ER s03e02 Episode Script

Let the Games Begin

Previously on ER Carter, your first day? Somebody called for a surgeon.
Don't you want to talk before sex? Not really.
I tested positive.
- What was in the Trib? - They're squeezing the budget so they're shutting us down.
- That's a rumor.
Benton dumped me back in the ER.
Don't tell anyone you're HIV-positive.
- Did you get your test back? - It was negative.
I don't know! Somebody call a doctor! You are the doctor.
It's another steamer today.
Hot, muggy weather.
High in the 90s with high humidity.
They say never trust air you can't see, and you'// see it today with no end in sight for the hot, humid weather.
I'm running over today.
I hope I'm not making you late for work.
I'm not on until this afternoon.
I did my Residency at County.
Three years of too many patients, too little time and no resources.
- Sounds about right.
- Hard to believe we had no CTs no MRIs and glass IV bottles.
Glass? Well, your lab work's back and the results show a viral load of 15,000, which is good.
- Coffee? - I've already had too much.
So have I.
There's a fairly new HIV cocktail that I recommend you start on now.
The three drugs? AZT, 3TC and a protease inhibitor.
There is no long-term research but the preliminary findings are positive.
Not quite a cure.
But more hope than we've had in a decade.
There may be some side effects.
- Nausea, vomiting, rash.
- How much does it cost? Your insurance will cover it.
Actually, I'm gonna stick with cash.
That could cost up to $ 16,000 a year.
I'm sure I can work that out.
Afraid of letting the hospital know? I've heard of health-care workers getting fired or reassigned for being HIV-positive.
Me too.
I've got a couple of them as patients.
But not from County.
I don't know what their policy is.
It's hard to ask without someone wanting to know why you're asking.
I'll write the prescription, but these will get you started, okay? You're to take two of the 3TC and six each of the AZT and the protease inhibitor.
Fourteen pills a day? The 3TC twice a day with plenty of water.
The protease inhibitor before meals, always on an empty stomach.
Two each of the AZT three times a day.
Just follow these written instructions, okay? Does your watch have an alarm? Good.
Get used to hearing it.
Miss a couple of doses, and this virus could develop resistance.
Do I need to worry about transmitting this to a patient? If you use universal precautions and are careful, there shouldn't be a problem.
- "Shouldn't.
" - With the exception of one dentist there has been no case documentation of any health-care worker transmitting HIV to a patient.
So I'll see you in three weeks? Three weeks.
There are a lot of diseases that can take your life.
But this one can take over your life.
Don't let it.
Are you the doctor? I saw the name on the mailbox.
John Truman Carter, M.
? Well, I am Betty.
From 318.
Are you a doctor doctor? Because I'm feeling short of breath.
You might want to lose the cigarettes.
You think that might make a difference at my age? Just a wild guess.
I tried one of those humidifiers.
I stuck my whole head in the thing Wait! What time is it? I just turned off Regis and Kathie Lee.
Oh, God! Benton is gonna kill me! I can't help you now.
Sorry, I'm late, and I am going to die soon.
Maybe you should try an albuterol inhaler.
Maybe an atrovent inhaler.
That kind of thing.
Get off me! I want to get out of here! - What happened? - I can't take these fat people on PCP! Broke out of her restraints.
Where's Security? Where are the men? Get off me, you bitches! I want to get out of here! Sorry, sir.
We gotta get her down! Keep her down! Sit on her! Are you okay? Is this psycho day? Some lunatic in 4 kept trying to lick me.
Maybe it's the heat.
Full moon? They know County's closing, and they're getting their last digs in.
In here, right? What the hell kept you? We got the call five minutes ago.
We ran all the way.
You don't think County's really gonna close, do you? Can it? Have you read the papers? $ 150 million shortfall in the budget.
Be tough giving this all up, won't it? - Where's Carter? - Do I look like his mother? Randi! Have you seen Carter? He's a surgical intern now.
We don't keep track of him anymore.
Sorry you were late.
We already saved him.
- I'm not late.
- You know Wayne Lentloff? Good to see you.
You missed a good one! - Nobody called me.
- Thanks, Wayne.
It was fun.
We'll do it again.
