ER s04e04 Episode Script

When the Bough Breaks

ER Previously on ER But I'm confident that you'll make things work.
Thank you for your trust.
My teacher told me I had talent, but he was trying to get into my pants.
So you trust me? This time.
Deep penetrating, poorly visualized cabinets.
I think it should be off limits.
We don't usually refer to our senior surgeons that way.
So I should stop speaking my mind? I don't think taxpayers are interested in buying Doris a tox screen.
You're out there working with us and you got AIDS? I gotta get by like everybody else.
"When The Bough Breaks" Hold on! Hold on! I got stuck on call today, so I gotta drop this stuff off and then head back.
I couldn't get anybody to cover for me.
I've already taken off so much time.
I'll get you a key if you'll be coming in this early.
Yeah, that's not a bad idea.
What is that? It's oxygen.
Peter, this is getting morbid.
Do we really need all this stuff? Breathing monitor, devibullator- No, no, no.
" They wouldn't be sending him home if he was in any danger.
Paramedics take six minutes to respond to a call.
If something happens, you need to resuscitate.
Come here.
The mask attaches to the ambu-bag.
The ambu-bag to the tank.
If he stops breathing, call 911 and make sure his airway is clear.
Then turn the oxygen to 10 liters per minute, and then bag him.
One squeeze every three seconds.
Now, if you don't get a pulse- One hundred chest compressions per minute.
I know, I know.
Well, good.
If something happens, you'll be glad you know.
Go to work, Peter.
All right.
I'll meet you at the nursery at 10.
Is somebody picking you up? I'll call my mom.
Don't forget about the car seat.
Peter? It's gonna be all right.
How's it going, Doug? Need some duct tape? That's what this is? An ego check? No, this is about spending time together.
I can think of better activities.
I like to keep you off balance.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, Carol - but you underestimate me.
- I don't think so.
- It's like ice-skating.
- Until you have to stop.
- That's what lampposts are for.
- Your helmet.
Oh, no.
No helmet.
- Safety first.
- You're not wearing a helmet.
- You'll mess the 'do! - I know what I'm doing.
You mean you wear that on purpose? - Skate, Tonya.
- All right, Mr.
Crash? I'm not gonna Mark, are you there? Mark? Who is it? It's me.
Just a sec.
- Is something wrong? - No, I got it.
Come on in.
- You sleep in your clothes? - No.
- What's that? - It's an infomercial thing.
Sorry, I wasn't expecting visitors.
What's up? Rachel fell asleep in class Monday.
She said her daddy kept her up watching movies all weekend.
You never went out.
You order pizza every night.
You're telling me how to spend time with her? It's getting to her.
She's nervous, her stomach hurts all the time.
She's worried about you.
- She is? - I am! Look at this place, Mark.
It's normal to be frightened after something like that.
Don't try to fix me, Jen.
It's not your job anymore.
Want to sit down? Fine.
I won't drop Rachel off this weekend.
Don't expect to pick her up.
You can't keep me from seeing my daughter! You need some time to work this out, until you're more yourself.
Look, I am her father, okay? And she loves you.
But you're hurting her right now.
I'm doing you a favor, Mark.
Call me when you have your life back together.
I feel happy.
I feel healthy.
- I feel terrific.
- I'm glad.
Nice pep talk.
Motivational tapes? Success is 99 percent attitude.
Really? That makes me a miserable failure.
No, no.
Failure is a state of mind.
You didn't pay for that advice? I didn't get a great start this year, and unless I change my approach I'm gonna hate all of my internship.
What are you doing? Symatic presentation.
Boring, but they had a great buffet.
Free penlights.
I snagged you a couple.
See? It's working already.
- New pups are waiting outside.
- Excellent.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
John Carter.
Welcome to what promises to be your most exciting rotation.
You are? - James Sasic.
- Ivan Fu.
Ivan, good to meet you.
James, right.
I assume you've met Anna Del Amico.
Let's get started, shall we? Chuny, what you got for a couple of eager new med students? A 4-F with abdominal pain in 3.
-4-F? - Female, fertile, fat and 40.
Add flighty and flatulent.
