ER s03e01 Episode Script

Dr. Carter, I Presume

Previously on ER The doctor said I may have been HIV-positive for as long as 10 years.
You turned down chief? Yes, I did.
Al's got AIDS.
We were careful, but not that careful.
to the chest and abdomen.
Pulse 140 and thready.
BP's 80.
Stop squirming.
This fool look familiar? He got shot before.
- It hurts! - I hope so.
Two times in six months.
You got yourself a real slow learning curve going.
Unit 68's on the way.
Drunk dove off the balcony of the Motor Lodge, looking for the pool.
- Did he find it? - Nope.
Carter, I presume.
Carter, what's up? - Surgical interns meet down here? - Yes.
Your lemmings are over here.
- Jerry, that lead poisoning in? - Trauma 2.
Are you gonna make it to the Fourth of July picnic today? - My bat and glove are in my car.
- Park the guy with TB.
Hey, Dr.
Carter, your first day? If you can't cut it in Surgery, there's Family Medicine.
- Or Gerontology.
- Or Psychiatry.
They can't throw you out.
They make you so miserable, you beg to quit.
Susan, we need you! It's only a year.
You'll make it.
- Guess I had better go join the group.
- Good luck.
Try not to kill anyone.
Surgical interns? John, Dale Edson.
Harvard Med.
We met last year.
- How you been? - Great.
Just spent six weeks down at Hopkins on a Thoracic elective.
Resident was a Nazi.
But they let me scrub in on 20 valve replacements.
This is Julie Dixon.
This is Leung Joo Hua.
UC San Francisco.
And Dennis Gant.
Ole Miss.
LSU, actually.
They let us wear scrubs? Yeah.
It's pretty informal around here.
John went to school here.
He'll show us around.
- I wanna know, where's the coffee? - Blue Team surgical interns.
I'm Dr.
Today's the last day of my internship and the first day of yours.
Which means, in the great game of medical education tag, you're it.
House staff guidelines.
This lists conferences and clinics you are required to attend.
Miss one, and your evaluation will be degraded.
Vascular conference, Monday, 4 to 5.
Pathology, Monday, 5 to 7.
Radiology, Tuesday at 5.
M & M's, Wednesday, 7 a.
Intern reports, Monday, Thursday, Friday at 7 a.
Vascular Journal Club, Tuesday at 7.
Chairman's Conference, Friday, 7 a.
The conference and intern report conflict? Yep.
You're on five days a week, from 5 a.
Till you finish at 7 p.
You're on call every third weekend and third night.
Every three days, you're here from 5 a.
Till 7 p.
The next day.
- When do we get to sleep? - You don't.
You are wedges.
The wedge is the most primitive tool known to man.
That is you.
You think you know what you're doing? Believe me, you don't.
Breakfast with your senior surgical resident, Dr.
Benton will begin in 15 minutes.
Benton is an intern's worst nightmare.
He's smarter than you.
He never eats, never sleeps.
And he reads every medical journal, no matter how obscure.
He is the Antichrist, Beelzebub, Lucifer, a devourer of wedges.
You'll go to sleep at night wishing pestilence on his unborn children.
And you will wake up every morning praying for his approval.
You won't get it.
Welcome to hell, ladies and gentlemen.
He can't be that bad.
Can he? Peter.
I left a message.
You never called back.
I was in surgery.
I tested positive.
Did you get your results back? No, I Sometime today.
I'll have to talk to Mark Greene about it.
I thought you'd wanna know.
I'm sorry.
There you go! Now you're getting the hang of it.
Remind me again why we're doing this.
It's fun.
Oh, it's fun.
I forgot.
All right.
Here we go.
- How was that date? - Awful.
You're supposed to use your hands.
Did you call Alicia? Aerobics instructor? What are we supposed to talk about? She's an aerobics instructor! Don't you wanna talk before sex? Not really.
Shared experiences common interests? You suggest you and I date? I'm just looking for a little more than that in a relationship.
A relationship? You're 32 years old.
Have some fun! Dixon, Charcot's triad? Hypercoagulability, stasis Pain, fever, jaundice.
Gant, the ducts of Luschka? They drain bile and don't communicate with the gallbladder lumen.
An intern who wasn't asleep during med school.
Edson, this morning's patient is jaundiced but no cholangiolitis.
Should we perform the surgery open or laparoscopically? - Open.
There may be multiple stones.
