Engrenages (2005) s03e05 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 5

Previously on Spiral That's what he does.
Leave my sister alone.
I haven't killed anyone.
- He's got one ugly face.
- Yes, it's him! You would tell me? - Yeah.
- OK.
I know your company pays for protection to Mr Courcelles.
If Fortex works for the city council, you'd better talk.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
- Yes, Martin.
- Yes, Didier.
My brother's here.
He better not see you there.
Of course not.
Listen, I've got a plan to get us out of here.
You're crazy, they'll go after our whole family.
I'm innocent, Judge.
Ronaldo Fuentes is in custody.
Good job! It's not like her to take off.
Look, it's all here.
The photo with her sister.
- Tatiana didn't leave.
- Maybe she left with nothing so Niko wouldn't guess.
Without telling anyone? Not even you, Mila? I don't think so.
Fine, she told me that Basically - She wanted to get the hell out.
- Niko knew? - Did you tell him? - Are you nuts? I'm not a grass! Crazy bitch But if he knew, maybe he killed her.
No way, he loves Tatiana.
Stop it.
He's capable of anything, he's crazy.
He might get mad, he might beat her, but he wouldn't kill her.
He doesn't give a shit about us.
I'm going to the cops tomorrow.
Stop! Where do you think you are? What if you go to the cops, and Tatiana shows up? What then? You're nuts! Then you'd be screwed, honey.
- What do you want? - Niko, I need to talk to you.
Come in.
The girls are scared.
They're going on and on about Tatiana.
They're wondering if Well, if you've done something to her.
- What do you think? - I think Tatiana left, but They're not sure I'm afraid one of them might go to the cops.
Which one? Which one of those whores wants to grass on me? Niko, if you beat up one girl, another one will go That's all I wanted to tell you.
Please You've changed.
It's good to tell me everything.
Here Comfort the girls.
Tell them I haven't done anything.
Tatiana's my princess.
I could never hurt her.
I love her too much.
We did all the car parks and basements in the area.
Quai de la Marne, rue des Ardennes, Jaurès, rue de Crimée.
These keys won't open a fucking thing.
People have seen Ronaldo hanging around there.
- He didn't go in anywhere.
- No way.
Mexico sent us the information you asked for.
Nothing on Ronaldo.
No criminal record.
Her sister though was raped at 16 and got pregnant.
They never found the guy.
- What happened to the baby? - Why? Check out Ronaldo's date of birth.
July 8th, '82.
And the date of the rape.
October 20th, '81.
Shit, that's about nine months.
That Lelièvre case got you out of bed then? What's the matter? You don't want to take care of it, is that it? This woman is too immoral for you Not at all! A woman who sleeps with her father and wants custody of her child, that's perfectly moral.
You should be a priest, not a lawyer.
All that matters is the interest of the client, his money, or the publicity he can provide.
Yes Speaking of publicity, I've found the right case: Ronaldo Fuentes, the butcher of la Villette.
I heard he's rejected his court-appointed lawyer.
He's clever.
He knows a case like this will attract all the greatest attorneys.
Why would he call you? He knows I've got something the greatest don't have.
What? You'll send him a photo of your tits? No, but I know one of the prison guards.
I've handled his divorce and bled his wife dry, he's found clients for me ever since.
You really believe a photo would do? - Did she suffer? - No.
Did she say anything before she died? No, sorry Take care.
It's for the best, François.
See She tried so hard to drive us apart, to turn us against each other, but in the end, Mum reunited us.
It's weird It's weird, but I'm happy to be here with you.
It's true I've worked a lot these past few years.
But I want to make up for lost time.
I want us to have a relationship again, François.
You're all I have, my only brother and I love you.
I don't know your life any more.
You must have a lot to tell me.
- What about you? - What? You know, aside from work I'll make the arrangements for the funeral.
Mathilde Mansart, journalist for the Francilien.
- May I ask you a few questions? - It's not a good time.
- Please, about Ronaldo Fuentes - I won't talk to the press.
Well, all right, it doesn't hurt to try.
Maybe just a private word, for curiosity's sake? Listen.
Don't insist.
Judge, there's little evidence against Fuentes.
He's being wrongly held.
