Engrenages (2005) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

Previously on Spiral Who did such a good job? Someone who has a background in anatomy - a surgeon, a doctor, a vet, a butcher, or a coroner.
I warn you, I want it by the book.
Hey! Szabo! Leave Szabo, he's corrupt, you're wasting your talent with him.
You don't waste yours on traffic offences? Why are there so many security firms in a town of 60,000 people? You really want to involve the mayor? Not involve, just interview.
You realise of course he is a close friend of the President.
Squale, take your team.
Alex, Dany, Teddy Bear, let's go to the la Villette warehouses, we're looking for someone called Boulin.
Get out of here! What are you doing? Elena, what are you doing? Hello.
I'm with the DPJ.
Hélène de Plessis, deputy public prosecutor.
- OK, it's up there.
- OK.
It's not very pretty.
Missing earring on the right side.
We can see a burn mark in the shape of a triangle.
- Do you have it? - Yes.
What are your initial conclusions? The body in the tarpaulin, the mutilations, the burn mark.
It's the same MO as Karine, it's a signature.
You think that I'm afraid it won't be the last one.
Tony, here! Oh, shit.
Célia Moreau.
It belongs to the victim.
Take some pictures.
- Teddy Bear to Tintin.
- Yes.
We found some of the victim's belongings in a skip on quai de la Charente.
- OK.
- Send someone over.
Tony, I'm going back.
There was this hat near the skip where we found the clothes.
A lot of people go through here.
Should we take it? Of course.
Start a DNA check.
Ask forensics to take some pictures - and send it to the lab! - OK.
I'll make sure the autopsy is prioritised.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
No problem, I'll send a relief team there, and thank you, I appreciate Boss, come here, please! We've got nothing.
No trace of Moulin.
- Did you search all the warehouses? - No, only half of them.
Of course we searched all of them! Do you think I'm an idiot? Search the neighbourhood.
Interview everybody from the canal to the boulevard! - Shit - And find that fucking tramp! Move your arses.
And I'm going to notify Célia's family.
And this Moulin bloke, is he usually around? - Yeah, from time to time, he comes.
- When did you last see him? Maybe two, three days ago.
He comes to drink when he has money.
Can you describe him? Oh, he's odd.
Let me go! Shit, I told you I didn't see any! What is he doing? What are you doing? Arsehole! - Are you OK? - I'm OK.
- Who is he? - He's my man, no big deal.
Get out of here! I know you.
- Aren't you Marco's informer? - Are you a cop too? Guess.
This neighbourhood is trouble at the moment, don't you think? It's Did you hear about the girl who got carved up? - Yeah, sure! - We found another one.
Oh, shit, not again.
It's shit here! Did you see a white van? Or an odd-looking bloke? I didn't see anything, and there are a lot of vans and odd blokes here.
Here, give me your hand.
My name is Gilou.
So if you hear anything, call me.
- Gilou? - What's your name? - Patricia.
- Take care, Patricia.
- Bye.
- Bye, thanks.
What a cutie.
"Second gruesome murder at la Villette" Mr Prosecutor.
Why did you do that? You sent two officers with a summons to the Villedieu mayor, and on top of that, it was in the middle of a council meeting! When a witness ignores mails and phone calls, it's usually Stop lecturing me, Roban! Your methods are completely out of proportion to the case.
It depends how you look at it.
By humiliating Courcelles, you made enemies in the Ministry of Justice.
I don't have much hope for your career.
If I wanted to have a brilliant career, I wouldn't be an examining magistrate.
You should understand that people with personal agendas do not fit in the magistracy.
I'm seeing the mayor this afternoon and I will take care of this case as diligently as any other.
This isn't the last of this.
François, may I introduce you to your new intern.
Arnaud Ledoré.
Judge Roban.
I'm showing him around.
- Pleased to meet you.
- And I too, Your Honour.
I recognise your name from the list of interns.
Are you related to a lawyer named Ledoré? Yes.
He was my father.
Did you know him? My first case was his first client.
We got on well.
Does your mother still have her art gallery? She opened one here in Paris.
