Engrenages (2005) s06e06 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 6

1 Yes? Joséphine? It's Jean-Étienne.
Can we talk? I'm downstairs.
Well done, for the verdict.
- You must be pleased.
- What do you want? I have a big favour to ask of you.
It's a bit delicate.
How's it delicate? Remember Stéphanie, who worked for my father? - The girl you sacked.
- Precisely.
She's filing for breach of contract.
I'm appearing before the arbitration committee later.
Will you be my witness? Why has it gone that far? I was stupid.
I was late with her final pay cheque.
As a result, she's telling lies about me.
What sort of lies? Read it, and you'll see.
Vern speaking.
No, I'm not in chambers.
I'll be there in I don't know.
About half an hour.
I've had to make a short detour.
About an urgent case, nothing serious.
Keep them there.
Offer them breakfast.
Orange juice, coffee, the works.
I won't be long.
Joséphine, the hearing is at 5:00 p.
Yes, I'm with Joséphine.
I'm relying on you.
Why have you been sent over here? - Sit up straight.
- No.
Sit up straight please.
Justine was pregnant.
Did you know? - No.
- Are you the father? Why would I be? Did she say it was me? She didn't say anything.
She's dead.
She got an infection after she had her baby.
What's so funny? She gave birth all alone in a basement.
Her body was under the rubble.
Go easy on him.
Look at me when I'm talking to you! You're 14.
Do you know what that means? He doesn't have a clue.
If you carry on like this, you'll end up in a real prison.
With a bunch of poofs who will do the same to you as you did to Justine.
That will do.
He's got the message.
Then he can tell us what he knows.
- That's enough, Tintin.
- Well? We're listening.
Justine told me she was pregnant.
I didn't believe her.
We only did it twice.
I didn't know it was that easy to get pregnant.
Her body was found in a building on Rue Gabriel Péri.
- Do you know it? - No.
Look at it, please, before you say no.
That's the building.
What about these guys? Have you seen them before? - Are you sure? - I'm sure.
What about him? Have you seen him before? Careful what you say.
We found your sweatshirt in his locker.
He's a cop.
I left my sweatshirt in his office.
Why were you in his office? He called me in.
What for? He told me Justine had run away.
He asked me if I knew where she was.
He seemed worried.
What did you say to him? That I didn't know where she was and that he'd need to talk to Maria.
Then he let me go.
Maria Gregoriu, her classmate? They're inseparable.
I mean, they were.
Is she really dead? Do you think this is all a joke? Do you think we go around pretending people are dead? As far as I can see, no one cared about Justine apart from one guy, Laurent Mercier.
I still think it's weird that he was looking out for a 14-year-old girl.
Why is that weird? No one else was looking after the kid.
You might have done the same, no? Hello.
We're back.
Can we see the head teacher again? She's in meetings until4:30 p.
I can't disturb her.
Tintin, will you wait for her? We'll find Maria.
Can you see if Maria Gregoriu is in 4A and give me her timetable? I'll check my lists.
Room 7.
She should be in maths with Mr Chalal.
- Shall we ask those girls? - Yes.
Excuse us, girls.
Are you in 4A? - Yes.
- Is Maria here? Maria Gregoriu.
- Are you cops? - We don't talk to the filth.
We're not cops.
We're from Elite Modelling Agency.
We spotted Maria a while back, and we've lost her mobile number.
That's a lie.
Maria is a Roma.
You don't get Gypsy models.
Plus, she's too short.
Anyway, it's black models who are in vogue now.
- You should take me instead.
- I see So you want to be a model? No, I want to be a star.
Something like that.
I'll cast all five of you if you tell us where Maria is.
Who cares about Maria? She's never here.
No one likes her.
She's an ass-licker.
A slut.
- Are you a photographer? - Are you? Give me her number, and I'll tell you.
I don't have it.
I have nothing to do with her.
I don't ever give her the time of day.
All right, never mind.
Bye, girls.
- Bye.
- See you.
Thanks, girls.
This is Noémie from the hospital.
We didn't see you last night.
Hope nothing's wrong.
Call me back.
Who was that? No one.
Just some cold caller.
What did the head teacher say? Maria has been absent for almost three weeks.
She's never done this before.
She's normally a good student.
This is her.
She stopped coming in a few weeks after Justine did.
There must be a link.
How do we get hold of her? She has no phone and nor do her parents.
But I got this address.
Molière Roma camp in Cléry.
Let's go and see.
We need to check the database before we put her under surveillance.
