ER s04e11 Episode Script

Think Warm Thoughts

ER Previously on ER - Good morning.
- Good morning.
You were involved in a very serious automobile accident 10 days ago.
Do you understand? And I think it would be great if she were to marry me.
- God! - What? WHORE I don't have to defend my wasted life in medicine.
- Do you have a son? - Yeah.
When the SPG Attendings start backing you up next week we'll make your job a lot easier.
You're preaching to the choir.
Less work is fine with me.
If you're reinstated, you'll let the matter drop? Yes.
"Think Warm Thoughts" I'll be back by 6.
Have you seen my gloves? I got an idea.
Why don't we set a date? I gotta be at the clinic at 9.
Quit joking with me.
- I'm not.
- I'm halfway out the door - and you wanna talk about that? - Right.
We got a lot of time.
Oh, what are these? What is up with you? What is that? - Doug.
- I just wanted to get a quick size.
I'll get you a rock that'll knock your eye out.
- Doug, I don't need a ring.
- Sure you do, to make it real.
A ring doesn't make it real.
It's real because we say it's real.
- You do wanna marry me, don't you? - Of course I wanna marry you.
But I did the whole ring and the setting the date.
That's not what I want.
I am so happy right now.
This is so perfect.
Why can't we just be two people who are getting married? Cheap date.
- Talk about prepared for anything.
- I've been wanting to use these on you.
Hey! You haven't already? - I got this, Kerry.
Go inside.
- No.
I'm fine.
I hope this isn't an omen for my day.
When Anspaugh sees those figures, he is gonna wanna bury your children.
It's not the first-month figures I'm worried about.
- Go inside.
It's freezing.
- Synergix taking over makes sense.
If you can't convince Don Anspaugh of that, I'm telling you I can.
We could just disappear.
Go to St.
Let them all freeze to death.
Go in the car.
Think hot thoughts.
Yeah? That is the filthiest thing I have ever heard.
With the possible exception of this: Kerry Weaver, you are a bad, bad girl.
Lizzie, is this your Mustang? Yes.
I'm leasing it.
There's nothing like a good, American-made muscle car.
If I'd known this was your car, I'd sniff the tail pipe.
Excuse me? I thought we were talking about sex.
Is Allison Beaumont ready for the O.
? We were talking about sex? Lizzie, does she know what's happening this afternoon? I'll get her consent for the surgery.
Allison's ready for whatever.
Good attitude.
But she's been rather down about her vocal-cord paralysis.
Remind me and I'll tell her about collagen injection.
I've told her about medialization therapy.
She'd like us- My head-and-neck consult doesn't do that.
But David Kotlowitz is right across town at Northwestern.
Insurance won't cover it.
Collagen injection is standard.
Couldn't it be worked out? Medialization is permanent.
I'll explain it to Allison.
You stay focused on the fibular transfer.
Damn it! - Do something about this crazy cracker! - Give us all a break, Carlene, please.
I'm in pain, for your information.
You need to put a sign on this thing.
It just took my money.
Will you sit down and be quiet? - I'm thirsty.
- A water fountain's down the hall.
Forget it.
You know, I do want my 75 cents back, though.
- I put some money in there too.
- Nice try, Carlene.
I've been sitting here for 45 minutes! Ain't no nurse ask me what's wrong! - Got any more gum? - Nicotine gum.
- Quitting? - Never should've started.
You shouldn't have.
- Dr.
- How are you doing? - You're the SPG Attending? - To lighten your load.
I saw you in that documentary.
You got a lot of face time.
Mark, you looked a little haggard.
Are you letting this job get to you? Help me! - Oh, look at that idiot.
- Oh, boy.
- Dr.
Greene, help me! - We need some help in here! - I'm okay.
- You look it.
- I'm tired of your mouth.
- Just take it easy, all right? So looking ahead to your third year, you stand at the crossroads.
You have an opportunity in clerkships that will be both challenging and inspiring to you.
