ER s02e07 Episode Script

Hell and High Water

Previously on E.
- Morning.
- I've overlooked a lot of your behavior.
Now a medical student? I slept with Doug Ross.
If you were smart, you'd give her another chance.
I'm a new physician assistant.
I start my ER rotation today.
Can we at least pretend to be civil? Professional? Well, let this serve as notice you will not be renewed.
You're out of here.
- He's a good doctor.
- But he's a loose cannon.
I've been here a few years.
It's the longest commitment I've ever made to anything or anybody.
"Hell And High Water" - Where's your little girl? - I don't have one.
- Where's your little boy? - I'm all by myself.
- Are you sick? - No, no.
Then why are you here? - For a job.
- You don't have a job? - Did you see the pretty fish over there? - Did you lose your job? My daddy lost his job.
- Did you get a new job? - Yes, giving big shots to little girls.
- Mommy! - Big shots.
There you go.
- Mrs.
Weak and dizzy all over.
- Be still my heart.
- Smell something? - Yeah.
Ma'am, smoking is not permitted in the hospital.
This is my glaucoma medicine.
My grandson grows it.
Oh, no, thanks.
Put that there.
Why don't we put these away, so that we don't get busted? - Smells like primo stuff.
- Yeah? God, I miss the '60s.
- New computer? - Yeah.
I'm connecting us up by modem to Mount Sinai.
Pooling our resources.
A couple more things.
Benton goes nuts if you're late or don't answer a page on the first beep.
He has a bad temper.
- I'll have to remember that.
- Never contradict him in front of an Attending.
- Who made brownies? - Wendy Goldman.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Damn! - What's wrong? - I think I deleted Radiology.
- Well, did you back it up? - Was I supposed to? - Try Alt Q.
That sometimes works.
Hit-and-run pulling up.
Ten-year-old girl.
- Where's Ross? - A job interview.
Hit-and-run, no witnesses.
Found unconscious, responsive to pain.
BP 140/90.
Resp low at 10.
Tubed her in the field.
Multiple facial lacs, possible fracture to right lower extremity.
Get Radiology down here.
Trauma 2.
- What's her name? - Lunch box says "Molly Phillips.
" Somebody call her parents.
All right, nice and easy.
Keep bagging her.
Here we go, people.
On my count.
One, two, three.
All right, people, let's learn something.
Carter, how do you check for spinal cord injury on an unconscious patient? - Look for absence of tendon reflexes.
- Do it.
Poor little thing.
- Harper, what film do we want first? - Chest? I'll do a cross-table lateral to rule out a C-spine fracture.
Deep tendon reflexes are present bilaterally.
Babinski is normal.
Harper, let's talk head trauma.
What study should we do? - Come on, Harper.
Pay attention.
- Pressure's falling, 50/30.
What do you hear? Diminished breath sounds on the right? I appreciate air movement bilaterally.
No pneumo.
- No, that's upper airway sounds.
- I see a tracheal shift to the left.
- So do I.
- Tension pneumo.
Good call.
I'll teach you how to do a needle decompression.
Carter, run the blood up to the lab.
Our new Urgent Care Facility could use someone like you.
- Urgent Care's a smart move.
- Most emergencies are run-of-the-mill stuff.
Sprained ankles, croup, concussions You'll spend most of your time on ear infections and well-baby checkups.
Private practice is changing.
We're chasing PPO contracts to compete against the HMOs.
- We won't sacrifice our commitment.
- That's what Pedes is all about.
We're a family here.
The kids you see today will be the parents of the kids you'll see in 20 years.
We believe in continuity and commitment.
So do I.
- So do you want to join our family? - Yes, I do.
How's she doing, Peter? She's stable.
We're just going over her films now.
Nasty break.
Anybody want to take a crack at reading it? Type three tibial and fibular fracture with complete displacement.
- Thirty percent chance of nonunion.
- Excellent.
- Were knee and ankle films ordered? - I don't believe so.
Knee and ankle films are necessary to rule out injuries from transmitted forces.
She's right as rain, Peter.
Order the films.
Come on.
I've got a couple interesting Colles fractures you may wanna look at.
Have you ever seen a middle ear bone fracture? - Hey.
How did the interview go? - Great.
- What did they say? - They said I was great.
- Did you get the job? - Ninety grand a year and nobody dies.
