Engrenages (2005) s06e09 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 9

1 Bakary is dead.
The cops shot him.
This calls for a revolt.
Excuse me.
It happened too fast for us to intervene.
Your guy got scared and fired a shot.
Was Camara armed? He just had a tear-gas grenade in his hand.
What a fuck-up.
He's been with us for two months.
It's his first job.
Shooting an unarmed man is going to cost us, Berthaud.
Camara was someone the kids here looked up to.
- Beckriche, sir.
- Hello.
- Is that the thermic lance they used? - Yes, it is.
Do the full range of tests.
If you find any DNA, see if it matches Drissa Camara's.
Was it your first time? - Hello.
- Hello.
- Herville.
- Pleased to meet you.
Hand me your weapon for the purpose of the inquiry - Have we tracked down Drissa? - Not so far.
We need to find him before war breaks out.
Even if we get him, we can't pin anything on him.
We've got a few nuggets, like the gear they left at the scene.
He'll be upset about his brother.
Now is the time to catch him.
He's bound to crack.
Fuck's sake.
Any news on the older brother? He must be lying low somewhere.
We'll find him.
He's at bay, and he's dangerous.
We'll track him down, but we won't intervene without backup.
We nearly had them.
We can't give up now.
It's too risky.
His brother was shot.
We know what he's capable of.
Plus, we'll have all his friends on our case.
Have you ever had a dressing-down in public? We're meeting the Chief of Police, and we're in for an earful.
So have you got that, Berthaud? No arrests without my approval.
Tintin, get Drissa's parents' address in Cléry and keep watch there.
We'll keep watch at his house.
Bakary is dead.
The cops shot him.
This calls for a revolt.
Hey, Wesh, get up, man.
Bakary is dead.
The cops shot him.
This calls for a revolt.
Fucking bastards! Go for it.
Trash everything! TVBAC 840 from TNZ1, go to Cité des Fleurs as backup for TVBAC 860 in connection with a burning vehicle.
This is TVBAC 840.
You'll wake the neighbours.
- Have you heard? - Yes.
It was one of our guys who shot him.
And now Drissa wants to see us.
How do you know? A mate of his paid a visit to my mother on the estate.
To my mother! - What if he knows we grassed him up? - Calm down.
He has no way of knowing.
He's bound to suspect us.
We gave them the job.
An anonymous call could have come from anyone.
His brother is dead.
The guy is full of hatred.
- I'm not going to meet him.
- If we don't go, we may as well write "grass" on our foreheads.
We have no choice.
We're not going to crap ourselves because of that prick.
We're smarter than him.
We go.
We sort it out.
End of story.
How do we sort it out? The plan failed.
We have no way of sending him down now.
Don't worry.
We have the upper hand.
Good luck, bro.
Your father's waiting.
You are the oldest.
It was your job to look out for him.
Come here.
You're all we have left.
You must go straight now.
Violent incidents last night in Cléry after the death of Bakary Camara, who was shot in the back by a police officer.
With dozens of cars set on fire and bus shelters vandalised, arrests are being made, and the Minister of the Interior is expected at the scene later today.
Gentlemen, I don't need to spell it out to you.
Beauvau fears that this will spread.
We have 48 hours to suppress the rioting.
Riot police squads will be made available to you.
Coordinate your actions.
Besides this blunder, rumours of a lack of cohesion in the police are rife.
Why did this patrol intervene when CID was at the scene? Did you know they were there? I had been informed, yes.
Then why did you let your men intervene? I feared leaks, sir.
One of our teams is being investigated.
It might be involved in the burglary of the shop.
My department is leading that investigation, sir.
We hope to catch Drissa Camara and his accomplices.
Catch Drissa Camara? That's the last thing you should do.
Do you want to set the whole district on fire? He won't be arrested.
You have my word, sir.
I should hope so too.
Further updates in four hours, gentlemen.
I told you to hand it to the IPCC, but you wouldn't listen to me.
Fabienne Mangin, Mayor of Cléry, what's your relationship with her? One of cordial disagreement.
She has contacts on the estates.
The crime bosses who got her elected? That's a compromise too far.
Herville, now is not the time to stand on principle.
Keep a low profile and compromise.
Tintin, Drissa's wife has just left home with the kids.
We're on her tail.
Any movement on your end? Nothing outside the block the Camaras' parents live in.
This is Pré Gentil estate.
It's where Drissa's parents live.
She's approaching the estate in a green Mini.
Do you see her? Yes, she's just passed me.
