ER s04e03 Episode Script

Friendly Fire

ER Previously, on ER Dr.
Green, excuse me! I've done quite a few more ER procedures than she has.
I used to sell vitamins over the phone.
That's kind of in the health field, isn't it? You just want your boy to have your last name.
So, what's wrong? - How's your busy social calendar? - It's not as busy.
This is Elizabeth Corday, new surgical resident.
It's a pleasure.
Maybe it would be best if I stepped in and took over some of the administrative duties while you're recuperating.
God bless you, Kerry Weaver.
- You got the job.
- What? "Freindly Fire" Hold it.
Hold it! Thanks.
- It's five minutes by car.
-15 minutes on the El.
- You're not enjoying this? - No.
Should I? It's a secret romance.
It's what sells bad novels.
This shouldn't be a bad novel.
That's my train.
- Yeah, get that.
See you at work.
- Bye.
He continues to gain weight and he's spending more time awake.
- What about his lungs? - He's down to a quarter liter.
- So when can he come home? - I'd say a week or less.
You hear that, pumpkin? You're gonna come home in a week.
Isn't that premature? What about his immune system? I think there's more risk of nosocomial infection here.
Should he be circumcised before he comes home? That's what my mother told me.
Tabash and I decided against it.
Isn't it healthier? Some studies indicate that circumcision prevents UTls and may reduce the risk of cancer.
Yeah, I don't find those studies conclusive.
I'll just teach him proper hygiene.
I don't wanna take any risk.
Tabash, what about immunization? After discharge.
With OPV he could shed virus.
I don't want the immuno-suppressed children here at risk.
I got a thymectomy.
Peter, what about the circumcision? Honey, he doesn't need one.
- Morning, Doug.
- Mark.
You don't wear scrubs to work anymore? I got tired of having people hit me up for a diagnosis in line at Starbucks.
Greene, there's an explosive diarrhea in Exam 4.
- What's Weaver doing? - She's not in yet.
See if Del Amico can take it.
- They made me pay $ 1000- - Shut up! The decision to appoint you Acting Chief of Emergency Services did not come simply because Dr.
Morgenstern recommended you.
Of course.
In fact, many feel Dr.
Morgenstern's approach to management is not something we wish to see perpetuated.
With all due respect to Dr.
Morgenstern, I agree.
I know we're way beyond our budget.
We are in a crisis situation.
And that's why I've drafted this.
It outlines measures that if applied now would put us back on budget within six months.
So much waste is simply due to lax administration.
Well, you've never struck me as lax, Kerry.
And this job is not about winning popularity contests.
That's never been my goal, Donald.
Just Don.
There will be a reevaluation when Dr.
Morgenstern recovers.
But I'm confident that you'll make things work.
Thank you for your trust.
Yes! Hi.
I'm Cynthia Hooper.
I think they called from Personnel.
- Sure.
- Hi.
I'm Jerry, the Unit Service Coordinator.
I'll be training you.
Come on around.
Cynthia, this is Nurse Haleh Adams.
- Dr.
Ross, Cynthia, my new assistant.
- How are you? Nurse Hathaway, hi! Well, here I am.
Yeah, hi.
Cynthia Hooper, remember? You interviewed me? Yes, I did.
- Anyone seen Mark? - Check in the lounge.
So let's start you on some basic procedure.
Anything interesting, Dr.
Carter? Thought I'd take a look at this cellulitis.
Cases will now be taken in order.
No more cherry-picking.
Here's an old lady, weak and dizzy.
- Jerry, have you paged my med student? - Yes.
I paged him twice.
Anna, there's a patient in 3 if you wanna teach your student ulcer débridement.
- Thanks, Maggie.
- Sure.
Haleh, I'd like each nurse to get a copy of these policy changes today.
- Did Personnel get the wrong name? - I picked her.
She'll be fine.
Fine? Mark, she was a disaster.
She has no experience that matches the job description.
I considered the other candidates and she was the best of the lot.
Well, we could always interview more candidates.
It wasn't necessary.
After the interview, she explained to me she was just having a bad day.
- A bad day? - Don't worry.
She'll be great.
What? New Chief of Emergency Services has decided to change some policy.
