Engrenages (2005) s06e11 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 11

1 - Where were you? - Don't worry.
We'll keep an eye out for you.
Your fence is already here.
If there's any problem, I'll do this.
- Have you got what you said? - Ten kilos.
You can check.
The jewellery is 18 carat.
I trust you.
All good.
There's 240,000.
It's all good.
Hey, that will do.
Hi, girls.
How do you fancy giving them one? Let's get this over with.
Have we screwed him over? You owe me an explanation.
- Change your tone.
- We had them.
Why did you abort? He was testing us.
He spotted us.
Camara was testing you? - Not that I saw.
- Give me a break, will you? I was only asking.
Camara stops for petrol, and suddenly the operation is aborted? Calm down, will you? You were ahead.
You couldn't see.
- I couldn't see? - No! That must be it.
Am I the only one who found it strange? Now you need to buy a fast car.
A BMW M6 or something.
A sports car.
It'll be great for summer.
- See you tomorrow, bro.
- See you tomorrow.
Police! Hands on the steering wheel.
Turn off the ignition and get out please.
- Hand me the key.
- Can we check your car? - What if I say no? - I call the prosecutor.
He'll say yes.
Don't be stupid.
We're just following up on some info.
What's in there? Noting.
Just cash.
It's all legal.
You call that cash? Call the others.
We'll search the car and the house.
- Hey, wait.
- Hold still.
That son of a bitch! Move it.
Move it! I'm going to tell Beckriche.
- Tell him what? - What do you think? That you stole the gold off Drissa? That he's got you by the balls? Look, I'm hampering an investigation into the murder of a colleague.
- Tintin's right.
It has to stop.
- I'll take care of Tintin.
And we will solve this case.
- You don't seem to get it.
- Of course, I get it.
But turning yourself in won't solve things.
Stop looking out for me.
This is my fault.
I must own up to it.
We look out for each other.
Okay? This is going to take some explaining.
It was me.
I'm to blame.
After Roissy, Camara's car kept changing lanes and speeding up.
It's a way of checking who's on your tail.
So? You're used to that.
Then he slowed right down, and we drew level with him.
That must be when he spotted us.
Five minutes later, he turned off at the services without indicating.
We followed him, and he was in the car park, watching out for us.
He was checking again.
It unnerved me.
- It unnerved you? - Yes.
You have to make snap decisions sometimes.
Yes, but the right one.
These guys might have killed a man.
Please bear that in mind.
I can't see Camara hacking a guy to bits, or the cops.
No, no, no.
Unlike Moldovan, the pimp who deals with Jolers and Calvi.
His profile is different.
He might be capable of it.
We've identified a woman who might be Moldovan's wife.
She's Romanian.
Léna Rednic, aged 31.
She was arrested in June 2008 for soliciting and stabbing a client with a pocket knife.
- Her.
- Do you have an address? Not yet.
Our working hypothesis is that she knows where Maria is.
And we must find Maria fast before she is sold to the Gypsy.
Try to hold your nerve this time.
CID in Bobigny have arrested Drissa with a haul of cocaine.
Is he dealing drugs now? He wants to see me.
What do I do? You have nothing to lose.
- Gilou.
Be careful, won't you? - Yes.
Thanks for backing me up.
Don't mention it.
Do you like the colour? Yes.
You need to look pretty for your trip to Spain.
Ever been to Spain? It's by the sea.
It's warm.
You'll like it there.
- What's that? - Jasmine gave it to me.
- Let's cut it off.
- No.
- Maria.
- No, leave it.
Leave it! Listen to me.
From now on, you are no longer a little girl.
You're getting married.
You're going to be a woman.
Do you understand? That's the past.
Don't cry.
He's down here.
We've put him in an office.
- What's his line on the coke? - That it's not his.
Nice try, but his prints are all over it.
Why did he ask for you? Are you onto him? You could say that, but it hasn't been made official yet.
Well, with a haul this big, we can't let him go.
If you want him, you'll have to ask the magistrate.
The problem is, with you here, he won't talk.
Can you give us 10 minutes? Okay.
Philippe, will you leave us? Hello.
Well, here I am.
What is it? Get me out of here before tonight.
There's nothing I can do.
This is not my sector.
You'd better find a way, you prick.
I've got a video of you, remember? Do you want me to show your boss? Show the Pope.
It makes no odds.
You're being prosecuted for organised drug trafficking.
As I said, there's nothing I can do.
