ER s04e05 Episode Script

Good Touch, Bad Touch

ER Previously on ER This is Carla.
Carla, this is Dr.
- Doug has difficulty with strong women.
- I don't know about that.
- We work as a team here.
- Come on! What team? Every contractor in Chicago will hear that I have AIDS.
Do you mind walking me up to the platform? I get scared at night.
- What's the story? - Motorcycle accident.
I'll handle it! But if my mother gets another bill from this hospital maybe I'm gonna kick some ass.
Maybe I'll start with yours.
"Good Touch, Bad Touch" There could be some counseling for teenage mothers, abuse victims, you know? - Doug? - Listening.
A clinic can keep track of people who fall through the cracks.
Here we go.
I got it.
No, it's a good idea.
I just don't know that Kerry Weaver's looking for new ways to spend money.
It would be on a volunteer basis.
It's worth a try.
All right, you ready? Yeah.
I'm ready if you are.
I am.
This is your idea.
Hang on.
I was kidding.
I didn't think you'd actually rent equipment.
You talked about this fantasy years ago.
I did not.
Did I? Actually, I think you accused me of taping myself with various 20-year-olds.
- That was harsh.
- Yeah.
Was I right? No.
You see all this stuff? I did it because I want to make you happy.
Really? You did all this for me? I'd do anything for you.
Come on, Reece.
Daddy's working.
I've gotta study for a proctocolectomy.
Come on.
Give me a break.
Please, Reece? Please? Okay, okay, okay.
Come on.
All right.
All right.
I know.
I know.
I know.
Oh, boy! Oh, boy.
You're gonna wake up Mommy.
You're gonna wake up Mommy.
Do you want to wake up Mommy, huh? Do you want to wake up Mommy? If you wake up Mommy, she's not gonna be happy.
She's not gonna be happy.
Okay, okay, okay.
Come here.
Come here.
It's just me and you, okay? It's just me and you.
Come on.
Want to get funky with your old man? Want to get funky with your old man? Sing, Papa don't take no mess Hey, hey, hey Papa don't, Papa don't, Papa don't Come on, Reece! Come on, give me a break, please? What do I have to do to make you stop crying? Okay, okay.
I know.
I know.
I know.
Come here.
What do I have to do to get you to stop crying? Talk to me.
Talk to me.
All right, man.
Come here.
You want to study with your old man? Want to study with your old man? How's that? Come here.
Come on and study.
Come on.
Come on.
I know.
I know.
"After performing the colectomy, take the distal ileum and measure seven inches from the transected distal end, proximally.
" Seven inches.
Seven inches.
"Fold that distal end upward to form a J-pouch.
" You like that? You like that, Reece? You like forming a J-pouch? Do you know how to form a J-pouch? Okay, here we go.
"And begin stapling the two limbs of the small bowel with the G.
" Hey, man.
You like that, huh? Hi, we're not here.
Please leave a message at the tone.
Lisa, whose voice is that on the machine? Lisa, pick up the phone.
Lisa, who you there with? Pick up! I know you home.
Sorry-ass bitch.
Why you got to-? Pick up the damn phone now, Lisa.
You know I- Hey, wrong number.
Who the hell are you? Put Lisa on the phone! Look, pay attention, dumb-ass.
There's nobody here named Lisa.
You got the wrong number.
- Hey, Mark.
- Peter.
Thought you didn't drink caffeine.
I do now.
You had your kid when you were in med school, right? Sure did.
What a mistake that was.
See you around, Peter.
We got Ernesto Ruiz in Curtain 2.
Through-and-through GSW to the right shoulder.
The same knucklehead was in here before, shot in the chest.
He must wear a bull's-eye.
I gave him a gram of Ancef and called Surgery.
Three is a 40-year-old gentleman with urinary retention.
And Jeanie's working up a 65-year-old woman in Exam 2 with abdominal pain.
We'll do rounds at about 8.
And I'll drum up more business.
