Engrenages (2005) s04e12 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 12

Previously on Engrenages> I'm afraid I have no good news for you.
-I will not sign it.
I will complain to the State Council.
We'll see me will you move.
Brothers you always have help.
Do not you think it might help you help in difficult times? Good to have you gone.
The rent is too high.
We'll find something better.
Stop it.
I will be back.
Nothing is lost.
-Vuèete Us the nose? Do you have time? Have no job and no paperwork! You have to help me.
What do you need? -Weapons and explosives.
How much did you bring? -5 Kg.
It'll be enough? Do not worry.
The van has arrived.
This is Thomas Riffaut! -Move! Saison 4 Episode 12 Well, Mr.
We will do it.
You can count on me.
Gentlemen, Paris and surroundings they are able to alert.
The Minister is resolute.
We must do everything possible to find progressive Riffauta and his gang before foist bomb.
Who's the target? I do not know.
They fight everything that has to do with the state.
Pojaèajte safety in public and ministerial institutions.
In stations and at airports.
What are you doing to be found? My men all live checked.
Judicial police are Riffauta monitors? You know? They have left the case.
They accidentally stumbled on it.
They worked on the case trafficking of weapons.
Riffaut one wanted to buy explosives.
Why are not we told? Intelligence Ministry of the Interior months chasing his gang.
Because of the urgency, I thought is best to first inform you.
In these moments of my team uhiæuje Kurdish smugglers.
We hope that we will take to Riffauta.
Be in touch with intelligence.
I think that the Judiciary can Šaèica militants prepared assassination.
You must co-operate with intelligence and share all data needed for their arrest.
Clear? Is that clear? -Yes, Mr.
To work, gentlemen! My find Riffauta and Intelligence wants to take credit.
Many want to place in the Protuteroristièkoj like you.
Who else? And Intelligence wants to set his man.
This is not the case what are you going to celebrate.
Do you know what it means you have to co-operate? That we podèinjenom position.
I get it.
Haroun, here Herville.
How do you stand with Ozbek? Start as soon as you find out something about Riffaut.
You have a green light.
? Yes, Calm down! Sit! Thank you.
Is n't that you? And that's Riffaut? Recognize him? Why did he buy the explosives? I do not know What he'do with them? I do not know.
For sale, Don't ask me any more questions.
Do not you say anything? Neither your brothers? I do not know them.
I deal in firearms.
And what you are doing brothers? Selling turkish delight? -Yes.
Stop us fuck.
We know that the whole family has a gun.
And if you are involved In Cetin death.
Not true.
Only I do the arms.
Known your name is Thomas Riffaut? The only real important to you.
What is your name? Do not you understand? I do not speak French? I asked a question.
Answer the questions.
Rodi, something I do not understand.
I want to end up in æuzi? Smuggling of arms, sharing in terrorist acts and murder.
That's at least 20 years.
Why protect them, you fool? Have not yet been buried mother, and brother and tried to kill him.
I'll fix it later.
-You will not because You'll be in the slammer! How are you going to do? And if my brother is at large, I will give him to kill without problems.
Stand up.
I? -Blames it all on rhodium.
Rodi he would not get involved.
Takes it upon himself.
We have no evidence to sell weapons.
The judge will not issue a warrant for custody.
Bastards will get away.
Did he say anything to Riffauta? No.
Shut like watered.
What are we going with the brothers? The lawyer already began to insist that we let them.
Fuæka us.
Keep We'll be in suspense.
As you know me.
Omar told me where Riffaut.
In leftist squat in Montrougeu.
My name intervention and motion.
Stand by.
-Bravo! Complainant were deducted all the powers of the investigating judge after conviction State Judicial Council that the breach of duty of a judge holding a press conference naštetivši integrity and fellow judge.
Complainant seeks annulment judgment of the State Council, as though he exaggerated in relation to, quote certain actions colleagues.
Roban, do you say? Mr.
President, please let me let me show you the paperwork who could not enter the record.
O-What's the word? The testimony detainees who confirmed that a solicitor's office podmiæivao judge 14th Courtroom to ublaživao penalties to their clients.
What to do have to do with your complaint? When a READ, all of you will understand.