I hope I did justice presenting what is rewarding about Emergency Medicine.
Now, with the time we have left, anybody have any questions? Don't ask me about the heat.
I have no idea why this room is freezing.
Do people come into the ER with objects stuck in their rectums? That's not the kind of info people are here for.
- I wouldn't mind hearing.
- Come on.
Yeah, yeah.
Sometimes it happens.
What's the weirdest thing you ever took out of there? Bowling trophy.
Now let's move on to something more substantive.
Yeah? - Did you ever kill anybody? - Okay.
That's substantive.
The answer is yes.
An elderly man.
I was a surgical intern.
And while tapping his chest I accidentally lacerated his liver and he died in surgery.
You left Surgery for Emergency Medicine? How come? In the Emergency Department you're seeing a lot of different people and doing a lot of different things.
You're making a difference right on the spot.
Can you make a career out of that? Do you see yourself still in ER - 10, 15 years from now? - Fifteen years? Fifteen years.
Hey, sure.
Why not? Next question.
If we have this impact in a limited role, why not overall management.
You can take off your tap shoes, Dr.
From when we met, I assumed your goal was to take over the ER.
I'm surprised only by your timing.
Can I have a moment with Kerry? Certainly.
It's a part of my nature to move quickly when something feels right.
I gotta say, Don, I've been just blown away by these numbers.
- What do they say in the trenches? - I haven't heard any complaints.
Mark would support them taking over? - It'd change how you do business.
- We haven't discussed it.
The feelings of the staff are something I'd need to find out before telling the board.
I thought it was a Ponzi scheme.
But I've been with SPG a year and a half, and I'm having a great time.
- No kidding? - Beats my schedule.
Let's see the other leg.
Regular hours.
And when 6 p.
comes and that door hits me in the butt, I live a real life.
- Your knees are fine.
- What about my ankle? - Want a portable? - Call Radiology.
Hold on a second.
Do me a favor.
Walk for me.
Take a few steps.
SPG uses practice guidelines.
And here I've been skating by on medical judgment.
Know how much money is wasted on X-rays? If you're quitting, detoxify your body.
Colon irrigations.
Hello, Allison.
Your laptop coming in useful? Looking for love on the Internet.
There's a form of new technology where I'm way behind.
I could be e-mailing plenty of folk.
Correspondence will always mean lovely stationery and writing on it by hand.
I'm a blabbermouth.
Two-hour phone calls.
Let me explain what we' re doing today.
I have a consent form for you to sign.
We' re taking you back to the O.
to revise your fibular transfer.
Why-? Type it out, Allison.
Vocal-cord surgery? Yes.
Romano would like to talk to you about various options.
But right now our main concern is with your leg.
I'll come back again this afternoon, okay? I want my voice back, Dr.
I would have no life for the next six years.
Surgery demands that commitment.
But not everybody's willing to make that sacrifice.
- Got some hard thinking to do.
- Yeah.
- You were on the PBS documentary.
- Yes.
I am.
I was.
I'm Dr.
Laura Brown.
It got me thinking about Emergency Medicine.
- You should come to a session of mine.
- Actually, it's next on my list.
Benton, great presentation.
- Thanks.
Take care.
- Thanks.
- She'll be something.
- So we're both stuck, eh? Romano shanghaied me.
This is a total waste of time.
You can't tell kids about it.
Most won't know until they're in it, and then it'll be wrong for them.
I got a bunch of stiffs in my session this morning.
- They just ask if you killed anybody.
- What do you say? Just med students.
- Can I ask you something? - We're a little swamped down here.
- Can you see some patients? - Absolutely.
The board may consider granting SPG an overall management contract.
- It's happening pretty fast.
- Think so? Attending coverage is one thing.
But hopping into bed with them? - It might make life easier- - I don't know.
I want to keep decision-making when it comes to patient care.
You won't have to give that up.