Mark, take a look at a patient for me? Female, 65, recurring right upper-quadrant pain becoming increasingly worse.
Temp's 101, white count's 15,000.
She's vomiting bilious material.
Sounds like cholecystitis.
- I think she needs surgery.
- Let's look.
Haleh, ¿está por aquí? Hi, Pablo.
No, Haleh is not here.
- Is Haleh here? - No.
She called in sick today.
But today's Thursday.
I know.
But she'll be back tomorrow, okay? She'll be back later? She'll be back tomorrow.
She'll be glad to see you then.
Yeah, okay.
Hey, Anna.
You got any procedures? Can't wait for the next one, huh? No.
It's for Fu's benefit.
I swear I'll turn him into a functioning med student.
How many times has he puked in Trauma? Twice.
But the second time was really dry heaves.
How's yours doing? He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he hasn't puked yet.
You got anything we can do? - You can cath the guy in Curtain 3.
- Perfect.
Thank you.
- Tell me if this hurts.
- You're good-looking.
Well, thank you.
Does this hurt? Last night it was so bad I couldn't sleep.
- How about here? - Not really.
- Here? - No, higher.
Can I have my hand back? Ma'am, come on.
Give me my hand back.
Wait, handsome.
You can handle this.
She's got a hot gallbladder.
We should get a consult.
- Do it.
- But- I don't have time for this today.
The average male penis uses a 16 French Foley catheter.
Those French think of everything.
It refers to the circumference.
One French is a third of a millimeter diameter.
Check the Foley balloon for leaks by injecting some saline.
And you lube up the tip with lidocaine jelly.
Now you are ready to insert applying gentle, constant pressure.
Isn't this a nurse's job? You need to know how.
So grab that penis and show it who's boss.
Yo! When can I go home? - Who's your doctor? - I don't know her name.
Go back to your bed and wait for her.
What're you doing to that dude? Come on.
Let's go.
Back to your bed.
Sometimes it's tricky to get it past the prostate.
You all did this to me last time.
I wish I knew who it was too.
Do I have to call Security? Back to your own room! It's in, Dr.
Balloon's inflated.
Hook it up to the bag, Ivan! Hi.
Who peed in your corn flakes? What? You're in a bad mood.
I'm just caught up in this lawsuit.
I have to give a deposition today.
Lawsuit? Over what? Family of a gunshot victim who died last spring.
It's a shakedown.
They're just looking for money.
I'm pretty good at back rubs.
Might help you relax.
Thanks, I'll take a rain check on that.
Okay, sure.
I hope that wasn't inappropriate to say at work? Don't worry.
I won't sue.
- Hey, Mark.
- Hey.
So where's that going? - What? - You and the desk clerk.
There is no me and the desk clerk.
A girl like that.
If you get into something think ahead how to get out.
A girl like what? Pretty needy.
You don't know anything about her.
And B: If I was interested in her or anybody else I don't need your advice.
Brett Nicholson, 20.
Has shortness of breath.
No fever, a little tachy at 100.
- I'm Dr.
Del Amico.
- Hi.
Tell me what happened.
I was running and got so out of breath I had to sit down.
Ever had shortness of breath before? No, just the last few weeks, but it's getting worse.
Any history of asthma? No.
- Okay, let's listen to your chest.
- All right.
- You're an athlete? - I'm a runner at De Paul.
- Take deep breaths, please.
- What's your event? -400 meters.
- Again.
- Best time? -46 flat.
Man, that's good.
Deep breaths.
You listening, James? I'm freaking out.
Not being able to run is like not being able to walk.
Hold on.
What do you hear? Scattered rales, bilaterally.
I agree.
What do you want to do? Get a chest film and a CBC to check the white count.
- That won't change the management.
- What do you think it is? We'll have to wait for the x-ray.
Call Radiology, and next time, make sure the nurse gets them into a gown.
Kerry, do you have a minute? - Half a minute.
- Can I bounce an idea off you? Sure.
I see a need for some patient follow-up in the ER.
Services, like psych counseling.