Auf Wiedersehen.
I'll see you around.
- You okay? - Sure.
Is this what you really want? Do I have a choice? Molly? Molly, do you know where you are? You' re in the hospital.
You were hit by a car.
We're taking very good care of you.
You like my ring? I know you're scared, but I'll stay with you.
We called your parents.
They'll be here very soon.
Okay, let's extubate her.
Carter - What's her tidal volume? -500 ccs.
Gases are good.
All right.
- We're gonna take this tube out.
- Squeeze my hand.
Make sure the cuff is down before you extubate her.
Now, what I want you to do is pretend you're blowing out your birthday candles.
Take another big breath.
When I say go, blow out real hard, okay? Go.
- Nice.
- Good job.
Good job.
Okay, let's send her for a head CT.
I'll be in Exam 2.
- What's your name? - What? What's your name? - I'm Harper.
This is John.
- Hi, Molly.
Other eye.
Your optic discs are perfectly normal.
- Are you sure you have glaucoma? - My medicine must be working.
- How long have you been lightheaded? - I wouldn't call it lightheaded.
It's more like I float.
- How long have you been floating? - About two weeks.
How long have you been smoking marijuana? About two weeks.
- Having trouble? - I lost Radiology.
- That's bad.
- No kidding.
- You have a file-recovery disc? - No.
Let me have a go at it.
A couple damaged clusters, but everything looks intact.
Jerry? Could you keep Mrs.
Riblet's valuables while she gets a CT? - Help yourself, honey.
- Sure thing.
- Can I stay and watch Geraldo? - And disappoint Radiology? - What are you doing here? - Mozart ring a bell? - Fantasy of the Opera? The Magic Flute? - No.
The charity ball.
You promised you'd go.
- That's tonight? - Yeah.
The tickets cost my company 300 bucks.
- Here's your costume, Don Giovanni.
- No, no, no - That's tights.
I'll just wear a tux.
- No.
Pick me up at 7.
That'll give you an hour to change.
Yeah, well - What are you going as? - Carmen.
- Don't be late.
- Yeah.
I think you're gonna need this.
Wilson has been admitted with coffee-ground emesis 14 times with the same symptoms.
Order all her charts and write a summary of all her discharge notes by tomorrow.
- You got the computer fixed? - Yeah.
Linda Farrell.
- Why do you smell like dope? - I've been with a patient.
- We're hooked up to Mount Sinai? - Beating the crap out of them.
- What are you doing? - Playing Doom II.
- How long does it take to play? - Months.
I've done thoracotomies that were less bloody.
He doesn't understand the educational value.
Die, bastard.
Come on! - How are you feeling? - Okay.
I knew you'd come.
- Sweetie, of course we would.
- I want to go home.
Your daughter will be in the hospital at least several days.
Excuse me.
- Will both of you stay with me? - Of course, sweetheart.
And, Daddy will you come back to live with us? - Well - We'll talk about that later.
How could you let her ride her bike in the rain? - Don't blame me for this.
- Who else let her do it? I'm doing the best I can.
If you spent more time with her and less at the office with Sarah- The plastic surgeon will be here soon.
If either of you have a photo of Molly it would help him repair the laceration on her cheek.
- Same picture.
- Lake Geneva.
It was a great vacation.
Just need one.
Hey, pumpkin.
Handled that very well.
I practice in my own family.
Help! Help! Please, help! Please! Help! - What? - Please, my brother needs help! - Why? Why? - Hurry! He's gonna drown! Okay.
Hang on, hang on.
Hang on! We were playing in the tunnel.
My brother got trapped.
Come on.
There you go.
Give me your hand.
Hang on, we're coming in! - Are you hurt? - My leg's stuck.
Hang in there.
Don't panic.
We'll get you out of here.
- What's your name? - Ben.
Hey, Ben.
I'm Doug.
Let's see if I can move some of this stuff out of the way here.
- How did you get caught in here? - We were by the canal and the water started coming real fast.
- Just get it out, please.
Just get it out! - Mom told us to stay out of the tunnel.
It ain't my fault, Joey.
The water just pushed me.
All right, settle down, fellas.
It's nobody's fault.
- Are you okay? - I'm cold and my leg hurts.
Let me take a look at it.
It's your lucky day.
I'm a doctor.
