ER s03e12 Episode Script

Post Mortem

Previously on ER Get the gurney, Conni! She has bruising around her groin.
She may have been raped.
I'd be lucky to find someone like you.
- You neglected your duties.
- You feel that way, speak to me.
You feel Dr.
Benton's reaction was inappropriate? I wouldn't call it inappropriate.
Administration's making me fire two nurses.
I didn't think you'd go to Anspaugh.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't worry.
Man versus El train.
Suicide? - Dennis? - It's Gant! Oh, sweet Jesus! - Carter, put the tube in! - Oh, God! What happened? I guess that's the question.
How could this awful, senseless thing happen? I've seen traumas from plenty of accidents since I started my training.
But this was someone I knew.
- You're convinced it was an accident? - I guess.
Have the police? I don't think they've come to any conclusions.
Either he lost his balance and fell under the tracks or he jumped.
I understand that you and Dr.
Gant were friends? Roommates? Well, we hadn't seen much of each other for the last month.
I was seeing somebody, and I was staying over at her place a lot.
Obviously, the hospital is interested in finding out if anything could have been done to prevent this tragedy.
You mean if it were a suicide? We're both aware of the complaint about Dr.
Benton Dennis lodged on the day of his death.
In your judgment was this day unique in Dr.
Gant's experience or had he frequently felt he was treated unfairly? We both complained.
About the hours, the Residents That's what I thought it was, venting.
I know Dennis had bad days But what I'm asking is if anyone or anything put undue pressure on Dr.
A policy, a teaching method, anything that seems, in retrospect, too harsh.
I'll have to think about that.
Gant's father is arriving this afternoon to collect his things and bring the body back home to Atlanta.
I hope you'll be able to accompany Mr.
Gant to the apartment.
Oh, my God, John.
I couldn't believe it.
A shocker.
Think he pulled a Cobain? Dale.
Well, if they do rule it a suicide, maybe we'll get some shorter hours.
Dennis said something at Christmas about his girlfriend but if he were depressed, you'd have noticed.
Yeah, I would've.
It's the ER.
- I thought you had the ER yesterday.
- I'm covering Dennis' shift.
- I need 8 units of O-neg.
- What's up? - Two GSWs coming in.
Both critical.
- All sharps and meds accounted for.
Get ready for the next guest.
Set up the rapid infuser.
- Benton coming down? - I don't know.
Haven't seen him yet.
I was sorry to hear about Dennis.
Got any more news? Not yet.
We'll take the chest wound in 2, the extremity wound right here.
Got it.
Respiratory's alerted.
I'll set up a vent.
I'll spike you up some saline.
Here's a fresh chest-tube tray.
- Who's with us, Carol? - I paged Lily.
She'll join you.
Conni will scribe.
Me and Malik are with Carter.
- All right.
What do we got? - Two GSWs.
- You and Carter take the chest wound.
- Room prepped? O-neg's here.
Both rooms are ready.
Chest-tube tray's set.
- Call Radiology.
Get a portable.
- We did it.
- Battery on the laryngoscope checked? - Done.
- Looks like we're ready to go.
- Where are they? I'll check the ETA.
Did you get my message about the memorial service? Yeah.
Yeah, I did.
I was wondering if you could say a few words.
Talking about the memorial? - It's 5:00 in the chapel, right? - Man, I still can't believe it.
Me neither.
Here comes the groom.
- Zadro's got the bride.
- Let's put her in 1.
GSW to the chest.
Intubated in the field.
Two liters in.
BP 40 palp.
Sinus tach at 150.
Two GSWs in the left lower extremity.
No distal pulse.
- A third gurney? - Best man.
Wound to the abdomen.
He's stable.
BP's 120/80.
Pulse 88.
We only knew about two victims.
Hold him right here.
Carter! One, two, three.
- Evaluate the guy in the hall.
- Notify Vascular.
I need to steal Malik.
Be my guest.
H & H.