Listen, I wanted to talk to you about a fellowship in Cardiothoracic.
I haven't made up my mind what specialty I know.
I hear Vascular wants you, Trauma, Critical Care I talked to them, but you know But you need to talk to us.
Cardiothoracic is a great specialty.
Good man like you could finish up a fellowship in three years.
Are you free Sunday? I'd like you to come out for brunch.
Lake Forest.
And you are gonna love it.
- Want a ride? - I think I can make it from here.
So how did it go last night? - How did what go? - Your blind date.
Oh, God! You know better than to tell Doug.
I only told him after he told me about your blind date.
- The girl with the retainer.
- I don't believe him.
- Don't worry.
Mine was worse.
- Nothing could be worse.
This girl had an entire vegetable garden stuck in her teeth.
That's the baby pool compared to Tad.
- Could I get a cup of coffee, black? - You got it.
I can't believe you'd go out with a guy named Tad.
- I did.
- I made it fresh just for you.
Fresh from yesterday's grounds.
First of all, I order a Manhattan straight up, two cherries.
He orders a fruity, yet selfless, glass of cabernet.
- What does that even mean? - I have no idea.
Then he talks for 45 minutes about his ex-girlfriend whose name also happens to be Susan.
How he loved her and wanted to marry her how he wanted to father her And, by the way, do I want children? Do I want 5 or 6 children? Okay.
Tad could be worse.
I'm not even there yet, Mark.
I look over, and he has this drop of red wine hanging from his nose.
- What? - A little blob just hanging there.
Of course I cannot take my eyes off of it.
Will it fall? Will it hang there all night? Is his skin going to absorb it? How did it get there? How do you get your nose that far into a wine glass? What, was he smelling it? What happened? I went to the bathroom and snuck out the window.
You're kidding! - Did he ask you to brunch? - How did you know? Wayne Lentloff is nothing if not predictable.
That's why I like him, actually.
He gets the Residents out to Lake Forest every year.
Shows them the seven-bedroom Colonial the tiered garden, the Olympic lap pool Very impressive.
All the benefits of cardiothoracic surgery.
Of course, we're only in it to help our fellow man, aren't we? - What's your name? - Gant.
Dennis Gant.
Step in, Mr.
Take a look-see while I divide this anterior rectus fascia.
- Tonsil clamp.
- A little Bovie, please.
Not you, Gant.
Boys and girls in Vascular pull you aside? That's mostly diabetics and smokers.
- Not for me.
- How about a Pediatric fellowship? Surgery above and below the diaphragm.
Very high-tech.
Actually, no one's asked me.
Hard as it is to believe, some of the elite fellowships you'll have to go after yourself.
Gant was kind enough to cover the ER seeing as you were nowhere to be found.
Perhaps you should do the same for him.
Let's yank this little hyperemic sucker.
Pean clamp! Got it? The key to landing a good job is presentation.
I'm not gonna dress like you, if that's what you mean.
"Two summers, Assistant Night Manager at McDonald's.
" It's a bit of a lie.
I just manned the drive-through window.
That's better.
That's managing the communication and distribution system of an international Fortune 500 company.
I like that.
What you're saying is, make it a big lie.
Semantics can be your friend, Jerry.
Some guy's puking over at Chairs.
I'll get it.
Did you get the liquor out of 4 yet? You can't bother him now.
He's rephrasing his r Ásum Á.
Going for the presidency of Chrysler? It's not necessarily County that'll close.
There are three other hospitals.
But what if it does? I only got eight hours' worth of savings.
You ought to get E-Ray to help you revise your r Ásum Ás.
I'm a nurse.
How many ways can you rephrase that? Mark said something about a couple of teenagers.
Is there a chart on them? I haven't made one up yet.
Two 15-year-olds.
- Mark said he'd see them.
- Who am I seeing? - The 15-year-olds over at Chairs.
- Right.
An 81 -year-old ALOC with abdominal pain coming in by private.
- Anything surgical? - Nope.
Abdominal pain at the back door.
Susan, can you help me with a chest tube? I'm gonna see those kids.
Did you get a chance to read that synopsis of Donald Anspaugh's speech at Northwestern? "Modern Architecture for Emergency Medicine Management"? Anspaugh? Isn't he the chief at Southside? Doug did his rotation there.
