ER s01e11 Episode Script


Excuse me.
Sorry, Jerry.
-l'm sorry.
-That's all right.
l should've got cross-country skis.
Still 1 7 shopping days left till Christmas.
Slow day? Not a single patient! l feel like l'm in camp.
l love the first big snowstorm.
-Did Jen get out okay? -She left yesterday.
-l thought she had till Wednesday.
-She went early.
Early? -Sorry.
l don't wanna talk about it.
They why'd you bring it up? Towel clip.
Towel clip.
Why are we doing this? Because sticking his hand in a bucket of warm water would be juvenile.
Jeez! Mom, get out of my room.
It's a mess out there.
This storm began in the Rockies, crept across the plains and landed on the Midwest dumping seven inches of snow on the ground before dawn.
The latest estimate puts the total at close to 9 inches.
That left the morning rush hour looking like a demolition derby.
What's a four-letter word for ''possessions''? ''Stuff.
'' That's five letters.
Roxanne, temp clerks do answer the phone.
l thought you were going home.
My car's snowed in.
l'm stuck.
Nurse call.
You know that blue flu the cops get sick with? She thinks she caught it.
Why don't you relax? lt's just gonna get dirty again.
All the reason more to keep the foot up on it.
Leg up on it.
Do you want to help put up the Christmas ornaments? Ornaments? He's kind of cute.
-Really? -He's got beautiful eyes, thick hair.
That's a low blow.
-What's going on? -Nothing.
We're just taking inventory.
Gurney number A-7403.
You can go back to sleep, okay? This could turn into the biggest snowstorm since January of 1 967 when 23 inches fell in 28 hours.
The last half-hour alone brought us.
-What happened to the security camera? -Somebody stole it.
-Are you ready? -Yeah, yeah.
Go get everybody.
Jerry, how does this work? lt's really pretty simple.
Sorry, sorry.
l got it.
All right.
Come on.
Hit it.
Carter, stat, Trauma 1 .
Carter, stat, Trauma 1 .
Very funny.
No! That hurt! You cheat.
-Hey, Carol! -Don't you dare.
-Slow morning, huh? -lt's dead.
Never say ''dead'' to a charge nurse.
We're in ER And it's snowing outside Brothers in the C-town Are ready to die 91 1 ain't gonna be your ride Because G's be chilling On the nasty South Side That's fat.
Come up on that grip.
You gotta raise up out that sorry peach gear, though, man.
What? He likes it.
Because the G's be chilling On the nasty South Side The reindeer pull the sleigh.
Of course.
Of course.
-Do you have reindeer in Poland? -Yes, many.
No! No! Well, pranksters l can't seem to get this off.
You have to let it dry first.
l'm going to bed.
-No, Lydia! -Malik, turn that thing off! ER staff, stat to Admit Desk! ER staff, stat to Admit Desk! Go on.
-Show them.
-Show us! Show us! Show us! Show us! What? Okay, okay.
-Nice ring.
-Get my shades! You're really gonna do it! Congratulations! You and Tag are gonna be very happy.
Thank you.
This is wonderful! Congrats, girl.
This is great.
Hi, Doug.
Hi, Linda.
Hey, guys.
What's the occasion? John Taglieri and l are getting married.
That's great.
How was Jamaica? The Bahamas.
lt was fabulous.
-We went windsurfing.
-And l got sunburned.
-The snorkeling was incredible! -Lots of jellyfish.
You'll tell them about that groin pull? Groin pull? Hey, congratulations again.
You guys are gonna be very happy.
l'm gonna go take a nap.
Call me later, okay? His idea of a perfect vacation is to lie on a deck chair with one of those parasol drinks.
lt sounds pretty good to me.
What? You might want to.
l put up.
Never mind.
And it's getting worse.
Our usual monthly snowfall.
lf you had an alien baby, would it show up on the pregnancy test? ER.
Calm down, Mr.
When's the baby's due date? How far apart are the contractions? Call 91 1 now.
Blinker doesn't want to come into the hospital.
She wants to deliver watching the snowfall.
She'd enjoy the snowfall more with an epidural.
County General, this is dispatch for status update.
Dispatch, County General's on full open status.
1 0-4, General.
My Lexus got snowplowed in.
Could l use the phone? Sure.