Do you really think he's guilty? Fuentes hasn't confessed yet, but he'll crack in prison.
Believe me.
Why am I here again? I've told you everything.
Not everything.
You omitted that you were raped, and you omitted also that Ronaldo was born nine months afterwards! - Who told you that? - The Mexican police.
It was a coincidence.
My mother was pregnant at the time.
I had an abortion.
An abortion 28 years ago, in a Catholic country such as Mexico? I don't think so.
Does Ronaldo know you're his mum? He found out when he was ten.
He overheard a conversation I had with my parents.
They raised him until Until he knew.
How did he react? He cried.
It was hard for him.
Why didn't you tell us all this? Because we always kept it a secret.
Even my husband doesn't know.
But it's irrelevant.
Of course it's relevant! Ronaldo has never had a girlfriend.
He's never had any ties with a woman.
So what? That doesn't make him a murderer! I'll show you the photos again.
No You don't want to see them, because deep down, you know it's him! He killed those girls, he butchered them, that's how he gets off.
Your child is a fucking killer.
Come on, come on There won't be any records.
It won't leave these walls.
But if you know where the garage is, you must tell us, Gloria.
Ronaldo won't know that you talked to us.
Never Please, tell me.
You want it to stop? We'll introduce you to someone.
He makes the decisions around here.
Did you get that? Yes.
Sir Don't be surprised that we want to get rid of the examining magistrate.
By thinking you can do whatever you want, you're digging your own grave.
Sir Maybe just a private word, for curiosity's sake? Listen.
Don't insist.
Judge, there's Iittle evidence against Fuentes.
He's being wrongly held.
Do you really think he's guiIty? Fuentes hasn't confessed yet, but he'll crack in prison.
Believe me.
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You want to watch it again? Listen, Arnaud, that's enough.
You've made your point! Everyone will see that you've been trapped.
- It's obvious.
- Still.
Showing you're biased against a prisoner before he's been tried, it's wrong.
Isn't it? No, no.
It's unforgivable.
You were leaving the hospital.
You were confused.
- We'll easily justify it.
- No.
Now all we we can hope for is that Ronaldo Fuentes is actually guilty.
I'll stay behind the door, just in case.
Hello, Mr Fuentes.
I am Miss Karlsson.
You asked to see me.
I heard you're good.
But I have the names of other lawyers as well.
- I want the best.
- I'll explain why I am the I'll decide! If you want to defend me, you'd better move your arse! Be polite, or I'm leaving! I'm scared.
I'll die if I stay here.
I have to get out.
I'm innocent.
Sit down.
Take it easy.
Everyone says I killed because I'm Mexican.
A poor immigrant I have no money, no job, nothing So, I'm the killer - It's too easy.
- You're right, you're a victim.
You could start a hunger strike, it would make a good impression on the judge.
A hunger strike? It's a good idea.
But an idea isn't enough.
How will you get me out of here? Why should I believe that you're better than them? Because I'm a woman.
What you're being accused of is heinous.
To everyone, you're a monster! But if a woman represents you, people will start to doubt, you see? No one can conceive of a woman who would want to defend a scumbag who tortured and killed two young women.
Believe me, Ronaldo, I know the courts.
The jury will respond to that.
Anyway, all that matters is that they believe it.
So, this serial killer? Young, really young He kicked me out! - Who, your father? - My husband! When he found out, he went crazy.
He threw me out of the house, changed the locks.
He won't let me see my daughter.
Put yourself in his shoes It's outrageous, Mrs Lelièvre! - We won't let him.
- Who's we? We have to press charges for child kidnapping.
But that's nonsense! If she does that, the file will be handed to a juvenile judge - who'll put her child in a foster home.
- But why? The judge will do that before reaching a verdict.
Between kidnapping and incest, it will be a tough choice.
- I can't lose my daughter.
- We must find the best strategy.
Mr Clément specialises in these types of cases, he'll take care of you.
Right, Pierre? A desperate mother who wants her child back, noble cause, perfectly ethical.
I'm waiting for Miss Karlsson, she'll be here any minute.
She'll be defending Ronaldo Fuentes.
We'll have to be united, then.
Especially with so little evidence against her client.
She told me how pathetic he seemed.