Boulevard Saint-Germain.
- So she came back.
- Yes.
- Well, say hello to her for me.
- I will.
- See you soon.
- See you soon.
- I didn't think you were coming.
- I didn't think you missed me.
Did you bring the newspapers? Yes, yes, thanks, I'm feeling better.
As for the press, don't worry - they used your picture from 10 years ago.
Szabo, I'm leaving the firm.
The cops must have put the firm under audio surveillance.
There was no way they could have known about Comina.
- Use your connections at the court - Szabo, did you hear? I'm leaving.
Don't make me laugh, please.
I don't want to have a gun pointed at me ever again.
Calm down.
They were after me.
I'll take care of it.
Come here.
Joséphine! You're taking showers here now? - My water heater is broken.
- Water heaters are fragile, eh? Hello? Wait.
It's the station in the 19th, it's about Boulin.
You let him go? It was Thursday evening, are you sure? OK, thanks.
Boulin can't be the killer.
The morning Célia disappeared, he was in prison.
He was in a brawl in the Gare de I'Est.
Berthaud! Judge Roban is waiting for us.
Sounds like he's in a bad mood.
- Are you still here? - I'm here to give you back my card.
Please, see my secretary.
Read it again, it will do you good.
"The police found a hat "on the canal path.
DNA checks are in progress.
" Except for the burn behind the ear, everything's the same.
The journalist has called the killer "the Butcher of la Villette".
Please enlighten me.
Nobody from my team could have spoken to the journalists.
I vouch for each of my men.
It could have come from anybody linked to this case.
This type of mistake can be disastrous for the case, you know that as well as I do, Captain! I share Superintendent Brémont's doubts about your team's ability to lead this case.
A serial killer is not a simple drugs case.
I want the Crime Squad to share the case.
I don't understand.
A week ago, you were overwhelmed with the mosque case! That was a week ago.
So we do the dirty work, and now the media's here the Crime Squad will nab the case! Your Honour, moving the case over would be counterproductive.
Captain Berthaud's team knows the case perfectly, it's their investigation which led them to discover the second body.
We're following multiple leads.
We just need some time.
The DPJ will be in charge.
But if there is no progress within a week, the Crime Squad will take charge.
From now on, Superintendent Brémont and his men can keep an eye on your progress.
They will always be welcome, Your Honour.
How about we meet for lunch? What do you think? Berthaud.
Let's just see if we can work together.
It's simple, we can't.
Buy a sandwich.
Shit, there must be a nest.
What are you doing here? I came to register as a lawyer.
You're becoming a lawyer? That's a pretty radical decision.
I want to be free to do things my way.
I don't want to be bound to anyone.
Does that mean you're starting your own firm? That's the idea.
Good luck.
You'll be chasing after shitty cases, and barely earning enough to pay the rent on the office.
Could you at least allow me a few delusions? I know it won't be simple but I don't have the choice any more.
See you later.
I have an offer for you.
An honest one.
Don't worry.
- Would you work with me? - You left Szabo? Yes.
I followed a friend's advice.
You'll have my expertise and I, your knowledge of the ways of the court.
It's a win-win partnership.
It's very fashionable.
So? Well, it's very unexpected.
I'm not sure.
You're right.
We couldn't work together.
I appreciate your offer.
You're too smooth, too respectful.
I need somebody who can bite.
Have a good day, Pierre.
The killer's type is 20 years old, brunette, pretty, very feminine.
He chloroforms them before kidnapping them in his van.
He takes them away, tortures them, and kills them with a knife.
He cuts their breasts, he removes their genitalia, and, to finish it off, he brands them with a hot scalpel behind the ear.
He dumps the body in a red-light district, dumps the clothes next to it, keeping one earring.
And the van? I downloaded the CCTV images to Tintin's computer.
You can have a look at it.
We can't see the driver or the plates.
The tarpaulin? Basic polyethylene, it can be found everywhere.
Same for the string - it can be found in every shop and supermarket.
What about the lab result? No prints on the tarpaulin.
The blood, tissue, everything is from Célia.
