Engrenages (2005) s06e07 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 7

1 It's not a question of patience.
We have no choice but to carry on.
I'll call you back in 15 minutes, okay? Bye.
Damn! Stings, doesn't it? Wait Is that better? Hey, go easy, young lady.
Come closer.
It's Tintin.
They're waiting.
- Gilou? - Yes.
Where the hell have you been? Who put that dressing on you? Didn't you go to the hospital? Right.
Today was a bad day.
The operation was a total fuck-up, and I take full responsibility.
We've got nothing on the Camaras, so let's leave them aside for now.
Not so fast.
Don't forget Mercier was onto them.
We have a police corruption case centred round Jolers and Calvi.
We should focus on them.
I want to reopen the inquiry sabotaged by the IPCC officer.
Background, habits, spending.
Find out everything about them.
- Mercier too.
- So you think he was involved? - There's nothing yet to say he wasn't.
- Apart from his request for a transfer.
You don't leave a team without good reason.
But a good reason isn't necessarily a laudable one.
The only person who can shed any light on Mercier's role is Maria, Justine's friend, but we have to find her first.
We've put her on the wanted list and alerted rail networks.
She might still be pickpocketing in the metro or at a station.
For now, pull out all the stops on Jolers and Calvi.
Find out where they are and what they're doing.
The trouble is, they keep turning off their phones.
That makes geolocation hopeless.
No, we need to tag their car.
We have to get Herville on board.
Be careful.
This is a sensitive area.
As you know, investigating colleagues can lead to big trouble.
If we balls it up, our superiors and the unions will be on our backs.
There's no guarantee we'll get to see this case through, but I assure you, I'll do my utmost.
Berthaud, I'll contact Roban.
You call Herville.
Get to work.
Stepping in a pile of shit seems to have perked the boss up to no end.
Ms Karlsson, come quickly.
- What's happened? - I don't know.
- Did you see him? - It's Jean-Étienne.
He's been run over in the car park.
- Is it bad? - He's unconscious.
That's all we know.
We've been told not to go down there.
This morning will have serious consequences.
After years of getting them settled, they now need to be rehoused.
Imagine the trauma for the families.
It only descended into chaos because of the protestors.
What are you insinuating? That they are responsible? It's a fact, not an insinuation.
Who alerted them? What were you looking for? I'll tell you what I really think.
The protestors are a mix of decent people and arseholes.
Intervening like they did earlier doesn't do anyone any favours.
I'm sure that you had good reason to be there this morning.
I'm glad you think so, Madam Mayor.
So how can we make sure such incidents don't happen again? Perhaps if we spoke beforehand I'm afraid emergencies like the one we had today make that impossible.
You didn't answer my question.
Who alerted the protestors? One of your men phoned the council.
I'm sorry about the cock-up earlier.
You were right.
We were undermanned.
It's okay, Berthaud.
You weren't to blame.
Come in.
One of my men tipped off the council to cause us to fail.
Do you know who? I'm waiting to be sure before I box the bastard's ears.
But, aside from that shambles, there is good news.
Some paramedics found some gear in a flat.
- What sort of gear? - For burglaries.
Serious safe-cracking gear.
A thermic lance, bump keys, jemmies What good is that to me? We're looking for Maria, not burglars.
If Jolers and Calvi are pimps, they'll have a hand in other shady schemes.
That's what we want to find out.
We'd like to tag their police car.
When? That's up to you, boss.
Their car goes in for a service tomorrow.
I'll tell the garage to expect you.
Thanks, boss.
Bye, Berthaud.
Alice Rouget.
Catherine Barron.
Joséphine Karlsson, with two S's.
Will you tell us what happened? We think whoever ran him over was trying to steal his car.
I keep saying there should be cameras in that car park.
Will he recover? It's too early to tell.
Do you know if he had any enemies? A client perhaps? All lawyers have enemies.
Not Jean-Étienne.
- Everyone liked him.
- That's true.
