Engrenages (2005) s06e05 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 5

1 Fuck's sake.
- Hi, it's me.
- Hi.
- I'm here.
Shall I come up? - No, don't come up.
I'll come down.
I'm coming now, yes.
Here for your cheque? What? How long can you keep this up? Alzheimer's, the care home, it's a pack of lies.
Your mother died five years ago.
Did you think I wouldn't find out? You're so stupid.
Well? What have you got to say for yourself? I didn't mean to lie.
It's my training course.
I'm broke.
My heart bleeds.
Your problem is, you're used to dating a criminal.
And now you can't stop lying and manipulating people.
It didn't used to bother you who my ex was.
Stealing me from your informer was a turn-on for you.
It was you who turned me on.
I couldn't care less who you hung out with.
I'm in deep shit because of you.
I wanted to help.
I wanted you to stop begging from that cretin Djibril.
Seriously, I'm such a mug.
- Get lost.
It's over.
- No, stop it.
- Let go.
- Please! - No, stop.
- Just listen to me, please.
I didn't mean to Stop this! I didn't mean to lie.
- Please listen to me.
- Stop it.
Give me two seconds to explain.
Fuck! There you are.
I've been looking all over for you.
I've got something to show you.
Are you coming? I'll wait upstairs.
I won't be long.
Come and see.
Is that better? Are you nice and clean now? Right Does this remind you of anything? - Mercier's mobile phone case.
- Yes, but it's not his.
Bryan Dupuis makes them.
They're unique to his shop.
That means Mercier knew Bryan and bought it from his shop.
And? That means Mercier knew Bryan Dupuis.
Mercier, the Camaras, Bryan Dupuis.
What if they were all in cahoots with one another? Mercier might have been killed over some business deal.
Tintin, Bryan Dupuis was Brémont's informer He tipped him off about the stolen ingots.
Then we must call Brémont.
Forget it.
Bryan Dupuis is dead.
Are you kidding me? He was found last night.
It was Brémont who told us.
He thinks it's connected to the Camaras.
I don't get it.
I spent hours outside Bryan's flat.
I didn't see him come out.
When did the Camaras get hold of him? I've just heard from Herville A body has been found in the rubble of the building in Mercier's photographs.
What sort of body? A teenage girl.
Go and see if it's linked to our case.
And keep me informed.
We meet again.
Well, boss? What have we got? A 13- or 14-year-old girl in a sleeping bag.
The workmen found her.
She must have been in a cellar in the basement.
Have you started the report? I'm waiting for our colleagues from the local branch of CID.
Commissioner Herville, Chief of Cléry Police.
Captain Franck Lassalle, Lieutenant Loic Fustec.
Commander Berthaud, CID.
Captain Fromentin.
Lieutenant Escoffier.
I thought we'd been assigned the case.
It was me who phoned them.
We're on a murder case.
We think the girl's death might be connected.
So is it your case or ours? Let's not fight over it.
It's yours for now.
The prosecutor in Bobigny will decide whether you get to keep it or not.
If you want it, you're welcome to it.
Excuse me.
Do you mind if we stay and observe? What for? If we find a link with our case, we may be able to take yours off you.
If you like.
Teenage girl of European origin.
Brown hair.
Aged between 13 and 16.
The body is lying in a scoop covered with rubble.
It's in a red sleeping bag.
Right, let's clear the rubble.
I'll do the top end.
I'll do the bottom end.
- Ready? - Yes.
The clothes are dirty.
She's wearing blue jeans and a red jumper.
No obvious injuries apart from a blood-soaked compress on her lower abdomen.
Large blood stain on the pubis.
The face is intact, but this was not a recent death.
Her right nostril is pierced.
Looks like a rhinestone.
Berthaud, wasn't it? I know my job, thank you very much.
Sorry, I was just trying to help.
Right, let's wrap her up.
We'll know more after the autopsy.
As you know, I called for an urgent assessment of the hammer Thomas Weber disposed of in the lift shaft.
The results were negative.
The hammer showed no traces of blood or residue of detergent.
- Any fingerprints? - It was never used.
You can ask the expert any further question.
Once they have given evidence, I intend to close the case.
So prepare your summing-up for the end of the week.
I'm relying on you all to end this trial in a mood of calm.
Have I made myself understood? Thank you.
What was the point of flushing out that hammer? - It established the truth.
- The truth? You'd make a great magistrate! The hammer backs up Thomas' account.
He plotted to kill his father, but it was your client who did it.