Type and cross for six.
Portable chest.
Set up a transfuser.
Large-bore IV with blood tubing.
Let's run it wide open.
Let's go.
- Carter, come on.
- Coming.
We got to the "do you take" part and bam! There's Bouey, her ex, blasting away.
- Hey, Lily? - More blood for the bride! Any exam rooms open for our best man here? - Not yet.
- How are Duke and Katria? - I'm taking you for an abdominal CT.
- Pressure's dropping! - He's crashing! - Damn it! Take that! Two units O-neg onboard.
- My guy just bottomed out.
- Want me to hold your hand? - There's no room! - Figure it out.
- Where's the type-specific blood? - It's coming.
Start pushing, Malik! - Where we going? - Trauma 2.
- Scoot over! Make room! - To the right! To the right! Get a central-line kit, an intubation tray, and start pushing the O-neg.
- How's that pressure? - Forty palp.
Let's get a central-line kit here now.
- Whose monitor is that? - Ours.
He's arrested.
All right.
Thoracotomy tray! Let's move! Come on! - You want to watch your elbows? - Let's go.
I missed you last night.
How's your cold? It's better.
- Thanks for the roses.
- You like them? I love them.
Man, you are spoiling me, know that? - Something wrong? - Oh, you know.
All this union stuff.
It'll be a weird day for the nurses.
- So is this sickout gonna happen? - I think so.
- Does it bother you that I told you? - Of course not.
We're still on for tonight? Movie, dinner? It's a date.
It's fractured.
How's that pressure dressing? - Looks like we stopped the bleeding.
- Four units of A-positive.
- Next door.
- Let's get that arteriogram.
Type-specific's here.
It's a little late now.
- I'm in.
Keep the O-neg going.
- Pressure's coming up.
My guy's stable.
You need some help? Goddamn it! There's nothing to clamp.
He's bled out.
All right.
Time of death, 12:05.
BP's stable, 100/60.
- You want to take this guy up? - Let's go.
All right.
Let's go.
- You do the body, I'll do the room? - Sure.
I'm a little short-handed this afternoon.
A lot of my nurses are calling in sick.
Is there any way you could pull a double? Sorry.
Can you give us a hand in here? Go on.
I'll get this.
The memorial service is gonna be in the hospital chapel.
You wouldn't need to say much.
Just Forget it.
I'm no public speaker.
There's still no official ruling on the cause of death.
Anspaugh says the police are still talking to witnesses.
- Maybe they'll turn up something.
- When did you speak to Anspaugh? This morning.
He called in the interns.
- Why? - Why? To see how we're doing.
- To see what we think happened.
- Were there interns on the platform? I think he was wondering about Gant's state of mind these last couple weeks.
Did he call you guys in one at a time or all together? One at a time.
Hasn't Anspaugh talked to you yet? I'm supposed to go talk to him.
I guess he needs to do a survey first.
- GSW to the abdomen.
Who's on call? - Dr.
I don't think anybody's blaming you.
Why would they? Did you finish your rounds this morning? - Not yet.
- Get to it.
I can finish this myself.
She'll stay on a 72-hour hold while we finish her psychiatric evaluation.
Steer clear.
You're too entangled.
I'm her doctor.
And her guardian angel, and the guy who let her down.
- Is she pissed? - At you? Yeah, sure.
You told her you wouldn't sell her into the system, and you did.
But betrayal isn't anything new to her.
She's a 14-year-old on the streets.
You don't have to explain it to me.
Or to her.
Another doc could follow up on her neuro exam.
You knew I'd be back.
She's a kid you helped, who hates your guts.
You want to change that.
What's Charlie's prognosis? She's got issues, but I won't recommend a psychiatric placement.
DCFS will take over from here.
But it wouldn't be a problem for her if I see her? Charlie's armor is in good shape.
How is yours? - What are you doing this afternoon? - Lydia and I are hitting the sales.
I'm not spending a penny until our contract is settled.
