ER s03e13 Episode Script

Fortune's Fools

Previously on ER Either he lost his balance and fell onto the tracks, or he jumped.
All he ever got from you was harping and criticism.
Now he's dead, and you have to face it.
I was a bit tough on your son.
No one admitted to an organized sickout? Nope.
You're spoiling me.
I'm HIV-positive.
I gave type-A blood to a type-O patient.
I killed him.
Hey, Doug! Doug! Wait up a minute.
I gotta ask you something.
Good morning to you.
How many people know about me and Chuny? - Including the cleaning crew? - Everyone? - That would be an understatement.
- It's just - We've run out of things to say.
- You want out.
- I think it would be best.
- You covered the spread.
The office pool.
I had you for next week.
But what's $5 for your happiness? You've had experience at this.
How do I end it? You know those Chinese finger puzzles? The harder you pull on them, the tighter they get? You gotta just relax, then they just droop and fall off.
- That sounds ominous.
- Here's what you do.
Explain to her that you're doing this for her benefit.
It's been fun but it's interfering with work.
You don't want to ruin the friendship.
Because that's what you care about.
You know what? You're frightening.
- Good morning.
- You're late.
I was checking the schedule.
This is it for us today? A hernia? Is that what it says? Problem, Carter? It's just that our schedule's been pretty lightweight lately.
Hernias and Hickman lines.
You could do these in your sleep.
- No Hibiclens? - No, we're out.
This gives us more time to prepare for the conference.
You ready? Three o'clock sharp, right? I'm doing the first half.
You're doing the second.
We'll brush up over lunch.
Carter, if I need your help, I'll ask for it, okay? Happiness is a full nursing staff.
- I hope everyone is feeling healthy.
- Peachy! I'd hate to see us get hit by the one-day flu again.
It's run its course.
I hope so.
I can't afford to get fired.
That was just management rattling its tired old saber.
- What if they replace us? - They won't.
After our sickout, they got religion.
Negotiations are going great.
Are we gonna get what we want? Commissioners are nervous.
They know the public's on our side.
They won't be after they read this.
Right there.
- Oh, no.
- What? "Patient dies after nurses walk.
An unidentified nurse at County General Hospital allegedly transfused a patient with the wrong type blood leading to his death in the hospital's emergency room.
" Somebody died? They get that for hiring temps.
"Hospital sources say the error was the result of understaffing caused by an illegal one-day sickout by ER nurses.
" Where's Carol? She's on at 9.
Did this guy die because of us? First name, Gil.
Last name, unknown.
Section Y-37.
- No headstones? - They just get a number.
Of course, between the wind and the snow There's nothing.
Friend of yours? He might be one of these in here.
I think we buried them last.
Ah, Mark.
- I was reminding Kerry that today - Is Prospective Intern Day.
- How could I forget? - There are six 4th-year students interviewing upstairs.
They're being hotly recruited by other programs.
I expect you to show them what a real ER is all about.
We'll do our best.
I'm sure you will.
- Can we talk to you? - What's up? This.
We won't take the fall for this.
Negotiations are going our way.
A temp made a mistake.
It's not our fault.
- What temp? - The one who gave the wrong blood.
It wasn't a temp.
It was me.
God, they lied to me! I filed an incident report, and they said that was the end of it.
Need a hand back here! to the chest.
Massive blood loss.
- He shot my partner! - BP's 50 palp.
Pulse 130.
Two liters saline in transit.
O-2, 15 liters.
- Got a name? - Hernandez.
- Who's bringing up the rear? - 58-year-old male.
Single GSW.
BP 130 over 90.
Pulse 108.
Resp 26.
- Help the boy! - Don't listen to him! - We'll help both of you.
- Let me just We need you to wait outside.
We gotta work on your partner.
- Just give us some room.
- On two! Need suction.
Decreased breath on the right side.
I need to intubate.
Pressure's down to 40 palp.
Pulse 160.
Lydia, draw the blood gas.
- This'll teach him not to shoot cops.