He's on a hunger strike.
I'm starting to have doubts about his guilt.
Really? You said otherwise on the Internet.
Please, Captain! I admit my mistakes.
Let's not forget, it's your insistence to pursue Fuentes that put us in this position.
So I hope you've got something new.
I've interrogated Gloria Dupré again, Ronaldo's so-called sister.
Why so-called? She turns out to be his mother.
Ronaldo is the product of rape.
And regarding the facts, what does it change? I think she hid it from us because she suspects that her son is a murderer.
- Did she tell you something? - Not yet.
But the situation will get too tough for her and she'll spit it out.
Before that, Miss Karlsson will get Fuentes out of jail.
We still have the testimony of the prostitute.
Without more concrete proof, it won't have much weight.
The garage, what have you got? That will be all, thanks.
I know he did it, Judge.
Ronaldo Fuentes killed the two girls.
It's him, no one else.
Judge, you would agree that the evidence is circumstantial.
A hat lost while jogging, a copy of a Dali painting just doesn't prove much, keys that don't open anything, and the word of a prostitute Who clearly recognised your client on the premises where the first victim was found.
She says that she saw, near the railway tracks, a man who looked "shady".
That's pretty vague.
But it deserves consideration.
Keep it mind that it was a spontaneous testimony.
Judge, wouldn't a prostitute do anything to please policemen in exchange for certain services? Fine.
I will arrange a meeting between Miss Morin and Mr Fuentes.
We'll see what transpires.
Let's move on, if you will, to the testimony of Gloria Dupré, the mother of your client.
- She's not my mother, she's my sister! - Your mother has confessed, Mr Fuentes.
It's this cop! She forced my sister to lie! Leave her alone! What are you afraid of, sir? That your mother will tell the truth about your crimes? Shut up! What do you know about me? About us? Nothing.
Mr Fuentes Judge, whatever the relationship between Gloria Dupré and Ronaldo Fuentes, you cannot conclude that my client is guilty.
Showing your bias on the web is one thing, but you should not do so in this office.
Here we go.
I am innocent.
Judge, I'd like a word in private.
Could you please take away the defendant? Marianne, can you leave us? You too.
You have shown you are biased, if not hostile toward my client.
Thanks to your statement, everybody knows he's being detained in order to secure a confession.
So I ask that he be released immediately, or I will be forced to make an official request of a transfer of jurisdiction.
You want me off this case? I don't want it to go that far.
First, let's see if Miss Morin recognises your client.
Then, you may do as you please.
I read about your troubles in the papers.
Is it serious? No, no By the way, I've seen Sophie, your ex-wife, at the Racing Club.
You like going to the Racing Club? I was there for an investigation.
- Sophie was involved? - I hope not.
I haven't seen her in five years, anyway.
Our divorce was really messy.
Pierre, it's kind of you to be here, thank you.
You've always been there for me.
- François.
- Marianne.
- François, my condolences.
- Thank you.
- Hello, are you all right? - Fine, thank you.
- François.
It's sad.
- Hello.
- So? - Are you all right? What about you? You know, I think of you.
Some days, I envy you.
To start over, like this.
How's progress with Villedieu? Nothing.
Machard still denies my subpoena.
Without it, I'm stuck.
You'll never get him, François.
Not through legal means.
Use their methods.
Where's your integrity, Pierre? This isn't like you.
I'm a lawyer now.
Gentlemen, we will proceed with the ceremony.
All right.
Excuse me, good evening.
I'm an intern at the law courts.
- My phone's in my office and I - Yes.
You can use the 36.
- What are we celebrating? - My first case.
Usually, we celebrate when we win.
I thought the Lelièvre case was a lost cause.
I'll see her tomorrow.
I want to understand this woman.
I want to know her life, her childhood, everything.
I want to know who she is.
You want to know why she sleeps with her dad? If I can't sympathise with her, I can't defend her.
You're not a shrink, Pierre.
Your role isn't to understand, but to win.
There's a difference.
What about Ronaldo Fuentes? Don't you try to understand? To find out if he really killed the girls, and why? No.
- You don't care! - Our interest is to get him out.
The rest isn't our problem.
I searched all the garages and basements of rue de Thionville, nothing - Hi.