It'll settle.
Nothing like the pink flu to make a point.
- I've never been on a strike.
- I hope you never will be.
This is just a sickout.
The pink flu.
- Close your ears, E-Ray.
- I'm a union man.
One shift without RNs will make them think twice about cutting overtime.
- I'm worried about the patients.
- We all are.
That's why we won't accept a contract that compromises patient care.
- Or screws us.
- That too.
Could you help me with this damn coffeemaker? See? What would they do without us RNs? You should be taking tea and lemon for that cold.
Oh, boy.
I hate to see her fall.
I tried to warn her.
Oh, Dr.
Greene's a nice guy.
Greene's a doctor, on the rebound.
How many nurse/doctor flings have you known? Including my own? And how many of them worked out? The problem is, she's got a grand trine in fire, and his sun is in Pisces.
Labs are back from Curtain 3.
They're mine.
Haleh, can you pull a double? - When? - Today.
- My entire p.
Shift called in sick.
- I heard something was going around.
Something is going around.
Can you stay? I'm sorry.
I'm coming down with it myself.
I just want to check on your concussion.
It's only gonna take a second.
Come here.
Sit around.
Come on.
Let's go.
Sit up.
I want you to look into the light.
Okay? Come here.
Follow this just with your eyes, not your head.
It looks like the swelling went down.
Follow the light with your eyes, not your head.
How's your head? Any confusion? What year is it? December '95, according to this hot magazine you gave me.
Did you know Michael and Lisa Marie are splitting up? What was I supposed to do? Let you go back out on the street? Like I haven't been beaten worse when I lived at home.
You having any trouble seeing? I get these little blobs.
What kind of blobs? Open your eye.
Dark spots floating around.
Any flashes of light? Sometimes when you get a blow to the head there's retinal detachment.
An ophthalmologist will look at it.
In the meantime, lay back down, okay? Just when I thought things couldn't get more boring.
If I go blind, can they still send me to the nut house? - That's not where you're going.
- Oh, good.
Then just to jail.
You're going somewhere so you'll be safe.
I should've lied and said I wasn't raped.
That's why you locked me up.
You're on a hold for your own good.
Like it was my fault.
I should've just said it was sex.
It's not like there's much of a difference.
Like any of it matters.
Don't let them put me in a home.
I won't.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
- Guess.
- No more roses! I mean, I love the roses.
They were beautiful.
It's not roses.
It's a beauty.
This thing must've cost you.
Try it on.
You're gonna need it come spring.
I thought we could go to the Upper Peninsula.
It's only January.
- What says we can't plan ahead? - My last 10 relationships.
Nurse's Admin is coming down to discuss - What are you rebelling against? - What have you got? Weaver, without a chart, in Curtain 3.
I got distracted.
All his fault.
Does Admin want to discuss our situation? You mean the nurses' sickout? That's what it is.
- Would you stay and help me out? - The nurses have to stick together.
- I'm a nurse.
- And a manager.
Don't ask me to break ranks.
It's too hard to say no to you.
She's great.
Heard from Susan? If you think I'm reacting to Susan leaving, you're completely wrong.
I'm completely wrong.
Picked this guy up at the airport shuttle.
He's diaphoretic.
Temp's 103.
BP's 70/50.
Vomited three times en route.
Diarrhea too.
- You don't want to go near my rig.
- Find Dr.
Okay, on my count.
One, two, three.
- One liter of saline.
- Pulse/ox is 98 percent on 5 liters.
Temp's 103.
Five of Compazine and Tylenol, 10-grain suppository.
Mix a dopamine drip.
- What do you got? - He was picked up at the airport.
- Departing or arriving? - Here.
Let me check.
Cap refill's poor.
Let's get a CBC, Chem-7, urine C & S, chest film.
According to his ticket, Mr.
Hecht just flew in from Paris.
His original point of departure was Libreville.
- Where's that? - Gabon, West Africa.