We patch people up and throw them out without any help of staying well.
I thought of a women's and children's clinic, all volunteer-staffed.
A women's and children's clinic? We could designate an exam room, two or three days a week.
It's an interesting idea.
I'd volunteer.
Lots of docs and nurses would.
I'll add it to the list of ideas we'd implement if we had the money.
Stoney Island's ER got $100,000 from the Department of Public Health for a wound-check clinic.
If they can do it- I'm going to a budget meeting to see that we don't compromise basic patient care.
I'm not looking to take on any new side projects.
But my door is always open.
- Going someplace, Ernesto? - I'm leaving.
Where's my shirt? Surgery's seen you? Bullet went through.
A surgeon has to explore the wound.
Nothing's wrong with me.
- You need a wound explored? - Hold on.
Now you're a tough guy? Last time you yelled for Mama.
- I'll help.
- You're not a surgeon.
I've done it 50 times.
What are you doing? Bye-bye, chica.
You think I can't débride a wound? Put some pressure on that so you don't bleed all over! - See you next time.
- I could've helped.
I called Surgery.
Who's supposed to cover the ER? You're not gonna be sick, are you? We'll start with the colectomy at the cecum and proceed distally.
This bowel's very friable.
How do you make a W-pouch, Dr.
Benton? Measure seven inches from the transected distal and fold it upward- That's a J-pouch.
I said W-pouch.
I assumed we were doing a- Dr.
Corday, W-pouch? It's like the J-pouch, but with two extra loops.
You fold the distal ileum back three times instead of one.
Quite right.
Didn't get that far in your reading, Dr.
Benton? I understand you're behind with your reports and discharge summaries.
I'll get caught up this week.
Perhaps you should be in Medical Records.
Anspaugh, I'm prepared for this.
Step out, Dr.
Catch up on your dictations.
Don't worry about the patient.
I'd say that he is in quite capable hands.
What are those things? Cannonball infiltrates.
Probably testicular cancer.
- Testicular? - It metastasizes to the lungs.
Who's the unlucky soul? presented with shortness of breath.
Sweet guy.
He won't know what hit him.
- Did you do the testicular exam? - That's next.
- If it's better, I'll do it.
- Why's that better? In case he's more comfortable with a male doctor.
If a woman needed a pelvic exam, would you give it to me? - I was just offering.
- I can handle it.
Cynthia, how long has Pablo been sitting out there? That guy? Ten minutes.
Will you tell him Haleh's not coming in, try back tomorrow? - Okay.
- Thanks.
- Somebody called for a surgeon? - Three hours ago.
I called, Dale.
Something about a gangrenous toe? Joseph Kupchak, 49-year-old diabetic male noticed an infection on his left baby toe, but put off coming in.
This is why you quit surgery.
- How's the internship going? - Going great.
Kupchak, I'm Dr.
I'm a surgeon.
I'm here to take care of this toe.
Oh, Carter.
This looks like something you could've handled.
Tell me if you feel this.
I don't believe that they don't trust you to clip a toe.
I clipped a couple of toes when I was a student.
- Feel that? - No.
- How's Benton treating you? - Piece of cake.
I got him handled.
Rocket's back.
Romano? I heard that.
He's letting me scrub in.
Lap choly with a laser.
Ever work with him before you washed out? I didn't wash out, Dale.
You're sticking to your story.
- What do you got? - Head lac, MVA.
- Excuse me.
- Head lac? Gosh, golly.
Feel that? September 5, '52.
- Hi.
I'm Dr.
- Tom Angevine.
What happened, Mr.
Angevine? Going to a lunch appointment then I get this sudden, blinding headache.
Straight into a tree.
- Pressure's 210/160.
- Do you have history of hypertension? Yeah.
I'm taking Vasotec and Lasix.
Let's bring that pressure down.
Let's start nitroprussides, Get an EKG and keep monitoring his pressure.
- Call for an abdominal CT.
- Abdominal CT? - Right.
- For a hypertensive emergency? Do it please, Conni.
