ER s04e12 Episode Script

Sharp Relief

ER Previously on ER We are going take care of you.
- Oh, God! - What? Are you questioning my commitment to this patient's best interests? I got it under control.
So does every street junkie coming through here.
Greg Powell.
Paramedic who brought the boy in the chimney.
Don, let me draw some the easy way.
or I'll get every nurse to hold you down and they'll draw it the hard way.
He simply wants to keep an eye on me.
Don't you Dr.
Benton? "Sharp Relief" DOCTORS ROOM Hey, I hope that's not all you're wearing.
It's gotta be 10 below out there.
- What? - How you hide all that hair in that hat.
- The Eighth Wonder of the World.
- You laugh away, Elvis.
They give me the coldest day of the year to do my paramedic ride-along.
I'm gonna go re-grout the tub then watch some daytime TV.
Springer's doing a special on teens impregnated by transvestites and- Get out of here.
All right, Dearborn and Clark, 5:00? I wrote it down.
I really hate surprises.
I'd like you to tell me.
I can't, because I really love surprises.
All right, then Dearborn and Clark at 5:00.
Say it.
Say what? You know, what I always say first.
You say it.
I love you.
Sounds good to me.
- Is that Scott Anspaugh's CT? - It sure it.
- Hey, Jeanie.
- Hi.
I'm Dr.
I don't believe we've met.
Are you new? I'm a physician's assistant in the ER.
I didn't know you were in this.
It's the Chief of Staff's kid.
Everybody wants in.
Anspaugh requested I start Scott's lines.
Anspaugh's no fool.
You start more lines with sugar.
What's the verdict? He's obstructed.
He'll need surgery.
Oh, man.
- Thanks.
- Hey, can I get a decaf from you? It's 7:30 in the morning.
I've been so jumpy, any caffeine, I'd blow an aneurysm.
- Lovely.
- Can we sit somewhere else? It's the smoking section.
Fell off the gum wagon, did you? - Oh, don't start.
- Wouldn't dream of it.
What's up? You're making me nervous.
- This.
- You shouldn't have.
Open it up.
Open that up.
When did you guys pick these out? "We" didn't.
I'm gonna surprise her.
I told her to meet me downtown and then we're gonna get our marriage license.
That is a surprise.
I want to show her I'm serious.
Sounds like a big night.
And then I'm gonna get a limo and we're going to the Ironhedge Lodge in Dundee.
One minute after midnight, the Justice of the Peace will do the ceremony.
That sounds great.
Now, all right, what would make it perfect is if you would agree to be the best man.
Think you have to ask? - Yeah? You'd do that? - I'd be honored.
I can't believe it.
Every other woman I went out with, I knew it was wrong.
Now I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with her.
I'm talking like an idiot here.
You're acting like somebody who'll be a husband tomorrow morning.
A husband.
Can you imagine that? Hey, Carol! You ready to go? Yeah.
Here, let me help you.
- What have you got here? - Saline, gauze, etcetera.
I got the fisheye from a guy at the desk.
It's the same with the clinic.
County supplies are County supplies.
Everyone else, back off.
Got the heat going? Yeah.
Powell's got dibs on music until noon.
Doris doesn't appreciate quality musical entertainment.
- You ride together? - Not usually.
I guess I woke up blessed this morning.
Greg Powell, right? Good memory, Nurse Hathaway.
- What do we got? - Pain with vaginal bleeding.
She's shocky.
We did two liters of saline in the field.
Let's get a CBC, type and cross-match six units to start.
Looks like a ruptured ectopic.
Get her up to the O.
right now! Aren't you guys from Lady of Pity catchment area? Why'd you endanger her life by bringing her all the way here? Because Lady of Pity's ER is closed.
- You're the closest receiving.
- That's 10 minutes.
- Tell me about it.
- O-neg! All right.
Hang two units.
She's hypovolemic.
Who's fighting? I'm Spinal and that's Sabrewulf.