He's a nice man.
Very professional.
We get on well with him.
Anything else? If you think of anything Thank you.
- Mr Petit, can I have a word? - Sure.
And then you, Ms Mercier.
Nothing on Calvi, but Jolers is a different story.
Domestic violence Two complaints for domestic violence.
So he's a wife beater.
That guy's dodgy as hell.
Okay, guys, Herville's agreed to the tag.
There you go.
Jolers and Calvi's car goes in for a service tomorrow.
I'll go with Gilou.
- Great.
- Anything from the mobile phones? Nothing.
Their IPCC mate will have told them they were tapped.
They never lower their guard.
It's a waste of time.
But they know the IPCC investigation is closed.
They might talk now that the coast is clear.
I'd be surprised.
They're not stupid.
If they want a private chat, they'll use burner phones.
What do you suggest? We shadow them, wait for them to make a call, and trace it.
No way.
We can't risk being spotted.
Tomorrow, we plant the tag.
It's not enough.
We need to find out who their contacts are.
Where are you? We're waiting! Shit.
It's the hospital.
I'm going.
Well? Do we shadow them or not? No.
She doesn't want us to.
So you just cave in.
Like you with your wife.
Sorry, I didn't mean that.
I know you're having a hard time.
It's good that you've signed the divorce papers.
Now you can move on.
Yeah? To what? I don't know.
We can finally fuck one another.
Sorry I'm late.
Samia has some good news for us.
We can get Romy dresses.
We keep the babies naked so we can intervene fast if there's a problem.
Romy is out of the danger zone.
Is she coming out? No, not yet, but it's an important stage.
You can start buying clothes for her.
You can't have had time to go shopping.
The girls couldn't resist buying a few things.
I'll bring them in tomorrow.
That's kind, but I've bought everything.
Did you buy size 46 wrapover bodysuits? Yes, wrapover bodysuits.
She's hungry.
Do you want to stay for her feed? You stay.
Bye-bye, sweetheart.
See you tomorrow.
She can't take her eyes off you.
She's beautiful.
It's 00:54.
Jolers has just received a phone call.
He's on the phone, anyway.
That's 00:54.
It's 1:00 a.
I've lost sight of Jolers on the Cité des Fleurs estate.
- I'm lost.
- What do you want? Nothing.
Go on.
Get out of here.
Get lost.
Stick that up your arse.
- Fuck off.
- Go on.
Get out of here! Good morning.
What time is it? - Eight o'clock.
- Shit.
Aren't you going to say goodbye to her? Yes.
Bye, Romy.
- Have a good day.
- You too.
- Did it go okay at the hospital? - Yes.
Ever heard of wrapover bodysuits? Are they like double-breasted suits? - Brémont's heard of them.
- Ah! No wonder he's a commissioner.
The steering has gone.
This car's not leaving here in this state.
You're joking? It was working fine yesterday.
Well, if it goes wrong tomorrow.
I'll get the rap.
- Hang on a minute - Forget it.
What about our tag? - We'll try something else.
- What? I said no tailing, Gilou.
We have no choice now.
We have to try it.
I'm sure they run their business after hours.
- How do you know? - Go on.
Answer the phone.
Tintin? Okay, we're on our way.
Maria Gregoriu's been arrested for soliciting.
Fuck's sake.
A 14-year-old soliciting? ST ANTOINE HOSPITAL GALERY B - Ground floor - How is the lawyer doing? - He's still in a coma.
Even if he wakes up, he may have lost the use of his legs.
Burtin told me earlier.
- Excuse me.
- Can I help you? I've come for news of Jean-Étienne Vern.
He was rushed into hospital yesterday.
- Are you family? - Yes.
Then you need to see Dr Burtin.
We can't tell you anything.
Mr Vern is in room 17 if you want to see him.
Down that corridor on the right.
Will you think of me when you're pissing yourself? Hello.
Ms Karlsson, wait.
They did it this morning.
They wouldn't let me warn you.
