Engrenages (2005) s06e04 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 4

1 Where are you off to? The van Bakary drove last night, the one owned by the council, was outside the Camaras' house last night.
- It's now on Rue de la Libération.
- Where? That's the address of Bakary's homework club.
Only it doesn't exist.
- It folded three years ago.
- What's there now? Why not come with us to find out? - I need to go home and change.
- No, stay as you are.
How did the funeral go? Did you notice anything unusual? No, nothing.
Everyone was in bits.
- Is this it? - This is it.
"Helping Hands Homework Club.
" This is it.
This might be where the ingots are hidden.
Park here.
The van isn't here.
Wait here for us.
Keep a lookout.
I doubt kids ever did their homework here.
Not bad.
Tempting, isn't it? Give me a leg up.
Pass me your gun.
Hang on.
Hang on.
On you go.
A scooter has just pulled up.
It's a young man.
He's heading for the back door.
No grammar books here, just contraband fags from Turkey.
This is what Bakary picked up last night.
He just left with full bags.
Did you see what he took? Contraband cigarettes won't sink the Camaras.
Can you hear me? What are you doing? - We're coming.
- I need to tell you something.
I've sabotaged the case.
Brémont was right.
The Camaras had a dozen 250-gram ingots hidden in their basement.
I fucked up.
Don't tell me you stole them.
Just two.
- How many were here? - A dozen in bags of two.
Where have the rest gone? I was gutted.
I wanted to put them back, but I couldn't.
The others had disappeared.
Who do you think took them? Perhaps Brémont's informer.
He knew they were there.
For fuck's sake, Gilou.
Why did you do it? I don't know.
It was for Cindy.
I wanted to help her.
- She was relying on me.
- Cindy? I was relying on you too.
I don't want to balls things up, okay? I'll hand in my resignation.
You can carry on without me.
Laure? Gilou? Have you fallen asleep? - What's going on? - We're coming.
I'm sorry.
Do nothing for now.
And keep your mouth shut.
Gilou, look at me.
You keep your mouth shut.
I want to make sure I've understood.
Bakary Camara drove off to stock up on cigarettes in a council van, while his brother entertained the crowd.
- That's right.
- First you were convinced the Camaras were involved in Mercier's murder.
Next, there was a sordid story of stolen gold, which came to nothing.
And in the end, all you have on them is some contraband cigarettes? Clearly, you feel you are making progress.
Otherwise, you would not have persisted.
We haven't exhausted the trail yet.
The trail for the Camaras is cold.
Why do you insist? I tend to trust my own judgment, boss.
Do you know how many hours your judgment has wasted? You have to break eggs to make an omelette.
You work 50 hours a week, and you don't even have a suspect.
Brush up those omelette-making skills.
Is it nine to five at the fraud squad? There's no point working all hours unless you get results.
I may have come from the fraud squad, but I know when a case is doomed.
Let's go back to Mercier's photos.
We need to study them to see what we missed.
Lay them all out.
The scooter which came for the fags belongs to Osseni Diara.
He was born in 2000 and lives in Cléry.
Yep, he's the guy we saw earlier.
It might be worth finding out who he's flogging them to.
So, the Camaras rope kids into shifting contraband cigarettes.
- That won't get us far.
- It's worth exploring.
These photos make me think Mercier may have been scouting round.
- Scouting round for what? - For somewhere to do a job.
What if he was in cahoots with the Camaras? Maybe he was trying to double-cross them.
What, Mercier? That's not his style.
- Forget it.
- Not his style? You talk as if you knew him.
Was he a mate of yours? Well? Was he a mate of yours? I don't think so.
- It's your son.
- What about him? Apparently he's here, in the office.
Shit! What day is it? Fuck! The school holidays.
I forgot.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hi.
- Good to see you.
- It's been a while.
- You've grown.
- Yeah.
Sorry I couldn't come to the station.
We had an emergency.
- Did you have a good journey? - Yeah, it was cool.
Did you want to do anything in particular? I thought you were making plans.
Well, there's a skate park next door to And you'll want to see your mates.
In Paris, they have different holidays.
They're at school.
I'd like to drop the bag off at the house.