It's not my fucking coke.
The cops tricked me.
Which cops? Those sons of bitches in Cléry.
Why would they have done that? Are those sons of bitches in Cléry Jolers and Calvi by any chance? The ones who hand you burglary jobs? You see? I might be a prick, but I know things.
- If I grass on them, will you help? - I can't, but the judge might.
Okay, but I want to see him first.
I need guarantees.
You're in no position to negotiate.
You got caught with three kilos of blow.
You're in deep shit, you idiot.
- Your word is worthless.
- It's not just my word.
I have recordings.
Recordings of Jolers and Calvi handing you jobs? Recordings of Jolers and Calvi talking about killing a cop.
What cop? You know that cop.
Are you mixed up in that? - No.
- Why should I believe that? On the recordings, it's not me who offers to take care of the cop.
Who is it, then? Get me out of here first.
Then l'll let you hear them.
Don't move! Show me Show your hands! Show your hands! Where were you? I've filled up the car.
Maybe we were at your mother's.
- Have you heard the news? - No.
We're going to lose a budding boxer.
- Camara? - He got caught by Bobigny CID.
Anonymous tip.
Three kilos.
We won't be seeing him again.
Three days after his brother died.
To think the Mayor gave him a Citizen of Honour award.
She looks pretty stupid now.
- We haven't got all day.
- Are you okay? Go and update the complaint logs.
- Now? - Yes, now.
We'll wait outside.
Camara won't get out.
Don't worry.
We did what was needed.
I'm more worried that he'll grass on us.
By saying what? He was hooked up with a fence who conned him? First, he'd have to find Bérisha.
And crooks accuse cops every day.
No one ever believes them.
Leave me alone! SUMMONS For the purpose of a judicial inquiry - Where did the haul come from? - It's convoluted.
The Camaras stole it off a Yugoslav and gave some to Jolers.
That's why Drissa's prints are on it.
We'll have to deal with him.
We'll get him off, and he'll give us the video.
How? He was caught with three kilos.
There's always a way.
Stop being so negative.
See? She agrees with me.
- What's wrong? - She thinks you're being negative.
Don't you? She's caught up in her drip.
- I'll get the nurse.
- No, no, no.
Don't bother her.
I'll untangle it.
There we go.
See? Look.
- There.
- That's it.
Be gentle with your big fat fingers.
- What? - Nothing.
Good evening.
I need to see some of your CCTV footage.
- Is the manager here? - Yes, I'll be right back.
Okay, from 15:30.
You can fast-forward it.
Okay, stop.
Normal speed now.
Have you got another angle? Yes, on the coffee machines.
Hang on.
- Here.
- Thanks a lot.
Boss, can I have a word with you in private? - This afternoon if you like.
- No, now.
I'd rather.
Shut the door.
Sit down.
Tell me everything.
What's so urgent? I'm leaving the team.
And I need your agreement.
- What's up? - I have my reasons.
Is it to do with your home life? No, no.
Not at all.
- Are you sure you're okay? - Listen, boss.
I'm not about to commit suicide.
It's not what we do here.
It's just that I can't stay.
Listen, I'm not going to force you to stay.
You have three months to reflect No, boss, you've misunderstood me.
I'm leaving today.
My annual days and TOIL days will cover my notice period.
Now is not a good time.
We need you.
- You're leaving us in the lurch.
- I know.
I wouldn't do it unless I had to.
Here, my leave form.
- Berthaud hasn't signed it.
- No.
I haven't told her yet, but I will.
- Tintin.
- Yes.
Are you okay? You seem out of sorts.
I'm fine.
I ran checks on Léna Rednic.
All the info is on your desk.
- I don't have a recent address.
- I saw.
I wanted to thank you.
Isn't it today? The hearing for your divorce? Yes.
I'd better not be late.
Let's have a drink later to celebrate you being single again.
We'll see.
Go on.
Hello, Roban.
Leave us alone, please.
I suppose you know why I'm here.
I do not, sir.
Your state of health.
I don't see what that has to do with you.
I am responsible for the smooth running of this court.
I must ensure magistrates perform their duties with the necessary lucidity and discernment.
That rules out most people here.
Please, Roban, you know what I mean.
A series of incidents has been reported to me.
You pay heed to rumours? Of course, I pay heed to rumours.
Dispensing justice is important, but so is appearing to do so.
Will you agree to a medical examination? It's an excellent idea.
You agree? If it will dispel concerns.