- CBC, type and cross for a 6.
Get O-neg going.
Chest-tube tray.
Is Thora-Seal ready? In a sec.
I'm in.
Tape that up for me, please.
- I'll call Radiology for a portable.
- And Respiratory for a vent.
I'm gonna go check on Doyle.
CBC and a crit.
Update tetanus, give him one gram of Ancef.
- How is he? - Missed the femoral artery.
- No neuro deficit.
- Excellent.
Sergeant Mattimore welcome to the Purple Heart Club.
- Thanks.
- How's the kid? - We're working on him next door.
I'm Jeanie Boulet.
- Mike and Cindy Patterson.
- Have a seat.
- I understand you've got a headache.
- Nothing serious.
Do you have a history of migraines? - A few in college.
- These are different.
- They come on for no reason.
- What caused them before? - Tubas.
- We were in the marching band.
You're also suffering from insomnia and dizziness.
Anything else? - He just hasn't been himself.
- How so? Last night in his sleep, he bit me.
And when he woke up, he didn't know where he was.
Let's take a look.
- How's that kid who got shot? - Well, he made it to surgery.
Thank you.
My mother was disappointed you couldn't make it last night.
Work, you know.
My brothers are doubting your intentions.
All five of them? You first.
I'm not sorry we did this.
It's been fun.
But it's starting to interfere with my work.
I want to preserve our friendship.
I know that's important for you too.
No hard feelings, right? Of course not.
What did you want to say? Nothing.
You hung me out to dry.
- No, I didn't.
- Then who did? Let me get you a cup of coffee.
I don't want a cup of coffee.
- It wasn't me.
- Who then? Drummond? Somebody who wanted to influence negotiations.
And somebody who had access to your report.
Carol, we've got a threatened work stoppage here.
Emotions are high, the budget's shrinking and your nursing staff refuses to acknowledge the realities of 90s medicine! - This isn't about the sickout! I gave him the wrong blood.
Which wouldn't have happened if your friends had shown up for work.
This isn't labor politics, Mary! A man died.
I'm sorry, Carol.
I killed a man! And nobody around here seems to give a damn! Tie.
Peter? Tie.
I think you're wise to slow it down after Pediatrics.
Nothing like a simple hernia to put you in touch with the basics.
Hand, blade, clamp, suture.
Peanut, please.
Carter, what's the difference between a prostate and a garden hose? - I don't know.
- Let me tell you.
There's a vas deferens.
Corky Butterfield told me that one back in the day.
Good old Corky.
He blew a gasket in the latrine at Soldiers' Field.
Met his maker with his pants down.
Sometimes you have to step back to reassess.
It's a lot easier to take stock from a nice, puffy blimp than an F-16.
Right? That's the first mature breakup of my life.
- Congratulations! - No histrionics, no yelling.
- We saw the situation and addressed it.
- How'd she take it? She's hurting, but she'll get over it in time.
What time you got? I'd like you to meet Jay Musoff, Whit Haskell Monica Campbell, Alex Ghandar Matt Collins and Leslie Wu.
I've prepared an introductory packet to our Emergency Medicine Program.
Refer to it throughout the day.
The ER may appear chaotic but if you watch closely you'll see an organized system at work.
- I'll take Jay, Whit and Monica.
- Fine.
We'll start with the Admissions Desk and go from there.
If you wanna follow at a 10-minute stagger, feel free.
The heart of any emergency room is the Admit Desk.
Information is the blood that courses through it.
And the desk clerk is like a tricuspid valve, if you will.
So you guys want to play doctor? Let's go.
I chase number one, lose him down an alley.
I come back just in time to catch number two bleeding my partner here with a cheap.
He doesn't even have his gun out.
So I cap the punk.
You're lucky your partner came back when he did.
Two rounds, two hits.
I couldn't believe it! You should've seen his face.
He was so surprised.
What did he think I was gonna do? Give him a hug? - Then when he saw the blood - You have to go now.
He needs rest.
- I'll wait outside, sarge.
- You go on home.