We'll park up by the shops.
She's getting out with the two kids.
There she is.
You'll never believe this, but Jolers and Calvi just pulled up.
Fuck's sake.
They've just got out of the car and are heading for the building.
Can you see them? No, not yet.
- There, look.
- We have them in sight.
Be ready, all of you.
Drissa must be here too.
The boss.
Good timing, boss.
We've located Drissa.
- We need backup.
- Go back to the station.
The Chief said no arrests while there is rioting.
But it's calm here.
There's no one.
You won't get backup, Berthaud.
That's an order! - Fuck it! - What did he say? He wants us to go back.
What for? They're all here.
That's ridiculous.
Orders from the Chief of Police.
Koffi, open the door.
- Where's Drissa? - He said to wait here.
No problem.
But we don't have all day.
Like I said, you wait here.
Some weasel grassed on us.
Any idea who it was? - No.
- It was an anonymous call.
A local resident, no doubt.
- You must have made too much noise.
- Don't give me that! Cops were watching the building.
- Why were they there? - They're from CID.
The ones who questioned you and your brother.
They must still be onto you.
They probably hoped to catch you red-handed.
Red-handed? How come you didn't know about it? Aren't you supposed to be a cop? For fuck's sake! We had no way of knowing.
CID is run from Paris.
They don't share information with us.
So you and your colleague are no use to us, then? No use at all.
What do we do to people who are of no use to us? Taking it out on us won't help you get out of this mess.
There is something we can do to help you.
But you have to listen to me and trust me.
Is this another of your useless plans? We're on your side.
We're in the same boat.
Go on, then.
I'm listening.
To start with, we need to find out exactly what CID have on you.
For that, we need to access your file.
Do you know how to do that? I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't.
- Can I have a word? - Can I put this down first? Remember Roban telling me to drop the Nicolas Bodin case? Vaguely, yes.
Because of the watch.
I asked him to find the name of the person who bought it.
You'll never guess who it was.
- Machard.
- The public prosecutor? Yes.
He's saying he lost the watch, and he's never met the boy, but no one's buying it.
Can you believe it? Machard.
Machard fucks gay students? Yes.
Roban wants to keep it under wraps.
Why would Roban do that? He hates him.
No idea, but he handled him with kid gloves at the hearing.
He didn't even ask what he was doing the night Nicolas died.
But there was no murder.
He'd be wasting his efforts.
My client wants to know how her son died.
She has a right to know the truth.
The truth that a dirty old prosecutor was screwing her son? She's suffered enough.
You'd do better to help her turn the page.
Oh, sure.
Pretend everything's fine.
It's so much easier to keep quiet.
You said what you liked about me was that I didn't give in.
You won't be disappointed.
Why not pick a more worthwhile case? I have a whole pile of them.
Berthaud! Can we review things? If we can't do our job, I don't see the point.
I know it's hard.
- These are special circumstances.
- They were all there.
We could have had them all.
And what would you have done with them? Cléry is Camara's home turf.
He just has to whistle, and 50 youths will come after you.
- What if he gets away? - He won't, Berthaud.
As long as there is rioting, he knows he's safest at home.
So we stay calm and wait for the trouble to die down.
Concentrate on Moldovan's house instead.
You were going to set up surveillance to find Maria.
We've been too busy to do it.
Well, now's the time.
Come on, Berthaud.
Are you okay? - No, I can't calm down.
- Breathe.
Beckriche is right.
We need to focus on Maria.
If we find her, we'll have enough to nab the whole gang.
Come here.
Look at me.
Are you coming to Moldovan's house? No, I've got work to do.
You two go.
You can pretend to be a couple looking for a house.
That's credible.
Right, guys, there are now two hot spots.
Cité des Fleurs and Pablo Neruda.
The aim is to stop it spreading north to Pré Gentiland Mirabeau.
Otherwise, the whole area will flare up.
It's all going to kick off tonight.
We have riot police coming to our assistance.
The main thing is to contain the rioting and limit the violence.
That means we only go in there if we're sure we can handle it.
Similarly, we leave the fires to burn unless they are likely to spread.
So we go for damage limitation and moderate use of Flash-Balls.
Yes, Flash-Balls, guys.
I've always called them that.
What if they fire mortars at us? If they shoot, we have to shoot back.
Think about it, guys.
One of our guys killed a youth.
Don't act like cowboys.
The press will have a field day, not to mention the videos posted on social media.
We've had enough, boss.
