Engrenages (2005) s03e08 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 8

Previously on Spiral Jésus, you don't understand.
The judge will take you down.
For Tatiana and for the other two.
And do you know what happens to guys in jail? They are fucked all day long, morning, noon and night.
Tatiana was already dead when I carved her up.
I didn't do the others.
Please remove your skirt.
What have I done to you? Why are you doing this to me? Tell me where the money for City Hall's slush fund comes from and I will leave you alone.
There are prostitutes all along the canal.
One was very nice, Tatiana.
- Who do they work for? - Niko, an Albanian.
I helped you.
I told you what to do for the girl We helped you too.
Why do you think you're out? Ronaldo Fuentes - does that ring a bell? Yeah, he had a garage, yeah.
I even left some stuff in it.
- Fuck.
- It's here.
It's here, it's here, it's here! Niko! What? - What's up? - She left.
- Who? - Elena left.
Fuck! I should have smashed that whore's head in! Tani! She's with the cops! If she talks, it's over! You're the boss, you should know what to do Help me sort it out.
If I fall, you're coming down with me, idiot! Why don't you call "the Shark"? I can already picture Bremont's face when he finds out that the DPJ found the garage! Did you tell Roban or shall I? What are you doing here? I should ask you the same question, Captain.
If I recall, the DPJ is not in charge of the case any more.
Your Honour.
Thanks for informing me so quickly.
And congratulations on this discovery.
It's also down to Captain Berthaud's work.
If I understand correctly, I have to take the case off the DPJ for them to collaborate with the Crime Squad.
The police work in mysterious ways I owe you an apology, Captain.
I should have listened to you.
I will immediately deliver an arrest warrant for Ronaldo Fuentes.
A team is already in front of his house, Your Honour.
I hope you'll catch him as easily as you found this garage, Superintendent.
If you collaborate as efficiently with the Crime Squad, without a doubt.
How How is it inside? - It's best to have a look.
- Don't you wear gloves? I'll check with forensics.
Won't you offer the judge some ointment to mask the smell? It is so bad? Ask the superintendent, Your Honour.
Tintin, shall we go? Excuse me.
Your Honour.
Were you aware? Yes.
We've been listening in on the pimps for weeks.
That's how we found out she'd escaped.
- Has she said anything? - Not a word.
She's wary.
She says that in the Czech Republic, no one trusts the police.
Of course.
That's what happens with the girls there.
That's their problem.
Everybody betrays them.
Miss This is Superintendent Guignard, from Internal Intelligence.
Follow him, he will take care of your case.
He knows your pimps well.
- Thank you, Lieutenant.
- You're welcome.
Are you coming? - Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Thank you.
Come, come.
- See you later.
I'll keep you posted.
- All right.
We've been working on the ring for months.
Niko, an Albanian, is in charge.
There's also Tani and Zef.
And they have a boss above them, but no one's ever seen him.
How do you know, then? Well, because I heard them talk.
His name is Vlad Vlad Something like that.
Get in.
We'll get them.
I cover for you and I end up looking like an idiot! What the fuck have you done? Who told Bremont? We don't know, boss.
I did.
Bremont suspected we hadn't given up the case.
He threatened to tell the director everything.
So I told him the truth.
To protect the team.
- Did you tell him about Jésus and Niko? - Of course not.
I only gave the address of the garage, without saying how we came to find it.
What did Bremont trade for that? A spot on the Crime Squad? Not at all.
What are you saying? It's funny, I don't know why, but I don't trust you.
Laure, I tried to warn you, I told you it was risky.
You're so fixated on Ronaldo you don't care about anybody else! - You snitched and it's my fault? - You're fucking it up.
That's enough.
Fromentin may have played a dirty trick, but he also saved our arses.
The DPJ is now involved in finding the garage.
It will erase the hiccups at the beginning of the investigation.
Why are you in such a state? Bremont fucked you for the garage.
So what? He doesn't know where Ronaldo is.
And we've got a trump card - Jésus.
And we know who killed Tatiana.
So? Once Niko is identified, it will be easy to find Ronaldo.
I need a break.