Thomas Weber's version is a fat lot of good to us.
Ask for leniency.
That's the best you can hope for.
That never works in a jury trial.
You know that.
The truth will prevail, and they'll both get life.
I've just heard from Captain Lassalle.
The girl was reported missing a month and a half ago.
Justine Fabre, 14.
They identified her from the piercing.
What is her connection to the Camaras? Mercier was photographing them outside the building for a reason.
What else has Lassalle got on Justine? Nothing for now.
They're off to see the father.
They want us there, as long as we put a sock in it.
Hi, Christine.
Can I call you back a bit later? He slept over at Mathias' house.
He must be having a lie-in.
He'll call you back.
Don't worry.
I wanted to talk to you I knew her going missing was different this time.
Did she often run away from home? Her mother was killed in a car accident two years ago.
Things have been impossible at home since then.
What made you think it was different this time? The note she left.
She normally just left without saying a word.
Not this time.
What did the note say? That I wasn't to worry.
That I would hear from her soon.
Have you kept it? Can we see it? Why wait three days to report it if you sensed something was wrong? I was waiting for her call.
She said I'd hear soon.
When nothing was forthcoming, I went to the police.
There's a police officer there who's been good to me.
He'd brought Justine home before.
I asked for him, but he wasn't there.
Can I? What was his name? Laurent Mercier.
I was told to go home, to stop worrying, that she'd return like she always did.
Can we look in her bedroom? It's down the corridor on the right.
And you're a taxi driver? Yes.
I'm not home much.
Not often enough perhaps.
Don't mind me.
Shout if you need me.
Happy Birthday, Bambi Justine was Bambi.
She sent those texts to Mercier.
Stop whispering.
Get a photo.
Found anything? Why are you photographing that? You should take this with you.
All the photos, postcards, diaries Who's going to do the paperwork? A girl has been killed, and you want to avoid paperwork? - Get out of here.
- Hey, calm down.
- Off you go.
- All right, we're going.
- What's your problem? - I'm leading this investigation.
You're a pain in the arse.
Right, we're done.
Your colleague wants your help with the seizures.
- Okay, thanks.
- No problem.
Do you know this building on Rue Gabriel Péri? It's a former squat.
And these two guys? No? Okay.
Thank you.
We'll leave you in peace.
Mercier was looking for Justine.
She stopped texting.
Naturally, he got worried.
But why was he so interested in her? - He was shagging her.
- She was 14! I don't know, do I? Mercier was looking for Justine and stalking the Camaras.
Why? And what was Justine doing in that dump of a building? Perhaps she was squatting.
She had to sleep somewhere.
That's possible.
Shall we tell these clowns about the Camaras? They chucked us off the case.
We're not giving them any tips.
That birthday card proves Mercier knew Justine.
That might just get us the case.
I'll talk to Roban.
Hi, Ruben, it's Dad.
Listen, call Mum back.
She's bombarding me with texts.
She's worried, so call her.
Mrs Bodin, I wanted to inform you of the cause of your son's death.
The tests show that Nicolas suffered from chronic kidney failure.
- Perhaps you already knew that.
- Not at all.
He died because his kidneys were unable to eliminate certain substances he had absorbed.
- What sort of substances? - Stimulants.
Vasodilators to be precise.
Did someone give him these vasodilators? It's more likely that he took them himself.
What for? In some cases, it can enhance your sexual performance.
At the age of 24? In any case, no criminalact was associated with Nicolas' death.
What about the marks on his wrist? They had nothing to do with his death.
- Who phoned for an ambulance? - That's irrelevant.
As I said, there was no foul play.
I am going to dismiss the case and close the investigation.
The pathologist has signed the death certificate.
Nicolas' remains will be handed over so you can organise the funeral.
All the best, Mrs Bodin.
I could hardly tell her her son was gay and an escort.
It would finish her off.
Have you got a moment, sir? Of course.
There have been developments.
We went to see Justine's father.
In her bedroom, we found a birthday card saying - "Happy Birthday, Bambi.
" - Yes.
So Justine, alias Bambi, and Mercier knew each other.
They were both murdered.
That's interesting, but it's not enough to request that the case be reassigned.
We need a link between perpetrators and offences, not between victims.
We think the link is the Camaras.
Mercier was onto them in connection with Justine.
Forgive me, but that's just your opinion.
- How was she killed? - That's what we want to find out.
There's no guarantee we'll be invited to the autopsy.
That's why we want to take over the case.
I might have a solution.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you, sir.
Did talking to Mercier's colleagues shed any light? None at all.