- I'll make an appointment.
- Great.
- Goodbye, Roban.
- Sir.
Have you been offered a glass of water? No, thanks.
I'll be brief.
Just a few questions about Mr Vern.
We're interviewing all his colleagues.
How is he? Haven't your colleagues told you? I no longer work there.
I was sacked.
Yes, we were told.
What was the reason? Being on terrible terms with my colleagues.
Vern was the only one who could stand me.
With him in hospital, the others wasted no time getting rid of me.
Where were you at the time of the accident? - In my office.
- Alone? Yes, I think so.
You received two calls on your mobile.
One at 11:34, and another at 11:41.
- Why didn't you pick up? - You have my phone records? Yes, among other things.
We informed the president of the Bar.
- What other things? - We'll come to them later.
Why didn't you take the calls? I get dozens of calls every day.
I get nothing done unless I screen them.
I'm a bit surprised.
We were told someone stole his car, so I don't see That is no longer the case.
There is new evidence to suggest that you attempted to murder him.
It is 10:15.
As of now, you are in police custody.
Do you have a lawyer? I got your message.
You want me to get Bobigny to release their hold on Camara? - Do you believe in Santa Claus? - It can't be done? Short of helping him escape, it is going to be difficult.
They're there, sir.
Oh, Laure.
I'm fit for the scrap heap.
But still I need you.
Here, come with me.
We'll call the prosecutor in Seine-Saint-Denis and win him round.
The murder of a police officer is a priority case.
If he agrees to reduce the charges against Camara to drug possession and to release him from police custody, we can take over the case.
So it can be done? I didn't say it couldn't, just that it was difficult.
Use of the marital home goes to Mr Fromentin on condition that he covers the cost.
You have decided that no compensation is due.
As for the children, they will live with their mother.
Mr Fromentin, you will have visitation rights that extend to having the children to stay every other weekend and for half the school holidays.
The monthly maintenance contribution that you will pay Mrs Fromentin is fixed at 200 euros per child, which comes to 800 euros in total.
- Any comments? - No.
Monsieur? No, it's It's perfect.
I'm delighted.
Very well.
Then your settlement is approved.
The divorce takes effect as of now.
Shall we go for a drink? I've made other plans.
You're normally rushing off to meet your colleagues.
I have no colleagues any more.
I'm leaving.
Do you want to know why? I have a train to catch.
You can tell me another time.
Another time? You have your life, and I have mine.
It's better that way.
I'll see you on the 14th for your weekend.
Take care.
The judge will visit on the pretext of a routine check.
You have five minutes to negotiate.
Try not to take him for a fool.
Right? Don't ask for the moon.
You're okay.
You kept your word.
Yes, so erase that video for me, will you? A deal is a deal.
- Any word from Tintin? - No, nothing.
He's not calling back.
Hey, Tintin.
Are you getting divorced or married? Get your arse over here.
We need you.
I'm François Roban, the examining magistrate.
I'm listening.
I need guarantees.
I want less than a year and no committal order.
Let's be clear about this.
I'm not here to haggle.
Not only will you not be freed, but I plan to investigate you for burglary and bribery.
What do I get out of this? If you collaborate, I'll present the case in such a way as to make you appear like an accessory.
And I'll ask the prosecution to go easy on you.
You'll get a fair sentence.
What do you mean by fair? Between 18 months and two years, but it won't be my call.
Then I'm saying nothing.
Hey, you stay put.
Mr Camara, you're wasting my time.
Just say if you are not in agreement, and I'll send you back to Bobigny.
The prosecutor there will be happy to resume the original charge of organised drug trafficking.
I'm warning you, you won't get off lightly.
Think of your children, Drissa.
Don't you want to see them grow up? Jolers and Calvi tipped us off about the burglaries.
They got plans through their work.
It was often gold or jewellery or computer equipment.
And you did the jobs with your brother? That's right.
And we gave the cops their share, either in cash or in gold.
Was Mercier in on it with them? No, but a month ago, he came to the squat in Rue Gabriel Péri.
- He was looking for a runaway.
- Justine Fabre? I don't know, but he interviewed us.
He questioned my brother and me as if we'd kidnapped her.
I didn't even know the girl.
I went to talk to Jolers.
I said his colleague was causing trouble.
What did he say? He said he'd take care of the bastard.
When did you have that conversation? I can't remember.
But then I read in the newspapers that they'd found a torso in the 19th.
It was the cop.
