Engrenages (2005) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

Three pages on the Larbis Mustapha and Farouk.
- The Larbis need a new driver.
- Tell them I'm your nephew.
You need guts to do that.
He takes all the risks! I didn't realise you were in love.
- Where's that son of a bitch Aziz? - He split with the dope.
- Is it that bad? - Domestic violence.
- I'm to report to the police in an hour.
- I see.
We can't hush it up, but we can defuse it.
Everyone will know you leaked it.
I accuse the inspector of harassing my client.
Thanks for going to such trouble.
I'm surprised you're not taking this seriously.
What are the Larbis up to? We're on the expressway at Aulnay.
Aulnay's nice.
Wait, they're slowing down.
They're going to Le Bourget! Isn't the airport closed at this hour? Not for private jets.
- They're not in that class.
- With the Larbis, who knows? Wait here.
Yes? They went to see some guy, I don't know who.
They made me wait outside.
- Where are you? - Right opposite you.
Can you see me? Can you see this? Cut the crap.
Your last load of hash was as hard as concrete.
The packets got wet.
It was an accident.
That's not my problem.
Hash has to be soft like butter.
What do I tell my clients? - How much do you want? - 300 kilos.
Can we get back to you? No.
The rest on delivery, as usual.
- l'll need more time for the heroin.
- Find a way.
You owe us that much.
For 500 kilos I need a bigger boat.
I don't have one.
And it's riskier.
Wait for the next shipment.
I don't get it.
We order more stuff and you're complaining.
The goods will leave Tangier on Tuesday.
It will unload two miles from the coast, as usual.
- Meanwhile, l'll find the goods.
- Good! You find the boat to carry the stuff and pay for it.
Where do I find it? On the internet? You're giving us the shits.
You find it and you pay for it.
My jet takes off in 30 minutes.
Come with me, you can buy it there.
Where's Farouk? Farouk's gone to Spain.
In four days' time we're doing a run.
What run? A quick drug run from Spain.
As you'll be driving, I'm not worried.
Mus I need ID to go to Spain.
Stuff that.
What I need is two extra cars.
Between 11 p.
and 12.
30 a.
three private jets landed at Le Bourget.
Including a Falcon from Tangier that left for Malaga.
Bingo! Who owns it? A certain Mehdi Tabib.
- General Mehdi Tabib? - It doesn't specify.
You know him? He's the king's military advisor, a close friend of the president.
So? If his name appears in the file, External Security will have to be told.
And they'll take over.
- We'll pretend we didn't know.
- We'll just lose the report.
Are you nuts? I'm not lying to Roban.
Then we're stuffed.
Can I ask you something? How do you cope being with them? I mean, drinking with them, laughing with them? Personally, they make me puke.
Maybe I'm a bit of a thug myself.
Watch out, because I know how to handle misfits and I always get my way.
I'm sure that's not true.
How do you know? I watch you.
You watch everyone, don't you? Everyone.
You in particular.
Want a lift? I'm a bit tired.
As long as it's not too far I don't know.
Yes? Hello.
Have you seen the paper? “Prosecutor Machard will go to any length to save Robert Bréan from a jail term.
“He has even contacted the hospital where Mrs Bréan was urgently admitted.
” To think the bastard was shown on TV visiting a centre for abused wives.
Did you know about it? I don't believe it! You leaked it? You're nuts.
They'll immediately know it was you.
I don't care.
I adore you! I'll wait in the corridor.
I'll refer the matter to the Higher Council for breach of professional secrecy.
I'll tell them how you sent me to placate the prosecutor.
And how you called the head doctor to declassify the file.
It's your call, sir.
You can be sure of one thing, Pierre.
From now on, I'll do all I can to harm you.
What were you doing until now? Miss Karlsson, Have you seen Aziz Amrouche since his last appearance? My client has no intention of disappearing.
Miss Karlsson communicates with her client by telepathy.
She hasn't seen or talked to him, but she knows what's in his head.
Mr Amrouche is in breach of his legal obligations.
I'm issuing a warrant for his arrest.
Be careful.
You're playing a dangerous game.