- Let me check this.
Does this hurt? - Yeah, a lot.
- Try not to move it.
- Is it broken? - It might be.
- Oh, no.
- No, no - Don't cry, Ben.
Yeah, Ben.
Don't cry.
It's nothing compared to what I've seen.
- Let's get him out, okay? - Please, please, get me out of here! It's gonna be a piece of cake.
When I was a kid I used to build - I used to build forts in these tunnels.
- You did? Yeah.
You gotta watch, because when it rains, the water comes up really quick.
Joey, listen to me.
You go find a phone.
You call 911.
You tell them to send a rescue squad.
All right, Joey? Go! Go! - Well, where's he going? - Well, this grate is locked.
- I'm gonna need a little help.
- But you said you could do it.
- What's that light down there? - I don't know.
- I'm gonna check it out.
- Don't leave! - I'll be right back.
- Wait.
Just don't! Ben, listen to me.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
I promise you that.
But you gotta do me a favor, okay? You gotta trust me.
Can you do that? - Okay.
- Okay? All right.
Here's the first thing I need you to do.
You gotta curl up like this, into a ball.
Real tight, like that.
As tight as you can.
Okay? That's gonna keep you warm.
I'm gonna see what that light is.
I'll be back as fast as I can, all right? Like a ball.
Like that.
Now sit tight.
All right.
- Ben, can you hear me? - Yeah.
- All right.
Are you okay? - Yeah.
Did you find something? Come on! Hello, is anybody there? It was blocked.
- I'm so cold.
- That's all right, buddy.
Can you wiggle your toes? No.
That's okay.
How about your fingers? Can you move those? There you go.
- Can you feel me squeezing your hand? - A little.
All right.
Now all you gotta do is just think warm thoughts.
You gotta think Hawaii and you gotta think the Sahara Desert.
You gotta think about Come here! Come on! You listen to me.
You gotta stay awake! You gotta stay awake for me, all right? Okay.
All right? - I'm so tired.
- I know that.
Why don't we just sing a song.
- You know songs, don't you? - No.
All right, yeah.
How about "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"? All right, listen.
Come here.
I've gotta get some help.
- No! Don't go.
Don't! - It's okay.
Please, don't.
You gotta sing as loud as you can, so I can hear you.
All right? - Say yes to me.
Come here.
- Yeah.
All right.
Here we go.
- Hey, hey! I couldn't find it.
- Come here.
What? I couldn't find a phone.
I couldn't find a phone anywhere.
I couldn't find a phone.
Come here.
Come on.
All right, listen.
You go in there, and you find a phone.
You call 911, and you stay here till help gets here.
You understand? Go! Let's go! You all right? Hey, hey! Hey, buddy! - I sang it four times.
- I knew you could do it.
Hey, stay awake! You gotta stay awake for me.
Come on, you gotta stay awake! All right, this will do the trick.
We'll use this jack to get your leg out.
So are you a Cubs fan? Yeah? Who's your favorite player? Who's your favorite player, Ben? Hey, come on! Who's your favorite? - Mark Grace.
- Mark Grace? What? Are you nuts? Shawon Dunston's the man.
Best shortstop in the game.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
Next season I'll take you to Wrigley Field.
Come on, stick with me! Stay here.
I'll take you to Wrigley Field Come on, damn it! We'll get a couple of dogs then we'll compare Grace to Dunston.
All right? There you go.
Hey, stay up! Stay awake! Keep your head up.
Keep your head above water.
All right.
All right, so you think that you know a lot about baseball, do you? Come on.
All right.
Ask me a question.
Come on.
Ask me a tough one.
Let's go.
Stay with me.
Stay up.
Stay up! - Most home runs? - Most home runs? Hank Aaron beats Babe Ruth.
That's nothing.
That's an easy one.
Here we go.
Are you ready? Okay, we got it.
We got it.
All right, come here.
- You gotta push your leg out.
Ready? - I can't feel It's okay, I'll help you.
All right, here we go.
All right, buddy.
It's okay.
Come here.
Come here.
All right, listen, give me your hands.
You gotta hold on right here.
Hold on with both hands.
You hold on! You gotta keep your head up above water.
Do you understand? - Yes, you do.
- I can't - I can't hold - I'll knock out these hinges.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can! - I can't! - Yes- Yes, you can.