Everybody get masks on.
I'll mask the patient.
What are you thinking? I'd like to get a consult from Infectious Disease.
Isn't Gabon where they found the Ebola virus? Let's set up an isolation room.
Keep caregivers down to a minimum.
I'll stay with Mr.
I started the case.
How'd it go? Best man pull through? Lost his spleen.
I finished my rounds.
Did you want me to take Dennis patients? No.
I'll do them.
You know, I bumped into Dr.
He told me the police have ruled Dennis' death an accident.
- Is that what you think it was? - It's easier for everyone For his family.
Easier on everyone.
But that doesn't mean it's true.
Why do you care what I think? Because we knew Dennis better than anybody.
I'm not your friend Keaton.
I know she'd hash it over with you.
But you know that's not me.
Peter? There you are.
When it rains, it pours.
Dissecting aneurysm coming down from ICU.
Care to join me? I'd love to.
Finished your rounds? - Yes, I have.
- He's covering the ER.
That shouldn't stop you from joining us.
If you get paged, you can leave.
I'll tell you how to do your job, and we'll see how you take it.
Charlie's not gonna do well in an institution.
Norm agrees with me.
I said if she gets a chance, she'll probably ditch out of a group setting.
That's why I'm attempting to locate the mother.
Good luck with that.
She was last seen in Ohio over a year ago.
You believe that? Charlie doesn't want us to find her.
That's why she's not cooperating.
Such a great mom.
Even a bad mom can give consent.
That's what you need for this kind of placement.
If Charlie would cooperate in finding her other relatives in Cleveland she could be placed with them.
She understands that? But I'm the enemy.
I'll give it a shot if I'm not stepping on your toes.
No, stomp away.
We all want the same thing.
Jeanie, this is Dr.
Fischer from Infectious Disease.
- How's the patient? - He's defervescing.
Lytes, chest x-ray, urinalysis were all normal.
He's been conscious off and on, but delirious.
He confirmed he was working in Gabon.
Some sort of land survey.
- I want a sed rate and an LP.
- Right away.
- And the airline? - Keep them on alert.
But I want test results before they contact passengers.
I hear hoof beats, but I haven't seen any zebras.
You drew blood cultures? - Graft is holding, finally.
- Let's close.
Carter, suction.
Come on! Two-0 Prolene.
Let's go.
Let's wake up! Whole department's off today.
Everyone's still in shock.
I'm sorry I didn't get to know Dr.
Gant better.
- How was working with him? - It was too soon to say.
More 2.
- He hadn't distinguished himself yet.
- Surprising, given his transcripts.
He came with the highest recommendations.
Maybe he was having adjustment problems.
So you noticed him struggling? Gant wasn't prepared to handle an urban trauma center.
Why'd you give him a positive report? - Sorry? - You heard me.
Why did you praise him for his improved technical skills and initiative in his second review? Perhaps at another time.
I gave that review before some recent backsliding.
I wasn't even aware he received that evaluation.
He hadn't.
It came today.
You can be sure he never received any encouraging word from you.
Candy, take over suction.
You're excused.
All he ever got from you was harping and criticism.
And now he's dead, and you're gonna have to face it.
My apologies, Dr.
- You don't like the roses? - I love the roses.
Just slow down.
You don't have to impress me.
I just passed the florist and thought about you.
But in my family, if a man sends flowers twice in one week the only thing left is conversion to Catholicism, marriage and 7 kids.
Should I look over my shoulder for your father with a shotgun? My brother Julio.
He packs a.
- There you are.
- Looks like 100 percent participation.
We have no nurses in one hour.
This is Roger Drummond from Labor Relations.
You know Mary Cain.
Our attorneys are filing an injunction.
An organized work stoppage is illegal under their contract.
No one was actually stupid enough to admit to an organized sickout? - I hope only this shift's affected.
- We can't stay open without nurses.
I've rounded up some private-duty nurses.
And also some nurse managers from other departments.
