Engrenages (2005) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

Welcome, dear colleague.
You're to infiltrate a group of dealers.
This is the Larbi clan.
If we're smart, we could get you hired.
- What do you want? - For you to be my lawyer.
What's this? Did you film that? Forget what you saw.
You spent my money on whores? My brother has things to say about Aziz.
He saw the barbecue.
I accuse Inspector Berthaud of harassment.
Thanks for going to such trouble.
I'm surprised you're not taking this seriously.
I managed to withdraw your application.
- Did Machard call? - He thinks you're uncontrollable.
- The Larbis need a driver.
- So we could make a deal? - What kind of deal? - Tell the Larbis I'm your nephew.
He agrees.
Well, my friend do you have guts or not? Let's see.
Start the car.
Go on.
Off you go Now we'll see if you have guts.
Turn right into the carpark.
Speed up! Show me you've got balls! Motherfucking good! Well done, Samy! That's it, slalom Have some fun.
Let's beat it now.
Left here.
Isn't he driving a bit fast? - What now? - Who's this jerk? We'll show them.
Who's that? The Crime Squad Get going! The Crime Squad is pursuing a car we're watching.
Bravo, Romeo, Victor 93.
Ask them to abort.
Move it Go for it! Move it.
The stupid losers are backing off! Keep going.
Don't stop.
What's going on here? All right? - Smoking dope again, slack bastards? - You bet Check my cousins' new recruit.
Where did you learn to drive, Schumacher? When I did national service.
I took some tests and ended up driving the general around.
Driver to a general! Licence.
- You got yourself tailed by the cops.
- What did I tell you, dumb arse? Cops on your tail and what did you do? Forgive me.
Let's go.
- All right, Abdel? - Fine, yourself? Fine.
We hired your nephew.
Find him French ID.
No problem.
Get us a drink.
- Abdel, a coffee.
- Make it two.
- Lemonade.
- You're not at the mosque.
Well? What's the story? Yugos from up north.
Lille or Roubaix - Which? - I don't know.
Up north.
Don't worry.
I'll get you some ID.
- We have no one there.
- Wait - They want hash.
Lots of it.
- Yes - They want to pay with arms.
- Arms? With arms? Are you nuts? - You're the new driver? - Yes.
- Done it before? - Yes, back home.
Arms are the future.
You think you can sell arms like chewing gum? - Let him talk.
- What is he on about? Go on, talk Mus This is fucking gold.
We have no one up north.
The Yugos are keen.
They'll accept anything from you.
Let me tell you, Mus if you let this one go by, there'll be plenty more queueing up to do it.
I'm telling you.
Tell them we'll start with 50 kilos.
I want 30 paid with cash, the rest with arms.
It's worth a try, isn't it? Take it easy, Farouk.
Let's give him a chance.
He's family.
Come here.
Tomorrow you'll drive my wife and kids to the station.
- Fine.
- I need him tomorrow.
- What? - I need him tomorrow.
- Come at noon.
Farouk will explain.
- Fine.
All right? Buy yourself some clothes.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
- Do you know your way back? - Yes.
I'm turning left at Rue de Saint-Etienne.
Hop in, boyo.
- They had a great game.
- Big deal They'll be in first division next year.
- lt's Le Hâvre we're talking about.
- Still - Did it work? - Of course.
What did you think? Champagne Le Hâvre won.
Why not drink to St-Germain as well? - That's enough.
- Get us five glasses.
- Can we say St-Germain sucks? - No way.
- To the police elite.
- To Le Hâvre's losers.
- What's your problem with Le Hâvre? - What? You seem to have a problem with Le Hâvre.
- What are you doing? - Stop it now.
- What's your problem? - Calm down Drop that gun.
Get that in your gob! Fuckwit! - Arsehole - I got you! There, in your face - Don't you ever get mixed up? - Never.
- You're a professional liar.
- You could say that.
It's a game.
I'd be bored if I was just a dumb cop.
- Well, thanks very much! - No problem.
- You're not too bored with us? - I'm not bored with you.
Not with me Your place or mine? Tell me.
Isn't this a bit quick? - I'm not asking you to marry me.
- Right - What are you doing? - Good night.
All right l see.
Good night, then.
Someone was screaming in the boot but the boss pretended he didn't hear.
He got the others to pour petrol on the car.
- Could you recognise him? - Yes, sure.
It's Aziz, my neighbour.