This is about Synergix taking over functions like billing, collections- - What's Anspaugh's take on it? - He's for it.
It's something to think about.
Christmas cookies! Freshly-baked for everybody.
- No, thanks.
- Homemade? - I don't want the holidays to be over.
- The best part of winter's finished.
Not if you don't want it to be.
- Isn't he nice? He's so nice.
- These are so good.
I need medical attention.
How long am I supposed to wait? It's a busy day.
Be patient, all right? You don't look busy, Miss Chiquita Banana, eating cookies.
Nobody minds if you're in here where it's warm! - But why can't you just be quiet and-? - I can't understand you.
- Why don't you talk slow? In English? - Yeah? Can you believe me walking out after that thing fell on me? Look I'm sorry I gave you a hard time over a lousy 75 cents.
I got over it.
My name's John.
Think I can give you a call sometime? I gotta tell you up front, because I believe in that and if it makes a difference, then so be it: I spent time in prison.
One mistake, had nothing to do with violence.
But I got a good job now moving furniture.
And I think me and you could have some fun together.
- Prison, huh? - Yeah.
- I'm Randi.
- Randi.
Your fasting blood glucose is 110.
- You're watching your diet? - And exercising too.
I wish everybody was that good about controlling their diabetes.
That's just Mikey.
Don't be scared of him.
He likes it in there.
It's warm.
Bye-bye, Mr.
Mom, what are you doing here? - Doug came to see me this morning.
- What? - To ask for your hand in marriage.
- What? He said he wanted my permission.
He was very polite.
- Tell me this is a joke! - It's not a joke, Ma.
- How long have you been with him? - Eight months.
- Did you plan to tell me? - When the time was right.
- So you intend to marry him? - At some point, yes.
See, even you know this will never happen.
We'll talk about it later.
I gotta get back to work.
I took care of you the last time he broke your heart! - He's not gonna break my heart.
- Men like him don't change! - What did you say to him? - I told him nothing.
I came to see you.
Do you know where Mark is? Yeah, he's right here.
I've been talking to him about SPG- This concerns another matter.
Not a good idea to put the space heater in the bed with you.
- Dr.
Greene, may I have a moment? - Yeah.
Excuse me.
What's up? Mark, I haven't wanted it too widely known around the hospital My son Scott was treated for B-cell lymphoma 10 months ago.
- Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
- No.
He's fine.
The chemo was successful.
But I just got a phone call from his school.
He's complaining of abdominal pain.
I told them to send him here by taxicab.
It's better to be safe.
He didn't get along with his previous doctor.
I'd like you to look after his care personally when he arrives.
I'm sorry to hear he's sick.
How old is Scott? He's almost 13.
He's handled it all quite well.
- I'll stay out of your way.
- Don't worry.
- Page me when he arrives.
- Mark.
Can you-? - Was he talking to you about SPG? - No.
His son is coming in.
- Really? - I didn't know they had any kids.
He has a daughter too.
I can clear Curtain 3.
Do they need a Trauma room? I think he just wants me to see him.
Of course.
Let me know if I can help.
- Jeanie, can you hang with me? - Yeah, what's up? Anspaugh's son is coming in with abdominal pain.
I doubt he'd want me anywhere near his son.
The boy was treated last year for B-cell lymphoma.
So he's probably not too happy to come here.
There he is.
Just another friendly face.
Hey, Scott? Hi, I'm Dr.
How are you feeling? - Just have an upset stomach.
- Yeah? Why don't you let us check you out.
This is Jeanie Boulet.
- Hey.
- There's nothing wrong with me.
Well, we just wanna be absolutely sure.
Okay? So listen, it's no big deal.
Tell my dad it's no big deal.
The whole school was looking at me when I got in this damn cab.
Listen, Scott, we're freezing our butts off out here.
Why don't you just come in and just talk to your dad, okay? I can walk.
I don't need that wheelchair.
All right.
Doug, pick up.
It's me.