- Oh, boy.
- I can come down myself.
The extra bodies will help with non-emergent cases.
The hospital prefers not to cave.
At least we should stay closed to trauma.
- I agree with Carol.
- Me too.
All right.
We close to trauma, 3:00 sharp.
I'll call the paramedics, let them know to divert.
- How's she doing? - No signs of retinal detachment.
- What about the blobs? - Most people have floaters.
You probably notice them more as you've been recovering.
When will this stuff wear off? Your vision will be normal in an hour or so.
Wear these.
Thanks for checking her out, doc.
Anytime, Dr.
You have a very nice daughter.
- She's not my daughter! Who said that? - It was just a joke.
Cool! These are trippy.
Everything's a blur.
- Why did you tell Dr.
Zagerley that? - That you're my dad? - You're old enough.
- Half the time you clam up and the other half you're taking back lies you told.
So? So you're making it tough for people to help you.
You cooperate, then Social Services can find a relative or get consent for somebody to take you in.
- Like who? - Help them figure that out.
Stop lying to people.
Like adults don't lie every chance they get? Why don't you have any kids? I get my fill on the job.
So this truth thing's a one-way street.
I get it.
I haven't gotten it together long enough to stay with a woman let alone family and babies and long-term commitments.
You wouldn't have to have a baby if you had a foster kid.
Anybody in particular? A teenager wouldn't be that long of a commitment.
I'm practically grown up already.
If I were ready, you'd be first on my list.
- You've used that on women, haven't you? - I have.
There you are.
- So how are the eyes? - She's doing fine.
Well, I'm sure her mother will be relieved to hear that.
You found her in Cleveland? On south Des Plaines, 10 blocks away, where she and Charlie live.
My God, Charlie! I was freaking.
I was so worried.
Look at you.
What did I tell you would happen? You'll end up with scars from this.
When are you gonna listen to me? I can't turn my back for a second, you're out the door.
- Dr.
Pomerantz? - Yes.
Anspaugh said you might be available today for counseling for those of us who knew Dennis Gant.
- That's right.
They've set up an office for me on the Surgical Ward.
Room 820.
I'll be there till 6:00.
I don't know if I can make it today.
I meant to stop by earlier, but I got called into surgery.
- Are you an intern? - Yeah, yeah.
John Carter.
Oh, you're John Carter.
Dennis mentioned you a few times.
You were his friend.
You knew Dennis? He came for counseling when he first arrived.
But after a few sessions, he stopped.
I see.
I'm really very sorry.
I know how hard it is to lose a friend.
I hope you'll come by and talk.
When Dennis quit therapy, did you think that it was okay? I mean, did you feel it was all right for him to stop? I didn't disagree with it, his stopping, at the time.
He seemed to be settling in, developing a support system.
There's a survivor's guilt that comes with any unexpected death.
Maybe I feel guilty because I am.
You should come and see me.
I'll try.
I'll try to remember your names but please have your I.
Tags where they can be seen.
- Bye, Lily.
Bye, Haleh.
- Goodbye, Carol.
Good luck.
- Has anyone worked ER before? - Twenty years ago.
I hated it.
We're closed to trauma.
That'll ease the workload.
And please, if you have questions, ask.
- Later.
- A quarter till? - I can meet you there.
- I'll pick you up.
Bye, Chuny.
If they win this, it'll be good for nurses.
It's not that simple.
County's gotta find the money.
They can check my bank account.
It's not in there.
I'll send these up to the lab.
Cell count and diff, protein, glucose India ink and culture.
- Exactly.
Nice to see you again.
Did we find you something exotic? We've all seen way too many movies.
No ecchymosis or bleeding or rash.
It doesn't suggest Ebola.
Meet me in the lab.
We'll make the Geimsa stains.
We have techs who will do that.
I'm an old-fashioned lab rat.
I like to do it myself.
Greg's wonderful.
I should've thought of him for you earlier.
