ER s04e13 Episode Script

Carter's Choice

ER Previously on ER I'd invite you back to my place but I fear I'd be taking advantage.
- I'm going to help.
- Help me! I'm gonna help you.
I'm gonna help you, but you gotta stick with me! But delaying the vote isn't an option.
I can't support something I don't believe in.
When I was talking to Greg Powell, it got intense.
And I kissed him.
"Carter's Choice" - Touchdown! - Nice catch.
Hey, Dr.
How'd you get in? I followed a snowplow in from the Ryan.
- Only one patient? - Bumsicle, defrosting.
Yo, Jer! How long will Weaver keep you on nights? Her exact words were "until hell freezes over.
" I've been meaning to talk to her about it.
Would I look good in that cut? Honestly? No.
What is the best approach with Weaver? - Contrition, indignation? - Begging.
I think I would just appeal to her innate sense of fairness.
She has a sense of fairness? - Remind her you've been on nights for - Four months.
and that you think your exemplary work history and your years of loyal service, marred by only one incident Blowing up the ambulance bay.
makes it incumbent upon her to bring you back to the land of the living.
I still say beg.
Hey, Anna's on? Yeah.
She's in Exam 4, sleeping.
Yo, Carter.
Nice throw! Carter? Hi.
What time is it? It's 6.
I didn't mean to wake you.
I gotta get up anyway.
Catch a few more minutes.
I'll get breakfast.
You want a bagel, coffee? - Is it still snowing? - Yeah.
Yeah, they said we might get Maybe more.
I brought you a doughnut.
Oh, thanks.
How's Chase? He's off the clonidine.
He's weak, but up and around.
Thanks for all your help.
I was happy to.
What? Well, I'll go get us some breakfast.
Scrambled eggs.
What? Scrambled eggs, please, with wheat toast.
Couple of blueberry pancakes and an orange juice.
Coming right up.
Paramedics have a GSW, massive blood loss.
They're having a hell of a time.
Think they may lose him.
Rain check on breakfast.
- What do you got? - Multiple GSWs to chest, abdomen, thigh.
Blood loss is one liter.
Two liters saline in.
Abdomen is tense.
No bowel sounds.
Type and cross.
Get me six units O-neg down here.
- Are we still short? - It's stuck at O'Hare.
We're low on blood.
With the storm, nobody's donating.
Let's spin a crit.
Get a portable chest and a blood gas.
Somebody use a machine gun on him? He's a security guard.
He interrupted a rape.
Eight ET tube.
How long ago was he shot? At least 20 minutes.
We had to dig the rig out in Halsted.
Chest tube tray.
Rape victim's still on the scene.
Unit 57 has her.
She must've been 70.
- How's the old woman? - She's in rough shape.
But it looks like he stopped her from getting raped.
- Got the blood.
- They catch the rapist? No.
But cops are looking.
This guy might've shot him.
Chest tube's in.
Okay, good.
Call the O.
and tell them we're on our way.
- More blood? - No.
Save it.
Have Respiratory meet us with a vent.
- Maybe they'll catch him.
- It's about damn time.
Maybe we can stop at the cafeteria after.
- Out of the way.
- What do you got? Multiple GSW on his way to the O.
He saved an old woman from being raped and got shot.
How'd you get in? Oh, I took the El.
The car was stuck.
- No pulse.
- What? - Idioventricular rhythm.
- Take him back.
Hey, out of the way! Listen.
Follow me.
We'll go around.
Come on.
- Whose patient? - Mine.
Thora-Seal's full.
Probably a lacerated artery.
Cynthia? - He was stable.
- Well, he sure as hell isn't now.
- Thoracotomy tray.
- Let's get more blood.
- How much? - All of it.
- Should I order more? - Yeah.
At least four.
Somebody shut off that damn alarm.
Rib spreader.
Pericardium is tense.
Release the tamponade.
Go laterally.
Watch out for the coronary arteries.
Oh, suction! Come on, suction! Pickups.
You're in my light.
Four more O-neg are coming.
Damn it! Left ventricle's shredded.
How many units in? - Three, fourth one's up.
- It's not enough to sew.
We should still try.
Save the blood.
He stopped an old woman from being raped.
No good deed goes unpunished.
- Time of death? Son of a bitch! Don.
- Good morning, Kerry.
- Morning.
You're in early.
I was anxious to hear the outcome of last night's SPG vote.
After careful consideration and due in no small part to your glowing recommendation the board will begin negotiations with SPG for an emergency department management contract.