Don't listen to everything he says.
How many of them altogether? There were five of them.
I don't know the others.
Only Aziz.
He took his gold lighter, threw it and boom! How could he see all that in the dark? Talk and they'll kill us all.
We'll arrest Aziz right away.
You have nothing to fear.
If it helps, Your Honour, I know where he is.
Arrest warrants are my prerogative.
What do you mean? Aziz has to be arrested.
- You have no choice.
- That's a bit rich.
Won't the Larbis link Aziz's arrest to their new driver? Murders take precedence over drug offences.
We could have delayed Aziz's arrest if you hadn't insisted on naming Mourad in the file.
You've got a nerve! You made such a fuss about naming Rachid in the file.
Now that we have a weak case with only a child witness, you request anonymity.
We don't want to stuff up again.
The file is empty.
We have no evidence, only a testimony.
You heard the kid.
Aziz is a killer.
If he finds out - Would you risk another barbecue? - With Mourad in the boot? - Call me as soon as you arrest him.
- Thanks.
What a pain in the arse he can be! It will be bliss to arrest that bastard.
- Robert? - Can I see you? I'm downstairs.
Not now.
Please, Pierre.
I need your help.
I'm coming now.
Is it an apology you're after? Why? Do you want to apologise? I should have listened to my gut feeling and stood by you.
I always knew you were a cut above the rest.
Is it that bad? Domestic violence.
- I'm to report to the police in an hour.
- I see.
What happened? She found out I was having an affair.
She was drunk when I came home.
She was hysterical.
I slapped her.
Then all hell broke loose and she went to the police.
She was given the red carpet treatment of course Mrs Bréan with her husband's head on a platter.
Any cop could leak it to the press for a bit of cash.
It's not under my jurisdiction.
Come on, Pierre, please Do you want money? - 500 thousand, one million, two? - Stop it.
I'll give you anything to call the superintendent.
Tell him I'm happy to talk to her, to accept her conditions money, divorce, the lot.
Please, Pierre You won't regret it.
- Pull up, please.
- Wait.
I'm sorry.
I know you're not like that.
I'm asking you this for old times' sake.
Stop it.
I'll See.
I doubt l'll be able to do anything.
I'll call you.
Shit What's that bitch doing here? Can't you afford a watch? I had trouble finding the place.
- Have you bought gold before? - No.
Go to those three bureaux de change.
They're friends of mine Look at me when I talk to you.
Buy two kilos of gold from each of them.
No more, no less.
- What it something goes wrong? - There'll be someone with you.
He'll drive you around and bring the gold home before the girls leave.
I guess they'll be travelling by ship because flying is too risky.
What about the inspector? I got your request for an additional charge.
I only want to be thorough and to get the full picture.
It's not necessary.
Inspector Berthaud's a good officer.
I don't like the way you're handling this.
- I don't understand.
- I mean that's enough.
You have enough evidence.
Goodbye, Mr Wagner.
- Police! - Don't touch me! - Stay still.
- Hands off! Leave me alone.
Don't touch me.
The bastard's biting! Let go! Give us your arm.
- Let go! - l'll handcuff him.
- Did he bite you? - Bastard! It's 11.
You're now under arrest, you bastard.
- Let's sit him up.
- Let go! - Sit.
- Motherfucker! He can get dressed in the van.
Let's go! - Son of a bitch! - Shut it and get out.
Wankers Losers! I don't understand why you're intervening.
I'm not.
I'm only trying to assess the damage.
Mr Bréan's career is at stake.
Instead of politely summoning him by phone, I could have arrested him in public and informed the press.
I realise that, Superintendent.
I was just wondering what evidence Mrs Bréan has.
The Crime Squad's report for a start.
Didn't you know? They found her walking around with blood on her face.
They thought she'd been assaulted in the street.
Let me read you the hospital report.
Extensive bruising all over her body, torn clothes, blah blah blah Open wound over the eyebrow Fractured nose and displaced septum likely to cause respiratory problems.
Are you still there, sir? Thank you for your time.
Much appreciated.
What can I do for you, sir? I have a question.
Why did you try to interfere in the case against Inspector Berthaud? When I read the file, I realised Judge Wagner was victimising the defendant.
Ms Berthaud's lawyer thinks the same.
He contacted her union.
I guess you must be right to put the brakes on.
As long as no one can say that you're protecting your lady friend.
Sir I need to talk to you.