As your doctor.
There's no reason for you to drive out to Highland Park anymore.
Greg's very respected for his work with HIV patients.
He left a successful private practice to come to County after his partner died of AIDS last summer.
- That's too bad.
- You ought to think about it.
Maybe I will.
She's not even a runaway.
Her mom lives 10 minutes away.
Sounds like a case herself.
Letting her kid run the streets all hours of the day and night.
What do you think? Chop House for Valentine's Day? I'd love to, but you're not my type.
I know.
It's not very romantic, but it's Chuny's favorite.
They gonna send Charlie home with her mom? There's a cooling-off period where the DCFS figures out which end is up.
And I'm on my way to the gym.
Sounds like she's in safe hands.
Thank God for Social Services! Hey, Carter, can I get you anything? I could get used to being closed to trauma.
I was actually hoping for something to do.
Doesn't feel real, does it? I just keep waiting for Dennis to come in and tell everybody it was a big mistake.
You couldn't have done anything.
I know that.
I just don't believe that.
Help! Somebody help my friend, please! He's dying! - Okay, on a count - Don't! His leg is barely hanging on! - What happened? - Gil was taking a nap in the alley.
They dropped a dumpster on him.
I dragged it off of him and called for help but no cars would stop.
I couldn't find a phone.
The paramedics wouldn't have brought you here.
You saved your friend a ride across town.
Get the doctors.
Get all the doctors! Let's try the other slide.
- Want to take a shot? - Sure.
- Know what you're looking for? - Hoop-shaped rings, like Saturn's.
You like astronomy? My fifth-grade science project was on comets.
I'm an expert.
You must be excited about the appearance of Hale-Bopp.
It's a comet that was just discovered this month.
- Do you have your own telescope? - Careful.
You'll get me started on a new set of useless facts.
I thought about getting a telescope.
Can you see much with the city lights? Join me for a comet watch.
I usually set up outside the Adler.
I'd love to sometime.
How about tonight? It's supposed to be clear.
But bundle up.
At 4, a chill comes off the lake.
It's only visible in the pre-dawn sky.
Hey, wait.
I think I found some.
Take a look.
Am I right? They have rings, more than one? That's it.
The asexual form of the parasite.
- Plain old malaria.
- Good news for Mr.
Hecht? Chloroquine, 10-milligram IV followed by a 15-milligram drip.
Hey, you know, I'm usually awake at 4 a.
- I'll bring the coffee.
- Great.
O-neg is here.
Four units.
Ask Radiology what's taking so long.
Get on the rapid infuser.
I got a pumper! Femoral artery! Four by fours for Dr.
- Gauze? - Four by fours.
Come on! Gil, come on.
BP's thready.
Pressure's 60.
Heart rate's 140.
Pulse ox, 90.
- How's that lavage coming? - I need Betadine.
Coming up.
Watch out! - I need some help with this tape.
- Okay, I got it.
- Who's on the infuser? - I'll get it.
Just a sec.
Positive lavage.
We got internal bleeding.
- I need a thigh cuff.
- Thigh cuff for Dr.
Upper right drawer.
Right drawer.
Found it.
- He's fibrillating.
- I'll start compressions.
Let's shock him.
Paddles, Carter, 200.
Everybody up! No juice.
Hit the sync switch.
Turn it off.
Can I set? Clear! Come on, Gil.
Three hundred.
Clear! Is he dying? Is he dying? - Is my buddy dying? - We're doing our best.
- Why don't you wait outside? - Three-sixty.
Clear! - He's my friend! - I know! I know! Give me an amp of epi.
- I tried to get him here.
- Shut this guy up! It's my fault! I let him down! Let's shock him again at 360.
Clear! - He's my buddy, and I let him down! - Okay! We got it! - Get him out of here! - Let's go! No, you didn't.
At least you tried! - Kerry, cover for me.
- Go on.
Go on.
Come on.
Let's try him again at 360.