No shift overlapping? What's that? If we don't punch out by 7, she'll do it for us.
- Dr.
Del Amico, do you remember me? - Of course, Carla.
How are you? - I hear the baby's doing great.
- Yeah, he is.
I was wondering if we could talk when you're finished.
Actually, we can talk now.
Old Tim won't mind.
Débriding his ulcer has a sedative effect.
I've started nursing.
He's coming home in five days.
- That's great.
- Yes, it is.
I'm real excited.
Been buying car seats, baby strollers.
I love those baby shops.
Everything in them is so cute.
I was wondering I wanted to ask you a question.
Do you think I should have him circumcised? It would be my preference, sure.
Hold on a second.
Débride to here, then dress it with Tegaderm, okay? - Is circumcision healthier? - I recommend it.
It's better for hygiene and between us, I just like the way it looks.
- Don't let Peter hear you say that.
- Oh, yeah? Seriously, having it done is really in your son's best interest.
Could you do it? Sure.
I'll do it today.
Hey, I heard a Le Fort lll facial fracture came in.
Doyle gave it to Dr.
Del Amico.
She's with the surgeon now.
Coming through! I got it! motorcycle versus delivery truck.
Blunt trauma to chest and abdomen.
BP 110/70.
Pulse 110.
We couldn't get a line.
He's a tough stick.
Okay! Follow me to Trauma 2.
On my count, everybody.
One, two, three.
CBC, Chem-7, type and cross for four.
Let's get a portable C-spine, chest and pelvis.
No kidding, "tough stick.
" Nothing but track marks.
I'll slide around you, Conni.
Right upper tenderness with guarding.
Get an abdominal CT with contrast.
- I can't get a vein.
- I got one.
Damn, it blew! Last time they had to stick through the deep vein.
Give me a central line kit.
- What do you got? - I got it.
I'd like to hear it.
motorcycle versus delivery truck right upper tenderness.
I ordered a CT and am putting in a central line.
Anna'll take it.
You do sutures.
Where's your student? - Come on.
I already started.
- Carter! Sutures.
Started a saline.
Vitals are stable.
Estimated blood loss, 300 cc's.
He's gotten 800 cc's in so far.
Al? Al? What happened? Clutch slipped and the cart knocked me and Bill into a ditch.
I'm fine.
Just a little dirty.
Don't worry.
We've taken harder knocks playing one-on-one.
All right.
Come here.
What do you need? Prednisone.
This med room really needs reorganization.
- Why don't you write a prescription? - He only needs seven.
We can't keep giving away our pharmacy stock.
I was reviewing our records and noticed that your salary's paid by Emergency Medicine and not Pediatrics.
Morgenstern and Bernstein worked it out.
Doesn't that mean the ER is underwriting your fellowship? For which they get my full services.
Morgenstern thinks it's a two-way street.
Morgenstern is not in charge now.
What's the nature of your fellowship? I could review your research proposal.
- Can you get me a copy today? - If I can find one.
You're needed in Trauma 1.
Yes, this is Dr.
Carter calling again.
Could Henry page me? Actually, don't have him page me.
Have him come to the ER.
Because he's doing a clerkship! That's right, he's on duty.
He's on duty.
Doyle pulled me off of a trauma this morning to cover sutures.
I don't think that's the best use of my time.
Maybe she thought she was more qualified.
She didn't do it.
She gave it to Dr.
Del Amico.
Which has become standard procedure.
The suture room is the intern's place unless you can get your student to carry the load.
- Anna, how's your student doing? - She's a gem.
There you go.
Hello? Hello? Hello? Henry, is that you? - It's this hallway.
- Be careful with that.
- I don't use this around patients.
- I don't mean that.
I know this guy who got one free.
The first month, his bill was 300 bucks.
Well, I limit my calls.
Plus you can write it off on your taxes.
So it's like an "economy move.
" It's not bad.
I'll clean it up then suture it.
- I guess we lucked out, huh, Bill? - Oh, yeah.
- Where did all this blood come from? - It's Al's, from when he fell on me.
I knew it would tear me up.
But I had to grab the cable.
Can you move your fingers? That's good.
That's good.
Have you had a tetanus shot? Yeah.
About a year ago.
- Are you allergic to any drugs? - None that I know of.