She's up to her neck in it, and claims she doesn't know where Aziz is.
- We must tap her phone.
- For this? Just a lawyer lunching with her client.
- And the gold? - Buying gold isn't illegal.
In my book, it's called money laundering.
It we attack a lawyer the entire bar will turn on us.
But attacking a cop is okay.
- Have a nice day, Inspector.
- You too, sir.
Pierre I hope you're not responsible for this leak.
Of course not.
Why didn't you mention it? We could have acted in a more subtle way without exposing you.
Don't worry.
Machard is angry but he can do nothing against me.
I hope not.
I'll call you when we have the other two.
You call me when you have the boat.
Change your mobile.
It's a good car, we can take it.
Kevin's changed the number plates.
That's where we'll put the dope.
We need another two regular ones.
Let's go.
Miss Karlsson, I thought we were mortal foes.
I'm after Aziz.
The client you stole from me? You've had your revenge.
We're even.
Therefore you can ask me a favour? The cops, the judge, the prosecutor think I know where Aziz is.
They'll end up tapping my phone.
Use two mobiles.
One in your name, one under a false name.
Use it to call Aziz.
That prick never paid me.
Can't you do something? I could mention it to Mustapha.
And? Will you? I mean, we're still working together, you can't let me down.
I'm keeping you for one reason.
You're fun, the others bore me.
Szabo says there's a problem.
Aziz has disappeared and hasn't paid me.
That's the problem.
Meet me at Abdel's in 30 minutes.
Get in.
- What do you want? - What do I want? I haven't seen you since Rachid died.
I'm concerned, that's normal.
How's the kid? Is she okay? She's fine, thanks.
Tell me what you need.
I'm broke.
I can't even pay the rent.
Take it.
Go to the Asphodèles estate.
Tell the caretaker I gave you Aziz's flat.
Aziz is gone.
He's not coming back.
I just go and see the caretaker? Settle in, get a job, get back on your feet and don't sell your arse.
Thanks, Mus.
Want to earn some extra cash? Hire two cars for us with your bank card.
I have no money.
They'll cancel my card.
Put this in your account.
lt'll pay for the cars.
You can keep the rest.
You'll go with Samy, he'll choose the cars.
Hi, Mus.
Miss Joséphine - Nice name.
- I prefer Miss Karlsson.
So ambitious! Any news of Aziz? Everyone's hassling me over Aziz.
He hasn't paid you, right? If you want to make money, work for me.
A pal in jail needs a mobile.
Just the SIM card.
No, it's too risky.
I could be debarred, sent to jail.
Szabo would do it.
- Szabo smuggles mobiles into prison? - He'll smuggle guns if I ask him.
Lawyers are never searched.
There's no risk.
It's all right.
I'll ask Szabo.
But you're no longer working for me.
Give me the man's name and details.
l'll see what I can do.
All right, l'll do it.
No problem.
- Who is it? - Samy.
- Who? - Samy.
Go home.
Hi, everyone.
Scoop! Photo! Mustapha Larbi fucks his brother's wife.
What are you saying? He fucks her while his wife's in Morocco and his brother's in Spain? I doubt it's the first time.
- Roban will love a bit of sex.
- lt's not his style.
More your style, eh, Gilou? - Move your arse, Steph.
- I'm coming.
They know about us.
How would they? They didn't ask if I needed a lift, if I had transport.
- Maybe they don't like you.
- More like they know the answer.
Who cares? They're not our enemies.
As long as we don't advertise it, it's not a problem.
It's okay.
It's cool.
Is it? - Just pulling your leg.
- Sure.
- Lieutenant Haroun? - Yes.
Inspectorate General.
May we come in? What's going on? Djamal Haroun, as of 6.
12 a.
you're under arrest.
Wait, his name isn't Djamal Haroun.
Your ID, please.
It's okay, I'm a colleague.
I see.
See what? I'll take your details then you're free to go.
- Your name isn't Samy? - No.
What am I accused of? - Drug trafficking.
- What? Here.
Drug trafficking.
We won't find anything here.
What have you got on him? Anonymous tip-off? Gotcha! Look.