I'm sorry to hear that.
You have placed me in a very awkward position, Kerry.
I went to the board at your urging.
Any misgivings you had about SPG should've been aired weeks ago.
If we reverse our position now we are going to look very foolish indeed.
I take it you have misgivings.
Yes, I do.
The board was anxious to know if the senior ER staff was supportive of the idea.
You assured me they were.
If you were incorrect in that assessment and wish to admit that before the board that might carry some weight.
You want me to fall on my sword in front of the board of directors.
It is your sword, Kerry.
So my lease is up February 1 st- - Are you okay? - Yeah.
Thanks, Mark.
Jerry, get some mud mats here before someone slips and kills themselves.
Anyway, they want me to move or sign a new lease for six months.
I was month-to-month, but now they- - Three patients? - It'll pick up when it stops snowing.
Yeah, all those sick people sitting at home waiting to rush in and ruin our perfectly good slow day.
with the rape victim.
It seems silly for me to be paying rent especially when I'm spending every night at your place.
Jerry, get mud mats down before somebody slips and kills themselves.
- Can I talk to you a little later? - Yeah, sure.
How much is your rent? raise it to $500.
I could probably help you out with that.
No, that's not what- You want to talk about this at dinner? - I made you feel uncomfortable.
- You didn't.
- I have to get these up to the lab.
- Right.
- What? - Nothing.
Randi called.
She's snowed in.
Weaver, can I talk to you for a minute? I've been working nights for months now.
And while I appreciate that the accidental damage that I inflicted on the ER cannot be dismissed as inconsequential nor insignificant I do, however, believe that my eight years of loyal service along with my sterling attendance record and my seniority all demand that I get my old day shift back.
Is that it? I'm also appealing to your innate sense of fairness.
Can you work Randi's shift today? Pull a double? I'd love to.
You're on days again.
Anybody see Carter? - He went over to Doc's a while ago.
- God, I'm starving.
Anna, breakfast is served.
Oh, my God, John! Are you okay? You okay? Man, that smarts! Damn it, Jerry, get those mud mats out here now.
Ambulance is pulling up.
I'm never gonna get my breakfast, am I? Ready? A 72-year-old woman, respiratory distress.
She's unresponsive.
BP 90/70.
Pulse 56.
- Resps 32.
GCS 10.
- This one's mine.
The snow's too deep.
We have to lift.
One, two, three.
Two large-bore IVs, Unable to intubate due to laryngeal edema.
He tried to strangle her, then pushed her down some stairs.
Head trauma.
Multiple contusions.
We have a deformity of the left hip.
Distal pulse is weak but present.
Decreased air movement.
Stridor on respiration.
Intercostal retraction.
- Pulse ox is 88.
- Let's tube her.
He caught her in her parking garage.
The guard make it? - The guard died on the table.
- Son of a bitch! I can't see the cords.
WHORE Gave up on the Magic Marker.
Used a knife on her stomach.
What do you want, doctor? Blood gas, CBC, Chem-7.
Type and cross for six.
Foley cath, dip a urine for blood.
Cross-table C-spine, chest, pelvis and left hip.
- Let's do it.
- Another one? Damn it.
I don't believe this.
- How's the hangover? - Painful.
- No hard feelings, I hope.
- No, of course not.
I'm really sorry.
There's a novelty shop down the street from my flat.
You know, magic tricks, rubber bugs, black soap.
- I love that stuff, don't you? - Not really.
Why are you so late? It's not like you.
Carla wants to put Reece in daycare.
He's not even a year.
You won't get much sympathy from me.
My mom gave me to a nurse after I was born and went to Spain for three weeks.
It was nannies after that and boarding school by the time I was 5.
Anytime, Dr.
This colectomy's not getting any younger.
So, anyway, I'm on the phone with this nanny service.
That's two-thirds of my take-home.
- Got any lunch plans? - I doubt I'll have time.
I'm buying! It's a mess out there.
- Schools are closed, but we still work.
- Honey, we always gotta work.
Pretty slim pickings.
Any pedes? Not a one.
Gives me time to work on my dictation.
What's going on over there? Another elderly rape victim.
The cops might catch him this time.
They got him cornered in an old warehouse.
I hope those dogs tear him up.
No kidding.
- You okay? - Yes.
I mean, he's your best friend, right? Mark? Yeah.
He's- I don't understand.
We have great times together.
We laugh.
We enjoy each other.
I sleep over there every single night.
I know that I make him happy.
