ER s02e08 Episode Script

The Secret Sharer

Previously on E.
You should see the inside.
- I'm sorry John.
- You don't owe me an explanation.
We only went out a few times.
Well, could you guys keep her three days a week? You will not be renewed.
You're out of here.
- I know you're friends.
- I'll supervise him.
His fellowship runs through December.
Gives him over a month to find a job.
- So do you want to join our family? - Yes, I do.
Hurry! He's gonna drown! It appears that a doctor has saved a little boy from drowning.
"The Secret Sharer" Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
- Grab a bite.
He's not here.
- Of course.
Why would Ross be on time? - Neal.
- He puts a kid in an unsecured news chopper and the hospital's gonna give him an award! Neal, face it! Ross is a bona fide hero.
He's brought terrific press.
The board wants to acknowledge that.
Well, why don't they ask him to stay? Why do I have to do it? You're the one who fired him.
A fact the board is not too happy about.
Is there any more cream cheese? Sorry I'm late.
Sorry to drag you out so early.
- Juice? Bagel? - No.
I just ate.
Have a seat.
- Got your tux ready for tonight? - I'm renting one.
Mine's still drying out.
It's gonna be quite a gala.
Two aldermen are coming, so be prepared for pictures.
I've asked Mark to be the presenter.
Demi Moore wasn't available? You jest, but the truth is we're all proud of you, Doug.
All of us.
So much so, we want to extend your fellowship for another year.
- Who would be my supervisor? - Him.
Hope you'll stay.
We'd hate to lose you in the ER.
Well, thanks.
But as I thought I was fired, I've taken another position at a private practice.
I know.
We'd like you to reconsider that decision.
Wouldn't we, Neal? Yes, indeed.
We would.
Are you gonna stay? - Do you need to know now? - Pretty soon.
Well, can I have four extra attending shifts a month? - I could use the extra dough.
- Possibly.
- How about Saturday nights off? - Don't push your luck, pal.
You think I'm kidding? Mail, from your newfound fans.
Mostly female, by the handwriting.
The wages of heroism.
- We got a marriage proposal on the fax.
- Does it include a bank statement? Morning.
I'm Dr.
You must be Ramiro.
That's my American name.
I picked it.
Interesting choice.
I understand your face feels funny.
- On the right side.
- Can you show me your teeth? - How about those? - I can't.
No? Can you squeeze your eyes real tight for me like that? - What was that? - She thinks you're too young to be a doctor.
- Thank you.
Do you speak English? - She don't, but I do.
You have an inflammation of the facial nerve.
Also known as Bell's Palsy.
It's not serious.
She still doesn't think you're a doctor.
Well, tell her in four months I will be.
We want to see a real doctor.
Am I working Thanksgiving? - No.
- Cool.
I need you to work tomorrow night.
I haven't found a night nanny yet.
I can't keep covering nights for you.
I did four last week.
Yeah, you're right.
You've been great.
I appreciate it.
I'll figure something out.
- Peter.
- Yeah.
I thought Zeidenberg was covering ER.
Schedule change.
Why? I'm supposed to be with a surgeon to practice my suturing.
- If it's a problem- - Not for me.
Is it for you? - No.
- All right.
Knee lac in Bed 5.
- Hey, Hathaway! - What have you got? An apparent suicide attempt.
Brother found her next to an empty bottle of Tylenol.
- What's her name? - Julia.
Hey, Jerry, could you go find Greene, please? - Vitals? - She's normal.
Hey, listen, I got the number of that roofer for you.
- Oh, great.
- I hear you bought a real money pit.
Yeah? Where'd you hear that? - Tylenol OD? - Yeah.
How much did you take, Julia? When did you take it, sweetheart? She hasn't said a word.
We need an acetaminophen level, liver-function tests gastric lavage, Coming up! - Is she gonna live? - Yeah.
Come on, hon.
You want something to eat? Good morning.
I see you're making yourself at home.
I hope you don't mind.
I find having a few knick-knacks around makes a room more cheerful.
So you're feeling fatigued? A bit fatigued, I'm afraid.