I'm gonna go.
I didn't get that.
I need a break.
I'm gonna go.
Do you want a lift? No, I'd rather be alone.
To bury your head under a pillow? Here you area.
I just got a fax from la Santé prison.
Jésus Berrondo had an attack.
He was transferred to the hospital.
- What are we doing here? - Nothing.
We're going for a drink.
We'll have some peace and quiet to talk.
Come on.
- What are you drinking, Shark? - Nothing.
Listen to me, arsehole, it's the last time I help you like that! You'd better get a grip on your flock, or you can tell Vlad it's the last time I'll work with you.
Vlad doesn't have to know, does he? Find me some girls who are more submissive.
If this one had talked to the cops, we would have been in big trouble.
She won't do it again.
How do you know that? She has a little sister in the Czech Republic.
I'll send someone to take care of her, it will calm her down.
Drink something.
An empty glass I hope not.
It won't be easy to identify Niko without him.
INTENSIVE CARE Be careful when lifting.
Lift! - Fuck, the idiot's dead! - It can't be.
Hello, Jean-Jacques.
Did Gloria leave something for me? - A note? Some money? A memento? - What the hell are you doing here? Leave before I call the cops.
I haven't done anything.
Tell me, for Gloria.
You're sick.
Gloria knew it.
- She killed herself because of you.
- Don't say that, it's not true.
They showed your garage on TV.
Everybody is looking for you.
So leave or I'm calling the cops.
Hello, gentlemen.
How are you? - Don't get too close or I'll vomit.
- You never used to say that.
You see one of my men behind my back, you blackmail him, you appropriate my work.
You really are the height of elegance.
Hello, everyone.
Please, don't get up.
Ladies and gentlemen, I will be brief.
So, the Butcher of la Villette has been freed erroneously.
Whatever the mistakes made in this case, it is now time to apply all the means possible to stop this psychopath before he kills again or leaves the country.
The Crime Squad is officially in charge, but I wish for all squads to collaborate on the case and to forward all useful information to Superintendent Bremont.
I beg you not to fight each other in a sterile war, but to bring your strength together to hunt this predator.
Questions? So, to work.
I'm happy we're working together.
I'm sure we'll work wonders.
When you have five minutes, tell your team to to stop flying solo, you will end up in trouble I want that arsehole brought down.
Mr Meynard, I'm not used to seeing you work wonders, but I am giving you another chance.
You are going to reactivate my card today.
Let me call you back.
Miss Karlsson, it's impossible, you've been overdrawn for three months.
Do you think In cash furthermore! It's always the same story with you.
Nothing for months and then one day It's called being your own boss.
Do you think you're the only one? If you can't find decent cases, - get a new job.
- I'm starting from scratch! Do you know what that means for a criminal lawyer? It means looking for fees in the sewers, it means being a court-appointed lawyer for 192 euros with clients who beg you to get them out of jail and who think you're a piece of shit once they're out! That's what it means.
Being a lawyer may look nice, but at the beginning it's mostly just whoring, if you'll pardon the expression.
So, yes, I am overdrawn, yes, I am working like a dog, but you know me, I'm still standing.
So do your job and support me.
40,000 euros in cash.
They're going to ask for an explanation.
Well, deal with it.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Everybody in my office in five minutes.
Cancel your plans for tonight, we're going to keep watch on the whores and catch Niko.
- Laure, can I talk to you? - I don't have time.
Wait! Stop being angry at me.
- I'm an honest guy, you know me.
- Really? You call going behind my back honest? I didn't go behind your back.
I had an agreement with Bremont so he wouldn't shut down your career and Aubert's.
He's the one who's after you, Laure, not me.
- What? - Oh, yes.
I don't know what you did to him, but he doesn't like you very much.
Get them now, we're going to start.
Excuse me.
Could you tell Jérôme I'd like to see him? - I'll be in the changing room.
- OK, I'll tell him.
What are you doing here? I came to see the youth worker.
- You've got my money? - Let me go.
I want my share, you fucker.
Son of a bitch.
You're not entitled to anything.
You chickened out.
Without me you wouldn't have had the key to the office, - so I want my money, or I'll kill you.