He said the guy's a crackpot.
You might want to consider the source on that evaluation.
I found his ideas intriguing.
Rearranging the physical layout here is not one of my priorities.
Could we at least rearrange where our Security sits? Three nurses had to restrain a PCP patient this morning because they took too long to get there.
- Was anybody hurt? - Fortunately, no.
You know, Mark, just because it's my suggestion it doesn't, by definition, make it a bad idea.
She just has a way of making you feel really small, doesn't she? Sorry.
I had no idea they'd send the bill to you.
Your insurance company doesn't pay.
You think the hospital's just gonna eat it? I don't know.
What do they do with immigrants and poor people? They go after anyone who's legally responsible.
That's me, Al.
We're still married, remember? I screwed up when I changed jobs.
This guy I'm working for, he's independent.
Doesn't give benefits.
CTA said I could stay on their plan.
But there was this Cobra payment.
I had no idea I missed it.
It was real confusing.
They're gonna let me know if I can get reinstated.
Can it maybe go on your insurance? You're not on my insurance.
I joined my plan after we separated.
$3200 is what I'm supposed to pay for you? And in a week I get another bill? Thomas, time to come in! Where are you? Franklin Heath, 81.
Sweet old guy looking for someone named Thomas.
His private-duty nurse, Mr.
Travels, is over there bulking up.
- He looks dedicated.
- He's dumping him? It's not for me to say.
He's done this a number of times.
Always on a Friday.
- Thomas, it's getting dark.
- Carol, what happened to your car? - What do you mean? - A tow truck hauled it off.
Go, I'll take care of this.
Strong old guy, isn't he? Where are you, Thomas? Wait, wait, wait! That's my car! - Stop beating on my truck.
- Stop stealing my car.
You Carol Hathaway? Repossessed.
- That can't be right.
- You missed three payments.
So I'm a little late.
I made the other seven on time.
I know that you did, which is why I thought tonight we could I understand.
Your parents don't come into town that often.
I'd love to meet them, but I'm working tonight.
What time do they go to bed? I'm kidding.
I'll talk to you soon.
That's an old friend from college.
Radiology called.
The films on that Burman kid are back.
You want to rephrase your r Ásum Á, you should talk to him, not E-Ray.
- I heard your car got towed.
- It's a mistake.
I know a couple guys who can track a repo man down like that.
If you want.
Carter said I should tell you he's in Curtain 3.
Nurse Hathaway? You're still here.
We've been sitting there like you told us.
- That doctor never showed.
- Lf you tell me, I could help you.
We need to see a doctor.
- Where's Ross? - Radiology.
- Greene? - Trauma 2.
Follow me.
BP's 100 over 50.
Pulse 120.
- Good bilateral breath sounds.
- Toes upgoing.
- Trachea's midline.
- ET tube's 71/2.
- You said you'd see these kids.
- We were diverted.
They need a doctor, and I'd like to do your job for you Thank you.
Perhaps they could wait a little longer? Let's get a noncontrast head CT.
You know where you were waiting before? Go back there and wait again.
BP's 90 over 60.
Pulse 104.
He's been agitated, complaining of abdominal pain.
That is when he's not looking for Thomas.
- Who's Thomas? - Who knows? Let's order a CBC, Chem-7, UA, abdominal series.
And let's get an EKG.
- Lf you don't need me anymore - Have a nice weekend, Mr.
Thomas, come on in.
Dinner is ready.
What are you doing? An 81 -year-old ALOC complaining of abdominal pain.
No vomiting and yesterday had a normal bowel movement.
Mild tenderness, no rebound or guarding.
You have nothing here.
- Did someone dump him? - That's a possibility.
I suggest you do the same.
You're in Surgery, not Geriatrics, okay? I'm sorry about my blowup before.
It was out of line.
- No excuses whatsoever.
- Don't worry about it.
Can I borrow your motorcycle after lunch? What? I have to be at my house at 3:00.
My car got towed and I won't have time to catch the EI.
- We're gonna grab a drink.
- Walk with us.
- Talk to you later.
- I'll check on those kids.