Okay, well I'll give you the keys.
And I'll meet you back there, in an hour and a half, two hours at most.
Then Mum's won her bet.
What bet? She bet you wouldn't have put in a leave request.
What nonsense.
I don't need to request leave.
I can just take the day off.
- Let's go, then.
- Come on.
I haven't had a time to go shopping.
We're on a difficult case.
What's difficult about it? It's a cop who was murdered.
Did you know him? No, but in the police, if someone dies, it's like losing a family member.
Aren't we your family? Is there no sofa? No.
When I come back here, it's to sleep.
Put that in your room.
Ruben? - Shall I fix you something to eat? - I'm not hungry.
I'm going out.
There are eggs.
What if the police don't find the rucksack containing the hammer? Just wait and see.
I don't know what made Thomas pour his heart out like that.
Do you realise what it costs him to admit he plotted to kill his dad? Precisely.
Why did you encourage him if it means more years in prison? Is that what's bothering you, or is it that he said what you refuse to hear? If my son goes down, it will be your fault, not mine.
If we'd taken Mr Edelman's advice, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Excuse me.
All rise! Court is resumed.
Please be seated.
We are going to hear from Commander Delvaux.
He has visited the scene to check whether or not the rucksack was there.
We're listening, Commander Delvaux.
We visited 10, Avenue Lamballe in Paris, and noted that it was impossible to throw anything down the lift shaft.
There are glass walls surrounding it on each floor.
An expert from Ortis confirmed it was impossible to access it, other than via the technical room situated in the basement.
Do the barristers have any questions? Commander Delvaux, if I have understood correctly, you went to 10, Avenue de Lamballe, but you didn't make any attempt to search the lift shaft? There was no need.
As I explained, it wasn't accessible to the public.
The lift manufacturer said so.
My client's fate depends on the say-so of a lift manufacturer? Your Honour, can common sense not prevail in court for once? How could Thomas Weber throw a bag down a lift shaft he couldn't access? Forgive me, Your Honour, but it was Commander Delvaux's team who investigated Mr Weber's death two years ago? That's correct.
And yet you send him to look for evidence.
One could be forgiven for doubting his motives.
What did my colleague expect? That he'd destroy the concrete shaft with a pneumatic drill - to satisfy her client? - Commander.
Did you at least bother to contact the managing agent to enquire whether the glass walls were in place two years ago? No.
Thomas, do you remember seeing those glass walls? No.
Work was being done to the lift.
That's why I could access the shaft.
I no longer live there, but there were no glass walls.
No one asked you.
Right, I will ask Commander Delvaux to return to the scene to further investigate the lift shaft.
Court is adjourned.
You're enjoying this.
There's no pleasure without a struggle, right? Hello? I'm coming.
Well? - What have you found? - I spoke to the taxi firm.
They say they sent a car at 9:40 p.
after you called.
There was no one outside the bar, so the driver left.
- Haven't you got anything else? - Yes.
We've got CCTV footage of you withdrawing 100 euros.
- And? - There's someone beside you.
Hang on a minute.
That doesn't mean he was the guy who raped you.
But we don't know who you were with between then and when you woke up, so we can't rule him out.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
Wait, show me again in slow motion.
Fuck! I know who it is.
- Who is it? - Eric Edelman, a colleague.
He brought me in on a court case.
We clashed from the start, but the case excited me, so I stuck with it.
He treated me like a whore in court the day after the rape.
That must be why.
Does your colleague wear a square watch like that? It's him.
I'm sure of it.
I never go out.
AIII ever do is work.
He was at that party, and he has every reason to want to humiliate me.
- Has he come on to you before? - He comes on to anyone with tits.
He never said so, but, I know he dreams of pinning me up against a wall.
What's his phone number? I'll track it.
- Edelman, right? - Yes, Eric.
Eric Edelman.
I'll never be able to go back to court now.
- We're not sure it's him.
- I'm sure.
Do what you advise clients to do: wait for the DNA results.
I know I'm right.
No, that's the one I want to take a closer look at.
- Those two? - Yeah.
Send her up.
Do you have time for a quick coffee? I'm in the middle of something, but come out here.
