Engrenages (2005) s06e08 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 8

1 I'm so bored with waiting.
Maybe Jolers has taken time off in lieu and is having a lie-in.
If he's in league with the Camaras, I doubt he spends his TOIL sleeping.
I'm sorry, but I've got to go.
No way! What are you doing? Sorry, but I was bursting.
Yeah, well Watch out.
That's the police car.
They're off.
Is everything secured? - Everything okay in the back? - Yes.
What are those bastards doing? That woman's dealing, look.
- The woman with the pram? - Yes.
She's got a customer.
Watch this.
This should be good.
Get ready.
Don't move.
- I said, don't move.
- Let go of me! He's got her.
- Stop! Don't move.
- Let me go! Don't move.
You're coming with us.
They're good, aren't they? Yeah.
- Right? - Yeah, they're good.
- Nicely done.
- Fuck's sake.
Waste of fucking time.
So Jolers and Calvi put as much energy into their job as into deceiving their superiors.
Their dealings with the Camaras are covert, so keep an eye on them.
Phone calls, surveillance, movements.
We analyse everything.
How do we do that with two cars and a van? - They're bound to spot us.
- Good question.
- What do we do? - What do you want? More cars so they don't spot us.
There's no budget for that.
Why don't we ask the head honcho if he can help us out? I'll see what I can do.
Make do with what we've got for now, and don't waste time.
Okay? Jolers and Calvi could be mixed up in the deaths of Mercer and Justine.
- Yes? - Mr Roban? - Speaking.
- Dr Keppel has your biopsy results.
He'd like to see you this afternoon.
Is five o'clock possible? Yes, fine.
But what do the results say? Only Dr Keppel is authorised to discuss them.
See you later, sir.
The Camaras are back in the loop.
You were on the right track after all.
Jolers, Calvi, the Camaras, Mercier, and Justine are all connected.
- What about Maria? - No news.
No sign of her on the Boulevards.
The girls swap places every night.
In concrete terms, what's the next stage? We tune into Alain Melon and Gilbert de Niro's mobiles.
They keep communication to a minimum, but it shows they're in cahoots.
But they are capable of hacking a man to pieces? Jolers and Calvi are bastards, but carving up a colleague? Might the Camaras have been the henchmen? We'll tag their car and keep an eye on them.
And keep me posted.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, sir.
Judge Roban? Did you get your test results? Yes, it was nothing.
I'm fine.
I'm pleased for you.
Thank you.
Laure? Laure.
Tom just picked up a text from de Niro, telling Jolers to meet him at the chip shop in Cléry.
Did you hear me? Yes.
Let's go.
We have established a link between two police officers and the Camaras.
For our investigation to be effective, I need three more vehicles.
So suspicions that the Cléry team is corrupt have been confirmed? It looks more likely than ever.
Then you must hand over the case.
Refer it to the magistrate and let the IPCC take over.
But, sir, Berthaud's team Since police officers are involved, it is a matter for the IPCC.
With all due respect, there is no question of us handing it over.
I beg your pardon? An officer from the IPCC is involved in the corruption too.
No one else is to be trusted.
If anyone talks, it will jeopardise the whole case.
Any development in the investigation must be kept under wraps.
I'll see if I can get you some cars from the pound.
I need hire cars.
If the Cléry police check the plates, that way we'll be covered.
They'll find out if we use police cars.
All right.
I'll allocate a budget for two hire cars.
Three, sir.
I need three.
A welcome gift.
To brighten up your office a bit.
Who did this? It was a private hearing.
One of the court bailiffs.
It's the least I could do to mark What's the term? Our coupling.
Thank you.
You'd never guess I was a bastard or that you're worse than me.
Did you find what you wanted? I think I'm going to start with this.
It intrigues me.
The Bodin case? Acting on behalf of the plaintiff will bore you silly.
Working with Roban rarely bores me.
Have you read the file? - I skimmed it.
It's just come in.
- There's one thing I don't get.
The DPP opens a murder inquiry and assigns it to Roban, who concludes that Bodin took too many poppers but gives no explanation of the circumstances of his death.
If the case interests you, take it, but it won't go far.