Clear! I knew Dennis was having a hard time.
I knew he was in trouble but I was too busy and I just didn't want to get dragged down.
I didn't listen.
You're in the middle of your first year of Residency.
You're working at an inhuman pace.
Why am I doing it again? Because you were trying to learn a job where lives are at stake.
I didn't save Dennis' life though, did I? You don't know that you could have.
I know that I wasn't much of a friend.
I'll collect the sharps.
You check off the dispensed meds.
- You don't have to do that.
- I don't mind chipping in.
Number lavage blade two needles from a central line.
All right.
Three epi, 100 of lidocaine.
I wanted to compliment you on how you handled yourself today.
It isn't easy to be a manager when it's hitting the fan and your workers are your friends.
Two IV needles.
It's been pretty awful around here lately.
I think of myself as a nurse, and I'm wading through this management crap.
Two of O-neg, empty, two unused.
You waded through it very gracefully.
Isn't there three of O-neg? Oh.
Yeah, here it is.
This one is marked A-pos.
What? Did we order type-specific? It never came down.
I mean, where did this? God, this must've been on the infuser! There's blood in the Foley bag.
Oh, my God! I gave him the wrong blood.
This unit of A-positive must have been left on the infuser.
When I started, I'm sure there was a bag on there.
I just thought someone had hung it.
I didn't check the label.
Have you sent a sample to be re-crossmatched? Yeah.
It showed massive intravascular hemolysis.
I gave type-A blood to a type-O patient.
I killed him.
- He was bleeding out anyway.
- We've saved worse.
It was an honest mistake.
You were the only RN.
We were all filling in roles.
It still doesn't take away the basic error.
I did not check the label.
We're saying if you determined an incident report was unnecessary we wouldn't pursue it.
- Am I speaking out of turn? - No.
You could've thrown the empty bag in hazardous waste and been done with it.
That's true.
But I'd still have to look at myself in the mirror every day.
Thank you for making the arrangements, Dr.
And the sentiments you expressed set just the right tone.
I want to apologize about what happened earlier in surgery.
You already did.
Did I miss it? Mr.
Gant, this is Dr.
Benton, who you were asking about.
Benton, this is Dennis Gant Sr.
He was hoping to meet you.
My sympathies are with you.
Thank you, doctor.
I'm sorry I missed the service.
Dennis' E-mail gave me a sense of how demanding your schedules are.
In fact, I had to admonish my son for taking time to write home at all.
I didn't want him to neglect his workload.
I know that Dennis greatly respected your work and looked up to you.
Well, I'm afraid I was a bit tough on your son.
Maybe Dr.
Carter filled you in.
- No, I haven't.
- You have to be tough.
Life is.
I wasn't entirely convinced that my boy should've chosen such an ambitious specialty.
But I didn't raise a quitter.
I hope he didn't disappoint you.
No, your son worked very hard.
And I think he would've made an excellent surgeon.
Oh, I am so late.
What a day, huh? You know, you and Dr.
Fischer make a good team.
We're getting together later.
He's an astronomy buff.
You have a date with Greg Fischer? No.
Not a date.
In some ways, it's perfect that he's gay.
What makes you think he's gay? - Well, you said - He isn't gay.
- You said his partner died of AIDS.
- His partner in his medical practice.
Not his lover.
Oh, my God! Greg Fischer is one of the most eligible heterosexuals in Chicago.
- So he thinks this is a date.
- It is a date.
I can't go.
Don't be silly.
I have to tell him I'm HIV-positive.
It's just a date.
Get to know him.
You're entitled to a date.
Have fun.
I expect to hear all about it tomorrow.
- Have you seen E-Ray? - He's helping one of the temp nurses.
Not with a patient.
With her astrological chart.
Is Dr.
Fischer in? I see.
Is he on pager, by chance? No? No? Okay, thanks.
Carol, good news.
The union blinked.
Nurses will be back on the morning shift.
You saved me a trip from upstairs.