- Any record of that conversation? - Yes.
I recorded it on my phone.
- That doesn't surprise me.
- Basic precaution.
- These are horrendous.
- They belong to Sandra.
My secretary.
They'll be more comfortable than your Pradas if you sleep here.
I'm not spending the night here.
They have nothing on me.
Cops don't arrest lawyers for the fun of it.
You know that as well as I do.
They're saying I ran Vern over.
- Are they right? - No! What have they got? Just the two missed calls I got at the time of the accident.
They must have something other than those calls.
- Do you have any idea what? - No.
Appearing frigid and mysterious can be alluring, but not to the police.
If you want me to help you, you need to stop being in denial and let me in.
Otherwise, we're headed for disaster.
Did anything happen with Vern? No, I swear.
Nothing? What was your relationship like with Jean-Étienne Vern? Cordialand professional.
He was accused of sexual harassment by two colleagues.
Were you aware of that? Yes, I defended him in one of the two cases.
What of it? Did he behave inappropriately towards you? - Never.
- Are you sure? Uncalled-for language or worse? If he'd groped me, I'd remember.
I meant something more serious.
On 12 May, you lodged a complaint for rape.
Can you tell us more? I withdrew my complaint.
I have a letter dated from the following week, saying you were drunk and imagined it.
That's right.
If I've understood right, you went to a party, which Mr Vern also attended.
You had a few too many, but you went home without mishap.
And out of the blue, you imagined you'd been raped.
Is that what happened? Or another theory is that you were raped by Mr Vern.
But you'd rather not say because that would constitute a motive.
I had consensual sex with a stranger I met in the bar after the party.
We had sex in his car if you must know.
I regretted it.
I lodged a complaint.
I know it's nothing to be proud of.
Vern came out of his coma three days ago.
Did you know? No.
In his statement he accuses you of being at the wheel when his car hit him.
- What do you say? - It's not true.
Might I have a brief word with my client? If her custody is prolonged, you can reconvene.
I don't know why he's saying that, but I know it's not true.
You can explain yourself tomorrow.
We'll arrange a confrontation.
Are you okay? What's up? Your colleague is causing trouble.
- What colleague? - The guy in your patrol.
Mercier? He's a pain in the arse.
What's the problem? He's asking questions.
He's looking for a girl.
It's bad for business.
We'll take care of him.
Okay? We'll get him off your back.
What's the date on that? The day before Mercier died.
Those are Jolers and Calvi's voices? We played it to Rousseland Herville, and they recognised them.
- What are the other recordings? - Seven that are usable of Jolers and Calvi discussing burglaries and negotiating their cut.
- Burglaries which later took place? - Yes.
Anything else on Mercier? Or Moldovan? No.
The way I see it, we can get them for corruption.
I'd like to think they didn't hack Mercier to bits, but they're involved.
We'll arrest them and see what they say.
We can pick them up at their homes in the morning.
I think we should arrest them right away.
They're about to come off shift.
They acted as cops, so we should arrest them as cops.
All right.
But warn Herville first.
He's in for a rough ride.
Well done.
You've done a good job.
Thanks, boss.
- It was a team effort.
- How is the team doing? Fine.
My door is always open.
I know.
I won't hesitate.
- Yes, Laure? - Judge Roban, I'll be brief.
There was enough evidence in Drissa Camara's recordings for us to arrest our friends in Cléry.
- We're on our way.
- That's great news.
I know this case is important to you.
If you'd like to join us, I can send you a car.
No, that won't be necessary.
But call me when it's all over.
I will.
- How is the old boy? - I'm worried about him.
- Will you look after me when I'm old? - I'll have left for a younger woman.
- Of course.
- Bastard.
- Shit, the paperwork.
- What? I've forgotten it.
I'll be back in a minute.
What are you doing here? I've left you 10 messages.
Why do you never reply? - I'm leaving.
- We're going to Cléry.
- I'll explain on the way.
- I'm leaving.
What? How does it feel to be as bent as the coppers you're arresting? What do you mean? You know those drawings for kids where you join the dots? Well, I did that.
I watched you with Gilou, and I joined the dots.
Disappearing ingots, snogging in the bogs, an aborted car chase.
I might be slow, but now I have the full picture.
It's not very pretty.
- I don't know what to say.
- Well, I do.
You'll cling onto the same shitty excuses you always do.
"We're a team.
"We protect one another.
" You make me sick, Laure.