- Get lost! Don't show up here unless you have the money, got it? That's enough! Stop this bullshit! We were talking quietly, and he comes and bugs us.
Come here.
Listen to me.
Until you apologise, you don't set foot here! Understood? You don't understand, arsehole.
We found the garage thanks to Jésus.
Now that we all agree the Mexican killed Karine and Célia, we need to find Niko, Tatiana's probable killer.
We know he is a pimp, probably Albanian, with a scar on the cheek.
He has girls working near the Canal de I'Ourcq.
Without Jésus, he will be difficult to identify, so keep your eyes open.
The Crime Squad should not have the info on Niko.
We're ahead of them.
We're pretty sure that Ronaldo taught Niko his MO to carve up Tatiana.
Niko could then tell Jésus how to mutilate her.
And Tatiana then becomes a victim of the Butcher of la Villette.
- And Ronaldo gets freed.
- Niko and Ronaldo know each other? Yes.
It's the only explanation.
But we're not 100% sure.
Ronaldo had no visitors in jail, except his lawyer.
Now what's important is how to catch Ronaldo before he kills a new victim.
He fooled the cops, the judge He must feel invincible.
It's pretty certain he will do it again.
Yes, but he's on the run.
And running isn't cheap.
He needs money, documents.
He has no one else but Niko.
Therefore if we want to catch Ronaldo, we have to focus on Niko.
All right? The whores change places often so as not to be noticed.
According to Jésus' info, they were on quai de la Charente.
So, starting tonight, we're camping there with sleeping bags and Thermos flasks.
- What do we do about the Crime Squad? - Nothing.
I want to be the only one informed about the investigation.
It's every man for himself, and God for all.
Questions? Finding the garage where he mutilated his victims confirms he was involved in Karine Lavergne and Célia Moreau's deaths.
A bench warrant has been issued for him.
So, what do you think? I think you freed a man who killed two women.
You think like a prosecutor! It's really good for the practice.
Do you know where he is? It's stupid, he came by yesterday.
If I'd known, he was right here.
I'm not sure I understand you correctly.
- You wanted to turn him in? - A client on the run is worth nothing.
However, a good trial It's this kind of case that I get up every morning for, Pierre.
Everybody can fight for a victim, but it bores me.
Fighting for a monster, though that's exciting.
It's challenging! It may not be easy to hear, but welcome to the adult world.
Can you just tell me why you became a lawyer? Don't you have an appointment at the court? Yes.
What's the judge going to think? I made commitments, I told her you would behave like an adult, and you do exactly the opposite.
Wait, you're starting to piss me off.
- I'm telling you it's not my fault.
- Right, you're a victim.
If you want to be helped, you need to change your tune! What is this fucking lecture? You pretend to be nice, but you're an arsehole like the rest of them! Take back what you just said.
It's not my fault trouble follows me around! My life sucks and it won't change.
Only my mother understood me.
Even when she was wasted she understood me.
You know, Dylan is one of these helpless teenagers.
He's nice, and the next minute he messes up.
It's true, I misjudged him.
I heard he came to talk to me.
The other two went after him when he meant no harm.
See if the judge can move him to another home.
No one can stand him here.
That's the paradox for these kids.
They need attention and all they get is hate.
I'll call the judge.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Mr Zeppini.
I was freed an hour ago, so I came to thank you.
- May I? - Please.
A client who thanks me is a rare thing.
That how I am.
When I'm happy I let people know.
So So How do I get my money back? - What do you mean get your money back? - My 40,000 euros.
The judge has to give them back.
You told me so.
Why do you think you were freed from jail? The workings of the Holy Spirit? Do you think the affidavit from the casino appeared by magic? Wait you used my money? But what did you want? You wanted me to use mine? - What's left? - Nothing.
Do you know how many signatures are needed to get someone out of jail? Between the clerk, the judge, the guards 40,000 euros goes quickly.
This money wasn't mine! The guys who entrusted me with it will kill me! Tell them that the cops took it, that's it.
40,000 euros in cash I don't know many who could resist.