We get targeted by terrorists, burglars, and youths.
They treat us like scum.
Don't confuse the issue.
Today's mission is to stop the riots spreading to neighbouring areas.
I realise it's been tough recently.
And not just since Mercier died.
But the people are on our side, guys.
There is a small minority directing their hatred at the police, but 99% of people want us to protect them from violence.
So follow orders and be professional.
- Damn! - Damn! - What the fuck? - Phone the Mayor, Roussel.
- Stay calm.
- We have to do something.
Get into position, please.
Hey, guys, get in position! Shit.
They've gone.
- Gilou.
- What? Maria Gregoriu's ID card You were right.
We should have set up surveillance yesterday.
Yes, boss? What? - What's that noise? - What's up? Okay, we're on our way.
The station is under attack.
Plus, he said there was a third guy with the Camaras at the Chinese shop.
- We'd have seen him.
- He's handed himself to Herville.
Ms Karlsson is waiting.
I'm coming.
- Hello, Judge Roban.
- Ms Karlsson.
It's about the watch found among Nicolas Bodin's effects.
I'm listening.
I'm sure you were as surprised as I was to learn that it was paid for by Mr Machard.
Nothing surprises me any more, Ms Karlsson.
Not to the extent that you believed Mr Machard's explanations, I hope.
He was clearly lying when he said he mislaid it.
I don't know what makes you say such a thing.
Judge Roban, didn't you wonder whether Machard was Superman? Don't tell me it didn't cross your mind.
Otherwise, I'll start having serious doubts about your judgement.
Please, Ms Karlsson.
I can tell the difference between fabrication and truth.
I have answered your questions, and now I am going to close the case.
I have one final request.
You seized a key at Nicolas' flat.
It was used by a regular client, the last person to have seen him alive.
Why was it not checked for fingerprints? It is up to me to decide which tests are pertinent to the case.
Since we're trying to identify the person who saw Nicolas die, I'm amazed you didn't think to get the key tested.
If you think it's essential, I'll have it done.
Well, thank you, Judge Roban.
Goodbye, Ms Karlsson.
Didier, go and get the key, and take it to the lab to be checked for fingerprints.
As soon as we have the result, I'll close the case once and for all.
Why haven't you gone yet? It's chaos.
- They're shouting, "Bakary.
" - Yes.
Stay close behind me.
They've been lashing out at us for two hours.
Still, I'd rather that than have schools burnt down.
- Will you be okay? - Yes.
He's here.
Issouf Adjo, aged 22, boxing coach.
He claims he was with Bakary at the Chinese shop.
That's impossible.
We'd have seen him.
- The two brothers were alone.
- He must be a fall guy.
Drissa paid him to confess to his crime.
That way, he'll have access to the case file.
The bastard's even wearing the same jacket as Drissa.
He was never there.
His confession won't hold water.
We'll catch him out.
I'll call Nico and get him to send the photos we took.
- Where can we interview him, boss? - In my office.
Would you bring him, please? Why wait all this time to come forward? Bakary's death got me thinking.
I couldn't just let the cops tarnish his memory.
Is that right? What are they saying? That he was going to kill the cop, but he wasn't even armed.
Right, so you and Bakary arrived in Rue des Pommiers.
- Describe the place to me.
- Do you want a guided tour? A drawing will suffice.
Draw me the entrance to the building, the street, the basement.
And don't take too long.
We haven't got all day.
What was in the basement? Bottles of wine lined up at the back.
That's where we tunnelled through.
- What with? - A hammer and chisel.
Breeze blocks break easily.
We'll be right back.
The bastard has done his homework.
- What are the photos like? - Nothing we can use.
There he is from the back, wearing a helmet.
The only recognisable thing is the jacket.
It could be anyone.
They're unrecognisable in helmets.
Why is nothing going right? Calm down.
I know someone who'll be delighted we've been screwed.
All right? We're fucked, Gilou.
We have no choice but to charge him.
Sorry I'm late.
We are overwhelmed by the situation.
I've called an urgent council meeting, but there are fires everywhere.
Your crack shot has caused mayhem.
I'm not here to score points.
We're all responsible for this.
The main thing is to put out the fire, and you are best placed for that.
Follow me.
- What do you have in mind? - To organise a solidarity march.
We must convince the Camaras to take part and call for calm.
Before, you criticised my contacts, and now you want to use them.
Yes, but not without good reason.
To demonstrate that the population is indignant but pacified.
A display of empathy with the victim.