I don't mean to nag, but you forgot to give me a cheque for the care home.
You know, the 1500 euros you said you'd lend me.
I'm afraid I don't have my cheque book on me.
I'll write you a cheque tonight.
Remind me.
- I can't keep them waiting again.
- Let's call them.
What's the number? No, leave it.
It won't help.
Anyway, I don't have it on me.
I'll look it up.
What's the name of the home? Residence des Acacias in Dreux.
But leave it.
Don't phone.
They won't know who you are.
It doesn't matter.
Just write me a cheque tonight.
What time do you finish? I don't know.
- But don't wait up? - I'll be waiting.
I can't.
Residence des Acacias? Hello.
I'd like to speak to Mrs Ledoux, please.
No, I don't know her extension number.
I don't know her first name either.
She's Cindy Ledoux's mother.
Okay, I'll wait.
Yes? Right.
She died.
Five years ago.
Yes, yes.
Mrs Ledoux, right? Okay, thank you.
Say, do you fancy coming into work with me? What, now? You always used to ask to come with me.
Come on.
Let me have a go.
What are you doing? Shit! Hurry up.
- Is that him? - Yes.
What's he done? He's working for two guys we're onto, selling counterfeit cigarettes.
Counterfeit cigarettes? What about the murdered cop? We're checking whether it's linked.
Can I get something to eat? No, stay there.
How long do we have to watch him? - Until he's finished his sandwich.
- Your work's a drag.
- Laure.
- Sir.
- Any news? - Not much.
We interviewed Mercier's colleagues, Jolers and Calvi.
Nothing untoward.
They're upset but didn't shed any light on the case.
The phone taps may have seemed suspicious, but you talk about a dead friend over a beer, not on the phone.
You know how much I respect the police, especially those on the ground who put their lives at risk.
The work of the courts depends on their reliability.
If that trust is compromised, the whole system crumbles.
It's like cancer.
It starts with a small anomaly which gets out of control.
The destruction is complete.
Corruption is the same.
- Any word from the PCC? - Not yet.
But until that avenue is closed, I want you to bear in mind that Laurent Mercier might not be the victim you think he is.
I know it's not easy, to accept that one's own family has been infected, but it happens more often than you think.
Rest assured, sir.
We are not ruling anything out.
I almost forgot.
It's for your daughter.
Thank you.
It's nothing much.
I had the same when I was a kid.
- You too? - No.
I didn't have any toys when I was a boy.
Just books.
Keep me posted.
What? They bring bad luck.
Can I show you something? These are the photos Tom took of the boxing club from his car.
Look at the angle.
- These are the ones Mercier took.
- It's not the same angle.
Mercier's are taken from more of an angle and higher up.
I'd say there were taken from a first-floor flat opposite.
Let's go and see.
- Where's Tintin? - Spending the day with his son.
I'll come with you.
What have you decided about what we talked about? I don't know.
I can't decide whether to shop you to Roban or to Beckriche.
So, on the cup, or at least what's left of it, I found a nice thumb print.
You'll see.
It's triphalangeal, which is rare.
- Meaning? - Meaning it has three phalanges.
Here, here and here.
And what did I find on the key? Exactly the same thing.
So, the two prints match? That's for you to say.
I haven't seen the file.
- Are you okay? - It's nothing.
- I'm feeling dizzy, but it will pass.
- Brought on by the matching prints? Not just that.
I need to have a biopsy.
I won't burden you.
And you're afraid to go.
What sort of biopsy is it? It's the brain.
I can't bring myself to make an appointment.
Do you have the phone number? Come on, let's call them.
Thank you.
I'm phoning to make an appointment for a brain biopsy, please.
Pass me your diary.
As soon as possible.
The 23rd? No, the 23rd won't be possible.
What about this week? Do you have anything this week? The 16th at 9:00 a.
? Perfect.
The name is François Roban.
Thank you very much.
Medicine is like the justice system.
Identifying the problem is half the battle.
It can't be behind the club.
Look over there to the left of it.
First floor, the window with the net curtains.
- Look.
- Yes, you're right.
- That's it.
- Yes.
First-floor window, net curtains.
Shall we? There's no one in.
Hello, madam.