Always nice to start off with a round of gallstones.
Follow me! We call him Sergeant Sunshine.
That's a nasty bump.
- Lucky I have a hard head.
- Ouch.
What happened? Sports accident.
He won't be specific.
A testosterone injury? - He who laughs last, laughs hardest.
- I'll remember that.
Mark, how you doing? Didn't you hear? I stay up late, don't go out, order pizza, watch too much TV.
- What is that? - He's a little cranky, I guess.
- What else is new? - Turn it up.
- Cops are chasing a motorcycle.
- Again? past the other traffic.
- That's so stupid.
- At least he's wearing a helmet.
- Do you have a minute? - Yeah.
- I'd like to compliment you.
- On what? Your fellowship pediatric proposal on pediatric PCA.
Very intriguing.
- Where'd you get that? - Department of Pediatrics.
Allowing children to control their own pain medication is ahead of its time.
Well, thank you.
Of course, it has been three years.
It's a shame you never finished it.
UC San Diego is actually implementing the idea.
- I didn't know that.
- Take a look.
Unfortunately, they've proven your original thesis.
But you could use their data to develop a smaller clinical study.
Say, PCA in the Emergency Department.
Clinical studies were never really my strong suit.
If you already have something else, then go with it.
I've outlined a research and grant application schedule.
I'd be happy to review any material before submission.
I appreciate it.
I do.
But I can handle this on my own.
If that were true, you would've been done a long time ago.
I'm serious, Doug.
The ER cannot continue to pay for a Pediatric Fellow.
You need a research grant to cover your salary before the end of the year or look for a private practice.
What's this? This is my eviction notice.
- So which student do you want? - It doesn't matter.
You got boned last time.
I'll give you dibs.
No, you choose.
Either one is gonna be great.
Be careful, doctor.
Blind optimism will screw you every time.
Well, what have we got? A 41-year-old female, low-grade fever anxious, complains of gas and of right upper-quadrant pain.
And what do you wanna do? Get a CBC and an ultrasound to confirm thickening of the gallbladder wall and/or common bile-duct dilation.
And what are the other two borders of Calot's triangle? - Excuse me? - The common duct and? The cystic duct in the liver.
What have we got? Jeremy Willis, isolated right leg injury.
Nineteen, going on infinity.
- Say again? - He thinks he's an angel.
Flew into traffic.
- Can you feel this? - He walked against the signal.
Can you wiggle your toes? He can't see me, but I'm always there.
Distal neural's intact.
Bad hair day, huh? I'm trying to grow it out.
Let's not humor him, huh, Lily? Let's get a right tib-fib and a knee series.
Looks like a fracture.
We'll have to get some x-rays.
So much pain.
We'll get you some morphine.
Titrate up to 10.
And let's get a Psych consult.
Exam 1.
Carla, over here! - I thought your mother was coming.
- She couldn't get off work.
Relax, DaFina's just driving me home.
Does she still smoke? Wait! Hold on.
I got to get this.
All right.
Smile! That's great.
Hey, Daddy! You must be so excited.
Hold it, hold it.
Listen, I get off at 7.
I'll be to your place no later than 8, okay? Don't you want to kiss him goodbye? Yes, I do.
Peter? Is this your baby? Here, I got him.
Yeah, he's being discharged today.
- Ah, little- - Easy! Easy! - Congratulations! - Careful.
You certainly are the secretive sort.
I had no idea.
Corday is new here.
Corday, this is Carla.
Carla, this is Dr.
Don't you look fantastic.
I had the baby in May.
He's been in the NICU.
But he's all right now? - Yeah, yeah.
He's fine.
- Good.
Well, I'll see you upstairs.
- Wonderful meeting you.
- Same here.
All set.
- You gotta go.
- Yeah, I know.
Carla, I need to - You gotta go.
- Yeah.
- I'll see you later.
- Carla.
- When did the asthma flare up? - He's bad since last night.
- And he's been using his puffer? - Yes.
How much longer for the doctor? I am the doctor, Mrs.
Could you sit back for me, sweetie? Okay, 2.
5 mgs of albuterol.
- Is that sore? - A little.