- You know how to ride a motorcycle? - It's like a big moped, right? I guess.
I'm Dr.
What seems to be the problem? - A woman doctor? - Best I could do.
We could call your parents if you prefer.
We lost our condom.
So you're trying to tell us the condom is Deeply, deeply lost.
- The decision wasn't being made for another week.
That's what we thought until they called this meeting.
They gave no indication as to what the outcome was going to be? Nada.
Could be us, Southside or Central.
Someone's closing down.
I got this.
Here you go, Manny.
Three cans of pop.
- I didn't think they'd do it.
- Neither did I.
Neither did Anspaugh.
He called me about it.
Sounded like he was having a psychosensory disturbance.
- He's afraid he's losing his job.
- You know him? I did two years of Residency at Hennepin with him.
The guy's lumpy.
Well, I rather like him.
Give it time.
He eats med students for breakfast Residents for lunch, and he chews up the Attendings for dinner.
There was this guy, Michaelson.
He was a new ER Attending when I was there.
Anspaugh vetoed every research topic he submitted.
- What for? - He just didn't like him.
Wanted to make sure he didn't get tenure.
- The meeting's at 5:00? - I want you two there.
Don't mention it to the staff.
They're nervous enough as it is.
Could we possibly be out of Decadron? It's on one of the top shelves.
They repoed your car, huh? - You knew that, didn't you? - I didn't have the heart to tell you.
- You're such a coward.
- And you have a problem with that? I'm strapped right now.
I could help you next month.
Thanks, but I'm beyond a little help from my friends.
I'm meeting a realtor today to sell my house.
That's news.
It needs so much work.
I haven't paid for the roof and I don't know if I have a job next week.
How's life with you? How's Gretchen? - The one who went to Smith? - Gretchen is fine.
And now I am armed with my trusty Decadron and I'm gonna go out and cure the croup.
- What did Morgenstern want? - I can't tell you.
There's a meeting at 5:00 to announce whether we're shut down or not.
- That's the bad news, huh? - Don't worry about it yet.
- Well, if it affects my vacation - Vacation? I'm going to Hawaii.
I decided.
What? Nothing.
I thought you might be worried about your Residency.
Any news yet? Are we jobless? No news.
You can have the rumors if you'd like to hear them.
No, thanks.
This day's been bad enough.
Call me crazy, but I think that woman's trying to get your attention.
What is she doing here? - Manny, what happened? - I think I ate something.
- You okay? - This day's getting worse.
Anybody seen E-Ray? Mrs.
Bradley? Alex? - Sorry to have kept you waiting.
- That's okay.
Let's take a look here.
- That's not too bad.
- It didn't hurt.
No, I wouldn't think so.
How did you cut that? - On the top of a can of tennis balls.
- He's taking lessons.
I hate them.
How much? What do you mean? As much as doing your homework? As much as going to the dentist? Definitely as much as both.
I hate it as much as taking the trash out, cleaning up after the dog.
- You wanted a dog.
- Well, I didn't want Robert.
Don't talk like that about your brother.
You know better than that.
- He loves you.
- I know.
- And who feeds the dog? Me.
- No, you don't.
Those shots you get at the dentist, Novocain, you're not allergic to those? They stuck these things in my nose and gave me this oxygen tank to take home with me.
And that inhaler thing, it didn't work at all.
Betty, you can't smoke in here.
You can't smoke around this oxygen tank, even at home.
It'll blow up.
I want you to know that I asked for you specially.
Thank you.
Very flattered.
Malik needs you in 3! It's about an old guy, a Mr.
Heath? I'll be right back.
Call Carol.
And page Dr.
Lewis or Greene.
- Oh, God! - He's bradying down.
- Get a mask on him.
- What happened? He arrested.
The monitor's flatline.
- Where's Dr.
Lewis and Greene? - I paged them.
- Want me to call his nurse? - Mr.
Travels has gone traveling.
Let's give him - You're pumping too hard.
- Thank you.
- How about an amp of? - Epi! And a mg of atropine.
I think I just broke his rib.
I'm getting a faint pulse! That's about 1200 mics.
Give him 500 mics of dopamine.
Damn good job, Carter.
I'll call for transfer.
I can't believe I broke his rib.
