Engrenages (2005) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

Let's go.
What are you doing? Take this, I'm off.
- Where? - None of your business To work for me, you must love only money.
The brothers say hello.
What brothers? Nadir Badaoui was arrested ten years ago with Mustapha Larbi.
Three pages on the Larbis Mustapha and Farouk.
The brothers! - They're big game.
- Quite big.
- Time to call in the Drug Squad.
- Why? It's their job.
Who are you? Lieutenant Samy Bouchara.
I hear you need help.
Meet Lieutenant Bouchara, working with me as of 9 a.
I didn't know I requested Technical Assistance.
- We need to infiltrate the Larbis.
- That requires a pro.
Because we aren't professional enough? Thanks for driving home the point.
Welcome, dear colleague.
Let's hear you.
Sorry, I haven't been briefed yet.
You are to infiltrate a group of dealers.
Here's our amateur report.
You know very well what I meant.
This is the Larbi clan, based in the Asphodèles estate.
For now, they don't need anyone, but if we're smart, we could get you hired.
Any jobs for flunkeys? Someone not important but indispensable.
We were thinking of him.
Bodyguard, driver, flunkey, driver in a few armed robberies.
Doesn't look like much, but always there.
Arrest him.
They'll have to replace him.
It's a bit more complicated.
The Larbis will get suspicious if I appear right after his arrest.
This is what I suggest.
First, I must be seen, become a familiar presence in the area.
Second, get the Larbis to drop Nadir themselves.
Third, I must be recommended by someone they trust.
The recommendation is crucial.
Think you can do it? Police.
Don't resist.
Give me your hand.
Any other weapons? Tell me, Vincent, why were you shooting at phone booths? Got something against phone booths? Okay Where did you get the pump gun and cartridges? From your dad? Did you buy them? Were they a gift? Come on, tell us.
We'll find out anyway.
Know what we'll do? We'll descend on your home, friends, school.
Lights flashing, the works.
Is that what you want? Not really.
But I don't really care.
- What's he telling us? - Nothing.
I see.
Put him in custody.
We'll deal with him later.
- Everything okay? - Sure.
Got what I want? Yes.
Do you? - Here.
- Thanks.
I'm open seven days a week, including Sundays.
- I'm the boss now.
- Okay, thanks.
Take care.
Keep watch, fucker! Well? Where do we place the surveillance van? The Larbis go to Abdel's, near the No.
2 sales point.
We've tapped their phones.
Excuse me Excuse me Abdel's is here.
It we park the van here, their spotters won't see us.
- Right - It's too far! If things go wrong, you'll need to get to me.
- So, you want your security blanket? - Yes, I do.
Where's Aziz? He's not here at the moment.
I'm replacing him.
I need 30 grams.
- 1000 euros.
- I only have 600.
try somewhere else.
Let me see it.
I don't have it with me.
I can bring you the dope in two hours.
Hello, Nadir? It's Malik.
Four dudes want 30 Gs.
But I think they'll try to con me.
- When do they want it? - In two hours.
I'll pick you up from Abdel's.
- Bring the stuff, okay? - Don't worry.
What do we do? Shall we go? It's worth a try.
How about a hello? No, sorry, l'm very busy.
Come on, be nice.
What do you want? For you to be my lawyer.
I dig you.
- Let's call Szabo and ask him.
- He doesn't know I'm back.
Why? Have you been away? The cops were watching me.
I split.
I don't think my cousins were too happy about that.
Indeed, not happy at all.
What did they say? They said that you fucked up.
And if the cops are after you, it's a bad sign.
Why didn't you call Szabo? Or even me? I could have helped.
Now I can't.
I had no choice.
They had me cornered.
I didn't think.
I got in the car and left.
Lie low for a while.
Things may settle.
Settle? You don't know them, do you, babe? Okay if you want me as your lawyer, you can't refer to me like that.
What do I have to do? What the fuck? What are you doing? You go over there.
And you stay here and keep watch.
Keep still, or they'll spot us.
Your van is very uncomfortable.
If you need to there's this.
Not in front of you! Sir, see the black kid on the left? He's what we call an alarm bell.
When he spots a cop, he warns the others.
His mate is the beater.
The Larbis have five sales points.
That's 15,000 euros a day or 450,000 euros a month tax free.
And that's just from drugs.
What's your Nadir doing? He'll come.
Don't worry, he'll turn up.
Can you tell me how from “solitary, average student” you become a teenager who goes on a shooting spree? Are you aware that you've committed a crime? - Are you sure he can hear me? - Yes, I'm sure.