You won't give up on that, will you? Well? I got the DNA results back.
No trace.
Did you track Edelman's phone? He was in the 17th all night, miles from where you woke up.
He lives in the 17th.
Perhaps he took me back to his.
"Perhaps" proves nothing.
- So find the proof.
- What do you think I'm doing? I'm working my arse off here.
It was Edelman.
He's on the CCTV footage.
We don't see you leave with him.
You were drugged, remember? I'm telling you, it was him.
I'm petrified whenever I see him.
Listen, there was a car park exit next to where you waited for your taxi.
Three cars came out during that time.
I'm waiting for the number plates.
If Edelman's car was among them, I'll call him in.
Lawyers are also known as dispensers of justice.
In other words, they provide a public service.
I had my doubts about that until now.
But having heard Ms Karlsson, I must concede that it is true.
She has revealed to us the real culprit of this deliberate, premeditated act.
Her own client, Thomas Weber.
Your attempt to justify the seriousness of the crime by a supposedly unhappy childhood does not fool anyone.
At least not this court.
A childhood spent in Paris in the 16th arrondissement with 300 euros a month in pocket money can hardly be called unhappy.
I ask the jury to remember that both defendants were minors but to pass the maximum sentence available in that context, namely 20 years' imprisonment.
Thank you.
The court thanks the counsel for the prosecution.
I'd like a word with the counsel for the defence in my office.
Court is adjourned.
I should have never listened to you.
I should have kept my trap shut.
You'll have guessed why we're here.
Your clients are charged equally.
So the usual order for summing up does not apply.
If possible, I'd like to avoid any further outbursts from you both.
Which of you will have the privilege of summing up last? The longest-serving barrister usually rounds things off.
I know I look youthful, but I am clearly the oldest.
My colleague's whole strategy will consist of charging my client.
Therefore, I should sum up last.
She is just angling for the pole position.
It's the quality of the speech that counts.
When the jury retires to deliberate, it is the last speech they remember.
Settle your differences, or I'll call the president of the Bar.
On what date were you called to the Bar? 14th December, 2004.
And you, Mr Edelman? 20 November, 1995.
In that case, Ms Karlsson, I will ask you to sum up first.
Roban is going to try to get Bobigny to hand the case over.
Let's pre-empt that and get ahead.
Go ahead, Berthaud.
Carry on as if I wasn't there.
Roban is trying to get us assigned to the case on Justine's death.
He wants us to continue working on our colleagues at Cléry.
Any news on that front? Nothing from the CCTV footage of the boxing club.
There were the usual clashes on the estate.
Nothing too sinister.
- That's quite a flick.
- Fuck off.
- They beat one another up.
- Nasty.
The Camaras are usually over there to smooth things over.
That's Bakary that we can see there.
He breaks up the fight.
He acts like the big brother.
If these guys are murderers, they're hiding it well.
As for the squat, it's hard to say whether Justine was kipping there.
I phoned Herville to find out if his team had anything on her.
All they know is that she used to run away.
How long will it take Roban to get the case reassigned? I'm waiting for his call.
As soon as you know more, let me know.
The girl went to Karl Marx School in Cléry.
Let's pay them a visit.
Unofficially? What if we bump into our colleagues from Bobigny? I'd be amazed.
They're pretty slow off the mark.
Let's go, on the sly.
- Like I said - Fuck off, will you? Hello.
We're from the police.
Can we see the head teacher? I'll call her.
I've got the police in reception.
Thank you.
She'll see you in five minutes.
Thank you.
As a kid I was always in the head teacher's office.
- I bet you were never out of it.
- I'll be right back.
I literally had a free pass.
Ruben, it's Dad.
Listen, I'd like you to call me back.
I won't yell at you, I promise.
I just need to know where you are.
Call me back or send me a text.
Talk to you later.
Lots of love.
We get visits from the police all the time, but not from CID.
- Which pupil is it? - Justine Fabre.
- Do you know her? - Yes.
She's in Class 4A.
She's been absent for two months.
Has something happened? We can't say, but can you tell us what sort of pupil she was? A bit lacklustre, not very diligent, and frequently absent.
Is there a procedure for absenteeism? It's straightforward.
We send a text to the parents, and then we call them in.
If the pupil still doesn't show up, we alert the education authority.
- We did that for Justine Fabre.
- So her father was summoned? Of course, more than once.
We have seen very little of Justine this year.
Have you seen the graffiti in the boys' toilets? I don't go into the boys' toilets.