I was hoping you could give me something to put me back on my feet.
- Any fevers, colds? - Neither one.
Any headaches, vomiting? No, a bit short of breath.
- Are you on any medication? - No.
Not a drop.
Oh, listen to that poor little lamb.
I wanna x-ray your chest, rule out pneumonia and do a blood test, okay? Teatime, is it? Well past, I'm afraid.
Hey, set up an albuterol nebulizer.
Let's get a pulse ox right away.
- What do you got? - Asthma attack.
- He can't breathe.
- Respiration's 40.
Dusky nail beds.
He's cyanotic.
Let's start a low-flow O-2.
I got him here fast as I could He got worse on the bus.
- What's his name? - Alan.
Buddy, I need you to take a deep breath on this.
It's okay.
It's all right.
This medicine's gonna help you breathe.
Here we go.
Take deep breaths.
- What's the pulse ox? -87.
- Is that bad? - About what I expected.
There you go.
There you go.
Nice and slow.
Slow, slow.
Deep breaths.
Corvalan, I spoke to a doctor and he agreed with my evaluation.
This is a prescription.
Follow up in the clinic in five days.
You're welcome.
- It's not going in.
- She's biting the tube.
Julia, you can't bite the tube.
We need to clean out your stomach.
All right, that's it! Restraints! Settle down.
Don't make it even harder.
- Tie her down.
- Stop or I'll put a tube down your nose and you're really not gonna like it.
Oh! She's pulling the tube out.
- Damn it! - Okay, nasogastric tube.
- More charcoal? - Good idea.
I know.
I'm sorry I have to do this.
- I know! - Malik, come hold her head down.
- I need a new cath-tipped syringe.
- Here you go.
- We're in! -50 grams.
Can we have a washcloth? All right, dear.
It's okay.
The worst is over.
I know.
God, I hate this.
It's okay.
- Hey, Hathaway, I love your new scrubs.
- Yeah, right.
- Tell me when her level comes back.
- Okay.
- She put up a fight? - She was really serious.
That's really the exception.
Most of these girls are looking for attention.
Yeah, they fight with their folks or their boyfriend swallow five pills instead of two and then call 911.
I mean, come on, if you really wanna kill yourself, forget about pills.
Get yourself a straight razor.
You find that artery, you slice right on up.
You'll be dead in a minute.
Pills are for people who don't really mean it.
I really meant it.
Yeah, right.
She's kidding, right? Mom, it's not a "money" kind of favor.
I was hoping you and dad could look after Susie tomorrow night.
- What time? - About 8 a.
- You mean she'd have to sleep here? - Yes, she would have to sleep there.
Jerry, can we get an acetaminophen level on that suicide attempt? Yeah, I'll call the lab.
I need to get on there when you're done.
- I'm done.
- Yeah? Thanks.
- What time are you getting off tonight? - About 6.
- Do you want to have dinner? - I got a presentation.
It's not until next week, but I've got to prepare Carter, did you work up this kid with facial paralysis? I'm sorry, am I interrupting? - No.
See you.
- Bye.
Yes I did.
He had Bell's Palsy.
- No vesicles or sores in his ears? - I don't think so.
- You're not sure? - Pretty sure.
Why? Well, vesicles indicate Ramsay Hunt syndrome which could infect the brain.
I wasn't looking for vesicles.
If you think you missed them, I'd call his folks, get him in here and make sure.
Yeah, mom.
Yeah, I know how you are when you don't get enough sleep.
Okay, bye.
So much for Ozzie and Harriet.
- Any other ideas? - Call in sick? I'm kidding.
Just kidding.
Here, Julia.
If you need anything, just press this button.
- Levels back? -480.
Oh, she must have swallowed two bottles.
She could be in line for a new liver.
Start Mucomyst.
Let me know when her LFTs come in.
- Contact her folks? - Don't have a number.
She won't talk.
- Have you seen her brother? - Not I.
Open your mouth.
There you go.
Now you're getting the hang of it.
Pulse ox is up to 98.
You had me scared there for a while.