Just dial nine.
Marquis cut, two carat.
Probably an F-Sl1 , platinum setting.
That's a $ 1 2,000 ring.
You are here to work.
Get up.
No patients, no work.
There is always work around.
Empty the wastebaskets and reline them with plastic bags.
l ain't no garbage man.
Child, move.
County General, how do you read? Over.
Read you 1 0-2.
Go ahead, dispatch.
General, implement disaster protocol.
Mass casualty alert.
Thirty-two vehicle pileup on the Kennedy Expressway.
ls this a drill, over? Negative, General.
This is not a drill.
Eighteen majors, 29 minors.
Fire at scene.
Rescue vehicle access and communication limited by weather.
We're calling out a Plan One.
Do you have an estimate on the number of casualties? Over.
Fifty to one hundred.
How many are coming to us? Over.
Mercy's power is down.
You may get them all.
Police are asking motorists to stay home.
This is the scene on the Kennedy Expressway south of the Grand exit where 28 cars and three trucks collided just minutes ago.
According to reports, the accident started when a car went into a 360-degree spin hitting everything in its way.
At least 4 1 people are injured, and others are still trapped in their cars.
Emergency vehicles are having trouble getting to the scene on the roads that are unplowed.
Oh, boy.
Here we go.
Green, walking wounded.
Yellow, urgent.
Red, critical.
Black, DO A.
Got it? Three O.
crews in.
l got it.
Blood bank, come in.
This is Ross in ER.
l need to know what you have available in fresh, whole blood.
-What do you have? -Second and third-degree burns.
Twenty-five percent body surface.
He's hypotensive.
All right.
Let's go.
Let's red-tag him to Trauma 2.
Mark, send Benton to Trauma 2.
Mark? -Yeah, I read you.
All the way to the Green Room.
What do we got? Let's green-tag him to the waiting room.
We're losing him.
-Curtain 2.
-Let's go.
-What do you got? -25-year-old.
Truck rolled.
No seat belt.
He coded in the rig.
Grahek, do what you can, and then move on, okay? Carter, jump in.
Use your head.
Stay supervised.
ALOC and a step deformity at the T4 vertebra.
Legs are flaccid.
Okay, we have a cord injury.
Gently, on three one, two, three.
CT's prepped for her.
CBC, type and hold two units.
Who's on neurosurgical backup? Armstrong.
Flaccid paralysis and areflexia south of T4.
Good news.
She withdraws to pain.
Okay, bag the C-spine films.
We'll do her spine in CT.
Vitals? -90 over 62, pulse 60.
-Consider spinal shock.
Okay, got it.
Go, Mark.
l'm at Cook County General-- Out of the way! You can't shoot in here.
Get out.
No, no.
What are you doing? l gotta take a leak.
-You could have a broken neck.
-lt's whiplash.
That's all.
Or it's a spinal fracture and you're a quadriplegic for life.
You're going to be okay, señor.
They'll take care of you.
-Let me see your hand.
-Where's the cut? Señor, it's a small puncture wound.
Try to relax.
l'll turn you over to Dr.
We got 500cc's out of the right chest, 9% third-degree burns, chest, abdomen and right shoulder.
You'll be in good shape.
Susan, what have you got? Neck, chest and right hip trauma.
Ma'am, my name is Dr.
l'll take care of you, okay? All right.
Let's move it.
Let's go! Clear! Get her in here.
Right here.
All right, we need some rays and relief.
Morphine five, lV push.
Here we go.
Lift her and shift her.
All right, cross-table C-spine right hip and pelvis.
Round up a bone crusher.
Now, move.
On my count, on three.
One, two, three.
We need Ortho in Trauma 2.
Ortho in ER, Trauma 2.
Two fingers.
Now what do you see? Such a rock! Lucky girl.
Double-patch her eye and green-tag her to the waiting room.
What? Did l say something? Where's Carter? Where have you been? Grab some scissors.
How soon can she go up? When l get her pictures, have the orthopods look at her.
We need the room.
The O.
's opened up.
People, you heard the boss.
Let's heal them and wheel them.
-Need help? -Neck, back and abdominal pain.
BP's falling, 70 over 40.
Pulse is 1 20.
-Skin's cool and dry.