OK, the killer is very clever, he leaves no traces.
He deliberately leaves the bodies in places where the homeless go.
Given the sophistication of the murders, I don't think a tramp is responsible.
It could be someone who was a tramp, or someone close to them.
- Did you find Boulin? - No, not yet.
What are you waiting for? Hey! Célia's body was found on his territory, maybe he saw something! So go back to the Saint-Justin refuge, wherever, the warehouses, but bring him in! Wake up, people! We've got a killer of women on the loose.
The judge is about to take us off the case! Good.
This case has been bad for us from the start.
We don't have the resources for it.
If it wasn't for your damn pride That has nothing to do with it.
All you want is to restore your reputation.
Is that it? Thanks, Gilou, that's a good lead! Thanks! Given the interval between the murders, the killer must be looking for his next victim.
I do not want a third body, it would be very bad for my reputation, so move your arses! It was Patricia, the girl from last night.
She saw a suspicious bloke in the neighbourhood.
- That's good! - Did you ask her to come in? No, we're meeting up.
You see? A whore in distress is sometimes useful! Where is your meeting? I'm coming with you.
- How long are you going to ignore me? - What do you want me to say? Sleeping in your car gives you a good complexion? There she is, look.
- Shit, didn't you come alone? - Well, no.
You have some information? Yeah, but first I need some help.
- What sort of help? - I need to get back some dough but it's in this squat over there, and I can't go there alone.
See? Sort it out yourself.
Ask your pimp.
You can ask my pimp.
The dough is mine and Babache's.
If I asked him to help me, he'd beat me up.
Come on, it'll take five minutes.
Meanwhile, the case is empty.
Roban is lying in wait for us, Brémont too.
If she has some information It's up to you.
- How's it going? - How's it going? Is Pitbull here? - Who is this? - He is a friend, it's OK.
It's Pittbull who owes you money? Why's he called Pittbull? Does he bite? Oh, OK.
You've got the dough? Shit, you're here for drugs.
Don't leave me alone! This bloke is nuts.
Next time, you'll come alone.
I have to! My man doesn't want me to get high.
He's less stupid than I thought.
But how do you expect me to do that with this shit job? Give me your bag, bitch! - Look at that stupid piece! - Stupid, eh? Go on, get out! Everything's fine.
What happened? Shit, we just helped a whore to buy her fix? - Do you want me to be fired? - It's OK, they won't file a complaint.
They've been robbed while stealing from addicts.
I hope your information is valuable.
Well, I remembered.
I saw a shabby bloke, it was in rue de Thionville, not long ago.
Describe him.
Well, shabby, not really tall, not really fat.
You know, like a gypsy with dark clothes.
- Did he talk to you? - No.
- Was he a client? - No, he wasn't.
Did he have a distinguishing feature, a tattoo, something? - Did you see his car? - No, he was walking.
He just looked shabby! You already said that.
What was he doing exactly? Well, I don't know.
Nothing out the ordinary.
Do you really think we're idiots? And don't take your shit in my car.
No! Maybe I can ask around! You could've been killed for this shit information! What did I tell you? Shit, get out of here! Come on, get out! But I can do an identikit picture! You can put it in the computer.
They do it on CSI, it works! Mr Mayor? I'm Judge Roban.
Please come in.
A witness's hearing does not require the presence of a lawyer, so would you please wait here.
This is harassment, Your Honour, I feel I've been treated like a criminal here! Mr Courcelles, please, have a seat.
- Good morning.
- Mr Mayor.
How are you? Your Honour, I'm struggling to understand the reason for this summons.
I would have thought the incident at the carnival was under the liability of the owner of the dog.
What you are calling an incident, and I call it manslaughter, caused the death of an eight-year-old boy.
You can see on the pictures the deep bites which led to little Baptiste's death.
These pictures are horrific.
Since I'm representing City Hall, I'll pay for the funeral.
Is this a new tactic to appease the parents' anger? Somebody from City Hall offered them a deal in return for their dropping of charges.
It looks like a confession of liability.