These guys will never believe me, they'll rip my head off Mr Zeppini, you are free.
That's the most important thing.
And if you need me, you know where to find me.
Good luck, Mr Zeppini.
Shit! That's enough.
I'm losing my concentration.
See, this is our sesame.
You intend to go to your brother with that? Not only go there, but also find out what he has against you.
The number you dialled is not in service.
Come in.
Is Judge Roban here? Not yet.
Can I take a message? Tell him it's all in here.
Very well.
Hello, is is Julie here, please? No, there's no Julie here.
Yes, Julie a girl with dark hair.
I don't know.
You must have the wrong floor.
I'm sorry, but I have been here before.
I can even tell you that the glasses are behind Listen, it's not here, OK? Marianne, did Mrs Courcelles get in touch? Not that I know of, Your Honour.
I should have let her leave in her bra and panties.
Prepare a summons for indictment.
- I'm leaving.
- I am sorry.
She She stopped by earlier, she left - an envelope for you.
- An envelope? An envelope.
I can't recall where I put it.
Are you doing this on purpose? I'm sorry.
She stopped by, my mind was elsewhere.
I didn't pay attention.
What are you waiting for? Help me look for it.
Here it is.
My husband has a safe in a bank.
The key is in the left drawer of the desk and the contract is in a Bible in the library.
Well, this is good news.
Isabelle? You cut your hair.
It suits you! Your clerk told me I could find you here.
Can I sit down? I heard about your mother.
I didn't have a family before, now there's no one left.
It doesn't make a difference.
- And why didn't you tell me? - No, I No, I wasn't going to tell you about it.
And you wanted some time to think about us.
Yes, I thought about it.
I want to carry on, François.
Whether it suits my son or not I am entitled to live my life.
But you you're not afraid of falling out with him? He'll get over it.
For the moment, you're the one that matters.
Will you say the same thing in the future? The mayor of Villedieu will be searched tomorrow.
There will be consequences.
I'll be dragged through the mud.
I'm used to it, but you? Are you saying you don't want to see me? I'm saying that I'm scared of losing you.
The people I love all end up turning their back on me.
I won't be able to bear it if you do.
I don't fucking care if the judge can't find me a new home.
I'll manage.
Where will you sleep? Under a bridge or on a bench.
Anyway, it's cool you called me.
You'll sleep on a bench.
Or in a squat.
But it's dodgy.
There are always problems.
Sleep at my place.
We'll find a solution tomorrow.
Your place? Just for tonight.
And don't tell anyone.
I'm not supposed to put you up.
Can I finish my pizza or should we go now? Go ahead, finish it.
I'll go and pay.
Your bathroom's so clean.
Don't you ever wash? Help me with the sheet.
What are those marks? Nothing.
- You live alone? - Yes.
- You don't have a girlfriend, a wife? - I'm divorced.
- And the redhead? - She's my associate.
You don't fancy her? None of your business.
What about you? No girlfriend? It never works out with girls.
You're good-looking, you should be popular with the girls.
I'll let you finish.
I'm off to bed.
Catch! A T-shirt for the night.
- Good thinking, thanks.
- Good night.
Niko? How's your hand? That bitch bit through the skin.
You'd better get tested in case she has AIDS I'll call you back.
Hello, Vlad.
How are you? Not so good, mate.
Why didn't you tell me a girl tried to run? I was going to tell you, but we got her.
Tani took care of her.
We have more pressing matters.
Did you watch the news? Not yet The cops are looking for the football player.
They found his hideout.
Find him and kill him.
I don't want him to talk about us.
All right.
He'll probably call me.
No, no waiting.
We are in this situation because of your bullshit So sort yourself out and take care of the matter tonight.
Was that Vlad? I am going to smash your face in, you fucker! Why did you say Elena ran away? Are you mad? It wasn't me, I said nothing.
Must be the Shark! He's a good guy, he wouldn't have squealed! I swear it's not me, Niko! Word of honour.
Tell the girls to get ready.
Tonight, I want them to work flat-out.
I see them.
- Do you see them? - Yes.
There are five No, six.
Take their pictures.