Who are "they"? The partners.
They said this chambers doesn't handle criminal cases, and Mr Vern only let you do crime because he was sleeping with you.
- Where are my things? - They said I don't care what they said.
Where are my things? I've put everything in a box.
- I'm sorry.
- You can go now.
We arrested her on the Boulevard des Maréchaux.
She claims to be 18, but her ID card shows she's only 14.
We'd like to interview her.
Do you have an office? Of course.
Her guardian is here.
Do you want to speak to him? - No, it's her we want to see.
- She's in there.
- That's her? - Yes.
That's not Maria.
Okay, thanks.
The guardian's passport is in the name of Virgil Moldovan.
Aged 34, Albanian.
Police interpreter, struck off in 2012.
- Does he have a criminal record? - No previous convictions.
DO you think he's a pimp? It's possible.
Why did that girl have Maria's ID card? What does that mean? Where is Maria? - Is she dead too? - Not necessarily.
Perhaps the girls just swap ID when they're on the game.
- Careful you don't lose him.
- Okay, okay.
Fuck's sake.
Maybe they forced Maria to go on the game.
Justine too.
Perhaps that's the crux of it.
Mercier was onto his teammates for procuring kids.
- What the fuck? - Stupid bastard! Forget it.
He's gone.
Why is Roban here? He heard about the Roma camp fiasco.
We're in for a bollocking.
Any developments for him to get his teeth into? - Enough to loosen all his bridges.
- Okay.
- You can talk us through it.
- Sure.
Tom, see if there was any action on Jolers' mobile last night at 00:54.
I don't remember anything.
Right, 00:54.
No calls made or received at that time.
I knew it.
They've got a second mobile.
Trace all the calls made around Jolers' house at that time.
I want the number of the mobile he was speaking on.
There won't be many at that time of night.
Jolers is a highly rated employee, but the reality is more complex.
Herville sent us his personal file.
Several instances of violence towards detainees and two complaints by his wife, also about violence.
She was signed off work for five days.
They're divorcing.
This violence is interesting.
Not such a model employee after all.
- What about Calvi? - He grew up on an estate in Cléry.
We're looking into his relationships and so on.
When his mother got sick, he moved back in with her on the Cité des Fleurs estate.
He has no children, no known girlfriend.
What about his bank account? That's where it gets interesting.
Jolers bought a house.
It cost 230,000 euros but he only borrowed 8,000.
He has no personal fortune or inheritance.
He's only made three withdrawals in six months.
No current spending.
- So the salary goes in and stays in.
- Exactly.
- There's cash from elsewhere.
- But where? Is it the same for Calvi? Calvi is more modest, but there is no movement on his account earlier.
Hello, sir.
You were right.
Jolers has a second mobile.
I sense a Paul Bismuth.
- What? - Paul Bismuth.
It's what we call phones registered under fake name.
Sarkozy opened a line under that name to avoid his conversations being tapped.
I remember now.
Find Jolers' Paul Bismuth number, and we'll tap it.
Where are you at with Maria? A girl from the camp was using her ID on the Boulevard des Maréchaux.
We're setting up surveillance to see if Maria hangs out there too.
- It's started again.
- Are you okay, sir? I don't suppose you have a tissue or something? Here you go, sir.
Sit down.
No, I'm fine.
It's almost stopped bleeding.
Sorry about that.
As soon as you have any news, - let me know.
- Here, you Sir.
The judge needs to stop snorting cocaine! How do you know Jolers has a second mobile? - Did you follow him? - Do you have a better idea? Fuck's sake, Gilou! Do you realise the risk you took? We can't tag his car, so a phone tap's the next best thing.
Excuse me.
I've got Jolers' second mobile phone number.
It's 06 34 36 57 36.
Give it here.
I'll call Roban to get it tapped.
- What name is it registered to? - Alain Melon.
That's funny.
Aren't you at your partner's bedside? People here can talk of little else.