The mother can't bear the fact that her son died whilst having sex.
I think it's a great way to die.
It's better than poor Vern, who got run over by a car.
Is he dead? No.
It was just an example.
Have you heard how he's doing? - No.
- Don't worry.
They're a tough lot.
You don't get rid of Vern that easy.
Leave me.
I've got work to do.
I'm hungry.
Here come the Camaras.
We need to tag the black BMW.
It's far too busy here for that.
Fouad, fill the car up, and get it cleaned while you're at it.
- What, now? - Have you got anything better to do? Get me a can of Coke, will you? I've thought it over.
We'll do it.
But my brother wants to be certain it's fail-safe.
The Chinese are always a safe bet.
The guy handles all the cash over a 5 km radius.
His safe is like Ali Baba's cave.
What are the buildings like round there? Estates, blocks of flats, two or three shops.
We want 20% on this one.
Are you kidding me? You're not the one taking risks.
I'm offering you the job.
I could find someone else.
We know plenty of cops who want to supplement their pay.
You have no bargaining power.
Did you plant the gear? We weren't behind the search of the camp.
We didn't know about it.
Do we have a deal or not? We'll take a look and let you know.
Thanks for the drinks.
The Camaras are leaving.
How dare they speak to us like that? We're their fucking lapdogs! We'll pull a fast one on them.
You'll see.
Where the fuck are those pricks? There they are.
Keep your distance.
Camara Boxing Gym What are you looking so miserable about? I've got a bad feeling about those guys.
I hate the way the blond guy looks at us.
He makes out we're mates, but he's a nasty piece of work.
Well, they haven't let us down so far.
I know.
It won't hurt us to go and see.
What if there's as much in the safe as they say? Do you trust me or not? I just have a bad feeling.
That's all.
Bro, we control the cops, not the other way round.
Okay? Those trees are in the way.
- Where is he? - We're in the wrong position.
I can't see a thing either.
- Well? The tag? - What about it? Did you find it? No, it was far too busy.
I left it on the pavement.
Of course I fitted it.
Who do you think I am? - Very funny.
- You know what, mate? - You're great, but take that anyway.
- Ow! Stop it.
For once, I have good news.
I got the head of CID to free up a budget for us.
Go to the car hire firm, and get three category B cars.
Keep the cars and the case on the road.
Good timing.
We've just tagged the Camaras' car.
And get some rest.
You look like a bunch of zombies.
Have a wash too.
Come in.
Take a seat.
Let's do this.
So How do you feel? - That's for you to tell me.
- Not great, huh? The biopsy has revealed abnormal cells in the white matter.
You are suffering from a stage three anaplastic astrocytoma.
Meaning? Cancer.
How many stages are there? The prognostic stage attempts to quantify the progression Please just answer my question.
How many stages are there? Four, according to the WHO classification.
What are my chances of survival? The first step is surgery.
We should be able to remove most of the tumour.
- Then you will have radiotherapy - Spare me the details.
I just want a straight answer on my chances of survival.
You know, this type of tumour is unpredictable.
Once it's been removed, the cancer might remain dormant for years, or spread to neighbouring tissues.
So I can never be cured? Exactly.
What if I do nothing? It would be like allowing a lunatic to go free.
In your profession, you wouldn't do that.
Nicolas was clearly drugged and tortured.
And the culprit is at large.
I want him to be found and tried.
Is that too much to ask? No, it's only natural.
But what makes you think your son was tortured? The marks on his wrists as if he'd been tied up.
And the drugs he was made to take.
Nicolas was fit and healthy.
He did a lot of sport.
He didn't need poppers and what have you.
Are you familiar with the properties of poppers? I looked on the Internet.
They are sexual stimulants with dangerous side effects.
Sorry to be crude, but they are taken by homosexuals to dilate the anus.
You did know your son was gay? I did not.
What are you talking about? Did Judge Roban not tell you? He did not.
Nor that Nicolas was working as a prostitute? No! Is this some kind of joke? As the plaintiff, you will have access to the case file.
It's all in there.
Even the name of the man who phoned for an ambulance? No, we haven't found him yet.
- Am I the only one who cares? - No.