- Hi.
Well, what's the matter? - My wife is pregnant.
- Oh, shit! Who by? It's great! A third child! It's great, a family, a real family! It's twins.
Ah yeah Well, a large family Idiot! You guys suck! Seriously, you don't get it! We'll have to move and everything, it's a mess! Yes? What? Captain.
She was fine yesterday.
A glass of water, something? She didn't even write a letter.
I don't know why she did it.
I don't understand.
Why? Maybe you know? Maybe you know! You can be proud, she died because of you! Sorry What's going on? What's all this? I think we've been robbed.
Could you please come into my office, Judge.
- Right now? - Yes.
Shut the door, please.
Since 8am, a journalist from France Info has been saying on the radio that certain companies from the district of Villedieu seem to be victims of a large-scale racket.
This racket works through a system of fake invoices written to a company named Fortex.
According to this journalist, Fortex is giving a slush fund to the city council.
- Impossible.
- Right, it's impossible.
The Ministry of Justice requests an investigation to discover who informed the journalist.
If it's you, Roban, you will be put on trial.
My office was robbed last night.
The leaks come from there! But why didn't you put the file in the safe? Sorry, I I wasn't in the right frame of mind.
I just buried my mother.
What can I do now? What you do best.
Messing up, that is.
If you stop, the media will accuse the prosecution of burying the case.
But if I can't investigate the Fortex company You'll get your subpoena.
That's what you wanted, right? Except now, I demand to be informed of your progress at every step.
Of course, sir.
Thank you.
Please, take this file to the archives.
We don't need it, it'll free up some space.
- But I should finish - Please.
One good thing done.
At least, this robbery allowed me to get my subpoena.
Don't try it with me, Judge.
I checked the Villedieu file, nothing was taken.
You're the only one who could have leaked this information.
I don't recognise you any more.
You never went this far.
This case is driving you mad.
I know It was the only way.
You couldn't know.
Not everyone ends up with their head in a plastic bag, whether their child is a serial killer or not.
Although it'd be best for us if Ronaldo actually is one.
The whore will stand by her testimony, Ronaldo will stay behind bars, we'll have time to build our case.
They found another girl.
Who discovered her? - We got a call from a phone box.
- Have it examined.
It's done.
Come and see.
It's downstairs.
Search the area with Nana.
It's impossible.
Fine, I'll do it.
Hand me the recorder.
The victim is a young woman, dark-haired, Caucasian wrapped and tied in a black tarp.
We're untying the knots One.
I'm going, keep me updated.
The victim has wounds on her throat, thorax, groin The breasts have been removed.
OK, same wounds, same mutilations.
Her face is swollen.
That's not his routine.
You know, with those freaks Laure! We found the victim's belongings.
- Where did you find it? - In the back room, in a bin.
There were all her clothes, her passport, and there was this.
A blood-stained handkerchief.
With embroidered initials: JB.
It doesn't match the girl's initials.
Her name is Tatiana Sharipova.
She's Russian.
It may be the killer's handkerchief.
Anyway, JB has nothing to do with Ronaldo Fuentes.
Wait, wait There's also this.
A McDonald's receipt.
From September 24th.
Ronaldo was in jail.
He couldn't have killed this girl.
Send everything to the lab.
Sorry, Laure, we messed up.
Since the beginning.
No! Fuck! It's Ronaldo who killed the other two.
I saw it in his eyes.
You saw it too.
Stop it, the media never mentioned the cauterisation.
Why are you so convinced he's guilty? Because it's him.
- Patricia recognised him.
- Patricia, but Let's stop working like this.
It's nonsense.
- I'm fed up.
- You say this because of me? Yes, because of you.
You gave her some coke, no wonder she recognised Ronaldo.
What you talking about? I gave her the coke afterwards.
I didn't plan it.
It was to thank her.
She recognised Ronaldo on her own.
- Yeah, right.
- Yeah.
It's all we have now.
Patricia's testimony.
Fuck Thank you, sir.
Tell me, Christine - Can I call you Christine? - Of course, sir.
So, Christine, I need you to tell me a few things about yourself, so that I can better defend you before the judge.
- Do you understand? - Yes, sir.