You do realise that the Camaras will pass for heroes? We can't let the situation degenerate and spread elsewhere.
I'm prepared for the police to take the rap if it helps.
I didn't think you capable of such selflessness.
I hope to be able to say the same of you.
Camus must be in cahoots with Issouf Adjo's lawyer.
That seems obvious from what you've just told me.
The fall guy isn't just to clear Drissa.
It's also to gain access to the case file.
It's ethically reprehensible, but we can't stop a lawyer from doing it.
Issouf Adjo's lawyer will hand Camus everything we have on Jolers, Calvi, and Camara.
All our hard work will go down the drain.
Not so fast, Laure.
We'll play them at their own game.
We'll tidy up the paperwork a bit.
The most recent reports haven't been filed yet.
- Damn.
- Is it Camus? No doubt.
- Judge Roban.
- Ms Camus.
I am here to represent Issouf Adjo.
I need access to the case file so I can prepare for the hearing.
You're representing him? He had a different lawyer in Cléry.
Yes, but the Adjo family has asked me to assist him.
You do understand that I am obliged to operate within the rules.
Before handing you the file, I will need Issouf Adjo to confirm his choice of lawyer.
No problem.
Didier, can you ask for an escort to go and fetch Issouf Adjo from the cells.
No, wait.
I forgot.
There is a shortage of escorts today.
You'll have to wait a while.
Take your time.
I'll wait in the corridor.
Thank you.
Will you help me? The Paul Bismuth phone taps for Jolers and Camara, recent tails, the findings at the Chinese shop.
- We'll take all of that out.
- Great.
The phone tracking and account details too.
- Here - That too, yes.
REVENGE FOR BAKARY A solidarity march will be an opportunity to pay tribute to your son.
We'll leave from Pré Gentil, where your children grew up, and we'll march to the boxing club.
The council will supply T-shirts with Bakary's photo printed on them.
You'll lead the procession with me and my deputies.
I don't know.
I'd like to see him one last time.
When are they going to hand him over? I'll find out, I promise.
I know it's hard, but this moment of contemplation will help you deal with the grief.
It's in honour of your son.
I want a French flag.
A Frenchman has died.
Of course.
We'll see to it.
We need flowers too, lots of flowers.
The procession will leave here at 11:00 a.
We'll call for you.
Thank you.
Can I speak to you? Of course.
That's a great idea, a solidarity march.
It's a nice publicity stunt for you.
I'm just trying to re-establish calm, and, for that, I need your family.
It's true.
You carry weight with the youth.
They listen to you.
What's in it for me? I don't buy that little speech you just made.
You don't give a shit about my brother or my parents.
We've had to fight for everything we've got.
Listen, we've had an understanding so far.
I was generous with the boxing club and the homework club.
You should be more grateful.
It has to be a two-way street.
Meaning? I want to invest.
I want to buy the site of the camp.
The Roma camp that's just been evacuated? What for? You can't build on it.
You're going to grant permission.
You're so naive.
I'm not a magician, you know.
I know you handle planning permission, so don't pretend otherwise.
How do you plan to pay for it? This is serious.
It's public property.
It will be above board.
Don't worry.
If you want to invest, there are new flats by the market.
I'm not interested in those properties.
I want the Molière camp so I can build my own block of flats.
My brother's death has got me thinking.
I need a different way of earning money.
I want to become respectable.
Climb the social ladder.
It's up to you.
But you're right about one thing.
Here in Cléry, the kids and their big brothers all listen to me.
And they'll do exactly as I say.
I see you're still as unpunctual as ever.
What did Roban decide about Issouf Adjo? He's had him taken into custody.
He had no choice.
The guy made a detailed confession.
Meanwhile, that dickhead Camara gets off Scot-free.
What with the riots and his friend handing himself in, he's untouchable.
But Jolers and Calvi can tell us what he's up to.
How? Via a recording device in their car.
You can't ask that of me, Berthaud.
We're in for a tough night.
I need to show solidarity.
- With crooked cops? - I need Jolers and Calvi.
I need to calm things down, not piss people off.
This morning we saw them visiting Camara's parents at Pré Gentil.
There was no rioting there.
They were going to see Drissa.
I'm sorry, Laure.
- But, boss! - No, I'm sorry.
Mercier's death isn't my priority at the moment.
Berthaud? For fuck's sake! It's okay.
Don't waste your breath.
Herville's refusing to tap Jolers and Calvi's car.
We can't work on them, and we can't arrest Drissa.
We may as well go to bed.