Someone from City Hall? Can you be more precise? Unfortunately, this offer was made over the phone, and anonymously.
Your Honour, I hope you're conducting this case on the basis of how can I put it stronger facts.
Why did you hire a private firm instead of the police for the carnival? It's my prerogative as a mayor.
I've been elected, democratically elected, to make choices.
Yes, you have a lot of choices.
I found that no fewer than 11 security firms were created in Villedieu during the last five years.
Security is very important for our fellow citizens.
They're overwhelmingly in favour of the watchmen and their dogs.
Since then, the figures for petty crime in my town have been the lowest of all the départements.
This plan of action didn't prevent one of your fellow citizens to be beaten recently, resulting in eight days of sick leave.
I'm not sure what you're referring to.
Mr Dejean.
You must know him, he is the manager of Cosecure, the firm in charge of security at the carnival.
Mr Dejean? Michel Dejean.
But it was a car accident, Your Honour.
Ah, yes, you're right.
My mistake.
Yes, he made a statement that he crashed into a tree while avoiding a cat.
What are your criteria for selecting a firm for the security of an event? I put the firms in competition.
That's all? This is an election year, everybody knows the cost of a campaign.
What should I understand exactly? That'll be all, sir.
Thank you for coming here.
Sir, would you like to sign your hearing? - Goodbye, Mr Mayor.
- Goodbye, Your Honour.
Listen, next Tuesday I will receive the full support of the President for the launch of my campaign.
I don't have time to entertain a small-time judge who wants to make a name for himself over an elected official.
I'll take care of it, but only if the Chief of Staff at the Ministry supports my initiatives.
That won't be an issue.
The Lord Chancellor is a close friend.
- Gentlemen! - Mr Mayor.
Tell me, how long is your brother going to piss me off like that? - What did he say? - Nothing.
Nothing, that's just it.
He insinuates.
Well, the message is clear enough.
I'll take care of it.
So how did your meeting go with the whore? Nothing.
We did catch Boulin.
- So? - The night Karine died he didn't see anything, he wasn't at the warehouse, he was out begging.
He remembered a guy in the Saint-Justin refuge who was playing with a scalpel.
- Really? - Yeah.
Come on, let's go! OK, she's the boss.
You will tell her everything you told us, OK? - Are you with us? - Yeah.
Go on.
The bloke at the refuge, who was he? He was a Mexican, I think.
So, what was he doing? Tell us the story of the dog.
He operated on someone's dog.
A tumour on one of its balls.
It was a real mess, we all wanted to puke.
Except him, he wasn't nauseous.
The dog died, and the bloke wanted to decapitate it.
After that, we didn't see much more of the Mexican.
What's the name of this Mexican? His name! Ronaldo.
Ronaldo what? I don't know.
He was treating the blokes, he said he was a doctor in his country.
Is he homeless? No, he was fixing furniture with us.
He had his own flat.
I helped him once, to bring back a table to his place.
- Can I have a drink? - Where is his flat? Near Saint-Justin.
Right near Jaurès.
- How did you bring back the table? - He had a van.
- What colour was the van? - White.
- Marie! Get him a drink.
- Thanks.
How does a beer sound? No, give him a bottle of Sauvignon.
Have a drink and then show us where Ronaldo lives, OK? OK.
His name is Ronaldo Fuentes, He's 28 years old, he came here 11 months ago from Mexico with a tourist visa.
He has a sister in Paris in the suburbs.
In rehab, he said he was a doctor, but he'd never asked for an approval certificate for his diploma.
So he might have lied.
Does your department know him? No.
According to vehicle licensing, he's had a white van for six months.
It's exactly the same type of vehicle described by our witness.
We know where his flat is, I've asked for armed support for an arrest tomorrow morning.
You didn't need to come here, you could have called.
I wanted to see you, to show we were making progress.
I expected nothing less from you.
Judge Roban's office, hello.
- Your Honour.
- Hold, please.
An Isabelle Ledoré would like to talk to you.
She said she's your intern's mother.
- Should I connect you? - Yes, please do.
Hold on, please.