What actually happened? How should I know? I wasn't there.
Vern getting flattened like a turd? You must admit, there is poetic justice in that.
What will you do now? - What do you mean? - Will you stay on at the chambers? I don't know.
I'm impressed by you, you know.
You don't let up.
You take risks.
You take a hard line.
You're completely autistic, but you get what you want.
The reason we got a good outcome in the Weber trial was down to you.
If you want to leave Vern, call me, and I'll free up an office for you.
What's Alain Melon saying? He's in Cléry.
He must be on patrol with his teammates.
There are several text exchanges with the phone number 06.
Who does the 06 belong to? The line was opened under the name of Gilbert de Niro.
- Seriously? - Alain Melon texting de Niro.
Those bastards have got a sense of humour.
We need to find out who it is.
I'll call Roban to activate the tap.
Wait, there's movement.
De Niro's pissed off.
He's tearing into Jolers.
"What the fuck? Get your arse over here" Where is he? Cité des Fleurs.
That's where Jolers was last night.
Isn't that where Calvi's mother lives? I doubt he was paying his friend's mother a visit.
Jolers on a mobile at the Cité des Fleurs estate? I'd be surprised.
Their car is parked here.
They've seized a haul of drugs.
I'll check and call you back.
I see him every day on his scooter.
He lent it to me.
- Good day.
- Boss.
Nothing better to do, I suppose? Morons! CID's lapdog craps where he's told to crap.
- Hello, boss.
- How's it going? Calvi, tell me about this haul.
- Seven kilos apparently.
- Eight so far.
In a car in the station car park.
Their flats kept getting raided, so they hid it all in their car.
- Weapons, drugs, cash.
- Eight kilos.
Is the Captain not here? I'd like to congratulate him too.
No, he's had to go out for a few minutes.
Never mind.
I'll come back.
Okay, Fouad? Are you getting your bearings? Yes, thanks, boss.
Well done, guys.
I know I can rely on you.
I assure you, when the time comes, I won't forget.
We're just doing our job.
Keep up the good work.
You were right, Berthaud.
Jolers has gone AWOL.
The bastard's meant to be on duty.
Thanks, boss.
Calvi is there, but Jolers has left.
- Where is he now? - Still on the estate.
He must have a contact there.
Let's go.
JP, you lead on your motorbike.
And you stay here on the tap.
What's up, man? Hey, man.
Gilou, the motorbike is in front of block B.
Thanks, JP.
I see it.
What the fuck is Jolers doing here? A cop's presence not thwarting business is weird.
Who the fuck is he here to see? How many flats are there in the block? Tintin, get changed, and go and take a look.
Fuck's sake, this stinks! Don't they ever wash it? Any action on the mobile? None, nothing doing.
De Niro is switched off.
The signal's gone.
This is disgusting.
Hide your hair.
- Will that do? - No.
- I fancy you in the rig out.
- Yeah? Want me to fill some holes at your place? Okay.
I've got a big trowel.
You can dip it in my little bucket.
Stop it.
Stop! Stop! I want you.
- Shit.
- Stop it! His overalls got me more excited.
- Come on, stop it.
- Stop, stop.
They're even dealing at the school.
- Shameless.
- What was that? Hang on a minute.
He says they're dealing at the school.
Where the fuck is he? He's coming out of the building.
Well, Alain Melon, what's going on? Something's coming through.
Well? What does it say? A text from Jolers to De Niro, "Where are you? What's the plan?" He's been stood up.
- The other guy's not coming.
- Shit.
This is Laure.
Jolers has been stood up.
We're leaving.
We'll get a list of tenants from EDF and check for police records.
We'll have our work cut out.
Vincent Brémont Don't forget Romy's bodysuits.
I forgot the wrapovers.
Do you want me to come with you? - Come in.
- Did you want to see me? Hello, Da Costa.
Take a seat.
I've got big problem on my hands.
You've put me in an untenable situation.
I agree the poster went too far, but it basically only expresses what some people are thinking.