You should.
"Justine the whore.
" "Justine sucks cocks.
" - You didn't know? - No.
I'm afraid word didn't get to me.
And you didn't hear any rumours about her? No, I Does Justine have friends at the school? She's so rarely here, it's hard to make friends.
There is one girl in her class, Maria Gregoriu.
Can we see her? She's often absent too.
How do you spell"Gregoriu"? With a U.
She's Roma.
It's hard to get in touch with the parents, since they're not really settled.
And Enzo? Is there a pupil named Enzo? Yes, one.
Enzo Belltra.
He's in the parallel class, 4B.
- Is he here? Can we see him? - Sure.
- Follow me.
- Great.
Thank you.
- Roban.
- Machard.
I don't have much time.
My meeting starts in a few minutes.
Then I'll get straight to the point.
I have a favour to ask.
Tell them I'll be there in three minutes.
Well? I need your help to take over a case from the Bobigny office.
The death of a teenage girl, which may be linked to the murder of the police officer in Cléry.
You don't need me for that.
Section P12 will handle it.
The trouble is, the connection is a bit tenuous.
- Meaning? - Only the victims are linked.
- That's not enough.
- I know.
That's why I'm here.
Listen, Roban, I am a prosecutor, not a magician.
We both know that, between prosecutors, connections are a moot point.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
I thought I could count on you.
Well, you were mistaken.
Mistakes happen, even to you.
Goodbye, Roban.
- Still no news of Ruben? - Nothing.
He won't phone back.
Maybe he's lost his phone.
It's been 24 hours since I heard from him.
Here he is.
I'll leave you to question him.
See you back at the station.
These police officers want to ask you a few questions about Justine Fabre.
Sit down.
How well do you know Justine? Can you be more precise? I don't know.
She's just a girl in 4A.
Do you have a phone? No.
What's the code? - You don't have the right.
- Oh, yeah? What's the code? 16-07 Why are you doing this? Well, well, Justine Fabre.
You may not know her, but she seems to know you pretty well.
"Miss you.
Can't wait to see you.
Thinking of you.
"I need to tell you something.
" What was that about? I can't remember.
Did you go out with her? Maybe once, just for a laugh.
What do you mean, "just for a laugh"? Are the things written about her in the toilets true? You've got two calculators? Yeah.
So? What's the code for the other one? There's a code.
What's the code? - The same for unlocking it.
- Then say so! These are your videos? - Right, who's first? - I'll go first.
Kneel down.
Hurry up.
Go on.
Unzip the flies.
Go on.
Touch my balls.
You should be used to this by now.
- Film it.
- Wait.
I'll zoom in on you.
Go on.
Suck it.
And squeeze it hard.
The bitch is loving this.
That's it.
I've finished.
Hey, it's my turn.
Is that the Pythagorean theorem? Let's take him in.
We didn't rape her.
Justine was up for it.
Oh, yeah? - Ask her.
She'll tell you.
- Okay, we'll ask her.
Don't you worry.
It's Roban.
Hello, sir.
What's the problem? Did she go to the police? Thank you.
- Gilou? - Go on, then.
- He didn't get the case.
- You're joking.
What about that twerp? We'll have to let him go.
We'll have to hand him over to those morons in Bobigny.
What a fuck-up.
I've postponed all your meetings for the next 24 hours, sir.
I just said it was for personal reasons.
Thank you, Didier.
You've told me three times now.
My mother had a similar biopsy.
We were all worried, but it turned out fine.
Ruben? Are you here? Ruben! Are you here, Ruben? Where are you? What are you doing here? Can you give this to Gilou, please? - Can't you give it to him yourself? - No, it's best if I don't see him.
Fuck's sake.
The boss is looking for you.
Later, I need to do something first.
- Are you okay? - Not really, no.
PHONE TRACKING REQUEST FORM - Do you want a hand? - No.
Where the fuck are they? This is unbelievable.
Those videos with Justine are really dodgy, Enzo.
Possession of pornographic images involving a minor is a serious crime.
We know the police officers we're handing you over to.
You won't get off lightly.
We'll try to calm them down if you tell us what happened.
Were you and your mates just messing about? Look at me! Was it just for a bit of fun? Here they are.
You went behind our backs.
Someone needs to try to solve this case.
We're on it, okay? - We've come from the autopsy.
- How was she killed? - Mind your own fucking business.
- Hey, there's no need to be rude.
Is this the budding Marc Dorcel? You're coming with us, kid.
- Move it.
- Hurry up.