I was doing okay, but then he sabre-stomped me.
Oh, he did the fireball.
I'm dead.
Hey, I want to talk to you about this surgery.
My dad talked all that noise.
I know.
Would you give me a hand here? I just want to talk to you about it too.
The tumor you had last year is back.
They need to operate to remove it.
I'm not having any more operations.
- I know you're scared.
- I'm not scared.
I'm just sick of all their crap.
"This is the last one, Scotty.
" "Got it all, Scotty.
" Yeah.
Hey, if you don't have this surgery, you're gonna die.
I'd rather die.
Guess I'll find someone else to share my Blackhawks/Islanders tickets with.
Nice try.
Like you're a hockey fan.
Girls can't like bone-crushing, high-sticking action? Okay.
Who's Tony Esposito? Blackhawks goalie.
Vezina Trophy winner '70 and '72.
Not bad.
What do you care? You're fixing to die, so So you really got those tickets? Post-op, day two.
Wound is granulating well without drainage.
- Afebrile on cefotetan.
- Okay.
Lizzie! Long time no see! Dr.
Romano, did you get my message? I wanted to be excused from the Anspaugh tumor resection.
And why would that be, doctor? I'd like to assist Dr.
Kotlowitz on Allison's vocal cord surgery.
No problem.
Never had you scheduled in the first place.
But my name was on the board.
You're doing so much head-and-neck, I thought you were changing specialties.
Of course not.
It's only this case.
Nothing to worry about.
I taught her everything she knows.
Next! Ellis, is it true Lady of Pity's ER is closed? Oh, no.
Not closed.
But they're not accepting paramedic traffic.
Well, critical cases don't tend to be walk-ins.
What's the matter? I just had a woman nearly bleed out because she was in an ambulance for 15 minutes too long.
That's bad.
It's cases like hers that forced SPG to reconfigure their ER.
I don't understand.
They had a substandard trauma panel and their surgical coverage was spotty at best.
Soon as we get new docs and upgrade equipment, she'll be back up.
How soon will that be? The sooner the better.
- Is she okay? - She'll probably live.
She had the best care in the world, that's why.
She was lucky.
That's why.
Dwyer, we're ready to start the procedure.
Is that a toothpick? Yes, but in your case, this is a state-of-the-art medical device.
You may have contracted dracunculosis from the river water.
Dracuncu-what? Guinea worm? Native to North Africa and the Middle East.
It's from drinking contaminated water.
It moves through your system and then lays its eggs below your skin.
A worm has been crawling through me for almost a year? - Yep.
- Why didn't the other doctors catch this? It presents like an abscess.
When you had it drained it got worse.
- What's to be done? - Controlled removal.
Harrison says they grow a meter long.
I really didn't need to hear that.
I got about two centimeters.
Toothpick, please.
And a length of tape.
Keep that taped down, and come back daily to continue the extraction.
I gotta catch a 6 a.
flight to Cairo.
Why can't you yank it out? If we pull more than two centimeters a day, it'll break off.
I gotta put in for combat pay.
Hey, John? - Hi, Chase.
- What are you doing here? I feel nauseous.
I remembered a couple Thanksgivings ago when we had bad pheasants, you hooked us up with whatever that was.
- Compazine.
- Right.
It worked like a charm.
I thought you'd give me a scrip.
Excuse me for a second.
Come here.
You didn't just drive all the way here from the Loop to get Compazine.
This isn't what you bring to the company nurse.
You don't want your parents to find out about the heroin.
I'm- I'm not! I mean, I stopped two nights ago.
And I just I need something to get me over the hump.
If you need it to get over the hump, you're in withdrawal.
Why don't you go to the cafeteria? And I'll go and I'll get you into a detox center.
You're overreacting.
You could've gone to any doctor, but you came to me! You're asking for my help! You've read too many I can't help if you slam the door in my face.
You can help me, you just choose not to! Thank you! - The best thing to do is let him go.