I'll ask the judge to reopen the inquiry to clarify the points that remain unanswered.
For your part, try to remember your final conversations with him.
- Were you close? - Yes.
Although now, I'm not so sure.
Did he come and visit regularly? At least once a week.
He brought his washing.
I can't bring myself to do it.
His smell is all I have left.
Mrs Bodin, don't allow yourself to get overcome by grief.
It will prevent you from thinking straight.
I'm sorry.
I'll do as you say.
I'll stop crying.
They're turning right.
Drissa is now in Aubervilliers, Avenue Victor Hugo.
- Tintin, are you still behind us? - Yes, we're following you.
- JP? - Yes, I see you.
They're slowing down.
According to the tag, they've turned left.
Pull up here.
They've gone behind the covered market on Rue Pasteur.
Stay at the top of the road, JP and Tintin.
- Okay, fine.
- Roger.
I'll go and check.
Follow them JP.
They're on the TMAX.
Okay, Laure.
- Tintin, are you behind them? - We've just passed you.
Tom, where are the brothers now? I just saw them go into number six.
What are they doing in there? They've gone to watch a football match with friends.
I'd be surprised.
They've got a giant screen at home.
I don't know about you, but I'm starving.
At the roundabout back there, there was a pizzeria.
Get us all some, will you? Okay, will do.
Let me know if there's any movement.
- What do you want? - Get me a calzone.
There you go.
Are the pizzas ready? Is Astrid your real name? - No.
It's George.
- That's original.
What time do you finish, George? 2:00 in the morning.
But I'm fit to drop afterwards.
Sounds good to me.
- Any drinks with the pizzas? - Yes, five beers, please.
- Football with your mates? - No, work with my colleagues.
You said 55, right? Will you be finished by 2:00? That depends on you.
Call me.
See you later, then, George.
Tintin, there's movement.
Where are you? Tintin, there's movement.
Where are you? I'm just coming.
I'm almost there.
They're coming out of the building and getting on the TMAX.
- JP, go after them.
- Okay.
Tom and Tintin, bring up the rear.
- We'll stay here.
- Okay.
What were they doing here for two hours? There are about 10 names on the letterboxes.
We'll check with the landlord.
We need the number plates of the cars parked outside.
Then we should search the neighbourhood.
- Hey, Gilou.
- Yes? What? - Kiss me.
- Kiss me! Shit! - Good evening.
- Good evening.
Good evening.
Yes, Tintin? No, we haven't found anything.
I'm laughing because I fell flat on my face.
See you in a bit.
What did he want? The Camaras' TMAX is back in its garage.
Do you think he suspects? I don't know, and I don't care.
A few of the residents are on our files, but nothing serious.
One excitable hooligan on the third floor.
And a dentist and a physio on the ground floor.
What does Herville say about the place? That it's not the most troubled area, but he'll look into it.
- Did anyone check the number plates? - Yes, but nothing to report.
Who the hell did they go to see? Who owns the garage they parked the TMAX in? A management company rents it out.
No rent arrears.
It's all above board.
The TMAX is registered to Thibault Clavière, and the garage to Drissa Camara.
They must be plotting something, or they wouldn't have taken the TMAX.
Any action on the phones? Did Jolers and Camara speak tonight? No.
Alain Melon and Gilbert de Niro were both switched off.
The tag shows that the Camaras have gone home, so that's it for tonight.
I suggest you get some sleep.
We'll go over it tomorrow.
Okay then, I'm off.
I'm knackered.
I need someone to keep watch outside Joler's house.
- I'll do that.
- I'll come with you, Nico.
Can I offer you a lift somewhere? My place? Are you still here? I'm trying to figure it out.
Jolers and Calvi are in league with the Camaras.
Mercier was either in on it or not.
We don't know yet.
But Justine Fabre and Maria Gregoriu, why were they on the scene? Two 14-year-old girls caught up in this mess.
It doesn't make sense.
Will you stop for 30 seconds? And where is Maria? There have been no sightings by the transport police.
Okay, 15 seconds, then.
What's going on? I'm creating a romantic atmosphere.
Has everyone gone? I think so.
Is Judge Roban here, please? Ms Karlsson.