Hello, Isabelle.
Yes, yes.
Very well.
And you? With pleasure, yes.
Why not? Yes, OK.
See you tomorrow, yes.
Very well.
You need to call back the expert in the Leroux case.
- Your Honour? - Yes? You need to call back the expert in the Leroux case.
Yes, I'm going to do it.
Thank you.
- Gilou? - Yeah? Yeah, listen, are you still in the office? I'm busy here.
What's up? Nothing.
We should have a drink, so we can talk to each other.
You screwed up my request for transfer.
There's nothing to add.
Gilou, we can't leave it like that.
Can he calm down back there? We can't, it's Gilou? Gilou? For fuck's sake.
- What do you want, you idiot? - Calm down! - What's your problem? - Don't mess my day up, bitch! You're pissing me off! What did you say to the bitch? - What did you say to her? - Calm down.
Drop your gun now! Police! Move back.
It's OK, I'm a colleague.
It's fine! - It's OK, take my card.
- And she's a cop! - You're hurting me! - Are you nuts? - Sir, follow us to the station.
- Yeah, I'll file a complaint.
She is nuts.
Police station, - Thank you.
- I owe you one.
- OK, bye.
- Bye.
It's OK, the taxi driver won't file a complaint.
I don't understand anything.
Everything is fucked up.
I feel empty.
Do you want to go to the pound? Because if you want to sleep, you'll need your car.
- I won't go in your hospice! - It's an assisted facility! You don't want the surgery.
It's the only solution and you know it.
No, there's another one.
Bring me my pills and I will leave with dignity.
I don't want to hear about it! What have I done to make you hate me so much? It hurts when your own child rejects you.
You should know that.
But you, nothing hurts you.
Shut up! I've had enough of your criticisms! If you're waiting for some gratitude, you know what you need to do.
Otherwise, don't bother coming back.
Very well.
Don't rely on me.
I won't come back.
What are you doing here? - Give me a blanket, please.
- No, I'm sleeping there.
You're sleeping in the bed.
I'll change the sheets.
No way.
Anyway, I'm not going to sleep.
You'd better, anyway - we need to be up and running at five o'clock.
Do you want one more can? I'm sorry.
Not only for tonight, but for the special operations unit.
It was selfish, I didn't want you to leave.
We're a good team, don't you think? Yes, when you don't piss me off.
- Here.
- No, thanks.
I can't imagine this job without you.
Well, that's the problem.
Being with you feels like being at work.
So it's good, it's great, we're always together, but you fuck up, I come to get you, take care of you.
So when I fuck up, you come and take care of me.
- Blah, blah, blah - That's how it should be.
It's reassuring but it's not good.
You need to have a life, and I need to have a life.
If you want to leave, I'll let you.
I'll change my assessment on your file.
I'm going to take a shower.
Police! Police! Show me your hands, show me your hands! Lie down! Give me the other hand.
Hurry up! - Are you Ronaldo Fuentes? - Yes.
You are in police custody as of 6:01am today.
- Do you understand what I'm saying? - Yes.
Do you need an interpreter? I can speak French, I learned it at school.
What's happening? OK.
Search the whole flat.
You know what we're looking for.
- Nana, call forensics.
- OK.
Let's go.
I have a good feeling about him.
Bag that.
What's that? What do you carve up with that? Wood.
- Wood? - Bag it.
I found some photos.
What should we do with them? Leave that! Please leave that.
Bag it.
What are the keys for? I don't know.
They were here when I moved in.
- Do you have a cellar or a garage? - Just the flat.
Bag it.
- Where's your van? - In the street.
- Which one? - Behind.
Is it this one? It stinks.
A stinky van, clean inside.
OK, straight to forensics.
I want the whole thing done.
The whole shebang.
Teddy Bear, you take care of it.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Open your mouth, please.
OK, let's recap.
Your name is Ronaldo Fuentes.
You were born in Puebla, Mexico, July 8th, 1982.
You live at 125, rue de Crimée, in Paris, in the 19th district.
No occupation.
Is that correct? So, how are things going in Paris? Well.