Hurry up! - Yes, I'm hurrying.
- Is it OK? Wait On the bridge on the right there.
I can't believe it.
It's Ronaldo.
- Do you see him? - Wait.
Everyone, listen up.
Subject of average height, dark jacket.
A hoody, shaved head.
He looks Iike Ronaldo.
Be ready.
He's going towards the girls.
Tintin, Gilou, go ahead.
Go ahead, stop him! OK, I'm going around.
We'll corner him.
It's not him.
It's not him.
I'm going back around.
See you behind.
- How much a blow-job? - 40.
If you're in a hurry, we can go behind Shit, I thought it was him.
What do you want, arsehole? Calm down.
I'm looking for a Mexican.
I don't give a shit.
I'm sleeping.
You want my photo? Get lost, you faggot! Leave him alone, you're going to kill him.
Go back to sleep, grandpa.
Stop, you're crazy! Let's go! Quick! If Vlad wants his crazy Mexican, he should go after him.
It's pissing me off.
The last girl is off with a client.
Down, down, down! He's gonna get a blow-job here.
Fuck, he must be desperate to get a woman here.
What do you care? You don't come here on holiday.
You're right.
I forgot that you were an expert.
You're out of line.
Fuck, you're becoming a pain, Gilou.
- We can't say anything any more.
- Don't worry.
You'll soon be rid of me.
And Laure? Tell me it doesn't hurt to leave her.
Me, I would understand, but Laure? Go ahead, say it.
Say it! They're moving.
Gilou to Laure.
The guy is going away with the girl, what do we do? We follow? No, we wait.
They're done.
Let's go.
Why don't they come back? Are you sure the pimps didn't pick them up? They must have picked them up somewhere else.
We'll come back tonight, we've got to stay on their back.
Everybody, get some sleep.
Debriefing at 10:00am.
Stop it, no one will be up at 10.
Not even youl Wanna bet? No.
You'd lose, there's no point.
By the way, I owe you 10 euros.
I thought you were a heavy sleeper - I've been ringing your bell for 10 minutes.
Get lost.
I should be the one who's angry.
Since you lost the case, you pretended to be into me while running after Ronaldo on the sly.
I didn't suddenly become your type overnight.
Why are you doing this? What do you gain by sleeping with me? And you? Fifteen years ago I totally messed up with you.
This time I don't want to miss my chance.
Would it be a problem that you've become my type? Get up.
Judge Morel just called.
She found you a home.
You've got 15 minutes to get ready.
- Where is it? - Pantin.
You will go and see her after and start reimbursing what you stole.
Have you got any money on you? If you mean the 200 euros, I spent it all.
- And how are you going to manage? - It's not a problem.
It's not a problem to find 200 euros? I've got as much cash as I want.
It just pisses me off to earn it the way I do.
How? Here's 50.
Why are you doing all this for me? Hurry up.
There's coffee if you'd like.
Laure! Laure, it's Gilou! - Calm down! - How's it going? So, who was right? You switched your phone off? Sorry, I went back to sleep.
I'm taking a shower, I'm coming.
- Wait, I'll make some coffee.
- I don't have any left.
I'll see you at the office.
See you later, then.
Fuck, just what I didn't want to happen.
You're entitled to a private life, aren't you? I don't know.
What? How come you don't know? - Aren't we serious? - Yes, we are.
Anyway, I've got to go.
I'm taking someone in for questioning.
What kind? The kind of dealer involved in settling scores in a squat.
A guy got hit in the lung by a bullet.
It went through the ceiling.
He is dead? He'll survive.
I can't say the same for the shooter, we'll get him good.
Who? The dealer? No, apparently he's not the shooter.
We'll know more after the questioning.
We put him in a hotel on rue Marcadet.
The Eldorado? No, the Étoile d'Agadir.
Why? Are you interested in the case? You're talking, I'm listening.
Hello, Judicial Police.
Nadia speaking.
Nadia, it's Gilou.
Can you check a licence plate? Go ahead, I'm listening.
Alpha Charlie 073, India Kilo 75.
Hold on, I'm checking.
Why are you asking? It belongs to the Crime Squad.