- I'm going in laparoscopically.
Did you get an ERCP? Okay, Edson.
You scrub in.
Don't you wanna ask me something? Dixon, Leung, you guys cover the ward.
Gant, take the SICU.
The Surgical ICU? Nurses won't let you kill anybody.
Questions? Dr.
Benton? Help with the wards and cover the ER.
The ER? Lastly, we need to discuss rotation for the night shift.
Benton, I was hoping Carter, thank you for volunteering.
Take the first shift starting tonight.
I'll post the schedules in the on-call room, okay? Tonight? Surgical Ward.
Four minutes.
- Better start looking.
- It's just a rumor.
- They're closing us down.
- Where will the patients go? It's in the Trib.
The mayor set up a commission.
What? They're squeezing the budget, so they're shutting us down.
I read that.
They said closing County was one of the options.
- They said that? - We get fired? - Nobody's getting fired.
- I just took a second out on my house.
- What's the union say? - We got a contract.
They've talked about closing us for years, but we're still here.
- You guys going to the picnic? - I'm gonna stop by.
Me too.
I'll see you all later.
- It was in the Tribune? - Sun-Times too.
Oh, God.
- Why are you here? - Benton dumped me back in ER.
My first day as a surgeon, and he makes me do trauma assessments.
Sounds to me like he trusts you.
- Somebody beep for a Surgical consult? - LOL in 2.
82 years old.
Rule out bowel obstruction.
Benton on his way? No.
I'm the Surgical consult.
He'll be fine.
God help the poor patients.
Mark, I'm concerned about lack of communication between Attendings I noticed last year as chief.
Biweekly meetings would get us on the same page, improve patient care.
Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch works.
It'll be rough on night-shift guys, having to be here in the afternoon.
We need to adhere to JCAHO guidelines all the time.
Not just when we expect the committee.
- Nurses'll hate that.
- Rules were created for a reason.
Take the board for example.
Patient confidentiality is breached every day.
Here, look at this entry.
"Al Johnson.
Penile discharge.
" How would you feel if that were you? Not only are we risking lawsuits, but we could lose our accreditation.
Unit 79's bringing in an 86-year-old male, altered LOC.
I've created a diagnostic code.
It's a list of a few hundred two-letter combinations of common patient complaints.
We can use patients' social security numbers to protect anonymity.
"BE"? Barium enema? Blunt Extremity Trauma.
Some guy with a bruise will get a radioactive colon cleansing.
Mark, can I talk to you later? Yeah, sure.
This afternoon? There's a conference on Saturday at Northwestern.
"Modern Architecture for Emergency Medicine Management.
" We should go.
Saturday I'm with my daughter.
Why don't you go and fill me in? Sure.
I'll tape it.
She's gotta be kidding.
- What brings you in today? - I'm sick.
What's wrong? Stomach hurts.
Didn't you tell him? - When did this pain start? - I don't know.
This morning maybe? I said I don't know.
Is he an idiot? - How old are you? - Old enough.
Tell me if this hurts.
- The abdomen is tender.
- I gathered that.
Let's order a CBC, Chem-7 and an abdominal series.
They're done.
I'll check your tests, Mrs.
Lukesi, but I'm afraid you'll require surgery.
You don't want to examine her a little more? She's had previous surgery.
Probably has adhesions.
You sure he's a doctor? You might consider doing a rectal.
Never let the sun set on a small bowel obstruction.
May I see you for a moment? Excuse us, ma'am.
What's taking so long? I come for an appy you have four patients on the board.
Did you check it? I got beeped to Check the board first.
How could you tell this patient was emergent? Small bowel obstruction.
She'll need surgery.
I'd like to scrub in on this one.
Carter, all surgical abdomens require a rectal.
Even first-years know that.
She's impacted.
Check on the rest of your patients.
Then disimpact her.
- That's a nurse's job.
- Not today.
Altered LOC, hypotensive BP 60 palp, sinus tach at 128.
Resps shallow at 30.
Skin's warm and dry.
Couldn't get an IV.
O-2, four liters nasal cannula.
Let's go.
Trauma 1.
What are all these letters and numbers? Confidentiality system.
How can I tell who's surgical and who's medical? I don't have time! Whose stupid idea is this? Mine.
First day on the surgical service? Nice to have you with us.
Need a surgeon in 1.
Is Benton in? That's you, right? Let's go.