- I knew he was frail, but - Better than letting him die.
Transfer him up to Medicine.
I got a hernia that needs an H & P upstairs now.
Let's go.
Hello? Mrs.
Puro? Hi there.
I'm sorry I'm late.
How did you get in? Your mother.
She makes a killer cup of coffee.
There you are.
I was going to call the hospital.
- What are you doing here? - Material for the kitchen curtains.
- I thought I'd drop it off.
- I'm glad you changed your mind.
- About what? - About selling.
I told Elizabeth.
First names only in my business.
I told her you must have changed your mind.
Why else would we put up curtains? - Not to sell it.
- No.
It wouldn't help.
Why don't you see how they'd look in the bedroom? You want the same in the bedroom? We'll talk about it later.
I haven't changed my mind.
I want to sell this place.
You're kidding.
Is there a problem? How can I put this delicately? I couldn't sell this house if Chicago burned down around it.
- I know it needs work, but - The roof is The roof is new! I was going to say the roof is fine.
But the furnace doesn't even turn on.
Not to mention the asbestos.
There's no central air, no window unit.
Exposed 2-by-4s, dry wall.
There are holes in the carpet which, unfortunately, reveal the subterranean termites.
The plumbing's not copper, the electrical's a fire waiting to happen.
And as much as I hate to mention it, you live next to the El tracks.
Frankly, I'm impressed someone managed to sell it to you.
A month after the abscess was drained, she had to have a hysterectomy.
My God was she in pain then! Weeks, weeks, weeks! And what's so unfair is that with all four of our kids, cesareans which is a lot of slicing couldn't stand up straight until 1987.
You can see why with this hernia thing which is also somewhat in the middle I'm obviously a little nervous.
Being able to talk to you is helping.
I'm very grateful.
I won't be able to do this when I'm out and Doctor What's his name? - Benton.
- That's it.
When I'm under the knife, and he starts cutting Oh, my God! My God! What if I don't come out of this? I won't know what happened.
Have you considered having a local anesthetic instead of a general? I didn't know I had a choice.
The advantage to a local is that while you feel no pain, you're awake and you can talk to the surgeon.
- Can I ask questions? - Dr.
Benton encourages it.
- In the middle of surgery? - All the way through.
In fact, you could read up on hernias in this book.
And anything you don't understand you can ask Dr.
That's great.
Ross was looking for you.
Some kid needs suturing.
I have to go to Radiology and the cath lab.
- Have you seen Mark? - I believe he is lounging.
Come on! All right, all right! My turn.
Time's up.
This is a - There you are! - I'm not talking to you.
You know, you made poor Tad very sad.
What did he say? - You don't even know him! - Gotcha! That's a low one, Doug.
I take it you don't want me to tell anybody about your date tonight.
You have another date? I hate this place.
It's right there.
She hit it with her hand.
It would be better if we sewed them.
Everything in this house could be better! Fine! Why are you mad at me? I didn't put holes in the floor, break the furnace.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I really want to sell this place.
I need to sell this place.
Is it because of Shep? I mean, does it make you think of him? God, Mom! I never even thought of that.
I feel good being on my own.
I just can't afford it.
The house, the car.
Somehow I've accumulated the debt of a 50-year-old.
We should call your Uncle Mykola.
Uncle Myko? Why? He made all that money in real estate.
He could advise you.
- It's not advice that I need.
- Maybe not.
But spend some time there.
Keep him company.
You know, he has so much money and he has no children of his own.
And, sadly, he has not been feeling well lately.
Are you suggesting I ingratiate myself to Uncle Myko so he'll leave me money? Well, he's going to die.
I can't help that.
I mean, he has no children.
What's the poor man going to do? This feels like surgery.
It really does.
And I'm floating, floating, floating.
I thought you guys played music.
Although, I don't miss it.
Is this gonna hurt, Dr.
Benton? I've made the incision, Mr.
Hartley, and you didn't feel a thing.
- I mean, in a couple of days.
- It'll be tender.
I mean, like, when I go back to work.
Go back to work when you feel comfortable.
When will that be? Are we talking Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday? - Another week? - What do you do? You know that drawbridge on Michigan? I send it up.
Send it down.