- I was afraid you weren't coming.
- Well, here I am.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Ms Moreau, you have lodged a complaint with us about your collaboration with Mr Vern here present.
Can you tell us what happened? I was taken in two years ago by Maurice Vern, the head of chambers.
I never had any problems with him.
After he left, I was assigned to his son, Jean-Étienne Vern, to assist with tax cases.
He soon started behaving in a way that was inappropriate and made demands on me which had nothing to do with my job.
For example? He asked me not to wear panties in court.
He said it was a chambers tradition.
- And you believed him? - I needed the job.
I knew he was planning to lay people off, so I did it.
We're listening.
On one occasion, he said my breasts were too big to be taken seriously.
He said the chambers would pay for a breast reduction.
I told him he had no right to speak to me like that.
How did he react? He sacked me, the next day, on the pretext that I hadn't integrated.
He didn't pay my final pay cheques or forward any mail.
Now, I am I am looking for another position, but it's hard.
Mr Vern, do you find that funny? No, but this is ridiculous.
As for the pay cheque, I sent it as soon as you asked me for it.
And as for the mail, it was an oversight by my secretary.
That's not really the issue.
Well, the rest can't be taken seriously.
She describes me as a salacious rapist.
No one mentioned rape.
Just as well.
Ms Moreau claims to have been a victim of harassment for months.
Yet she didn't mention it to anyone.
Not to her colleagues, nor to the Union of Young Lawyers, of which she is a member.
She just woke up once the collaboration was over when she couldn't find work as easily as she'd hoped.
That's irrelevant.
Our colleague has come here in a spirit of openness.
He recognises having bungled the termination of your contact.
And he is prepared to pay Ms Moreau damages.
As for the rest, you have no proof or witnesses, and yet at the time, you shared an office with two colleagues who would've heard anything my client said to you.
The other girls were scared they'd be sacked too.
We are here to come to some mutual agreement.
What is it that you want? Mr Vern says he is prepared to pay you compensation.
I don't want his money.
I want him to face a disciplinary hearing.
What? But that's absurd.
You have been cautioned before for a similar offence.
We'll take a break.
You can have your say later.
Here comes the boss.
Your Maria Gregoriu, - I have found her.
- So have we.
She was on the police database.
She was caught pickpocketing on the metro last week.
The transport police picked her up.
They let her go because of her age.
How do you know? Their chief is an old college friend.
I gave him a ring, and guess what.
Maria and her Roma gang operate at the Gare du Nord.
Nice one, boss.
Right, then.
Laure, don't forget to keep me posted.
We'll send you a text once we're there.
Well, the boss is in the biz.
Those three girls there.
Look over there.
They've chosen their target.
- That failed.
- But they tried.
She doesn't seem to be with them.
Look at that.
They're trying again.
She just passed her the wallet.
She's passing it on.
- Is that her? - The one facing us? No.
- That's her, isn't it? - Fuck, yes, that's her.
Maria Gregoriu is in a maroon jumper and a sleeveless denim jacket.
They're by the kiosk.
We need to catch them at it.
I'm going to try something.
Okay? Get ready.
We're going to bait them.
Tintin is getting in position by the kiosk.
I'm just coming by the stairs.
I'll wait in front of the kiosk.
All right.
I'll meet you there.
See you in a bit.
Shit, she's getting away! I didn't do anything! She's heading your way.
I've got her.
Stay here.
- Calm down.
Calm down.
- Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go! Are you Maria Gregoriu? Maria, look at me.
Maria? Look at me.
I won't bite.
It's her.
Maria Gregoriu.
This is not about stealing mobiles.
It's about Justine, Justine Fabre.
Do you know what happened to her? Why have you stopped going to school? - What happened? - Did she have the baby? Yes, but it's missing.
What about Justine? Where is she? Justine died just after she had her baby.
We need to find out what happened.
Will you help us? Excuse me.
She stole my wallet earlier.
- Please.
- She's got my ID card.
- I just want - We're busy! - Just now.
I want it back.
- We're from the police.
Leave us to do our job, sir.
For Christ's sake! Shit.
Out of my way! GOODBYE - Where the fuck is she? - Forget it.
She's gone.
Fuck it.
Are you okay? She's hysterical.
I thought a bit of money would calm her down.
Not everyone is for sale, clearly.
What was all that about a caution? It was before you came, a trainee who was a real flirt.
She was crazy.
She claimed I'd touched her bum.
And did you? Since when were you interested in the truth? What? Can I have a word? I don't know how you can defend him.