- Pardon me? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to eavesdrop.
A friend of mine had a drug problem.
I've had this conversation more times than you could imagine.
I appreciate it.
I can handle this.
I know you don't want to talk but don't let him drag you in.
I'm not gonna get dragged into anything.
Excuse me.
What's in there? Eye of newt? Cajun Tofu Gumbo.
And don't make that face.
Whatever happened to beef stew and five-alarm chili? Olbes is macrobiotic, me and Zadro are doing that Zone diet.
- Do you have kings? - Go fish.
I should've taken the P.
Hoagies and doughnuts.
- Those guys know how to eat.
- Have any tens? Carol, please.
Tell me that you're a real American.
Red meat, the occasional brewski.
I admit I'm not a big fan of nuts and berries.
You hear that? That's the voice of common sense.
Well, Mickey D's is right up the street.
I have to say Zadro brought by incredible flourless carob brownies.
They were good.
Carob? Why bother, bro? Powell, you really are a caveman.
Eights? That's us! More tofu for you there, big daddy! I had a lumpectomy and a lap choly on my schedule but when Anspaugh says jump, I say Sieg heil.
I'm going to transect the ileum with the GIA stapler.
Reinforce the staple lines with Reinforcing is very thorough.
Our British colleague isn't always so detail-oriented.
I haven't noticed that to be true.
Her baby blues would look better over this bowel than your mug but you know female surgeons.
No, I don't.
Why don't you tell me? Always something to prove.
Often at the expense of the case.
One of the things I like about you, you're not a militant minority.
We have the results of the frozen section.
- B-cell lymphoma? - Yes.
- Damn! - I knew it.
Someone's gonna have to tell Anspaugh, and I am voting for you, Peter.
Excuse me.
Weaver, glad you could join us.
I was explaining our plan to pursue industrial contracts.
Can I speak to you for a minute? Sure.
I'm sorry.
The ER doesn't stop for lunch.
Go take a seat, and we'll join you as soon as we can.
What's up? I've been doing a little research.
SPG closed 60 percent of their trauma centers in the Midwest.
Why is that? - Where did you hear that? - The Internet.
I wish you had come to me first.
You know, I did.
You gave me the party line.
Since I don't know where you got your figures, I can't address them.
I can say a 60 percent downgrade by itself doesn't reflect our reconfiguration.
Ellis, it's me.
You can speak English.
Let me give you an example: Kellogg Memorial in Detroit was a shambles as an acute-care facility.
Now it's a national hernia center.
That does you no good with a stab wound.
Neither does a hospital bankrupted by unreimbursed care.
Emergency care is only for people who can pay? You're twisting my words.
- You're avoiding my questions.
- I'm not avoiding your questions! Look, if you're worried about County, don't.
You're essential.
You're not going anywhere.
If everyone else closes, someone needs to handle the trauma.
- Are you going to lunch? - No.
I'm not hungry.
What to pick? What to pick? - Dr.
Carter, you got messages.
- From who? They were all from your cousin Chase.
He says you can phone the prescription to De Gooyer's Pharmacy.
I need your John Hancock on this.
- Hey, Malik.
- Jeanie, what's up? - Still got a friend at Startime Tickets? - Sure.
What you need? I need a couple of rinkside Blackhawks Islanders tickets on the 20th.
And I want world peace and a date with Tyra Banks.
Can you get them? You know that's gonna run you.
That's okay.
Just ask.
If you're living that fat, I might need to date you.
Hey, Chase.
It's John.
You there? Pick up.
Call me back when you get this.
I'm at work.
You know the number.
So, Allison see, the two cords on the screen need to touch and vibrate in order for you to regain your voice.
But as it is now, the left one is paralyzed.
If you understand me, blink once for yes, twice for no.
Corday, you here to observe? I'm actually here for Allison if she doesn't mind.
Oh, fine.
I was just explaining the procedure.
All right.
