Engrenages (2005) s06e12 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 12

1 What's happened? Why have they called us in? They didn't say, but I don't think we need to worry.
The paediatrician will see you now.
What about? - Romy's being discharged on Friday.
- There you go.
She's over the worst.
She can go home.
She was over the worst last time too.
- Then she got an infection.
- You'll have to keep an eye on her.
But she's as fit as any baby born full-term.
I can take her home with me if you like.
You can come and get her when you're ready.
That's not the issue.
I am ready.
- Excuse me a moment.
- Of course.
Bad news, I'm afraid.
The committee has returned its verdict after your medical.
It has declared you unfit.
What? As of now, you can no longer practise.
Is this some kind of a joke? The committee can't make such a radical decision.
The director of public prosecutions errs on the side of caution.
The doctor only saw me for half an hour.
I counted to 100 and copied a drawing worthy of a child.
You have the right to contest the decision and to demand a second opinion.
But I must ask you to gather together all your case files.
I'll have to redistribute them among your colleagues.
We're about to question Couderc.
His lawyer has just arrived.
We need to get him to tell us where Moldovan is.
What did the hospital want? - Nothing.
- Nothing? You claimed not to know Mr Moldovan, and yet he was at your house.
What do you say to that? I'm like anyone.
The police showing up unannounced makes me wary.
What was he doing there? He had come to fetch me.
He needed a doctor.
- Who for? - A young girl.
He didn't have time to say more.
That's when you showed up.
Where is he now? - Do you have his address? - No, I've never been to his house.
Where did the blood on the towels found at your house come from? A young Roma girl that Moldovan brought to me.
I delivered her baby on Tuesday.
Even though you've been struck off? Not for incompetence but because two hysterical women accused me of rape.
What happened to the Roma girl? She left with her baby.
Fit as a fiddle.
Why didn't she go to hospital to give birth? The Roma equate hospitals with the police.
I didn't ask for any paperwork.
I do my job, and everyone is happy.
Never mind that you're practising illegally? I provide a service for young girls who have been marginalised by society.
I think I should be congratulated.
Did you provide a service for her? I don't have my glasses.
What about him? No.
It's usually girls whose babies I deliver.
You said it.
- Well? - He's giving nothing away.
He may not know where Moldovan is.
Any trace of his mobile? It's switched off.
He must have got rid of it.
Unless we find Moldovan, we won't find Maria.
We'll force Jolers to talk.
How? He's still claiming his right to silence.
With Calvi's confession.
Jolers sent Moldovan to silence Mercier.
We accuse him of murder.
Murdering a colleague is a serious offence.
Okay, let's do that.
Go ahead.
- Bring Jolers out, please.
- Okay.
Come out.
- Let's continue our chat.
- You're wasting your time.
Is that right? Wait until you hear what your friend told us.
Why are you showing me that? So you can see the result of your phone call.
What phone call? Your call to Moldovan asking him to dispose of Mercier.
I don't even know who he is.
Really? That's strange.
We have two witnesses who say you do.
They say Mercier was getting in the way, and you phoned Moldovan to scare him off.
What witnesses? You didn't want your teammate to be hacked to pieces, did you? That's not what you intended, was it? You overstepped the mark.
It happens to the best of us.
But not to the extent of seeing him killed.
You're not a murderer, unlike Moldovan.
If you help us catch Moldovan, I'm sure the judge will show leniency.
You're mistaking me for some rookie.
Judges never show leniency, especially if they can send a cop down.
We know Roban.
He's not like that.
We can convince him.
I have nothing to say.
Take me back to my cell.
Don't you care that, thanks to you, a colleague was decapitated? Don't you give a shit, you scumbag? What have you become? You fucking arsehole! What have you become? What have you become? What the fuck have you become? Hey, Escoffier! Berthaud, come with me.
Keep an eye on him.
Where is his arrest warrant? Shit.
- Tintin normally deals with that.