Insist on a disciplinary hearing if you like, but let me tell you how it will pan out.
The worst he'll get is a caution.
In two months, it will be forgotten, whereas you'll forever be the poor girl who lodged a complaint.
You will be labelled a victim.
And no one wants to work with a victim, believe me.
I don't want him to get away with it.
Put yourself first.
If no one says anything, things will never change.
If you want to be a martyr to the cause, feel free.
But you could be sensible and think of your career and come to some agreement.
We know people at Werner & Wilson.
They're hiring.
I'll leave you to think about it.
One day, he'll do the same to you.
If he does, I won't be asking the Bar Council to intervene.
I take full responsibility for what happened.
We should have handcuffed her.
I didn't think we needed to.
Police intervention is an unpredictable business.
Isn't that what you cops on the ground say? You'll have to set up surveillance at the camp and hope Maria's there.
And try not to fuck it up this time.
This is the voice mail for Joséphine Karlsson.
Please leave a message.
Joséphine, it's Laure.
I have news.
Call me back.
Mr Vern, you heard what Ms Moreau has to say.
What do you want to say to her? Our colleague has had time to reflect.
He acknowledges that he made jokes which were open to misinterpretation.
He didn't realise his behaviour would be so hurtful.
He is therefore ready to apologise and to offer two months' fees in damages.
What do you think? I don't know.
It's up to you.
But we encourage a spirit of reconciliation.
If we can avoid a disciplinary hearing, it's better for everyone.
I didn't think she'd go for it.
What did you say to make her change her mind? The truth.
That you are a pervert, a sadist, and that her career was fucked if she didn't drop it.
Did you really say that? What do you think? No, I said you'd get her a post at Werner & Wilson.
So call them because it's part of the deal.
At any rate, well done.
You were great.
- Can I buy you a glass of fizz? - No, champagne doesn't agree with me.
- Don't forget to call them.
- I won't.
Can you whistle? Hold your arms out in front of you.
Lower your arms.
Open your eyes.
As wide as possible.
Wider than that.
That's it.
- How many fingers am I holding up? - Three.
And can you smile? Everything seems to be in order.
We'll call you with the results in a week to 10 days.
I'm guessing you won't give a prognosis now.
It might be good, bad, or very bad.
We'll have to wait and see.
Is there a problem? Yes.
I can't see the name of the person who's collecting you.
I left that blank.
I'm leaving on my own.
That won't be possible, not after an operation like that.
Don't you have a friend or a family member who It's not necessary.
I'm fine.
No, I'm sorry.
If you really have no one to call, you'll have to stay in overnight.
That's insane.
I'll call someone just to make you happy.
Didier? Still no coffee? No, thanks.
Still nothing up there? No, no sign of Maria.
They're gathered around the fire.
It's calm for now, trouble-free.
Nothing to report.
What about you, JP and Nico? Still nothing.
No sign of Maria.
Keep on it, guys.
- Who are you calling? - Herville.
Boss? Am I disturbing you? Can you tell me anything more about the Molière camp? The Mayor gave the Roma permission to camp there.
She rolled out the red carpet.
Electricity, bin collections, the lot.
Has there been an eviction order? It's all legal.
Nothing to do with the fact that these people all have a vote in the local elections.
I've got to go.
Be careful.
The Molière camp is the Mayor's pet project.
- Da Costa.
- What can I do for you? A colleague has handed in his 12th sick note.
He's a member of the union.
- What are your thoughts? - That the guys are stressed out.
I'm sure, but they're signed off by the same doctor.
Does your doctor do group rates? The guys are exhausted, boss.
Mercier's death knocked them for six.
Do you think I don't know that? That's why I'm first to arrive and last to leave.
I want to be there for my men.
I go to sleep thinking about Mercier.
I long to tell them the bastard who did this is behind bars.
If you want them to join, offer them courage and dignity, not sick leave.
You don't go into the police to sit on your arse all day long.
Thank you, Da Costa.
There's movement.
A grey Renault Mégane has just pulled up at the entrance.
There are two guys inside.
They're Mercier's partners.
That's Jolers and Calvi.
They're colleagues from Cléry.
What are they up to? - They look as if they're off duty.
- They seem to know people there.
- Who are those women? - Informers maybe.
- They're really young.
- They're prostitutes.
They can't be more than 14.
He's touching her arse.
No way! - Shall we follow them? - Yeah.
Something fishy is going on.
We're going to follow them.
Tom and Tintin, you follow us.
Okay, I hear you.
I'll go in the back.