What brings you here? I've come about the Nicolas Bodin case.
The case is closed, dismissed due to a lack of evidence.
It can't be.
I'm acting on behalf of Nicolas Bodin's mother.
If the case had been closed, she would have been told.
Didier, can you check the status of the case, please? You intended to close it, sir, but you never did.
I gather that you hid from my client the fact that her son was a prostitute.
And there are one or two grey areas in this case, wouldn't you say? I don't follow you, Ms Karlsson.
What exactly are you getting at? Judge Roban, knowing how rigorous you are, I'm sure you can't be satisfied with the verdict.
The identity of Nicolas' last client was never confirmed, and there were unexplained marks on his wrists.
You mustn't give your client false hope.
As I've already explained to her, the investigation came to nothing.
What matters is that it was established that there was no wrongdoing.
Knowing who Nicolas Bodin was screwing won't change a thing.
How do you know Nicolas wasn't forced to take poppers and Viagra? Nicolas' flatmate told me himself that they often resorted to using such substances.
His kidneys failed.
Were the marks on his wrists caused by kidney failure too? No doubt part of a game to spice things up a bit.
- I've known you to be more rigorous.
- Look, if you have cause to challenge the verdict of accidentaldeath, I'll gladly study it.
I may not have enough to challenge the verdict, but I have enough to take the investigation further.
Nicolas Bodin's mother found his mobile phone.
It was in amongst his dirty washing.
By some miracle, she had the foresight not to wash it.
Out of curiosity, she looked at her son's final text messages.
The day he died, Nicolas had arranged to meet a man named Superman.
I dread to think what a guy with a nickname like that looks like.
Do you have Superman's mobile number? It's the same number that was used to call for an ambulance that night.
As you know, it was a pay-as-you-go phone.
It's not possible to identify the user.
I thought so too, but Nicolas' mother says a watch was mentioned in the text message exchange.
A watch that Superman gave to Nicolas, a luxury watch.
It's just a matter of calling the manufacturer Thank you, but I know what I need to do.
Didier, will you place the mobile under seals, please? Thank you, Judge Roban.
Hello? Yes.
Did you look under his bed? If you'd made him do his homework, you'd have seen his bag was missing.
Hello? Hello? He's always hanging up on me.
He always calls at the worst time.
Exes have that sixth sense.
Do you want a coffee? No.
I'm going to have to go.
I'm running late as it is.
Are you disappointed? - Did you think we'd fallen in love? - No.
I mean, I don't know.
Why do you say that? Because I've been in your situation.
I thought I'd feel liberated by my divorce, but it takes a while to heal.
Still, it doesn't hurt to see someone from time to time.
- No.
- I'm going to have a shower.
Pull the door shut behind you.
Here, sir.
The make of the watch is Frédérique Veille.
Is the model mentioned? Runabout Phase de lune.
There's even a serial number.
Can you get me a phone number for the parent company? I'll do it right away.
We will be with you as soon as possible.
Please stay on the line.
We will be with you Sorry to have kept you waiting.
The watch was paid for with a credit card in the name of Mr Edouard Machard.
That's M for marmalade, A Thank you, that will do.
- Fax me the information, please.
- Certainly, sir.
Didier, can you prepare a summons for Mr Machard, please? A summons? For an official hearing.
- How's it going? - Hi, Tintin.
- Keep that on.
We're going to Cléry.
- What for? The Roma who stole Maria's ID card is at Joler's place with another girl.
We'll wait for them to come out.
They may lead us to Maria.
Did you sleep here? With a woman? Hurry up.
Let's go.
Hey! Did you pull? Hurry up! Who was it? - How's it going? - Good.
You? - Any news of those two bastards? - We'll talk about it later.
Let's have some fun first.
You can't be serious.
- It's 10 o'clock in the morning.
- So? It will set us up for the day.
Is this it? Okay, Tom, we're here.
Can you see us? Yes.
I see you.
Calvi's just arrived.
He's gone into Joler's house.
Go and get some sleep.
We'll take over from here.
Good luck.
There's movement.
Be careful.
Who's that? He's new.
Tintin, a guy has shown up to pick up the girls.