There's always a first time.
Might as well get it over with.
Somebody called for a surgeon.
- Drop a central line.
- I'll intubate after it's in.
Pulse ox is 85.
Trendelenburg, please, nurse.
Central-line kit.
One percent lidocaine with epi.
- Thank you, nurse.
- Intubation tray.
- Angle toward the sternal notch.
- I know.
Foley's in.
Come on.
- How are you doing over there? - Almost.
I can't find it.
Prep for a right subclavian approach.
Please Try not to hit the lung.
What do we got? I tried a right subclavian approach.
- Set me up.
- I nicked his lung.
- Decreased breath sounds.
- I need to intubate.
His veins must've collapsed.
I'm in.
Get Respiratory down here to set up a vent.
Congratulations, Carter.
Your patient needs a chest tube.
- Chest-tube tray, 28 French.
- Ten blade.
Hook me up.
Hold still for the driver.
Vaseline gauze is next.
How's his pressure? - 90 systolic.
- Two liters, wide open.
Temp's 103.
Cefuroxime, 1.
5 grams Q8.
I'd cover him for Pseudomonas.
Two grams Q8, plus gent.
All right, people.
Somebody call up Radiology, get a stat Listen to this.
"Pearl-white beaches set against an azure-blue sky.
Cool breezes that make your semi-detached bungalow your own little paradise.
" - Where's that? - Micronesia.
- Where's that? - Who cares? It's a long way from here.
"Dive with Lenny and Francis at Fish-n-Fins Palau's most experienced charter operators.
" Is that a shark? Five or six of them.
Cool, huh? Oh, look! Hawaii! Have you ever been to Hawaii? Hawaii, South Pacific Don't all these places require that you fly over water at great heights? I don't care.
I'll self-medicate and sleep through the whole thing.
I can't understand a thing.
What the hell is "OT"? Occupational Therapy? Half the patients need it.
You put it when you don't know.
Or you're too busy to look up the abbreviations.
Give it time.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
And what's "PU"? I can't find it in the book.
Pleuritic chest pain.
- "EH"? - Behavioral problems in psych.
How's he do that? I reviewed the notes at lunch.
Benton, some outside lab called with test results for you.
- How long ago? - A couple hours.
Why the hell didn't you tell me? Hi.
You have an appointment? I thought this was walk-in.
Normally, but with the holiday, things are jammed.
You here for testing? No.
You are HIV-positive? - Yes.
- When did you find out? Yesterday.
I'll come back later.
Fill out a form, and I'll make sure you get in to see somebody.
Top form is general information.
Next pages are for insurance.
You work here? In the ER.
HIV-positive? You haven't told anyone you work with, have you? Not really.
You shouldn't be here.
Go someplace else for treatment, somewhere where they don't know you.
I was a surgical tech over at Southside.
Believe me, don't tell anyone you're HIV-positive.
Especially not anyone in management.
They can't fire me.
Not legally.
When I came up positive four years ago, I told the chief of surgery.
They sent me to Gerontology.
Wouldn't let me do anything but take BPs.
When that didn't work, they stuck me down in Pathology working nights.
After six months of that, I finally quit.
Been there for eight years.
There's a real good clinic in Highland Park.
It's a long drive, but it'd be a lot safer.
I'm sorry if I'm scaring you.
Matthew? I'm Matt Hymes.
What's your name? Maybe I should give you an alias.
Jeanie Boulet.
Get out of here, Jeanie.
Don't ever come back.
This is Dr.
Benton over at County.
You have the results of an AIDS test for a patient of mine.
I know it's late.
I don't want the patient to agonize over this thing over the weekend.
I'd really appreciate it.
The patient's name is Benjamin.
Peter Benjamin.
Yeah, thanks.
Yeah, I'm still here.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Benton, I'm caught up, and my night shift doesn't start for a half-hour.
Should I go eat? Take 10 minutes, then find Melvoin.
- Ten minutes.
- That's more than you'll usually get.
You with me tonight? No.
Karubian's the Resident on call.
You okay? I'm fine, Carter.
Going to the picnic? Are you kidding? Last year six at bats, 15 RBIs.
I love to play the Pede's unit.
We're playing the paramedics this year.
Finally? Who set that up? It was either that or the Orthopods.
Ortho's got two ex-All-Americans and one retired minor league shortstop.
If you're going to the picnic, pick up more chicken.
Darcy called.