Can we have a word? Can we come in? No.
Why? It won't take long.
We just want to ask you a few questions.
People won't like me talking to the police.
Don't worry.
We're very friendly.
You've got nothing to worry about.
- Come in, then.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Hello there.
My mother's deaf.
Have you lived here long? Twenty-five years.
I moved here when I got a job at the high school.
- So, you're a teacher? - I was.
I taught French, the real thing.
Not the French people speak nowadays.
What do you want? This police officer worked in Cléry for six months.
He was hoping to have a long career in the public sector too.
Do you know him? - No.
- Are you sure? I've changed my mind.
We're going down the station.
Actually, I've got a better idea.
I'll call for a police car.
That will give the neighbours something to gossip about.
All right.
All right, I know him.
- Is he in trouble? - Not any more.
He's dead, murdered.
Were these photos taken from your flat? He reminded me of my grandson.
I never see him.
He lives in China.
Your colleague rang my bell one night.
Such a nice, polite boy.
He wanted to photograph the boxing club opposite.
- Did he say why? - No.
- How often did he come? - Four or five times.
Until the others got wind of it.
- The others? - The Camaras.
- The brothers who run the club.
- What happened? They came up, bullied your colleague, and even broke a lamp in the hall.
I was very scared.
I didn't know what to do.
That's the last I saw of your colleague.
How did he die? It's being investigated.
That's where he used to stand.
He used my landline.
Why the landline? Who did he call? Hospitals, police stations.
He was looking for someone.
Maybe Mercier was looking for Bambi.
- And the Camaras got wind of it.
- They may be behind the disappearance.
Hang on a minute.
You reckon Brémont's informer nicked the gold, right? That's one explanation.
Why do you ask? We must get our hands on him.
Who? Brémont's informer.
What for? The Camaras had 3 kilos of gold nicked.
They'll wanted to know who screwed them.
- If it's him, we'll be one step ahead.
- What are you saying? We use your stupidity to help us catch the Camaras.
We find the gold and put it back where it was.
With a bit of luck, we catch them red-handed.
And both end up in prison? What about your daughter? Does Cindy know about the ingots? No one knows except us? If we keep our mouths shut, no one will ever know.
You're off your head.
I fuck up and instead of sacking me, you go one further.
We're sure the Camaras are linked to Mercier's death, but we have nothing on them.
- The cigarettes aren't enough.
- But Brémont Gold is a serious business.
We can't ignore it! Brémont will never hand over the name.
That's true.
We'll ask him for the Camaras' phone taps.
With a bit of luck, the informer will feature in them.
I bet he's in their inner circle.
He may even work with them.
- What do we tellTintin? - Nothing.
This stays between us.
You're stark raving mad, but thank you.
Excuse me, young man.
We need to leave.
Sorry to disturb you.
He's on the move.
Are you up for a chase? - Go ahead.
- Put your seatbelt on.
- He's stopped already.
- Shit.
Wicked chase.
It was a mini chase.
He's handing him those two bags Did you see? So, what do we do now? The same, we wait.
What do you do when you need a piss? I hold it in.
- Fuck's sake.
- Who's the black guy? Bakary Camara.
We're onto him.
If he's come for the bags, we've got him.
Let's hear from Commander Delvaux.
He has been back to the building on Avenue de Lamballe.
Will you please share your latest findings with the court? Your Honour, we have received confirmation that 10, Avenue de Lamballe did not have a lift at the time in question.
The shaft was still being built.
Could a bag have been thrown in? The maintenance firm said it could.
Access to the shaft was covered by a removable sheet of plywood.
We accessed the pit, and under a sheet of metal we found a rucksack which we put under seal.
Mr Weber, do you recognise this rucksack? Yes, it's mine.
What proof do we have that this bag wasn't put there by an accomplice to back up the accused's new theory? Your Honour, the presence of these watches and of the hammer in Thomas' rucksack prove that he is telling the truth about plotting to kill his father.
This is a serious confession with serious consequences.
Ms Karlsson, now is not the time to plead your case.
I demand an urgent assessment of these new pieces to check whether there are any traces of blood on the hammer.
Thank you, Commander.