It's not Moldovan.
He's in a white Ford transit van.
We're going to follow him.
Go, go, go.
Go on.
Get closer.
I've got the registration number.
630, Bravo, Charlie, Hotel, 77.
Did you get that? Yes.
I've got it.
Okay, Tintin, we're turning off.
Okay, we'll get on his tail.
Hello? Yes.
Okay, then.
See you later.
Everything okay? It was the hospital asking if I wanted to bathe Romy.
I said yes.
Do you want to come? I don't know.
Do you want me to? The van has stopped at a house.
62 Rue Émile Zola.
I'm going to take a look.
We're on our way.
The shutters are down, but there's washing hung out to dry.
Yes, boss? Is there a name on the letterbox? No name, no mail.
We need to find out whose house it is.
Moldovan might be housing the girls there.
Herville's worked out why the Camaras were in Rue des Pommiers last night.
He wants us to go back to the station.
- Okay, Tintin.
- Okay.
We're on our way, boss.
Well? We can't wait any longer.
It's too dangerous.
You have to leave before that bastard Moldovan comes back and sells you to the Gypsy.
- How? - Trust me.
Get some sleep now, girls.
Girls! Time to sleep.
You too.
Get some rest, girls.
I want you to be on form tonight.
- Hello, everyone.
- Well? - Can you dance the polka, Berthaud? - Why? That's what you're about to do.
Jolers and Calvi attended the scene of a fire in La Courneuve a week ago.
The fire broke out in a Chinese shop.
- A short circuit in the air con.
- Where? Impasse des Amériques, which is perpendicular to Rue des Pommiers.
It's here.
- And the shop is here.
- What does it sell? Cheap tat for 1 euro.
It's run by the Tao family.
They act as paymasters for the localChinese community.
- Meaning? - Their safe is full to bursting.
Got it in one.
Colleagues in La Courneuve who attended the fire have sent a report which lists a high-security safe in the room the fire was in.
Jolers and Calvi told the Camaras.
You don't open a safe like that with tweezers, and they have the gear.
- The bastards will be burrowing.
- You're on fire.
I don't follow.
Rue des Pommiers is next door.
They'll be tunnelling through to the safe.
- Do you have a map of the basements? - Here.
Shouldn't we go and check first? - Any movement on the tag? - None.
- The car is at the Camaras' house.
- Good.
- Gilou and Tintin, let's go.
- Can I take this? - Get to work.
- Thanks.
- Which number? - We're looking for 217 and 218.
I've got it.
It's open.
- It's been picked.
- To stop the owner getting suspicious.
- Are those wine stains? - Help me, Tintin.
Careful, it's heavy.
They're almost through to the other side.
We'll just have to wait until they strike.
We can't miss out on catching them red-handed.
- Are you alone? - You're early.
What are you playing at, Roban? Why have I been summoned? I need you to appear as a witness in the enquiry into the death of Nicolas Bodin.
Is this your idea of a joke? You said you'd closed the case.
I meant to, but the young man's mother filed for a court action before I had a chance to do so.
Who is representing her? Ms Karlsson.
I realise that's bad news.
What do you advise? - Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Didier, we're going to start Mr Machard's hearing.
I advise you to answer my questions as straightforwardly as possible.
Mr Machard, do you know Nicolas Bodin? I've never heard of him.
I was at university with a Bodin in '72.
He was of African origin.
I doubt he's the same one.
The one I'm talking about was a third-year student at Sciences Po.
He died last month whilst having homosexual relations.
Might I ask what that has to do with me? Did you buy a Frédérique Veille watch on 27 February this year? A limited edition watch called Phase de Lune.
An edition 1888.
A varnished mahogany Runabout? I did.
Do you have this watch in your possession? It just so happens that I've mislaid it.
- It was stolen.
- Did you report the theft? The police have better things to do, don't you think? We're talking about a watch costing 2,400 euros.
You could have reported it.
I might have left it beside a sink after washing my hands or on a bedside table in a hotel.
Am I to assume that it has been found? Among the personal effects of Nicolas Bodin.
That's the reason why I was wondering whether, for one reason or another, you might have given him the watch as a gift.