Her kid's sick.
She can't work tonight.
- Anybody wanna pull a double? - On the Fourth of July? Come on, guys.
Please? Somebody? - I'm playing right field.
- It's tough being boss, huh? You could always quit again.
I can cover for a few hours if you come back by 10.
- Thanks, Lily.
- Where you going? - Barbecue and softball game.
- Everybody's going? - I'm coming back.
- Bring me some barbecue.
- Anything else, doctor? - Chicken, no dark meat.
And beans and lots of coleslaw.
- Carter's getting a little uppity.
- Really.
- He may need a little potty training.
- I'd be delighted.
Last day, huh? My vacation begins in 14 minutes and 24 seconds.
I set my watch.
Fourth of July.
You're in for a treat tonight.
Knife and Gun Club should get going later.
- Where we going? - Surgical wards.
- Why? - You're covering them tonight.
- I'm covering the ER.
- That too.
And the SICU.
Prep if the Resident needs you.
Trauma team, Pre-Op and all the surgical admits.
Look what the cat dragged in.
Got a good turnout.
You know this neighborhood.
Mention food, and they come running.
I'm glad you came.
I said I was gonna come.
I figured you were lying, like always.
Why are you so happy? I can't be happy? You knew she was coming.
That's why you showed up.
Jackie, how many times I gotta tell you we're just friends? Can I get you a drink? Yeah.
Some juice.
I know what I'm doing.
Hey, man.
What's up, doc? This crazy woman thinks she knows how to grill.
Get out of here.
Bald men don't know how to barbecue.
She's mad because I'm a big, black, bald, beautiful, barbecue-cooking man.
I'm gonna get some chicken.
I'll be back.
All right, Wally.
I want my place back! - How are you doing? - Pass me that plate over there.
You look good.
You don't come around the restaurant no more.
I gave up meat.
I heard that about you.
I did.
Those long hours you been working, I bet.
Keeps me pretty busy, you know.
It's a shame.
No time for old friends.
I get an hour here and there.
Well, it only takes an hour, Peter.
Or don't you remember? Oh, man.
- How you feeling? - I'm fine.
- And how's your husband? - He's doing all right.
That's great.
Did you get that test? It was negative.
That's great.
I won't keep you any longer.
I'm glad the news was good.
Let's go, Jer.
Lock on the ball! Safe! Who told Jerry to pitch? - 17-3.
- Let's go! Why don't we forfeit and get back to drinking? Jerry! Come on.
We're still in it.
Let's go! 17-3! We're still in this.
Jer, come on! We're in it.
Let's spin that ball! I got it! I got it! I got it! That's a momentum swing.
This is our inning.
Let's go! You playing? I don't know.
I just got off work.
My guys are doing okay without me.
Your guys are kicking our butts.
Your boom box is at my house.
I got a new one.
My old one have my Best of Conway Twitty tape in it? If it did, I'd burn it.
What happened to my beer? Vicki Pastroni, this is Carol Hathaway.
She's the head nurse at County.
Nice to meet you.
Greene's gonna try to make a game of this one.
Maybe I'd better go warm up.
You all right? Fireworks! Oh, I love fireworks.
Me too.
They're beautiful.
If we're all here, who's at work? I don't know.
I don't care.
Carter, get one A-V.
Step up here, Dr.
He's arrested.
Thoracotomy tray.
Make the incision deep and fast.
Vascular clamp.
- Dr.
Carter? - I'm up.
What? Mrs.
Nuprik's temp's up to 100.
Can we give her Tylenol? - How long have I been asleep? - About 10 minutes.
Tylenol? - Yeah, great.
- Two? Two.
Carter? Can we give Mr.
Sifkin some toast? He's asking for something to eat.
- Sifkin? - Leg lac? Toast okay? Toast, oatmeal, prime rib, whatever.
Thank you, doctor.
Do you want a stool culture on Mrs.
Haney? She's got diarrhea.
Haney? That's Weaver's patient, right? - What does she say? - She's upstairs getting coffee.
- What would you do? - Not bother.
- Let's not bother then, okay? - Thank you, doctor.
It's always like this when somebody's sleeping? I wouldn't know, doctor.
Nurses aren't allowed to sleep on shift.
- Should I beep him again? - Only if he doesn't come out.
Bingo! Cops bringing in a drunk.
Fell through a window.
Find a bed.
This guy's growing roots.