Any idea how this happened? Granny's got a collie.
Let me see this.
Okay, Mrs.
Almont, Alan will be fine.
Does he live with you? No.
Just visiting for the week while his folks are out of town.
Okay, well, if he'll be staying with you, you'll have to get rid of the dog.
- You're the doctor who was on the TV! - Yes, that's me.
You're gonna be okay, sugar.
That's the doctor from the TV! Doug, I talked to the boy's HMO.
- They want him at their Urgent Care.
- Where? - Oak Park.
- That's ridiculous.
He was in acute respiratory distress.
I'm not sending him across town.
His pulse ox is up to 98.
And I want to make sure that it stays that way.
- There.
- "Pulse ox, 89"? Tell his HMO that, they'll let him stay.
What's going on? Dr.
Ross, I'm not fudging my nursing notes.
- Nobody's asking you to.
- There's gonna be a discrepancy.
I'm not sending him out.
Do you know why she did it? My mom died in a car accident last May.
- Might have something to do with it.
- They were close? Not really.
Does Julia get along with your dad okay? - He ain't around.
- He works a lot? He just can't deal with stuff.
I don't think he likes being in the house.
Do you have a phone number for him? Yeah.
County General.
- What was that about? - I might have misdiagnosed.
- Ramsay Hunt.
- Forgot to check the ears? No, I checked, but I wasn't thinking Ramsay Hunt, so I didn't look for it.
Pretty big miss.
Bring him back to make sure.
A lady with chest pain, history of lupus and renal failure.
Benton said you should take it.
Don't miss anything.
Oh, your x-rays are back.
- Poor dear was exhausted.
- Your lungs look fine.
- Would you? - Oh, sure.
- Thank you, love.
- Yeah.
- I have another cup.
- Oh, no.
I'm fine, thank you.
- Do you work with children? - Yes.
I raised three right here in Chicago.
Of course, they grew up and made me obsolete.
Are you looking for work? Yes, actually.
Work nights? Pour it through the strainer if you would, please.
Chuny, can I not read your writing, or is that a 98? That's a 98.
So you wrote down this asthmatic kid's pulse ox as 98 and five minutes later, Doug noted it 89? Did he crash? He didn't crash.
Could this be a case of numerical inversion due to temporary dyslexia? I don't know.
I'm just a nurse.
So I'm correct in deducing that there's an inconsistency here? - Looks that way.
- Someone made a mistake.
I didn't make a mistake.
Thank you.
- Give me a sec.
Carol? - Yeah? Look, I'm really sorry for being a jerk back there before.
- I didn't know.
- It's no big deal.
Don't worry about it.
No, it is to me.
Can we get together later and have dinner or go to a movie? Look, I'm busy, but I'll call you, okay? - I don't hear anything unusual.
- Temp's normal.
Briggs, sit tight.
We'll be right back.
Let's order a CBC, Chem-7, ABG, EKG, chest film.
Abdominal series.
Anti-DNA, anticentromere, antiphospholipid - antibody, cryoglobulins.
- That's gonna be $2000 right there.
- I don't wanna miss anything.
- Is this because she's Vucelich's patient? She's Vucelich's patient? Better get a cardiac echo too.
And a CT.
- Doug? - Let's get one more neb treatment.
And then I'll okay him for transfer.
Okay? - Doctor? Thank you so very much.
- You're very welcome.
- You wanna fill me in? - Kid had a bad asthma attack - and his HMO wanted him transferred.
- So you falsified his chart? - That's sounds right.
- It's illegal.
- Should I put him on a bus to Oak Park? - You should've come to me.
I could've called his HMO and backed you up.
But now, when they see this, they're not gonna pay.
There's no way I can justify a lie of a new medical record.
- We're just gonna have to eat it.
- Good.
Eat it.
I can't keep banging heads with you every other day.
It's just too much work.
If you're gonna stay here and work for me, this cowboy crap has gotta stop.
Stay here and work for you? Now there is an attractive prospect.
Is that what this is about? You can't take the fact that I'm your boss? Typically narcissistic of you.
I can't take the fact that anyone is my boss.