Send it up, send it down.
Up, down up, down.
Rain, shine, sleet, snow.
Some days I count the boats.
Some days I don't.
By the way, what are the borders of Hesselbach's triangle? You might want to shift a little to the left.
Manny threw up right around there.
- Manny? From the roach-coach? - Food poisoning? - I told you.
- It wasn't the coffee, was it? - Are you ever getting off that? - I'm on hold with the airlines.
At least that's what the reservations department has told me 97 times.
Mark, you ready? Or not, as the case may be.
We'll be waiting.
All right.
- I told Susan about the meeting.
- I told Jeanie, Malik and Carter.
I figured if you don't tell Doug Ross, then you're okay.
How are you doing, Mr.
Heath? Thomas, where are you? Your dinner's ready.
I bet those ribs hurt.
Sorry about that.
You hear me? Get inside now.
We'll get you something for the pain.
Listen to me.
Listen to me! I'm listening to you, Mr.
I'm listening to you.
There he is.
- This is impossible.
- Maybe you should yell "fire.
" - No chairs.
- It's a little crowded.
Every buzzard in the county showed up for this one.
Present company excepted.
Alice Wakely.
She's from Health Services since the Paleolithic.
- You know her? - We went to school together.
- She was ahead of me, of course.
- Okay, okay, everybody.
I'll spare you and make this quick.
While we regret the need to close any county medical facility She's lying already.
This isn't quick.
our strapped budget's made it unavoidable.
Two weeks from today Southside will close its doors.
There's the good news.
We're concerned about the loss of jobs so we'll consolidate as much of the staff as possible.
There are people I'll introduce for those who might not know them.
Harrison Holman is coming over as new Chief of Obstetrics.
Bonnie Brown will share the CFO office with James Malkovitch.
I've heard she's excellent.
Did a great job at Deaconess.
And with Mike Babcock taking early retirement Donald Anspaugh will become County's new Chief of Staff.
I just was thinking how unusual it is to see our whole ensemble this happy.
Especially about keeping a job where people puke on you.
Is that the guy? - That's the guy.
- Which guy? He looks fairly normal.
So did Morgenstern.
They finally came down for Heath.
Took him to the CCU.
Poor old guy.
Who do you think Thomas was? His son? I know this sounds crazy, but I think Thomas was his dog.
His dog? At one point, he seemed to think I was Thomas.
He pulled me in close ear to his mouth, and he whispers: "Kibble, kibble, kibble, kibble.
" It was oddly touching.
It was, Carol! How are you? Don Anspaugh.
- Lydia Wright.
- Pleased to meet you.
Please join us.
Excuse me.
I got it.
I got it.
Okay, I'll let everybody know.
That was Dr.
Weaver calling from the lounge.
Morgenstern will be unable to attend the party.
I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think.
Look how bad everybody thought it would be when I came aboard.
Funny how life is so like surgery.
Sometimes you can make that Rocky Davis in the right, lower quadrant.
And then there are those days when your bowel ruptures spills into your peritoneum, and all you're left with is intense pain and sepsis.
Oh, brother! My kingdom for a 10-blade when that happens.
Look, so today's not a total loss you want to grab some dinner, maybe catch a movie? The Music Box has some really fine independents.
Maybe a midnight show at the Village.
Have you seen Caligula? - Don't do this to me.
- Some of us have to date.
Hi there.
What do you like, Mark, "The Stars and Stripes Forever" or "Dauntless Battalions"? Actually, I gotta get going.
Just kidding.
This is torture.
I was off five minutes ago.
My plan was to be in bed by 8:30.
I was saving this guy for the two of you.
Vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea.
- You been training with Dr.
Benton? - Trust me.
You'll thank me.
Thank you, Malik.
Travels, right? Mr.
Heath's nurse? I'm Dr.
This is Nurse Hathaway.
So you're feeling bloated, nauseous and flatulent.
- Must've been something I ate.
- It could be so many things.
- Toxic megacolon.
- Intestinal parasitosis.
- Scleroderma.
- Ulcerative colitis.
Pyloric stenosis.
Crohn's Disease.
- Where would you like to start? - I don't want to waste any time.
Barium enema.
I hate it when you do that.