Now I'm going to make a slight incision.
You should only feel a little bit of pressure.
Okay? Kerry! Why aren't you at that big SPG luncheon? I had some work to do.
Everything seems to be trucking right along, though.
For the most part, sure.
But this is a big step we're taking.
I agree.
Thanks to you, we're lighting a fire to institute some real change.
I think we should be that turning the ER over to an outside management group is what we want.
Well, isn't it? On paper, sure.
Is something the matter? No.
No, not at all.
I just thought we could delay the board vote a week or two- Dr.
Benton, how can I help you? Well, we got the results of Scott's frozen section.
All right.
- We can discuss this later.
- Now is fine.
Let's see.
There's a recurrence of his lymphoma.
We won't know if we got it all until we take a look at the tumor margins.
Do you see any serosal seeding? No.
What about infiltration to the liver or spleen? No metastasis.
Well, continue then.
Let me know when Scott is awake.
So, Kerry, where were we? Ha! You owe me a dollar.
I only smoked half a cigarette.
Half a cigarette is still a cigarette.
At this rate, we're gonna be in Club Med by February.
Not true, that was my last one.
I'm going back on the gum tonight.
You know what we could do tonight? - S'mores.
- Excuse me? Do you remember camp? Marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate? I'd love to but I can't, okay? I gotta do something.
- What? - It's for Doug.
Maybe Saturday night? I'll bring the marshmallows? - Dr.
Greene? - What's up, Carter? Could I have the rest of this shift off? - Why? - Family emergency.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah.
Things I need to take care of.
- Well, I'll let Doyle know.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Carter.
- Hey.
What are you eating? PB and J on wheat.
- I thought you were on until 7.
- I was.
You feeling okay? Yeah, fine.
It's the middle of your shift.
It's about your cousin.
I know what I'm doing.
You don't look like you do.
And you don't know anything about my family, so drop it.
Oh, come on! One more flight! Apartment 3H.
Oh, hurry, hurry! Please hurry! In here! In here! Oh, please! Oh, my God! She's dead.
- She's dead.
- No, she's not dead.
Are you okay? - Do something.
- Some help here.
- Do something.
- Some help here! - How long you been here? - Five minutes.
- She wasn't breathing.
- Get her out of here! I got a faint pulse.
All right, I'm here.
Oh, God! No! I love you, Mom! I'm gonna start an IV.
Stand back.
Come on.
Please, please, please.
- IV's in.
- BP's 60 palp.
She's in fib.
All right.
Charge it to 200.
Clear! - Nothing.
- Come on, damn it! Charging 300! Clear! - Nope.
- Again.
Charging 360.
- Oh, Mama.
Please help her.
- Nothing! Help her! Help her! Come on, breathe! Don't you die on me! Don't you frigging die! - Powell! - An amp of epi! I shouldn't have left her.
I got a pulse.
I love you so much.
Don't leave me! Allison, it's imperative that you hold perfectly still.
All right? This is the home stretch.
You're doing well.
All right.
Now I'm gonna ask you to swallow for me if you can.
Oh, good.
Now can you say "E"? That's okay.
You just need to clear the secretions.
All right, good.
Let's try again.
You can do it, Allison.
Doctor, you're a genius.
I'm just doing my job, that's all.
You did good, kid.
Let's prepare to close her.
Thank you.
You have the rest of your life to talk.
Let's get a CBC, Chem-7, blood gas, portable chest.
- Pulse weak.
- Start dopamine at 10 mics per kilo.
Pulse ox 88.
Call Respiratory for a vent.
BP's 60 palp.
Idioventricular rhythm at 50.
- I lost her pulse.
- She's cyanotic.
- We should go.
- I'll get a blood gas.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's start dopamine.
What are you doing here? You asked me to help.
That's really decent of you, man.
But- But I'm fine.
You left messages for me every half an hour.
Now you're fine? I was just panicked, you know? You know how it is when you're sick.