-What's your name? Edward Kaplan.
Call me Eddie.
You the doc? Yes.
How are you feeling? Haven't been tied up since last Saturday night.
Thank you for sharing, Mr.
On three.
One, two, three.
Please hold.
ER, please hold.
Shoot me if l take this job again.
Give me a gun, l'll shoot you now.
Call Fire Station 23.
See if they can pick up these docs stuck at home.
Smoke inhalation.
Yellow-tag him to Curtain 2.
-You got it.
-What do you got? -l hurt my hand.
-Let me see.
-Where's your thumb? -lt's right here.
All right.
Malik! Red-tag him straight to the O.
Here's his thumb.
Take him.
Thui, everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
You okay? l found her lying out in the snow.
No idea who she belongs to.
-Kid's got a set of lungs.
-Go! Dexter Jones, 25.
Van rolled on him.
No seat belt.
Left below-the-knee amputation.
He left a few pints in the snow.
Rescue 7 is looking for the rest of his leg.
Benton done in 2? Okay, here's his next patient.
lf they come at you with that Foley catheter, run, Jack.
Don't walk! Take him up.
2 is prepped for him.
When the cross-matched blood's here, send it up.
Code in seven! Code in seven! Run those to Benton in Trauma 1 .
Go, Mookie! Put me out! We can't put you out.
You've hit your head.
Get the lab for a CBC, type and cross.
Let's move.
Bring those in! l've got a pumper! Come on, bring those pads in! Put this on.
All hands on deck.
Let's move.
Put your hand on the tourniquet! Come on! l'll make a surgeon out of you yet.
pulse 1 25.
Pretty darned normal.
Doug! Please, help me! -Gas tank exploded.
Trapped in the car.
-DO A.
Vitals, normal.
Multiple contusions and abrasions.
Does it hurt when l do this? Okay, let me see, all right? All right, Exam 3.
Green-tag him to the doctor's lounge.
Here we go.
All right, duck your head.
Here we go, straight back now.
Straight back.
Patrick how did you get here? -l walked.
-Why? l don't have a driver's license.
Oh, okay.
They look better when they're straight.
-They do.
You're right.
-Carol! -Go to it, Patrick.
Go to it.
-Si, señorita.
How are we doing in here? Ahead of the Reaper.
That's all you can ask for.
Thanks for the ride.
You bet.
Run it down for me, Mark.
A 40-car pileup on the Kennedy.
We're the major receiving.
Eighteen red tags, 1 0 have gone up.
Nineteen yellows, Three DO As, four black tags didn't make it.
Six O.
s are operational and fire's out bringing in fresh docs.
Go be a doc.
, Morgenstern.
l need a staff status update.
Aliens have implanted a detector in my nose! Doctor, hey! Aliens have-- Why today, Regina? Carol, page Cvetic, get him down here right away.
Let's give her a nice quiet room and five of vitamin H.
That's Haldol! This detects abbreviations.
What a zoo! Steve, take the officer and give him some stitches.
-l haven't done that since l interned.
-lt's like riding a bike.
l haven't done that since l was 6.
l'm Angela Hicks.
Hey, hi.
l'm Dr.
Listen, why don't you take bedpan detail? lt's not glamorous, but very necessary.
That's Dr.
l'm the new attending ER physician.
Well, you won't be needing these then.
l don't want this life! Why you give me this life?! Pulse is falling.
Bad news.
PCO-2's 62.
PO-2, 60.
All right, let's crash intubate him.
Get the sux, Pavulon and Versed.
-Let's move, people.
-Hold tight, Mookie.
Hold him tight.
Come on, man.
Calm down.
B? Dexter? l know him from the neighborhood.
Move! Don't do no lndiana Jones on me, B! Versed first? Two milligrams, then succinylcholine.
Dex, listen to me, baby.
Listen to me.
Dex, l got you, okay? Come on.
l got you, okay? l got you.
Would somebody sign my time card, please? lt's been 8 hours.
Get her out of here.
Get a suction cap too.
-Where does it hurt? -My chest.
-Did you hit the steering wheel? -l was trying to light a cigarette.
That's the cigarette lighter? Dr.
Ross, is that old Cuban guy, Ramos supposed to be dead? He was fine 1 0 minutes ago.
He complained of chest pains and went out.