I needed to give you this.
During a trauma, I gave the patient the wrong blood, and he died.
- Oh, my God.
- Patient's family aware of the error? He was a transient.
He had no family members.
Well, that's fortunate.
What? I'll look over the report, but don't beat yourself up.
The sickout contribute to this man's demise? It was my error.
I didn't check the label.
I'm gonna have to write this up, of course.
But I think in view of the circumstances of the day we may be able to forego an investigation.
I don't want any special favors here.
I stayed on today because, as a manager, I'm required to.
I understand.
The mom admits there were fights and claims she can't keep Charlie in.
Sounds more like the mom's not in much herself.
She confirmed the abuse by one, if not two, of her boyfriends in the past.
- Why did you page me? - Charlie's making claims.
- Against me? - Not accusations.
Norm and I felt that it would be best if we hashed it out together.
I appreciate your coming.
- What's up? - Thank you for taking care of her.
- It's my job.
- But so many don't care.
Or just don't take the time.
I was out of my mind when I heard.
I thought she was babysitting.
I was updating Dr.
Ross about the problems at home.
I won't say I don't have a temper, and I've made a lot of mistakes.
But I love Charlie like crazy, and I just want her to find something.
I know she can't go out on her own but So I told them what you told me about how my mom could give consent.
Adele would know more about that.
Charlie means parental consent for her to live with you.
- She believes you agreed to that.
- Like we said, I'm almost grown up.
I wouldn't be around all the time.
I mean, I'd be in school.
And I can see you're a good man and a doctor.
I'm not giving up my daughter.
She needs a good influence.
That isn't what we talked about.
In fact, it's the opposite.
- Charlie was mistaken.
- We could do it.
They'd let us.
So you were lying? You see what it's like with her? You make me nuts! - I can't do this.
- Why not? I'd do whatever you said.
Adele and Dr.
Middleton can help you.
Screw Adele and Dr.
Middleton! And screw Mom! It's all a bunch of crap! I'll run away! You know it, and it'll be your fault! I hate you! Maybe you should go.
Go! Go on! Get out of my face! I'm half-frozen! The snow was supposed to stop.
You didn't even get a glimpse.
We'll have to try that again, like in June, July Two hot chocolates.
You want something to eat? Yeah, maybe.
I'm afraid I'm not hardy enough for astronomy.
Or crazy enough.
I've never been that interested in the stars themselves.
It's the stories behind them.
You have a favorite myth? I like the gruesome ones like Cassiopeia.
- Turned to stone by Medusa.
- She didn't freeze while stargazing? Actually, she's waiting for the man of her dreams.
Remember? She's searching for a nice, upstanding guy.
He can even be a nerd.
As long as he's not completely lacking in spontaneity.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
I just didn't expect that.
But did you like it? Yes, I did.
But Greg I'm HIV-positive.
I should've told you, but I didn't think it was a date.
- That's okay.
- No.
I should've.
But I was having fun.
So Here you go.
Did you want to order anything? No, thanks.
I'm fine.
I know I was hard on Gant.
I thought it was the best way for him to learn.
And I don't blame you.
No more than I blame myself.
I just feel like I have been walking around with this secret and you're the only person who knows it.
And you won't admit to it.
You know, a few years ago, I went to my high-school reunion.
North Lawndale.
Jackie got it in her head.
It wasn't much of a turnout, because half of the class had dropped out.
I didn't know the others.
My parents tried to keep me from bad influences.
But here I am with them, you know? And a third of the guys are in prison, and I bet another third are dead.
You hear about this one and that one over the years.
But this night I'm just struck by the sheer numbers.
I don't know what to think of Gant's death.
But, Carter, I don't need you to tell me how I feel.
You want to go through this alone? You want to make this into something that I don't know about? I guess you can.
We'll both keep our distance.
We'll both do our work.
Pretend like nothing happened.
We're good at that.
Look what that did for Dennis Gant.