Let's hear from the psychiatrist who examined the accused.
You will go down in Bar history as the first barrister to prove her client's guilt to the public prosecutor's office.
Not bad.
What are you doing here? - Can I have a word? - Can't it wait till tomorrow? I don't think so, no.
Come on, then.
Come in.
Wait a minute.
Just wait.
I'm listening.
You were with Nicolas Bodin the night he died.
You phoned for an ambulance.
If you're so sure, why are you here? To warn you that your name will appear in the file.
You know very well that would mean the end of my career.
I derive no satisfaction from the task at hand.
Another magistrate would have broken the news to you less gently.
Nicolas fell ill.
I phoned for an ambulance.
I left to avoid having to give my name.
How was I to know he would die? I don't even know what happened to him.
It's not yet clear.
But I can't pretend I don't know you were the last to see him alive.
It seems I will have to pay the price.
Being a poof is all the rage now, but I missed the boat.
I never did manage to come out.
Too much shame and self-loathing.
I've been in the closet for 40 years.
I'll never be forgiven for coming out in such a tragic circumstances.
How are you growing old, Roban? Are you alone? Do you have someone? I must go.
Please, Roban.
Don't do this.
Tom Here are the phone taps for the Camaras.
I need you to check this mobile and this landline.
I'm interested in a guy named Scratch who phones regularly.
I want to know if he's known to the police at all, okay? No problem.
Ruben! Blimey, you've grown.
Last time I saw you, you were chewing on a security blanket.
Did you have a good day? Yeah, but I've never wanted to be a cop.
- Cheeky sod! - That hasn't changed.
Sit in that corner and eat your sandwich.
The guy who collected the fags from the homework club, Osseni Diara, delivered them to a shop in La Courneuve: Phone Boutique.
- Did you have Ruben in tow? - Here, look.
And Bakary is friends with the manager of Phone Boutique.
- What's Phone Boutique? - A phone shop.
It's a dream shop for criminals.
It sells pay-as-you-go phones, prepaid phones, SIM cards, the lot.
It's no coincidence that Bakary knows the place.
We can't tail everyone who's mates with the Camaras.
Have you got a better idea? Who is the manager? Bryan Dupuis, aged 22.
He's got previous for selling dope when he was 17 and receiving stolen goods.
Seriously, I'm sure this shop is linked to Mercier's death.
Let's find out what Bryan's up to with the Camaras? - You're right.
Let's try.
- Yeah.
I've identified your Scratch.
It's a guy called Bryan Dupuis.
The landline is his shop.
He runs a mobile phone shop.
Where is it? In La Courneuve.
Rue Étienne-Marcel.
Okay, thanks.
Let's keep it simple.
Let's bring Bryan Dupuis in and issue him with an ultimatum.
Either we do him for counterfeit fags or he informed on the Camaras.
We're not even sure he's selling the fags.
Yes we are.
These phones show Osseni unloading a whole bagful.
Shall we do it? Right, I'll find the number, and we'll call him in.
What's going on? Bryan Dupuis is Brémont's informer.
- How do you know? - I had the phone taps checked.
He calls from a prepaid phone, except for twice from a landline, the landline for his shop, Phone Boutique.
What's the relevance of that? Brémont said his informer worked in a phone shop.
Plus, last year he got caught for receiving stolen jewellery.
Tom checked the files and he got off scot-free, whereas the rest of the group went down.
- Sounding more like an informer now? - Big time.
To check he stole the gold, we need to move in on him before Tintin does.
- How? - We head over there now.
Okay, leave it to me.
- What's going on? - I was having a piss.
- With Gilou? - There are two toilets.
Listen, I've been thinking.
Bryan Dupuis can wait.
It's not urgent.
Spend time with Ruben.
He needs you.
I don't get it.
We're onto something, and you say it can wait? What are we onto? A phone shop which sells contraband cigarettes? Mercier wasn't cut into pieces for that.
You take care if the girl, I'll take care of Bryan Dupuis.
Listen, your priority just now should be your boy.
Can't you see he's struggling? He needs you.
You keep saying you miss your kids.
- I do miss them.
- Well, then? When they're here, I have no idea how to handle them.