You think the world's gonna end.
Invite me in.
Yeah, sure.
Come on in.
It smells like a locker room.
When was the last time the maid came by? She quit.
So since you're here, did you bring any meds? No.
I brought a list of drug treatment centers.
Come on, man! I'm not one of those Betty Ford people.
I- Half my graduating class from Westlane's in rehab.
I'd bump into somebody I know, and then tongues would wag.
Take a look at yourself, Chase.
You're a mess.
Thank you, Mr.
You know, I'd love to hang out, but I gotta I was just gonna head out.
Give me a break.
You gonna answer that? Chase, buddy! What's up, dude? Sorry it took me so long to get here.
I was in the middle of a squash game and I didn't feel my pager vibrate.
- That's all right.
- I got you a few grams of the usual and check this out: A gram of this.
This is some superb Mexican- - I think you better go.
- Who's this guy? - He's my cousin.
- Your cousin needs to learn manners.
- Anyway- - I don't think you heard me- Wait a minute.
Last I knew, this was Chase's house, okay? Why not go make yourself a hot toddy and let us talk? Chase, if you do this, you are on your own.
Oh, you know what? You know what? What'll it be? Do you want this or not? Yeah? Is that a yeah? Yeah.
All right.
Gardner You better go.
You know where to find me when Mommy's gone.
Get out of here.
- Last epi? - High dose, three minutes ago.
Total time down? Thirty minutes.
Let's call it: Time of death, 4:02 p.
Greene, I'm Detective Gerald Leo, District Eleven, Violent Crimes.
This is Detective Laibson.
Could we have a minute? - And the other cops? - Suspect's crossed district lines.
This guy's going all over? This is an open investigation.
We can't discuss the specifics.
About Louise Dickinson- I haven't heard anything on the news.
This has to be handled carefully.
We have suspects.
I have three victims from some sick bastard.
There could be more.
Not that my friendly police department is telling me anything.
You have to calm down.
I gotta pull myself together.
I gotta tell Louise's daughter that her mother's going to the morgue.
We need more Kerlix and saline.
Powell, are you okay? You haven't said a word since we left.
There's nothing to say.
Some things you never get used to seeing.
When we got to that apartment, you really froze.
I apologize.
No, it's not that.
I just If you'd like to talk about anything Not really.
What's that? It's her, all right.
Let me see.
Fifty-five cents off Meow Mix.
I didn't see a cat.
Did you? No.
Someone should go and see if it's okay.
Anspaugh, how's Scott? He'll have to have another round of chemotherapy.
How do you tell a boy he's going to be in and out of the hospital for painful, debilitating treatments for God knows how long? It's not easy.
Imagine how it is for Scott, not knowing.
Well, frankly, he could We could use some help.
Scott responds to you.
So I was wondering if you might be interested in being a part-time private-duty caregiver for him.
What does Scott think about this? Well, we haven't discussed it specifically.
I know he thinks highly of you.
As do I.
- If you need time to think- - No.
No, I'm glad that you asked.
When do I start? Can you turn the heat up, please? It's like a meat locker in here.
It's cranked up to 80.
- I'll make some soup.
- I don't want soup! I am sick! I need something! I'll make some tea.
I'm gonna vomit.
Wait, wait, wait! That's okay.
Next time you feel it coming on, use the bowl.
Don't worry about it.
Want to take this shirt off? I can't do this anymore! I'm getting out of here.
I'm not gonna let you.
Get off of me! You are not helping! You are not doing jack! The only way you're gonna leave through here is through me! Fine.
I'll call Gardner back.
- Sit down.
- I am sick! I need something! You gotta help.
- I'm going to help.
- Help me! I'm gonna help you.
I'm gonna help you, but you gotta stick with me! Come on.
All right? - Peter.
- Hey.
How was the Beaumont surgery? Kotlowitz is optimistic she'll have full use of her voice in a few weeks.
Oh, congratulations.