I know I do.
I can tell.
He just keeps giving me these mixed signals.
Well, I mean- We have- Have you-? Have you talked to him? Yeah, I talk about it to him lots of times, but he just avoids it.
We usually end up having sex instead, though.
Is it me? Does he think that maybe I'm not good enough for him? Is that it? Or is he just? Is he just scared because he cares so much? Okay, let's bag her.
Babinski's down-going.
Pulse ox is coming up.
X- rays.
Excuse me.
It's getting crowded in here.
Wait outside and we'll let you know.
Hip's dislocated.
Pop it back in before we take her to CT? Yeah.
We can get post-reduction film after the non-contrast CT.
Vitals? BP's 110/70.
Pulse 88.
Ready? Call CT.
Tell them to set up a vent.
Okay, let's go.
Send a blood gas from CT.
And repeat a chest x-ray when she gets back here.
How's she doing? Well, her vitals are normal.
They put her hip back in.
I'll get our stuff back to the rig.
You okay? Yeah.
Connie, what do you do for child-care? I got a sitter.
It was a nightmare.
Ran up my phone bill, ate me out of house and home.
- Eight bucks an hour.
- Eight bucks? My sister's paying 10.
I finally gave up.
Put him upstairs in daycare.
They love it.
Aren't they sick being around other kids? - Sure.
- Builds their immune system.
A girl in my building babysits.
She's not that expensive.
Want me to call her? Need a babysitter, Peter? Carla wants to put Reece into daycare.
You' re uncomfortable with that? Jerry, any more dictations for me? My mother raised us at home.
You're a product of a bygone era.
Join the modern world.
I'm gonna do these in Sutures if anybody needs me.
Ross? Pedes is short-staffed.
Can you look at a newborn in OB? - Yeah, fine.
- Thanks.
See you later.
Doug, come on.
Is that the guy? We were talking.
He was upset.
Another elderly rape victim came in.
I was trying to calm him down.
Was that the guy? Yes.
That's the guy.
But I'm not seeing him or anything.
You can't commit, fine.
You want to screw firemen, fine.
Don't humiliate me in front of my friends.
Humiliate you? What about the surgical tech in the on-call room? - The Pedes nurse? - Ancient history.
How about the drug rep with fake breasts and big hair? - Ancient history.
- I'd have to do the entire Bulls lineup before I equaled you.
Is this about getting even for things I did a long time ago? This is about me needing some time and you being pissed that things aren't working out as planned.
I have spent years, years of my life changing to fit your needs, working around your schedules your insecurities, your inabilities to commit.
Well, you know what? It's not all about you.
I know that may come as a shock.
But a relationship is give and take.
Two people as equals, and right now I need something.
So you can grow up and accept it, or you can go on being the same self-centered bastard you've always been and refuse to give me the one thing I've ever asked you for.
Mark, we're precariously short of blood.
I'm gonna ask the staff to volunteer, rotate our people upstairs to donate.
- We don't have many patients anyway.
- Sounds smart.
The board voted yesterday to begin negotiations with Synergix to take over management of the ER.
It's what you wanted, right? Yes and no.
I've had disturbing reports from other hospitals about their cross-control techniques.
Did you talk to Anspaugh? He felt that if all the ER Attendings opposed the decision that would help scuttle the deal.
But won't that make us look ridiculous? We recommended it.
But the heat doesn't fall on any one person if we all go to the board together.
I've started contacting the other Attendings.
And I was hoping that I could count on your support.
Show me the statistics and I'll let you know.
Great, thanks.
Mark, cops caught that rapist.
GSW to the chest.
Paramedics are bringing him.
- Here? - That's what they said.
- Tell them we don't want him.
- Let Mercy take him.
Or Rush.
Malik, prep Trauma 2 and alert Surgery.
Come on, people.
There's no evidence of penetration.
Thank God for small favors.
Who does something like this? I don't know.
I hope they find the guy that did this.
They should shoot him and toss his body in the dumpster.
How's it going? Great.
Really? Cynthia cried on my shoulder for an hour.
What's that all about? - Her lease is up.
- You want my opinion? - Not particularly.
- Fine.
- How's Carol? - She talk to you about it? - About what? - Nothing.
We have a nasty MVA on the Kennedy.
And a family in a minivan hit an overpass.
And that rapist is here.
You should talk.
Two IVs in no pulse, large-caliber GSW to the chest.
Multiple contusions, canine bites and open fracture to the left femur.
Damn! He's just a kid.
