ER s01e12 Episode Script

The Gift

Claus, wake up! Santa, you okay? l must've dozed off.
l woke up feeling a little dizzy.
Must be those double shifts.
Come on back, we'll check you out.
lt's 1 0:00! Kids will be lined up for blocks.
l gotta go! You should see a doctor first.
-l'm already late.
-Let me check your pressure.
Are you taking any medication? l'm feeling a lot better.
Thanks, young man.
Thanks, anyway.
l've got skates for Rachel, but l never know what to get Jen.
Only six shopping hours till Christmas.
l can't believe l waited till the last minute.
l gotta make up for last year.
-What'd you get her? -Dustbuster.
Get her a broom, it's cheaper.
l'm running out of ideas.
Go to Fields.
Fill me in on your patients.
l'll cover.
-You sure? -Be back in an hour.
-Can l borrow your car? -Chloe has it.
Freeman, Zimberg and Woo are to be discharged.
Sounds like an international law firm.
Be careful going in here because Regina's busy hallucinating.
O'Neill opened up his hand along with a can of nuts.
lncoming head trauma on the chopper! Okay.
Susan, take over for me? Susan, there's an electrical burn in 1 a ''weak and dizzy all over'' in 2 and torn cartilage waiting in 3.
From your Secret Santa.
l'm tied up with an LP.
Will you Gram stain that for me? There, thanks.
Merry Christmas.
Haleh's fudge? You're spoiling me, Jerry.
Help me! Help me! Help me! Somebody help me, my son's dying! l'm a doctor.
Give me your kid.
He fell in the lake.
Please help him.
Murray! Murray! -Near drowning! -Murray! This kid's frozen.
Trauma 1 .
He's cyanotic.
lt's all my fault.
Murray, don't die please.
Please don't.
Sir, you gotta back up.
Get him out of here! You gotta come with me.
Sir! You have to wait back here.
l have to stay right here.
He's not breathing.
Start pulmonary suction.
Five-and-a-half ET tube? Yeah, perfect.
Come on, little guy.
Tube's in.
Suck the water out of him then bag him.
l want blood studies, a coag panel and chest film.
What happened? l took him ice fishing.
Murray ran ahead and fell in.
How long was he under? How long? -l don't know.
-Let's bag him.
Five minutes, maybe.
l couldn't find him.
BP's 30 palp, pulse is weak.
He's bradycardic, heart rate's 32.
-What's his temp? -80.
Warm him up or we'll lose him.
Hail Mary, full of grace, The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art Thou among women.
Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us sinners.
Now and at the.
Oh, God, don't take my little boy! Please don't take my son.
Put him on heated, humidified O-2.
l need the suction cath.
The warmed lVs are here.
How about a pleural lavage to warm his heart? Yeah, good idea.
Lydia, grab me two 36 French thoracostomy tubes.
We may have to do a cardiopulmonary bypass.
All right? All right, Carter, you know the drill.
Come on! Keep your head down! What do you got? Twenty-five-year-old male.
Crashed his snowmobile on a golf course, no helmet.
Found him comatose.
Pulse 1 1 0.
Normotensive, 1 40 over 90.
Resp's 1 2 and agonal.
Tubed him in the field.
Neuro exam? GCS four, right pupil blown.
Decerebrate posturing.
-He's in asystole.
-How about atropine? -Body temp's too low.
-l'm not getting a pulse.
Come on, Murray.
Don't give up on me now.
Come on, pal.
Get the crash cart over here! Come on, Murray.
Stay with us.
All right, let's go.
Carter, diagnosis? Hematoma, right side of the brain.
Same as the blown pupil.
-Prognosis? -Poor.
With a Glasgow score of 4, he's doing as good as a rock.
Let's go, people, move! Let's go! All right, hurry up.
Unstrap him.
We gotta move him quick.
Here we go.
Come on, let's move! One, two, three, move! All right, Carter, how do you decrease intracranial pressure? Bur hole decompression.
Spoken like a true surgeon.
l don't drill into heads unless l have to.
Hyperventilate him.
Pressure's holding, 1 30 over 90.
Alright, Malik, rapid bolus him with 75 g's of mannitol.
Positive Babinski.
He's got fluid draining from his ear.
-That's cerebral spinal fluid.