I need to speak to your sister alone.
- How are you feeling? - Okay.
Do these have to stay on? We took some new tests.
One of them was a pregnancy test.
It came back positive.
You knew that.
Did that have something to do with taking the pills? Sometimes keeping things inside makes them seem worse than they actually are.
You don't know.
I know about wanting to die.
I took a bunch of pills a year ago.
I loved my mom.
When she died it's like everything fell apart.
Kyle was a mess.
At night I'd hear him crying, like when he was little.
We never meant for it to happen.
I only went in to hold him until he stopped crying.
And now I'm pregnant.
It's okay.
If I had recommendations this strong I could've gone to an Ivy League school.
Recommendations? This patient of mine's a nanny.
Her agency faxed them over.
- Her name's not Ransom, is it? - Yeah.
Don't count on any long-term commitment.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
- Heads up.
- I got it.
in a Civil War re-enactment of Battle of Malvern Hill.
Took on Lee, Magruder and Stonewall.
Two ton cannon broke loose, rolled over his toe.
Damn artillery sergeant.
Ought to be court-martialed.
Let me take a look.
Oh, yeah.
That is pretty smushed up.
What's open? Trauma 1.
It was musket butt to bayonet all morning.
The damn rebels were thicker than fleas on a dog's back! - Hi.
- She told you.
Kyle, whatever she told me is confidential.
I'm not free to discuss it.
She told me she told you.
We're gonna do everything we can to help you guys, okay? Oh, man, she did tell you! When my dad finds out, he's gonna kill me! Kill me, man! He carries a gun! Kyle, I'm not gonna tell your father anything you don't want him to know.
I'm not waiting to find out, know what I'm saying? Kyle! You wanted to practice your suturing? Here's your man.
Turned 25 years old today.
Celebrated by drinking himself into a stupor and walking through a plate glass window.
It's a two man job.
Carter will help.
Let's get the chest films first, then the echocardiogram.
The echo guy was here first.
- I got a heart and spleen waiting.
- Give me two minutes.
- Carter.
- What? - What are you doing? - Nothing.
She's got a history of lupus and renal failure and complained of chest pain - so I'm working her up.
- Carter, come.
Excuse me.
Carter, only an idiot would order that many tests for chest pain.
I'm trying to be thorough.
She's Dr.
Vucelich's patient.
- You're kidding? - No.
- Oh, damn.
- Dr.
Oh, God.
Tell me, did you order these labs on my patient? Dr.
Vucelich, I apologize.
I left my student unsupervise- No.
I take full responsibility.
Benton had nothing to do with this.
- Then you're the one I should thank.
- Thank? Yes, the test for antiphospholipid antibodies was positive.
She has a serious blood disease.
We need to put her on heparin right away.
So tell me, what was your thinking, son? Actually, there was very little.
Briggs has a very complex history, so I took a shotgun approach.
- Don't underestimate yourself, Mister - Carter.
Carter, right.
Given the circumstances, your approach was more than valid.
Not that I advocate indiscriminate testing.
No need to run Chem-20s on every runny nose, right? But when someone has a constellation of problems, you can't hold back.
Remember that, Benton.
- Good work.
- Thank you, thank you.
By the way, I'm doing a fem-pop bypass.
You wanna assist? Go, Carter.
- You know the procedure? - Fem-pop bypass? How many have you done? Mrs.
Ransom? I must have drifted off.
- Did you get my references? - Oh, yes.
- Very, very impressive.
- Thank you.
I was thinking that I could drop around tonight.
Make it a little less intrusive on the little one.
Ransom, we need to talk about your blood tests.
Your red and white cells and platelet count are extremely low, which is suggestive of aplastic anemia which is very serious.
Perhaps you could give me a few pills.
Pep me up.
Ransom, your condition is most likely terminal.
You need to be admitted to the hospital for a bone-marrow biopsy.
Oh, Pish-posh! Not another one of those! - You've had one? - Yes, months ago.
Most unpleasant.
Have you been getting transfusions? From their description, they are simply ghastly.
No, no, no.