Has anyone taken a stool sample? Get Dr.
He always makes him feel better.
- Dr.
Ross isn't available right now.
- I saw him.
Yes, but I'm your doctor today.
- How's our fugitive doing? - He got on the Eisenhower.
- Big mistake.
- They have him now.
Come on, people.
We're backed up.
Watch it on the 5:00 news.
- Dr.
Ross? - Yeah.
- Come see my grandson.
He's very sick.
- Where is he? Come, I take you.
I ask this lady for you, she don't let me see you.
It's bad, huh? I'm sure he'll be fine.
Del Amico can handle it.
You're gonna help him, huh? You are? You can? No problemo.
Doctor, I'll take it from here.
No problema.
Acute asthma, peak flow's 90.
Some generalized abdominal tenderness.
Okay, I got it.
Jamie and I know the drill.
Right, champ? - Yeah.
- See you, kiddo.
We'll warm this up.
Al? What are you doing here? - I'm getting my stitches out.
- Now? I really didn't have anything else to do.
What happened? I showed up at the new site and the foreman said there must have been a mix-up.
Said he was maxed out.
Didn't need any more guys.
Al, I'm sorry.
Hey, look, the guy's a jerk.
You'll find something else.
Not in construction.
Every contractor in Chicago will hear that I have AIDS.
Al, look, I know this is hard for you.
It was hard for me.
I work in medicine, where people understand.
But it gets better.
No one wonders how you got it.
I used to be one of those guys.
We'd tell fag jokes.
Believe me it won't get any better.
You wanna pull the skin a bit tighter.
You don't want the vein to roll on you.
You're ready to stick her.
- This is gonna hurt, right? - No.
She's not gonna feel it.
Carter, you paged me for a consult? Dr.
Benton, meet Ivan Fu, my new med student.
I was Dr.
Benton's medical student.
- I'm proud to say I lived to tell the tale.
- Carter.
Not here.
Curtain Area 3.
Acute cholecystitis.
Temp's up to 102, white count's - Ultrasound? - Still waiting.
But you paged me.
It's been over an hour.
We both know what it'll look like.
She needs an ultrasound to confirm that she's a surgical candidate.
I've seen enough cases.
I thought you'd want this- I've got three in-patient consults.
You get an ultrasound, page me.
- The labs are in, I got the history.
- Great.
- Well, now what? - Lunch.
I'll see you in about a half-hour.
- How'd you go out with that guy? - What guy? Ross.
Didn't you date him? If he's that patronizing to me, I can't imagine dating him.
He's seen that patient before.
She's comfortable with him.
- Because he's a man.
- Some people are old-fashioned.
- Doug has difficulty with strong women.
- I don't know about that.
If he can't charm or vilify you, he's lost.
- That's not true.
- Lady! - I'll talk to him.
- No, it's okay.
I will.
I don't feel good.
- What's the problem? - I hurt.
- Have you seen a triage nurse? - The bitch never came back! - What's your name? - Doris! Take a seat.
I'll be with you as soon as I can.
I've been sitting over there! This is County on one alpha.
Go ahead.
County, this is Rescue 56.
We're on the scene of a multi-victim accident.
High-speed chase.
Auto versus school bus.
How many can you handle? We can take three major, Oh, my God! We haven't assessed the site Connie, grab the Trauma rooms and Curtain 2.
Set up the rapid infusers with warm saline.
Mobilize the blood bank.
Clear out all non-critical patients.
How many? - They don't know yet.
- Cynthia.
Cynthia! Call the O.
Tell them we have a mass casualty alert.
Has anyone seen Mark? Second unit's in.
DPL positive.
Probable ruptured spleen.
- Shall I take him? - Anspaugh's coming.
- Don't forget the films.
- X-rays! X-rays! - Come on! Clear! - What happened? Cop chasing some guy, plowed into a bus full of junior-high kids.
- Who was that? Where's he going? - I don't know.
Has anyone seen Matthew? He was showing Sal his gecko.
I told him to leave it at home.
Ma'am, sit down until someone- I am their teacher.
I need to know where every one of them is.
I am accountable.
- Do you have the parents' numbers? - At the school.