-Basilar skull fracture? All right, Malik.
Get a nuclear scan.
Let's see how much brain he has.
Haleh, find the next of kin.
Carter, get a blood type.
Anybody know his name? License says Teddy Powell.
He's back.
Good boy! Let's start a warm peritoneal lavage.
Kid's clotting factors look normal.
Keep those lVs going.
We'll watch for the rewarming shock.
So Hathaway's engagement party? l heard.
You going? Not invited.
l'll be in Winnetka with Linda's parents, eating goose, in a tux.
Life could be worse.
You don't need me here anymore.
l'm off page.
-Where're you going? -Shopping.
Doctor? Doctor? Thank you for helping my son.
l'm Dr.
l'm Dante Valario.
l'll never forget you.
Valario, your son's condition is stable, but he's not out of danger yet.
Now, we're still warming up his body and it's a little too early to know how he'll respond.
Can l see him now? Regina's still agitated.
Will you look? -Do l have a choice? -Claims a Grinch spiked her eggnog.
lt's my party.
lt's my party! lt's my party-- And she'll cry if she wants to Cry if she wants to Cry if she wants to You would cry too if it happened to you Give her five Haldol.
The ER is no place for this case.
lCU is maxed out.
Can't Neuro take it? As soon as there's an opening.
Till then, he stays.
All right.
All right.
He's got a big right-sided bleed.
Midline shift.
No uptake activity in the brain stem.
Can we do anything? Carter, he's brain dead.
Keep his heart going till we locate a relative and get permission to recover his organs.
We got it.
He signed the back of his license.
He's got family, get consent.
-Head lac in the suture room.
-Susan's covering for me.
Susan's tied up, and your name's still on the board.
Come on.
You should've seen it.
The Trib called it ''A masterpiece of electrical ingenuity.
'' ''86,239 bulbs of scintillating brilliance.
'' Enough wattage to light ten city blocks.
lt takes me two months to put all the lights up.
People travel all across the state to see it.
That's how famous we are.
Get a CBC lytes and CPK to make sure there's no muscular damage.
My wife said l should charge admission.
l said no.
We take and we take.
We should give something back, you know.
Bring some joy to the neighborhood.
l'm sure it's beautiful, Mr.
Beautiful? No, it was breathtaking.
We took first place 5 years in a row in the amateur division.
You know, that's a record.
This year was the topper.
lt was an Alpine Christmas.
We had everything.
We had mountains and chalets.
We had a miniature ski lift that went all the way to the roof.
All l needed was a little more juice.
The power company said no.
l tried to tap into the main power box.
Now look at me.
We'll keep you on the EKG to make sure you didn't hurt your heart.
My heart.
What can that machine tell about a broken heart? -How's his temp? -Up to 88.
BP's steady.
Still got a long way to go.
Brain damage? Hard to say.
lf you're gonna drown, do it in cold water.
Murray? Hey, buddy.
Merry Christmas, Murray.
Mark! Mark! Merry Christmas.
You're 5 minutes late.
What'd you get? l haven't even gone.
What happened? Too many patients, not enough residents.
Does your offer still stand? Just be back by lunch.
l'm starving.
Could you erase my name off that board? Stabbing coming in.
mugged in a parking lot.
Penetrating stab wound to mid-abdomen.
Pressure crashed to 60.
Brought him to 1 30 with 1 000cc's normal saline.
-Blood loss? -200cc's.
Bleeding contained.
Give him six units of O-negative.
Notify the O.
Let them know they have a laparotomy coming up.
-Are you his wife? -Yes.
Does he have any history of medical problems? Heart problems? Hypertension? -He's in perfect health.
-Stay right here.
His blood will be hyperoxygenated and heart and liver profused until we're ready for surgery.
He may be going into DlC.
Give me 1 0 packs of platelets and 2 units of fresh plasma.
l'm not losing his organs to a bunch of damn blood clots.
l located Mr.
Powell's wife.
She's on her way over.
He's in V-fib.
Come on let's spark him.
l need this heart! Carter, let's move! -One hundred.
Clear! He's in sinus rhythm.
Carter, call Cardiology for an echo.
l just resuscitated a dead man.
Pretty nasty cut, Patrick.