Go ahead.
We've got work to do.
We've found Maria.
You're joking.
Where? The control station at Châtelet sent us these images.
Watch this.
There! Did you see that? Did they catch her? No.
Tom and Nico have gone to interview the old guy.
If the phone hasn't been cancelled, we can get it tracked.
Tintin, if you're knackered, go home and rest.
For fuck's sake, leave me alone.
Okay? If you don't mind.
I'm off to see my daughter.
Will you call me if there's any news? Yes.
- You need to be careful.
- They swallowed Issouf's story.
They have nothing on me.
That's not what your file says.
I've read it.
They're on your case for the death of Laurent Mercier.
Are you sure you have nothing to say about that? I've told you.
I had nothing to do with that.
Nor did Bakary.
And the girl found in the rubble? The same.
Do they have anything on the two cops? No, but there's the gold.
What do they have on the gold? Presumptions, but enough to get another search warrant.
If you have the gold, now is the time to get rid of it.
Can you advise me? Use your contacts.
Figure it out.
But don't keep anything in the house.
Ms Karlsson.
Mrs Bodin.
I'm afraid I don't have good news.
Despite the troubling elements in the case file, the judge has closed the case due to a lack of evidence.
Does that mean it's over? Is there nothing to be done? It means the judge made a mistake and wants to cover it up.
Everything points to the fact that he stopped the truth from coming out to protect a magistrate who was your son's client.
Because the judge is a homosexual too? No, I don't think that's the reason.
It's more a question of corporate solidarity.
Then we have no hope of finding out the truth.
The truth is that Prosecutor Machard was with your son when he died.
Everything attests to that.
The watch which was "stolen", the call to the emergency services from an "anonymous" caller, - and now the key.
- Are his fingerprints on the key? No, there are no fingerprints on the key.
Or rather, it wasn't possible to find any fingerprints.
That's why the judge is closing the case.
But I have a theory about what happened.
We need to go public.
- To the press? - No.
We'll take them to court.
We'll tell a court how a judge and a prosecutor colluded to hush up the circumstances of your son's death.
Of course, if you'd rather let things lie, I'll respect your decision.
This is the last thing I can do for my son.
I'll see it through.
That's good.
Nicolas would be proud of you.
Good evening.
I've brought Natalie.
Didn't you get my message? No, but it's fine.
Hand her over.
No, it's fine.
Don't wake her.
I was thinking, now that Romy's better, we need to make plans for when she comes out.
We should discuss it, the three of us.
How do you see things panning out? Isn't she a bit too young to discuss this? - I'll leave you together.
- No, it's fine.
I'll go.
You wanted to see us? It worked with Issouf.
The judge sent him to jail.
He has nothing on me.
I told you finding a fall guy was the only way to save you.
I need a fence.
Don't you know any? None I can trust.
They all try to screw me.
Has the lawyer seen the file? - Yes.
- And? Are we in it or not? The cops have nothing on you.
- Why should we believe you? - Why would I lie? They're onto me, not you.
They think I had a hand in murdering your mate.
They know about the gold too.
I need to get rid of it.
How much are you selling? l just asked you if you knew a fence.
It depends.
What's in it for us? You're getting too cocky.
It's up to you.
Introduce me to someone.
If we clinch a deal, you'll get a share.
That's more like it.
What's your fence's price per kilo? 25,000.
Tell him to meet me tomorrow.
What the fuck are you playing at? We said no more business with that bastard.
This is our chance to fuck him over.
Don't you want a share of the cash he's made, thanks to us? Don't you see it's him who's screwing us over? Don't worry.
We'll introduce him to Bérisha and then send him down.
You'll never stop, will you? - I've made you a coffee.
- Thanks.
Did you sleep here? No.
Tintin did.
I went home.
I thought you might join me.
I needed to sleep.
- Don't you sleep with me? - Not really, no.
Sorry to disturb you.
We've tracked the mobile Maria stole.
- Where? - Near Aulnay.
In a gypsy camp.
In this sector.
How big is the camp? Between 400 and 500 people.
We won't go there.
We can't make the same mistake twice.
We'll send JP and wait for the mobile to leave the camp.
Thanks, Tintin.
Yes, boss? Wait.
I'll put you on loudspeaker.
Howdy, cowboys.
I was telling Berthaud I have a tip on Jolers and Calvi.
You say they were at Pré Gentil yesterday? We're sure it was to see Drissa.
I just put my staff in teams to police the various hot spots.