I'll wait outside.
Bring me a chocolate frosted in the morning.
He can do that, right? - Lf he gets a dozen for us.
- All right.
Take care of him.
Ten months out of the academy, he thinks he's Dirty Harry.
Why didn't you shoot back? twice outside the practice range.
A cop who won't use his gun.
That's a first.
Your arm okay? It's just a little sore.
Carol, can I speak to you a minute? Be right back.
We got a situation here.
I spoke to Mary Cain.
She doesn't know who leaked it.
- You believed her? - Yeah, I did.
We had an agreement on the table to protect current staffing levels.
Management just pulled it.
They're gonna use this to renege on the whole contract.
Sorry to hear that.
You had no idea they'd use this incident against us? No, I didn't.
What? You think I'm lying to you? I don't know anymore, Carol.
You and management can fight and tear each other's hair out.
I've got a patient.
Most interns send samples to the lab without knowing what happens once they're there.
Let's pretend that we're a urine sample and find out.
Let's see.
Scalded foot in Curtain 2.
That looks promising.
This way.
I've got a 25-year-old male, headaches, insomnia He's pretty young for a stroke.
- What do you think? - Encephalitis or a mass lesion.
Let's do a CT.
Who's on for Infectious Disease? - Greg Fischer.
- Get him down.
Hello, Dr.
Sasha, what a pleasant surprise! Sasha's one of our 5-star chefs in the cafeteria.
- What's today's special? - Bratwurst.
Idiot busboy carries out bin of hot water.
Shoom! Right down my boot.
I'd amputate, but I'm afraid you'd put it on the menu.
- Alex, first step? - Assess the burn.
Leslie, what do you think? Partial thickness, and there's a small blister below the medial malleolus.
Matt, what's next? Then d Ábride any broken blisters.
Thermazine dressing.
You snip you dress and you give the Demerol.
I thought this was a tour.
Consider it interactive.
I'll check in on you later.
Let me know if you need anything.
- Regards to Kenny.
- Will do.
- You two know each other? - I picked up her cousin for B and E.
She doesn't seem to mind.
Best thing that ever happened to him.
He's just like this kid who got shot: Young and scared, gangs putting the heat on him.
What happened to him? I got him into a work program.
You know what he is now? A locksmith.
They used to have these dances here called Blue and Whites.
You know, cops and nurses.
A lot of marriages came out of that.
- Yours too? - No.
For me, it was always the job.
You were probably just a lousy dancer.
If I didn't have this hole in my leg, I'd show you a turn or two.
I'll take a rain check.
Do you know why so many nurses end up with cops? Similar schedule? A shared appreciation for life's vicissitudes.
That's beautiful.
I stole it myself.
- Too much coffee.
- Has that happened before today? Give me a break.
I'm 58.
I can't have the shakes after I get shot? I thought only the scheduling nurse was allowed to change the board.
I like to erase my surgery when I'm done.
It gives me a sense of accomplishment.
- What are you up to? - Presenting a conference with Benton.
There's a name I haven't seen in a while.
It's been a little slow lately.
There's a splenectomy open at 5:00 with Crosby.
Why don't you sign him up for it? He usually signs up for surgery.
Just because he's in neutral doesn't mean you have to be.
I'm doing a portacaval shunt later.
Care to join me? I'd love to.
But I don't know what Benton has planned.
Judging by this, not much.
I'm Dr.
I'm Lisa Sayler.
This is my son, Benny.
- You work for the hospital? - Upstairs in ICU.
I usually bring him to the clinic, but I didn't want to wait.
What happened? I'm not sure.
He was out in the back yard, and he hurt his elbow.
Can you straighten out your arm like that for me? You have to use his special name.
- Which is? - It's Clark Kent.
- Hi, Clark.
- Hello.
Let me straighten your arm out.
Does that hurt? All right.
We'll have to get some x-rays.
Anybody here have x-ray vision? Okay, we'll get Radiology to take a look at it.
- No idea how this happened? - I wasn't there.
But I think he was trying to fly.