Hello? I don't know where you are.
But when you get this you call me right away.
You can run, but you cannot hide.
- This last room on the left.
- You doing okay? - I just have a stomachache.
- All right.
Scott, I'm here, son.
Where's the wheelchair? - He wanted to walk, which is fine.
- Dr.
Greene's one of our best doctors.
He's gonna take good care of you.
Why can't I have a stomachache sometimes? - Have you been vomiting? - Just once.
Crappy seafood restaurant last night, Dad.
That's why I'm sick.
- Gone to the bathroom? - My bowel's not obstructed.
- Been able to pass gas? - Yes, I said.
Let me feel your belly.
Tender? Okay, let's get a CBC, Chem-20 and abdominal series.
No, damn it! No needles! You better not even try to stick me with another needle! Hear me? All right.
All right.
No needles.
Not right now.
I'm trying to locate Dr.
I'm Dr.
Corday from County General.
- Dr.
Corday? - Yes.
I just wrote you a note.
I'm sorry you came all this way.
I'm going on a consult.
David Kotlowitz.
Elizabeth Corday.
If I can have a minute, I'd like to persuade you.
- I'll give you two.
Walk with me.
- That's terrific.
My heart goes out to Miss Beaumont.
It was a devastating accident.
Allison's quite lucky to be alive.
She has extraordinary spirit.
Which is why I asked you simply to see her.
Examine her.
And agree to do a free medialization thyroplasty.
Well, her insurance won't cover it, apparently.
So - yes, that is what I'm asking.
- And why would I do that? If you meet Allison, you'll want to do it.
Well, I'm headed to your part of town, but I don't have privileges at County.
But any bureaucratic matters, I'm sure Dr.
Romano can help straighten out.
You're speaking on Romano's behalf? No.
I'm speaking on Allison Beaumont's behalf.
It's not frostbite, but we should put it in some warm water.
- What is that? - It sounds like a Tamagotchi.
A what? Some kid must've dropped it.
A white one! I collect them.
- What is it? - It's a pretend pet you take care of.
What? It's probably hungry.
Whoever left it behind must not care too much.
Can I have it? No, I gotta take it to lost and found.
When the kid gets back, it'll be dead.
What do you mean, dead? - I'll give you 20 bucks for it.
- No! Can you tell what's wrong with it? I just saw a report on TV.
I don't know.
If someone comes by looking, just say you never saw it.
- Scott.
- What? I understand you not wanting to be stuck.
I made a $10 bet with your dad that I could stick you and you'd never feel it.
- So? - So I'll cut you in on the deal.
You let me draw some blood, and you got it.
Stop talking to me like I'm a kid.
I've had so much chemo that my veins have been sclerosed.
So you just get the hell out of here.
We gotta find out what's causing your stomachaches.
If you don't want it easy they'll hold you down while you yell and scream.
And they'll draw it the hard way.
Sit down, turn your head.
I promise you won't feel it.
How about I stick you? The smell.
It makes me sick.
It's in.
How'd you do that? Because I'm the best.
Now you know.
- Hey, Cynthia? - Yeah.
- You know about these? - It's a virtual pet.
- Mark got one for his daughter.
- Wait.
Someone left it in Exam 1.
Did anyone call about it or anything? It won't stop.
I think it pooped.
- What? - Yeah.
You see that pile there? - You're supposed to clean it up.
- How? - I don't know.
Want me to call Mark? - Disgusting.
I can figure it out.
- Wait - You know what? I liked toys when we were kids.
My Barbie van was awesome.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God, look! - It stopped.
I'm so happy.
- Yeah.
If someone calls, it's in lost and found.
Actually, why don't I just take care of it for a while.
Anne Reilly? This is Mrs.
I'm her Meals on Wheels person.
One of them at least.
- What's your name? - Susan McFarlan.
Some days she's confused.
But today, she was definitely more out of it.
- She usually has her hair combed.