Resident says there's no beds, because he doesn't wanna work anybody up.
Good morning, Dr.
Get any sleep? Somebody beeped me? You, Ray? No.
Maybe another floor? - 6195.
That's the ER, isn't it? - Yes, but I didn't page you.
Must've been some kind of mistake.
They can make your life easy or miserable.
Whatever you did, I suggest you apologize.
- I didn't do anything.
- Apologize anyway.
Police are bringing in a drunk.
Went through a plate-glass window.
This guy was busting windows with his fist.
Tried to bust a display at The Gap but couldn't.
So he went over across the street.
Went right through.
We found him in Women's Underwear.
Could someone help me out? I got him! I got him! Clean it up and check his tetanus.
And prepare him for suturing, lots of suturing.
That'll take the rest of the night.
- Dr.
Carter! Conni! I need you.
- Let me know when he's ready.
Elderly man vomiting blood.
BP 100 over 70.
Pulse is thready at 145.
Two IVs in the field.
- He's yellow.
- Don't we know him? Jim.
A regular.
Alcoholic, cirrhosis, seizures.
He's drunk.
Let's move him.
Gently, now.
He's got a scalp lac.
Found him in the gutter.
He may have hit his head.
- What's that smell? - Code brown in the shorts.
Blood too.
CBC, type and cross, four units, coag panel.
Carter, help us with an NG.
Hang the banana bag wide open.
- I'm ready for you, Dr.
- Hold still, sir.
What's your surgical plan? Transfuse and take him to the GI lab for endoscopy.
- Cauterize bleeding sites.
- Sounds right.
Did you hear me? Damn it, Malik! I'll be there as soon as I can! Sure.
Take your time.
Burn victims on their way.
Set up 1 and alert Plastic.
They'll be right there.
Don't look at us.
We're working here.
- Tube's in.
- What's 1019? Surgical ICU.
This is John Carter.
You just paged me.
How many days since the surgery? All right, I'll be right over.
Post-op, day two.
Triple-A repair.
Guy's desatting.
Don't be gone long, doctor.
We're getting buried down here.
Can I help you? I'm Dr.
aneurysm repaired two days ago.
Dropped his crit.
I don't know if he's leaking or if he's hemodiluted.
- What do you think? - I hope he's not bleeding out.
Should we transfuse or diurese? That's why I called you.
- What's his crit? - 30.
It was 33 an hour ago.
Haven't seen your Resident.
He's asleep? - What time does he get up? - Sometime after 5.
That's two hours.
Two hours.
Do you wanna wait and see how low his crit goes? If I don't transfuse and he's bleeding out, he'll go into shock.
And if I diurese and I'm wrong, he'll go into renal failure, right? It's the ER, 911.
Where's Dr.
Karubian sleeping? Dr.
Karubian? It better be important, or you'll be draining rectal abscesses for the rest of your Residency.
Post-op, day two.
Aneurysm repair.
Crit's 30, sat's down to 90.
- Is he on oxygen? - Nasal cannula.
Yes, sir.
Try a mask.
Check his crit again in half an hour.
Thank you, sir.
It's Carter, right? Yes.
Right, sir.
All right.
Shut up, Carter, and close the door.
Fifteen liters oxygen by mask, and call me in half an hour.
- What's going on? - Third-degree burns.
Kid was playing with fireworks.
Pulse ox is 65 on 100% O-2.
Nice of you to join us.
Where you been? - I was up in the SICU.
- Acute pulmonary edema.
Six ET tube.
Guy next door's in trouble.
Go! When I page 911, I want you out of breath when you show up! - What's going on? - He's taching at 200.
- What? - No palpable BP.
Looks like SVT.
Cardiovert, right? - How much? - I'd start at 50.
Hit the synch switch.
All right, everybody off! A hundred.
Off! Okay, sinus.
BP 70 palp.
Dopamine? - Dopamine? - I don't know! Somebody call a doctor! You are the doctor.
Titrate to a systolic of 100.
I can do this.
He's not breathing.
We have to intubate.
5 now.
IV's blown.
In a minute.
I got it.
Let me get in there.
Need any help in here? Early, aren't you? I couldn't sleep.
Figured you could use a hand.
Get a third line started.
IV's blown.
Bag him.
- What's wrong with him? - Alcoholic, GI bleed history of cirrhosis, possible subdural hematoma.
- Had to cardiovert.