Ghandar, Jeopardy time.
Tenderness in the anatomic snuffbox indicates this common fracture.
What is first-metacarpal? Navicular.
I should try that on my students.
I teach third grade.
That's nice.
Heather, you have a medial, collateral ligament tear otherwise known as "gamekeeper's thumb.
" Playing goalie is hell on a manicure.
- Hockey? - Water polo.
Sounds rough.
Last year, took a shot to the face.
Fractured my left orbit.
It's a singles league.
Swim and mingle.
The guys I've met are tough outside, but emotionally they're wimps.
I guess my type is more the reverse.
- Need some help? - No, thanks.
- I want to talk to you about that cop.
- Isn't he great? - My dad says he's a real legend.
- His right hand has a twitch.
No head trauma, no focal deficits, right? It's probably nerves.
Well, I'd like a head CT to be sure.
The way his hand moves bothers me.
I can't order a $ 1000 test without indications.
I think it's recurring.
He's hiding it.
I'll do a neuro exam.
If something shows up, we'll scan him.
Accommodation without direct response to light.
I'll dial Robertson.
- Mrs.
Patterson - Cindy.
When did you notice the change in Mike's behavior? A month ago, I found him in the kitchen at 3 a.
Talking to himself.
It's possible you have a low-grade infection in your nervous system.
I'd like to do a spinal tap.
That sounds painful.
We'll give you local anesthetic.
Takes about 5 minutes.
Can you get an L.
Tray, please? - I've been meaning to call.
- That's okay.
I didn't expect you to.
Which leaves us plenty of time for a splenectomy at 5.
We'll be in and out by 6:30.
- You signed me up without permission? - Crosby needs someone to assist.
- He does great work and respects yours.
- Take it off.
- My name.
Take it off the board.
- It's too late.
Someone's going to have to cancel.
The only sign of a fracture is the fat-pad.
Very slight.
- Will he need a cast? - The splint will be fine.
He should heal in three or four weeks.
Can I talk to you outside? We're gonna be right back.
Okay? You just hang here.
Has he always been this uncommunicative? My husband died five months ago in a car accident.
He was taking Benny to get an ice-cream cone.
Was Benny hurt? But it took about 10 minutes for the ambulance to get there.
Benny watched his father die.
I'm sorry.
When he started to pretend he was Superman, I thought it was healthy.
A way of coping.
I got him that costume for Halloween.
Now he wears it every day.
Do you know Lyle Baker? He's a child psychiatrist.
One of the best.
Why don't I have him come down for a consult? Benny, come out, please.
- How long will it take to heal? - About six weeks.
There go the playoffs.
I don't know what I'll do with myself.
Would you like to go out sometime? That brings up an interesting issue.
Are doctors supposed to date patients? Definitely not.
- For my protection, right? - Right.
What if you weren't my doctor? That's hypothetical.
When do you get off? Six o'clock.
So hypothetically if I were at Finch's Bar on Dearborn tonight at 6:30 and you just happened to come in and have a drink that would be legal, right? Hypothetically.
If I weren't your doctor.
You know, this thumb is starting to hurt again.
I think I'd like to see a specialist.
- Ever seen an abscess this big? - Never.
It's extraordinary.
Cliffe, how did this happen? I'm building a cabin up north.
No plumbing yet.
Just an outhouse.
I sat down on the seat without noticing the ice.
When I stood up That would account for the wide extension.
We need to drain.
Not to worry, Mr.
Relief is on the way.
My two favorite ladies! Still trying to charm us.
They said man would never fly.
Now they have Air Jordan on a mission to Mars.
Nurse Hathaway told me about the problem you're having with your hand.
She did, did she? I'm sure it's not serious, but I'd like to do a neurological exam.
I want you to squeeze my fingers when I say so.
I got shot in the leg.
The rest of me is fine.
We just want to make sure.
- No, thanks.
- It'll only take a minute.
I don't want it.
- It's for your own good.
- I said I don't want it.
The man doesn't want it.