But I think about my country and I'm sad.
At home, in Mexico, people are happy.
Why did you come, then? To see my sister Gloria again.
She's married to a Frenchman, they've been living in the suburbs for a long time.
They took me in, and then I got my flat.
Your flat, and also your workshop, where you fix the furniture.
I learned it in Mexico.
I like working with wood.
You're a carpenter, then.
So why did you say at the refuge you were a doctor? I didn't say I was a doctor, I just wanted to help! I learned to be a doctor, but my parents didn't have enough money, so I stopped.
Good choice, because someone told me you weren't very good as a vet.
The dog you butchered all night, he died.
It's not me, he was sick.
Very sick.
What were you doing on Thursday morning between 8:00 and 9:00am? - I was fixing the furniture at home.
- Somebody can confirm that? No, I was alone.
And Tuesday evening, what were you doing? I was at home too, watching TV.
- Alone again? - Sí.
But it's true.
I was there.
Did you inform the Mexican authorities about Ronaldo's questioning? Yes, we're waiting for information via Interpol.
And the van? We're working on it.
There are some marks on the bumper, but we can't be sure if they come from the bollard he hit.
And inside, did you find anything? - No, no, nothing.
No hair, no fibres.
- So we've got nothing.
We'll go through it with the CrimeScope to see if there's any blood.
- Gentlemen.
- Your Honour.
Turn off the light, please.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Bingo! Look, it's everywhere.
Even on the walls.
If he mutilated his victims in here, it makes sense.
Except he wrapped them in a plastic tarpaulin.
Honestly there's too much of it, it's odd.
- Is it blood or not? - Right now, I can't say.
If the van had been cleaned thoroughly it might be a reaction to the detergent.
We'll have to carry out further analysis, Your Honour.
So, Thursday at 8:40am, you received a call from your sister.
It lasted 21 seconds.
She left you a message on your mobile phone.
- Why didn't you get the call? - Thursday? Thursday morning.
You said you were at home.
It's the battery of the phone, it didn't work.
I charged it afterwards.
Oh, yes! And you can't charge and answer at the same time? Weren't you out with your van? - No.
- Are you sure? Someone saw you with your white van, at the corner of rue Evette.
Look, you drove over the bollards.
Were you in a hurry? - No, that's not me.
- I think it is you! You were in a hurry because you'd just kidnapped Célia.
Do you transport the girls in your van? It's for the furniture.
I don't understand.
I'm going to refresh your memory.
With some little pictures.
Whoever killed them has a knowledge of anatomy.
- He is good with his hands.
Like you! - You're crazy.
You're mistaken.
I I didn't do that.
We're crazy? What is this weird poster, the one you sleep with? The one in front of your bed.
What is it? I found that painting with some furniture I collected.
It gives you ideas, is that it? Does it inspire you? It's just to decorate.
I wanted to talk to you.
- Sorry, did I frighten you? - No.
- Is your offer still on the table? - What offer? Working together.
I thought we agreed we couldn't work together.
- I changed my mind.
- Really? So I'm respectable all of a sudden? No, on the contrary, that's what interests me.
I've had enough of being the nice, middle-class lawyer.
What makes you think I'm the right person? You work with your guts.
You know how to control a situation, people.
I need that.
Teach me how to bite.
It will be a lot of work.
Why did you clean your van so thoroughly? Did you want to make the victims' traces disappear? I recover furniture, it's dirty, I need to wash.
He's making fun of us.
Are you making fun of us? Do you have a girlfriend in France? And in Mexico? Yes, but when I left, we split up.
Well, a big boy like you, you must have some needs.
Do you visit whores? - No, never.
- You don't like French women? - Yes, but it's not the same.
- It's not the same? They live alone, they work.
They're independent.
It bothers you, you can't control them? - It makes you angry? - No.
I want to find the right one, for life, and marry her.
It's like that in my country.
Then why didn't you stay in your country? - It's difficult, there's no work.
- Yeah.
You know what? I think you fucked up there too.
You killed girls, it became risky, so you came here so they'd forget about you.