- She complain of anything specific? No.
But I took a peek inside.
I don't think she's been eating.
There were untouched plates of food.
At least a couple of days' worth.
- Do you think she's had a stroke? - We'll check her out.
- Hi, I'm Carol Hathaway.
- Hello.
- What's your name? - Anne Reilly.
You look so pretty today.
Well, thank you.
How are you feeling today, Mrs.
Reilly? - Fine.
- What month is it? Well, it's August.
We'll have to wait before we can get her a room.
Can you stay? - Sure.
- Mrs.
Reilly we'll talk again soon in a few minutes.
You look just the same.
Oh, just like when you were a baby.
Maybe 10 more of those would make a difference.
I had a hard-enough time getting this one.
I'm one of those people that's always early.
What presentations did you hear besides Benton's? None.
I mean, what? Dermatology? Can't see myself sitting in an office all day popping pimples.
For me, it's either Surgery or Emergency Medicine.
Or Internal Medicine because they have the sickest people.
But I doubt it's for me.
- Think you can sell me on the ER? - I haven't been selling well so far.
Never boring, is it? There's always something? No, sometimes it's slow, but you're usually thankful for the break.
I can't wait.
Jeanie's gonna wait up in Radiology with Dr.
Anspaugh's son, okay? - She should stay with him.
- Did you lose something? I thought I brought an extra pack of gum.
Going through them pretty quickly.
I brought you an extra pack.
In here somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.
It's not like I need it.
The nicotine.
It's just Do you think Dr.
Anspaugh's son will be okay? He's had cancer once.
We have to worry about recurrence.
I never saw him as much of a family man.
His wife was only 42.
What are you doing? - There's just a few pills missing - Yeah? Well, I mean, shouldn't there be some more? My pills are in your bathroom in your bag.
This is an old pack.
Oh, okay.
- What are you thinking? - I don't know.
I mean, you know.
- I don't wanna get pregnant.
- I know.
We wanna be careful.
Oh, bingo.
You are great.
You're so grown-up now.
She's tachy at 108.
BP's low, 90/70.
- There's skin tenting.
- Tenting? She's dehydrated.
When I pinch her skin, it stays pinched.
Let's get her a gown.
Start an IV and send off for a CBC, Chem-20.
- You want to cath her urine? - Yeah.
And get a chest film.
We're gonna change you into a gown so we can do some more tests.
- Does she have any family? - She mentioned a daughter.
- I don't know where she is.
- Carol, Doug on two.
I'll get this.
Doug? Guess who stopped by.
My mom.
What are you on? Drugs? No.
I just would've liked to have told her myself.
How do you think she's reacting? Doug, I gotta go.
I'll call you back.
WHORE I'll take it from here.
Could you escort Susan to Chairs and please find Mark? Okay.
Can you stay a little while longer? Yeah, I don't have any classes today anyway.
Reilly did someone hurt you? - Detective Weller.
- Dr.
- This is Carol Hathaway.
- Hi.
I'm waiting for Detective Muncie.
But I'd like to talk to the victim.
- What's her name? - Anne Reilly.
- In here.
- Her mental status is altered.
She's not responding to questions.
- Could that be from the trauma? - Maybe, or she could have Alzheimer's.
She's also dehydrated.
We need to fluid-resuscitate her first.
And also still do a rape kit.
Were her hands bound? There is some bruising, but no signs of duct tape like the other one.
She also had a lower-left-rib fracture and multiple contusions.
One to the back of her head.
You're assuming it's the same rapist.
I don't want two like this.
So you're making some public announcements? It's a departmental decision.
- You guys gotta stop this person.
- That's what we intend to do.
I'll start with the girl.
She's very fond of Mrs.
She doesn't know about the rape yet.
- All right.
- I'll show you.
- Carol? - Yeah.
Yosh told me he moved Mrs.
Reilly so he could see clinic patients.
- He can't handle them all by himself.
- Dr.