Damn it! Let me in.
l got it.
Trauma 2.
l just fell cross-country skiing.
-l'll get you an ice pack.
-Just how long will l have to wait? Come on, Mr.
Ramos! l green-tagged him to the waiting room.
He seemed fine.
Come on! Where're we going? -Trauma 2.
-Damn! Come on.
Does that look like a fracture to you? Yeah.
Call Ortho.
lf you throw a deep dermal in and trim that edge, it'll line up better.
Yeah? Thanks.
Dietary? We've got an ER full of hungry people.
l'll tell her.
Carlos? Linda from Novell.
l need 30 large pizzas delivered to County ER.
l know it's snowing.
Well, get a move on and charge it to my account.
Peekaboo! Peekaboo! Peekaboo! -So where's the doctor? -l am the doctor, Mrs.
No, l mean a ''doctor'' doctor.
Myra, let her do her job.
Where are you feeling pain? l want Dr.
Harvey Stern called this minute.
Perhaps you'd be more comfortable in the waiting room.
That's a good one! You go call Harvey, Myra.
A pay phone's just past the admit desk.
BP's okay.
Pulse is a little high, 1 20.
l don't know if his cap refill's what it should be.
Do postural vitals.
Are you sure when l push here this isn't hurting you? l'll run another 300cc fluid check.
He didn't say a word about abdominal pain.
He bled out.
Let's turn off that music! Put that blood on a pump.
Try high-dose epi, 3 milligrams.
-Another milligram of atropine? -Another milligram.
He's flatlined.
Let me in there.
Come on, move! Let's hook him up to the external pacemaker.
Come on.
Blinker? Hang on.
-lt's the guy-- -Pacer's not capturing.
-Turn up the damn gain! -lt's up all the way.
After you broke down the door, what did you find? You're bigger than her, right? Then carry her in here yourself.
His wife locked herself in the bedroom put a sock into her mouth so she wouldn't scream.
She really wants to have that baby at home.
Come on.
-Anybody here with him? -Family's on the way.
Pupils fixed and dilated.
Patrick got into the Christmas tapes.
Come on! Doug it's been 30 minutes.
Let's call it.
Damn it! Green-tagged him by mistake.
He's the last of them.
Oh, Mr.
Thui, we took very good care of your wife.
She's been sedated and she's resting comfortably.
l do not understand.
She wasn't in the accident with me.
She was home.
l called her to come pick me up.
What? l missed it.
You triaged 70-odd patients.
You're human, Doug.
Doctors may l? Yes.
My brother in faith l entrust you to God who created you.
May you return to the One who formed you from the dust of this earth.
My brother in faith l entrust you to God who created you.
May you return to the One who formed you from the dust of this earth.
Out of the depths, l've cried unto Thee.
Lord, hear my voice.
Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Let's hook this up to the suction.
Let's move.
You think the vascular boys can put Humpty Dumpty back together again? They're in with that thumb.
You know, Dexter's always been a magnet for bad luck.
l'm Dr.
Give me the bullet.
Left B-K amputation.
Estimated blood loss, 40%.
Bilateral hemothorax.
Rapid sequence induction, Versed, succinylcholine, Pavulon 4 liters Ringer's, 6 units O-neg in.
C-spine cleared, vitals stabilized.
Benton, right? l've heard about you.
Oh, yeah? ls that good or bad? -He's in fib! -Charge the defibrillator, 200.
Excuse me, just how much longer am l gonna have to wait? Clear! -BP's falling.
l get 60.
-His crit's down.
Run them in, fast.
Did Dr.
Stern tell you that you have an aortic aneurysm? -l don't feel a femoral pulse.
-He had one.
Doctor, please, do something! Let's get him in the O.
-Nobody's available.
-No surgeons? There's 22 surgeries going on up there.
We'll do it here.
l'll get Benton.
Prep a thoracotomy tray now! Oh, Morris.
l need a surgeon.
l've got a AAA that's about to blow.
Order a laparotomy setup from O.
Call Anesthesia, get Dr.
-You ever cross-clamped an aorta? -No.
l don't feel a thing.
Call a code.
Get some epi! Open the lVs wide.
Here's an amp of epi.
Doctor, please.
Do something.
Where's Dr.