Law and order in Cléry is low-profile compared to CID operations in Paris.
That doesn't make the staff here any less important.
Why would you assume I would think such a thing? Yesterday, at the Roma camp, when CID insisted we went in despite being undermanned, you did as you were told, putting your men's lives in danger.
Whoever leaked the operation to the councildid that, not me.
It turns out that was you, Da Costa.
- I don't see - Don't take me for a fool.
I know you made the call.
You jeopardised the investigation and endangered your colleagues' lives.
There are two solutions.
Either you leave the team, and I sit on the report I'm drafting on you, or I send it to the public prosecutor.
You can go now.
And, Da Costa, take your shit with you.
Door! Which do you prefer? The bunny or the piglet? The pig.
Look at that face.
This one looks like Roban, doesn't it? A bit.
Can I help you? Yes, we're looking for a wrapover bodysuit.
- Is that what they're called? - Yes.
- What size do you need? - It's for a baby.
- I'd guessed as much.
- A newborn.
Over here.
Come with me.
I'll go.
That will do nicely.
Yes, that's great.
Why do you say that? Go ahead.
Take you time.
The urgent business can wait.
- What's going on? - My colleague has something to say.
I'm glad to see nothing's changed, and this place is still a pigsty.
On a more serious note, reports on burglaries committed in Cléry in the past year follow a pattern.
First, Roma kids attempt to break into houses or ships.
Owners call the police.
Jolers' team shows up, despite the usual radio silence.
They check the place out.
A few days or weeks later, there is another burglary.
This one is successful because the burglars find a safe.
So Jolers' team sends Roma kids in first to do recon? Seven hits in eight months, all with the same modus operandi, using the thermic lance and jemmies found in the camp.
We don't know who's doing the safe-breaking.
De Niro.
Who? Jolers' contact.
We haven't identified him yet.
He has a mobile in the name of Gilbert De Niro.
Eight months? So Mercier was there? Yes, Mercier's name appears on the reports.
Maybe Mercier was onto Jolers and Calvi.
Maybe they bumped him off for coming clean.
Or maybe he demanded a bigger share than he was getting.
Basically, we still don't know which side of the line he was on.
Sometimes, you can cross the line in spite of yourself.
Would you care to elaborate? We're grasping at straws here.
We don't know what Mercier was mixed up in.
Either way, I've got two dodgy cops in my department.
Until I have their scalps on my desk, I'll be interruptible 24/7.
On that note - Goodbye, all.
- Bye, boss.
- See you, guys.
- See you, boss.
Who's going to peruse this for me? Eric EDELMAN Barrister Yes? I'm outside your chambers.
- Can I come in? - Did you make an appointment? Very funny.
What do you want? You gave me a fright.
All east I don't leave you completely cold.
I've left Vern's chambers.
I want to work with you.
Why are you lying? I don't care that you were sacked.
But why choose me? You could practise anywhere.
You offered me a position.
You didn't answer my question.
I don't understand your question.
If you don't want me, I'll go.
I do want you, but not like this.
I'm not interested in your tantrums.
I like your strength and determination.
And other things too, but I'll keep them to myself.
Don't worry.
I'm not like Vern.
You won't have to sleep with me.
What makes you think I slept with Vern? You can do what you like.
It's none of my business.
Shall I let you think it over? You can dress her now if you like.
Come on, let's get you dressed.
Right Wait.
- Hang on, Romy.
- Hey, Romy.
That's great.
Careful There we go.
Thank you, Romy.
Right You put the button on that side.
You've got a popper there.
And now underneath.
- I'm not hurting her, am I? - She is not that fragile.
Coming? There.
- Can you take a photo? - Of course.
In my jacket pocket.
Look, Romy.
We're taking a photo.
- You look great.
- Can I see? Lovely, isn't it? I'm sorry, but it doesn't add up.
If Mercier was in on the deals, he'd have made fewer transactions.