- You are not immune to procedure.
- Fuck.
- There must be a way to Without an arrest warrant, we can't keep him in police custody.
You can forget about Jolers.
Roban will release him.
Fuck's sake.
Are you okay? My hand was already fucked from Couderc's place earlier.
Shall I strap it up? - I'll go and see Roban.
- Okay.
The lack of arrest warrant is regrettable.
This is Jolers, a bent copper mixed up in the death of a colleague.
Releasing him would be disastrous.
We need him to find Moldovan.
Without an arrest warrant, the magistrate can't investigate him.
You have no choice but to release him.
"The magistrate"? I'm not so gaga that I refer to myself in the third person despite what those arseholes on the committee are saying.
I am suspended for health reasons.
Another magistrate will be taking over the case.
Forgive me, Laure, but an army of vultures is about to swoop down on my case files.
I must ask you to leave.
- But Judge Roban - Laure.
This is your case.
You don't need me to solve it.
Bad news.
Roban has been booted out on health grounds.
As well as having to release Jolers, we will be landed with a new judge.
Well, we have something.
Tom and Nico found this in the doctor's surgery.
It's the same thread that was used to stitch up Justine's caesarean.
All doctors use thread for stitches.
- But this is - Catgut.
It's made with sheep's intestines.
It has the side effect of causing serious inflammation.
Banned in France since 2001.
So he shouldn't be using it? Arsehole! I've told you, I don't know her.
What's your reaction to this? Stitches to the abdominal wall.
Pretty deplorable, if you don't mind my saying.
- Why are you showing me this? - Justine Fabre.
14 years old.
She died from septicaemia caused by a caesarean stitched up with catgut.
We found boxes of it in your surgery.
Lots of surgeons use catgut.
It's been banned in France since 2001.
You were under arrest for practising illegally.
Now you're charged with manslaughter.
- I need to speak to my lawyer.
- You've had your chance.
You had the statutory 30 minutes.
- Then I will remain silent.
- A 14-year-old girl is dead.
Due to a lack of care.
Did you deliver her baby? Did you leave her to die? I didn't leave her to die.
I told him to take her to hospital.
We're listening.
Who did you tell to take her to hospital? Who did you tell to take her to hospital? Moldovan.
He phoned me because she was bleeding.
When I saw her I realised she She was too weak to give birth naturally.
I told Moldovan to take her to hospital.
He wouldn't listen.
I went to get my utensils.
I did what I could.
Where did this happen? In the basement of a block of flats.
This block of flats? That block of flats.
- Did the baby die? - No.
He was born alive, a boy.
I'll be right back.
What happened after he was born? The girl was unconscious.
I told Moldovan to call for an ambulance.
He promised he would.
Why didn't he want to? Because of the baby.
I don't understand.
I don't understand! He'd been sold.
Are you okay? Well? What is Couderc saying? I think we've hit on something huge.
Something we didn't see coming.
It could be what Mercier stumbled across.
- Go on.
I'm listening.
- Baby trafficking.
I noticed one or two of Moldovan's girls were pregnant.
But I never imagined what was behind that.
Their newborn babies are sold to couples who can't have kids, to Couderc's infertile patients.
Is that was happened to Justine's baby? A Roma kid sells for 10,000 euros, but a European goes for 18,000.
Nice guys.
Human trafficking on all levels.
That's what Mercier found out.
He wanted to protect Justine.
So what do we do? We need to find the couple who bought Justine's baby.
There's a list on Couderc's computer.
Dozens of women on a waiting list to buy babies.
We could start with them.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Cédric Vargas.
I've been sent to pick up some of your case files.
- So I heard.
Which? - Saint-Blanquat, Leroux, and Mercier.
Saint-Blanquat and Leroux, no problem.
But the Mercier case is another kettle of fish, especially for a young magistrate.
- Is that the Mercier case file? - Yes, the case is very advanced.
There are complex ramifications.