Carla? What are you doing here? Waiting.
What's wrong? You sick? What's wrong? We should probably talk later, Peter.
- Carla Reece? - That's me.
Coburn will see you now.
Coburn? OB? I'll call you later.
I promise.
What's up? You pregnant? Later, all right? When Kerry asked me to talk to you, I thought: "What's a grizzled old muckety-muck have to say to the next generation of sawbones?" Then I realized, nope, everyone has a tale to tell.
And mine begins in a cold, little farmhouse in Kubane, North Dakota.
Pa Morgenstern worked at the local tannery.
- Ma was a taxidermist - How are they holding up? Stick a fork in them.
They've been "Weavered.
" - Still no sign of Superman.
- Thanks, Malik.
Keep looking.
What is that smell? Bratwurst, on the house.
Compliments of Sasha, the cafeteria guy.
Remind me not to cure him again.
What do you think? About dating a patient, Exxon Valdez ring a bell? I'm still holding.
- You should talk.
- This is new territory.
It takes time to learn the signs.
I know the difference between dependence and mutual attraction.
- So what are you gonna do about it? - Doyle.
Gamekeeper's thumb in 4.
Check the splint.
If it's set, discharge her.
Roger that.
Lisa? Yeah.
Not yet.
He didn't get past Security, so he's still in the building.
Stay put.
He knows where you work.
He'll probably head your way.
When I held that dying mole rat in my hand when I felt its little heart pitter-pattering in my hands - Do you see it? - It's glowing.
Looks like syphilis.
- I'm surprised.
- Imagine how surprised she'll be.
How are we gonna tell them? We don't tell them.
- We tell him.
- And not her? It's his disease.
We can't violate his right to privacy.
And she has no rights except the right to be infected? - Why don't I talk to him? - I asked you down on a consult.
This is a tricky situation.
I have more experience in these matters.
It's my field.
I've dealt with these situations hundreds of times.
This kind of thing can kill a marriage.
So can silence.
Carter? Are you aware of the time? I was waiting for Dr.
The entire surgical staff is already here.
Anytime now, doctor.
When were you gonna tell me? When I knew I had something to tell.
My sisters had miscarriages in their first trimesters.
What did Coburn say? She said that it was just some spotting nothing to worry about.
I don't understand.
We were careful.
It's like they say, nothing is 100% effective.
And you're sure it's mine? I'm gonna forget you said that.
I'm gonna lay it on the stress and surprise.
I'm sorry.
Look, honey What am I supposed to say? We're two very different people, Peter.
And Lord knows we both have enough going on in our lives.
I've made the choice, Peter to have this baby.
All right.
What do you expect from me, Carla? The truth.
You've always been honest with me.
It's one of your finer qualities.
I've gotta get back to work.
I'll call you.
All right? Sure.
You can adjust these if they're too short.
They'll probably discharge you today.
You could use the practice.
Stop being so nice.
It makes me feel even more foolish for speaking the way I did.
You know, when I was in the alley with the kid Hernandez I've had guns pulled on me a dozen times.
This wasn't a hard guy.
This was a kid caught in the deep end.
we both walk out of there.
What happened? My hand jerked.
He thought I was going for my gun.
In a second, he had to decide whether he wanted to live or die.
Does anyone else know about your hand? You mean the department? They'd put me in the mailroom.
Then who deals with the next kid who panics and pulls a piece? Some hotshot like Pino.
You need to get it checked out.
What is it? Is it Parkinson's? Is it a brain tumor? I don't know.
But those are treatable disorders.
You could have years to teach the Pinos to be better cops.
Or I could be here lying flat on my back stuck full of tubes.
Let me do a CAT scan, find out what's going on.
I'll tell you what, angel.
I'll think about it, okay? Good.
The aortogram confirms the unilateral renal-artery stenosis.
And treatment was via an aortorenal-bypass graft using a segment of the saphenous vein.
Now, discussing the causes and evaluation of surgical hypertension will be my colleague Dr.
Peter Benton.