They know me.
JP and Nico, keep watch in case Maria shows up.
This is Nico, I hear you.
We'll stay put.
Okay, let's get them.
Take over, Tom.
- Take over, Tom.
- Okay, I'm going.
They've turned right.
Do you think those two are taking us for a ride? Second left, between the buildings.
Do you think they've spotted us? Left again.
They're going left at the stop sign.
I repeat, left at the stop sign.
They're pulling over.
I repeat, they're pulling over.
Okay, Tom, we'll take it from here.
- Can you see them? - I've got a bird's-eye view.
There's a new contact.
A blond guy.
Okay, they're going inside.
We've lost sight of them.
- Tom, take over on foot.
- Okay.
Communicate by phone.
I am at the entrance.
Can you hear me? Okay, check it out.
There are letter boxes but they're They're still wrapped in cellophane.
There's building work going on.
There's nobody here.
There's a bike shed with nothing in it.
It's empty.
No one lives here.
Okay, come back now, Tom.
Okay, I'm coming.
I suppose Mercier was in on it too.
No doubt.
He was single, and they were a close-knit team.
And he could get laid for free.
Do you think Justine and Maria were in the stable? I don't know.
They quit school within three weeks of each other.
It might have been to go on the game.
Prostitutes means pimps.
We need to find out who they're working for.
- Maybe it's our colleagues in Cléry.
- If so, they're asking for trouble.
Was the third man a fellow officer? It didn't look like it from the way they greeted one another.
- Have you informed Roban? - Yes.
I'm meeting Roban and the IPCC guy who investigated Mercier's death later.
Hello, can I speak to Ms Karlsson, please? It's personal.
Can you pass on a message? What time will the meeting finish? And you can't pass on a message? Okay.
Hello? Excuse me, madam.
Do you have an appointment? I need to see Joséphine Karlsson.
- She's in a meeting.
- Fine.
Where? - Down the hall to the left.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
- Why are you here? - We need to talk.
I've been phoning all day.
Get your things.
We need to go.
Why? What's wrong? Remember those cars that drove out of that car park? One of them belonged to your boss, Jean-Étienne Vern.
I know it's Vern.
I found my earring in his car, and I don't remember being in it.
- Why didn't you tell me? - Because I'm stopping.
We have no proof.
We can't prove it was him.
We have no trace of GHB, no DNA, nothing.
I could have lost the earring anytime.
It's my word against his.
The case is open.
I can continue without you.
No! Do you hear me? I don't want to face him in court.
I haven't a hope of winning.
I couldn't bear to be humiliated again.
I don't get it.
You ask me to investigate, and when I find something, you quit.
And you don't even tell me.
- Well, I've told you now.
- Only because I came to see you.
- Keep your voice down.
- How can you work with that bastard? - That's up to me.
- How can you bear to be near him? - Something wrong? - No, we're done here.
Thank you, but that's the end of it.
- What did your friend want? - She's a client, not a friend.
She owes me for two divorces, so I refuse to work for her again.
Have you got a minute? It's you I've come to see.
- About the Camaras? - No, about Laure.
She's not here.
What's up? She's stopped visiting her daughter.
Did you know? She's stopped visiting? I thought she might have talked to you about it.
She says she can't bear coming into hospital any more.
She's scared, you know.
Premature babies go into decline if they don't see their mothers.
Romy is only this big.
She's hanging on by a thread.
You've got to talk to Laure.
She won't listen to me.
You can count on me.
Hello? Yes, this is the criminal prosecution service.
Yes? For illegal immigrants, you need the prefecture.
The prefecture, yes.
I'll fax it through to you now.
What is this about? I was hoping to see my kids tonight.
It's about my rape case.
Call back in three minutes, please.
Thank you.
The plaintiff has lost her nerve, but we have a case.
- Meaning? - I have a suspect.
But since he's a lawyer, I need your consent.
- The victim's name? - Karlsson, Joséphine.
Joséphine I had it before.
Here it is.
She's not just losing her nerve.
She's withdrawing her complaint.
She has written that she was drunk and that she imagined it.
Have you done the paperwork? Of course.
But that's not what happened.
Listen, with a letter like this, good luck getting a case together.
She's killed it.
I'll have to close it.
Why did she do that? Hold the line, please.
I've got 40 case files to deal with.
I'm sorry about your friend, but I don't have time for surmise.
Why do you assume she's a friend? Because cops normally just phone up.
Hello? Yes? Yes.
Are you from CID? Captain Etcheverry, IPCC.