Unless you want to I had done it in front of everyone.
Bring them to me, please.
To study them, and we will We will decide what further.
Aborting session.
We're ready.
The ground is clear.
Moves on floor.
It's not possible! They picked up.
Amina, J.
, search ground.
We're going up.
EIST is.
Laure, and two seeking.
Send them up.
Yes? -What is this shit? Commander Berthaud, Second Judicial Department.
And you are? Commander Albertini, Intelligence MUP.
These are Hervilleove methods.
Called me 15 minutes late to arrive until after the battle.
You wanted to arrest Riffaut without us? They did not let us know.
Of course! What did you find? Nothing.
No one.
So if you want to play, no problem.
Tell your boss that now Furthermore everyone is working for themselves.
You knew that we must wait? I.
He told me to go.
I found this.
Did not Riffaut? We will send it to the lab.
There is a box of cell phones.
Maybe we go to track mobiles thanks to the number on the box.
Intelligence to call? We will be silent.
Riffaut is ours.
Bulazniš? You want a war with the police while Paris could detonate the bomb? We'll talk after the hearing.
That's what I discovered about Garnier not facilitate their task.
Confirming the decision State Judicial Council, acknowledged that the judiciary will protects unwanted figures.
Canceled if it is, it means that the institution is corrupt.
If I had to choose between two evils -Now we'll find out.
Roban, stand up, please.
Taking into account the appeal Mr.
Roban for annulment judgment imposed by the State Judicial Council and considering the fact that stated that the Council does not allow to establish that the dismissal and seizure powers of the investigating judge based on real facts, Mr.
François Roban has rightly requested the annulment of the judgment.
Congratulations, Mr.
Honor! You win! -Thank you.
You look like a cop.
Who is it? Open.
Duct tape, stones, screws, switch.
Switch, cables I'll go get the car.
Back in one hour.
-We'll be ready.
Clothes on the bed for you.
And this? -Same.
We found that cell phone purchased at the kiosk in the street Crimea.
We know who the buyer is? We know.
Amina took Riffaut picture.
The owner confirmed that he bought it.
You responded to the judge for a wiretap? Yes, but not activated the cell.
Here you go.
What is it? A report on the quarry.
I wrote it again.
And what I needed seen.
If I did not hide, I saw that hut buy weapons from Ozbek.
And now would be a magistrate.
I screwed up and I want to correct it.
Hereby will get 20 g Why are you doing? You want to get fired? I do not.
I want what you do.
That end up in the slammer.
But not in that way.
You have a family and children.
And another child on the way.
You will not ruin everything because of it.
I will destroy itself if it does not comply to this.
I screwed up because I was scared and can not cope with it.
Every morning, izrigam up and down.
I have always worked as it should.
I want to be able to look in the mirror.
! Yeah? -File for the judge.
You're dead.
You've reached the answering machine of Josephine Karlsson.
Leave a message.
Good day.
Do you have a moment? Sorry about the uncle.
Do not be.
It was known that they will also finish.
What are you here to discuss? About my aunt.
I'm afraid we will have problems, and does not deserve them.
What kind of problems? S-cops.
Surely he would want to examine.
I want to help her as you and me.
-I ended up with Jorkal.
Because Tellier? -Finished I.
I will not be excused.
Tellier they get the money.
You will not bother.
-They dared to ask for money? My aunt gave it to them.
When? Before we found a Johnny.
-Are you sure? I was with her.
They got the money, but they are still set the explosives in the car? -Yes.
Jorkal them -Yes.
But I did not say anything.
Johnny is doing everything since he got out of prison.
He wanted to kill all those who are ga hassled.
In our family we are afraid.
We slept with a gun under plašeæi pillow is revenge.
Aunt could no longer so.
She begged him to Tellier to hunt.
And I walked in the car? But you're not.
Please leave my office.
So, you agree? Do you call the cops if he comes? Get out of here not to lose my temper.
Here are a bitch.
What else he wants from us? -Calm down, Mr.
She lost, not us.
Leave it all to me and say as little as you can.
Good day, lawyers Karlsson.
-Dear colleague.
Here you are.
-Good day, Mr.