How'd you hurt yourself? -Can l have some chocolate milk? -Sure.
Patrick, where's your helmet? l lost it.
Did your father bring you here? Why did the cat walk on sand? Why? To get ''sandy claws.
'' ls the organ network online? Yeah.
l linked you up with local and regional.
Let me get in.
Carter, did you get a blood type? lt's B-negative.
Here we go.
Age, 25.
Height: 5' 1 0.
'' Weight: 70 kilos.
Blood type: B.
All right, let's see what we got.
Here we go.
Cincinnati General needs a heart.
A woman in Altoona needs a liver.
Both perfect matches.
lt's gonna be a Merry Christmas for a few lucky people.
l feel ridiculous coming here, but Aaron insisted.
He's worried.
His cousin died of a ruptured appendix.
That's tender.
Do you think it's anything serious? l wanted Aaron to be here with me, but his plane's been delayed.
lf there's anything wrong, l don't wanna hear it alone.
l'm not too concerned.
But l want to do a few more tests to be sure, okay? Okay.
l got this from Neuro.
lt's the best they can do.
Thanks, Malik.
Look, Patrick, l have a new helmet for you.
l don't want it.
Why? lf you don't wear it, you'll hurt your head when you fall.
And l'll have to come back? Do you wanna stay here for a while? Patrick, no one answers at your home.
Does anyone know you're here? Do you see anything yet? l don't see any gall stones.
Oh, my! lt's my appendix.
l knew it.
-No, actually it's-- -Something worse? A tumor? lt's a baby.
About twelve weeks old with a steady heartbeat.
A baby? My baby? We tried for years.
They said it was impossible! Well, you proved them wrong.
l'll have Obstetrics come down, but everything looks fine.
lt's a miracle.
Aaron's gonna flip! Thank you, Dr.
Lewis! -Thank you! -Well, be sure to send me a picture.
Oh, a baby! We have been waiting over an hour.
Kirby could have died! He'd have to eat an entire poinsettia plant to be sick, Mrs.
Even then he'd only have a bad stomach ache.
This is my colleague, Dr.
He'll examine him.
Please hurry, we have company coming.
-Need any help? -l think l can handle this one.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Carter, you might wanna wait.
l'm having trouble getting Kirby to open his mouth.
Carter, watch it! Almost got it.
Carter! Gotta know when to jump.
Heading home, Mr.
Kaminski? Yeah.
Try and rescue as many bulbs as l can.
The power surge probably blew out most of them.
Change the dressing daily and apply the antibacterial ointment.
These are beautiful.
Thank you, Dr.
Just use them safely.
These are old antique twinklers.
They're a real collector's item.
Perfect for next year's old-fashioned theme.
Where'd you find them? Oh, man! First somebody eats all the popcorn off the tree and now the lights are missing.
Have you had any trouble sleeping, or with your appetite? l've been waking up very early and l can't seem to get back to sleep.
How have your spirits been? l don't know.
You ever suffered from depression, Mrs.
Abernathy? Well, the holidays are always pretty rough for me.
And this year is worse.
How much worse? Sometimes l can barely get out of bed.
l've made some terrible mistakes with my life.
Christmas just seems to bring them back.
He was injured this morning in a snowmobile accident.
He never regained consciousness.
The medical examiner determined that your husband is brain dead.
l'm sorry.
l don't understand.
Why is he hooked up to these machines if he's dead? Well, because he can help others by donating his organs.
His face.
lt's so warm.
And his hands.
l've heard of people waking up from comas.
A man in our church was in a coma for 6 months.
Everybody said it was hopeless.
Then one day he woke up.
l'm sorry, Mrs.
There's no possibility of your husband recovering.
l want a second opinion.
l know he looks like he's alive.
But the only reason he's on this ventilator is to keep his heart pumping.
l want a second opinion.
Have you seen Doug? Sorry.
Greene, are you a skier? No.
My company's sponsoring a physician's conference in Aspen.
Tax deductible.
Continuing medical education credits, free lessons.
Hi, sweetie.
Linda's drumming up business.
Residents don't buy drugs.
They just like your freebies.
You like my freebies? That's a whole other story.
l left the tux in your locker.
Any luck finding bargains? l haven't been able to go out yet.