Okay? Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey, Brett.
You find out what's wrong? We have an idea, but we need to do a further examination.
I need to examine your testicles.
I'm short of breath.
Why my testicles? I have to check for abnormalities.
My student can leave the room if you like? - No, he can stay, I don't care.
- All right.
Could you take down your pants and underwear, please? Alrighty.
It's a good thing I put on clean drawers.
Oh, man.
Oh, man! Hey, I'm sorry about that.
It's a normal male reaction.
Oh, God! I'm sorry, doctor.
I'm sorry, I can't do this.
There's nothing to be embarrassed about.
Okay, just wait.
Just wait.
It's really not a problem.
Okay, okay.
It's important we finish- Just give me a minute, okay? All right? Jeez! Tell me about your hypertensive crisis, Mr.
Angevine? A minor trauma case, head lac from an MVA.
Upon exam he was tachycardic, diaphoretic, BP was 210/160.
- We got his pressure down.
- Why'd you do an abdominal CT? History of flushing and palpitations.
Classic findings for a pheo.
You're fishing with pretty expensive bait.
- What'd the CT show? - It hasn't come back.
It's tempting to reach for a surgical cause, but in the ER we can't run expensive tests based on hunches.
Just check with me in the future.
- Carol.
- Yeah? I didn't mean to be short earlier.
I think an ER clinic is interesting.
You might be able to get some funds for it.
- I might? - Yeah.
Here's the place to start.
- What are these? - Grant application manuals.
This is a good book on fundraising strategies.
Oh, no, Kerry.
I didn't mean me.
I don't have the time.
What do I do with these? The only way a good idea comes to life is if somebody chooses to see it through.
If you need help with these, we can talk later.
Kerry, I've got a problem with this case.
Could you tell Mark? Mark is the problem.
I worked up this LOL, and Mark left during the exam and refused to finish.
- Why? - The woman's a little flaky.
She put Mark's hand on her breast.
But she's sick.
- Ultrasound confirms cholangitis.
- Let me see.
Maybe he's got a lot on his mind.
She's a Medicare patient? I was reluctant to bring this to you.
If somebody's in a bad mood- I'll talk to Mark.
I'll talk to him.
Brett, you have a mass on your left testicle.
Chest x-ray shows spots on your lungs, which is why you're short of breath.
Spots? What? The growth on your testicle may have spread to your lungs.
What? Cancer? Before we determine that, I must draw some blood and you need a CAT scan on your abdomen.
Could I have a pen and paper? I want to write this down.
Thank you.
Okay, so What happens now, once you draw some blood? Right.
Then I'll send you back to Radiology for the CAT scan.
And then I'll call an oncologist down to see you.
So how bad is the cancer? We're not certain it's cancer.
What happens if it is? You should discuss this with an oncologist.
I don't want to wait for someone else if you can tell me now.
If it is cancer, treatment is removal of the testicle plus chemotherapy, probably radiation as well.
Cut one of my nuts off? With successful treatment, there's a 70% survival rate.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Greene? Mark? Hi, Alan.
You didn't get my page? Yeah.
No, I got it.
I just I was just on my way up.
If you're gonna lie to an attorney, try harder.
I know you don't feel the need for final preparation, but I do.
We're not prepared? For a deposition, there's no such thing.
Any question they ask, you answer what? "Yes," "no" or "I don't recall.
" That's right, and nothing else.
Why haven't we settled this already? They won't come down from eight figures.
They say they're entitled to what Kenny Law might have earned if he'd made it to the NBA.
And a jury could go for that.
Their lawyer, she'll try to rattle you.
Can't rattle me.
I did all I could to save the boy's life.
I'll page you when they come.
Answer it this time.
"Primary surgeon, Dr.
Peter Benton.
Attending, Angela Hicks.
" Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.
Papa don't Hey, hey, hey Hey! Papa don't All right, come on.
Do this.
" Clinical narrative.
Patient presented to the emergency department with a gunshot wound and a systolic blood pressure of-" Hey, how are you doing? Dr.