Ross came in.
He's helping him.
I think he thinks you're mad at him.
- Is this the abdominal series? - This is Scott Anspaugh.
- Any relation? - I'm his son.
We'll take some pictures of your belly.
KUB or upright first? We'll start with the KUB.
- The tumor's back.
- What'd you say? I don't need X-rays to know.
Don't move.
If it's bad news, you can worry about it then.
Think about something else.
Like what? Rainbows and dandelions? What do you like? What's your favorite thing? John Woo movies.
His Hollywood movies or the Hong Kong stuff? - What do you know about John Woo? - How much time do you have? Hey, you're still around? I sat in on a Pedes introduction for the heck of it.
Very rewarding field.
I wanted to talk to you before you left about a favor.
- Sure.
- When you're on duty - can I come by and hang out? - My words didn't determine your career? You're good.
You're not that good.
- I have a shift tonight.
- That'd be great.
If you'd like, I was thinking we could get some dinner first.
- Yeah.
I'd like.
- Yeah? But on one condition: I buy.
The ER is your treat.
Dinner will be mine.
- Do you like Thai food? - Yes, I do.
- How'd it go? - Well, I didn't sugarcoat it.
I didn't expect you to.
Weed out the losers early.
Thanks, Pete.
It's "Peter.
" You called me "Pete.
" - Nobody's ever called you Pete? - No.
"Pete Benton.
" It sounds so natural.
Just Peter.
Petey? Peter.
- Kotlowitz! - Dr.
Romano, perfect timing.
- Robert Romano! - What are you doing here? You know each other? You've got quite a protégé.
She's convinced me to waive my fee and perform a Silastic medialization.
It still needs to be ironed out.
- You wanna operate on my patient? - She's ideal, yeah.
Unless there's a problem with that.
It'll be a chance for us to put our heads together.
You'll be in touch with me, right? - Oh, let me walk you out.
- If you have a moment, stay with me.
- Rocket, good to see you.
- Take care.
What's the matter? Shut the door.
What did I say about that procedure? - If the fee's the barrier- - It's not the only one! Kotlowitz can't operate here.
And we are sure as hell not going to move her for vocal- cord surgery with her leg as it is.
Anspaugh's granting him privileges.
He's a great fan of Dr.
So now you're planning my patient's treatment with the Chief of Staff.
He was in the hall.
This is great news for Allison.
I will decide what is in her best interest.
- This is in her best interest.
- It's an unnecessary trip to the O.
! No.
It's not.
I don't know what's between you and Dr.
I couldn't give a- Allison wants her voice back.
And it's incumbent upon us to bring that about.
Are you questioning my commitment to this patient's best interests? - No.
- Good.
Because that is not something you wanna be doing, Lizzie.
This time, just make sure that he takes all of the antibiotics.
All of the medicine until it's gone.
Okay? All the medicine until it's gone.
Even if he's feeling better.
I'm Dr.
- I'm Sherry.
- Hi, Sherry.
Now You've been here before.
Are you still going to the prenatal clinic? - Yes.
I'm going to have a baby.
- What can I do for you? They cut my food stamps.
It was 65 dollars.
Now it's 49.
- Yes, it is.
- So, what do I stop buying? Let's "Milk is $1.
Eggs, $1.
Peanut butter, the cheapest one " Who wrote this for you? Nurse Hathaway helped me make my food chart.
Did they say why they cut your food stamps? Okay.
Well, Sherry, there are a lot of agencies that can- That can help you out.
I'm gonna I'm gonna get some numbers.
I'll call them.
I'll be right back.
Three-centimeter laceration to the vaginal wall at 2 o'clock.
- Am I going to be all right? - Yes, Mrs.
Don't worry.
Is the baby going to be okay? The baby'll be fine.
Contusions to the labia majora bilaterally.
- Scant purulent discharge.
- Do you want cultures? - Yeah.
GC and chlamydia.