- You're kidding.
Zapped him twice.
Got him back.
He went apneic, and I had to tube him.
Your first night? I haven't even told you about the guy who desatted in the SICU.
Interns' breakfast starts in a couple minutes.
Last ones.
- Breakfast.
- Right.
This year I'll associate omelets and oatmeal with a deep sense of personal inadequacy.
- How many sutures have we put in him? - I lost count.
At least.
How you holding up? I'm really tired.
But I can look on the bright side.
I'm off in 13 hours.
I'm on tonight.
- Thanks for coming in to help.
- It's no problem.
We're done.
Well, then I guess it's time for our early morning humiliation.
Benton's breakfast it is.
Just in time too.
I was starting to feel too good about myself.
Did you get your test back? It was negative.
That's good.
I'm glad.
Have you told anyone? About my test? No.
About me.
I don't want you to.
I've decided not to tell anyone.
Greene told you to do that? No.
It's a personal decision.
I'd appreciate it if you'd honor it.
Jeanie, are you asking me to lie for you? No.
I'm asking you to keep your mouth shut.
I don't know if I can do that.
Thanks for your support.
Come here.
You plan to keep on practicing? I don't know.
I don't want my personal life spread around the hospital.
Is that asking too much? I don't know.
- We need to formalize chart review.
- Why would we wanna do that? Quality assurance.
Residents can't improve their diagnostic skills without feedback.
Our Residents' diagnostic skills are terrific the way they are.
They need vacation, not supervision.
- Good morning, everybody.
- Good morning.
It's just a suggestion.
We'll discuss it at the Tuesday Attendings meeting.
- What Tuesday Attendings meeting? - Memo in your box.
What's up with this board? Is it gonna stay like this forever? No, it's not.
Come on, Jerry.
Let's put the patients' last names back up here.
And let's list their complaints in English, please.
Yes, I promise I'll give him the message.
Bye, now.
- Ross in yet? That girl called again.
- What girl? Every five minutes.
She's driving me crazy.
Are you crazy, Randi? Gretchen's called 50 times.
It's not even 7 a.
Thank you.
Call her.
I'm not your secretary.
I've got work to do.
- Another stewardess? - No.
- Waitress? - Hatcheck girl? You all think you know me so well.
That's because we do.
Gretchen's a mergers and acquisitions specialist at First National.
She went to Smith and Yale Law.
She's a Rhodes scholar.
Smith, wow! Most of the women you date can't even spell "Smith.
" - I'm shocked.
- Well, I'm full of surprises.
When do we meet this Renaissance woman? A Rhodes scholar? Carter have a nice night? Oh, yeah.
He'll fetch, heel, roll over and play dead if you ask him.
Doughnut? I bought them for the nurses.
Why, thank you, doctor.
- Carter, come.
I need you.
- Doughnut, Dr.
Benton? Dr.
Karubian said you woke him up asking him how to work an oxygen mask.
It was a little bit more complicated than that.
- Carter, where's your tie? - Long story.
- No time for that.
- Five flights? I hope you had plenty of rest last night.
- Gretchen, what are you doing? - I've been calling you.
I've been busy.
The store's doing inventory.
I hoped we could have lunch.
Today I can't.
I'm sorry.
Listen, I gotta get back to my patients, okay? Why don't you come over later? I don't wanna come over.
I wanna meet your friends, go to dinner.
Listen to me.
That's gonna happen.
Right now I gotta get back to work.
When will it happen? Tonight we'll go to dinner.
You pick the place.
Okay? Okay, bye.
I now have to go to work, okay? I'll see you.
- 7:00? - Yeah, 7:00.
Gretchen? No.
She's just somebody that I haven't seen in a long time.
Jerry, don't you have some work to do? Gretchen, hi.
It's Doug.
You just left here.
I'm sorry.
I just realized I can't have dinner with you tonight.
I'm swamped, and I just forgot.
I'm sorry.
I'll talk to you in a couple of days, okay? Bye-bye.
Someone left some sparklers in the Trauma Room.
You want them? I heard you caught another central line.
Any trouble? No, I hit it the first time.
That's the way it is.
Sometimes you can't find them.
Other times they are right there.
I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid.
It's me.
It's me.
- You're a very popular guy.
- It's the ER.
I'll go check it out.
- Get some more fresh air.
- Thanks.
Carter, how much longer you on? Two hours.
You're gonna make it.