Lewis? Get a pulse and a CPR.
Ready on scope.
Bob! What are you doing? Oh, man.
Pulse is faint but l feel it.
Set up that dopamine and run it.
What happened? lt was Bob.
-Bob? -Bob.
The police said that our baby, Ashley.
Oh, my God! Ashley! Oh, God! l love you.
Are you okay? They found the leg.
-Vitals? -BP's 1 1 0 over 70, pulse is 1 1 2.
-Pulse ox is good, 95 percent.
-What's he had? We're in a holding pattern for Vascular.
Why don't we fly this puppy ourselves? Send to O.
for a vascular tray, Bovie, drapes, gowns and an Ex-Fix.
You're gonna do a reimplantation in the ER? Not me.
Let's start.
The vascular team will swoop down when they smell the glory.
All right, now you're talking.
Let's go.
Here's the abdominal, chest and C-spine film.
His BP came up with four units.
Strong piece of work.
l've seen chief surgical residents do worse.
Have you seen Bob? Officer, you want to escort this camera crew out of here? Right now.
Yo, Dr.
Lewis! They need you to scrub in Trauma 1 .
-Do you know where Cvetic is? -No.
Lewis, stat.
Do you know what we call motorcycles? No.
What? Donorcycles.
l like that.
-You would.
You gotta hurry it up, Carter.
You got a million things to do.
-What are you doing? -l'm trying to get this cast off.
How the hell do you change your pants, man? They put it on me as a joke.
And now it's starting to itch! Tell me about it! Eight casts in six months.
Hog sat on me.
Dropped my Nighthawk.
Relax, doc.
This won't hurt a bit.
That's Mrs.
You want me to come with you? No, thanks.
l'm Dr.
Your husband sustained very serious injuries in the accident.
He was brought here and despite our best efforts, we were unable to save him.
He died.
l'm sorry.
Good night.
Bob? Now l will never be a doctor here.
Were you planning on being one? ln my country, l was a surgeon.
Vas-- Vascular? You're a vascular surgeon? Yes.
l have to board.
You have to take the board exam.
lf l not operate, the man die.
But now, when they find out l will never board.
Wait a minute.
You operated on somebody? When they find out what l did.
Did the patient die? Then they'll be grateful.
Really? l'll help you with your English for the board exam.
You would do it for me? That? He's cyanotic as hell.
How'd it go with Mrs.
Ramos? Pulse ox is really bad.
-Hemostat? -Sixty.
Check his cardiovascular.
What is that? Patrick again.
-His pulse is down to 30.
5 of atropine.
Guy on the phone, Mr.
He'll only talk to you, Dr.
Put him on the speaker.
Greene? l'm here.
She wants to push.
Look between her legs and tell me what you see.
Retract here.
Baby hair.
-You ever delivered a baby? -I'm a plumber! -It's coming! -Good stuff to good stuff.
We want to control the head.
When the head is halfway out, tell your wife not to push and then gently ease the skin over it.
-What, the head? -Yeah, like putting on a sweater.
Well, the head's out.
It's turning! Retract here.
That's what it's supposed to do.
Now gently pull down towards the floor.
Hey, it's a boy! Good.
Good work.
Now place the baby on your wife's belly, get a shoelace and tie the cord.
Wrap them up in a blanket, nice and warm, and bring them in.
Benton, your friend has his tibial artery back.
The vascular team's here.
We've débrided, re-anastomosed posterior tibial artery and saphenous vein.
Confirmed flow.
Strong preliminary work.
Get him unhooked.
All right, Dex.
l'll see you walking down King Drive.
l'll finish the chart.
-Are you okay? -About what? About Mr.
l'm glad you're happy.
-l'll get my stuff and we can go.
-You got it, sweetie.
You know Doug is a fabulous guy.
We have lots of fun and he's cute.
He's great in bed.
Do you think there's one perfect love? Like Sleepless In Seattle somewhere under the stars, one perfect person for everybody? l don't know.
Why? Because for Doug it's you.
Hey, who ordered these pizzas? -Pizza's here! -All right! Great job, folks.
Very nice.
Hey, it's Dr.
Bob! Now what? All right, Patrick! Mr.
Blinker? Mrs.
Blinker? Dr.
Greene? God bless you, Dr.