Hey! Damn it! You hold on, damn it! You hold on.
You hold on.
You hold on! You understand me? Hold on! Here we go.
Come on.
We almost did it.
No, I- No! Ben! Come here! No! Ben! Ben! You're not dying on me, Ben! Not now! Hey.
I shot the Hell Knight with my plasma rifle but he nailed me with a rocket launcher.
Watch out for the fireballs.
- Excuse me, Dr.
- Yeah? I sorted through the charts and compiled the discharge summaries.
I think your patient has a paraesophageal hernia.
If you need anything else, I'll be in the Suture Room.
- Where are we going? - To a nicer room.
My lunch box There we go.
Don't you be scared.
I'll stay with you until we take you upstairs.
- I made it in school.
- It's beautiful.
- It's for you.
- Thank you.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
- The plastic surgeon will be here soon.
- We won't be needing your surgeon.
- Excuse me? - My plastic surgeon's coming.
- Who? - Fred.
- Fred Mendoza? He'll cost a fortune.
- It's only your daughter's face.
- No, I hate him.
That's why you called.
- He's the best in Chicago.
For lopsided breasts.
Touchy subject.
- Is he all right? - Mouth-to-mouth's not working.
- His airway's blocked.
- Paramedics are coming any minute.
- That Medevac copter will take us.
- That's a TV news chopper.
- Is my brother going to die? - No, he is not! No, he is not! - What are you doing? - I'm a doctor.
I need to clear an airway.
- You got a pen? - What? A pen? Do you have a pen on you? Here we go.
Come on! All right.
Come on.
Breathe, damn it! All right, here we go.
Come here.
Help me out.
Get him up, get him up.
I got him.
I got him.
- What do you got? - A 12-year-old trapped in a culvert.
Possible fracture to the left lower extremity.
Don't jostle him.
He's hypothermic.
You can cause an arrhythmia.
I'm Dr.
I work in County ER.
I need a number six ETtube.
There we go.
- I need a portable O-2 and an ambu-bag.
- You got it.
We picked up a paramedic call.
What happened? - He saved my brother.
He's a doctor.
- Here, let's roll on this.
We're at the scene of an incredible rescue.
It appears that a doctor has saved a little boy from drowning.
We got it, doc.
Call Mercy.
- Mercy's not a Level 1 trauma center.
- It's the nearest treatment facility.
This boy needs a surgeon.
Probably an ICU.
We gotta follow station protocol.
- What's your transport time? - In this weather, maybe 12 minutes.
- Where's your pilot? - Hey, Jimmy! Over here! - Sorry, doc.
We got to move.
- Wait, wait.
We're losing time.
- What's your flight time to County ER? -15 minutes.
- Will you take us? - We're not medically equipped.
- He's hypothermic, needs special care.
- Mercy is closer.
- Then he dies because there's no ICU.
- Or else he dies in a news chopper.
I don't have time to argue with you.
I will take full responsibility for this.
This boy is gonna die! Let's do it.
It's a great story.
Let's go! - What are you doing? - I need supplies.
- I need a portable defibrillator.
- I got a spare.
- You're taking a hell of a chance.
- Damn right! Let's go! Hold it right there.
Here we go.
One, two, three.
There's no room in here.
Give me the camera.
- All set.
- Get a minicam van and meet me at County.
Here, here.
Close the door.
Let's go! Patch your headsets back to the station.
- How's he doing? - He's okay.
- You're filming this? - We're live from Chopper Five with Dr - What's your name, doctor? - Doug Ross.
Doug Ross from County General.
Just minutes ago Dr.
Ross rescued a boy from a storm drain.
I can see you're attaching electrodes to the boy's chest.
What are those for? - What are those for, Dr.
Ross? - Patch me through to County.
Ross has just asked me to patch him through to County General.
- You need a red key.
- Look out for the Lost Soul.
- Use the rocket launcher.
- Mount Sinai's shooting us.
- They're cheaters! Get them! - You do it! - I need a bulletproof vest.
- Blast him with a BFG 9000! Look, his guts are all over the place! Quiet, you guys.
This is County General.
Go ahead.
This is Chopper Five from Channel Five News.
We've got a Dr.
Ross flying in a hypothermic kid.
- Doug Ross? - That is correct.
Hold on, Chopper Five.