When you were young, did you suffer from the fact that your father abandoned you? My mum never talked about it.
- So I didn't think about it much.
- But when you did, how did you picture him? Kind, attractive Did you have positive feelings about him? Well, no I always thought he was a bastard, and that he was ugly.
So when I saw him the first time, I didn't get it And I couldn't know either that he'd be the first man to make me come.
What did What did you say? But I swear.
He makes me do things in bed For example, I use to not like sodomy at all.
Mrs Lelièvre, I don't mean to discuss sex, but feelings.
So do I, what do you think! It's because I love him that he pleasures me so well.
Tell me why you want to have custody - of Lorine? - She's my daughter.
I love her.
Yes, but you also love your father.
You realise that the two aren't compatible! I don't sleep with my daughter.
But what I'm telling you, is that the judge is gong to need good reasons to let you raise your daughter.
And I cannot give those reasons with what I'm hearing.
Don't you want to defend me any more, sir? Is that it? You don't want to any more? She did receive the same mutilations as the two other victims.
But the killer must have rushed through his work.
How so? The outlines of the wounds are less neat.
And she died from a cerebral haemorrhage.
She was repeatedly hit on the face.
The stab wounds were made post-mortem.
You see, Doctor, with the other two girls, - things were different.
- Maybe she fought harder.
What do you want me to say? That it's not the same killer.
No You're asking too much.
There's the cauterised scar behind the ear.
I will record all these similarities in my autopsy report.
When will you send it to the prosecution? I must first give a verbal report to the prosecutor.
She's waiting for my word on whether the two cases can be linked based on the evidence.
I'm coming from the autopsy room.
Yes, I know, I talked to the coroner.
She sounded vague.
I understand that she won't confirm it's the same killer.
I had a feeling that you were behind her, whispering answers in her ear.
We can't be wrong.
Suppose we free Ronaldo.
If he's really killed those two girls, we'll all pay a heavy price.
What do you want from me, exactly? That you open a new investigation.
If you link Tatiana's murder to the first two, Ronaldo will be freed right away.
But if you open a new investigation, there will be a meeting with Patricia Morin.
You're asking me to turn a blind eye? You must be aware that Judge Roban won't fall for it when he compares the files.
Tomorrow, Ronaldo will confess everything.
He just lost his mother, he's got no one.
The prostitute will recognise him, he'll break down.
What the fuck were you doing? You were supposed to stop your brother.
Look at this! It's all over the news! I know.
But Mum died.
He's been really reserved lately.
The leaks come from him.
I'm not sure.
His office was robbed last night.
It could be your political enemies.
Yes! Sir, the journalists are here.
Thanks! My political enemies! My arse! Look at the mess I'm in now All right, listen! The press only mentioned Fortex.
Your name didn't show up.
If your brother finds the money, I'll bail out.
And you'll take the rap.
So figure it out, OK? Take the elevator and leave through the car park.
- Hello, everyone.
- Mister Mayor There is no Villedieu case Worse - I'm the victim of a sickening plot which seeks to destroy my electoral campaign.
These things are commonplace.
Today, I will open an investigation to uncover the truth.
I want the truth.
I vow total transparency to all my voters.
He's quite convincing for a liar, don't you think? You should be more discreet.
Excuse me? I was there last night.
I saw you I saw you robbing your office.
Machard is right, after all.
You aren't worthy of this institution.
You dishonour justice.
You soil it with your despicable methods.
I I know I got it, Arnaud.
What I don't know is what are you after? I want to make a deal with you.
My silence for your promise to never see my mother again.
- What gives you the right? - I won't discuss it.
Did you understand me? Either you leave her, or I tell Machard everything.
Ah, no way.
I don't do women.
Good, me neither.
Open up, please.
What? - Are you Patricia Morin? - Yeah, so what? I am Miss Karlsson, - Ronaldo Fuentes' lawyer.
- What do you want? To talk about your child.
You're getting mixed up.
I got no kids.
All I'm mothering round here are impotent fuckers.
Five years old.
Lives with your hairdresser friend.
Who's not a blood relative, and has no legal authority over him.
If social services find out, you could lose Matéo.
So what? I sleep at Nathalie's, too.
She's helping us out It's her right, isn't it? It's just till I find a more stable job.