Maybe you should call and get them.
I said three majors, you give us 10.
Carol! Carol! - Make sure no none else comes.
- There's more? On our arrival, asystole.
Head, chest, abdominal trauma.
Angulated tib-fib fracture.
Pupils sluggish.
Couldn't get a line, so we intubated.
- What happened? - Ejected from the exit door.
They should put seat belts on the buses.
Back up, Carter! Back up! He's stable.
Let's go! How bad over there? I'm fine.
Get this kid behind me, he's bad.
He's bad.
Get him! Fourteen-year-old male.
Head trauma.
GCS 12.
Asking repetitive questions.
BP, 115/70, pulse 110, resps 20.
What happened? Can you tell me your name? - Brian.
- Can you open your eyes, Brian? Coming through! Near amputation above the left elbow, hanging by a 2 cm skin bridge.
BP's down, 70/30.
Pulse is only 32.
The estimated blood loss is 750 cc's.
We got 500 cc's saline in.
- Grab the arm! - I know, honey.
Okay, on my count.
One, two, three! CBC, type and cross for 4, cath her and dip a urine for blood.
Portable chest, cross-table, C-spine, pelvis and left upper extremity.
Cap refill's poor.
Let's bolus a liter of saline.
Hey! I need that! Get five liters of epi down.
- Got the line in.
- It's going.
Give it IV.
Hang a unit of O-neg on the rapid infuser.
Oh, man.
- A lizard.
- It's a gecko.
Rachel wanted one.
- Need a surgeon? - He will if we bring him back.
Four-by-four and some saline.
Got a second line in.
BP's 80/50.
Pulse 112.
Another two of morphine.
- What do we got? - Isolated crush injury.
- Survey? - In progress.
Ivan, A, B, C, D, E? Airway, breathing, circulation, disability, expose.
Can you tell me your name? - My arm is falling off! - If she can talk, she has an airway.
- Can we save it? - We'll try.
We have to get your arm on ice.
- You're cutting my arm off! - So we can reattach it.
Pulse ox 98 percent on 10 liters.
All right, come on! Move! Move! Here we go.
Come here, sweetheart.
Just squeeze my hand.
Squeeze my hand.
Call Neuro.
Draw a trauma panel.
Pupils are sluggish.
Let's intubate before we ship him to CT.
- Response to pain.
-110/60, pulse 95.
Come on, rapid induction.
Versed 3, IV push.
Let's go.
- I need some help.
He can't breathe! - What happened? Installing a satellite dish.
He fell off the roof.
- Did he hit his head? - I don't know.
Versed's onboard.
Take him to Curtain 3.
I'll be there soon.
Point-five of Pavulon, 75 of sux.
- No pulse with compressions.
- Pupils, fixed and dilated.
- Get a blood gas.
- Crack his chest.
- We won't get anywhere with a trauma.
- We're not getting anywhere with it now.
He's a kid, Mark.
- All right.
- Thoracotomy tray.
- My x-rays? - You medicate for pain? - She's had morphine.
- Not enough! - Crit's 28.
- Repeat.
Page re-implantation team.
Somebody call the O.
and book a room.
Fu, move! Move! Carter, corral your student! - Help with this dressing.
- We got a pumper! - Falling, BP's 70/40.
- Give her a liter of blood.
Carter, get him out of here.
Go help Weaver.
Get him out of here! Carter! Now! Come on.
Sit down.
Put your head between your legs and don't move.
Carter, can you help me with a crike? I can't see the cords.
There's too much blood.
- How about a retrograde intubation? - Ever done one? I've seen one.
Open up a central-line kit.
Pulse ox, 92.
BP, 100/70.
Ricky, get your mother.
Relax, Dad.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Diminished breath.
Hyperresonant to percussion.
- What does that mean? - He could have a collapsed lung.
- Any tamponade? - No.
Pericardium's dry.
Start internal massage.
Got it.
Pulse? Barely.
- Cross-clamp the aorta.
- Where's the Satinsky? I'll get another tray.
Take this to Trauma 2.
- Where? - It's straight ahead.
Doris? - Carol told me to bring this.