Mark, Doug is on a news chopper bringing in a hypothermic kid.
- What? - It's on the MICN.
- What's he doing on a news chopper? - Look, there's Dr.
- Turn up the volume.
- Where's the remote? Doug, do you read me? - Mark, is that you? - What are you doing? I got a 12-year-old with hypothermia.
I gotta warm him up.
- I'm doing my best.
What's our ETA? - About three minutes.
Seeing a rescue in action, live from Chopper Five.
Stay with us as Dr.
Doug Ross struggles to save the life of this child.
What are you doing? How's he doing? How's he doing, doctor? Malik, we need heated saline IVs.
Warm up half a dozen to 106 degrees.
Wendy, get heated blankets and a mattress.
Jerry, tell Benton we may need him down here.
- Heated peritoneal lavage? - Yeah, that's right.
Come on, let's go! Can you warm him up now? How's he doing, doctor? - Why's the monitor doing that? - He's got runs of abnormal heartbeats.
- What are you doing? - Trying to stabilize his rhythm.
Come on.
He's in V-fib! - Come on.
- What are those paddles for, Dr.
Ross? Stabilize his beat.
They didn't charge the battery! - Oh, my God.
- God! I need your help.
Turn the camera off.
Turn off the camera! We've momentarily lost contact with Chopper Five.
This is Warner Saunders, with Rescue in Action.
Squeeze the bag when I count to five.
- One, two, three, four, five.
- Like this? Y eah.
One, two, three, four, five.
One, two We're gonna lose this.
God! Three, four, five.
Mark? Mark, where are you? Where the hell's County? - You told me to turn it off.
- Get County.
Tell them we need a crash cart on the roof, now.
- Come on.
How far out are we? - I can see it.
Keep bagging him.
Squeeze it like that.
Like that.
For you, Dr.
It's Morgenstern.
Yeah, I did think it was kind of risky.
No, we're watching Channel Five.
They're trashing us on Channel Eight.
Listen, you do not need to come in.
Everything is under control.
We have an unconfirmed report that resuscitation efforts may have failed.
It's always a danger up there in that copter in the Windy City.
In a child with hypothermia, it can cause fatal arrhythmia.
She's right outside.
- Jerry, turn that off.
- TV doctors Get Security to escort Dr.
Mahoney to a less conspicuous place.
Let's get the life pack and drug box.
- Any sixes? - Nope.
Go fish.
- How are you doing? - My stomach hurts a little bit.
Get a CTof her abdomen along with the head.
Probably just a bruise.
- Where are her parents? - Coffee shop.
I get next game, okay? - Coming through.
Coming through.
- Doctor, is he dead? - Please, get out of the way.
- Dr.
Greene can you confirm or deny this report? Get Security to get these people into the Press Room.
Do you question Dr.
Ross' decision to fly the child here? - Not for a second.
- Come on! Move, now! Let's go! Hurry! We're ready.
Move it! He's hypoxic.
All right, let's move! - Clear the blades and we'll shock him.
- Where's the crash cart? - All right, the paddles.
- We just landed at County General.
- The doctors are taking out paddles.
- Charging! - Clear! - One hundred! Several doctors are trying desperately to revive Ben Larkin.
- One-fifty.
- Clear! - So far their efforts are failing.
4 epi.
- Charging 200.
- Clear.
- Will he make it? - Shock him again! One more time.
- Charging 200.
- Back.
- Let's get him inside.
We'll try it again.
- Are we gonna lose him? - Got warming blankets? - We're all set.
We'll shock him again, then we'll try rapid rewarming.
- Get that gurney out of there! - That little girl? Molly! She crashed in CT.
Pressure dropped.
Now she's unconscious.
- Said her stomach hurt.
- Could've blown a mesenteric clot.
Harper, get four units O-neg.
Stay with us, Ben.
Paddles! Charging 200.
Charging 300.
- I got a faint pulse.
- Pulse ox is 80.
He's hypoxic.
Let's change him over to a Shiley.
Greene, the press is going berserk.
They want a statement.
We're a little busy right now.
Tell them he's holding his own.
Let's get a CBC, lytes, blood gas and coags.
- What's his core temp? - Eighty-two degrees.
That's too low.
Put him on heated humidified O-2.
Heated saline.
Let's start him on lidocaine, Hope he doesn't go back into V-fib.