Any signs of abuse? No, none.
What came over you? Were you angry? Someone upset you? Had a fight with a pal or girlfriend? Do you have a girlfriend? All right.
I'm extending custody by 24 hours.
I want a record of his movements.
Search his parents' place tomorrow.
Check for weapons and internet contacts.
I don't like high school students with guns.
Take him away.
Bye, Vincent.
Let's go.
Come on.
It's happening.
Silver Audi, registration number Bravo Romeo Tango 3797.
Parked on Rue André Giraud.
Man of North African appearance wearing black.
It's Nadir.
I repeat, it's Nadir.
He's entering Abdel's.
Do you copy me? Loud and clear.
Awaiting orders.
When Nadir and Malik come out, we arrest them.
Wait for the signal.
They're late.
It's okay.
So are the buyers.
I don't want the buyers to come.
Four of them, plus Malik and Nadir.
We don't have the manpower.
Here they come.
Get ready.
Wait, he hasn't loaded.
If we jump him now, it's over.
So do we move? No, we wait.
I repeat, we wait.
Now he's loaded.
Let's go.
Go! Cut the engine.
Hands on the dashboard.
- Easy.
- There's no easy.
- What's this? - I don't know.
You don't know? What is it? Jam? Let's go.
We've got about 30 grams of heroin and an automatic.
Fantastic! Can we get out now? They're coming.
Good work.
I received the bill of sale for the café.
Did it go well? Very well.
Mustapha Larbi's driver has been arrested.
What for? I don't know.
Check and report back to me.
They care about the fellow.
Okay, I'll see to it.
Miss Karlsson, you're a dream come true.
Care to join me tomorrow afternoon? Where to? A garden party.
Like at the races, but a bit more kitsch.
I've nothing to wear.
Come naked.
Stop fucking around with us.
Got it, you little shit? Stop it, Gilou! I don't even want to hit him.
He makes me puke.
- So the drugs don't belong to you? - No, they don't.
So you found them on the ground and were taking them to the nearest police station? - I didn't know what he was carrying.
- Who's he? The guy you arrested.
He's from the hood, I barely know him.
Tough luck.
You barely know him and he gets arrested for possession? I swear l'm telling the truth.
Are these your mobiles? He's on the dole, but has two mobiles.
A friend gave them to me.
They're old.
Text message from Ali at 4.
12 p.
“Come by and get the usual.
” It's a pal who has to get some CDS.
He thinks we're idiots, and that hurts me.
Since you got here, you've received 23 anxious messages.
It's solidarity.
He's pissing me off.
Do I have to search pimply Rambo's parents' place? No, you don't.
But you can get me a coffee.
- Want one? - No, thanks.
Want a cigarette? Better have one now.
Once inside, you can't smoke.
May I? You don't smoke? No.
It's fine, but don't blow the smoke in my face.
They're still being interviewed.
Of course, had we known your client was in the car I was appointed by the court.
He's not my client yet.
We can't return the drugs.
Those days are over.
Everything is under seal these days.
Cops are a pain.
Inspector Berthaud.
The gentleman's lawyer is here.
Give me a minute.
Our interviews are very civilised.
See? He's the one we were after.
We're done.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Bruno, will you show them the way? This way.
Think it'll work? She'll report everything she saw.
She'll do anything for money.
Laure, did you organise your psych assessment? - I've no time.
- I don't care.
It's an order.
You have till tomorrow.
- Look, boss - Tomorrow.
I mean it.
Harbage family, Labib family Hi, Michel.
Of all my former colleagues, only you still visit me.
The bastards have dumped me.
- Did you get my money? - Yes.
Everything's so expensive here.
And Sandrine Never mind.
After all she's been through, I can't ask her for money.
I understand.
So how are things? They know I'm a cop.
So you can imagine.
I've asked to be transferred.
It's too far for Sandrine.
Sandrine won't be coming.
She's moved, she wants a divorce.
She's moved? Yes, she moved south to her sister's.
Guard! See you next week.
Does he have friends on the net? He orders lots of things on the net.
Clothes, shoes, books You never even check what he receives, find out what he buys? I'm not an intrusive mother, sir.
I respect my son's privacy.
- Is his room this way? - l'll show you.
For shopping.
Vincent writes down what he needs and I buy it.
It's handy.
It's not a son you have, it's a lodger.
Apart from breaking glass, he hasn't hurt anyone.
Just as well.
Nice little stock.
Some are missing.
Three exactly.
Where are they? Vincent? Tell this arsehole not to touch my computer.
Emails locked.
We'll take this.
We're taking your son's computer.