Name is Jack Miller.
We'll leave him on the paramedic gurney.
Who's up? Carter.
No breath sounds.
- The rapist? - One of you get him? He was hiding.
The dogs found him.
Too bad they called the dogs off.
Another 20 minutes would've saved us the trouble.
Got a rhythm.
- Should I set up another drip? - Nope.
- What's going on, Dr.
Carter? - PEA.
What's the differential? Hypovolemia, hypoxia, tension pneumo pulmonary embolism, pericardial effusion, tamponade.
- How's the old lady? - She's gonna be fine.
- Chuny? - Bradycardic, 48.
- What do you want to do? - Let the bastard die.
Like every other patient, he gets our best effort.
Carter? Amp of epi, IV push and a milligram of atropine.
You heard him.
Let's go.
- What about an airway? - Yeah.
He needs one.
Let's put one in.
Mark, that MVA is here.
The mother's in trouble.
I'll be right there.
- Malik, you're with me.
- Thank God! Call me if you need anything.
She threw up last night.
Only a little bit.
I ate some Saltines like my sister told me to.
That usually works.
Do you throw up often? I always eat the Saltines and then it goes away.
Last night she ate a whole thing of Cherry Garcia.
Cherry Garcia is my favorite too.
Are you having them again? Have you had these pains before? Sometimes I hurt a little bit, but it goes away.
They just keep coming back.
Coming back how often? When? How many? Eight? During Kathie Lee about eight or nine times.
I want you to just lie back and I'm gonna take a quick look.
- Am I okay? - You just relax.
Legs apart.
All right.
- She's seven centimeters.
- I'll get the fetal monitor.
Just keep breathing.
- Weak pulse.
- No breath sounds on the left.
Neck veins are dilated.
- Tension pneumo? - Sounds about right.
- What are you doing? - Central line.
He'll need volume.
The victim's coming to.
You guys want to talk to her? Damn it! He's losing a lot of blood here.
- You want me to go get Mark? - Nope.
He's bleeding out.
He's already lost a liter.
He needs blood.
- How many units O-neg do we have? - This is it.
Four units.
- Let's autotransfuse him.
- You're kidding.
- Use his own blood? - Hook up the cell saver.
- He needs a transfusion.
- He'll get one.
There's not enough.
It's all over the floor.
This'll be fine.
- He needs blood.
- And he'll get it! Hook it up to the central line.
Wide open.
AP pelvis next.
Call me when you're ready.
I'll be next door.
How's he doing? He has a massive hemothorax from the gunshot wound.
Possibly to the pulmonary artery.
We autotransfused him from the Thora-Seal.
BP's at 80 palp.
No kidding, you autotransfused? Alerted the O.
I think he's stable enough to travel.
Then let's send him up.
- Anna, you coming? - No.
Carter's got it.
Overweight 62-year-old shoveling 2 feet of wet snow.
I wonder why he's having an Ml.
Word is you're mustering opposition to SPG among the ER Attendings.
I have to do what is right.
- The board approved the deal.
- Maybe they can be dissuaded.
Come back here.
Come here.
Come here.
Now, I've put months of work into this already.
You should've addressed concerns weeks ago.
You should've been more forthcoming about your cost-containment strategies.
We're a public company.
Whatever we do is spelled out in our literature.
Did you read that? I couldn't find it in all the rosy profit predictions and glossy photos of satisfied patients.
You're the one that wants to turn this ER into a cost-effective operation.
You couldn't anticipate what would be needed to make it profitable? I'm willing to make hard choices, Ellis.
I'm not willing to endanger patients.
You're questioning my ethics as a physician? I'm not sure.
Hang on, Carol.
You used me.
That's what we've been about.
You used me to get this deal.
I don't like being used! You underestimated me once.
And you were right to.
But don't underestimate me again.
I'll see you at the board.
Are you okay? The patient, Carol.
Seven centimeters dilated.
Fully effaced.
Get her up to OB.
She won't go.
She's scared they'll take her baby away.
What? She's retarded.
She wants to leave.
I treated her at the clinic.
I think she'll stay if we keep her down here.
I'm going home.
You can't go home.
You're having a baby.
Robert, where are my shoes? Mary, hi.
I'm Dr.
Where are you going? Mary, sit down here and let Dr.
Weaver examine you, okay? If you go home it could be very bad for your baby.
You love your baby and you don't want anything bad to happen, right? So let me look, and we can talk about what we should do.
Please? For your baby? Good.
Jeanie, let's- Here we go.