And you think you'll find it here? Matéo is fine there.
Sorry! In a 15 square metre studio? That's illegal.
He should have his own bedroom.
Motherfucker What does she want? What do you want? That you reconsider your testimony.
You will meet my client, Ronaldo Fuentes.
Are you sure you recognised him? That's what I told the cops.
Miss Morin, I'm not asking you to refute anything, just to be less sure It was night time, my client looks pretty normal.
And a third victim's just been found, so it couldn't have been him.
You can't send an innocent man to jail for 20 years.
I don't know.
I have to think about it.
Yes, think about it.
See you at the meeting tomorrow.
Hey! Don't forget, we've never met.
Yeah, that's it.
Fucker It's witness intimidation.
If she talks, you're done for.
She won't, she's too afraid.
Using her kid to blackmail her, that's awful! All right, keep your speech for your plea, will you? Let's see how you'll do with your incestuous client for the custody of her daughter.
What about the child when she grows up? How will she develop in this unhealthy environment with a mother who sleeps in the same bed as her grandfather? Please speak, sir, on behalf of Mrs Lelièvre.
Judge, my colleague did nothing but attack the behaviour of his client's wife, and the unhealthy nature of her current lifestyle.
Which is absolutely not the issue that you must resolve.
The interest of the child.
This is our only concern.
What I can guarantee, is that although my client's behaviour as a woman is indeed reprehensible, I grant you, her behaviour as a woman will not affect her behaviour as a mother.
Lorine is protected from what is going on, at all times.
She does not witness it, and receives all the attention, the presence, and the love of her mother, whose attitude in this area has been a constant.
The childhood and innocence of this little girl are not contaminated.
On the other hand, her father has been most insensitive.
He violently banished his wife in front of his daughter, told Lorine she would never see her mother again, terrified her to the point that she can't sleep.
It's been confirmed.
So who puts this child in danger? Who gets her involved in the conflicts of adults? Who threatens, in front of witnesses, to physically hurt Lorine? What? You said that? Bitch! Mr Lelièvre, please! Which illustrates, Judge, what Lorine hears left and right.
What about her, fucking her dad? Judge, it's not up to you to judge morals, but to protect the interest of a three-year-old girl.
My client was not raised by a father, and doesn't know what it means.
So yes, the woman I am defending is overwhelmed, but the mother is sane, she takes on her responsibilities, and by petitioning for the family's home, she proves that she doesn't consider living with Lorine at her father's.
In this matter, there is nothing preventing a simple, logical decision, to entrust a mother with her three-year-old girl.
Judge, this is absurd.
- My colleague - You've had your chance to speak.
In eight days, you will receive my orders for temporary measures before the divorce is pronounced.
But I inform you that I will leave the home to Mrs Lelièvre as well as custody of her child.
And based on your files, I will determine the alimony that will be required of Mr Lelièvre.
This will destroy my kid.
And you know it.
You're bad news.
You're corrupt! Calm down.
Miss Morin, can you tell me if you recognise Mr Fuentes here before you? Is he the man that you saw on September 15th, by the railway line rue de Thionville, at around 2am? Mr Fuentes, please look at the witness.
I don't know any more.
I'm not sure.
It's very important, miss.
You cannot hesitate.
Please take a second look at him.
I don't know I don't remember.
- Judge, this isn't serious.
- Excuse me? It makes sense that Miss Morin doesn't remember.
She was coached, it's obvious.
She was influenced during the line-up.
Hey, bullshit! No one influenced me, that's not true! Judge? Take a look.
I don't see Nothing's jumping out at you? Are you doing this on purpose? Look at the shoes! Fuentes is the only one with no laces! But Patricia has recognised Ronaldo.
No, she recognised nothing.
Her testimony is worthless.
Judge, we can't let a killer walk.
The absence of laces jeopardises the entire case.
Ronaldo Fuentes won't stay one more minute in jail.
I can't believe it.
Fuck He wouldn't listen, he let him go.
I don't know what to do.
I'll put him under surveillance.
What's up? I was on the phone with a friend who works at the 2nd.
He's on a case Yes.
So what? You remember the other day with Patricia, when I fired.
What? I shot a guy.