Peter Benton.
Vinay Radhakrishnan.
That's the way to do it instead of letting them stack up.
It's like falling off a freight train.
Do you have kids? Yes.
Three boys, two girls.
How do you balance it with work? I mean, if you don't mind me asking? My wife handles everything with the children.
Pardon me, please.
This is Dr.
Vinay Radhakrishnan dictating a summary on Stella Klein.
Medical record number: 84-98-29.
I didn't know what to say.
He had an erection, and I needed to finish the exam.
Don't beat yourself up.
You like the spicy string beans? - Yeah.
All of it's good.
How much was it? - No, my treat.
- How much do I owe? - Why can't I treat? Thirty dollars? Where is this place? It's on Wacker.
You keep spending like that, you're gonna be in big trouble.
I got in over my head.
Maxed-out my credit cards- Mr.
Angevine's CT.
You're right.
It's a pheo.
- Yeah? - Good pickup, Dr.
There it is.
DC the Nipride and start him on phentolamine, 5mg IV.
I'll call down a surgeon.
Way to go, Dr.
Carter! Here, I owe you a $1.
I gotta go check on my track star.
Ding Dongs? - Want a bite? - No, I'll just watch you eat it.
These are my all-time favorites.
In Virginia they didn't call them Ding Dongs, they called them King Don's on the package.
Why not call them Ding Dongs in Virginia? What law does that violate? Maybe you can help me with this: Ding Dongs, Ho Hos.
Same food, just different shape.
- How'd they get away with that? - Right! Why pretend that they're different? Ding Dong-Ho Ho conspiracy.
- Mark, can I see you for a minute? - Yeah.
What's up? You saw a patient this morning.
Marian Rice? Horny old lady.
Medicare won't reimburse 100% unless an Attending examines the patient and writes out a note in detail.
You walked out during the exam.
Who told you that? Jeanie? We can't write "seen and agree" notes on Medicare patients.
You didn't read the memo? Which memo was that? What do I have to do so we can get paid? Examine this patient and chart your findings in detail.
If I have to examine every Medicare patient, why do we have P.
s? It's not about the P.
All right.
No problem.
Jeanie, football.
- What? - Bears play tonight.
- Want some squares for Al? - No, not this week.
Y'all quit rooting for the Bears? - We're rooting, not betting.
- You know where to find me.
- What's all this stuff? - Grant applications from Weaver.
- Might start a clinic in the ER.
- Like Stoney Island? That's where gangsters go to get wounds looked at.
They got $100,000 state grant.
Weaver's got you panhandling for her? No, it was my idea.
A nurse started that clinic.
- Really? - Yep.
ER charge nurse.
- Angevine's in shock! His BP crashed! - My pheo? He's tossing multiple PVCs and desaturating.
Get four units of O-neg, and find out why Surgery's not here.
- What? - He's in V-fib.
- His tumor's infracting.
- Where's Surgery? - Charging 200.
- Clear.
Go again.
- Charging 300.
- Clear.
Let's move him straight into Surgery.
- Shocked him out of V-fib.
You Romano? - Call me Rocket.
- Dr.
Carter made the diagnosis.
- Great.
Don't wait for me.
Let's go.
- Ever do this, Dr.
Edson? - You gonna use a scope? We'll do it the old-fashioned way.
- Look out! - Go ahead.
- Nice work, Carter.
- Thank you.
Let's go! Let's go! I brought you some tea.
This'll be me in a month, then you can return the favor.
Oh, man! How did the proctocolectomy go? My ileal-anal pouch drew rave reviews.
You've not worked with Dr.
Romano, have you? Rocket Romano? No.
Ten months a year he's in Europe.
He's performing an operation tomorrow with an extraordinary device: The Aesop 2000.
Are you interested in robotics? - No.
- I can get you on the team.
It's a robotic arm with a camera.
Rocket will be directing it with a headset, like Madonna or whoever.