Hey, there's my guy.
How's the hero? How's it look? They'll fix you up.
They can fix anybody up.
You know, this man saved two lives.
How are those guys? They got away without a scratch.
Listen, Casey, I want to take care of you on this.
Whatever this costs, I'll pay for it.
I want everybody working like we've been working.
But I gotta watch things.
I don't want this on workers' comp.
I don't know how bad this is gonna be.
What are we talking about here? Some stitches? A cast? Maybe surgery.
You put it on your health insurance.
I pick up the rest.
And I keep you on the employment rolls.
I don't know how my hands are gonna work after this.
You know what this'll cost me on workers' comp? Without workers' comp, he won't qualify for disability.
Suddenly nurses know everything.
I'm gonna go make some calls.
I had an interesting wound this morning.
A linoleum knife.
The cut was as clean as a scalpel's.
Carter, can you take a case for me? I'm swamped.
Hey, Chasity? Dress that for me, would you? altered consciousness.
No trauma.
Her husband brought her in.
Thanks, Anna.
Toren? I'm Dr.
I'll be taking care of your wife.
Last night she was fine, but I couldn't wake her up this morning.
- Could she have hit her head somehow? - I don't think so.
Did she complain earlier about having a headache? Fever? Nausea? No, nothing.
She was fine.
Heart and lungs are normal.
That's good.
She's not having any trouble breathing.
Kirsty, honey, can you hear me? For God's sake, baby, what's wrong? Please, just wake up.
Pupils are in mid-position and fixed.
Corneal reflexes still intact.
That's good.
What are you doing? Seeing if eye movement adjusts to changes in head position.
It'll tell us if there's brainstem involvement.
No doll's-eye response.
- What does that mean? - It's too early to tell.
I want to check some labs and do a head CT.
Wait in the waiting room, and I'll keep you posted.
It's bad isn't it? I can tell.
We won't know anything until we run the tests.
Do whatever you have to.
I have really good insurance.
Please? Excuse me.
Where's the Benton baby? - Reece? - Yeah.
No, Benton.
- Reece-Benton? The procedure room.
- Okay.
Whoa! Wait! What are you doing? I'm circumcising him.
No, I don't want him circumcised.
You don't want me to leave it half done, do you? There.
I didn't want this.
Who gave you permission? Can you open up the xeroform gauze? His mother.
- She had no right to.
- I'm sorry.
I assumed it was agreed.
No, it wasn't.
Well, this isn't between you and I.
This is between you and Carla.
And it's done.
- Let's get him back into the crib.
- No, I got him.
Come here.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
Come here.
Edema of the brainstem.
Probably an infarct.
That'd go along with the symptoms you described.
- How did she respond to sternal rub? - Withdrawal.
All right.
Let's see.
She's decerebrating now.
I don't think it'll be long before she goes into full respiratory arrest.
She's 27 years old.
- Any family members around? - Her husband.
He's in shock.
He doesn't know what to think.
Be sure you talk to him about organ donation.
They'll be taking you up to X-ray soon.
How's the pain? Okay, since whatever they're giving me through that tube.
Better living through chemistry, huh? I'm sorry we had to cut your shirt to pieces to get it off.
Time for a new one anyway.
With my first disability check.
Is this yours? No, officer.
Not mine.
Did you smoke this today? Never saw it before.
You were operating dangerous machinery.
Men were hurt.
Men are alive because I grabbed a running cable, lady.
Because I tore my hands to shreds.
You can smoke it or stick it where the sun don't shine.
I told you it's not mine.
All right.
I'll just ask your boss.
Maybe he dropped it.
- How's your first day? - She's doing great.
We're just starting lab requisitions.
I'm so lucky.
After my interview, I didn't think I had a chance.
- What happened? - A disaster.
I cried.
- We're glad that you're here.
- Thanks.
- Hi.
- Heather! I left you a message about the Sports Medicine dinner.
And I left a message that I couldn't make it.
Well, you sounded a little vague, so I'm giving it a face-to-face try.
It's such a coup if I show up with a handsome doctor.
And you couldn't find anyone else? Okay, busted.
I already bragged I was bringing you.
I'll make it up to you.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
Tonight I just can't.