- Put it there.
- Start a mg of atropine.
- Suction.
I can't see.
I'll retract the lung.
It's clamped.
- Pulse ox is falling! - Dad? Dad? - Unresponsive.
- What's happening? - Wait outside.
- It's a tension pneumo.
We need a doctor! I'll need to decompress him.
Pulse weak.
BP, 60 palp.
He needs a chest tube.
Well, then give him one! - Anything? - Dr.
Greene, Jeanie needs you now.
In a minute.
I got a boy's heart in my hand.
Damn, it hurts! Where does it hurt, Doris? Where does it hurt? My stomach! I have to dump! - Doris, are you pregnant? - No! Doris, you're having a baby! What?! Don't tell me I'm having a baby! - Blow! Don't push! - I don't have to blow, I have to dump! B.
in Exam 4! I need a doctor! Now! She's crowning! Wait, just don't push! Don't push, Doris! Don't push! Oh, my God! I need some help in here! My baby! I had a baby! - He's not breathing.
- All right.
Sit back.
- Relax, okay? - She dropped it! She dropped my baby! Just relax.
Relax, ma'am.
- What's happening? - Ma'am, just relax.
- No respiratory effort.
- What's wrong with it? Is it breathing?! Is it dead?! No palpable pulse.
- Starting compressions.
Bag him.
- What did you do? - What happened? - She dropped my baby! Grab a pediatric intubation tray 2.
02 mgs of epi.
I'll tube him.
You start an umbilical line.
Come on, Peter! Now! Let's go! Scalpel.
Where the hell are the doctors? Long Kelly.
Damn! I can't find the tract.
Put your finger in and see if the lung's away from the chest.
- I've never done that.
- You do it.
What are you waiting for? Will you do it?! Damn it.
Pulse ox isn't reading.
- Okay, I'm in.
- Another epi.
Double it.
- I'm having another one.
- Mark? - Got it? - Yeah.
Go! Don't drop this one! You're not having another baby.
You have to deliver the placenta.
She said not to push.
I want you to push now! Tube's in.
Good breath sounds.
Nice trick, Carter.
- CT ready? - I'll check.
Help her.
She doesn't know what she's doing.
- What's wrong? - He's dying! I'll be right there.
Atropine onboard.
All right.
Hold compressions.
- What are you doing? - Just lie still.
- Max the epi.
15 mgs.
- Blood sugar's only 20.
What's the glucose dose? Ten percent DW, 20 cc's.
I'll get it.
Carol, she's bleeding.
Get an IV in her.
Two liters, wide open.
Add 10 of Pitocin.
What are you doing? No.
I don't want this nurse.
- Any response? - No.
Come on, man.
Come on.
I can't get it.
He's bradying down.
Losing the pulse.
Please, God.
- Got it.
- Where are we? Tension hemopneumo.
I sent for a doctor.
No one came.
Tube's in.
Hook me up.
- Is he okay? - Pulse is coming up.
You dissected this tract with a Kelly clamp, right? No, I had to use my finger.
Thank you, Jeanie.
I'll take it from here.
- Kerry, there- - Now, Jeanie.
Thora-Seal to suction.
- Zero form.
- Get some four-by-fours.
You got extension tubing? How high can we go with the epi? - How many rounds of atropine? - Two.
Forget it.
He's not responding to anything.
I'm calling it.
That's it.
He never had a chance.
Time of death: 12:36.
Spin a crit.
Type and cross-match for 4.
I'll be back.
Come on.
We're not giving up.
Up it to 300.
Let's go.
- Everything okay here? - Yeah.
We got it.
Weaver, Neuro's gonna meet us in PICU after the head CT.
Peter, are you coming? Peter? Hey, Carla.
It's me.
How's the baby? No, no, no.
Everything's fine.
How is he? Tell me if you feel one poke or two.
Don't draw on your body in a moving vehicle.
Now you tell me.
It's a good cartoon, though.
Let's get a hand series, a gram of Ancef, and a tetanus booster.
Aren't you gonna pull it out? Not yet.
We want to get an x-ray and numb your hand first.
You think I could sue for this? I'm serious.
I was gonna go to art school.