How could you get me on the team? Rocket's sponsoring my BTA.
- BTA? - Been to America.
In order to come here, I needed a sponsor.
And now you want to broaden my surgical horizons, huh? You really should get to know him, Peter.
No, no.
I My plate's full.
- Thank you.
- All right.
I'll let you get back to your beauty sleep.
A-N-G-E- Anybody see a black male patient, No.
You lose somebody? He had on a gray sweat suit.
Nobody saw him? This is Dr.
Carter in the ER.
I want to know about a patient named Angevine.
Emergency incision of a pheochromocytoma.
Romano took him up.
Romano? What's wrong? My testicular cancer guy ran away.
The oncologist never saw him.
- Want me to help you? - No.
I'll try this number.
- I think he lives on campus.
- Use this phone.
I can't get anywhere with Surgery.
Carter, I can't find a vein on the patient in 4.
- Really? - Well, he's blown them all.
If you'll all excuse me, I'll put my education and training to the test by drawing blood from a heroin addict.
Come on, Ivan.
Is Haleh here? No.
She's sick, remember? No, because today's Thursday.
I know, Pablo! Haleh's not here today.
Come back tomorrow.
- Okay.
I come back later, huh? - No, mañana.
Friday, okay? Mañana.
Told you, you won't find nothing there.
How long have you been an IV drug user? Since 1977.
Well, there's always a vein somewhere.
Summer of '77, never will forget it.
I was at Charlie Wilson's house.
Old Charlie boy down in the basement, banging.
Like we just invented something.
Told you you wouldn't find nothing.
Warm compresses or a dab of nitro paste can dilate a hidden vein.
But before we do that, let's find one in a lower extremity like the saphenous vein in the leg.
- The femoral vein? - Nope.
Dorsal venous plexus of the foot? Give it here.
I'll find you one.
Thank you.
Cotton? Don't you ever, ever try this.
I screwed up with my testicular cancer patient.
He ran away.
Ran away? I sent my student out to look for him.
The guy likes to run along the lakefront.
He's not running with those mets in his lungs.
I left a message at his dorm.
He'll show up, but The thing is, when we do find him it would be good if he could talk to a man about the orchiectomy.
Explain that his life's not over because he's losing a testicle.
Let me know when you find him.
- We got a wild one! - Give it to me.
ALOC, heavy ETOH odor, unrousable at scene.
BP 130/80.
Sinus rhythm 72.
- O-2 by mask, 10 liters.
- Trauma 1.
Cynthia, call Security.
We started an IV, gave D50 and two milligrams of Narcan.
No signs of trauma on scene, but he awoke became combative, kicked out the window.
Got a nasty lac here.
- Tough throwing him into restraints.
- Hard leathers! You can't tie me up like this! We need as many as we can.
- Hold his head down! - Ready to move him? - What's his name? - McNamara.
McNamara, stop thrashing around.
Who are you? I was kidnapped from my house- Damn you people! - Hold him down! - Son of a bitch! - Get his leg.
- She bit down on her tongue.
You have no right to tie me up! That's enough! That's enough, you understand?! Don't move! - Don't move! Shut up and don't move! - Mark! Go check on Chuny.
All right, we're gonna move him on the count of three.
Hold him down.
One, two, three.
I'm sorry I embarrassed you, Dr.
- You didn't.
- Well, I embarrassed myself.
- You get used to this stuff, Ivan.
- How? Eventually, it doesn't faze you.
What if I can't cut it? You need to see more.
Get a few more traumas under your belt.
What if my whole life is a wrong decision? Dr.
- How are those dictations? - Almost finished.
I want to thank you for the time to catch up and apologize for this morning.
It won't happen again.
I should hope not.
You know, when your son was in the NICU, everyone gladly bent over to accommodate you because we all felt sympathy for you.
But now your baby's out of the hospital and as you've probably noted Dr.
Corday has raised the bar considerably for surgical residents.
She's talented.
If we don't stay on our toes, she could make us all look bad.
These grant applications are making my eyes glaze over.