Is it me or the event? I mean, does "no" mean "never"? No.
Just tonight- There's a truck outside.
Someone's hurt.
- I should check this out.
- Okay.
A lot of blood.
Could be an arterial injury.
- Grab some lap pads.
- Get a pressure dressing.
He shot himself in the leg ejecting a clip.
Glenda, take the ordnance.
Lock the ammo in the back.
You can't take weapons in there.
I can't leave our best stock in the truck.
Give it to me.
- Jer, keep these safe, man.
- Jerry, we're going to Trauma 2.
- Glenda.
- I'm here, honey.
- Did you secure the weapons, baby? - Yes, baby, I did.
We were on our way to a gun show to set up a booth.
Glenda, come close.
Don't let them take the leg.
Don't let them, Glenda.
- It was about his health.
- My son's health is always on my mind.
- Our son! - What? You can't divide his life into categories.
Say, "I'll do health and you do diapers.
" No.
You hide behind medicine so we don't talk.
- Carla, we're talking now.
- This isn't a conversation.
Because you don't care what I think or feel.
I may not be your choice for the mother of your child, but we have to share.
Like you shared in the circumcision? I was mad.
Come clean, Peter.
Your attitude is not about his health.
It's that you want him to look like you.
So what if I do? Carla, he's my son.
Then why didn't you say that? I understand that.
Instead of you blowing medical steam that don't make no damn sense.
Carla, what happened to that boy's penis should have been left up to me.
This type of stroke can happen to anybody.
It might be congenital.
It's so unfair.
But as long as she's still alive, there's hope, right? As the swelling increases, it may affect her ability to breathe.
Then the question becomes whether it's in her best interest to put her on a ventilator.
Let her die? We can sustain her life on a respirator.
But the question is, what kind of life would it be? I can't believe it's all just gonna be over like this.
You might think about whether organ donation is something that she'd want.
Kirsten would wanna help people.
Did you see that? She may move a little bit from time to time.
Oh, my God, she's talking! Do you hear her? Kirsty, honey, can you hear me? Steve.
Yes, honey.
It's me.
She's coming around! Oh, my God! She's all right.
- Sinus tach on the scope.
- Entrance wound on the left thigh.
Exit wound by the lateral fibula.
Really torn up.
Get a portable x-ray down here.
- Ed, do you feel this? - Yeah.
No DP or posterior pulses.
The woman with the stroke is awake.
- What woman? - The brainstem bleed.
- No.
She can't be.
- She is.
She's talking.
Go on.
I'll call Vascular.
- Did you show me the right CT? - Yes.
She was comatose.
Carter, people with brainstem infarctions, they don't just wake up.
I'm Dr.
- What happened to me? - That's what we want to determine.
Follow my finger.
How do you feel? She's fine.
Look at her.
Just a little tired.
How long do I have to stay here? We need to keep you under observation a while.
- Dr.
Carter? - Excuse me.
See this? - This little- - Schmutz? Could be an aneurysm leak trickled down and caused the swelling.
- Should we do an LP? - No, it would be a waste of time.
This could blow.
Let's get an MRl right away, okay? - Brought some clothes for you.
- Thanks.
Does Bill know you're HIV-positive? No.
I think you'd better tell him.
My blood didn't get mixed with his.
- You saw he doesn't have a cut.
- He's got some skin abrasions.
Look, Jeanie These are working guys.
Okay? It's not like around here.
That gets out, I'll be out of a job.
It was rough telling people here.
But I did it.
He should be tested and put on the cocktail until his results come back.
- For a few scratches? - Yeah.
- How long will the x-rays take? - Depends on how backed up they are.
- Wow.
How much is this? -275 bucks.
Put this up to your shoulder.
Feel the potential.
Last year we sold those to everybody.
You ever hear of Colonel Draht? He was doing fine work with weapons training patriots in Texas.
Like that guy from Waco? What's the range? That'll chuck a grenade into an area target at 350 meters.
Buy it! I'll give you a break.
What with Ed hurt and all, we won't make the gun show.
- Jerry! - Honey, it's disarmed.
The feds have us hamstrung.
It's illegal to sell usable ordnance.
But if you take that home, there's a kit for 70 bucks.