I would rather just carry on and, you know, hope for the best.
I I could come around about 7 tonight if that's convenient with you.
Ransom, your disease has reached a stage where you can't work anymore.
You need to be admitted to the hospital.
I think I'm the better judge of that.
Don't you? Oh, man, that smarts! You've avulsed most of the skin off the top of your big toe.
Just saw it off and throw it in a basket.
I need to get back to the field.
Amputation isn't necessary.
I just launched a countercharge at Jackson's center.
Damn cannon came off the blocks.
- Are you General Grant? - No, Grant wasn't at Malvern Hill.
I'm Major General Fitz-John Porter, tactical genius.
Used the 5th Corps to outflank two rebel divisions and drive them back across the Chickahominy.
I have to rongeur the bone.
Let's get Mr.
Richter some lidocaine.
No, ether.
That's all Porter had when they cut off his leg.
Richter, we haven't used ether as an anesthetic in over 40 years.
- Lidocaine.
2% digital block.
- Just give me a bullet to bite on.
- We may be out.
- I got it.
Could we send out a private to round up some bourbon? No, Mr.
Richter, we're fresh out of privates as well.
I'm about to use this tool to grind down the bone in your toe.
I highly recommend that you take the lidocaine.
Not as long as I'm in command.
Go to it, surgeon! Do your stuff! I saw your sister, Jackie last week, near the State of lllinois building.
She was buying a Polish dog from a vendor.
I don't think she saw me.
- She's supposed to be on a diet.
- Busted.
- She works near there.
- Didn't she work at the gardens? Used to.
Always wanted to work outdoors.
- She's allergic to pollen.
- You're kidding? So they put her in a room with no windows.
And a plastic plant.
She told me she saw you.
Didn't tell me about the hot dog, though.
I'm Richard Kazlaw.
I was told Julia's here.
Kazlaw, I'm Dr.
Julia tried to kill herself, but good news is, she's okay.
- Where is she? - She's actually with a social worker now.
And you can see her when they're done.
If you could just fill out this paperwork, consent form, that sort of thing.
High speed motorcycle collision.
Victim has abdominal pains.
BP in the field of 80/50.
Repeat BPs came up with 300 Head trauma, non-responsive, GCS seven, possible tib-fib fracture.
- Wearing a helmet? - No, neither of them.
Get a CBC.
Dip a urine for blood.
Get X-ray to run the spine, cervical, thoracic and lumbar.
Chuny, see if he's oriented.
- What's your name? - Tom Spagnoli.
- What's the date? - November.
My stomach's killing me! - He's got a tire track on his belly.
- Bowel sounds, hypoactive.
Possible intra-abdominal hemorrhage.
- DPL? - No, he's got a scar here.
- I had an operation as a kid.
- Laparotomy? We can't lavage on him.
Tell CT to hold a table.
- Let's get a Foley in.
- He opened his eyes.
Can you hear me? Do you know where you are? - Response to pain.
Otoscope! - Moves extremities times four.
- No obvious paralysis.
- Let's get X-ray.
Cross-table C-spine.
He's got blood in the canal.
Ross has X-ray.
- Fundi's normal.
Disks are flat.
- Maybe it's just a skull fracture.
I'm worried about the blood in his ears.
- Tell CT to hold a table.
- Dr.
Ross is holding already.
- What have you got? - Tire marks across belly.
Got a lap scar, so I can't DPL him.
I'm sending him up to CT.
- Rebound, guarding? - Little bit.
My kid's got blood in the canal.
He's sicker so he'll go first.
- Wait.
He could have a ruptured spleen.
- What's his crit? - Forty-two.
- It's normal.
He can wait.
- Lateral C-spine is next.
- Set up suction.
Pupils are fine.
No papilledema.
- There's blood in the canal.
- Otoscope.
- What the hell do you think you're doing? - He has a skull fracture.
You're out of line.
Go back to your patient.
- My patient is going to CT.
- No! This kid is going to CT now! Fine, mine's going to the O.
for an exploratory lap.
Like hell! You're not putting a patient under the knife to win a pissing contest.