How about the Anspaugh boy surgery? You know, well.
As well as we hoped.
It's been a long day.
I could use a drink.
How about you? No.
I don't drink.
Your body's made up of 60 percent water.
You must drink something.
You know what I mean.
Well, have a lemonade or a Yoo-Hoo for all I care.
I think it'd be criminal to let this day end so early.
Unless you were gonna spend time with your son.
- I wouldn't want to- - He's with his mother.
So? Yeah, well Yeah.
You know, I like lemonade.
Can I help you? We're the EMS team with County.
She had a cat.
Have you seen it? Nope.
Anyone seen a cat around here? - Sorry.
- Is it okay if we look? Sure.
We're almost done.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Sometimes they come running if they hear a can opener.
Here's some stairs.
Maybe it got to the roof.
Come get your dinner.
I think it hissed at me.
He'll come out eventually.
Pretty up here, huh? I'm just glad to be out of there.
Yeah, me too.
Hey, you're right.
What happened back there, it It got to me.
Reminded me of my mom.
Your mom? When I was 9, she hung herself.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I was the one that found her.
Seeing that lady, with the ligature marks and her head turned like that cops all around.
I was pissed, all over again.
I'm sure she didn't mean for you to find her.
But I did.
Then I started feeling guilty because I was thinking about myself instead of that old lady.
Like my mom was only thinking of herself.
What a sick boy I am, huh? I thought about everybody but me when I tried to kill myself.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea.
Why would you? It was a long time ago.
I got wrapped up in everyone else's expectations.
I forgot who I was.
And now? Now I'm okay.
Even tried to go to med school, but it wasn't me.
Couldn't get the hang of that 9-iron? I don't know.
I opened up a clinic in the ER.
It's only open a couple days a week, but But nothing.
I mean, that's - That's great.
- Yeah.
You're "Supernurse"! - But what about you? - Me? What are you thinking about? That it's freezing out here, and I wish that damn cat would come out.
I know it's getting late.
If you got somewhere to be No, I'm fine.
What are you thinking about? I'm thinking I'm not feeling the cold.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
And I'm thinking that cat will come out when she's good and ready.
I'm thinking if I look at you one more second, I'm gonna have to kiss you.
Has anyone seen Carol? - Not since that ride-along.
- I haven't seen her either.
No one's seen her.
All right.
I'll do that.
If anyone sees her, tell her to call Doug.
He's getting worried.
- Good night, everybody.
- Good night.
- There you are.
You leaving? - Yeah.
I put together those figures I promised you.
I thought we could go out to dinner, talk it over in a more relaxed setting? Yeah.
I think I should think about this alone.
- Let me give you a hand.
- No.
I don't- I'm fine, thanks.
Kerry, what can I do to make you feel better about this? Delay the board vote.
I'm willing to give you whatever information you think you need.
But delaying the vote isn't an option.
I can't support something I don't believe in.
And it seems SPG puts profits ahead of patient care.
Synergix provides the most care for the most people.
If that means giving them an Oldsmobile instead of a Rolls, so be it.
- Decent care shouldn't be a luxury.
- It shouldn't.
And that's what we give people, decent care.
- And nothing more? - More bankrupts hospitals.
I can't be part of an organization that low-balls people's lives.
That's a cheap shot.
Oh, man! I just need time alone to think about this.
About Synergix or me? Let me give you a ride home.
I'll be fine.
Kerry, don't do this.
I don't care if the computer says it was processed.
Because I phoned the scrip in hours ago.
If it was processed, then I would have the meds in my hand right now.
Yeah, I'll hold.
Want some of this? Finally! - Hey.
- Anna.
What are you doing here? You called in a prescription for Compazine.
You're gonna need more than that.
Trust me.
Come on in.
- Chase.
- Hey, Anna.
Sorry I didn't tidy up.
You should see my brother Hank's place.
It's a Superfund site.
I got clonidine and propranolol.
- Propranolol? - Yeah.