Except that he was detained, which is why he asked me to stand in for him.
The surgically correctable causes of hypertension include coarctation of the aorta, Cushing's syndrome and pheochromocytoma.
- What about Conn's syndrome? - And Conn's syndrome, of course.
- And hyperaldosteronism? - That too.
Wasn't a trial of drug therapy warranted before surgical intervention was undertaken? - Surgery carries a 1 % mortality rate.
- I see your point What were the results of the renal-vein renin assays? They were high.
Very high.
Of course.
But what was the ratio of affected to unaffected sides? That I don't know.
Obviously not.
Anyone know the difference between a prostate and a garden hose? - Leave her alone! - I should slap some manners into you.
- You can't talk to me like that! - What are you doing? Let go of him! I'm trying to talk, and this kid starts kicking me.
- You were being mean to her! - Sit down! Relax! Call ICU.
Tell Lisa Sayler we found her son, and get Security down here.
What is that? What are you doing? - He was mean to her! - He could've been mean to you too.
- No, he couldn't.
- Yes, he could've.
I have super powers! You don't have super powers.
You're a 6-year-old boy.
You live with your mother in Hyde Park! You cannot fly and you can't attack grown men who are arguing with their girlfriend.
Are you listening to me? How's it going? Somebody who'll talk to me! You must not have gotten the memo.
I read the paper.
Are you hanging in there? By a thread.
The nurses think I'm Benedict Arnold.
Management's using my mistake to make the RNs look bad.
You're in a tough spot.
I should probably go to the Sun-Times myself.
Tell them the death had nothing to do with the sickout.
Then what happens? I don't know.
Lose my job maybe.
You ready for that? Good news? I need to speak to your husband alone.
Why? What's wrong? Show Mrs.
Patterson to the waiting room.
I want to stay with you, Mike.
- Does she have to? - Only if you want.
- I want to stay.
- I want her to stay.
This is sensitive information.
It can be difficult to hear.
I want my wife here with me, okay? All right.
If that's your decision.
Our tests show that you have neurosyphilis which can cause mild personality disorders like you've been suffering.
- Syphilis? - Neurosyphilis.
It's sexually transmitted.
That doesn't mean it was contracted recently.
It takes 7 years for symptoms to arise after the initial infection.
We've been together since high school.
We've always been committed to each other from the day we met to now.
We can treat you with IV antibiotics check Cindy for exposure.
In 2 weeks you'll be as good as new.
This is impossible.
We've only been with each other.
I'm sorry.
Car skidded into a light pole.
Multiple lacs.
GCS, eight at the scene.
BP's 90 over 60.
Pulse is 110, irregular.
We had to use the jaws to get him out.
- Extrication time? - Approximately 20 minutes.
- No witnesses.
No I.
- Clear, people.
Stay back.
Come with me.
Come on.
Fifteen liters, O-2.
Two IVs, normal saline.
One liter in.
All right, on my count.
One, two, three, go! Ghandar, cardiac monitor.
What do you see? - Looks like PVCs.
- Pupils are sluggish.
Good bilateral breath sounds.
Lidocaine, 100 IV push.
- Start a drip at 2 mgs.
- Should they be in here? My students, my call.
Get a CBC, Chem-20, enzymes.
Type and cross for 4 units.
- Dr.
Weaver, OD in Curtain 4.
- We've got a gusher.
- Piggyback a gram of Ancef.
- He's in fib.
Charge to 200.
Wu, put gloves on.
Ever bring somebody back to life? All right.
Get over here.
Clear? There you go.
Charge to 300.
All right.
Collins put in a Foley.
Don't be shy.
It's not yours.
Ghandar, glove up.
You'll help me with the peritoneal lavage.
- Doug, how's that leg? - Nasty.
He got the popliteal artery.
Benny, what are you doing in here? Haleh, get him out of here, please.
Spiked a liter for the lavage Come on, Benny.
Come on.
That's it, come on.
- More four by fours.
- Grab that 5-inch ace.
Where were you? - Oh, the firm conference.
- Yeah.