I should be able to sue somebody.
Great technique back there.
Where'd you learn it? Dr.
Benton showed me.
You were lucky to have him as a teacher.
It's serving you well.
How's that new attitude of yours holding up? - Maybe I'll start tomorrow.
- Where's Ivan? He's in the lounge, reevaluating his career choice.
Teacher ID'd him as Matthew Blevins.
- Get me when his parents get here.
- He died, didn't he? Yeah, he did.
- You want to talk to me? - It can wait.
I'm sorry that I barged in on the asthma kid.
His grandma knows me.
What asthma kid? Yeah.
Wow, what happened? How was lunch? You were lucky, Officer Mulvihill.
Your cervical spine's normal.
But your wrist may require some surgery.
Orthopedic surgeon will be down shortly.
Here you go.
Mulvihill? How bad is it? It might require a couple of pins.
Not me.
The kids.
How bad are the kids? Some are very serious but we were able to save just about everybody.
Just about? Let me tie off this bleeder.
The Marines have arrived.
Are you with me, Peter? Oh, yeah.
You certainly managed to surprise me this morning.
- And that doesn't happen often.
- What do you mean? I can read people well, but I didn't have you pegged as a family man.
- Why not? - Most surgical residents aren't.
And you strike me as ambitious, driven.
I wonder how you'll manage it.
Lovely wife, though.
Actually, she's not my wife.
Well, there you go.
You surprised me again.
This place has negative energy.
You're lost in negative energy.
- Dr.
Greene, can I talk to you? - Sure.
Stay where you are.
I'll be back.
Don't give in to it.
Lowrey from Psych left a note in his chart when things were crazy.
Yeah, I saw it.
I guess she's gonna try to find the poor guy's family.
You surviving all this? I'm trying.
That was pretty amazing what you were doing in there.
Yeah, well, not amazing enough.
Doc? - I'll let you get back.
- Okay.
I know a secret.
You wanna hear? Not particularly.
She likes you.
You disappeared on me.
What happened? - You don't want to know.
Boy make it? - No.
I was hoping for some good news.
Talk to Anna? - About what? - About the asthma kid.
- She's cool.
- She wasn't cool about it before.
- Really? - You might want to talk to her.
Why? She talked to you.
- Carol, you got a minute? - Your turn.
I heard about your unexpected delivery.
Whose version? She's screaming for a lawyer.
She's high on something.
Crack, probably.
When she comes down, she might see things differently.
Fill out an incident report.
Document your account.
She's a crack addict.
That baby popped out, I did not drop it.
But after your suspension, her accusations might carry more weight.
Can anyone back you up? - Mark Greene was there.
- Make sure you're on the same page.
- What do we got? - Motorcycle accident.
Multiple abrasions on the right side, elbow and abdominal pain.
He was fleeing the police.
Slid 15 feet into a fence.
This the guy they were chasing? Damn straight! We finally got the punk.
I wasn't the jerk that ran into a bus full of kids.
Just the jerk that caused it.
- Oh, bite me, lady! - Hey! Shut up! Put him in Suture.
Carter! Take him.
I'm afraid I might stick an IV pole up his ass.
Wouldn't want that.
I checked with upstairs, and Mr.
Melgato is satting well.
- No injuries other than the ribs.
- Good.
I waited to put in that chest tube.
I didn't have a choice.
He had rib fractures.
You could've cut yourself and bled inside him.
But I didn't.
We agreed you wouldn't put your hands in any cavities.
- What was I to do? - Walk away.
He would've died.
That's the risk you assume for your patients when you work here with HIV.
Did you black out at all? No, I don't think so.
Any trouble breathing? Blurred vision? No.
BP's 132/88.
So you slid on your right side? Yeah.
- What's this from, then? - Guess.
There was a piece of fence sticking out.
He must've rolled into it.
Straight into it? You tell him, doc! Okay, Lily.
Let's get a CBC, type and screen.
Lateral C-spine, chest AP pelvis and an abdominal CT.
Surgical consult? Yeah.
No, no, no.
He's stable.
Let's wait and get the abdominal CT first.
Remind me why I do this again.