If you've got cash, you don't use a debit card.
- He didn't want to arouse suspicion.
- He had no cash.
We didn't find a single note at his flat.
- Okay.
- That's it, then.
- Can I ask you a question? - Sure.
Have you ever wanted to help yourself on a search? - Not for an informer, for yourself? - Why do you ask? Remember the raid on Fouad's place, the dealer in Montreuil? - 600,000 euros in the air-con unit? - 600,000! I was alone with the cash.
You were both in the living room.
For a fraction of a second, I imagined what it would be like to be rich.
It would have been easy.
Then I came to my senses and called you.
What about you? Guys, De Niro is back online.
He's just sent a text to Jolers.
It says, "10:00 p.
at Kev's.
" Who's Kev? - And where is De Niro texting from? - Porte de Clignancourt.
Jolers is in Cléry.
He seems to be at home.
- What did Jolers reply? - He said okay and turned his phone off.
De Niro too.
They only switch on their phones to communicate.
He might be at Cité des Fleurs again.
I'll tell Laure.
Fuck this.
I don't like the mobiles being off.
Maybe the meeting's elsewhere.
JP and Tom, any movement where you are? - Negative.
- Negative for me too.
Jolers has just sent a text.
"I'm at Kev's.
Where are you?" Was it sent from here? Shit.
Porte de Champerret.
What the hell are they doing there? They're in Porte de Champerret.
Let's go.
- Roger.
- Me too.
Where's Jolers' motorbike? Tom and Nico, check the Boulevard des Maréchaux.
JP, check the square.
We'll check the neighbouring streets.
We have to find Jolers' bike.
Watch they don't see you.
I've got it, Laure.
It's on the square in front of the Moka Café.
Move away from it.
Okay, will do.
The motorbike has been spotted outside the Moka Café.
Tom, go and see if Jolers is inside.
He doesn't know you.
- He's not there.
- Where the fuck is he, then? I'm on Boulevard Berthier, by the bus stop.
I'll go up Rue Catulle Mendès.
You gave me a fright! What are you doing here? We were tailing a dealer who supplies rich kids in the area.
We've lost sight of him.
What are you doing here? Meetings friends for a drink.
Why not join us? - Gilou, can you see anything? - Hang on.
No, nothing.
I'm being summoned.
No worries.
How's the investigation going? It's looking more and more like an unfortunate chance encounter.
- So there you have it.
- Shit.
- Shit, shit, shit.
- I know.
It's ugly, isn't it? Right.
- Bye, then.
- Bye.
Guess who I just bumped into.
Can you believe it? No way! Fuck.
We can't stay here.
Let's wrap this up.
See you back at the car.
- Are you sure he didn't smell a rat? - I don't think so.
Where was he? By that bus stop there.
This is all we need! Come on.
Fuck's sake.
That's Jolers.
Is he talking to that guy? Who is it? I need you to identify a plate number.
Alpha, X-ray, 453, Tango, Mike.
- Is it a TMAX? - How do you know it's a TMAX? I just checked the same bike for Tom.
Say that again.
I just checked the same bike for Tom.
It was parked outside a café next to Jolers' bike.
Hang on a minute.
It belongs to a Thibault Clavière from Neuilly.
Okay, thank you.
Thibault Clavière, my arse! That's a stolen plate.
- We'll follow the TMAX.
- Okay.
This is Laure.
We're tailing a TMAX.
It might be De Niro.
Everyone to Porte de Clignancourt, heading for Saint-Denis.
- We'll try tailing him.
- Roger.
Go, go, go! Don't stop.
Carry on.
- He's all yours, JP.
- Roger.
This is JP.
He's stopped at 24 Rue du Landy in front of the Chicken Shop.
Do you read me? Can you see his face? Negative.
- We're on our way.
- Roger.
He's all yours.
I hope he's not eating in.
Come out! I'm sure he's De Niro.
There he is.
I don't believe it! Shit.
It's Camara.
Is he de Niro?