Dear Sirs, what brings you here? The court ruled in favor of your client and ordered that all workers who obstructed the work Companies being dislodged.
You have just summarized the court's decision.
-Did I? However, these workers continue to seek to report them, and severance payments.
And you know very well, that workers were reported, my client must also writing obeæati employment.
Do you want to hire Mr.
Martineau people who have invaded his company? I see.
That would force them to ga respect their workers' rights, payment of overtime, health insurance and pension.
Ma'am, all my employees have a decent salary.
Seven hundred euros a month for demolition of the walls 12 hours a day more than decent for illegals.
Let's stop lying to you.
All three We know that your client is a fraud.
If you let us come insult -I.
Absolutely not.
Only miracles as Judge missed an obvious fraud.
It made its job properly, notice to that Mr.
Martineau no right to manage the company.
Sorry What would you say? I want to say that Mr.
Pascal Louis Raymond Martineau, born on 13 ožujka 1956th in St.
Raphael in the Var département, kicked from the Chamber of Trade and register businesses for forgery, embezzlement and unlawful taking of property.
The verdict was reached My dear fellow, do not tell me you did not know.
Do you like to dig through the shit, huh? Will your client consider requiring employees or call now The State Attorney's Office? You have one hour.
It bothers me, Martineau.
Is Tipped reliable? The manager is not sure, But this morning shoppers Slie guys in the photos.
Can we trust him? Of course.
Once I helped him.
They arrested him because he received into the house illegals.
Since then we work services.
What shall we? Let? No.
We'll can wait.
I want to see what is going on above.
When we look at the Riffaut up call to step up and moving.
Riffautov mobile! Call Laura.
Laura, Sami.
Riffautov mobile! Shit! Activate it and went off.
Activate the line in 14th arrondissement in the street Gassendi.
Here we go.
Let's go! How does it work? Simple.
Call number, Electric and impulse triggers the detonator and sphere of semteksa explodes.
Marc can wait and we'll go.
We are on the corner of Street Liancourt and Civelli.
Alone? I come from the streets Lalande Denfert street.
-Tintin? Pješaèkoj we zone Daguerre street.
Shit! -They could be anywhere.
This is a guy who was on the motor with Riffautom.
We are looking Step up the street Civelli no.
Hold it! Hold it! Why are you in such hurry? Get off me! -Relax.
Where are you off to?! Do not move.
Where is Riffaut? Where is Riffaut? No I know him.
-You do not know? Sighted've used with him buying explosives.
Marc Charron.
What else have you got in your pockets? Do not move! Where is the hotel Telemaque I do not know.
We just passed in front of him.
Take him to the station.
I? -Marc Charron.
He was driving a motorcycle.
Riffaut is close, it is likely at.
-I'll call Hervillea.
Intervention and inviting.
Naèelnièe here Haroun, Riffautova have a helper.
Krasne the news! A Riffaut? I think it was in a hotel nearby.
We need intervention.
Why? It should surprise them.
You will not tell the intervention? Fuæka me for them.
Riffaut we will slip away.
I'll call you.
Here we go.
Intervention would emerge.
Who are these now? Judicial! Every time We attempt to row across.
Step up call.
Do not.
What are you doing? We'll catch- Riffauta the back entrance.
Who's in room number 7? Four-person.
-A girl? Is.
One of them came existence about 1 h.
What floor? The first-floor left.
Albertini, what are you doing? Cops! -Bjež'mo! Take the computer.
I? Nothing.
Come on! Gilo, goes up.
Fifi, Karl, stay at the gate.
Cover you.
We find in the apartment.
-Watch out! He has a gun! Watch out! Are you okay? -Yes.
It's safe.
Who is this? You going? Uh-huh.
Tintin? Dreaming or saving my life? I would love you kissed her, but there are people.
View ga.
Here's the boss! In the form a.
-I will handle it.
Mazerat Riffaut and fled.
Explosives? -Think ga are taken.
Team oèevid there.
Found are semteks and other material.
Riffaut you was close at hand and managed izmaæi? Do you know what it is? You do not know? Fucking operations! That we had to step up, not so ended.
And idiots they could catch, but you do not! Nesposobnjakoviæi one! -They were firing at us! It is a real miracle that no wounded, and you criticize us?! Full of my hat! Change the tone.