I'm calling a lawyer.
Go ahead.
I should report you to Welfare.
That's all we need.
He has his own room, his computer.
He has everything he needs.
Samy, quick, they're speaking Arabic.
It's Abdel.
- What's he saying? - Wait.
Piss off, Abdel.
I don't want to see you any more.
- I get it.
- Who's Slimane? Are they gay? They fight like chicks.
Nothing to do with the Larbis.
Let's go.
If you say so.
Very classy.
- My home country look.
Like it? - She'd have to be desperate.
- Coming? - No, I'm busy.
We go on our own? Yes.
Need me to hold your hand? - She can be a pain.
- She's not a pain.
- She your girl? - Why ask? Are you a cop? Just curious.
Let's go.
I was appointed by Judge Wagner as part of his investigation.
So l'll ask you to answer a few questions.
You are 34 and you've been with the Criminal Police since - Marital status? - Not married.
Any children? No.
You have a partner but you're not married? Yes, for ten years.
- Is your partner also a policeman? - No, he's a doctor.
There's quite a big age difference.
He wants us to have children.
- But you're hesitant? - A little.
I'm doing a difficult job for a mother.
Want to talk about your work? I think I'm doing okay.
I hope to be promoted to Division Inspector.
Then perhaps I can slow down and have children.
My dream is to have a family.
My partner and I both agree on that.
He's a good man.
I don't know what I'd do without him.
Sorry, but I really must go.
Isn't that enough? Goodbye.
Got a light? The money.
- I said later.
Don't you get it? - What do you mean, later? Don't you understand? Not in front of strangers.
I'm looking for work.
I'm looking for work.
Got your papers? They'll kick you out.
Can you find me papers? What's that accent? Where do you come from? Egypt.
My mother's Moroccan.
Give it up, Parisian.
- How much? - Two euros.
It's all right.
Is this your garden party? Your problem is that you're too big a snob to appreciate it.
Your problem, Jean, is that you underestimate me.
- Jean? - Jean.
How are you? - Hi.
- How do you do? Marie, my wife.
- Lovely party.
- Thanks.
We like to entertain.
We need to talk.
And she's Moroccan? So they gave Nadir the flick? The family firm doesn't keep squealers.
Wait, I only said the cops handled him in an odd way.
Get off the truck.
It's your birthday.
Come, petal, it's your truck.
- They all eat out of the Larbis' hands? - More or less.
Who's the guy in white? Imam Saïd.
The Larbis are largely financing the new mosque.
You let them squander their money? Not always.
- How are you, Nikos? - Fine, Mr Larbi.
I've thought about it.
I don't want you ending up on the street.
- That's very kind.
- Okay? Relax.
You'll be the new manager.
Okay? You're not happy? I am.
Then smile.
Go and enjoy the party.
It's working.
I have great software for this kind of stuff.
Check his history on MSN.
He's subscribed to lots of sites.
Steam, NetworkGames He has many pals, all talking murder.
Not sure it's for real.
- Names? - Nicknames.
His is Black Plague.
Black Plague? Remember the Blackshirts? Are you into politics? - Ever heard of the Brown Plague? - I doubt he sees the problem.
If he has many Nazi pals, that could be the problem.
What do you chat about with your pals? You're really starting to piss me off.
A certain Whisper keeps popping up.
They chat every day, then he just drops off.
He thinks he's too young.
For what? Who's this Whisper? The server gave us his pals' names and addresses.
So Whisper is a certain Dominique Lassanier, in the 18th arrondissement.
Your pal got a bit annoyed with you, right? So you promised him something special.
“Tomorrow the Apocalypse, Whisp!” What does that mean? I think we'll go see Whisper.
Mr Prosecutor, it's Laure.
Dominique Lassanier is not at home.
Nor are his parents.
Okay, thanks.
- Do we break it? - I break it.
Be my guest.
Vincent's missing cartridges.
Pierre We found the three missing cartridges.
It stinks.
And the magic will appear! Super! Good idea, the toy tiger.
Will you get me a tea, please? I'm sorry, Mus.
I fucked up.
Go play with your sister.
Why didn't you call? There were cops everywhere.
I didn't have time to think.
I smashed my mobile and took off like crazy.
Okay, never mind.
I need you in the basement.
Right now? Go and see what's happening.
- What's up? - Can't you see? What did you do? Tell me.
You know very well.
I've done nothing.
Motherfucker! Son of a whore! Blowtorch him.
You fucking little whore! Shut the fuck up.
You want to talk? l'll make you talk.
What the fuck's going on? Fuck you! I've done nothing.