It's confidential.
It's about Robert Bréan.
Where were you on 3 November? - Answer.
- I'm thinking.
Don't take too long.
lt'll only annoy me.
Wasn't that the day I sodomised you on the back seat? I didn't hear that.
Make an effort.
- Where were you on 3 November? - What are you doing? Is it my fault if she enjoys it? Do you know him? Are you pissed or what? Did you have too much booze at the canteen? - Why would I know that moron? - How do you know he's a moron? He looks like you, sharp as a marble.
Funny - You've never seen him? - Never.
What's your problem now? You want to suck my dick? What are you doing? Come on, talk to us.
Talk about what? - Come on - Tell us about 3 November.
Out with it.
She'll have to suck my dick first.
What are you doing? - Sit up, bastard! - Son of a bitch! Loser! You're a motherfucker! A motherfucker! Well? - All he does is ask if I suck dick.
- I hope you punched him out.
- What do you think? - About what? Not about sucking dick.
About the Larbis getting paranoid.
- Focus, please.
- I am.
Aziz's arrest will make them paranoid but that suits me.
- Are you scared? - Of the Larbis? Who else? Are you with me? Yes, I'm with you.
What scares me is that I offended you last night.
- You didn't.
I was tired.
- Were you? - Did you sleep well? - Not at all.
Inspector Here's the custody report - Why are you pulling that face? - I'm not Larbi.
I'll be right there.
- l'll explain.
Be on time.
- I will be.
- That's two kilos of gold.
- Fine.
One moment.
Thank you.
Miss Karlsson, what a surprise! Aren't you asking what I'm doing here? Farouk told me you were buying gold.
He's horrified by your total lack of ethics.
I didn't think you'd cross me.
I must be getting old.
His advice was to beat you up and to sack you.
Give us that.
- Let's go.
They're waiting for us.
- Why should I come if l'm sacked? I don't always listen to Farouk's advice.
Come on, move it.
How did you get Farouk's number? - In a file - Only I know the Larbis' number.
You must have gone through my pockets while I was asleep.
Like a whore.
Which one is it? Number three.
- He burnt the car.
- Thank you, Mourad.
Good boy.
We'll show him more photos to identify the others.
He has to go to school.
He can go once he's signed the statement.
All right? - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You motherfucker! Hiding behind the cops! Hiding behind the cops! Hi, Szabo.
How are you? - Where's the suitcase, Malika? - Here it is.
Leave it there.
- Have you got everything? - Yes.
Take the girls.
Goodbye, love.
Goodbye, my darlings.
Samy will drive you to the station.
- What are you doing here? - What? Can't I have a coffee? - Aziz got busted.
- When? This morning.
- What charge? - Homicide.
A barbecue I can't do anything.
The judge knows I'm your lawyer.
If I defend Aziz, he'll make the connection.
He could even think you ordered the barbecue.
You can't do anything.
Did you hear that motherfucker? Are we paying you to sit on your arse all day? Miss Karlsson will defend Aziz.
She's a woman, she's young.
She'll slut around in front of the judge.
She's good at that.
Hang on Homicide suspects don't get bail.
- Everything's possible.
- No.
Judge Roban is very tough.
I saw him with Rachid.
You know him? - Does she? - Of course she does.
Don't listen to him.
He only wants Shut your face.
Get my cousin out of the shit or you're dead.
Clear? Good.
Now let's have a coffee.
Could you make some coffee, Samy? Roban must have a cast-iron case against Aziz.
- He never goes off half-cocked.
- Probably not.
What are you punishing me for? Going through your pockets? Or being a bad screw? Whatever it is, I don't deserve to die.
The Larbis won't go that far.
They tend to punish women in more sexual ways.
Actually, they can do pretty much anything.
What are you doing? You wanted to play with the big boys.
You're there.
Hop out.
- Hello.
- Hello there.
May I? Please do.
- You don't usually come to Nanterre.
- I do, but I never stay this late.
Congratulations on yesterday's summing-up.
I read about it in the paper.
High praise for the DPP.
Well done.
It's nothing like your front page in Le Monde.
But I was just doing my job.
Is the rumour true? What rumour? Bréan's domestic violence charge.
- A bit tricky, isn't it? - Not really.
The DPP will love implementing the latest laws on domestic violence.
- You must have read them.
- I have indeed.
Politicians like to toughen laws to please the voters.