It's a lot to take on.
If you'd like, I can help you.
You spoke to the young magistrates in my class last year.
I loved your speech.
You were so funny.
I'm glad I made you laugh.
Now, the Mercier case Thank you, but I'd rather make up my own mind.
Can I ask your clerk to help me? It's a pleasure to see you again, Mr Roban.
Your custody has been extended.
I need you to tell the truth.
What happened with Vern? I'll tell you.
He raped you.
He did not! You left with him.
I saw you get in his car.
You saw me leave with him? I saw you.
He raped you.
Why won't you say? Because it's not true! Then why did you go to the police? I was pissed when I left the bar.
I don't remember what I did, apart from the fact that I had sex with someone.
A cop advised me to lodge a complaint.
She suspected rape with GHB.
You're finally making sense.
Only I remembered leaving with Vern and having slept with him, so I withdrew my complaint.
Now you're taking me for a fool.
Listen, Joséphine Karlsson.
Vern says you ran him over.
It's his word against yours.
As long as he's the victim, what he says goes.
If you want that to change, tell the truth.
That is the truth.
Christ! Okay, Camille Leclin is a dead end.
The new judge has released Jolers.
He's leaving the station.
What? Fuck.
JP and Nico, stick to him day and night.
Once the paperwork is done, we'll go back for him.
What did Couderc's list give you? Just the names of the women who wanted to buy a baby.
Moldovan must have their phone numbers.
- Did you try social media? - Yes, we're already on it.
Keep me posted.
Now try Laetitia Maury.
There are dozens of them.
One in Marmande, one in Voisins-Le-Bretonneux.
Try that Facebook page.
She's a bit young.
She's only 20.
Laeticia Maury 98 years of happiness Laetitia Maury, aged 98.
I might have something.
I'm on the Magali Ribières.
I've found five, and one might fit the bill.
- She has a little boy.
- How old? Two months.
- Where? - Asnières.
See? She's taken a picture from every angle.
- That's looking likely.
- Yes.
Not bad, eh? Shall we go? Let's see.
No, it's too late.
We'll go in the morning.
Yes? Okay, I'll tell her.
Laure, there's a lawyer here to see you.
A lawyer? Mr Edelman.
- After you.
- Thank you.
I'll get straight to the point.
It's about Joséphine Karlsson.
She's joined my chambers.
I'm worried about her.
Why? I know she withdrew the rape charge, saying that she was mistaken and drunk.
I don't believe a word of it.
You led the investigation.
What do you think? The case is closed.
I'm not meant to discuss it.
I'm just trying to help her.
I tried to help her too, but she told me to fuck off.
I think it was rape under the influence of GHB.
If she was raped, why did she back down? She backed down when I identified the rapist.
But don't ask me who.
I can't say.
Jean-Étienne Vern.
Why do you say that? Two days after she backed down, Vern was run over.
He was in a coma for four days.
When he woke up, he accused Joséphine.
He says she drove into him.
- Is she being prosecuted? - So you're not surprised? I didn't say that.
That's all I wanted to know.
I won't trouble you any longer.
It's okay.
I know the way out.
- Hi.
- Hello.
You didn't get back to me about the cot.
Do you have one? Not yet but I'll get one.
Call me if there's a problem, okay? Goodbye.
Nico, wake up.
What is the bastard doing? Fuck's sake.
He's a piece of work.
Watch this.
He's nuts.
Where were you? Why didn't you come over? I was at the hospital.
- All night? - I fell asleep.
- You've got a crumb.
- Where? There.
Where? I got you one, but I ate it.
Mr Ribière? Officers Berthaud and Escoffier.
We need to ask you a few questions about Dr Couderc.
Do you know him? Yes, he was my wife's gynaecologist.
Why? When was that? I can't remember.
A few years ago.
You know he was struck off for rape? Yes, but he always behaved impeccably with me.
- Can we come in? - Oh, yes.