OK, thank you.
Hello? Hi, it's Dylan.
I went to the home, I met my new youth workers.
Can I stop by to tell you about it? It's not easy at the moment, Dylan.
I'm with a client.
- Can we talk later? - Are you gonna be long? I don't know, I'll call you back.
I'm in a hurry, Pierre.
What do you want to know? Where have the 40,000 euros come from? What are you insinuating? I don't know.
40,000 euros were deposited in this account, the firm's account, and they disappeared.
I'm wondering.
This money was sealed.
My client needed to get it back in cash.
I helped him.
That's all.
Why make it go through the firm's account? You couldn't deposit it in his account directly? He doesn't have an account.
His banking privilege is suspended.
You don't believe me? Call him.
Go ahead, call him! You wouldn't take the risk of lying to me.
I give you my word, all right? Arnaud Ledoré? Hello.
How are you? - Hello.
- Do you remember me? Do you know Mr Delcourt? Can we talk to you for two minutes? Yes.
What about? It's about Julie.
That's enough.
- Who filmed that? - Julie's webcam.
It would be too bad if this film were to go around court, wouldn't it? What do you mean, go around? To avoid that, you need to help us.
- What kind of help? - Working for us.
Tell us exactly where Roban is in the Villedieu case.
I can't.
I'm sworn to secrecy.
Speaking of secrets, you know that Julie is underage? That's crazy, she's in the first year of law school! Look.
She's in high school.
You see? Must admit, she is pretty talented for a 15-year-old.
If you refuse to help us, within 30 minutes this film will be sent to every magistrate's mailbox.
When they realise the girl is underage, they won't do you any favours.
And you will be disbarred for life.
Harsh, isn't it? Gilou! Tintin! What's going on? The Crime Squad has found the guy Gilou argued with at the squat.
- How do you know? - I just know.
If the guy talks, they'll be able to get to Patricia.
- Knowing her, she'll talk.
- The Crime Squad can't implicate Gilou.
- The bullet doesn't come from his gun.
- Wait, Bremont isn't stupid.
He'll know we covered up for Gilou if Patricia says she was with him.
He'll realise I tampered with the seal.
Did a cop tell you that? We need to get to the guy first.
He's in a hotel on rue Marcadet.
The Étoile d'Agadir.
You don't answer questions any more? Fuck, Gilou, I'm fighting for you! You want to end up in jail? Let's go.
Arnaud, are you aware that as an intern, you are allowed to follow a police investigation in the field? Yes, I know.
Our relationship being what it is, I suggest you take this opportunity.
Thank you, but I'd rather stay here.
And I have seen enough of you.
You are starting tomorrow.
They are informed of your arrival.
- Is everything all right, Marianne? - It's nothing, Your Honour.
It's just the shelf collapsing.
Wait, let me take care of it.
My husband has a safe in a bank on the Champs-Elysées Average height, short dark hair.
This is a peaceful hotel.
I don't want any trouble.
Please, answer.
OK, your colleagues came yesterday.
- Yesterday? - Yes.
They took the man you're looking for.
What was his name? He called himself Mr Bo.
Thank you.
Either your informant is bad or someone's taking the mickey.
Now can you tell me who gave you this shitty tip? You'd better cross your fingers he's forgotten your face.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Hello? Now? I'm coming.
I have to go.
What about the debriefing on the whores? Start without me.
And be ready.
We're doing it again tonight.
Where are you taking me? Nowhere.
The road ends here.
You didn't realise it was a trap? I give you information about the squat and you charge straight in.
I saw you leaving the hotel, you and your guys.
Someone from your team has enquired several times about this case.
Who the fuck are you protecting? Don't say anything.
I've got the dealer, the bullet.
It's easy to follow the story.
Get lost.
We both made a mistake.
There's nothing left to say.
Even in 15 years.
This is Arnaud Ledoré.
The judge is going to search the mayor's home tomorrow morning.
The documents he's looking for are in a safe, and the key is in the left drawer of the desk.
Of course I'm sure.
The mayor's wife left a letter.
Wait, what about the film? You promise me you'll destroy it?