I got crucified covering for you.
- You shouldn't have tried.
- I didn't have a choice! We were supposed to do it together! You left me twisting in the wind and trashed my reputation in front of every surgeon here! I'm sorry.
All right? Something came up.
You're sorry and something came up.
That's your excuse? I've got a shunt with Hicks.
Do me a favor.
The next time you feel the urge to ruin my career, I'd appreciate a warning.
- Tom Clayton? - Carol Hathaway.
- You want something to eat? Coffee? - No, thank you.
You're the nurse manager in the ER.
Is that right? - Do you mind if I take notes? - No.
- Is this gonna be on the record? - Yes, it is.
Here you go.
Is that man going to die? Maybe.
He was hurt pretty badly.
Just like your dad, right? I was thinking about what I said to you earlier, and I was wrong.
Sometimes when you try to help somebody and you can't it gets inside you and it twists, and you wonder why.
You should do what you think is right.
And you don't let me or anybody else stop you.
It's been a long time.
I can't remember if Superman had a dad or not.
But if he did I know that he was very, very proud of his son.
Okay? Come here.
Come here.
I've never done this before.
Really? This is exactly the kind of thing you should be doing.
So should I be worried about Peter? - What do you mean? - Don't play dumb.
It doesn't suit you.
Is his emotional state impairing his surgical ability? No, not that I've seen.
I appreciate your loyalty.
But I want you to know if Peter can't use your talents, my team can.
Really? Are you serious? I'm almost always serious.
- I need Mr.
Patterson's chart.
- Why is that? I couldn't convince him to stay.
Tricky situation.
Are you going to notify the Department of Health? It's the law.
Why don't you wait and let them talk.
I'll give them a call.
- He'll probably come back in.
- You refuse to give me his chart? It's my job to be an advocate for my patients.
It's your job to assist me.
That's why it's called Physician Assistant.
Are you always this arrogant, or is it just me? It's just you.
I owe you an apology for the other night.
You don't want to date a woman who's HIV-positive.
You owe me nothing.
- Did you see me zap that guy? - I had my hands inside his chest! Unbelievable! Thank you.
Well, I want to thank you two for taking care of our charges.
What did you think? Frankly, I was disappointed.
I found a general lack of enthusiasm, inattention to detail If I were you, I'd seriously re-evaluate their applications.
Don't worry, none of your students applied for the program.
On the other hand, Mark all three of your candidates rank us as their top choice.
You really reached those kids.
Ever think of an academic appointment? There's a tenured spot available.
I never thought about it.
It's clear your place is on the faculty.
- Really? - Absolutely.
Carol, I just got a call from a Sun-Times reporter.
He wanted me to confirm some statements you made.
I hope you did.
They're all true.
Why did you do it? If you have to ask, you don't know me very well.
- I thought we were friends.
- No, Mary.
You're my boss.
I lost a patient.
I can't forget it.
Neither should you.
Drummond wants to see you right away.
Hicks offered me a position on her team.
I'm taking it.
Effective Monday.
A month ago, you would've ripped my lungs out for going to another surgeon.
Now you just stand there? Since when did I start caring about what you do, Carter? Never.
But now you don't care about yourself or your reputation.
I need an evaluation before I can transfer to Hicks' team.
You'll get it.
You know, in that surgery today everything I did, you taught me.
I'll try your winter ale.
Mark Greene.
Heather Morgan.
- What happened to your thumb? - Long story.
I had to go to the hospital.
Saw this great doctor.
- Hope he took good care of you.
- She, actually.
- Can I ask you a hypothetical question? - We can dispense with those.
- Did you order those? - They're from table 14 in the back.
You bring them everywhere? These are the shifts for next week.
There's a problem with Wednesday.
We only have 6 RNs scheduled.
You may need to bring in a float.
There's supply reqs, a memo from Mary Cain and a note from Grounds that Don't go to the parking clerk.
Go to Webber.
We won on this last year but I think now they're getting serious.
That's not my job.
It is now.
I've been suspended.