-I can understand you're not invited Intelligence.
But abandon Intervention I do not know how are you going to justify.
You are mistaken.
The outcome was positive.
We caught two helper and none of our no victims.
Excuse me, I'm busy.
Greeks who have arrested, It sucks muzzle.
The main fashion into bombs Greek anarhistièkih groups.
We have begun to grovel?! Keep it to yourself.
Albertini's just activate the siren.
What? Why? Yes Riffauta alarms.
We've seen you.
We were in front hotel.
We wanted to get him back.
Our Heads by trampling one another work places in Protuteroristièkoj.
One that gets ga first SEEP Riffauta.
Very well.
I will immediately inform their clients.
See you tomorrow.
Is it? -Yes.
Silence! Ladies and Gentlemen, please! I just talked with Martineauovim attorney.
Will repay you everything you owed.
Salaries, and annual compensation.
We should celebrate.
We won! They caught them.
Otherwise the already been there.
-What shall we? Now we are alone.
Are you feeling Ready? Let's go to the end! There is no turning back.
You've got to know.
After this more nothing will be the same.
You'll remain without family friends.
We'll be just you and me.
Are not you afraid of that? -You are crazy? With you, it's nothing I'm not afraid.
I apologize.
I'm drunk.
I could sign anything.
-I came for.
We will not close the office? Jorkal is dead.
-You should not have come because of this.
I know, èitam newspaper.
You want me to walk you to the funeral? His wife was commissioned murder.
The women never be too careful.
What is it, Pierre? What to play a game with me? You know why I in love with you? Neither do I.
Advocate! All you are waiting.
They have a surprise for you.
I apologize.
-Finished I.
-Now I'll come.
Pierre, where are you going? -Back.
Will you take me? Are you sure that's a good idea? I'm thirsty.
I'll go get a drink.
Will? I thought.
We can not Now do it.
It would be stupid.
Giving up? -Absolutely not! But cops on our heels.
This is not a moment to show up with a bomb.
None of us would not there look.
-Forget it.
It's too dangerous.
Do not believe me.
You're afraid that I can not.
-It has nothing to do with it.
We have to be sure.
No should not be exposed to danger.
We talked about a thousand times.
We will do as we say, only without Marc.
We do not have a car! How do we depart after place the bomb? We'll hitchhike? Do not worry, we will kill all all cops.
But not immediately.
Expose us to danger.
His only priority is to climb one place in the hierarchy.
I guess we will not be silent? I never said that.
But we will not reach an anything if we give up.
Let him understand that we will not Riffauta chase at any cost just to satisfy his ambitions.
-Fuæka him for you.
Is that clear? If you do not want to do, and replaces.
I do not care.
Stop it.
You know that is not so.
We no longer want to catch Riffauta? We'll catch Riffauta, but You do not need Hervillea.
That's your problem.
No one need.
Neither Brémonta me either.
It has nothing to do with it.
-There is.
Have you talked to him? Forget it.
Tomorrow will be the laborious.
-Not to me.
Charron? Nothing.
Not pisnuo.
Search Karlssonicu.
Tomorrow he will get.
-A Greek? Operate ga.
We will not ga be able to examine an additional 24 h.
Laura, I do not understand what you're doing.
Neither do I.
It's not fine with Brémontom? You really want to ruin everything? Neither one guy you can not be happy let alone two! Do you try with three? Good afternoon, Mr.
I'm glad to see you.
Good afternoon, Mr.
We quickly learned to acquittal.
Until recently, I was all these people avoided.
Once you have uncovered Garnier, All you will begin to worship.
That would be the first time.
Fast-'ll get used to it.
Your Honor, it was the I was told that you have returned.
Excuse me, Mr.
odvjetnièe state.
Have you thought the LUF-in -Masons? I'm touched, but what would we? My victory confirms principle that has always defended.
What is the principle? -If we fight for justice, we can win.
So even themselves.
I guess you're not so naive to think that you have won yourself an institution? Why do you think I have met with the brethren of the Lodge? Who is defending the shadows your word and independent spirit? Who convinced the President State Council to free you? Want to say that I pulled thanks Freemasons? Without them, you would be nothing.