Put it out.
- You know I don't grass, Mus! - Listen here.
Get out of Paris and never come back.
If I see you again, I'll kill you.
Give me your mobile.
Why? Mine's with the cops.
I want a clean one.
Come on, give it to me.
Where is it? Don't touch it! What's up? Got some porn on it? What's this? Did you film that? Who were you with? With no one, I swear.
Have you shown it to anyone? You must forget what you saw.
Did you kill her? Why did you do it? You'd never seen her! I had.
She didn't want you? She thought you were too young? It was all fine until she saw you then she broke it off? Let me through! I want to see my daughter! What a mess! What a mess! There was nothing you could do.
Two dead.
And I opened the window.
You can park over there.
What do we do about the parents? I'll handle it.
Usually, in my work I know what I have to do and how to do it.
It's simple.
I don't ask myself too many questions.
But now I don't know any more.
I'm at a loss.
Maybe it's me who's asking if I think that I want impossible things.
I don't know any more.
We're all moving in the dark.
Don't you think? I don't know.
I don't know.
- It's difficult for me to see you now.
- Why? Because I'm busy.
You're a pain, Gilou.
- l'll call you back.
- Sure.
- Abdel? - Yes, Slimane.
- I must talk to Nadir.
- He's back in his village.
He was talking too much.
- They've dumped Nadir.
- We're on.
- l'll roll a big joint.
- Bring it on! - You must come to my village.
- I promise.
The girls are off to Tangier on holidays.
I need you to buy me some gold.
It's still too risky.
We don't know what Nadir told the cops.
He didn't tell them anything.
lt's all bullshit.
So? Is the bitch any good? I knew it.
He refused.
He says it's too risky.
Szabo is really starting to shit me.
Nice place.
You don't want the lights on? - Is this the only room? - No, there's a bedroom.
So what are we doing here? Police.
ID control.
Turn off the music, please.
Thank you.
Hands on tables.
Identity check.
Those who have no proper ID will be rounded up.
Come on, move it.
Quiet! Out we go.
They were having it off out the back.
Procuring! Are you the manager? Yes.
Listen, I'm an honest citizen We'll see.
Are your accounts in order? Yes.
What's this? Your slush fund? Impound all the machines.
Sir Illegal gambling, procuring The bill will be hefty.
Rachid, mind the till, please.
Round them up.
Back to base.
Cap off.
Listen, Abdel, we can lock you up just for procuring.
And illegal gambling.
You'll lose your assets in France and Morocco.
Once you've done your five years and paid the fines, you can leave France, in your undies.
But I'm innocent.
We can make a deal, if you want.
Now you're talking.
So you're not against making a deal? Let's say we drop the procuring charge.
I don't know.
What kind of deal? The Larbis are looking for a new driver.
Wait, you don't know what we're offering.
Not the Larbis! We just want you to introduce a guy to them.
Never! I'd rather lose everything I have.
If I do this, I'm dead.
I won't touch the Larbis.
Son of a whore! Cigarette? Do you know Slimane? You're a fag, Abdel.
For now, nobody knows.
Not even the cops.
But if you refuse to collaborate, we'll let everyone know.
I'll give the photos to Mustapha Larbi.
You don't have any photos.
How do I know you're a fag, then? Got it? Got it? I got it.
Tell the Larbis I'm your nephew.
- You're not Moroccan.
- I don't care, find a way.
Your sister sent you her son.
He has no papers, he needs work.
You don't know what to do.
If you do this, we won't bother you any more.
I have only one word.
Okay? - Okay? - Okay! Okay? Good.
He agrees.
May I have a coffee? Samy - What did you tell him? - You wouldn't understand.
Try us.
I fixed it for you.
Would it hurt to say thank you? - Thanks.
- There you go.
Mr Larbi? This is Karlsson, the lawyer.
- Do you still want to buy gold? - Yes, I do.
Why? I break fucking doors.
Bang, bang, I pull out my gun.
I peddle my dope and fuck the cops.
I'll string you up if you try to fuck me.
Fuck with me and l'll kidnap your mum.
Fuck the authorities, I do what I do.
Get out of my way or l'll fuck you too.
Street gun, I'm keeping score.
I've learned the hard way cos life is hard core.
I've sold everything, Aziz.
Are you kidding? Is this what I get for one kilo? That's the price, Aziz.
I told you to sell my dope.
And what did you do? Spend my money on whores? No, I didn't.
Lick my shoes.
I said lick my shoes.
Lick them, faggot! We'll take over.
My little brother has things to say about Aziz Amrouche.