And don't bother asking yourself what you've become with Gilou and when you crossed the line because you did that so long ago you've lost sight of where it is.
Jolers and Calvi, at least they admit it and don't pretend to be above board - It's okay, Tintin.
I get it.
- No.
There's no more Tintin.
That's finished.
I'm going.
I've asked for a transfer.
I've taken leave.
That way, you can continue your skulduggery.
I won't be here to get in the way of it.
And rest assured, I didn't grass on you.
We're a team.
Are you okay? Great.
Go on.
Start the car.
Are you undergoing medical treatment? No.
Do you suffer from headaches, nausea, dizzy spells? No.
Have you been in hospital in the last 12 months? Have you had any surgery or - No.
- No.
I'm going to ask you to count back from 100, subtracting seven each time.
100, 93, 86, 79 I'm going to ask you to copy this drawing.
I'm a bit tired.
No, that's That's fine.
It's just an exercise.
It doesn't matter.
Don't worry.
I'm going to examine you now.
Take off your shirt.
Yes, Roussel.
We're on our way.
They're here.
It's like having a dose of the runs.
It's gut-wrenching, but there's no holding back.
By the way, I've found a way to stop black dudes from enjoying their shitty music outdoors.
It's article 48.
2 of the public health code.
A class-three offence.
You can confiscate their sound system.
Good one, I'll remember that.
- What's going on? - Don't move.
Give me your hands.
Give me your hands.
What do you want from them? What are you doing? - Okay, Gilou? - Okay.
Officer Jolers and Calvi, you are under arrest as of 18:30 today in connection with an inquiry led by Judge Roban - for murder.
- Fuck's sake.
Can we go somewhere to read the rights? - Two separate offices.
- I'll show you.
- Where are you taking them? - Let them do their jobs.
- Fuck you! - Shift your arse.
The IPCC and CID have been investigating them for weeks.
Still, that was humiliating.
I'm not talking about three grams of dope.
There's no need for handcuffs.
What exactly are they accused of? It's to do with Mercier's death.
Hey, what's wrong? Come on.
You're okay.
- Look at me.
Are you okay? - Is he all right? - Are you okay? - Look at us.
We'll read the rights when we get back.
There! This way! This is the way out.
Saint-Antoine Hospital I went down to the car park.
I entered our section.
I looked for my keys, but they were no longer in my pocket.
That's when I saw the headlights go on, and the car drove into me.
Did you have time to see the driver? - Yes.
- Can you tell us who it was? Joséphine.
The witness has named Ms Karlsson.
Jean-Étienne, you know it wasn't me.
You must respond to me and not to the witness.
He's wrong.
He couldn't see.
He's in shock.
Look, he's drugged up to the eyeballs.
To your knowledge, did Ms Karlsson have any reason to be angry with you? Yes.
She She'd been coming on to me for weeks.
I finally gave in.
We slept together in my car the night of the internship conference.
I told her it must never happen again because I was married and loved my wife.
That's a lie.
That's a complete lie! She couldn't bear to be rejected.
She said she was going to press charges against me for rape.
You lying bastard! Calm down, or I must ask you to leave.
That suits us.
My client has decided to remain silent.
Does it turn you on to take a cop down? You're no longer a cop to me.
You try working in Cléry, risking your neck, policing 16-year-old dickheads.
You wouldn't last three days.
Just take me to the cell.
I don't want a lawyer.
I'll remain silent.
JP, strip him naked.
Go on.
In that case, she has to leave.
She won't touch, but she can look.
Go on.
Strip off.
- Happy? - Okay.
Pull up your shorts.
I don't need to spell it out.
We wouldn't have come for you without a good reason.
I didn't do anything.
What happened? Did you meet the Camaras at the boxing club? Did you start doing them favours? - No.
- Louder.
I can't hear you.
I never did them favours.
I had no contact.
Okay, nice try.
Are you sure the money is in there? 100% sure.
You should see the safe.
You need a tank to shift it.
What are the surrounding buildings like? Blocks of flats, a few shops - Shall I carry on? - Late-night bars? And is that you or your double? - It's me.
- Don't take us for fools, then.
Is that why you joined the police? To fuck minors? - I regret it.
- It's them you need to apologise to.
And your colleagues.
People lose what little respect they had for the police because of guys like you.
Can I phone my mother? I call her every evening after work.
She'll worry.
Are you serious? At least you respect your mother.
- Please.
- Do you realise why you're here? Not because you colluded with the Camaras or for fucking 17-year-old prostitutes.