Dr Couderc specialised in infertility problems.
Were you consulting him about that? Yes.
We were having trouble conceiving.
Dr Couderc was said to work miracles.
- And did he? - Our miracle wasn't down to him.
Magali fell pregnant just when we'd given up hope.
How old is your baby? Two months.
Can we see the birth certificate? Why do you ask that? Dr Couderc was allowing infertile couples to buy a baby.
Your wife's name was on his list.
We just want to check you didn't get your baby that way.
Go and get it, please.
Are you going to take my son away? We're just checking the birth certificate is genuine.
They're going to take Noé.
Go to him.
I'll deal with them.
Magali and I spent 14 years trying to conceive.
She had two miscarriages, four lots of IVF treatments that made her sick.
Nothing worked.
Seeing other babies made her cry.
It was unbearable.
So, yes, we bought a baby.
It's illegal.
It was our only chance of having a family.
The baby doesn't belong to you.
You need to go to social services and apply for adoption.
- You can't do this.
- It's procedure.
- Fuck procedure.
- Stop.
Wait a minute.
Can I have a word? Can we go out here? Thank you.
What's got into you? We just was to know if it's Justine's baby.
There's no need to upset them.
They bought a baby, a 14-year-old girl's baby! So? They seem to love the kid.
There are photos everywhere.
- You can't take him away.
- It's illegal.
Leave this to me.
We just want to know how you got the baby.
- A woman gave him to us.
- What's her name? I don't know.
She didn't say.
A blonde, quite slim, with a scar near her mouth.
Is this her? Yes, that's her.
What happened? Did she phone? No, it was all done by email.
She said there would soon be a baby for us.
When the baby was born, she came for the money and then gave him to us.
How much did you pay for your baby? - 18,000 euros.
- Did you keep the emails? - I think so.
- Let me see them.
Okay, we can track her down from he IP address.
- Can you print the page? - Yes.
Go on, then.
Judge Roban.
The last of the files have just gone.
Since I am no longer needed here, the chief clerk has transferred me to another department.
He hasn't wasted any time.
I just wanted to say that these past months spent with you have been wonderful.
- You have really - Calm down, Didier.
I'm not dead yet.
When the time comes, try not to babble on too much.
Thanks, Didier.
- Ms Karlsson.
- Judge Roban.
Are you okay? Ms Karlsson, you were born in Limoges on 11 March 1977.
You are single, and you live at 9 Rue Ganneron in the 18th arrondissement in Paris.
That's right.
Ms Karlsson, you will be put on trial for the attempted murder of Jean-Étienne Vern.
The DPP recommends that I place you under a committal order.
After our meeting, I will decide whether or not to have you remanded in custody.
You are free to answer my questions or to volunteer a confession.
- I'm listening.
- I contest the facts, Your Honour.
Mr Edelman? I trust your insight will lead you to reject the DPP's recommendation.
In the case of my client, the committal order is inappropriate.
There is no proof that Ms Karlsson presents a threat to public order and no risk of her pressuring witnesses as there are none in this case.
You're forgetting the victim, Jean-Étienne Vern in this instance.
It's my job to protect him.
From what? From your client.
Her visit to the hospital concerns me.
Until I gain more insight, she must be kept away from the victim.
Her partner had just been run over.
She went to see how he was.
Yes, and pretended to be a member of his family.
I didn't think they'd give me info if I wasn't a member of the family.
We'll have time to discuss that later.
For now, I can confirm that you will be put on trial and remanded in custody under the aforementioned committal order.
Why didn't you defend me? She lays into me and you say nothing? Can you give us a moment, please? Like me, the judge doesn't believe a word you say.
She'll have you remanded in custody, and you'll spend the night in jail because you refuse to tell me what happened.
- He can't have seen me.
- What? Vern.
He can't have seen me in the car park.
What are you saying? He raped me.
- I didn't hear you.