Who's the nurse at Stoney Island who started their clinic? - Ellen Buckley.
- Maybe she'd show me the ropes.
- I'll tell you how she got her grant.
- Really? No big mystery.
Her dad's a state senator.
Del Amico? Your patient? Yeah, that's him.
Cynthia? Can you find Dr.
Ross for me, please? Yeah.
Right away.
- Hey, Brett.
- Hey.
- Where'd you go? - Just walking around.
I know this great doctor.
He's a pediatrician but he's a good person to talk to with questions you might have.
You won't answer more questions? No.
I thought you might be more comfortable with a male doctor.
Will he tell me that my left nut's got to go? If that's the diagnosis, yes.
I don't care if it's you or whoever.
I just I just needed to walk around, get this all straight in my mind.
Do you want me to talk to that oncologist? Yeah.
I'll take you up there now.
Do you have any family in the area? Yeah.
You should call them.
- Can I bum one? - Yeah.
That was so great the way you handled that drunken jerk.
I don't know about that.
Nobody else could control him.
You did.
I was watching.
Yeah, well Can I tell you something, Mark? I understated when I said that I give good back rubs.
I give great back rubs.
It's one of the things I'm best at.
Want me to show you? Here? Turn around.
Oh, man! You are so tight! I knew you'd have a really strong back, though.
That feels great.
It's Alan McConaugha.
The hospital lawyer.
I'd better get going.
- Can I walk with you? - Sure.
I could never do this.
What was I thinking? - What did you say? - Nothing.
Still thinking about a clinic? You could spend your life getting this money.
From the government.
You should look into private foundations.
- Private? - Yeah.
Yeah? No, no, no.
I just want to know if Thomas Angevine is out of surgery or not.
I was just on hold.
I was just on hold.
Private foundations? They exist to give money away.
It's that or pay taxes.
Do you think a private foundation would consider this clinic? You should hear the nutty ideas that get pitched to my grandmother.
Wait one second.
Yeah? What do you mean, nobody knows? Just go down the hall! Wait, wait.
Just tell me what O.
they're in.
Thank you.
Your grandmother's involved in a foundation? - I gotta go to Surgery.
- Wait, Carter! Would your grandmother consider this clinic idea? If you put something down on paper, she'd probably look at it.
Have there been previous lawsuits alleging malpractice by you? Yes.
Isn't it true that in the spring of 1995, a Mrs.
Jodi O'Brian a healthy 29-year-old, pregnant with her first child died from your misdiagnosis? No.
Her medical course was- You answered the question.
Following the death of Mrs.
O'Brian, did you express feelings of guilt? Not that I recall.
- Did you, in fact, feel guilty? - Guilty? No.
What word would better describe your state of mind? Regret.
Did this regretful feeling reflect the quality of care you provided? No.
It happens here all the time.
People die, we feel horrible.
- You felt horrible when Kenny died? - No! Mr.
Law, you're here as a courtesy.
We can cut this short now.
Please refrain from commenting.
I put a question to you, Dr.
Ask it again.
Did you feel horrible after Kenny Law died after you treated him? I felt regret.
Did you apply the same care to Kenny Law as to the white teenager brought in five minutes before? - Yes.
- It's a lie! Do something about your client.
- He's lying! - Be quiet! You're in no position to accuse me of anything! You of all people! Dr.
Greene, do you hold the life of a black man to be of lesser value than that of a white man? What kind of question is that? Will you answer it? People die.
I'm human.
I'm fallible.
You see yourself as fallible? - Don't twist my words.
- About your fallibility.
When this black man was brought into the ER- You want me to say that I'm a racist? I'm a racist, all right? Do you feel better about almost beating me to death? - Will that bring your son back? - Don't point at her! We're taking a break.
We're stopping now.
Talking about regret? You never expressed regret to my mother! You belong in jail.
I wish it was me who kicked your white ass! Dr.
Carter, coming back to Surgery? I just came to pay a visit.
- We miss you up here.