No, you're implicated in the death of your colleague.
Do you see? Your teammate.
Look at him.
Look at him! He trusted you.
He wore the same uniform as you.
I didn't kill him.
No, but you know who did.
You have a choice to make now.
Either you behave like a criminal and remain silent, or you remember that you were once a cop and swore an oath.
His name is Moldovan, Virgil Moldovan.
- He bought us the girls.
- How is he linked to Mercier? Laurent knew about us and the prostitutes.
That's why he wanted to ask for a transfer.
We convinced him not to.
But then Justine disappeared.
He was on our case again.
He started asking everyone questions and sniffing round the Camaras.
So Go on.
Carry on.
I know it's hard.
Go on.
So Jolers went to see Moldovan.
To get him to shake him up a bit.
But not to kill him.
We didn't want that.
Every night in my dreams, I see Laurent.
So Moldovan killed Laurent Mercier? Is that what you're saying? That's him.
Do you recognise her? I saw her with him once, yes.
Do you know where we can find them? They've got a house for the girls.
- Rue Émile Zola.
- We went there.
It's been emptied.
- You don't have another address? - No.
Come on, rack your brains.
Once Moldovan phoned me to pick him up from a doctor's.
His car was broken down.
It was in Raincy.
- What address? - I've forgotten.
But it was at the top of Rue De l'Ermitage, just after the A3 bridge.
Okay, Tom, prepare his statement.
Rest now.
We'll carry on tomorrow.
Phone your mama.
Dial one.
Are you okay? You were right about Mercier from the start.
You seem annoyed about that.
Don't be stupid.
What annoys me is that he was killed for trying to do a good job.
Any word from Tintin? Did he call back? Tintin's leaving.
What do you mean, "leaving"? He was here earlier when I came back for the paperwork.
He knows.
About us.
About the gold.
About everything.
- What exactly does he know? - I don't know.
Enough to ask for a transfer and take leave.
He's leaving the team? Hello, I can't take Voicemail.
Go and see him.
He might listen to you.
Tintin! It's Gilou! Hello.
You are through to the Fromentins.
We're not here, but leave a message after the beep.
Hi, Tintin.
It's Gilou.
You know, the other day, when you asked me if I ever crossed the line, and I didn't answer you? Well, you've got your answer.
Well, I did cross it, and I'm not proud of it.
In the end, you were the solid one.
Listen, I haven't come to make you change your mind.
I know you well enough to know that won't happen.
But I just wanted to say that we were a great team.
And I won't forget that.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
That's all.
Bye, Tintin.
I'll be seeing you.
How's it going, sweetheart? Wake up the girl.
I've spoken to the Gypsy.
He wants some photos to wank to.
Can't he go on the Internet like everyone else? Okay, I'll go.
Virgil! Come here! Something terrible has happened.
Hurry! What has that bitch gone and done? She slit her wrist.
We must take her to hospital.
She's still bleeding.
I'm not blind.
Hand me the cloth.
Press down hard! Press! We must take her to hospital.
Stay with her.
I'll go fetch the doctor.
Maria, stay with me.
Do you hear me? Stay with me.
Calvi said the first house after the bridge.
It must be this one.
Dr Couderc.
Does that ring any bells? No.
We need to ask you a few questions.
Can we come in, please? - Go ahead.
- It won't take long.
Thank you.
We have a few photos.
We're looking for a man aged between 40 and 45, an Albanian.
Take your time.
I don't recognise him.
Who is he? What about her? No.
Nor her.
You know, since my wife left, I don't see many people.
We won't disturb you any longer then.
That must be the cat.
It's always down in the cellar, chasing rats.
Would you mind if we had a look? There's work being done.
Some rooms are closed off.
Clear! - Clear.
- Fuck's sake.
This looks dodgy.
Watch out! - Are you okay? - I'm fine.
It's Moldovan! - He's outside! - Okay! He's got away! Is what the cops are saying true? - Are you a lawyer? - No.
Because my lawyer is useless.
Can I ask you a question? No.
I've already been before the judge last month for heroin and ecstasy.
I got a one-year suspended sentence, probation with rehab.
The problem is that, in rehab, they're bastards.
They harassed me because my guy is in jail.
That's not legal, is it? And guess what? I got arrested again.
They found me with ecstasy.
But it belonged to a client.
It wasn't mine.
I'm going to be tried again.
Does that mean I'll go to prison this time?