- He raped me! - Why didn't you tell me earlier? - Tell you what? Tell you I ran him over because I couldn't prove it? What am I here for, then? Look at me.
At least now I know what I'm up against.
I'll get you out of here.
Trust me.
Stop smoking, will you? He's leaving.
Start the car.
Fuck! Come on, drive on! Get a move on! African male.
Height, 1.
70 to 1.
85 metres.
Athletic, dark skinned.
I'll call you back.
What? Pleased to see me? Relax, guys.
I'm not an escapee.
You were friendlier when you needed cash for your divorce.
Who lent you the money? You never asked me where I got it.
You just took it.
And you, Mickey, that gang of dealers you nabbed, who tipped you off about them? I helped every single one of you.
But when I get arrested, not one of you lifts a finger.
Stop it, Lionel.
We know you helped us.
- But Mercier? Fuck's sake.
- What about Mercier? You don't know what you're talking about.
Jolers, I must ask you to leave the station, please.
No problem, boss.
I just came to say hello to my old friends.
It's been a pleasure, guys.
Jolers! Jolers, don't.
Get out, guys! Now! Roussel, call for an ambulance.
Come on! Come on! Hello? Cléry-sous-Bois Police Station.
We've got a gunshot wound.
We need an ambulance.
I didn't expect to see you again so soon.
What's up? The workplace doctor has declared me unfit to work.
I intend to ask for a second opinion.
My question is this.
How can I silence my superiors if I have no hope of being cured? Have the operation.
But you said it wouldn't cure me.
No, but it won't stop you working.
To use a term you're familiar with, it will grant you a reprieve.
The workplace doctor will have no way of knowing.
Only you and I know what's going on in there.
What will the operation change? You'll have fewer nosebleeds for starters.
They seem to happen willy-nilly.
And fewer cognitive disorders.
That will prove useful for the job and for those tests for the mentaldeficiencies beloved by such a doctor.
So, when shall we operate? With defendants who get a reprieve, I advise them to stay out of trouble.
What would you advise a patient who gets a reprieve? To live.
Thank you.
- Is that her? - No.
She's thinner than that.
Carry on.
We've found Léna's IP address.
She emails from an Internet café on Avenue de Flandre.
Police headquarters sent us the CCTV footage.
Jolers has committed suicide.
He shot himself in front of his team.
JP and Nico were there too.
So he still had some values.
I'll leave you to it.
I need to phone Herville back.
Well, Moldovan is all we've got left.
Otherwise, we can forget Maria and the investigation.
- Can you rewind? - Yes.
That woman with the parka.
Can you zoom in on her? That's Léna Rednic.
When was that? That was the 12th at 17:27.
- Okay.
- Carry on.
Is the girl driving off on a scooter her? That was the day before yesterday at 17:29.
Hang on a minute.
Yesterday - The 14th at 17:32.
- So she goes there every day.
We'll set up surveillance of the Internet café.
I figured you wouldn't have one.
- No, I don't.
- How are you doing? Can you leave it there? We're off on a stake-out.
- What are you doing with that? - It's for the kid.
- So she can transport her tomorrow.
- Tomorrow? Romy's coming out of hospital.
Didn't you know? Yes, yes, yes.
I'll fit it, then.
We didn't have one, so thank you.
Brémont was right.
We're going to need this tomorrow.
Can you Thank you.
I wanted to offer you my support and to say that the council is on your side.
Call me.
I'd like that.
Thank you.
This is Laure.
Is everyone in position? Yes, Laure.
We're sitting outside the café on the corner.
I'm by the Chinese restaurant.
Nico is positioning himself inside the Internet café.
Okay, I see him.
Stay put and get ready.
Why didn't you tell me? - Tell you what? - That Romy's coming out tomorrow.
I'm scared I won't manage it.
Manage what? It's not like pursuing a criminal.
You've got 20 years to work it out.
No? Hey.
This is Tom.
Léna's parking her scooter.