Laure Berthaud.
Roban left a message to say he was running late.
Will you excuse me a minute? - Judge Roban? - Yes, Laure? Can I talk to you in private? It's important.
- Yes, but we have an appointment.
- I know.
Before the meeting with the IPCC.
You'll soon see why.
- Where are you? - I can see you.
What's wrong? Captain Etcheverry, the guy outside your office, we filmed him with Jolers and Calvi.
It's him.
You were right.
The team is corrupt.
It's his phone we should have tapped.
No wonder we were getting nowhere.
- What do we do? - We'll start by getting rid of him as politely as possible.
Are you all right, sir? It's just a dizzy spell.
I know it's none of my business I'm waiting for the results of a brain biopsy.
It's like the lottery draw, only less exciting.
I'm sorry.
- If I can help in any way - Don't worry.
I have strength in reserve.
Shall we go? I've read the summary of your report on the team at Cléry-sous-Bois.
The phone taps and bank accounts revealed nothing.
All that remains is what triggered the investigation, namely, the testimony of a guy called Momo, who was arrested for the possession of cannabis.
He accused police officers in Cléry of having stolen money off him.
I've got nothing against Mr Momo, but it's a bit flimsy.
Sometimes, there is nothing to find.
There is nothing untoward.
I've said it all along.
Nothing untoward, apart from a murdered police officer.
What do you think? I share my colleague's point of view, sir.
We're looking at an isolated incident unconnected to the victim's place of work.
Since you are in agreement, we won't carry on needlessly.
Wrap up the investigation, and hand it over as soon as you're ready.
I'm sorry if you feel as if you've wasted your time.
No problem, sir.
It's our job to check.
Good news? You could say that.
Maria Gregoriu is in the Roma camp.
Colleagues saw her leave one of the huts.
- Why didn't they arrest her? - There are only two of them.
You can't just go charging into a place like that.
- We'll go in once we're prepared.
- You're right, especially now that we know certain Cléry officers are corrupt.
Herville will be pleased.
You can take over the whole case from the IPCC.
I'll send the files over tomorrow.
You wanted this case, Laure.
You've got it.
Joséphine? - Why are you here? - Why did you drop the case? I told you, I don't want to hear another word about it.
I'm exhausted.
I need to sleep.
Can I go home now? Stop treating me like a fool.
I know you won't leave it at that.
Stop being so clingy.
I'm not your friend.
I needed you to get a name.
I have it.
Thank you and goodbye.
You know what? Next time, you can go and fuck yourself.
Roban is handing us the IPCC inquiry into the team at Cléry.
So now we have to keep an eye on those bastards? If we want to avoid a leak, it's best to centralise it all here.
To think that I bought them a drink! Did you talk to Herville about the camp? Yes, he's providing two special units.
He says it's best if we keep it small.
We don't want them thinking we've come to evict them.
I'll finish the report and see you tomorrow.
You're not finishing anything.
You're ready to drop.
I'll take you home.
Are you sure? What about your mobile? Where's that? In my pocket.
- What's going on? - We've come to pick up Ruben.
- This is Pascal.
- Hi.
- What about the twins and Marius? - They're at my mother's.
Ruben was meant to stay until Saturday.
You're never here for him.
You hit him! I hit him? What did you say to her? You did give me a slap.
Yes, one slap.
He went missing for 24 hours.
I flipped.
I didn't mean to.
You never mean to.
Come on, let's go.
I never asked to leave.
If you don't want to leave, you can stay.
We haven't come all this way for nothing.
Okay? - He's coming with us.
- You're right.
It wasn't for nothing.
- What's this? - The divorce papers.
You've tormented me with them for three weeks, so take them.
- And get out.
- It didn't need to be like this.
- I agree.
- Let's go.
I'm sorry.
What are we doing here? Why have you stopped here? Fuck's sake.
Go and see you daughter.
Not until they tell me she'll live.
She won't live if you don't see her.
She needs you.
You're her mother.
Go on.
I've run out of arguments, and I can't park here.
Hurry up before I jump on top of you.
Go on.
Is anyone there? Is anyone there? Is anyone there? Is anyone there? Have you seen anyone? - What's wrong? - Where's Romy? She was transferred to the neonatal unit this morning.
We didn't have time to let you know.
It's a good thing.
I promise.
It means she's better.
Are you sure she can breathe? How is she managing without machines? She doesn't need them any more.
She can breathe on her own.
That's the first time I've heard her cry.
It won't be the last.
Look, this is her.