Any idea what l can get Janet in 1 5 minutes or less? l'm a killer shopper.
-You wouldn't mind? -No, l've got shopping to do.
What's your price range? l get it.
Strictly budget basement, same as Doug.
Nice tie! Thanks.
l got it from Haleh, my Secret Santa.
Have you opened your Secret Santa gift yet? No, l haven't had a chance.
I'll face the unknown I'll build a world of my own -No one knows better -Miss Cavanaugh.
Than I myself I'm by myself alone Can l help you? l'd like a suite with a view of the lake.
And would you take my bag up, please? He's developing neurogenic pulmonary edema.
Give him renal range dopamine and 40 mg of Lasix.
How much time do we have? l don't know.
About an hour before we start losing organs.
Also, increase the vent pressure to 1 0.
Peter, Dr.
Hicks is outside.
She'd like to speak to you.
Why are you holding Powell? Cardiac and liver transplant teams are waiting upstairs.
l ran into a problem with the patient's wife.
What? His wife won't sign the consent.
You called the team before you had consent? His driver's license gave us permission.
l told you to contact the family.
lt's his wife's decision, not yours.
lf she doesn't want it, we don't do it.
You've got eight transplant surgeons flying in with patients and families waiting at the other end.
lf we can't harvest, what are you gonna tell these people? You need an antidepressant.
l'll give you the name of a therapist.
My sadness may be connected to something that happened a long time ago.
On Christmas? Forty years ago a young man proposed to me, and l said no.
lt was the biggest mistake of my life.
Why'd you say no? He was Jewish.
My parents didn't approve.
And last year after my mother died, l found his letters.
She'd kept them hidden from me.
He wanted to know why l wouldn't answer his letters why l stopped loving him.
He lived in Tulsa.
So l got his number and l called him.
And a beautiful voice that l hadn't heard in 40 years answered.
lt was his son.
Sammy died three years ago.
-Hey, Mark! -Can l borrow your pen? Great save on that mesenteric rupture.
Listen, l've got a problem.
l've got a gork's wife who won't sign a consent.
And if she doesn't change her mind, l'm gonna start losing organs.
l was hoping maybe you could persuade her.
Sometimes, you can't.
Yeah, but l already called the transplant teams.
That wasn't very smart.
l'll see what l can do.
He's not breathing! Crash cart to Trauma 1 .
Call a code! Fill me in.
He complained of dizziness this morning.
-You let him go? -He left against medical advice.
All right, l'm gonna need some muscle in here! -Okay.
Got it, thanks.
-Behind you, Dr.
All right.
Let's move him.
One, two, three! Has he taken any medication? -Get the suit off.
-Undo the belt.
-l can't find a pulse.
-ls that a blood gas? -l don't know if he's on medication.
-l'll call Respiratory.
He's in arrest.
Malik, give him an amp of epi.
Atropine, one milligram, lV.
Powell? l'm Dr.
l'm chief resident here.
Are you taking over the case? No, Dr.
Benton just asked me to come speak to you.
To sign the consent.
l want you to do what you think your husband would have wanted and what's right for you.
l don't know what Teddy would have wanted.
l haven't spoken to him in five months.
But you are his wife? We were separated last summer.
He called me yesterday.
He wanted us to spend Christmas together.
l told him no.
l wanted to hurt him as much as he'd hurt me.
l wanted him to come crawling back.
l wanted him to beg for forgiveness.
And now all l want to do is hold him.
l just want him to know that l still love him.
Mark it, 1 9:22.
Any l.
? No wallet, no driver's license.
Carter? Oh, God.
l killed Santa.
-Any word from Neuro? -They haven't been down yet.
l hope he's the same kid he was before.
-He say anything? -He hasn't made a sound.
We three Kings of Orient are Bearing gifts we travel far Field and fountain Moor and mountain Following a yonder star Star of wonder, star of light Star of royal beauty bright Westward leading, still proceeding Guide us to the perfect light His parents went away on vacation and left him with neighbors.
Her family left her with a cousin.
l guess they needed a break.
Her Alzheimer's is worse.
Hey, Jerry! l've paged Div twice.
He hasn't called? Sorry, Dr.
He probably just forgot to turn on his beeper again.
But l thought Cvetic quit.
-What? -l thought he quit.
Cvetic, please.