I didn't know this young man.
I bought the watch for myself, and I mislaid it.
Is my answer clear enough? Perfectly clear.
The temperature needs to be between 36 and 37 degrees, no higher.
Keep a towel close at hand to dry your baby when you take her out of the water.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
Do you want to wait a bit longer? No, it's okay.
He must have got held up.
Put your hands firmly under her arms.
Go ahead.
- Does she like it? - I don't see her complaining.
Do you like it? Eh, Romy? Yes? Well? Any news? We've got some info on the house at 62 Rue Émile Zola.
Guess who's been renting it for the past 11 months? Virgil Moldovan.
So he's definitely the pimp.
You were right.
He's housing the girls there.
We'll set up surveillance tomorrow.
Maria might be in there.
We need her.
Why wait? Why not set it up now? The Camaras' tunnel is more urgent.
They may well return tonight.
They definitely will.
Jolers sent a text asking de Niro if it was going to plan.
The bastard replied, "We're almost there.
" - Where are the Camaras now? - At home.
There's no movement.
Let me know when there is.
Are you angry with me? I don't understand.
You know, I never knew my parents.
They died in a car accident after I was born.
My grandmother brought me up.
Not for long.
She died when I was five.
Then I was placed with a foster family.
They were nice people who I could call Mum and Dad.
And Then one day, I had to call them Mr and Mrs Perroni instead.
Do you see? They said they'd been paid to bring me up until I was 17, but now I was an adult, I was on my own.
What I'm trying to say is, when you enter a child's life, you can never leave it again.
That's why I didn't come earlier because I want you to be sure.
Look at me.
Otherwise, I'd rather not meet your kid, okay? The Camara's car has pulled up at the garage they keep the TMAX in.
- Okay, let's go.
- Is something wrong? No, I'm fine.
It's just pollen.
My eyes are itching.
I don't know why.
- Pollen? - Yes, pollen.
Come on, girls.
It's time to go.
Come down now.
Come on, girls, let's go.
- Stay in touch.
- I'll phone when I can.
Take care of yourself.
Hurry up.
Stay here.
I'll be back.
Come on, girls.
Look lively.
To work.
Okay, the Camaras are there.
I can see their bike.
We'll stay put for now.
This is Tom.
Look at that beast.
Those pansies weren't kidding.
Get a move on.
We haven't got all night.
Why is that dog barking? It wasn't there yesterday.
It will ruin everything.
- Release the oxygen.
- Wait a minute.
What? Can't you hear that? That dog barking.
It's just a dog.
Don't worry.
Go on.
Release it.
Fuck's sake.
I'll take care of it.
- How? - By playing the irate neighbour.
Laure, what's Gilou up to? Playing the irate neighbour.
Excuse me.
I'm I live opposite.
My kid can't get to sleep because of your dog.
I don't know what's up with him.
He can smell something.
I don't know what.
Is there any way you could put him in the car for a bit? - Yes, of course.
- Thank you.
Good night.
I'd like a booth, please.
- Booth number three.
- Thanks.
What is the reason for your call? I want to report a burglary at 66 Impasse des Amériques.
- It's a Chinese shop.
- Can you see the burglars? Do you have any details for us? It's two black guys, quite well built.
- They arrived on a TMAX bike.
- We'll send a team in.
Give me your name and phone number There's at least another 7 cm to go.
At least the dog has stopped barking.
Careful, stay back.
Shit, a patrol car.
Stop, it's the cops.
A colleague's getting out of his car.
Shit, shit, shit! I think he's gone.
The coast is clear.
Let's get out of here.
Tom, what's happening? The police officer is getting back into his car.
That's it.
Now, drive off.
Quick! What do we do now? Nothing.
There's nothing we can do.
The police are leaving.
They're heading your way.
Come on, quick! Faster! Police! Don't move! Stop! Don't move! Come on, get on! Fuck's sake.
Police! Stay where you are! Fuck, no! Bakary! CID.
We were in the area.
Why did you shoot? For fuck's sake.
Stay with us, Bakary.
I'll phone for an ambulance.
Stay with us.
A man has been shot.
He's dead.
He's dead.
Fucking hell!