Let one of them find out what lax justice means.
I intend to remand Bréan in custody and get him to trial right away.
Tell him I'll request the maximum.
No mitigating circumstances.
What makes you think I talk to him? Paris prosecutors don't have dinner in Nanterre for no reason.
- Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.
You forgot your coat.
A young prosecutor, understanding, moderate He understands we expect some restraint from him.
There's not much else we can do, sir.
We'll tell Bréan we tried everything.
It's cutting out l'll have to go, sir.
Well His master's voice What are you doing in Nanterre? Is it to do with Bréan? You're mad at me.
How can I make up for it? Spill the beans on Bréan and his wife.
You're not here by chance.
Me neither.
I care about violence against women.
l'll find out myself.
I was seen on a building site? Dude, do I look the building-site type? - Address me correctly, please.
- Sorry, Your Honour.
- We have a witness.
- What witness? Get your witness to come in here.
- It's too easy to accuse people.
- Sit down.
Where do you get your money? From music, sir.
I'm successful.
I wouldn't call 312 CDs nationwide a success.
I've sold more than that! His record company swindled him so he started his own label.
It was still a flop and doesn't explain your lifestyle.
That's enough.
Tell him to let me go.
I have enough to remand you in custody.
- Let's see.
- Your Honour I'm afraid we have different schedules.
The time on the arrest record doesn't match that on the custody notification form.
So I request the termination of custody and my client's immediate release.
It's a blatant irregularity in the proceedings.
I can't possibly let it pass.
If you no longer need us, Your Honour Make sure your client complies with my summons.
We'll be at your disposal, Your Honour.
Goodbye, sir.
Inspector You're really good.
Look This isn't over.
We've just gained a bit of time.
The guy who grassed on me Any idea who he is? No Not again.
I've really had enough.
If I find him, the case is closed.
Listen to me.
Toe the line or I'm no longer your lawyer.
Clear? If anything happens to that witness, I'll drop you like a piece of shit.
You're a killer.
I like you.
- Shall we go and get married? - No, thanks.
Now go back home and lie low.
Unbelievable An arrest that took weeks to plan stuffed up by a procedural slip that's part of basic police training.
I apologise.
Don't apologise to us.
We don't care.
Think of those people hoping to be rid of a killer.
Do you realise what you've done? I doubt she wrote the report herself.
- One of your underlings, was it? - My trainee.
- I should have checked.
It's my fault.
- Of course it is! You've always had my support.
I know, Your Honour.
But this time I might have overestimated your competence.
Can you fax this to the DPP? Is he in jail? Hello.
Mrs Boualem Aziz has been released.
- No! - He's out.
It can't be true! He'll kill us.
He'll kill my son.
You'll have to protect us! There's no witness protection scheme in this country.
- Nothing? - I'm sorry.
What shall we do? Maybe Social Services could put Mourad into care.
You can't take my son away! - It would be temporary.
- Where shall we go now? To the moon? If it helps, I can I can pay for a hotel.
You cops are all shit! You're useless! I'm sorry, Laure.
We'll get him anyway.
- How are you? - Good.
You? - All right, fatso? - Good.
Hi, Malik.
How are you? Well? Did they let you out? My lawyer's a killer.
The guy who grassed on me is called Mourad.
I overheard the cops.
Find him.
We'll give him the fucking works.
I've found a solution.
Do you have Bréan's number? What solution? We can't hush the whole thing up but we can defuse it.
We can spare him having to appear in a criminal court.
A community justice centre will do.
A prosecutor will see him privately.
There will be a mediation.
Discreet and confidential.
That's for victims declared unfit for work for less than a week.
Mrs Bréan was given two weeks.
Rest assured, I'm not suggesting anything illegal.
The senior physician from Casualty is very experienced.
He thinks his junior doctor was a bit generous with the leave he granted.
It's only a broken nose.
It's not a major handicap.
He's going to send me exactly the same certificate recommending one week's leave only.
Do you have Bréan's number? - Is Malik with you? - Yes.
- Put him on.
- Here he is.
- Malik? - Look, Aziz - I swear I looked everywhere.
- Yeah, right - Keep the bullshit coming.
- Listen No, I won't.
Shut it now, all right? You've given me three Mourads.
One's in Tunisia and the other two don't even live on the estate.
- No one knows a Mourad.
- Malik's brother is called Mourad.
He lives right below us.
I'm cutting out.