Oh, shit! - That's at least 60 grams.
- It's not mine.
Think we're idiots, Haroun? Take off your jacket.
Let's go.
What's going on? The IG have just arrested Samy.
- How do you know? - I was there.
- Where did it happen? - At his place.
What were you doing there? I see.
Cut it out.
You're nuts! He's under your command and you sleep with him! That's not the issue.
He leaves with the Larbis in two days.
When a crooked cop screws his boss, we're in a fix.
- We don't know he's crooked.
- Don't we? He barges in and jumps on you as if you're Miss World.
Is that normal? Sorry, but you're not exactly irresistible.
Coffee? If he's taken me for a ride, he'll regret it.
He said you're not irresistible? He's riddled with jealousy.
- It's what happens when - When what? It's bullshit.
In the past two weeks, I never saw Samy act suspiciously.
Well, I've had my doubts about him.
So he did it while on duty with the service car? - Why did he hide his real name? - Security precaution.
I knew.
You knew? How come no one told me? - Did you know? - Yes, he told me.
Great! When you don't have sex, you have time to talk.
Will you give me a break? Shit! It's a trap.
Linked to our operation or not, it's a trap.
Let's recap what we already know.
We think it's the Larbis, right? They must have got suspicious.
No, they would have taken him off the drug run.
I say Abdel did it.
No, he introduced Samy as his nephew.
He'd rather shut up.
That's why he used the IG.
That was nasty.
Just like Abdel.
Let's check all the recordings.
What? Are you kidding? Do I look like l'm kidding? The prosecutor is waiting for us.
Hello, I'm a lawyer.
No visits today? No, we had an attempted breakout.
Visits are on hold.
You are? Karlsson, lawyer.
I'm replacing Mr Bauman.
I'm here to see Selim Fadela.
Wait a moment.
You can go.
- Must I go through this? - Yes.
- I'm a lawyer.
- Lawyers too.
Your coat, please.
Turn around.
Guard! I'm done.
You could say thanks.
Thank Mus for me.
Tell him he's a true brother.
Mr Larbi? Karlsson here.
It's done, I saw your friend Selim Fadela.
Who? Ah, my sister's husband.
I don't give a fuck about him.
You don't give a fuck? My sister wants to talk to him.
Even when he's in jail, the bitch is jealous.
The IG have referred to me the case against Lieutenant Haroun.
The evidence so far has forced me to order his arrest.
What are the charges? Inspector, you're here as Lieutenant Haroun's commanding officer.
But given the nature of your relationship, it would be best if you left this discussion.
If the case was referred to you last week, why didn't you tell me? It's a confidential case.
Let's say I fear leaks.
- You deliberately killed the operation? - Absolutely.
An operation infiltrated by a crooked policeman must be stopped.
That's my decision.
I ordered the lieutenant to infiltrate the gang.
I've been conducting this investigation tor months and you want to kill it without providing any proof of the lieutenant's guilt.
I can assure you that I have a very solid case.
So far I only observe personal score-settling.
In three days a large drug shipment will arrive from Spain.
Several hundred kilos.
A plan is in place to arrest the traffickers when they arrive in Paris.
- Is the operation suspended? - Can it proceed without the lieutenant? No.
It's his infiltration that made it possible, not the usual methods.
Sir, the Larbis have excellent lawyers and vastly superior logistics.
Lieutenant Haroun is our only chance.
Don't try to make me feel guilty.
You're wasting your time.
For me, arresting a crooked policeman takes priority.
Then prove he's crooked.
I have nothing to prove to you.
You're not in charge of this case.
I was thinking of handing it to your colleague, Judge Wagner.
He's very strict on police matters.
What an idiot this Samy is! And why put yourself in this absurd situation? I understand female lust, but it shouldn't stop you thinking.
Lieutenant Haroun's last report is about a surveillance operation at Le Bourget.
A general? Advisor to the king? It this gets out, all hell will break loose.
What am I to do with it? - Your decision.
- I've decided.
We'll deal with this gentleman when we've got the Larbis.
Your acquaintance with Machard got us into this.
The idiot wants to shine by arresting a crooked cop.