My neighbor has this dog that barks all night, every night.
Damn! I guess Ed used a kit on that one.
No, I don't belong to any organization.
It was an accident.
You think it's against the law, look it up.
That is our personal property.
I know my rights according to your Constitution.
Can you hear me? How about when I speak like this? Yes, but the ringing is really loud.
- What? - It tickles.
The eardrum is intact.
Let me take a look at the other side.
- I hope they're clean, my ears.
- Very clean.
- If the tinnitus continues- - Tinnitus? The ringing in your ears.
You may have to see a specialist just to get your hearing checked, okay? Thanks.
You know, I feel really safe here.
After today? I think it's having all you doctors around.
I don't feel like I'm out there on my own.
Out there on "a smile and a shoestring.
" - Isn't that from something? - Death of a Salesman.
We did it in high school.
My teacher told me I had talent, but he was trying to get into my pants.
I think I saw that play in college.
It's so sad when that guy looks back over his life and there's just nothing there.
I better get back to learning codes.
Thanks again.
So do we have exposure? We've mobilized the proximal segment and have a clean edge.
This is the weapons merchant who cost us an ambulance? Damned lucky it won't cost him a leg.
Corday will assist in anastomosis of the popliteal.
- Five-0 of Prolene on a C-1 needle.
- We normally use six-0.
Five-0 is fine.
What is your preference on procedure, Miss Corday? I've had good results with the triangulation technique of Carel.
Favored among the British.
I worked with British surgeons on the joint NATO exercise in 1974.
- Tell me, do you know Sir Lyle Sugden? - Suggy? Yes.
Perhaps you don't know.
He's dead.
Great loss.
Rather a relief.
Towards the end he got a bit shaky for slash and dash.
"Slash and dash.
" I love those British terms.
Benton, suppose Miss Corday asked you for a "torch.
" What would you give her? I've taken to saying "flashlight.
" Once in the field hospital, mid- thoracotomy, we had a power failure.
Sir Lyle yelled, "A torch! A torch! " I thought he had snapped, was gonna burn the O.
"I say, when we finish we should break for a cuppa.
What, oh? " Stand back! - What have you got? - Laura Quentin, 18.
Upper Gl bleed.
Tachy at 115.
I gave a liter of normal saline.
I know her.
All right! Let's go, everybody! Ready? Everybody ready? One, two, three.
Get a CBC, PT, and type and cross for four.
Probably from repeated vomiting.
She came in for bulimia weeks ago.
- Why wasn't she admitted to Psych? - I'm scared.
Am I gonna die? No.
You're gonna be okay.
Well, no wonder she's back here.
Run another liter.
- Who was the Attending? - Greene.
So we're picking up his slack.
We are, aren't we? Right there.
That's a bleed in the left anterior, inferior cerebellar artery.
Process the film.
I'll call a neurosurgeon.
Toren? Mrs.
Toren? - Dr.
Greene, she's decerebrating.
- I'll set up for intubation.
Carter, get her husband to consent to immediate surgery.
I'll book an O.
- She all right? - She needs surgery.
The MRl showed a leaking aneurysm in her cerebellum.
It has to be operated on.
We'll need you to sign a consent form.
I'm not signing anything! You just told me she was dying.
You wanted her organs.
Now she's fine! She's not fine! She has a hemorrhage in her cerebellum.
When she went in there she was fine! Carter, transport is on the way.
Be ready to intubate.
I'll get Dr.
- We don't have consent.
- What? She was fine! Talking! I don't want you opening her head! Mr.
Toren, listen very carefully.
Your wife will die if she doesn't have an operation immediately.
I want her moved! That will kill her.
I know you care for her.
But please, let us operate.
I'm serious.
We are talking minutes.
These are the post-op forms Anspaugh prefers.
What a dreadful old gasbag! I mean, he's a decent enough surgeon.
But all that banging on.
Pathetic Anglophilia.
Tell me, do you call it "pimping"? What? Treating you like a med student with those silly questions.
- We call that "pimping.
" - Yeah, that's what we call it.
Fortunately, in the UK the old tossers are too lazy to come to the O.
What? We don't refer to our senior surgeons that way.
- So I should stop speaking my mind? - No, no, no.