But I did not ask anything of them.
Even those of you that I know of.
Think carefully, Roban.
You have won.
You will improve, 'll become important to you will extend the red carpet.
It's good to have a broad tances.
Sir, Your Honor.
Good morning, Marianne.
State odvjetnièe.
-Marianne, well take care of the new judge.
You can count on me.
Greetings, Roban.
I am overjoyed, François.
Was I'm sure I'll win.
Thank you, Marianne.
What do we have today? Witnesses in the case Meunier.
In the corridor.
Invite ga.
There you go in there.
Sit down, sir.
Sophie! Sophie! Good day.
I came to see his client, Mr.
I will ask you to prièekate.
Hear lawyer.
Will learn a lesson, and you'll all happen again.
You have a nice opinion on lawyers.
You need a lesson.
You have half an hour.
And to shut up, bad writing to us.
Gilo, let's check wiretapped in Riffautovu mobiles.
What would you explosive? For-defense.
From what? Let me know when you go.
I will come straight to the hospital.
I need 10 minutes.
Gotta go, my dear.
Signal! Laura, Gilo! Yes? -Mobile to activate.
Where is it? -Activated a line 200 yards away.
Commander Berthaud.
Who entered the station? Before 5 min.
A young cop, immediately after counselor.
How did she look? Thank you.
It is safe Mazeratica.
The bomb was for us.
My name pirotehnièare! Haroun, Fromentin raided the floor.
Berthaud, Escoffier, Evacuate the building.
People in the building of the bomb.
Herville, Judicial.
Send pirotehnièare.
We have a bomb.
During the evacuation.
-Loulou, follow me! Evacuate the building.
What is going on? -Alert the bomb.
Everybody out! Come on! Pirotehnièari arrive in 15 minutes.
Hurry up! Output is down, left.
Come on! Do not worry, sir.
-My things? -After you will come and get them.
Sophie Mazerat! Do not touch me or I'll breathe in all Air! And you shall die with us.
Let people to go forth.
Do not confuse me.
Back! Okay, but let these people.
Well, let it go forth! Fast! Come on! What is he doing here? Hold it! Let not MIEE.
It will not.
Not the MIEE.
Everything will be okay.
-Back! Good.
Shut the fuck up.
I? -Not yet.
Where is the bomb? -Shut up! Back! -I do what I want.
What's he doing here? ' -Nothing works.
Tell him to stand! -Gilo, whoa! Stop and take a look.
-Back! Good.
Why not Riffaut there? Let you alone? As for you not to be.
Sophie, no one was hurt.
Everything can end well.
You have not figured it out?! No I want to finish well.
- Have you found it? - I.
Tintin! I will hold you.
-Turn on the light.
There is nothing.
Now are you going to give me a cell phone.
Look me in the eyes.
What is he doing? ' He has a gun! Set her down-I will ga.
Drop the gun! I will.
Now! On the floor! He pushed ga.
Sophie, give me the phone.
Give me the phone.
Sophie Shit! Alone! Let it go.
Stand back.
Cancel, Sophie.
Tell us where the bomb is.
Trust me.
You have to trust me.
-Shut up! Shut up or I'll all breathes in the air! Clear?! Clear?! Fuck.
Damn it! It's my phone.
My wife.
Going to give birth.
Get the hell out of here.
I've already done that.
I do not need you.
Do fulati because I want see her children again.
First Evacuate all that remained.
Sophie You did not understand me? Do not want to hear a word.
Clear? Sophie, calm down.
-I will not! Give me the phone.
Give me the phone! Fast! Do not do this.
Stand back! Scroll all gonna die on us.
Yes? Thomas, come to me help.
Where are you? The cops.
Thomas? Damn it! Thomas Thomas? Quick, get out! Tell others! Laura, they found it! No! On the floor! Alone! Tintin! Sami, Tintin, run! Are you okay? -Yes.
Are you okay? -Yes.
Tintin! Tintin! Hell, Tintin! Are you okay? Bump up.
Are you okay? Can you hear me? Well You? Where is Sami? Shit! Gilo! Tintin? Everything's fine.
-Sami! Alone! -Do not go there! -Sami!