Damn right! It's so he doesn't bleed while you tie up the CT for a skull fracture! - Go home! - What? I'm taking over your patient and writing you up! Go home! Let's get a portable ultrasound in here.
Check out the belly.
Let's go, come on! So that's why she swallowed two bottles of pills.
- He was forcing himself on his sister? - No.
It came out of grief over losing their mother.
She went in to comfort him - and they ended up sleeping together.
- And now she's pregnant.
Can I help you? Sir? What? The name on the consent.
Oh, God.
It appears that your father may have overheard two of our staff members discussing your case.
Oh, man.
He's gonna kill me.
Do you really think that he might hurt you? Yeah.
Someone's gonna stay with you at all times.
I'm afraid that we didn't handle this very well.
I wanna make sure you guys are okay.
Tony's gonna stay with you.
Lydia, Carol You have no idea how sorry I am.
- Stupid to talk about it in the open.
- Really.
Put protecting patient confidentiality at the top of the agenda for tomorrow's staff meeting.
I got the girl an ICU bed.
We should move her.
- Alert Security, in case there's trouble.
- Okay.
- Dr.
Your tux came in.
- Great, Jerry.
- Wait.
That's Dr.
- Okay.
- Ready for your big award? - Yeah.
Can't wait.
- Doug, you got a sec? - No.
Hey, Dr.
Phone for you.
- Who is it? - Your father.
- Who? - He said he was your dad.
- Hello? - It's your dad.
- How are you, son? - Fine.
I know it's been a while.
I was wondering if I could see you.
This isn't a good time.
So - You sure? - Yeah.
Okay, I gotta go.
- How can I reach you? - Here is fine.
I thought he and his father didn't speak.
As far as I know, he hasn't since he was 12.
This is gonna be an interesting evening.
One more.
All right, last one.
- Nice.
- Fun.
- I like the staple gun.
- Hey, hey.
- Hey, guys.
- Carter, how was surgery? Incredible.
Watching Carl anastomose is truly a humbling experience.
I got to hold the bulldog clamp.
I got it on tape if you wanna see it.
- Pass.
- No? I'll get some Xeroform dressings for our birthday boy.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Very attractive.
- Carter! And smart too.
And available.
- She's married.
- No, she's not.
- What are you talking about? - She told me she was divorced.
So listen, if it's okay, I finished my notes on your patients.
I'd like to take off.
- Is that okay? - Yeah, Carter, go.
I'll see you tomorrow.
How's it going? Yeah.
That's right.
Hello there.
- Please tell me he's your father.
- He's my father.
Thank God.
He showed me an expired driver's license.
Dad, what are you doing here? - Oh, I was in the neighborhood.
- You were? Your mother and I had a disagreement on the responsibilities of being a grandparent.
I'm here to apply for the job of night nanny.
- What did mom say? - Use your imagination.
I'd have to come to your apartment.
I mean, I will if you want me to.
Really? You'd do that? I should've done it a long time ago.
- You taking off? - I gotta make a run to Humbolt Park.
- Yeah, what for? - Had a kid with facial paralysis.
I diagnosed Bell's Palsy, but might've missed vesicles in his ears that suggest Ramsay-Hunt, and it's been driving me crazy all day.
So I guess this is a no, then? To my dinner offer? Would you be paying for this dinner? Actually, I thought I'd be cooking this dinner.
- Know your way around Humbolt Park? - I can read a map.
Kazlaw? Mr.
I took care of your daughter today, Mr.
And I feel terrible because you overheard something you didn't want or need to hear right now.
I'm so very sorry.
I don't know what to do.
There are people who can help.
You should talk- Take this, please.
- No sign of him? - Nope.
Isn't this dandy.
Give him five more minutes.
If he doesn't show, we'll make some sort of an excuse.
Say he's out scouring the sewers for lost kids and stray pets.
Are you Dr.
Greene? You're missing a really bad chicken dinner.
I'm shooting.
Now, you see? You jinxed me.
Hey, Mark.
You wanna hear my speech? Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all very much for this tremendous honor.