You've only got one here just now.
Start by telling him not to get ketchup over everything.
Mr Robin? You're next.
It's Roban with an A.
Forgive me.
Hello, sir.
Have a seat.
There are tow possibilities: either it's benign, in which case we can just keep an eye on it, or it's a tumour, which is more problematic.
They can't all be operated on, although these days there are some very effective treatments.
There's only one way to find out.
We drilla hole in the skull.
Then we slide a needle into the hole and extract a sample of matter.
It can be done under a general or a local anaesthetic.
That's up to the patient.
I prefer to remain conscious.
Right, so we just need to fix a date.
Is Tuesday the 8th any good? I'll have to phone you.
I don't have my diary on me.
You can arrange it with my secretary.
Meanwhile, no staying at home behind closed doors.
No, no, no.
Go out, get some fresh air, socialise.
I have no intention of staying at home.
I'll be working.
Aren't you on sick leave? With my case load, I can't afford the time.
What is it that you do? - I'm an examining magistrate.
- An examining magistrate? You have memory lapses and you are still working? I think I'm best placed to know whether my faculties are impaired.
They most certainly are.
Your MRI scan confirms it.
You realise I could force you to give up work? You can't sign people off sick against their will.
No, but I could place you under supervision, which I did to a lorry driver who refused to stop work despite having a tumour on his forehead.
If I think your condition is posing a threat to you or to others, I will have no qualms about insisting on a supervisor.
Do you have children to support you? Not exactly.
That's a pity.
Families can give sound advice in these circumstances.
I'll see you for the biopsy.
Think about what I have said.
Goodbye, Mr Robin.
- Are you looking for me? - Can I have a word? Have you read the papers? You turned the Weber trial around with that rucksack.
How's Edelman taking it? I'd hate you if I were him.
I no longer wish to resign.
If you pull this off, you'll be in demand.
You'll have your pick of chambers.
There'll be nothing to keep you here.
- Are you throwing me out? - No, I'm preparing myself.
My decision has nothing to do with the outcome of the trial.
Whether I win or lose, I want time to think it over, to weigh things up.
To be honest with you, I'm a bit confused.
You're always welcome here.
Stay as long as you like.
I'm open to the idea of a crime department.
Thank you.
You don't look too well.
I'm just tired.
It will pass.
Let me know if I can help you with anything.
What time does this bastard start work? It's 10:00.
His shop is about to open.
He'll be here any minute.
Can you show me the ingots? Do you really want to see them? - Aren't you going into work today? - No.
I want to spend time with you.
- Aren't you worried you'll be bored? - Yes.
Do you think I could come and live here? That might be difficult.
Your mother would never agree to it.
You could ask for custody.
I could go to school with Hakim and Mathias.
I've got no friends in La Baule.
Mum and I are going through a bad patch, but I'm sure we can work it out.
La Baule, the divorce and all that may well be temporary.
You've missed the boat with her.
She's got a new man.
She has? I've met him.
He's called Pascal.
He sleeps over sometimes.
He takes us out on his boat, which is cool.
Are you okay? Yes.
I was just thinking There's something I've forgotten to do at work.
I'd better go in.
I won't be long.
I'll call you when I'm done.
Okay? If you go out, don't forget to lock the door.
There he is.
In you get, Christophe.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Was it the strike? - Bad traffic.
- We nearly gave up on you.
- It was borderline.
- Sorry.
There he is.
How's that for cutting it fine, Christophe? About bloody time.
Go on.
Go to work.
Three, two, one Zero.
Let's go.
Come on.
Bryan Dupuis, flat 35.
That was a woman's voice.
The bastard's got a girlfriend.
What do we do now? There may be a landline in the flat.
I'll try directory enquiries.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Are you open? - Come in.
- Can I help you? - Yes, I'm I'm looking for a present for my son.
I saw those cases in the window.
They look great.
- I design them myself.
- Really? - Great, aren't they? - Not bad.
- I do cases for tablets too.
- You design them yourself? - So, you can only get them here? - Unless you know of a distributor.
I'm afraid not.
Can I have a look at the one with a spider's web on it? - The white one or the grey one? - The grey one.