The press will love it! We don't know he's crooked.
Someone may want him out of the way.
But if Machard alerts the press, we're stuffed.
Believe me, he'll do it.
- Not before tonight.
- Sorry? He's in court all afternoon.
Pierre, go to the IG and try to find out what they have on Samy.
We have until tonight to get him out.
How much is a watch like this worth? What do you make a month? - It's a present from my sisters.
- Sure.
What's their thing? Coke? Heroin? Think I've nothing better to do then stash dope in a service car? That any colleague can find? No, that's smart.
I've never seen that money, or that dope.
Give us a break.
We know how it works.
All the fat cats getting fatter and you stuck on a miserable salary.
I don't care about money.
You're an idealist, you have morals.
You don't like corrupt cops.
Yet you keep visiting your former colleague in jail.
Michel Brune from Drug Squad 93.
What did he get? Five years.
And you got away scot-free.
Think you can get away with if forever? So that's what it is? All this bullshit because of that? Drug Squad 93.
- You never let go, do you? - Never.
- Commissioner - Deputy I know this is unusual, but Lieutenant Haroun's arrest jeopardises an important operation.
I must stop you there.
I can't tell you anything.
Prosecutor Machard has asked that nothing be revealed.
Has he confessed? - Has he confessed? - No.
I've nothing to do with all this.
It's best that you leave.
- Can you tell us if he confesses? - l'll call Prosecutor Machard.
Ah, Mr Prosecutor! I've got to go.
Thanks for the coffee.
You seem on good terms with the IG.
- Won't you ask why I sent you here? - Why? To create a diversion.
Meanwhile I was grilling old friends.
Did you get anything? Samy was indeed denounced by an informer.
He's suspect because he was in a drug squad which was disbanded after a scandal.
Some did time, but not him.
Ever since, the IG have thought he got off too easily.
Who's the informer? Inspector Berthaud? I have the name of the informer.
Abdel called the IG.
He must have planted the dope.
No, he's too smart.
I bet he got some loser to do it.
You're right.
Someone who doesn't know the Larbis.
He's a neighbour.
Forget him.
This guy must be a local.
Look He's our man.
Who is he? We've never seen him before.
He came and went.
Kiss-kiss Check if he's in the records.
That's him.
Bernard Vincent or Boubou.
Six arrests for theft, two convictions for possessing stolen goods.
The kind of guy who'd know how to break into a car.
A call.
It's Mustapha Larbi.
Where is Samy? He is been gone for hours.
- I'll go look for him.
- Don't look, find.
Samy's coming! Cut the crap, Boubou.
We saw you at Abdel's.
Know him? Since I was a kid.
He was my football coach.
So you like him.
You can't refuse him a favour.
The money and dope aren't mine.
He showed me the car and said “Careful, this guy's a snake.
He's playing a double or triple game.
” - Triple game? - What triple game? I didn't ask.
It's not my business.
- Stop the camera, it's a private visit.
- Okay, don't worry.
Hurry, he's closing.
Open up.
Open up! - Who's Boubou? - Who's Boubou? You don't know Boubou, you piece of shit? Think we came here for fun? Go fuck yourself.
- Why do you say Samy is bent? - Did you see him? - Did he take money from the Larbis? - Let go of me! Why should I let go of you, motherfucker? Funny how you refuse Well? We're asking you if you saw Samy take money.
Did you see Samy take money? Two days ago Farouk put 3000 euros in his pocket.
- How do you know it was for him? - He said “Thanks, Mus.
” Farouk gives him the money and he thanks his brother? Stand back.
No one will know it's us.
Abdel! Open up! Give me my mobile.
Salam alaykum, this is Abdel's mobile.
The fucker's not stopping! Go after him! Calm down.
I'm gonna die! Shut up.
Did you lie? Did you lie? It's not true.
I couldn't go on lying to the Larbis.
I was too scared.
And Aziz? Is he dead? I've heard things about him.
But I don't know.
Here, this is your statement.
Just sign it.
Do we untie him? Yes, you must.
Come on, you didn't believe it was petrol, did you? You think we're idiots? I poured water on him.