I wanna take this opportunity to acknowledge some of my colleagues.
First, David Morgenstern for his stalwart support.
One minute he's stamping my walking papers and the next he has his face so far up my butt if he had a moustache, it would tickle my throat.
Let's not forget Neal Bernstein.
Neal, proof that any idiot who can nod his head can rise right to the middle of pediatric medicine.
And last, and definitely not least, Mark Greene.
Mark the self-righteous-shall-inherit- the-ER Greene.
Mark the I-am-behind-you-110% but-you-are-out-of-here Greene.
Thank you.
Kiss my ass.
Good night.
God bless.
What do you think? Is this really how you want to end your career? Can you think of a better way? - What did your father want? - You got me.
I'll tell you something.
He'd get a kick out of what I'm about to do.
Don't do it, Doug.
Big mistake.
Well, you know what my father always said? If you're gonna make a mistake, make it a big one.
Still sewing? Thanks for teaching me the staple gun.
Well, good night.
Why didn't you tell me you were divorced? Separated.
We haven't had many conversations lately.
At least not civil ones.
Al and I had a lot of problems that had nothing to do with you and me.
Good night.
Slow down! - I had no idea you were this neurotic.
- What? Coming out here to check a kid's ears? I thought you came to support me, not ridicule me.
Yeah, but ridiculing you is so much more fun.
This is it, 218.
Hey, your first house call.
Hi, how are-? Hey, Wilbur, how's it going? - You messed up? - We'll soon find out.
Let's take a look.
That's one down.
- Two down.
All clear.
- You done? I'm done.
Thank you.
And I'm really sorry to bother you at home.
It was no surprise to me to see Doug Ross on TV sloshing around in freezing water trying to save a kid in trouble.
Because in a way, that's what he does every day.
I don't know any doctor who cares more for his patients.
I'm proud to present this award for outstanding community service to a great pediatrician and a great friend.
Doug Ross.
Thank you.
I'd like to take this opportunity to single out a few people who have influenced my career, for better or worse.
But I guess you all know who you are and how I really feel about you.
Perhaps the less said the better.
Thank you for this.
Thank you.
It's scary to think that in four months I'm gonna be a doctor.
I'm not gonna have Residents looking over my shoulder checking my mistakes.
It's an awesome responsibility, if you think about it.
- Do we have to talk shop? - What? I'm sorry.
I just hate to think that medicine is all we can talk about.
- No.
We can talk about something else.
- Well, good.
- Great.
You first.
- No, you go first.
Did you do that because you couldn't think of anything? At least take your hands out of your pockets and do it right.
You're not thinking of doing anything rash, are you? - You mean like this? - What are you, crazy? - Those awards really bounce.
- Must be acrylic.
Thanks for the speech.
Thanks for not giving your first draft.
- I'm an idiot, you know.
- You have your moments.
You know why my old man called me today? Because he saw me on TV.
I haven't heard that voice in 22 years.
Son of a bitch.
The scary thing is that I'm doing a pretty good imitation.
Never kept a job more than two years.
Most of the time it was two weeks.
He had a nasty habit of getting drunk and punching out his boss.
Maybe it's just me but I take a dim view of that particular approach.
So do I still have a job? If you still want it.
Damn it! Goddamn! Damn it! Damn it, damn it, damn it! What are you doing up there? - I'm destroying your roof.
- Oh, great.
That's just what I need.
No, seriously, I saw some of these rotting tiles and I figured I'd start pulling them off, and I think I've ruined your roof.
Well, stop! - Oh, my God! - I know, I know.
This is horrible.
I figured I could save you some money on roofing.
I'm sorry.
About what? Putting a really big hole in my roof? I The roof, the mouth Whatever odious behavior I'm about to commit.
All of it.
I'm sorry.
Look, I shouldn't have made you feel stupid this morning.
Hey, I did that all on my own.
No, I blind-sided you.
Well, that's true.
Well, look, I- About what you said today It doesn't matter to me.
You know what I mean? I don't think any less of you.
Most of all I'm really glad that it didn't work.
Me too.