- How about HIV? Well, we need to find out who has legal consent.
- Any word on family? - I haven't heard yet.
I didn't have nearly as hard a time with you.
I don't think I did.
You're doing very well, Mrs.
Won't be much longer.
Let's give her a gram of ceftriaxone to cover for STDs.
Oh, wait.
I'm not going to have a baby, am I? No.
But you are in a hospital and we'll take very good care of you.
Oh, I know you will, darling.
Reilly? Do you know why you're here? You remember anyone coming into your apartment recently? People don't stop by much anymore, do they? Okay, Mrs.
You can just relax now, right here.
Let's give her another 500 cc's.
And let the detectives know that she'll be a little longer.
She's not gonna be any help.
She doesn't remember.
It's probably a blessing.
A woman came in with her daughter looking for her Tamagotchi.
- I told her that you'd found it.
- Okay.
I had to steal time away all day to feed it and play with it.
Why does it have wings now? Oh, my God.
- He's dead.
- Oh, like a little angel! How can he be dead? When he bleeped, I took care of him.
I guess they just die sometimes.
But if he was sick, I would've done something.
You did your best.
I'm sorry.
But Hello, Jeanie.
Anspaugh, how are you? I'm well.
I wanna thank you for your help today.
Well, I can imagine what Scott's been through.
Can I ask about the abdominal films? There's a partial obstruction.
We've admitted him.
It could possibly be adhesions from the previous surgery.
We're gonna wait and see.
Scott's faced a lot of adversity already in life.
But whatever comes, he can handle it.
I like him.
Well, I just wanted to say thank you.
- We can get a cab over on Michigan.
- Or we can walk off the coconut curry.
- Are you crazy? It's 10 degrees.
- Come on, John.
It's three blocks.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I don't want you to think that I'm cursed with indecision.
I just need to be excited.
- Hey, I understand.
- Are you like that? Am I like that? Well, you know Hey! Hey! Hey! Wait, wait! Hey! What's going on? Wait! Hey! Hey! Wait, wait, wait! - I'm a doctor.
- We saw this guy over here.
I don't know if he's dead.
I sent my buddy to get help.
- I'm barely getting a pulse.
- What should we do? - Go get a cab.
I'll stay.
- Come on.
Let's go.
- Taxi! Taxi! - Hurry it up! Lizzie.
Go ahead and schedule the Silastic medialization.
- Really? - I'll work it out with Anspaugh.
- Can I tell Allison? - Yeah, sure.
I'll do it right now.
It'll lift her spirits.
I Personal feelings shouldn't get in the way.
It was good that you stayed focused on the patient.
I'm no good at apologizing.
Let's let that be the last thing said about it.
And you and I, we're all right? Lizzie, you and I are a match made in heaven.
I got a homeless guy here with hypothermia.
- Get me warming blankets.
- Heated humidified O-2? And could you pop a couple of liters into the microwave too? - Is the ER always this exciting? - Pretty much.
Carter? This guy was unconscious over by the medical school.
Be careful.
I don't wanna give him an arrhythmia.
One, two, three.
- You are? - I'm Laura Brown.
I'm observing Dr.
- Second-year med student observing.
- BP's 80 palp.
Pulse is 52.
Let's get a core temp, CBC and a 12-lead.
Let's prep for a pleural lavage.
Come on.
Every second counts.
- Pleural lavage? - Active core rewarming.
It's 10 degrees outside.
He's a Popsicle.
- We still on for dinner? - Sure.
I just wanna finish this up.
- Get an Attending to cover for you.
- I want to see this through.
I'm heading over to Greek Islands.
If you finish, join me.
- Warm saline.
- If it's not too hot - run in another liter bolus.
- Worried about shock? No, not if we provide circulatory support with a cardiopulmonary bypass.
- A bypass in the ER? - Sure.
It's an excellent way of warming the blood.
Or we could do dialysis.
I wanted to check on her.
I'm leaving.