If you see her, arrest her.
Watch out.
She's small, but she runs fast.
- I know from experience.
- Okay, no problem.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
And Romy? It's good to see you.
She's out of intensive care and breathing unaided.
- That's good news.
- Don't know.
They told me to remain cautious.
I've got butterflies in my stomach.
- I've never felt this before.
- You're starting to love her.
- I want to kiss you.
- Yeah? All right? Have you sent Jolers and Calvi on another mission? They're in the town centre, helping combat thefts from cars.
What's great about you is that you're the bearer of good news.
Two good cops getting busted is all we need.
Sorry, but it's an excuse to work with you again.
I can't say I relish the thought.
This was a good team.
We got results.
Now those idiots are shagging minors.
No wonder Mercier asked for a transfer.
What's all this about a transfer? His union official told me he sent in a request, but I never received it.
Maybe it was because he didn't approve of his colleagues.
Maybe he wasn't like them.
We'll check with computer forensics.
If he applied for a post, they can trace it.
Right, let's go, guys.
Come on, move it.
Come on, get a move on.
- Where's Tintin? - I don't know.
Here he comes.
- You don't look too good.
- No.
What's wrong? I don't want to talk about it.
They're here, guys.
- Here come the cops.
- Go for it.
So-so-solidarity! So-so-solidarity! - Solidarity! - Again! - Who warned them? - One of our guys must have leaked it.
- What do I tell the guys? - Keep them warm.
Nobody moves.
Berthaud, let's have a word with them.
Get out of here.
- Get lost.
- Go away.
Who's in charge? We'd like a word.
We won't let you evict them until you offer an alternative site.
You've been misinformed.
This is not an eviction.
It's an operation by the Criminal Investigation Department.
We're looking for one individual.
Same old story.
No evictions! You don't understand.
This is for an arrest, not an eviction.
If you let us through The camp is legal.
We have lodged an appeal.
Forget it.
This is pointless.
Let's go.
We're undermanned.
At 6:00 a.
when they're sleeping, perhaps.
But this lot are wide awake and wound up by those morons.
What do you suggest? I could get a riot control team here in 45 minutes.
No, 45 minutes is too long.
We must strike now if we want to surprise them.
Personally, I wouldn't go in without backup.
- This could get out of hand.
- It could, or it could go smoothly.
We're wasting time.
Surely, we're not going to let a bunch of clowns put us off? He's right, boss.
We need to try.
You're a pain in the arse.
No evictions! No evictions! You go.
I'll see to this lot.
Come on, guys.
Do you know Maria? Maria? Do you know Maria? We're looking for this girl.
Have you seen her? Have you seen her? Take a close look.
This is the girl we're looking for.
Do you recognise her? Do you know her? Look.
Don't look at me.
Look at the photo.
What are you doing here? This is legal.
Don't tell me what's legal.
Get away from me.
Fuck off! Fuck! Let go of me! Come here, you! - Are you okay, Tintin? - I'm fine.
Laure! Laure, look at me.
Loo at me! Wake up.
Let's go.
There's a fire.
Come on, let's go.
It's okay.
Make way.
Sorry to disturb you, Alice.
I'm looking for the latest findings on the Loubière case.
They came in last night.
Do you want me to have a look? - That would be great.
- Okay.
We're getting somewhere.
Can you scan them and email them to me so I can look at them tonight? I can do it in 15 minutes, no problem.
- I'll leave this with you, then.
- Okay.
Did you see the summons I left on your desk.
- Yes, I saw that.
- Okay.
- The time has changed.
- I saw.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Madam Mayor.
Is anyone hurt? Two colleagues, and four or five inhabitants, including a six-year-old girl.
Didn't it cross your mind to warn us? We were unprepared.
We have contacts in the camp.
I don't need to inform the council of a CID operation.
You've undone all the hard work done by the council.
We've spent months trying to provide accommodation for a fragile population.
- Don't you care? - No.
I'm too much of a bastard.
- Fine.
- Yes, I'm a bastard.
- Julien, let's go.
- You do that.
- Are you okay, boss? - Yes, I'm okay.
I'm sorry.
This was my fault.
I should have listened to Herville.
It's mine too.
I agreed with you.
How's your head? Fine.
Go to hospital.
Get it x-rayed.
There's no need.
I saw the paramedics.
The paramedics know fuck all.
No arguments.
Take her, Escoffier.
Do you fancy going to your place instead? I'm sick of hospitals.
What about your forehead? It's nothing.
It's just a graze.
All right.