Do you want this tracksuit? We'll let the deal between the Larbis and the Yugos go through.
- Will they be armed? - Sure.
The Larbis too.
- Will you? - Only if the Larbis want me to be.
We don't touch the Larbis until we get to the supplier in Morocco, okay? If we stick to the plan, Samy's safe.
Why don't we catch Aziz red-handed? No need.
He won't hurt the kid.
So we're not arresting the Yugos, right? The Lille police will take care of that afterwards.
They'll be arrested in Lille.
We're done.
Let's go.
- What? - It doesn't feel right.
We've gone through it all.
It'll be fine.
We're not prepared for this.
What have I just been doing if not preparing? We have the guys' photos, the layout, the support of the Lille police.
- Isn't that enough preparation? - You know we can't protect Samy.
You really think I'm a mug.
You should share your concerns with Judge Wagner.
He wants me out of the force.
He'd love to hear from you.
Samy Yes.
Be careful tonight.
I always use protection.
I'm not joking.
No mucking around, right? I'm a chicken.
I blow my chance then regret it later.
Apart from that, I'm fine.
See you tonight, then.
See you tonight.
Mourad! How nice of you to tell me all this.
It's too big to keep it to myself.
You know that.
You said your chief editor wanted information on Bréan.
- Did I? - Yes, you did.
You also said you wouldn't go overboard for a scoop.
- Don't you remember? - Not at all.
I can't remember.
I know I'm the one to blame, but can't we still be friends? No.
- No - Pity.
Everybody will know you're behind the leak.
- Bréan too.
- It doesn't matter.
On the contrary.
That prosecutor from Nanterre isn't shrinking from his task.
I'm doing this for him.
You're such a bullshitter.
You also want to annoy your boss.
- Don't you? - Just a bit.
Give me the camera.
Show me the money.
Show us the dope.
Where are the weapons? They're being done! Mus! Balak! Don't move, arsehole.
Son of a bitch! Stay here.
Don't move, son of a bitch! Freeze, motherfucker! As long as Samy's safe, we stay put.
What are you doing, for fuck's safe? Samy! Go! Off you go, Gilou, quick! I can see them.
Wait for me, you jerk.
- We got done.
- What? - We fucked up.
- Where the fuck is my brother? Where's my brother? Where? What happened? Aziz split with the dope.
No, he didn't.
He's here.
Have you seen him? No, but his car's here.
The motherfucker must have gone for a piss.
Not a single one of those fuckwits helped me.
Guys from Lille screwed us on our turf! You're all a bunch of shits! Where's that son of a bitch Aziz? You're a brother to me.
- You hear me? - I did what I had to do.
Mustapha! What? - Aziz has my brother! - Then show me where he is.
He did it on purpose, for fuck's sake! He knew we couldn't keep up.
What shall we tell him? Your tyres burst? That stinks.
The guy drives like a lunatic.
He doesn't care if we can keep up or not.
- He lost us on purpose.
- So it's his fault now! You need guts to do what he does.
He takes all the risks! And you blame him for speeding! Sorry.
I didn't realise you were in love with him.
Aziz, you're here? We've been looking for you.
How are you? I'm hiding the dope, see Who's that kid? Yours? Is he? I don't have any kids.
- Why is he crying? - No idea.
I think he's lost.
Is he? It's like the dope.
If it's in your cellar, it's as good as lost.
- The dope was never lost! - Only joking Go home, Samy.
Take the kid back to his mum.
You too, Malik.
Go home.
Take your mate.
Get out, all of you.
Beat it! So you're ditching me? Stop it, Mus I had the dope.
What was I supposed to do? Let the fucking Yugos take my car with the dope in it? I know you're no loser, Mus.
You're tough.
Fucking Yugos can't cross you.
You're tough.
I thought the Yugos were your mates.
I don't know them.
You organised the deal! Do you think with your arse? Let him explain.
It's not like that Aziz give me a kiss.
- I like being kissed when I get fucked.
- Stop - Kiss me.
- I swear I'd never cross you.
On my mother's head! On the Koran! You and I are like this What were you going to do with that kid? He grassed on me about the barbecue.
Who told you to do a barbecue? Am I intruding? Where were you, arsehole? Where's the champagne? We nearly lost a cop.
Nothing to gloat about.
I know what I'm doing, okay? What? - I want your report tomorrow.
- Fine.
- See you then.
- Good night.