Not on my account.
I saw her on the phone to Anspaugh and she did not look happy.
Her first day and the ER blows up! I don't imagine he was saying, "Attaboy! " - I see they got that door repaired.
- Dr.
I'm just so relieved no one was hurt.
Thank you, doctor.
Doug, I know it's been crazy today.
But did you get a copy of your research? I just haven't had a chance to do it yet, Kerry.
Maggie, what have you got? Abscess.
Simple I and D.
Looks like a fairly deep abscess.
The booths in that bar are all rotten.
There's nails sticking up, maybe an inch.
- Did you read my directive? - Yeah.
That really hurts.
Most people don't understand what's at stake here.
The county is just looking for an excuse to close this ER.
Lab tests, x-rays, CT scans that just cannot be justified.
Next time you sit on a nail, get here sooner.
People just won't realize that I'm trying to save this place.
I need the half-inch iodoform.
I'm hoping that a few people will understand and come onboard.
Cut? Where's Dr.
Corelli? In 3, finishing a laminectomy.
You can't go in there! Dr.
Corelli? Mark Greene, ER Attending.
This is not allowed.
- Dr.
Corelli, I've got an emergency! - It better be good, Dr.
followed by periods of brief lucidity, after which she decompensated.
She's posturing, GCS-5.
MRl shows a cerebellar bleed.
I took the liberty of booking O.
Helen, can you close for me? - Five pounds enough? - All right.
You'll feel a little pressure at the top of your leg.
I've found ice and Trendelenburg excellent adjuvant therapies for the reduction of these inguinal hernias.
- Can we get an ice pack? - Sure.
All right, buddy, now we're gonna fix you up but the first thing we gotta do is stand you on your head.
- Weird, huh? - I like your technique.
- Cranking the bed? - No, with children.
- You're so at ease with them.
- It's where I spend all my time.
All your time? That's certainly dedication.
I've come to crave a bit of leisure.
It's not all work and no play.
How you doing there? So when one plays, where does one play? I mean, here in Chicago.
Now, we know you can take pain let's see if you can take a little cold, huh? What a guy! All right.
Why don't we just wait and see? You were about to tell me how to unwind.
Or perhaps show me? That's if you're up to playing Virgil to my Dante.
Nothing really comes to mind.
I have a patient to see.
Well, if you think of a place, I'd like to invite you.
I'm involved with someone.
It's not a problem.
Bring her along.
We ever getting out of here? I think they're about through with us.
- How's that wrist? - It's okay.
The doctor called it a Colles' fracture.
It's not so bad.
Bill, Jeanie's here because you've gotta be tested.
Tested for what? I'm HIV-positive.
You're not talking about having AIDS, right? Yeah, I am.
When we landed together, I was bleeding pretty bad.
I'm sure our blood didn't mix when you were scratched but you should be tested just to be safe.
- So I could get AIDS? - It's a very remote possibility.
You got it? Oh, man! You're out there working with us and you got AIDS? I gotta get by like everybody else.
We can live with it and take precautions.
Except now maybe I got infected.
Jeanie will take some blood so we can be sure- No! Not her.
I want someone else.
Come on, we're talking about Jeanie- Not her! I'll get a nurse.
Carol, I know what you're thinking and you're wrong.
I'm busy.
- I'll follow you until- - Why me? Why not follow her? - If it wasn't a secret, I'd tell her- - I think this secrecy thing works for you.
- I didn't flirt with her.
- No.
She just likes the way you hold an ice pack.
I told her I was attached.
I didn't say who with.
- I didn't say that Carol was my- - Your what? I'm your what? Come here.
I want to be with you and be here with you because I want to.
But if you don't trust me, then this doesn't work.
I have a lot of things to do.
I'll be at the El.
Greene? The O.
says they clipped the base of her aneurysm.
- In time? - She has a chance at a full recovery.
Her husband wants to thank you.
- This was more your case than mine.
- You made the diagnosis.
When credit is offered, take it.
It doesn't happen often.
Laura Quentin's back.
- Who? - The bulimia patient.
I need your signature so Medicine can admit her.
Is that a problem? Because I didn't admit her before? It was a mistake.
I should've admitted her last time.
She wasn't critical, so technically it wasn't.