Jolers and Calvi swapped with two others to go to Pré Gentil, where rioting has started.
I thought it might be of use to you.
Thanks, boss.
- Let's head over there.
- Yeah.
Are you mad? If they find out we're cops, they'll kill us.
We won't go onto the estate.
We can't bug the cars.
We can't make arrests.
- Our only option is a stake out.
- What do we tell Beckriche? Beckriche who? Never heard of him.
Tom, come with us.
Nico, stay here, and put Beckriche off the scent.
- JP, you go to the Roma camp.
- Okay.
Pain in the arse.
"Fuck the police.
" That's not very nice.
Their car is parked by the smashed-up bus shelter.
Can you see it? I can't see anything.
They must be here for Drissa.
Camara, Bérisha.
How do you know them? Listen.
I buy gold.
You have some to sell.
That's all that matters.
I need to know what's at stake.
Guys, we're here to do business.
If you like, we'll start small.
No more than one kilo.
Okay? If you're happy, we carry on.
How much do you pay for one kilo? 22,000.
You said 25.
- Bérisha, what are you playing at? - No, no, no.
25 is when you come to me.
I've had to come out here.
And I came quick.
Did you notice? Right.
How much do you have in total? 20 kilos.
That's my final offer.
Sir, this man is here to - I mean, he's a - A bailiff.
I have a letter for you from Ms Karlsson.
What is it? A summons to appear in the magistrate's court in Nanterre.
- A what? - A summons to appear in court.
Will you sign for it? Gentlemen.
"Prosecuted for having, in Paris, "led his inquiry "with a view to perverting the course of justice "and for falsifying evidence "liable to facilitate the discovery of a crime.
" The bitch.
What kept you? - What's up, Moussa? - What's up, bro? You okay? Hurry.
We don't have much time.
Come on, let's get them all lifted.
Come on, you weakling.
Get it lifted.
What's that racket? We can't see.
There's a bunch of yobs.
I don't know what they're up to.
Are they raiding the shop? Is it an attempt at a smash and grab? They're making a complete hash of it.
Fuck's sake! More, more, more.
- Put your back into it.
- One, two, three.
It's moving, guys.
It's moving.
One, two, three.
This is hopeless.
Go on.
Go for it.
Get out of the way.
Let's set it on fire.
Wesh, are you crazy? Don't be so stupid.
- Come on, let's get this open.
- Get off me! Put more effort into it! Give it some welly! Come and help us, will you? One, two, three.
There's movement! Look, they're all there.
- Who's the guy in the suit? - I can't see him.
Hang on.
Fuck's sake, Gilou! Watch out.
They're approaching the van! Hey, guys! Over here! There's someone in here.
Yeah? I heard a noise.
Something moved in there.
Be careful.
They've got baseball bats.
Something moved, I swear.
Is anyone in there? - Bastards! - Open up! - Open up! - Open the door.
For fuck's sake, don't move! Wesh, you're lying.
There's no one.
I'm not lying.
I heard a noise! - What if it's the pigs? - Open up! There's a guy in a suit getting into an Audi with a Belgian number plate.
Note the registration number.
The Audi's driving off.
Fuck! What do we do now? Tintin, this is getting scary.
How many of them are there? - I'll call for backup.
- No, wait.
- We have to.
- Leave it.
It's okay.
- I'll go.
- What are you doing? - It's okay.
- You'll get beaten to a pulp.
Stand back! Stand back! Light it! Light it! Light it! - For Bakary.
- What are you doing? This is my van.
Stop messing with it.
This is my van.
Don't set fire to it! What have you done? You've smashed it up! Why did we hear a noise inside? You were shaking it.
All my tools are in there.
Answer the question.
Who's in there? No one, just my tools.
- Are you a cop? - No, I'm not a cop.
I'm a plumber.
I was with a client.
I swear, he's a cop.
Seriously, it's just my tools.
Open the door, then.
- Wait till I find my keys.
- Open the door, or I'll set fire to it.
- Do you understand? - Seriously, please don't do this.
- Put your lighter down.
- Open the door! Come on, hurry up! Hurry up! Hey, guys, I think it's started.
The march for Bakary.
Lucky escape.
We'll see you again sometime.
- That will do.
Leave him.
- Son of a bitch.
I'll smash your face in.
Fucking bastard.
I've found my keys.
Moron! You did a great job.
Without you, we'd have been lynched.
Thanks, Tintin.
You'll have to wait here.
Switch your engine off.
Fuck's sake! NEVER AGAIN