Think what you want, I don't care.
We've noticed.
How are you feeling? They grilled me tor four hours.
They took my watch, everything.
- They took your watch? - Give me a break.
It's nice to be back.
One thing I'd like to know.
Why didn't you tell us you were in Drug Squad 93? And save us from embarrassment.
I know, I'm sorry.
It's the name thing I can't believe.
That you didn't tell me your name.
Okay I'm going to sleep.
I'm tired, guys.
Me too.
There's school tomorrow.
Okay, good night.
Sleep tight.
Inspector Get a cab, Kathy.
- Where were you? - At the cops'.
They arrested me because of my papers.
Why did they let you go? They let everyone go.
They're running out of space.
Mus I can't go to Spain.
You go where I tell you.
- I have no papers, I'm in deep shit.
- Give him his papers.
As of now, you stick to me.
You go to piss, you switch on the GPS.
Get in.
Lock up the cars.
Mustapha Larbi wants to know his driver's movements in the last 24 hours.
I'm sick of being the Larbis' nursemaid.
He claims he was detained for lack of ID.
Say you've been appointed his lawyer and you want to see him.
The cops don't trust me.
Why pursue that inspector? What's in it for us? For you, nothing.
For me, it's a matter of principle.
Stop swearing.
Hand over the case to a colleague as soon as possible.
I don't do business with Robin Hood.
Larbi wants an answer by tonight.
I'm investigating a case involving one of Inspector Berthaud's men.
He's also her lover.
This officer was cleared and freed last night.
I'm sorry to hear that this case is not an exception for the inspector.
What an actress! My client's private life has no bearing on this case.
I beg to disagree.
It indicates her readiness to subject her team to emotional blackmail.
Two of her men made false statements concerning a telescopic truncheon.
They stand by their statements.
Given the air of corruption in her team, I've requested that Inspector Berthaud be placed under judicial control.
- What? - Your Honour Which means you are suspended and must not contact your subordinates until the investigation is completed.
- Admit it and I'll drop everything.
- Fuck you.
Miss Karlsson! I want your client here during the hearings.
Alas, his injuries prevent him from Think I'm an idiot? It's the prosecutor.
About the driver.
The policeman Goodbye.
Bring your client next time.
Yes, sir.
What's he doing? Excuse me, Mus.
I'd still like to check the Merc's rear.
What the fuck for? It's not going to Spain.
As you wish.
Okay, you have one hour.
If you're not back, l'll shoot you.
One hour, that's all.
I've called this meeting because we are currently under attack by people who should be our allies.
For obscure reasons, Inspector Berthaud has been placed under judicial control.
I'm sure that this will all be resolved very soon.
Meanwhile, her suspension being effective immediately, She must leave us for the time being.
I understand how you all feel, but now is not the time to lose locus.
The operation in Spain remains our priority.
I'm taking over from Laure.
Superintendent Huchon will direct operations on the ground.
That's all for now.
- Fucking Karlsson.
- It's not Karlsson - It's her work.
- So we let her fuck us? What do you propose? Call Roban? Screw Roban.
What's the union for? - What have they ever done? - It's pointless.
So we let them screw us? Just carry on as usual.
And be extra careful with procedure.
We must have an iron-clad case.
As for the rest Be careful.
The bastards.
- Fuck them.
- Motherfuckers.
Did you give the keys to Gilou? Don't worry, we'll place the tracking device tonight.
All right l'll be off.
Move your arse.
I know it's also my fault.
I should never have started an affair Please, don't regret it.
I don't regret anything.
All right I've got to go.
Mustapha Larbi is giving me funny looks.
- He's suspicious.
- Be careful.
We'll get them, I swear.
Inch' Allah.
Excuse me, I think I may have left my glasses here.
Have a look.
I don't think they're here.
It's all right, I found them.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
That's the one.
What do you want? My fee for smuggling a SIM card is 5000 euros.
With my job on the line, that's cheap.
Did you come here to bug me about that? I like to negotiate face to face.
- You like money, don't you? - Yes.
So what? Was he at the police station? He's telling the truth.
He's clean.