Mr Roban? Hello.
In here.
I've left you some Betadine.
You need to shampoo your hair thoroughly in the morning.
Do you want me to ask a nurse to help you? Thank you, but I'm still capable of shampooing my hair.
See you later.
What did I say to you when you resumed your post? That I wanted to be kept informed of what you were working on and where.
Did I or did I not say that? Well? Did I or did I not say that? Then what were you doing in a school, questioning a kid off the record? We thought the case was ours.
Roban said Bobigny would hand it over.
But instead of waiting to hear from him, you charged in.
When I got the call complaining that you were encroaching, I knew nothing about it.
You've got your own case to solve.
The two cases are linked.
I told you, Justine was Bambi.
So? Say Enzo killed Justine during a filming session that got out of hand.
What's that got to do with Mercier? Do you see a 13-year-old kid hacking a cop to pieces? No.
But Enzo's definitely hiding something from us.
You said that about the Camaras, and nothing came of it.
We don't have all the facts, but these people are linked.
From now on, I want to be informed of everything.
I want a minute-by-minute account of who, what, and why.
Think of me like a transponder attached to your belt.
What did he say? That he'd be on my back night and day.
I don't blame him.
This is within our grasp.
Why are we getting nowhere? I thought we were getting somewhere.
You don't regret it? Do I regret it? Wait.
Let me just check.
No, I don't regret it.
Do you? Me neither.
That's cool.
It's the hospital.
Yes? - Ms Berthaud? - Speaking.
It's the hospital.
- What happened? Is she okay? - She's fine.
- Can you come in? - I'll come now.
I have to go.
What's happened? Is she okay? They won't go into details over the phone.
She'll be fine.
Hi, this is Ruben's phone.
Leave a message after the beep.
Ruben? What do you want? - Get lost.
- Fuck off out of here.
Don't come near us again.
- Get lost.
- Go away.
He's looking for Ruben.
Who's Ruben? Hello.
I wanted to update you on Romy.
She showed signs of bradycardia.
Her heart rate slowed right down.
It's common in premature babies.
Is it serious? She recovered, but we need to keep an eye on her.
I don't understand.
I thought she was getting better.
Every day is a small victory.
It will take time.
What are you doing? I'll come back when you tell me she's going to live.
Hello? Joséphine? What's wrong? Hello? Joséphine! Joséphine? What's happened? Do you want a drink? Do you want - Have you drunk all that? - Yes, I've drunk all that.
- Have you taken any pills? - No.
- Nothing? - No.
- Sure? - Yes.
Do you know how long he's going down for, my client? What client? Who are you talking about? For life.
He'll get life imprisonment.
Is that why you're in this state? Because of me.
Do you know what I told him? You'll never believe this.
I told him to tell the truth.
The truth! Do you know what my father said to me? Hey, that's enough.
He said that if I told anyone that he beat my mother, I'd end up in the loony bin.
What? They've won, Laure.
- Who? - The bastards.
My father, Szabo, Edelman.
They're all bastards.
They've won.
I'm no use to anyone.
Even Pierre left me.
Even Pierre.
Come on, Joséphine.
We're the same, you and I.
We can take a knock.
We come back fighting.
That's better, isn't it? - Here.
- Thanks.
Feeling better? It's good practice for when your daughter gets sick.
Lie on your side.
That's it.
Thanks for coming over.
Fuck's sake, Ruben.
Are you kidding me? What the fuck do you think you're doing? Stop taking the piss! Don't you dare put me through this again.
What, force you to remember you had a son? Oh, it's like that, is it? My cap! I don't give a fuck about your cap.
- Who are those guys? - Friends of Mathias'.
Who you smoke joints with? You must think I'm stupid.
- Fags, not joints.
- Yeah, right! Go and check.
You'll see.
We've been calling all day.
We've been worried sick.
Couldn't you have answered our calls? - No.
- No? - I didn't want to.
- Didn't want to? Don't give me that! - Let go! - Ruben, are you okay? I'll call you.
Get in the car and call your mother.
- Oh, I'll call her all right! - Clear off, you lot.
I've forgotten my robe.
Could you lend me one? No problem.
Thank you.
Throughout this hearing, everyone has done their utmost to present my client as a spoilt brat.
Anyone would think money protected children from abuse.
It is easy to say that there is no proof of the abuse Thomas suffered.
That's just because it wasn't visible.
His wounds were internal.
He suffered violence that was underhanded and perverse and consisted of words that slowly destroyed him.
His wounds were hidden behind the decorum.