- Come on.
It's fun.
- It scared the daylights out of me.
All right, I'm sorry.
It'll never happen again.
Let's go get a drink, you and I.
- Couldn't get anything going tonight? - Come on.
I'm here.
- Thanks.
- Let's get a drink.
It's never just a drink, Doug.
Is that all that you want it to be? It'd be nice if you called the day before.
Heather, you know my schedule.
It's hard enough to plan two hours ahead, much less a day.
Some really sick little kid would come in then I'd cancel on you, and you'd be mad at me for doing that.
I am not mad at you.
You look as though you've had a very long, very hard day.
And I'd like to take you out and see you relax a little bit.
I'll throw in a lottery ticket.
I gotta drop these off at Neurology first.
- Did you actually give him an enema? - No.
Carter went home to bed.
Benton's been beating up on him these days.
I'm shocked and horrified to hear that.
Avon calling.
Allow me.
This is County General on one-alpha.
Unit 85.
We're en route with a 32-year-old male jumped or pushed in front of an E/ train at Garfield.
Massive head, face, chest and extremity trauma.
Garfield's closer to Southside.
They're closed in Trauma.
I came out of the ambulance entrance and my motorcycle had a flat.
I gave myself plenty of time to go home and change, but I don't care.
- So you live up on the Gold Coast? - I'm renovating a three-flat.
Must be a lot easier when you're an architect.
It probably is.
You know the pitfalls, how long it's gonna take.
That sort of thing.
I see some friends.
Actually, a friend.
You didn't tell me you were coming here.
Susan and I work at County together.
- Brent Smythe.
- How do you do? This is Julie Mathers.
- Julie's an architect.
- Oh, really? Where? Higgin, Bloom.
I represent them.
- You're with Jackson, Gearson and Robe? - They recruited me out of Stanford.
My brother went to Stanford Law.
He graduated in '85.
Jack Mathers, of course! He went to Don't tell me.
- Dudzik, Hiltzik and Strauss.
- You have a good memory, don't you? Multiple lacerations, including a chunk of rib cage missing.
BP 60 palp.
One-half liter saline in the field.
He's got obvious open fractures to the right femur and left humerus.
One, two, three! - Congratulations on staying open! - Thanks! - I'll intubate, 8.
- Good radial pulse.
- Poor cap refill.
- Jeanie, give in-line traction.
- BP's down 40 palp.
- Pulse ox 80.
Have Respiratory set up a vent.
No response to pain.
Call Radiology, get a cross-table C-spine.
I'm in.
Hang the O-neg.
Oh, man! Sucking chest wound.
How many units? Type specific 4, type and cross 10.
What have we got? Open chest wound with severe respiratory compromise.
Intubated but not saturated.
BP's still 40.
We got a pumper! I've got it.
Power clamp, Kelly.
Okay, Jeanie, you can go now.
- Grab me some Kerlex.
- I've asked her to leave.
Check with the blood bank.
Find out what's keeping that type specific.
How long does it take to get a couple of drinks? Hopefully all night.
I guess this is how perfect couples meet.
- Yeah, on somebody else's blind date.
- Great story for the grandchildren.
You should call Tad and give him the tip.
Did you think you'd impress her in scrubs? You don't think so? I find it a turn-on, but some women - Are they coming? - Follow me.
I know! I got some quarters.
I don't remember these things being so small.
You probably haven't been in one since you were 12.
- What do we do? - Look at the camera.
No fair! You're hogging the frame.
All we'll see is my neck.
- Good one.
- That was a great one.
Just sit there and look.
- Oh, God! Stop.
- They don't give you any warning.
- Okay, it's coming up.
- All right.
- No.
Come on.
- Okay.
One good one.
See? That wasn't bad.
Don't you ever treat me like that again.
- What were you doing? - Trying to save a man's life.
By giving him AIDS? I was careful.
I used universal precautions.
You were working on a chest wound.
What if you cut yourself? - I didn't! - What if I made a mistake and cut you? No person's ever gotten it from contact in an ER.
Does that mean no one can? Pile up all the data you want.
But you'd better remember what really happens in this room, okay? So you would've quit? In a minute.
But you didn't test positive, did you?