Because you hate yourself? Oh, yeah.
I forgot.
Mark, you know I didn't drop that baby, right? Sure.
Kerry thinks there could be some trouble.
Well, don't worry.
Crack addicts generally lack credibility.
So I can count on your support? - I didn't actually see it.
- What's that mean? It means I didn't see it.
I did not drop that baby.
I went to put the rail down, I told her not to push.
She pushed.
I reached for it but never touched it.
Mark, I did not drop the baby! What do you want me to say? I saw something that I didn't? No, I would like you to believe me.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
We had a bit of a crisis.
Yes, I saw.
Pretty bad, huh? Yeah.
Well, he seems to be breathing okay.
The puffer isn't working.
I'll give him prednisone.
It's a steroid.
He's gonna take one tablet two times a day.
Can you give him something for his stomach? - Stomach's still bothering him? - Yes.
The diarrhea is back.
Diarrhea? Let me take a look.
Does that hurt? Let's get a stool sample.
Yes, the lady doctor said he should have one.
The lady doctor? You sure? - When do I get out of here? - I have to examine you.
When do I get out of here? I see your high is wearing off.
- What are you doing? - Checking your uterus.
Lie still- No, get somebody else.
A doctor.
You're stuck with me.
Come on, Doris.
Open up.
Doris! I hear you asked for a lawyer.
It was a boy, wasn't it? Yeah, Doris.
It was a boy.
I didn't know I was pregnant.
I swear! I was so wasted.
If someone told me, I would've given up the crack.
You can still do that, Doris.
Where is he? Where's my baby? Just a minute.
What, did they cut him up? A doctor will talk to you about it.
They never say nothing.
He would've got messed up with me anyway.
I can have another one, though, right? I'm okay down there? Yeah, Doris.
You're okay down there.
I'm really sorry, Dr.
I've never seen that much blood before.
You get used to it.
This isn't gonna affect my evaluation, is it? I have to get honors.
Get a good night's rest.
We'll start with a clean slate tomorrow.
I'm leaving right now, okay? You need anything? All right.
How's he doing? Oh, yeah, I'm coming.
- Going home early? - No, I'm leaving on time for once.
Hey, Dr.
Benton? Did you save that girl's arm? The team is still working on it, but it looks good.
Oh, that's great.
That's great.
- So how's your baby doing? - He's good.
We need you.
The motorcycle guy's crashing.
- What happened? - We moved him and he passed out.
- What's the story? - Motorcycle accident.
I'll handle it! - BP's 50 palp.
- Set up for a lavage.
Set me up for a lavage.
- How many units did you cross-match? - None.
He was stable.
Four units, type-specific.
Two liters of saline.
Why didn't you page me? - He needed a head CT.
- That's a surgical call.
I was saving time.
You did say- Carter, the patient is critical! - He's tachy at 120.
- He wasn't hypertensive.
Crit was normal.
There was no sign of bleeding.
Damn it! Lavage is positive.
Let's get him up to O.
! He was stable! - Thank you.
- Pathology call about that preemie? No, but Dr.
Lowrey called and found that crazy guy's family in Indiana.
They think he went off his medicine when he went to college.
His mom's coming.
Lowrey said go ahead and give him Hadlaw.
You mean Haldol? Right, Haldol.
I'm sorry.
Talk to Greene.
He's an Attending.
Talk to Greene about what? Nothing.
Never mind.
Then just confront Benton.
It's not that easy.
I haven't talked to him for months.
Make him talk to you.
You can sulk, or let him go on treating you like this.
No, I'm gonna talk to him.
Del Amico, guess what? You know Jamie Landeta, the asthma kid? He doesn't have asthma.
He has strongyloides.
Causes a bronchial irritation, masks as asthma.
The prednisone would've made it worse.
- Good catch.
- Yeah, one I almost didn't make.
Why didn't you tell me about the parasite? - It was a hunch.
- You should've shared it.
I tried.
You had it covered.
- We work as a team here.
- Come on! What team? You could've explained there were other good doctors.
- Instead, you took the easy way out.
- What? What?! I'm sorry.
This is Mrs.
You wanted to talk to her about her son.
