don't take too long.
- I won't.
- Where do you think he's going? - To get the dope, where else? Shit, I can't zoom in any closer.
Here he comes! - Got the money? - Sure.
That's it! We've got them.
We've got them in flagrante.
I'm told you got ripped off by some niggers.
What did they tell you? Did they say "We'll fuck Aziz"? You gonna fuck me too? What's up? Think I'm with them? I'm not.
My ears are ringing.
- Why are they ringing? - Why? Shut up and listen to what I have to say.
Shut the fuck up! You like to talk, eh? Tell stories about others.
L'Il roast you, Foufou.
Just like I roasted the motherfucker who tried to fuck me over.
I think you're losing the plot, man.
You've flipped your lid.
You know me, damn it.
You know me! You know I'd never double-cross you.
We're like brothers.
We've known each other since we were kids.
It's all right.
You really freaked me out, man.
It's all right, it's cool.
I'm cool, no worries, but don't do this to me.
Know what? Relax.
Take your mum to the seaside.
It'll do you good.
Watch it.
What the hell? What's he doing there? He even messes with my TV! What's the old man doing? Is he taking the dope? Don't tell me he keeps it! Why didn't you say you were on TV? TV? Yes, on TV.
I just saw you.
I turned it on and there you were with Foufou.
Can't we have peace on the weekends at least? He's looking for something What's he looking for? All week you play loud music and on the weekend He's seen us.
We've been spotted.
Let's beat it.
We've got what we wanted.
It's hotting up! Inspector Berthaud here.
Give me the head operator.
Yes, the head operator! Malik, come here! See how we welcome the pigs? - Take this, I'm off.
- Where to? None of your business.
You just look after that.
- Got it? - Yes.
Don't forget my dough.