- get her on a fetal monitor.
And that's so we can check your baby's heart.
- Is it a boy or a girl? - A girl.
How exciting.
And why are you afraid to go upstairs to have your baby? They'll take her.
Why will they take her? That's what Judy said.
- Who's Judy? - Her sister.
Nine centimeters.
- Do you live with your sister? - No.
We live at 5214 East Chestnut.
We don't take babies with such nice parents.
So why don't you stay here with us? And we'll make sure everything's going okay.
When did it stop snowing? I didn't know that it had.
Only the finest culinary offerings from the 3rd floor vending machine.
Tuna or cheese? I didn't know if you were a truly fanatical vegan or whether seafood's allowed to pass your lips every so often.
Cheese, please.
A true believer.
I must say I do enjoy a good hunk of rare meat every so often.
How long's it been since you've had something really juicy? I don't know.
Six years.
I thought as much.
- Egg? - No.
- Pity.
- No.
I eat eggs.
I just I just I've had a thought.
I have no family here.
No ties.
No time.
You have the baby, but not much else.
And with our schedules, it makes it almost impossible to date or even really meet someone much less anything approaching a real relationship.
So I was thinking.
We're both adults attractive we enjoy each other.
Why not? I won't disappoint.
I've made you blush.
I don't think I'd be comfortable with that.
That's a pity.
I heard the rapist made it.
Good job, Carter.
Anybody seen Doug? I'll need a pediatrician to check out a newborn.
He's up at Pedes.
I'll page him.
- I'm around if you can't find him.
- Thanks.
- You ever get anything to eat? - I lost my appetite, thanks.
I'm looking for my sister, Mary Cochran.
She's having a baby.
Yes, she sure is.
I'm Carol Hathaway.
Come with me.
- Is she all right? - She's doing great.
Not long now.
Can I see her? Sure.
I have to ask her first.
Hi, Mary.
How you doing? I'm back.
- She's crowning.
- Keep pushing.
- Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.
- Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Good.
Now don't push.
- This is hard.
- You're doing great.
She's ROA.
How you doing, Robert? You're not gonna faint, are you? I'm okay.
Somebody get Robert a chair just in case he feels like sitting down.
- Your sister's outside, Mary.
- Judy? - She wants to know if she can come in.
- Yes.
- Carol, can you give me a hand? - Yep.
All right, Mary.
- Just one more time.
- I'm here, honey.
All right.
Let's give it everything you got, okay? One, two, three, four, five six, seven, eight, nine- - There she is! - I see the head! Look at that hair! Oh, wow! Looks like you need someone with pediatric experience.
Oh, look.
She's beautiful.
Okay, Mary, this is just the last little bit.
She's out! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Welcome to the world, Madison.
Is she okay? Yeah, 10 fingers and 10 toes.
Okay, Dad, get in here and cut the cord.
Come on, Robert, you can do it.
- There? - That's the spot there.
She's so small.
Hello, baby.
Hello, little baby.
Ten units Pitocin IV.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Is the baby okay mentally? Well, it's too soon to tell.
But she seems fine, alert.
There's no reason to think she won't be perfectly normal.
When do the social workers come? They don't.
We don't call Social Services when there are two loving adult parents.
You seem nice, so I hope you won't think me rude.
Do you have the training to assess that? They're doing fine with the baby.
They have their own apartment.
Robert works.
Robert is the janitor at his uncle's muffler repair shop.
They don't drive because they don't read well enough to pass the test.
They have a place, but I do their bills and remind them to do their laundry.
They are sweet, loving people, but they can't care for an infant.
Do you think you're qualified to make that assessment? You know, I wish that I weren't.
I can't tell you how much I wish that I weren't.
Did you get a chance to look over those Synergix reports? - Not very encouraging.
- You're with me? Whatever you think's best.
Would somebody please answer the phone? - ER.
- The board meets next Tuesday.
Can I count on you to be there? If I don't have to speak.
Why isn't anybody answering the phone? Where is Cynthia? Cynthia left hours ago.
She seemed upset.
- She left? - Yeah.
Jerry? Jerry? Jerry! - What? - Answer the damn phone! The blood's here from O'Hare.
The blood bank's restocked.
I was looking for you upstairs.
I had a hot appendix turn out to be unrefrigerated 3-day-old pizza.
- Do you have the forms? - Hold on.
Where's Reece? - In the car.
- You left him in the car? He's with a friend.
Dafina? Carla, she better not be smoking.