Okay, here you go.
Is this Bryan Dupuis's partner? - Speaking.
- He's been run over by a car.
We're taking him to Cléry hospital.
What? I can't say any more over the phone.
It's best if you get down there.
Thank you.
This door's always slamming shut.
- Morning.
- Hi.
- Don't blame me.
- I didn't say a word.
Great start to the day.
Hi, Vaness.
No, I'm not in hospital.
Why? What paramedic? Where are you? Okay, don't go back to the flat.
Wait for me to call you, okay? Sorry, but I'm going to have to shut up shop.
Thanks anyway.
This is great.
Thanks, Christophe.
- Not a word to Tintin.
- Get out of here, quick.
I'll start over here.
I've got it! Fuck.
Bryan's back.
- Laure! - Yes? - Bryan's back.
- What? Bryan's come back.
- Fuck.
- Oh, shit.
His girlfriend must have phoned him.
What the fuck do we do? I'll put mine in there with them.
- Fuck, it's heavy.
- Careful.
- Fuck's sake.
- What do we do now? What do we do? Do we arrest him? We tell him to return it to the Camaras.
Come over here.
Fuck's sake, Gilou.
- Who are you? - Never you mind, but you're a bastard.
You stole the Camaras' gold while they were in custody.
- I don't know what you're on about.
- That wasn't nice.
Like your ingots with mash, do you? Wait till Brémont finds out his narc is a thief.
- You're in big trouble.
- Are you cops? Or we can shop you to the Camaras.
- What is it you want? - We don't give a fuck about you.
We want the Camaras but thanks to you, we can't get them.
- So, you are cops.
- Right.
You're going to return the ingots to the Camaras.
Say you were keeping them safe.
- They'll never believe me.
- Find a way to convince them.
- Then what? - We'll take care of that.
Your job is to return the gold and come up with a cover story.
Right? Let's go.
Do you have a bag for the nuggets? Fuck, it's Tintin.
What's he doing here? - Is there a back exit? - By the bins.
- Which way? Left? - Down there.
Get a move on.
Turn left.
Left! Yes, Ruben? Of course you can stay over at Mathias' house.
No problem, son.
Call me in the morning.
Okay? Fine.
Love you.
Judge Roban.
The pathology report on Nicolas Bodin has arrived.
It had been sent to a colleague by mistake.
Thanks, Didier.
Can you call the pathologist, please? Of course, sir.
Seriously, your plan will never work.
- The Camaras will kill me.
- Why would they do that? You're returning their gold.
By the way, who supplies them with contraband cigarettes? - Well? Answer me! - Get off me.
Then talk! Just tell us.
A Turk delivers them once a fortnight.
They use my shop to distribute them.
That's all I know.
So, you're an informer who isn't informed? - Come on! - What? Stop hitting me.
Get the fuck off! - Gilou.
- Let go! Shut your fucking mouth! Fuck's sake.
You guys are crazy.
Right, this is where you get out.
Come up with something plausible and try to stay cool.
When you're done, call me on the number I gave you.
Look at me.
Don't try to screw us, okay? Here.
I'd better check.
Okay, he's in.
The next search should be the one.
Drive me home.
I need a shower.
Don't do this, Roban.
Not here.
Nicolas Bodin died of a massive dose of Viagra and poppers.
Combined with undiagnosed kidney problems, the drugs caused organ failure, which led to his death.
So? No crime was associated with his death.
There is no call for a trial.
I am going to close the case.
Will you mention my connection to Nicolas? Not if you don't want me to.
Thank you, Roban.
Has he called? Not yet.
Are you okay? Not too tired? No, I'm just freaking out.
We'd better go.
They'll be wondering where we are.
Gilou What? Nothing.
Let's go.
Do you regret helping me? Don't be stupid.
Cindy! - Hey.
- You're here? - You came home early? - I just came back for a shower.
No, you're staying.
Let's go for a drink downstairs.
Stop it.
I have to go back to work.
Come for a drink with me in the bar downstairs.
Come on.
I'll just get my phone.
What's happened? Where? My informer.
Not a pretty sight.
This was found in his mouth, shoved down his gullet.
It smacks of a settling of scores.