She's wearing a khaki jacket, and she's carrying her helmet.
I see her.
She's entering the Internet café.
Remain in position.
Don't move.
- What's happening, Nico? - She's at desk number 8.
Don't you want to nab her in the café and apply pressure? It's my call, boss.
Until Léna's arse hits her scooter, we stay put.
What's happening, Nico? She's just finished checking her emails.
Okay, Nico, you stay here and go through her messages.
The others, get ready to tail her.
There, look.
She's leaving the Internet café.
Let's follow her, okay? Here we go.
Left into La Pérouse.
La Pérouse.
It connects with Rue Davout.
Fuck! Fucking typical.
What do we do now? See if she drives off.
At least she hasn't broken anything.
What are you doing? Going to see.
This is Gilou.
Léna's been knocked off her scooter.
Don't intervene.
I repeat, don't intervene.
Are you injured? I'm okay, but my scooter's not working.
I'm with my husband.
Can we give you a lift somewhere? What is she up to? - We're going to give her a lift.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Are you okay? Not too badly hurt? I'm fine.
Where are you going? Aubervilliers.
Avenue Jean Jaure.
- Jean Jaurès? - Jean Jaurès, yes.
That's funny.
We're heading that way too.
Scooters are so dangerous.
Well, at least you were wearing a helmet.
Remember my accident? Yes.
This guy cut in front of me.
That's what happened to you.
He cut across you.
- Yes, he overshot the white line.
- He did.
That was close.
You can drop me at the end of the road.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Thanks for the lift.
- You're welcome.
- Bye.
That looks dodgy.
Pass me the walkie-talkie.
We've found their hideout.
We'll wait for you before intervening.
- What did the Gypsy say? - He's coming tonight as planned.
He won't want her when he sees her.
We have no choice.
Come on.
Help me get her ready.
Get up! - Leave her.
- Ow! Stop it.
Leave her alone.
Leave her.
I'll do her make-up.
- She'll look just like her photo.
- Take that off.
He won't want to marry a girl who's slit her wrists.
Take it off.
No! No.
Stay away from her.
Leave this to me, please.
Come on, sweetheart.
Get undressed.
This is Laure.
Maria is here.
I repeat, Maria is here.
Well? - What do you think? - She looks good.
Maria! - Maria! - Natalia! What are you doing to her? Let go of me, you bastard.
- We're going in.
- Okay, JP, we're going in.
We're going in.
Let's go! - Police! - Police! The police are here.
- Police! - Virgil, let's go.
Let's drive out the back way.
Girls, get in the van.
Don't move! Give me your hands! Tom, are you on them? Calm down, Maria.
Stop! Come on, hurry.
Climb out.
Come on, out you come.
Stop! Sit down.
- Gently.
- Are you okay, Maria? Stop! Don't move! How's that? That's for Laurent Mercier.
Léna Rednic, you are under arrest for murder and sex trafficking.
Questioning is about to start again.
Okay, I'm coming.
Keep moving, please.
What happened was my fault.
It was my idea to hide Justine at the Molière Camp.
She didn't want her baby to start with.
She agreed to give it away.
Then she changed her mind.
She told Léna, but it was too late.
These people had already handed over money for her baby.
So Moldovan held her hostage until the birth? Yes.
He took me out of school so I wouldn't give the game away.
A policeman was looking for Justine.
He came to the Molière Camp.
- Did you see him? - Yes.
Yes, but I couldn't speak to him.
Moldovan was watching me.
He slipped me his number.
I phoned him, and he told me to go to his flat.
But I saw Moldovan going into his building.
I got scared, and I left.
And then? I phoned him again, but he didn't answer.
I knew he'd been killed.
I guessed it was Moldovan.
You need to let her sleep now.
I must ask you to leave.
Thank you, Maria.
There's something I want you to know.
We found Justine's baby.
He's a little boy.
And he's fine.
Will you wait here for me? I'd rather.
Kiss me.