Peter, did you sign the forms? I'm sorry.
I've been working all day.
I need those forms so Reece can start on Monday.
- Monday? - Yes! Are you gonna sign them? I don't know.
I was checking out other alternatives.
- Forget it.
Just forget it.
- What? Look, I'm not convinced this is the best thing for the baby.
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
I deserve more than one day to decide.
Take a week, a month.
Hell, take six.
Just tell me what's right for my life.
It's not just your decision to make.
Wait! Where do you think you're going? To see my son.
He's in the car.
Peter, get back inside.
What? Is Dafina in here smoking again? Come by later.
You can see him then.
Peter Benton, Roger McGrath.
Roger McGrath, Peter Benton.
Roger, will you put Reece in the car seat, please? Peter, I've been meaning to talk to you about this.
He works with Chandra over at the CTA.
He's steady.
I mean, he's smart and Reece loves him.
All in.
You take care now.
If you want to talk about this later, give me a call, okay? Hey, Scoot.
Hey, Chase.
You asked me to drop by today.
Oh, right.
How are you feeling? I've been better.
Nothing some crank and a half gallon of Stoli's wouldn't fix.
- It was a joke.
- That's not very funny.
Hang out for a sec.
There's a patient I don't want to miss.
- Hey, Anna.
- Hi there, Chase.
How are you? Oh, great.
Never better, thanks to you.
Your cousin did all the work.
When do you get off work? I could take you and Anna to dinner.
Actually, I've gotta run.
Maybe some other time.
Take care.
Trouble in paradise? Something like that.
Are you gonna go after her? If you don't, I will.
- Have you seen Carol? - She's down the hall.
A retarded couple had a baby this afternoon.
She's teaching them how to change diapers.
No kidding? A little girl.
Six pounds, seven ounces.
Name's Madison.
Seems fine.
Good for her.
Listen, Cynthia left early.
Chuny said she was upset.
I'm going to talk to her.
- I know what I'm doing, Doug.
- If you say so.
We saved that rapist today.
Hell of a world, huh? Yeah.
I'll see you later.
Anna! What the hell's the matter with you? Go back inside.
You'll freeze your ass off out here.
I don't understand.
This morning everything was great.
I'm tired.
I was on all night.
Let's just call it a day, okay? - Is this about that rapist? - You know what this is about.
No, I don't.
Why didn't you use the blood on hand? - It's all we had.
- So?! We used six units on that guard.
We were short and you didn't even blink.
Why not use the blood on the kid? Autotransfusion was the best course of action.
Oh, please! We could've done a thoracotomy.
We could've pumped in blood on the rapid infuser.
Well, he lived.
He's in Recovery.
Dumb luck! You are one of the most aggressive physicians I have ever seen in Trauma.
And you autotransfuse him? You didn't want to waste the blood.
You didn't care if he lived or died.
It's my trauma.
It's my call.
Would you do it differently if he wasn't a rapist? Come on.
Every case is different.
Did you withhold treatment from that kid? No.
John, did you withhold treatment? No.
Fancy meeting you here.
Listen you feel like hitting darts? Just darts? Yeah.
Just darts.
I mean, if that's okay.
Don't know what you're missing.
I've got a pretty good idea.
As long as I'm not being unappreciated.
You know, darts usually involves wagering of a rather substantial nature.
All right.
A penny a point.
I'm withdrawing the contract.
I told Anspaugh that Synergix is no longer interested in managing County's ER.
Why'd you do that? I only wanted the contract if it meant working closely with you, Kerry.
Apparently, that's not possible anymore.
You are a smart beautiful, sexy woman.
I don't want you believing that I used you, because I didn't.
And I never underestimated you.
Never once.
You underestimate yourself.
Take care.
So you fold under you fold up and you fold over just like that, okay? Now you try.
Fold up.
Fold over.
That's good.
Try it again.
Looks like they're doing great.
So why is it so hard for us? I don't know.
I didn't mean to push.
Take as much time as you need.
I'll wait.
How long you been sitting here? About an hour give or take.
I wanted him to die.
I saw what he did to that old lady and the others before, and I wanted him to die.
I didn't think he should have that blood.
I mean, if somebody'd come in and they really needed it If some little kid had been hit by a car or some guy had been shot if someone like that had died because we wasted the blood on that guy I don't know.
It was my decision.
And I made it.
If he'd died, I don't know how I'd feel.
But I can't say that I'm sorry.
I mean, was it wrong? Anna, are you sure? No.
I'm not sure.