She was awake a while ago.
She was more coherent, which means the fluids are working.
But she doesn't know why she's here.
I want to say goodbye to her.
It's inconceivable what the police are saying.
I don't know if I can go back to that building.
Am I a horrible person? I consider Mrs.
Reilly my friend.
I want to be a friend to her.
You are a good friend.
You brought her here.
But I'm afraid to bring her meals now.
They'll catch this man.
You just go home and get some rest.
- Tell her I'll call her, all right? - Sure.
Man, it's cold! Did I miss Swift? - His shift ended 15 minutes ago.
- Oh, shoot.
Are you ready to celebrate? I got reservations at Rosebud.
Or we can stay in.
That's fine.
Sounds better to me.
- Are you tired? - No.
Anspaugh say something about the proposal? His son came in today.
He's got a partial bowel obstruction, history of B-cell lymphoma.
And Anspaugh went to Mark Greene to take care of him.
- Well, he knows how busy you are.
- Maybe he's forgotten I'm a doctor.
Sometimes I almost forget.
That's the best reason yet to let SPG take the load.
What'll it be? Your place or mine? Your place has room service.
Damn it.
It presented like a classic case of hypothermia.
Except for his temperature, which was three degrees below normal.
What's wrong with him? Well, he's drunk.
- That's it? There's no bypass? - No.
Not a total wash, though.
Here's how to administer a banana bag.
We give these to all drunks everyone that comes in drunk, to prevent Wernicke's encephalopathy.
The yellow color is the result of adding a multivitamin to the fluid.
- No bananas- - Dr.
Benton? Remember me? I'm Laura Brown.
I was in your lecture today.
- Oh, right.
- I was observing Dr.
But this looks more interesting.
We're putting a chest tube in before he goes to surgery.
He has a hemopneumothorax, which is a bleeding, collapsed lung.
- What kind of animal does that? - She's feeling better.
I wonder about the human species.
I'd personally volunteer to castrate this guy.
Make a copy of these wound-care instructions.
- We're ready to wrap this up.
- You bet.
Thanks for coming in today.
My pleasure.
- It's amazing what you've done here.
- Really? Well, five shifts a week, the clinic It makes a difference.
I'm sorry I yelled at you over the phone.
I'm actually glad you spoke to my mom.
It's a relief.
I don't know what I was waiting for.
The other shoe to drop.
Dumb, huh? You off? Have to wait on a Psych consult.
Might take a while.
I'll wait.
Finally got an I.
on our ice man.
He lives in a shelter on Price Street.
They're picking him up.
I thought your student was gonna stick around.
She went to go watch Benton operate.
I think she got bored.
Well, we're not here to entertain, Carter.
You know, she seemed so interested.
I was supposed to inspire those students.
But I didn't.
- Inspire them? How? - Through our passion for what we do.
- Passion? - Yeah.
You know what I mean.
You come here every day.
Sometimes you're really cooking, and sometimes you're not.
But you're here every day doing your work.
One day you'll look up and maybe 10 years will have passed.
It'll be the sum total of what you've done that counts.
Not the passion.
Wanna review some of these charts? Yeah.
She's an awfully sweet girl, Susan, isn't she? She was very worried about you.
She reminds me of my daughter.
I feel so silly.
Such a nuisance, having to bring me here for a little bump on the head.
- This darn thing's caught.
- Let me help you.
You feel so useless when you get to be my age.
I've already gotten a bit forgetful.
The other night, I came home and left my keys hanging in the front door.
I don't think that has anything to do with age.
I do the same thing.
I left my keys in the door.
I left my keys in the door and a man walked into my apartment.
Reilly? Then he put his hand up over my mouth.
Then he made me get down on the ground.
Oh, God! - Mrs.
Reilly? - Oh, my God! - It's okay.
You're gonna be okay now.
- I left the keys - in the door.
- I know.
I know.
It's okay.
Oh, my God! It's okay.