They were invisible, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.
"I wet my bed, and Daddy mocks me.
"He calls me a loser.
"He says I'm useless.
"He doesn't understand why he has a son like me.
"He wishes I'd never been born.
"Daddy hates me.
"He gives me pocket money so that I'll leave him alone.
" What choice did young Thomas have when he was growing up? His mother was depressed and detached.
Were you a mother to your son, madam? I don't think so.
If he could have confided in you and been protected by you, we wouldn't be here now.
If he had committed suicide, would you have been put on trial? Would his father? No, of course not.
Yet here we are, assisting at Thomas' trial because he wanted to see his father dead.
Thomas had no choice.
"It was either him or me.
" Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, by opening up to the court, by overcoming the fear and shame that had paralysed him since birth, he finally found his voice.
You are bound to condemn him.
But help him make the transition from an abusive childhood to the age of reconciliation.
The age of maturity.
The age where you heal the wounds of your childhood.
Thank you, Ms Karlsson.
Mr Edelman, it's your turn to sum up.
Your Honour, ladies and gentlemen of the court, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.
I had intended to talk about Rudy's miserable childhood But what is the point? You heard my colleague explain how an absence of love A fax just came through for us.
The DNA of a detainee matches the sample in the Mercier case.
- A detainee? Who? - Enzo Beltra.
- Which evidence bag? - Number four.
The sweatshirt from Mercier's locker.
- It's Enzo's.
- Alert the judge.
And go pick up that little shit.
Hanging out with real cops is rubbing off on him.
Call Lassalle.
I'll phone Roban.
I can't wait to see their faces when we go to pick up Enzo.
Tell them not to let him go.
Make sure they keep him warm for us.
Before we interview Enzo, we need to find out how Justine was killed.
- By the way, where's Tintin? - I don't know.
There, sir.
Yes? Laure.
I can't speak to you just now.
I'm in a hearing.
We've identified the sweatshirt from Mercier's locker.
It belongs to Enzo Beltra, one of Justine's classmates.
We have the link.
Well done.
I'll ask for him to be handed over.
The case of the young girl's death is yours too.
Have a good day, sir.
And thank you.
Goodbye, Laure.
- Sir, phones are forbidden in here.
- Yes, I know.
- I'll keep it safe during the biopsy.
- I have one last call to make.
- You can't do that.
- Didier? CID are going to take over the case of Justine Favre.
- Hang up.
- One moment.
Call the prosecutor in Bobigny and arrange it.
Phoning is strictly forbidden.
Dr Keppel hates being kept waiting.
Let him wait.
Do you feel anything? No, nothing.
Right, keep still.
It's going to vibrate.
Please be seated.
Mr Weber and Mr Lamanac, please stand.
Given their confessions, the court has found defendants Thomas Weber and Rudy Lamanac guilty of the murder of Roland Weber.
The circumstances under which Thomas Weber plotted his crime, his age, and his prospects for rehabilitation have convinced the jury to hand him a meaningful sentence which will not compromise his future.
As for Rudy Lamanac, given his personal circumstances, he will be granted the same leniency as his co-defendant.
After deliberating under the conditions laid out in Article 362 and in the penal code, the jury is unanimous in sentencing Rudy Lamanac to 12 years in prison and Thomas Weber to eight years in prison.
You have ten days, gentlemen, to lodge an appeal against this decision.
Court is adjourned.
Is eight years good? It's miraculous.
Believe me, it's a good outcome.
What with the two years you've done and a likely reduced sentence, you'll be out in five years.
Stay strong.
I can assure you, it's good.
Long time no see.
I had to go and pick up my son by the scruff of his neck.
I may as well come clean.
I used the Mercier case to track his phone.
- You're kidding.
- No.
How am I supposed to justify that to the boss? You're always bending the rules yourself.
You'll find a way.
- Why do you say that? - Gilou, Cindy said to give you this.
I think it's all the presents you ever gave her.
So much for being in a long-term relationship.
What's your problem? Hey, hey, hey! You can palm them off onto your next girlfriend.
That's it.
The case has been handed over.
We'll drop in on forensics and then pick up Enzo.
That'll do, Gilou! It's okay.
Calm down, will you? - Hello.
- Hi.
Good timing.
I've just finished my report.
- Just tell me how she was killed.
- She wasn't killed.
She died of septicaemia from the soiled tools used for her caesarean.
She had a caesarean? Justine? - She was pregnant? - Yes.
And whoever delivered the baby did a pretty rough job.