- Where is my son? - Your son was in an accident.
On the bus, I know.
On the bus.
He suffered multiple injuries, very grave injuries.
We gave him blood transfusions.
We gave him emergency surgery.
We exhausted all of our capabilities.
But despite our best efforts we were unable to save him.
Blevins, he died.
- Need some help? - No.
I got it.
- You have another surgery? - Yeah.
An emergency splenectomy.
- I thought you'd left.
- I did.
Here, I'll do it.
You should go.
No, no, no, no.
I got it.
Don't be stubborn.
It's your baby's first day home.
I, on the other hand, have no life.
Look, I appreciate it, but it's okay.
You should take advantage of my generosity when it's around.
Trust me.
You'll see it rarely.
- Tell Hicks that I- - Yeah, yeah.
Go! I knew you'd come back.
- What's that? - Something to make you feel normal.
I don't want to feel normal.
No, don't run away from it.
Don't run away from the fear.
I know how to deal with it.
You need to make friends with the fear.
What do you mean? Death is all around.
Stick to the light.
Embrace it.
The light will save you! Dr.
Benton! - Hang on, I want to talk to you.
- Not now, Carter.
No, wait.
For a long time, I bought into your abuse and your humiliation because I was learning something.
- You were.
- Even if there was a point to it then there's no point to it now.
Good night, Carter.
I'm tired of you blowing me off! You're gonna have to talk to me.
You wanna talk? - You wanna talk now? - Right now! Carter No.
- Carter, move.
- No.
- Carter, move.
- No.
Get out of my way.
Get off of me! - You okay? - What, you care? - What's wrong? - I'm not your student.
- I know.
- Then treat me like a colleague.
You're an intern! For three years I did everything you asked.
I earned your respect! And you threw it away! - Because I'm not like you? - Because you wasted my time.
This isn't about your time.
This is about your egotism.
Yeah, right, Carter.
I'm egotistical.
A lot of people worked damn hard to make sure I am where I am.
I gotta be self-centered.
I don't take time for anything.
But you I did for you, Carter.
I did, man.
You don't want to be a surgeon, you don't come to me.
You go to Anspaugh.
I was afraid you'd talk me out of it.
I wish I had the chance to try.
Hey, okay.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Can I go home now? Yeah.
You know what, Carter? You don't wanna be treated like my student? Stop seeking my approval.
Doug, have you seen Carol? Yeah.
About 5'6", pretty.
Packs an attitude.
- What are you reading? - Research.
- You? - Pain management for kids.
It's an idea I had once.
I got that autopsy report on the crack baby.
He died in utero two days ago.
I guess we're both off the hook.
It wasn't a matter of me believing you or not.
I would've been on your side.
If you'd been on the patient's side, this wouldn't have happened.
- What? - I checked her chart.
That woman was here four times in seven months.
You saw her twice.
Never did a pregnancy test.
Was there reason to? Evidently, yes.
We're supposed to give pregnancy tests to every crackhead who comes in? - That's not what I'm saying.
- Then what? God forbid she ever finds out what her real malpractice suit is.
I would back you up.
Say there was no reason for a pregnancy test.
- We should've done something.
- What should we have done? We can't help people who can't help themselves.
No, Mark.
Those are exactly the people we should be helping.
I'm glad you're still here.
I'm surprised that you are.
Jeanie, I had every right to be angry.
I went to the mat for you.
We had a deal.
I couldn't stand there and watch him die.
You don't know that.
We were losing a pulse.
It was worth the risk.
You made a decision to continue working here.
I supported it.
But our decisions affect more than just ourselves.
In this case, a man is still alive.
I appreciate that.
We agreed you'd work under specific guidelines.
- You have to stick to them.
- I know, I know.
But if I had to do it again, I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing.
Do you take the El? No, I drive.
I park around the corner.
It's more convenient.
Aren't you afraid your car will get stolen or scratched up? Nothing's happened so far.
Do you mind walking me up to the platform? I get scared at night.
- Where do you live? - Near Humboldt Park, for now.
- I'll give you a lift.
- I don't wanna be a bother.
No bother.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Let's go.