I didn't go the extra mile.
It shouldn't depend on doctors to go the extra mile.
We need a safety net.
We're an ER, not a clinic.
- She's doing it.
- What? Weaver's punched us out.
We're working for free.
She can't do that.
I got another hour.
Kerry? - This is a really bad idea.
- It's not a matter of choice.
I'm not singling out nurses.
All departments have to cut back.
- Who'll do nurses' duties? - Interns.
The interns? Carol, I see people at the end of their shifts talking, planning social events.
It can't go on.
Nurses' time isn't billed for.
- They don't generate income.
- No.
They just generate care.
No, I just had a change of plans.
Don't worry.
There's a tux rental place right by here.
Listen, instead of that rubber chicken why don't we go to Stella Mare and have a nice dinner? We can be a little late.
- Big night? - Yeah.
Why not? - Sounds great.
- Yeah, it is.
Looking good.
Looking good.
There's one spot by the door where the paint's chipped off.
A few more touches and it'll all be clean.
I've been checking your employment file.
You've accrued 26 vacation days.
I've never taken a day off.
I'm thinking about going down to Alabama after the first of the year.
Perhaps you should start taking that time right now.
Now? It's like a million degrees down there.
I understand there's some lovely antebellum homes down in Mobile.
Did you find your student? The lab said he went to the fish hatchery for salmon sperm.
They got pretty backed up in Sutures.
- Saying it's my fault? - It's where I assigned you.
- Will Dr.
Del Amico be doing sutures? - What? I'm just wondering if you'll continue to give her the interesting cases while I get assigned to suture Siberia! What are you talking about? I'm just asking if there isn't something about Dr.
Del Amico that you find especially appealing? Meaning? You know what I mean.
That's great.
That's great.
- What? - Ask him.
By the way, Anna, I love your hair.
What's that about? - Nothing.
- Come on.
It's the end of the day.
I could use a laugh.
It wasn't that funny.
She has a weird sense of humor.
So it's a private joke.
Congratulations on that stroke lady.
I heard it was a good save.
Thanks for giving it to me.
I was swamped.
I'd like to return the favor.
Don't, please.
I hate feeling indebted.
- Wait.
There is something.
- Sure.
This morning you were talking about taxes.
I'm getting hammered.
You can deduct stethoscope, lab coat, books.
- Otoscope? - Absolutely.
All equipment.
What about dinner? We could talk about it.
- Tonight's the Laundromat.
- Me too! Me too.
We could do our laundry, I'll do your tax plan- - Laundry's deductible.
- Really? Okay.
I'll get us some sandwiches.
Doug! I had prepared a very elaborate argument.
This mean I don't need it? I already had the argument, with myself.
- I hope there wasn't any name-calling.
- No, it was very civil.
You won.
- So I do better when I'm not there.
- This time, yeah.
So you trust me? This time.
Are you keeping score? - Yeah.
You're ahead.
- I'm sorry.
What? "Talk on rotator cuff injuries in track and field.
" What exactly does that mean? You're the doctor.
You should know that.
I probably did know that before we drank this.
I have an idea.
Why don't we drink another bottle? Then we can obliterate all medical knowledge.
Sounds good.
What? I missed you.
No, come on.
You never called.
You vanished.
I was a fool, okay? I'll make it up to you.
Promise? It won't work with dimes and nickels.
You gotta use quarters.
You don't have any quarters, do you? Cool.
You should let your wife do this.
My wife? Oh, yeah.
She's getting some sandwiches for us.
You don't know what you're doing.
What are you doing? Sorry.
What's going on? I don't know! This thing just, like, broke on me.
It can't take this kind of load.
Haven't you ever used a dryer before? Yeah, but the one in my neighborhood handles loads like this.
Even bigger ones, all the time.
All right, we gotta get this- Let me see- Wow! How about a hoagie? Here.
Oh, no! Wow.
It's gonna be a long night in the Laundromat.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I'm just- I don't know.
I used to turn you on.
No, you turn me on.
I just I guess I've just been a little stressed out.
I'd rather you didn't smoke in here.
I'm allergic.
Maybe it'd be better if I you know, kind of got going.
I didn't say that.
Maybe it is better if you go.