I borrowed it from the ER.
I also got your saline and rectal Compazine.
Rectal? Do I get my choice of doctors? I think that's the sort of procedure you should keep in the family, okay? I'm gonna get this started.
This'll lower your heart rate and take the edge off the jitters.
You'll be okay.
Visualize the bull's-eye lean into the throw and release! - It's easier said than done.
- Try it.
No, you're too stiff! Wait a minute.
There you go.
Nice aerodynamic form.
Now, a small movement with the wrist.
- That's not bad.
- Can I get you some refills? I'll have another Newky Brown.
- A Perrier.
- You got it.
- Are you an alcoholic? - Excuse me? Is that why you don't drink? No, no.
Are you a Muslim? I notice you don't eat pork either.
Nothing against liquor, I don't like the taste.
- So it's not a control thing? - No.
Of course not.
You know, you should try a Pimm's.
Tastes just like ginger ale and fruit.
No, thank you.
You're so resistant to new things, Peter.
We'll shoot for it.
Whoever gets closest picks the next round.
I'll even drink that frog water of yours.
You've been doing this all your life.
I've never done this.
I'll throw backwards with my eyes closed, and you can shoot straight.
Oh, yeah? You will? You got yourself a deal.
Come on, watch this.
Do this aerodynamic thing that you were talking about.
Here we go.
Hey, Jeanie.
What are you doing awake? You need your sleep.
I kept my end of the deal with surgery.
What about you? What do you mean? Blackhawks/Islanders? Right.
Center ice.
That is so cool.
So we got a date? - Yeah.
Thanks, Jeanie.
- Sure.
You have a good sleep, okay? Are you leaving? Well, not if you don't want me to.
It gets kind of creepy in here at night.
That's all.
Why don't I just sit here until you fall asleep? Thanks, Jeanie.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
These are great photos.
Those are Chase Carter originals.
Really? Pretty stuff.
Not what I would have expected.
He's got a lot of talents.
I guess that's why this is hard to understand.
Well, this happens to all kinds of people.
When I said that I had a friend on heroin, I wasn't being completely honest.
How so? It was my boyfriend.
I've done the detox dance more times than I can count.
How come you didn't cut him loose? It's not that easy when you love someone.
No, it's not.
You think this is the worst of it? I wish.
Well, you were right.
I don't know what I'm doing.
You're doing great.
Thanks for coming.
What are friends for? I guess they're kicking us out.
That's life.
Yep, that's life! Neither one of us is in any shape to drive.
Listen, I didn't mean to get you drunk.
It's just I've never seen that happen from two Pimm's before.
Thank you! I should call us a cab.
I'd invite you back to my place but I fear I'd be taking advantage.
My head is spinning.
I should just get some sleep.
It's probably best.
Taxi! When you get home, drink plenty of water.
If you have any aspirin or B-complex, all the better.
- So where can I drop you? - It's okay, I'll get my own cab.
You sure? Hey, Elizabeth.
I had a really good time.
Yes it was delightful.
- Good night.
- Night.
I've been waiting for you all night.
I'm sorry.
I got wrapped up.
I called here but you weren't home.
I was on the corner of Dearborn and Clark.
I called the hospital and the firehouse.
And they both said that Unit 57 came back on time.
I was talking to Greg Powell.
He was the paramedic on my ride-along.
It was a really tough day for both of us It's like when you start talking to someone you hardly know and you tell them things.
Talking to him all night? We got coffee and we talked.
And since then I've been walking.
In this cold? - I needed to think.
- About what? About you and me.
And the engagement and the vows and the rings.
I think we're rushing into this.
I don't think we're ready.
I'm ready.
But you aren't? When I was talking to Greg Powell, it got intense.
And I kissed him.
It didn't go any further.
But it was one of those moments, you know? I didn't want it to Okay, that's good.
I just wanted to make sure you were safe and sound.
Doug! I am so sorry! Yeah, me too.