- Forget about me? - Yes.
I don't understand.
No big deal! We are going to explain everything to you again.
So, Ronaldo Fuentes.
You were born in Puebla in Mexico.
- Date of birth? - July 8th, 1982.
Address? I can organise a beautiful trip for you.
Wherever you want.
Really, I'd love to.
What a surprise.
Well - How are you? - Good.
And you? - I'm so happy to see you.
- So am I.
I was telling Marianne, I almost bought a loft here, just opposite, on the quay.
We could have been neighbours! - Ah, well.
- I've got to go.
- Good evening, Your Honour.
- Good evening.
Goodbye, Marianne.
Let's organise a great holiday, not too expensive.
- I'll think about it.
- OK, bye.
- You're not wasting any time.
- No.
So this is where you work? - Yes, this is my place of work.
- And your office is huge.
It's It's crazy.
What about the lamp? Is it to put guys under pressure? Something like that? - Can I do it now? - Yes, if you want to.
Sit down.
Your name is François Roban, right? - Yes.
- You were born You're living at - Very well, I am charging you.
- Yes, but for what? Refusal of assistance for an unworthy mother.
What? I can't stand her blackmail.
But what blackmail? She didn't talk to you about it? She's asking me to help her die.
Come on, let's talk about it at the restaurant.
Well, this evening I can't go.
I'm already booked.
Really? What's happening? Do you have a date with a hot chick? No, it's it's my intern's mother, she's an old friend, we haven't seen each other for 25 years.
Does the judge have an attack of nerves? Yes? Sorry.
Good evening.
No, no, do come in.
I was just talking about you.
Yes, Arnaud Ledoré, who is my intern.
- Good evening.
- Martin Roban, my brother.
Good evening.
Did you want to see me? I had to come over to validate two or three documents, - so I thought I'd say hello.
- That's nice of you.
Well, I won't bother you any longer.
See you Thursday? - See you Thursday, absolutely.
- Have a nice evening.
Goodbye, Arnaud.
You're busy all the time.
You're booked every day, except Monday, next week.
Let's say Monday at 8:00am, OK? If you want to.
And tonight, if anything worries you, call me.
Send me a text.
"How can I speed up " OK? François.
How are you? Tell me, if I hadn't called first, would you have called? Why don't we sit over there? Did you choose Arnaud as your intern because he's my son? You'll see, he's adorable.
At first, he seems a bit self-confident.
He's very sensitive.
He's a unique child.
That's not necessarily a bad thing.
And you? Do you have children, a family, a house in the country? A secret hobby? A mistress? Two mistresses? Three.
No, I have No, I'm divorced.
I have a grown-up son who's a little younger than Arnaud.
But I absolutely don't want to talk about that tonight.
Same again, please.
But you didn't answer me.
Would you have called me? I felt it wasn't my place and I didn't have the courage to do it.
And I said some unforgivable things to you last time.
But I loved you, François.
I didn't use you.
I didn't want - It's strange.
Nothing's changed - Yes.
and everything is different.
I'm sorry, I have to take this.
Yes, hello? Your Honour, is it a bad time? Unfortunately the CrimeScope reacted to a strong detergent.
We were afraid of that.
There is no way we can say if there's blood in the van.
On the other hand, Ronaldo's DNA was found on the hat we found near the crime scene.
Yes, he made a mistake.
Thank you, Your Honour.
Have a nice evening.
- Second round! - OK, let's go, wake up.
Come on! Is it yours? - I don't know, what is it? - A hat.
You put it on your head in winter when you're cold! Is it yours or not? - Yes, I think it's mine.
- There.
It's good to tell the truth.
Because we know it's your hat, your DNA is on it.
And what makes it more interesting is that it was found near Célia's body.
Why was it near Célia's body? It was you who killed her.
Say it.
Come on, say it.
And Karine too.
You must have killed her.
Come on, talk.
You're tired, we're tired.
Did you kill her? What are you doing? - What's he doing? - Hold his head! Be careful! Shit.
- Call an ambulance.
- Put him in the recovery position.
Shit, shit!