- Did you work on the pheo with Romano? - Yes.
Edson did the procedure.
- He did? Are you looking for him? I think he's in the Waiting Room.
Okay, thanks.
Honey, settle.
Thank him, sweetie.
- This doctor saved your daddy's life.
- Thank you, doctor.
I heard Dr.
Romano let you do the procedure.
That's right.
It was a total success.
When can I see Tom? He's been moved to ICU.
I can take you down there.
- Great.
- Hi.
I'm Dr.
Were you part of the surgical team? No.
I wasn't.
I saw your husband when he came into the Emergency Room.
- I'm glad it went well.
- Thanks.
- ICU's this way.
- Thanks, Dr.
Come on, sweetie.
- I'll meet you there.
- Last call for football.
See you soon.
- Hi, Pablo.
- Is Haleh here? - No, I'll do you this time.
- Haleh not here? - No.
You get Carol today.
- Oh, Carol.
Mark, how'd it go with the lawyer? I don't know.
- Leaving? - Yeah.
Hang on 10 minutes.
I'll go with you.
See you tomorrow, Doug.
You know what, Liz? I'll want you handling the laser tomorrow.
While you control the Aesop 2000? Terrific.
Don't act too surprised.
Peter, fantastic.
Now I can introduce you.
Peter Benton, Rocket Romano.
Hey, Lizzie's talked about you.
- It's a pleasure.
- Tell me something.
Do you think Chris Rock is funny? - Excuse me? - The comedian Chris Rock? Did that HBO special.
Must've used the "N" word 50 times.
"N" word this and that.
Calling him a genius.
If I used the "N" word, you'd probably want to smack me, right? I think Chris Rock is hilarious.
Good to meet you.
Have a good night.
You're right.
I like him.
- Feeling better now? - Yeah, I'm feeling better.
- All nice and clean? - Yeah.
Now Haleh listens to my chest.
Why? - So my pneumonia doesn't come back.
- You had pneumonia? Twice.
I want you to take a nice deep breath for me, all right? And again.
Sounds good.
Pablo? If there was a clinic in the ER where you could get checkups and medicine do you think you'd come? - Free clinic? - Yeah.
- Would Haleh be there? - I bet she would.
I like it.
Yeah, I would come.
Okay, Pablo.
- Hey, Carter.
- Hi.
Anything new and exciting happening in the ER? - I diagnosed a pheochromocytoma.
- You serious? Patient crashed, they took him up to Surgery.
Dale did the procedure.
He did pretty good.
Dale's a weasel.
Excuse me? Carter, you're twice the surgeon Dale will ever be.
Busy day for you? Anspaugh got on my case about some delinquent charts.
So are you enjoying fatherhood? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
Good night, Carter.
Good night.
Congratulations, my man.
My luck's changing.
Send over two ginger ales.
You got it.
I thought it was gonna be no gambling.
What? It's just the bar pool.
You're not gonna complain now.
It's $200.
We just have to be careful with our money.
Look, don't spoil this for me, okay? Billy Nelson just came in.
- Give me a cold one.
- Sure.
You talk to him since the accident? About what? The drugs he needs over the next six months in the off chance I gave him HIV.
- We haven't talked.
- He's staring at us.
- I'll say something.
- Just drink your ginger ale, okay? - He is your friend.
- That's how I know.
If I was in his place Hey, Al? How'd you get it? Hey, Al, how'd you get it? In the arm? Did you get it through the vein or the booty? I want to know! Bill, let's just talk- Sit down, bitch! I ain't talking to you! Who are you talking to? That's my wife! You're gonna be a man now? Yeah, that's right! You got AIDS and you gave it to your wife! Tried to give it to me! Not in here.
Not in here! Please take me home.
Get out before I do what I feel like doing.
- Walk away, Al.
- What you want to do? Come on, Al.
That's what I thought.
Faggot! Wait.
- No, Al! - Come on! Come on! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it, Al! Stop it.
Al, stop it! Stop it, Al.
Stop it!