Doug, you're a mess.
Go change into some scrubs.
You're freezing, Doug.
Go get some coffee and warm up.
Hey, I need you here.
Go change! I should never have put him on the damn chopper! - Got it, Carter? - I'm almost in.
- Got the O-neg.
- Hang it.
- Oh, my God, what happened? - Get her out of here! - Somebody call my husband! - We think Molly has internal bleeding from the accident.
- Molly! - Somebody get her out of here! Now! No! Molly! No, please! - Give me some suction.
- My God.
No! Number five ETtube, please.
- It's in.
- Bag her! Give her 0.
3 of epi and 0.
6 of atropine.
Now! Come on, Molly.
Come on, Molly.
Epi's in.
Ross! He saved Ben.
- We're his parents.
How is he? - It's too soon.
- The news said his heart stopped.
- It's going now.
- How's he doing? - Coag looks good.
Lytes are normal.
- Blood pH 7.
- Thank God for small miracles.
- How's the patient? - He hasn't gone into DIC.
There are reporters crawling all over.
- What's his temp? - Eighty-five degrees.
- He's not warming up enough.
- Heated pleural lavage? His heart won't take it.
We could bypass him and warm his blood directly.
- That'd be fastest.
What do you think? - You're the Attending.
Call Cardiac Surgery for a perfusionist with a bypass pump and a heating unit.
Lily, go get Benton.
- Mark needs you for bypass access.
- Got to stop the bleeding first.
Thoracotomy tray.
Now! - We'll go to the waiting room.
- No, I wanna stay.
No, we have to go.
Come on.
Come on.
Ten blade.
Carter, start compressions while I cross-clamp the aorta.
Yeah, I got it.
- She's clamped.
- What happened? - Abdominal bleed.
She coded.
- Start an atrial line.
- I need two 15 French cannulas.
- Mark, little girl's coding in 2.
Hit-and-run, recent onset of abdominal pain.
Crashed and went into asystole.
We've infused four units of O-neg and epi and cross-clamped her.
- Mesenteric rupture? - Probably.
Nothing you could've done.
Peter, I'll take over.
Hypothermic kid in Trauma 1.
Needs femoral lines for a bypass.
Infuse another unit.
- Peter, it's about damn time! - Cut down! We're trying internal paddles.
- Charge to 10.
- Charging.
- Charge 20.
- Charging.
- Twenty again.
- Charging.
When I remove the obturator, be ready to hook up the cannula to the bypass.
- What's his temperature? - Eighty-six.
- He's going into V-tach.
Rate's 180.
- Give me 100 procainamide.
Come on, Ben.
You can make it.
Hold on, buddy.
Hold on! Time of death, 2125.
I'll go talk to her folks.
Doug? Doug, your friend's awake.
You're in a hospital.
Don't try and talk.
- Doug? - He made it.
- Pretty nasty cut.
- Yeah.
- Could probably use a few stitches.
- I'll do that in a little while.
- What's his temperature? - Ninety-three.
Vitals stable.
Way to go.
You made it.
How about that, kiddo? Excuse me.
Are you the parents of the little boy in the tunnel? How does it feel to know that Mercy was three minutes-? Excuse me.
I think you'd better leave.
Sorry, I'm talking with these people.
No, you're not.
Hey, how are you feeling? - You made it.
- Just like you promised.
- Thank you.
- It's all right.
You remember Wrigley Field.
We got a date.
Sit down.
Let me finish.
- That one was crooked.
- Yeah? Next time you can do it yourself.
- Hey, Mark, thanks.
- For what? You did all the hard work.
I don't think I could've gone up in that helicopter.
I just got lucky.
You know about kids.
As good as new.
- Where are you going? - Check for reporters.
All clear.
- Get some sleep.
- My car's in Grant Park with a flat.
We'll pick it up tomorrow.
I'll grab you a cab.
Come on.
- Guess I missed the opera.
- Linda will understand.
- Here, take my coat.
- Thanks.
- Grab a bite? - Yeah.
- Oh, there he is.
- Dr.
Ross! Dr.
Ross! - Over here, Dr.
- Can we have a statement, Dr.
Ross? - How are you feeling right now? - Have you seen the rescue footage? - How does it feel to be a hero? - Just a moment of your time.
Ross, just a moment of your time.