Okay, thank you very much.
ls everything all right? ls everything okay? l don't know.
When do you get off? l just signed out.
-Can you do me a favor? -Sure.
Can l have a ride? -Prom night? -Something like that.
-Linda picking you up? -l'm meeting her.
Cocktails at Jack's place.
Then on to Winnetka for 200 of her parents' close, personal friends.
-Do l detect a lack of enthusiasm? -Beats putting in chest tubes.
We've got a bunch of choir kids in a minor fender bender.
-Anything serious? -Only cuts and scrapes.
Merry Christmas, guys.
Merry Christmas.
See you.
-You okay? -Thought l was.
l think about her all the time.
You ever tell her? -No, no.
-Why not? Because l was afraid.
Afraid she might say no? Afraid she might say yes.
lt's too late.
She's not married yet.
You spoke to Dr.
Greene? Yes.
We're running out of time.
So what? Where's the form? Div? Div! He moved out.
They hung up.
Did you take those Christmas lights down? lt is not true.
Whoever says this is a liar.
l was asking a question.
So you gonna be okay? Thanks, Carter.
You're a really good friend to me.
A good Secret Santa too.
You're my Secret Santa! l haven't even opened it yet.
lt's a music box.
Thank you.
So, you sure you're gonna be okay? Yeah.
l'm always okay.
l could come in for a while.
Keep you company.
l don't think we should do this.
l'm sorry.
Don't be.
This was for Div, but.
Thanks, l guess.
l gotta get back to the hospital to check on Miss Cavanaugh.
Merry Christmas! Hey, buddy.
We're here.
What? We're here.
The café.
Change your mind? No.
Hey, no.
Hang on! Hey, come on! -Linda Farrell brought this for you.
ls that for Jennifer? -You got good taste.
All my ex ever gave me was a vacuum cleaner.
Organs look good.
Let's proceed with the harvest.
Stop the heart first.
lnsert the catheter into the brachycephalic artery.
Catheter's in.
Cross-clamp the aorta right above the diaphragm.
Aorta cross-clamped at 20:48.
Now infuse cardioplegia solution, quickly.
Heart rate's falling.
-Heart stopped.
-Let's get these organs out now! Susan? Where's Div? -l don't know.
-Wasn't he supposed to come? Well, his apartment's empty and he's gone.
So l guess not.
Man, cheer up! l've been dumped by lots of guys.
l got over it.
You will too.
Hey, that's my robe.
May l borrow it? -Yes, you may.
-Thank you.
That music's pretty.
lt was a gift.
lt reminds me of that merry-go-round we used to ride.
Oh, l got you something.
Oh, it's pretty.
Thank you.
You'll have to share it with the baby.
We're naming it after you.
-What baby? -l'm pregnant.
Oh, Chloe.
-Go home.
-l love you.
-You love some old idea of me.
-And you love me.
-Yes, you do.
-No, l don't.
You haven't changed, and you don't even know it.
All right then, l will change.
-l am not asking you to change.
l don't wanna listen to you.
l don't want you.
Leave me alone! -What's he doing? -Leaving.
No, l'm not.
You're coming home with me.
-You need to get some help.
-Get out of here.
Tell him that you don't love me.
Tell him you don't think about me when you're with him.
Stop! Please! Stay out of my life.
Tag, please.
Get the liver and kidneys to the copters.
Thanks, everyone.
That's it, Benton.
Nice work.
The heart's only good for three hours, so get it on ice.
And pray the weather clears in Cincinnati.
Vinny, could you sew him up? lf you don't mind, l'd like to sew him up.
You want staples? No, l'll sew him right.
A number one silk on a swedge needle.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas Make the Yuletide gay -Going home, Dr.
Greene? -Soon as l'm finished.
His EEG is normal.
What does that mean? lt means his brain function wasn't affected.
Murray? lt's Papa.
Can you hear me? Hi, son.
Come here.
Hang a shining star Upon the highest bough And have yourself A merry little Christmas now Cincinnati's cleared for landings.
Chopper's on its way.
Here you go.
Thanks, man.
-lt worked out, huh? -Yeah, it did.
-Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Through the years We all will be together If the fates allow Until then We'll have to muddle through Somehow So have yourself A merry little Christmas Now